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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 27

The leader went behind the defenceless Cassidy, there was a fumbling sound and the bound woman breathed a sigh of relief a few seconds later when the pressure from the knotted rope against her body ended. It wasn’t long before Madam Sǐwáng pulled the improvised torture device back through the helpless lady’s legs, and coiled it up at the bottom of the opposing column before turning to her assistants.

“I am going to have a rest for a little while, so I would like you two ensure that Cassandra can get some decent rest as well before long. I will see you again before too long, in order to continue the entertainment of our captive.”

Before the bound victim even had a chance to protest at this decision, the lady who had arranged her kidnapping was already walking to the rooms which were used by Cassidy’s captors. The prisoner did her best to call for the madam to come back as she was more than a little worried about her situation, but she realised that either she was being ignored or the gag was sufficient to muffle her cries for help. You can’t leave me hear like this, Madam Sǐwáng, I am in greater danger from these two now that you have walked away. As Cassidy looked back towards the two accomplices who were now in charge of her, the worry grew into a state of anxiety when she saw the malevolent smiles on their faces. You two are going to take full advantage of her absence and I am going to suffer as a result.

“Kǎodǎ.” Kǒngbù said as she walked closer so that she was in front of the helpless lady “That rope from the bar must be causing poor Cassandra quite a bit of inconvenience. Perhaps you should untie the cord from her back so that she can be more comfortable when she moves.” Cassidy looked on as Kǎodǎ went around to behind her back and while there were touches at the back of her waist, she noticed that the smile of the captor in front of her had warmed, making her think that she had jumped to conclusions about how they would react. “We want you to be able to walk with less difficulty, so you can go to a place where you can rest on the floor. Kǎodǎ, have you finished untying the end of the rope so Cassandra can be taken to the suitable location?”

“Yes Kǒngbù, I had finished while you were talking to our captive.”

“In that case Cassandra, you can follow me so that we can carry out the instructions that were given to us by our Madam.” Kǒngbù said before turning around and taking very small steps away from the bound woman, so Cassidy decided to start walking after her captor in her own unusual way.

I really must not let my imagination run away with me, as this is much better now that I don’t have that cord from the bar pulling on my crotch rope. Things have changed since Madam Sǐwáng’s momentary breakdown, and I should have realised that the sisters would not be the same after- NO!

As Cassidy took step after step, she was getting comfortable with the way that she was moving forward and this was the reason that the surprise was complete when the bar became immobilised while she was half way through moving her right foot. Because Cassidy’s body continued to move forward when the pole came to a halt, she started to topple in the direction that she had been moving and the tied up lady was in a state of sheer horror. Not only was Cassidy unable to do anything to prevent herself from falling, but the way that her arms were locked behind her face ensured that she couldn’t turn her head, which meant that her face would smash against the hard concrete floor.

A scream of terror escaped the woman’s gagged mouth, which was the only reaction available to her as she started to tip over, and she knew that a horrific fate awaited her within a second of her crying out. However, within a moment of the helpless lady’s scream, arms went around her body as Kǒngbù reacted with a speed that was amazing, and the prisoner sobbed a little as her fall was halted.

“Kǎodǎ, that was a very mean trick to tie the other end of the rope to the ring at the bottom of the column.” Kǒngbù said, lifting the terrified Cassidy up so that she could stand on her own two wide apart feet. “The poor lady could have broken her nose if I hadn’t caught her. Untie the rope and put the end on Cassandra’s waist cord so that we can be on our way.”

You could have caused me a terrible injury, Kǎodǎ, and I am so very thankful that you sister managed to save me in time. Cassidy could here noise behind her for a few seconds which she presumed was the end of the rope being untied, and something was tucked into her waist rope at the back. At least you can’t use that rope on me again.

“Follow me again, Cassandra.” Kǒngbù said “At least you can’t be tripped over by the bar again.”

The kidnap victim waited for a few seconds so that she could take in a deep breath before taking a first step after the woman who saved her from falling, but it wasn’t long before the lady was managing to keep up a steady forward gait, even with the bar restricting her mobility. However, after a minute or so following Kǒngbù without any problems, the bound woman ended up shrieking as she stumbled mid-step with her nearly losing her balance in the process.

“What happened, Kǎodǎ?” Kǒngbù said, halting and turning around to look at the other two.

“Cassandra managed to trip up while trying to walk, but she was able to remain upright. I think that we can continue on though. Get moving, prisoner.” There was a slap on the bottom of the helpless woman who squealed while expressing her feeling with an indignant look on her face, but she started to walk forward so that she could avoid another such blow.

It had only taken a moment after Cassidy stumbling to work out what had happened, as she felt a hand push against her back between her shoulder blades which nearly pushed her off-balance. You did this to me, Kǎodǎ, you nearly forced me to fall face first on the floor and I have no doubt that you are going to repeat this before long. The worst part is that I have no way of letting Kǒngbù know what happened, which leaves you free to try again. Every step by the bound woman was accompanied by severe apprehension, as she wondered if this would be the time when she would be pushed again, with her crashing to the floor. Her fears proved to be well founded, when she felt the hand of the captor behind her shove against her back, and she emitted a loud yelp as she almost failed to stay standing. You monster, you are torturing me with this!

“There’s no need to worry, Kǒngbù, our captive appears to be getting a little clumsy. Perhaps she needs to have a few minutes rest, so I will stay here with her while you prepare where she will be on the floor.”

No Kǒngbù! Please don’t leave me Kǎodǎ as she has gone insane! Cassidy tried to shake her head as best she could and attempted to beg through though her gag in the hope that Kǒngbù would notice, but this proved to be futile as the lady walked away. You must stay here, she’s going to push me over!

After Kǒngbù was out of site, her sister walked over to a grey bag and pulled out a roll of wide grey duct tape, before returning so that she could stand in front of the frightened captive. “Listen and listen well, you slut! I can see what you are trying to do to my Mothe-, my Madam, you are trying to seduce her so that you can turn her against us! There is no chance of you succeeding, especially with what I have planned for you. If I push you over now, my darling sister will know what I have done, and there is no doubt that I will get into trouble. If you cry out while falling when we are walking, she will catch and save you. Therefore, my best option is to ensure that you will be unable to scream when you do fall. After that, Kǒngbù will either have to support me or take equal blame.”

You can’t be planning to make sure that I remain quiet when you smash my face in, that’s horrible! Cassidy’s eyes widened in fear as her captor unrolled a strip of tape before tearing it off the roll, but there was nothing she could do to stop the piece from being placed over her gagged mouth with it running from ear to ear. Two more lengths were separated off the roll and they were placed above and below the first one, so that her face was covered in tape from just below her nose to her chin. This means I can’t eject any saliva so that I’ll have to swallow any that I produce.

“I also know that this is not enough to keep a prisoner quiet if she really wants to make a sound, so one more extra length needs to be applied to ensure your silence.” Kǎodǎ removed a strip which was placed over the apex of the nose, and it was pressed down hard so that the captive’s nostrils became very flat.

I have to fight to even breathe in and out which means that it will be impossible for me to scream out through my nose.

“Please remember that if you try to cause any trouble, then it will be a simple matter for me to do this.” A moment later, the captive’s world became one of sheer terror when Kǎodǎ pressed a little harder on the tape, which caused the helpless lady’s nostrils to seal shut.

You’re suffocating me, I’m going to die if you don’t stop this! There was nothing that Cassidy could do but struggle in her bonds as her chest heaved while her lungs burned, but she was able to suck in much needed air a few seconds later when the tape was loosened.

“You cannot help but show how you are feeling when you are scared, so I will have to do something to prevent my sister from seeing your eyes.” One last piece of tape was torn off the roll, and it was held up to the wide eyes of the helpless woman. “You can keep your eyes open if you want, but I have heard that it can do a lot of damage if this happens, so it might be advisable for you to keep your eyes shut.” After the bound lady heard this comment, she shut her eyes as tight as she could and she felt the material press against her eyelids.

