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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 30

This is the end, I’m so sorry everyone, for letting all of you down. There was a scream from the captive Cassidy as one more spasm shot through her body and her fingers were no longer strong enough to maintain a grip on the rope which escaped her grasp. As her body lifted up, her cry was cut off as the rope around her neck tightened to such a degree that it sealed off her windpipe and the victim knew that it would only take a few moments for the pressure to cause enough damage so that removing the cord would be useless. Before these few moments were up, however, there was an agonising pull on the wrists of the helpless woman, which forced her body and down and this had the result of loosening the rope around her neck, allowing her to shriek out again. Cassidy was relieved to feel the flame of torment in her shoulders as the rope was bound once again around her wrist and even the sound that escaped her lips was less unpleasant than the silence preceding it.

Oh thank goodness, you were just toying with me and you two had no intention of killing me after all. As the defenceless prisoner turn her head left before opening her eyes, she was sure that the two assistants were the ones who had put her back into a position of relative safety, but as soon as the lady saw what was happening, she was surprised to discover just who had saved her life. Madam Sǐwáng! The frightened looks on the accomplices’ faces told the prisoner in a second that they had not expected this turn of events and as the captor bent down, Cassidy saw that the woman was looking worried but relieved.

“Thank goodness you are okay, Cassandra. For a second I thought that I would be too late and that your windpipe was going to be crushed. If that had happened then I don’t know what I would have-.”

This is surprising, you actually look as though you are going to burst into tears over the idea of me dying. You really must like me if that is your response to my situation. As the captive looked on, Madam Sǐwáng’s faced changed into one of anger as she straightened up and the two younger women were trembling as the leader turned around to face them.

“Just what the hell do you think you are doing! I enter the room to see you two laughing at Cassandra while she was a moment away from dying and I had to run past you two just to save her life! I would like to hear your explanation for what has been going on in here!” There was a silence from the two prisoners, which just increased the level of anger in the leader who had just prevented the helpless woman from being killed. “Come on, unless you provide me with some kind of explanation for your behaviour, then I will have to assume the worst. Well, do either of you have anything to say about this?”

Your worst is correct, although I have no means of telling you the truth at the moment with this gag in my mouth.

It was Kǒngbù who started to speak first, although her speech contained a little tremor as it was clear that she was very scared “We just wanted to play a mock execution game on our captive, just like the ones you played on her when she was dressed up as a superheroine.”

That is a lie, but I wonder if you will believe it.

“That was planned out from the start, and there was no chance of Cassandra being injured in the process. What was happening when I walked in was so dangerous that it was obvious that the end result would kill Cassandra. I had just managed to get just behind you when the rope slipped from her fingers and both of you were just standing there instead of trying to help her. If I had arrived on the scene just a few seconds later, our captive would be a corpse right about now!”

“We are sorry.” Kǎodǎ said “We were caught by surprise as we expected the prisoner to hold onto the rope for a lot longer. It was just that Kǒngbù and I were getting very imaginative with the ropework and both of us got carried away with putting our prisoner in something new.”

“In any case, what you two did was very dangerous, reckless and almost ended up in the death of our kidnap victim. Do either of you disagree with this?” Both of the assistants shook their heads at this comment as they knew that trying to convince Madam Sǐwáng otherwise would be impossible. “Good. Now, I want to ensure that you two will think about how you place Cassandra in bondage for the remainder of her captivity and that there is going to be no physical danger to her in the future.”

“Kǒngbù, Kǎodǎ, if you want to convince me that your intentions were not to kill our prisoner, then you must swear on my life that you will not take any action that will cause Cassandra any physical damage from now on. If you do so, then I will let this incident pass.”

There was silence from the two ladies for a second, but this was broken by Kǎodǎ saying “I swear on your life that I will not take any action that will cause any physical damage to Cassandra, nor will I by inaction permit physical harm to come to her should anyone here put her in such a position.” A few seconds later, this was repeated by Kǒngbù and it was clear to Cassidy that the Madam had accepted their promises as her stance relaxed.

“Good, now that you two have given your word concerning this situation, the matter can be considered over. Now, seeing as time is moving on, I would like you to prepare meals for everyone and I will take Cassandra back to her room so that she can rest and eat, before her getting changed so that she can be placed in her final restraints of the night.”

As the girls walked away so that they could enter the office part of the building, Madam Sǐwáng set about untying the other end of the rope that was wound around Cassidy’s neck and it only took a few seconds for the cord to be freed from the middle of the bamboo pole. “That should top you form being strangled while I release your from the rest of this death trap.” Madam Sǐwáng said in a quiet voice. “I will talk with you about this, once you are in the changing room and have rested for a little while.”

Even though you have told your assistants