I can’t see, I can hardly breathe and at any time, this insane lady is going to push me forward so that my face will impact with the hard floor. It was impossible for the bound prisoner to do anything other than stand in place and wait for the other sister to return. When Kǒngbù comes back, she’ll realise that something is going badly wrong, and I will be saved. Relief replaced fear as the lady heard footsteps approaching, which meant that Kǒngbù was returning and the tape would soon be removed from her body.

“Kǎodǎ, what have you done to Cassandra? We need to take her to the rest area.”

.”Our slut of a prisoner was being a whiney little bitch, so that I decided that she should be punished. Her mouth was sealed, but she continued to moan through her nose so I had to deal with that as well. After that, she gave me such evil looks that I had to cover her eyes to teach her that such behaviour comes with consequences.”

“Well, it does seem a little extreme, but seeing as Cassandra has misbehaved then our bad lady needs to be taught a lesson in humility. Just keep an eye on her as we head to the place where she is going to rest.”

Can’t you see what Kǎodǎ is planning? You must know that something is wrong with tape covering most of my face and the fact that I am struggling to breathe. Aren’t you going to do anything about this? You must really be that foolish.

“You should have no trouble walking behind me by listening to my voice or footprints, as I have seen others do it, so follow me now or get into trouble.” Cassidy listened to the humming noise that Kǒngbù started to make, so she knew which direction to go in and she started to make steps that were more careful than usual because of her inability to see. The lady had been fearful before, but now she was in a state of continual sheer terror as she knew that the woman behind her could push her at anytime and there was no way of alerting Kǒngbù as to her fall.

The first push came after she had taken just a few steps and even though she did her best to scream, she wasn’t able to make so much as emit a whine owing to the tape over her nose. It wasn’t enough to push her over onto her face, but judging by the lack of reaction, Kǒngbù didn’t even realise that this had happened.

This was how it went while the helpless victim continued to walk, with a shove happening to her every few steps and a few almost forcing her off her feet, but she was just about able to recover. Before long though, there was a push that was strong enough to force Cassidy forward so that she would be unable to prevent herself from falling, and she knew that there was no hope for her. However, a hand gripped the crotch rope that ran from between her legs to her hands and she was pulled back enough so that she could remain in an upright position.

You’re doing this to torture me! I cannot control what is happening to me and you are pushing me forward before pulling me back just to prolong the agony! If this continues for much longer, I’m going to end up losing my mind from the fear. Is this what you want? Do you actually want to drive me insane in the hopes that Madam Sǐwáng will not show any interest in me anymore?

Every continuing moment added to the psychological anguish of the captive, and she wondered if she would be taken past her breaking point whenever she was forced off-balance by Kǎodǎ, who held onto the crotch rope so that she was prevented from falling.

“Kǎodǎ, what on earth are you doing to our prisoner? It looks as though you were trying to push her over. Is that you were trying to do?”

Oh yes, I’m saved! You can put a stop to this now, Kǒngbù, please help me.

“Yes, that has been my plan from the beginning as I want to see the little whore suffer for trying to seduce our Madam. I have been making her think that she is going to fall, just so that she can be tortured by the feelings of horror.”

“Kǎodǎ, that is absolutely monstrous behaviour, we had no orders to do something like this to the poor captive. Cassandra, would you like me to put an end to this and rescue you from the terrible treatment?”

Oh yes, rescue me from your deranged sister and put an end to my torment. Cassidy’s fear changed in a moment to relief as she heard the comment that was made by the lady, and she realised that her situation was going to improve as she did her best to nod her head. At least you are being sensible, Kǒngbù.

“Well, this is the time when you find out that I knew what Kǎodǎ was doing all along, you slut! Guess what your chances of being rescued are now.”

To say that the helpless Cassidy was stunned would be an understatement, as her relief vanished in an instant when she heard the truth of her situation. You are a part of this! Her legs were trembling as she realised that her predicament was very real and that the two ladies had been playing games with her from the start. Soon, I’m going to be pushed over, and this time there’ll be no one to break my fall!

“Kǎodǎ noticed how you were affecting our moth- Madam, and she suggested that we should teach you a lesson about how trying to seduce her with your wiles will only end in a bad way for you. There are a lot of things that we would love to do to you, but our leader would get very angry with us if we did it.” A hand stroked the right cheek of the victim and she could only scream in her mind at the way that she was being treated by the two captors. “If we were to actually push you over, Madam’s wrath would be dreadful, and we would suffer for a long time. However, if you were to fall over by your own action, then she would see it as being an accident.”

It was Kǎodǎ who spoke next. “You see Cassandra, I have got a wonderful idea for making you fall to the floor by your own actions, and soon you are going to do this to yourself.”

OMG! Madam Sǐwáng, please come back!

(To Be Continued.)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 27

That was an incredible tale, and it shows that you must have loved what happened to you today, but for some reason I have the impression that you have not told me the whole story about yourself. When you mentioned about Gary making love to you, it seemed as if you didn’t want to speak much about that part of your experience.

“As your meal is over for the moment, Cecyme, it is time for you to be gagged again.” Megumi said as she rose from the chair and she picked up the harness gag with the large ball, before walking around to the back of the chair where she pulled on Cecyme’s hair so that her head was forced back. There was no time for the captive to be able to protest at her treatment as the large ball was forced between her teeth, so that it pushed her tongue back while filling her mouth. First, the two main straps were taken around to the back of her neck, where they were buckled together to the tightest possible notch, before the Y-strap was taken over her head so that it could be connected to the two main straps, and the little straps were connected together under her chin.

While Cecyme’s gag was being buckled into place, she noticed that Selma and Collette were taking some items back to the trolley but they were also glancing at Mistress Isabella as they were opening a few of the special drawers. However, Megumi was oblivious to all of this as she removed the trolley strap around the captive’s waist and buckled three leather straps around her body, with the first two going above and below the breasts of the prisoner while the third went around her waist. This resulted in Cecyme’s arms being bound to her body by the new restraints and she was unable to find any give in the straps no matter how much she struggled against her bonds. I wonder what you have got planned for me next, Megumi? Our Mistress appears to be annoyed by something, and there is a frown on her face.

As the Mistress rose from her chair, she spoke to the lady who was applying the straps to the prisoner. “Have you finished telling your story then, Maid Megumi?”

“Yes, Mistress Isabella, there is no more to be told.” Megumi said, and Cecyme notice that the frowning expression grew in intensity on the face of the Mistress, right before she gave a nod of her head to the other two maids who had been paying attention to what was going on, and the ladies appeared to take a new item out of the drawers of the trolley. The oriental maid still seemed to have no idea what was olccuring as she ran her hands up and down Cecyme’s body, but the bound woman knew that something was about to happen. This must be about your time with Gary, and there must be something that you haven’t told me but Mistress Isabella thinks that you should have. This is not going to end well for you.

“Just think of all of the fun that I can have with you, Cecy- NO!” Megumi’s speaking was cut off in mid-sentence as Selma grabbed the oriental lady’s arms, pulling them behind the woman’s back and forcing her to lie prone on the ground to Cecyme’s left, before sitting on her so her arms were pinned to her back. “No, please no, stop it!” The mishandled maid said, but her eyes widened in fear as Collette knelt in front of her holding a harness gag with a panel, a very large red ball and what appeared to be some kind of special clip connected by a string. “Please Mistress Isabella! I’m sorry, I won’t do it again! I know I was wrong, but I will be a good girl! I have been a bad girl, but here is no need to punish me!” The lady said, and the expression on her face let Cecyme know that the maid was very familiar with this particular gag.

Is this another one of your games, Megumi, because it does appear to be one? Are you being the ‘maid who is going to be punished for being naughty’?

“No! Collette, please have mercy on me, you have no idea how much this punishment tortures me! Forgive me please, just thiULF!” While Megumi was screaming out her words, Collette forced ball into the mouth of the shrieking prisoner before strapping the gag in place, and Cecyme noticed that the panel covered the maid’s face from ear to ear while going from her nose to her chin. Once all of the straps of the gag were buckled into place by the red head, Megumi ended up emitting whiney cries which indicated that her mouth was sealed by the panel.

If I didn’t know that you were so good at playing roles, I would believe that you were actually scared. You are a very good actress though, so I would presume that you are in another part. As Cecyme watched Collette take two lengths of rope out of one of the trolley drawers and go around to the kicking legs of the maid, she was shaking her head in her disbelief of the situation.

While this was happening, Mistress Isabella rose from her chair and walked down the table to where Cecyme was sitting, and she unbuckled the two cuffs around the captive’s ankles before starting to speak in a low voice. “What you are seeing is genuine, as Megumi is about to be punished for real. She has not actually lied to you about what has happened, but she has kept something hidden from you and has therefore lied by omission. This is a transgression that cannot go without an act of correction, although we will not do anything to torture her, as the effect is all in her own mind and body. Everything will be explained when the misbehaving maid is ready.”

You are going to punish Megumi for doing something wrong? However it would not be my place to question you on this, even if I could right now. I have learnt by everything that has happened up to this moment, that I need to comprehend what is going on before making a decision.

By this time, Megumi’s right leg had been bent so that her heel pressed against her bottom and one of the ropes was wound ten times around her thigh and ankle with four cinches between her legs to tighten the rope. Once the two ends of the cord were attached in a secure knot, the same process was applied to the left leg of the helpless maid so that she was left frogtied on the ground. Selma moved down to the captive maid’s bottom while continuing to hold onto the arms, which were moved so that the forearms were parallel across the back of the victim. Collette retrieved more ropes from the trolley and she wasted no time in using one to bind Megumi’s right wrist to her left elbow with eight turns and three cinches with the ends tied off, repeating this with the other wrist and elbow so that the maid was held in a secure box-tie. One long rope was wound around Megumi’s chest and arms, above and below her breasts and this was tightened before it was knotted off so that her arms were forced against her body.

During this time the captive had not remained silent, but she had been begging and screaming through her nose in the hope of eliciting some sympathy from the women involved in restraining her. This was shown to be futile when Selma turned her colleague around so that the bound maid was on her back, before speaking to the other maid. “She does appear to be very whiney, Collette.”

“Well, that is not surprising given the torture that she is about to experience. I must admit that I have never felt anything as bad as that, although I am very susceptible to tickling. I think that it is time to finish the bonding of our prisoner. Do you wish to muffle her?”

“Yes, and then it will be time to secure her ankles.” Selma took hold of the clip that hung from the gag which was secured around the head of the captive, and it was placed over the nose of the helpless lady before it was released. In an instant, the captive’s eyes widened, with her face showing even more fear as her shrieks were converted into whimpers which were just about audible through her gag. “Now for her legs.” The blond haired maid took hold of the legs of the defenceless Megumi, placed them at a ninety degree angle to each other with the ankles crossed, and Collette took another cord which was wrapped around the ankles with both vertical and horizontal loops, before applying four cinches which locked the legs of the captive wide open.

“Collette, Selma, will you please carry our bad maid over to the clear area of the gazebo and place her on her knees, while I walk with Cecyme to make sure that she stays on her feet.” Mistress Selma walked back over to the trolley and selected a black cloth bag before returning to Cecyme’s left side, while the two maids picked up Megumi so that they could carry her to the space beyond the end of the table. “Cecyme, please walk with me so that you can take your important part in Megumi’s punishment.” The waist strap of the helpless lady was held by her Mistress so that she could be helped up off the chair and the bound women followed her captor to where the disobedient maid had been placed on her knees with her still shaking her head.

“Selma.” The leader said as she took a black leather item out of her bag. “Could you be so good as to place this on the bad girl, so that her incessant head shaking can be brought to an end?” Selma took hold of the item before kneeling behind the frightened maid and as it was taken around the neck of the captive, Cecyme realised that it was a special collar that would prevent the wearer from moving her head.

The only thing Megumi can do now is move her body forward a little, as everything is applied to keep her still. I notice that she has been positioned at the edge of the clear area facing in, while I am standing in the centre. I don’t know how I am supposed to torture the poor maid as I am in strict bondage, but I suppose that it won’t be long before I find out.

“Collette, I want you to prepare Cecyme for the start of Megumi’s torture, and then I will get you ready as you will be helping with the torture as well. After all, I don’t think that Cecyme will want you to tickle torture her for the next few hours.” A pair of leather straps were given to the red head who helped Cecyme to lie face down onto the ground before bending her right leg so that her heel pressed into her bottom. One of the straps was looped around the right thigh and ankle of the captive, and buckled down tight before this was repeated with the left leg with Cecyme being rolled onto her back.

Are having frogtied legs compulsory at the moment? Both Megumi and I have them, so who is going to be next? A moment later, Collette ended up surprising the helpless captive when she knelt down on the ground before putting her arms behind her back and bowing her head.

“Mistress Isabella, could you prepare me so that Megumi’s torture may go ahead?”

“Certainly Collette.” Isabella said as she walked over to Collette, and the leader set to work binding the maid with rope that she took out of the black bag with a deftness that surprised Cecyme. When it was over, Collette’s arms were bound at the wrists and elbows, cord was wrapped around her body above and below her breasts and at her waist, and her legs were frogtied with a very ornate use of the rope.

We all seem to be ending up getting frogtied this afternoon, but I’m puzzled as to why you haven’t been gagged, Collette. The red haired maid leaned forward so that she was lying on top of Cecyme before squirming up a little, which allowed her to plant sweet kisses on the neck of the gagged prisoner.

While this was happening, Mistress Isabella sat down cross legged in a location that would allow her to keep watch on both Megumi and the other two ladies in bondage. “This is good, now the torture of Megumi has started.”

How can this be a torture to Megumi? After all Collette and I are doing nothing to the helpless lady, so how can be we be having an effect on her? Cecyme was continuing to ponder the comments of her Mistress when she turned her head to the right, and she noticed that Megumi was almost frantic as she attempted to get free from her bonds. You are straining against the ropes as much as you possibly can, and the look on your face shows that something is causing you discomfort, but no one is doing anything to you. There was a playful bite by Collette on the left side of Cecyme’s neck and the teased lady couldn’t help but sigh at the very pleasurable feeling that she experienced. However, she was surprised by the response of the other captive who appeared to express a scream, with her struggling even harder as Collette’s teeth pressed into Cecyme’s flesh. It almost seems that Collette loving me is affecting Megumi in some way, but how can this happen? As Cecyme continued to watch the oriental captive, she noticed that whenever she responded to the attentions of Collette, the other woman reacted but in a negative way instead.

“So Cecyme, you understand that something is happening to Megumi.” The Mistress said with a smile. “Collette, you continue to make love to Cecyme while I explain what is happening.”

“It wasn’t long after Megumi joined me and Alicia when I received a phone call from Gary as he wanted to speak to speak to his friend. Seeing as the maid was out, I asked if I could relay a message for him. I noted the information and I mentioned to him that Megumi had told us all about what happened concerning the play. He sounded surprised to hear this and after a pause of a few seconds he mentioned that it was surprising that Megumi had talked about the weekend before the play. She had told us nothing about this, so I was careful in fishing for as much information from Gary without revealing that I knew nothing.”

“I spoke to Alicia about this as soon as the phone call was finished and we decided that we had to get the full story from our maid. To achieve this, I invited Megumi up to Alicia’s room so that I could put her in tight bondage before tying up my love. It didn’t take long for our maid to be sufficiently encouraged to tell us everything so that we knew what had happened.”

“On the Friday of the weekend before the run of the play, Megumi spoke to Gary and said that she wanted to be his naked bondage prisoner for the whole weekend from Friday night until Monday morning. He could do anything that he wanted to her and she had to endure whatever bondage she was placed in. This went well from Friday night until Saturday evening, when Megumi was bound in a strict hogtie and gagged before she was put in the bedroom closet. She was puzzled by this until she heard the ringing of the front doorbell and a group of people were let into the house. Gary already had a party planned and he wasn’t going to let his captive interfere with it.”

“Throughout the evening, Megumi struggled in her bondage as the party went on, becuase she was terrified that something would happen that would cause her to be discovered. Any attempt by her to escape was futile though, as Gary had become a master at binding and gagging her. The closet was against the wall and on the other side was the living room, so the captive was terrified that she would end up making a noise that would alert the party goers to the act that someone was in the bedroom. This wall was so thin that Megumi could hear what was being said by everyone who had come to the party for the evening, and she eventually heard everyone leave except for one lady who Gary was talking to in a louder voice than usual.”

“She was very puzzled when Gary entered the bedroom, opened the closet door and pulled her out of the closet before placing her in a kneeling position in a corner of the room so that she faced the bed. After all, there was a woman who was in the house and this increased that chance of Megumi being found in this position. What was even more worrying was the fact that Gary picked up the bag that was full of his bondage equipment before leaving the room.”

“As Megumi knelt there, she noticed that the door to the bedroom was open and she could hear sounds from the living room, including some laughter from the lady, so it seemed that they were having fun. However, after a while, the sounds were growing louder and Megumi panicked as she struggled in her bonds, when she realised that Gary and this woman were walking down the corridor towards the bedroom. The only thing that she could think about was that this stranger would see her helpless in her nude bondage.”

(To Be Continued)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 15

Even thought the helpless woman didn’t hear anyone else in the room, she wondered whether or not one of her captors was nearby and remaining as quiet as possible so as to observe. After several minutes had gone by, Petra assumed that there was a reasonable chance of her being alone in the dining room, and that there would be no retaliation against her if she struggled against her bonds.

I have no doubt that you have bound me well, Diana, but I wouldn’t be a good damsel in distress if I didn’t attempt to get free from my captivity at least occasionally. Perhaps I should check if the cords around my wrists have any give in them. Her first action was to try and pull her right hand up as far as it would go, just to see how much she could move her extremity, but there was less than a centimetre of leeway in the action. She tried to push her hand down as far as possible, but she was unable to test this as her arm was almost stretched out to its utmost when she was bound to the chair. Trying to pull her wrist away from the top of the chair leg by the prisoner only ended up showing just how effective Diana had been in applying the cinches and although she managed to turn her hands, this did not make the loops around her wrists any looser.  Experimenting with the left hand showed the captive that the bonds connecting her left hand to the chair were just as secure, which showed that her chances of escape were almost impossible.

Maybe I should try to see if the other ropes are tied just as securely. If they aren’t then I might have greater success than with my hands. Her first attempt was with her elbows, but even though there was a little extra movement compared to that of her wrists, she failed to cause the bonds to slip in any way. The attempt to move her body around was a complete failure as the ropes that restrained her chest and waist permitted no movement at all, and she soon surrendered to the fact that this was just as unsuccessful as her other efforts. This just leaves my legs, but even though I don’t think that I will loosen these ropes, I might as well try as it will pass the time while waiting for dinner to be cooked. I do hope that I will get to eat something, but my captors may decide to tease me with the meal before I am allowed any.

Petra started with trying to find out if the cord that bound her knees to the tops of the front chair legs would provide any leeway in her movements, but although she was able to move her knees a little to the left or right, there was nothing useful to be gained from this action. After this, she turned her attention to her feet and this was more of just checking the bonds rather than it being a serious attempt at getting her limbs free, as the bent nature of her legs made even the most vigorous struggle pointless. The heels of her feet were almost pressing against the tops of her legs because the bindings that were wrapped around her ankles and thighs were so tight, and the most she could achieve was wriggling her feet around as she couldn’t apply any leverage on her ankles to move them up or down.

I should try to fight against all of my bonds at once, just to see it that provides any help for me, although I suspect that all I will be doing is wasting my energy in the process. The lady prepared herself by taking a few deep breaths and waiting for about five seconds, before starting her fiercest struggle yet against the ropes that held her in place on the chair. As a result of this, there was a little movement, but this was as a result of the chair’s structure moving a little, with the familiar creaking sound which is made by all such items of furniture as they as placed under such stress. This noise continued as the woman carried on with her fight against the bonds that restrained her, but after two minutes she came to the conclusion that she would end up exhausting herself without making any headway against her helplessness, although the struggle itself was thrilling.

Even though I have put my best effort into getting free, the only thing that has happened is that I am feeling a little drained from all of this effort. I have been awake for quite some time with the tickle torture from the hair dryers blowing on my feet, and that evil ‘Heart of Tantalus’ which was used to torment me with orgasm denial. Maybe my best option is to get some rest before dinner, as there will most likely be some more games after the meal which will require my participation. I should consider myself lucky that Diana didn’t tie my hair to the back of the chair, and this will allow me to rest my head at least. Trying to get into a comfortable position would be impossible for the helpless woman, given the fact that she was bound in such a restrictive way, but at least she was able to place her head in as comfortable a location as possible. Once the captive had found the best way to rest, she started to wonder about what would happen to her later and if she would ever get to see anything, or be stuck with this blindfold over her eyes for the remainder of her kidnapping.

It’s all very well being kept helpless and not being able to see, but it can be very disorienting as I have no idea of my bearings while I am bound and gagged. Plus, if you start to use your new equipment on me, I won’t be able to see what I have been put into. Anyway, I’ll find out soon enough when you start to play with me again. It wasn’t long before the bound woman started to doze off in her bondage, and she didn’t notice the sounds that were being made as the table was prepared for dinner...

“EEEEFF!” Petra was roused from her sleeping state in an instant as she felt pain radiate out from both of her nipples, and her immediate reaction only added to her discomfort as her body moved in response to the torment. However, as soon as the helpless woman cried out in her suffering, the pain in her nipples subsided to a dull ache as the soft circles of flesh were released by whatever gripped them, and the was followed by her nipples being licked

“There’s nothing like a good nipple nibble to awaken a helpless captive. Isn’t it true, auntie?”

“Well, we both know how it feels, and I think that our bondage slave has discovered just how effective these bites are when you want to wake your captive up immediately.”

You two must have bitten my poor nipples at the same time, just so that I will be fully alert for the evening meal. That’s so unfair, as you could have used less uncomfortable methods to wake me up.

“Anyway auntie, I think that it was a good idea to invite Petra for the meal, as she looks very tasty in her bondage.”

“I agree, our tied up prisoner does seem to be good enough to eat as she sits bound to her chair, and she will make an excellent addition to dinner.”

Petra started to squirm in her bonds as she heard the comments uttered by her captors, and she was starting to wonder if their reason for kidnapping her was sinister at heart. Please, you can’t be planning to eat me, I thought that you two just wanted to play bondage games until I was set free. As the defenceless lady tugged against the cords that kept her prisoner, she listened to the women who kept her captive and she started to become more worried than ever.

“Our trussed up bird is absolutely wonderful.” Diana said “She has great thighs and those breasts of hers are so plentiful. Even those wings of hers have got plenty of flesh on them and her feet look very crunchy, so we can add them to the taste test.”

No, this can’t be happening to me! Have you two gone insane all of a sudden, or have you planned this from the beginning? The rate and intensity of Petra’s struggles increased once the words sunk in, and she tried to come up with a plan on the moment which might help her escape. Any attempt to formulate an idea was interrupted, however, as both of her feet were bitten at the same time which suggested that her captors were working together. She was unable to suppress a loud yelp as she felt the teeth sink into the heels of her feet which was followed by licking and general biting, and even though the pain was very minor, it made her even more fearful of what her eventual fate would be.

You’re tasting me before you start on me for real! Oh please, I must be dreaming, someone wake me up! As the bites and licking worked their way up to the top of Petra’s arms from just above her wrists, she started to pull with all of her strength against her bonds, although they were just as secure as before. After this, her captors moved their mouths to the lower legs of the frightened captive, and it wasn’t long before every available fleshy area had had the caress of a tongue along with the imprint of teeth. This is horrible, I feel as if you are practising on me before you devour me for real!

“I just love a bit of thigh, Diana, so let’s start on that.” Petra was unable to suppress a shriek as both of her thighs were bitten into by her kidnappers and although the pain was mild, the sensation started to have a major effect on her imagination. Her thighs were licked up and down by the women, who seemed to take their time in sinking their teeth into any soft piece of flesh that was accessible. Once this was finished, the captor’s attention moved up the abdomen of the scared prisoner who started to whimper, as the playful bites ascended and she thought that it would only be a matter of time before the bites became serious so that they would drew blood.

Oh stop, please just stop!

There was the sensation of teeth gripping the soft flesh that made up the mounds of her breasts, along with bites being applied to her neck, and her mind conjured up images of what was going to happen next, which caused her to beg and plead through her gag in the forlorn hope that she wouldn’t end up as the evening meal.

“Auntie, you don’t suppose that Petra actually thinks that we are planning to-?”

“I think that she is, Diana. Her imagination might have actually gone into overdrive with her thinking that all of this is about us actually eating her, when we were just using these terms as metaphors.”

“Petra, were you thinking that my auntie and I were going to devour you in some kind of cannibalistic ritual?”

Petra could feel her whole body start to turn red as she gave a slow nod in response to the question and she started to feel sheepish about how she responded to the words and actions from the niece and aunt. I can’t believe that I ended up reacting like this, but I cannot see your expressions with this blindfold on, so maybe I can’t tell for sure whether are not you two are being serious.

“Diana, maybe we should be a bit more careful about what we say from now on, or Petra could end up misconstruing our words into something darker. After all, we have kept her as our bound, gagged and blindfolded captive for almost a day by now, and this could be having a way on how she reacts to situations.”

“Should we remove her blindfold for the time being, if it seems to be causing her problems?”

“We’ll keep it on for dinner, but once we get her locked into place afterwards, then our slave can then see what she has been put into, as she may not understand what is happening otherwise.”

“May I be allowed to feed our lovely sex slave, auntie? After all, I was picking up all of the new equipment while our captive was having lots of orgasmic fun with you.”

“Go ahead, after all it is your turn to have some fun with our helpless lady. Before you start to feed our prisoner, it might be a good idea to make sure that she understands the basic rules that she will have to follow.”

“Okay auntie. Petra, your gag will be removed for the meal, and you are not to speak at any time. If you do, your meal will end and your gag will be applied early. I will feed you dinner and provide you with water, so you won’t need to feed yourself. If you behave yourself, then after dinner you will be allowed to wear a ring-gag for a while instead of the large ball-gag. Do you understand?”

There was another nod from the chair-bound captive, and a few seconds later she felt hands go around to the back of her neck with the ends of the gag straps being unbuckled. It took longer for the ball to be removed from between the lips of the helpless lady, but it was extricated after Petra managed to open her mouth as wide as she could. There was a dull thud to the right of the bound woman which suggested that the ball gag had been dropped onto the dining room table, and she felt pressure on her legs which she thought might be Diana sitting astride the lap of the prisoner.

A moment after her captor had sat down on the chair, Petra felt something press against her lips so she opened her mouth in order to accept the hot forkful of food that had been given to her. After the helpless lady had consumed several mouthfuls of food, a cold glass touched her face and she parted her lips and took in several sips of the cool water. The captive was surprised a moment later as she expected to be provided with more food, but instead she could feel lips pressing against hers with the tip of a tongue gliding over her teeth. Once the prisoner parted her mouth, the tongue probed the space until she intertwined her own tongue with Diana’s and they continued to kiss for another minute before the captor pulled away.

This was how the rest of the meal continued for the powerless Petra, with forkfuls of the meal being followed by a drink of water before there was a long luxurious kiss from Diana, and this went on for some time. After another pleasurable kiss, however, there was no more food and instead Diana gave Petra another instruction.

“Open your mouth as wide as possible for the new gag.” Petra followed the instruction and allowed the leather covered ring to be placed between her teeth with the straps being taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled to the tightest notch. “That’s better, my saucy slave. We will remain in the dining room for another hour, so that our meals can settle and then you will be placed in handcuffs before being given a break. Once this is completed, it will be time for your captivity to be applied in a different way.

The nude prisoner felt arms go around her body before kisses landed on her neck and cheeks from Diana, and there were even kisses when Diana threaded her tongue through the ring that kept the prisoner’s mouth open, with the lady responding by again intertwining her own tongue with that of her captor’s. There was nothing that Petra could do to stop this closeness, but she had no desire to bring it to an end, so she took in every moment as she knew that there would be a time when this would come to halt.

When Diana pulled back and rose up, Petra thought that this would be the end of her time on the chair, but she discovered that there was more planned for her. As the bound nude wondered what was going to happen next, a moan escaped her gagged mouth and she started to writhe in her bonds, as both of the soles of her feet were licked by her captors. This was just the start of a long period where the lady had her feet teased by the women, which also included her toes being kissed and nibbled, along with her feet being bitten all over...

“Well Petra, I think that your meal will have settled by now, so it’s time for you to be prepared for you journey to your bedroom, but there will be a detour as you take a necessary break in the toilet.” Kendra said, just before the captive felt the loosening of the ropes that bound her ankles to her thighs, and after a minute she was able to put her feet back down on the floor. Her captors made short work of the binds that restrained her knees to the tops of the front chair legs, and her feet were brought together with the captive experiencing the familiar sensation of cold metal circling her ankles, which was accompanied by a ratcheting sound as the cuffs were locked into place.

Petra’s elbows were untied from the chair and this was followed by the cords that bound her wrists to the rear chair legs, but any attempt at fighting free was going to be impossible, so she let her hands be brought together in front of her. Again the nude captive felt the bracelets tighten around her wrists until they gripped and she knew that she would soon be moved to another location in the house. It seemed to her that one of her captors untied the cord that forced her waist against the back of her chair while the other was removing the rope that held her waist in place. A hand gripped the short chain that ran between her wrists, and she was pulled onto her feet with a gentle hugging indicating the direction in which she should hop.

“Come on, our slutty slave, you need to take your break before we lock you up in something that should be most entertaining.” Diana said “Entertaining for us that is.”

What are you planning to do to me?

(To Be Continued.)

Monday, 8 December 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 26

Megumi paused for a moment to take a drink of water as she had been speaking for some time, and Cecyme was eager to find out what the remainder of the story was about. This is incredible, and even the part you have told me so far does give a great insight as to what happened this afternoon.

“Now, I started to formulate my plan in the changing room as to how I would manoeuvre Gary into using me for his pleasure, but I would have to take things one step at a time, otherwise I could end up ruining everything. However, by the time I had finished getting back into my jeans, sweater and trainers, the first stage was already clear in my mind, although I needed to speak with Gary alone. When I returned to the rehearsal room, Richard told me that in the morning I would be introduced to the other four members of the cast who would be playing the visitors to the apartment where I was being held captive. After this was explained, I made the suggestion that Gary and I should turn up before the others so that I could be in bondage on the bed when they arrive. Although it would be quite a shock to see me like this, at least it would be over with quickly which would allow them to get used to this situation.”

“We all left the theatre, with Gary and Richard going in different directions, and I waited for a moment before following Gary and catching up with him. I suggested that we chat about the play over a cup of coffee, which he agreed to, and he knew a quiet little café where we could talk. Once we had settled down in a far corner with
Our drinks, I asked him if he was uncomfortable about tying me up and gagging me in such a secure manner. There was a wait of a few seconds, during which I thought that I had said the wrong thing, but I was relieved when he said that it wasn’t a problem. Moreover, he confessed that he enjoyed tying me up and seeing me helpless, and he hoped that he hadn’t upset me with this knowledge.”

“That was music to my ears, as it meant that my plan had a chance of working, so I put forward a proposal after saying that I was okay with him liking it. As we had limited rehearsal time for a while with only the mornings available, perhaps we could rehearse somewhere else in the afternoons, and we could even use his apartment if he was happy with this. There was another pause with me wondering if I had pushed too far, although I needn’t have worried as he said that it would be a very good idea and he said that he would ask Richard if he could borrow some materials so that we could practise at his place.”

“The first hurdle in my plan had been overcome, and we would regularly be in a situation where I was a captive in bondage with him being the only other person there. I said that I would visit a few places this afternoon so that I could buy a copy of my costume which would allow me to remain in character.”

“After this, we chatted about ideas on how to improve the performance, at which point I told him that he could do anything he wanted to me if he thought that it was helpful to the show. He could put his hands or mouth anywhere on me, and I wouldn’t mind in the slightest, as I was supposed to be the captive who was being abused by her kidnapper. He ended up bushing as he asked if I was okay with this, after all it could get very rough for me if he acted like the kidnapper was supposed to. I pointed out that I wouldn’t mind as I knew that he wasn’t going to hurt me, when in truth I wanted him to run his hands all over my body in bondage, along with him forcing himself onto me. We chatted for some time, but as I had to go as I needed to purchase the clothes for tomorrow’s private practise.”

Once I had left Gary, I visited the shops where I obtained the necessary items, and once my outfit was complete I hurried my way back to my own apartment so that I could relieve myself of the frustration that had built up in my body. When my distraction was removed, I was able to concentrate on learning my script and I felt that I had memorised it before I went to bed.”

“When I arrived early at the theatre on the next morning with my costume in a holdall, I noticed that Gary was talking to Richard outside the side door, with Richard turning to face me. He said that my idea of rehearsing in private with Gary was a very good one and we can borrow anything we need, as it will allow more time with the other actors so that they can acclimatise more to there being a bound and gagged woman on the set. So, without any further delay, I changed into my personal costume and went to the rehearsal room where I was placed in strict bondage by Gary before he knelt behind me on the bed. When the other performers entered the room, they were shocked to see Gary groping my breasts with me screaming for help on the outside while my inner self was enjoying every sexual moment.”

“My performance must have been very good, because one of the two actresses, a green eyed blond haired lady called Jane ran up to Gary before she slapped him across the face and accused him of raping me. The tension needed to be broken at this point, so I ended up bursting into giggles while at the same time feeling sorry for Gary. Richard explained to Jane what was happening with this being part of the rehearsal and the lady’s face turned red as she said apology after apology to Gary for behaving the way that she did. Richard pointed out to the others that I was perfect for the role of Claire if I could elicit a reaction like this from one of the fellow cast members.”

“This is why Isabella and the others needed to make sure you understood that I wasn’t being made to suffer for real, otherwise I would have had to break character which would have ruined everything for me. I hope that you can forgive me for this.”

“Anyway, now that the ice was broken, Richard decided to rehearse the scenes where the other cast members would visit the apartment while I struggled in the bedroom. The idea was that they needed to learn to ignore my antics while they were onstage, because if they reacted to me, then it would have a negative impact on the performance.”

“I enjoyed every moment of the rehearsal as the other actors played their roles, but it felt as if the morning was over all too quickly when Richard brought it to an end. I was untied by Gary before I made my way to the changing room, and when I returned, Jane was again apologising to Gary as he packed binding materials into a large bag. After we all left the theatre, Gary and I went back to his apartment where I put on the outfit again, and I was in heaven as Gary tied me up on his bed so that we could practise the private scenes.”

“During the next week, it all became increasingly intense with me becoming more aroused after each passing day as we continued with our private sessions. Whenever Gary pressed his body against my back with us both kneeling on the bed, it was clear that he was aroused as well, and I knew that it would soon be time to encourage him to take advantage of me.”

“Before this happened, there was another incident which involved Jane of all people. On one day, the air conditioning had broken down in the theatre, and the room was very warm in the morning. I was covered with sweat on that day along  with being very thirsty, and there was no way of communicating my need for a drink. Jane looked at me, and she must have noticed the beads of sweat on my forehead, so she picked up a bottle of water and asked me if I needed a drink. I nodded my head and Jane walked over to the bed before kneeling in front of me, and she used the EMT scissors to cut away my gag. I was very grateful for her getting me something to drink, but I noticed that she kept staring at the ropes that held me in bondage.”

“It was obvious that there was something that she wanted to say, so I said that she should tell me what was on her mind. She asked if the ropes were hurting me, and I replied that they didn’t because they were tied properly. Her look became more unusual when she asked if it was easy to teach someone how to tie another person up in this way. I told her that it was easy, and as I looked at her, everything began to fall into place, because it became clear that Jane wanted to be tied up.”

“I asked her if there was someone special in her life who should tie her up, and she admitted that she had a girlfriend, but the physical side of their relationship was rocky because Jane was unsure about being made love to. However, after she kept seeing me in bondage, fantasies started appearing in her mind with her being bound and gagged at the mercy of her girlfriend Erin. Gary being the gentlemen he was, walked over and suggested that I should help Erin and Jane out with their situation as she had been so kind as to help me. Jane said that Erin was free this afternoon, but she was wondering how she was going to get her girlfriend to tie her up. It was then that I suggested that we go to where Jane lived, she could arrange for Erin to come over, and I would bind and gag Jane so that her girlfriend would find her helpless and available.”

“After the rehearsal was over, I went with Jane to go shopping for a few items, including a few special books, rope, scissors and a ball-gag. Once we went to Jane’s apartment, she went into the bedroom and undressed before making a call to Erin while I wrote messages on paper which Erin would be able to read before going into Jane’s bedroom. I bound and gagged her in the same way I had been with the difference that Jane had a ball-gag in her mouth. I then made a video using Jane’s cellphone, explaining what had happened and how to untie the helpless captive. Once this had been done, I left the apartment and kept a watch out for Erin’s arrival, as Jane had provided me with a description of her girlfriend. She arrived on time, so I knew that Jane was going to be safe and I made my way to Gary’s apartment, making a call on the way to left him know that I would be arriving soon.”

“It didn’t take long for me to arrive, and I went into the bathroom to change into the costume. When I went into the bedroom in preparation to be put into bondage, Gary told me that he had a confession to make, and that I would end up being very angry at him. He explained that when I was bound and gagged, he wanted to take full advantage of me while I was helpless, and he was worried that he was going to end up satisfying his desires at my cost. Before Gary could say any more, I interrupted him by saying that I was very aroused when he controlled me in bondage, and that I wanted him to use my body for his pleasure since the time when he first tied me up. I apologised to him for being such a pervert, and I said that I would understand if he would never want to talk to me again.”

“Everything was hinging on what Gary was going to say next, when he took hold of me and forced me to lie face down on the bed, before gagging me and tying me up and cutting off my panties. Gary told me in great detail what he was going to do to me while I was his captive and how I deserved it for being a evil manipulative girl, which thrilled me to the core. I played the part of the woman being used against her will to the hilt, which made the situation even more exciting and I lost sense of everything else when I experienced my first bondage orgasm. This was only the first one of the evening, because as soon as Gary was ready he started to make love to me again, and I surrendered myself to the part of being his sexual toy. I spent the night bound and gagged in his arms, and he freed me in the morning so that we could both be ready for rehearsal, where we were met by Jane who thanked me for the best time of her life. It seemed that Erin quickly warmed up to the idea of Jane lying on the bed in bondage, especially when she realised that being like this made the helpless lady very aroused. Gary said that he was happy for both of them, and that he hope that this would be an end to their intimate problems.”

“Gary made love to me every night after that, and I enjoyed every moment of it. There were times when he tied me up without me playing the role of Claire, and it felt very good, but playing a part while in bondage was always preferable to me.”

“All too soon it was time for the play, and I had one last suggestion for the director. During the interval, instead of me being freed, I would remain in bondage with me begging and pleading for help from the audience, especially those walking in and out. Richard agreed to this, so long as someone was there to keep an eye on me.”

“When the play opened, we ended up with mixed reviews, but not in the way that people normally expect. The play itself was considered to be of standard fare, with dialogue that was hardly noteworthy, but the critics said that the performances of the two main roles were what lifted it up to become something special. They said that it felt as if they were watching an actual situation that involved a kidnapper and his victim, so I think that our special rehearsals paid off in a big way.”

“During one evening, I got the shock of my life during the interval when I was still playing the part of the captive, when I looked up straight into the face of Matron! It seemed that she remembered me and she said that she would like to speak to me after the evening’s performance was ended. Once the show was over, I got changed before going to the café in the theatre where Matron was waiting for me, and she told me that it was obvious that I was into bondage in a big way. She then told me about Alicia and Isabella, and that I would be accepted if I ever wanted to work at the mansion with me being able to join in with their games.”

“Close to the end of the run of the play, Gary told me that an agent approached him about acting on Broadway for a major theatrical production, but that he didn’t want to abandon me. I told him not to be such an idiot and that he should seize the part wholeheartedly, as it would be his big chance at having a major acting career. We still keep in touch, he’s still acting and he also found himself a girlfriend who loves being put in bondage for sex.”

“When the play was over and Gary left to further his career, I was pondering my next move when I remembered about Matron’s offer and I thought that it would be a good way of taking a break so that I wouldn’t have to make any hasty decisions. I contacted Matron and let her know that I would be happy to work at the mansion, so long as I could have my particular role-playing vice indulged.”

“After a few weeks, I informed Isabella of my special quirk and she suggested that we play a surprise on Alicia, so I dressed up in the costume that you saw me in earlier. I was led in with the same hood on while Alicia was in strict bondage and she actually thought that I was a genuine girl scout. You should have seen how she reacted at being forced to make love to me, and that was such a thrilling experience.”

“Because of this, I asked Isabella if I could repeat this scenario with you and pretend that I was someone who had been taken prisoner. It was just as good as before, especially with your behaviour making it all so wonderful for me.”

“So you see, Cecyme, none of this is Isabella’s fault. I wanted this to happen and I hope that I haven’t upset you in the process. When you decide that you want revenge, I will play any part that you wish, and be that person. You want me to be the seduced student, the kidnapped nurse, a saleswoman seized at the door or anything else and I will be it.”

(To Be Continued)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 26

“Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, I require your assistance in helping to prepare our entertaining captive so that she will be able to walk around the warehouse.” The helpless lady looked on as Madam Sǐwáng’s two catsuited assistants walked over to where she was standing, while she tried to maintain her balance, and they turned to face her with Kǎodǎ on the right.

Are you planning to inflict some dire new torment onto my body? The spot between my legs has become so sensitive that it is already torturing me to a degree that I had never thought possible, so I don’t see how you can make it any worse.

“Ladies, if you would be so kind as to take hold of the ankles of our helpless victim, then I will remove the bonds that hold her legs together.” As the immobilised prisoner looked down, each of the younger collaborators went down on their knees and grasped one of her ankles, just above the rope that bound the bottom of her legs together while the leader who was facing her bent over. It didn’t take long for Madam Sǐwáng’s skilful hands to remove the ropes that bound the captive’s legs together, and she untied the mid-thigh cords before moving onto the ropes above and below the knees with the ankle cord being the last to be removed. After these cords were coiled up and placed on the floor, the madam straightened up so that she could put her arms around the waist of the bound lady before her, with the hug being very firm.

“While I am holding up Cassandra, each of you will pull the ankle that you are holding out to your side so that it is just over eighteen inches away from underneath her body.” There was a shuffling sound as the two women moved backwards on their knees, and the helpless woman ended up experiencing two disconcerting feelings in the process. One was that her feet were moved wide apart to an extent that she had never spread them before, and the other was that she was suspended in the air with only her captor supporting her around her waist.

I feel like the wishbone of a turkey, and two children are planning to make a wish by pulling me apart. I hope that this doesn’t end up hurting me in some way, but I doubt that you would want to do that to me now that the situation has changed.

“I will enable our helpless prisoner to be able to stand on the floor now, but you two must remain in position with her ankles held after I have let go of her.” Madam Sǐwáng said, and the bound woman was lowered to a point at which the soles of her boots touched the floor, with the hug around her body being released just a few moments later. Although the captive did her best to see what the madam was doing as the leader walked around the restrained woman, her arms behind her head prevented her from seeing anything until the madam returned with the second bag which was long and thin.

Knowing my luck, there is a horrible torture device inside the bag and you are going to use it on my legs in some way. No, No, NO! Even though what was inside was not what could be described as an implement of torture, the item appeared to be so when the woman pulled it out of the long bag. It was a three feet long piece of bamboo which had a diameter of two inches, and there were three large holes drilled through it, one at each end and one in the middle of the pole, with Cassidy having seen something similar to this on the internet. It’s a spreader bar! It’s not enough to have me tied up like this at the moment, you are going to force me to walk around with my legs apart as if I’m some disreputable lady of the night who is ready for work.

“The four ropes that I have removed from our captive’s legs should be sufficient for this stage of her torment.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she laid the pole so that it was lengthwise between the legs of the defenceless lady, before double stranding two of the ropes which were each threaded through one of the end eyelets, until there were two equal lengths sticking out from either side of the hole. After the improvised spreader bar had been prepared, the madam picked up the end by Cassidy’s right foot and wrapped the cord ends several times around the prisoner’s right ankle in opposite directions with the ends being tied off with a secure knot. It didn’t take long for the other end of the pole to be bound to the captive’s left ankle in the same way, and the helpless woman was starting to feel very vulnerable with the tenderest part of her body almost being on view.

I can’t even pull my legs together now that I am tied like this. How am I supposed to move around, as I am unable to even hop with my feet wide apart?

“Thank you ladies, you can go now and make further arrangements for later while I get Cassandra ready for a nice little walk.” After the leader had spoken, she picked up the other two coils of blue rope and went around to the back of the captive while the aides walked away to another part of the warehouse.

I’m already tied up enough at the moment, so what can you possibly do to add to my present discomfort? As Cassidy looked down, she noticed that the end of one of the blue ropes was threaded through the centre hole of the bamboo post with it tied into place and a few seconds later, she couldn’t avoid crying out as the crotch rope pressed harder against her body. You must have tied the other end to the rope running between my legs, which means that more torment will be inflicted on me when I try to walk anywhere. It’s almost like an arrow, pointing to where my most teased location is. Madam Sǐwáng walked back around to the front of the prisoner, and she tied one end of the final cord to the top of the vertical part of the crotch-rope which was just below the waist loop before uncoiling the rest of the cord as she stepped back. That will make me feel even worse if you tug hard on the other end, which means that you will use this on me as an incentive for me to move.

“The rope that runs from the centre of the bar is tied to the vertical part of the crotch-rope above your waist loop at the back, so it should provide you with a few interesting sensations as you move around. Walking will require a little practice, but you should be able to get used to it after a few minutes. Lift one foot up, swing it around in a little arc so that it ends up being further forward than your other foot, and then place it back down. You won’t lose your balance if you move your foot quickly, so there will be no problems in remaining upright. However, if you decide not to move, then this will happen.” There was a hard pull on the rope held by the leader, which caused her captive to shriek as the rope bit against the area of the body that was so sensitive that the feeling was best described as excruciating.

I wonder what is going to cause me the most suffering, walking around with my new bondage, or having you play ‘tug of love’ with me when you pull on the rope. At the moment, I feel as though I’m some kind of love slave being made to suffer an erotic torment at the hands of my mistress. What am I thinking? That’s exactly what is happening to me right now. Cassidy realised that if she made no attempt to move, her captor would again provide more suffering in the form of another sharp pull of the rope which cause her place of heat to be rubbed, so she decided to take a step forward. This is going to be harder than you said, as my mobility is extremely limited in this bondage and I have never done this before. When the captive made her first try at lifting her right foot up, she ended up underestimating the amount of effort needed, and it felt to her as if her boot was glued to the floor.

Cassidy’s second attempt was successful in raising her foot into the air a little way, but she was only able to move her leg forward a few inches before her foot had to be put back down, and this made her yelp when the rope between her legs was pulled tight. Her left foot moved further forward by six inches, as she understood how much effort was needed, but the biting of the cord into her body again elicited an audible response from the helpless woman when the foot landed. The torment to my body isn’t as bad as Sǐwáng pulling me along, but it takes a lot of effort to move forward and I wonder how long it will be before I will be too drained to make any more steps. As the bound woman pondered her current predicament, she ended up shouting out through her gag as her captor gave the leading rope another sharp tug.

“I would advise you to start moving, if you don’t want to experience another little piece of persuasion.”

This was more than enough encouragement for Cassidy to walk forward as best she could, and she was surprised at the fact that it didn’t take long for her to feel more confident in her actions. She followed the madam for quite some time around the warehouse, but there were periods when she had to stop for a few minutes so that she could get her strength back, and it appeared that her captor did allow her a decent leeway before tugging on the rope to make her start again. However, even these short periods did not provide her with enough recovery to maintain her efforts over a long time, and the captive found herself standing with her back to one of the pillars when her captor released her grip on the rope.

“You can rest for a while after you do one more thing. Keep your back to this column while looking at the next. If you can do that, I won’t make you walk far after your long break. It will just be up to that column and back here.” The woman noticed that she only had to move a little to the right to achieve this, and she soon found herself facing a second column with the first one right behind her. “I’ll be back in about ten minutes, so just rest and conserve your energy.” Although Cassidy did her best to see where the madam was going to, she was unable to turn her head enough to keep the woman in view for more than a few seconds.

I really doubt that this is for my own good, as this session so far has been turned into one long act of erotic torture, so I think that you have more of the same planned for me. I just wish that you would allow me that moment of sweet bliss before we continue with this, but that is not going to happen until we are in a private situation again. How are you going to make my torment any worse, as you have already made my crotch rope so tight. As Cassidy stood there, waiting for Madam Sǐwáng to return, she felt the strength increase in her legs, and the captive realised why she had been allowed this time to recuperate. Just walking back and forth would not be too difficult, even without a rest, so it is not just about that. There’s going to be something else, and this is going to require me to have more energy to perform. Wait, what’s happening? There was a brief moment of panic from the helpless lady as a strip of cloth was taken around her face from behind her which covered her eyes, but when the ends were tied together at the back of her head she realised that she had been blindfolded.

“This will be removed in a few minutes, but we want to prepare your new surprise first.” Madam Sǐwáng said, and Cassidy could feel the removal of the cord that had been used to lead her around the room. There was a sound in front of the helpless lady that she had trouble recognising, but it appeared to be noise made by a length of rope as it was dragged across the floor. This was followed by a fumbling which may be connected to the column that she had been facing, and she was surprised by what felt like a thick piece of rope being feed between her legs before there was more fumbling behind her.

I can’t see how another length of rope is going to make any difference to my torment, as the one pulled between my legs affects me so much anyway. It’s not going to be much of an addition to my torment if I just have to walk forward and back with this rope touching me. After a few more seconds had passed, Cassidy yelped as this rope also started to press against the part of her body that had been tormenting her for some time, and the fumbling ended which suggested that the rope tying had been completed.

“Now my slave, let me show you what you are going to do next.” The leader said as she removed the blindfold from the face of the helpless lady, who let out a shriek when she opened her eyes and saw what was prepared in front of her.

You’ve stranded a long rope so that there are four parts instead of one, and there are a series of five large knots put into the length! As the bound woman looked to her sides, she could see that the two assistants had taken position on either side of her with Kǎodǎ on her right.

“Your task is simple Cassandra, as you only have to walk to the next column, and then walk backwards to the one you are at. If you stop just before a knot, and refuse to go over it, my assistants are instructed to remove your bikini bra. Should you still continue to stay still, your briefs will be taken off as well and you will be forced to move forward. It might be a good idea if you started to walk forward, before my aides decide that you are taking too much time.”

Those knots are huge! With the way that my ankles are bound, I won’t be able to move over them, and they will press into me worse than any strand of rope. If I don’t move, I will be stripped naked and forced against them anyway! You have found a way of making things much worse for me, and I have no choice but to make the attempt. Cassidy began to whimper when the cord rubbed against her as she started to move forward at a slow rate, which was the maximum speed permitted by the spreader bar, and soon she was just before the first knot. This is going to be horrific, as the previous teasing has left me so vulnerable between my legs, but I have to try.

As the helpless woman pressed the front of her body against the knot, she bit hard into her gag while her face changed into a grimace, but once she had managed to force herself to be above the knot, the feeling became too much for her and the lady threw her head back as she screamed. After Cassidy made one more step forward, she was able to move past the knot and the feeling subsided back to being tormenting. If this is bad enough now, how is it going to be when I have had to move over all of them. When the tormented lady reached the second knot, she was already dreading what it was going to do to her, and she cried out even louder as she forced herself over the obstacle that tortured her more than the first one. By the time that the prisoner had made her way to the third knot, she was starting to sob as she knew that the torment would only get worse with each new encounter. Her sobbing grew in strength after she had passed the third knot, and her eyes started to well up as she approached the fourth knot in the sequence of torments on the rope. Cassidy managed to get over this but she spent so long waiting before the final forward hurdle, that the two accomplices stepped closer to her with them reaching out to her bra. This was more than enough encouragement for the captive to push herself over the final knot.

I’ve managed to get to the end, but this has been sheer torture for me. The worst part of this is that I have only gone half way, and I have to walk backwards over the knots which will make this even more difficult. Again, I have no choice but to do this, and if I don’t move now, I could find myself having to do it naked.

As the helpless lady took a step back, she could feel the knot press against her bare bottom and this caused her to experience a new and rather unpleasant sensation as she cried out while forcing herself over the tormenting section of rope. Even though Cassidy discovered that reversing over the knots was almost as bad as when she moved forward, at least her sensitive front didn’t add to the erotic torture. However, the new sensation was bad enough that it had a major effect on the suffering captive and by the time she finished the tears were rolling down her face at the additional humiliation that she had to endure. I just hope that you don’t force me to go through this torture for a second time.

“You have done well Cassandra, some other ladies have ended up having to do this naked, but you managed to hold onto your nerve. I’m quite impressed, and I think that you need to have a nice rest on the floor.”

I doubt that it is going to be that easy, and you will use this as another way to make me suffer...

(To Be Continued)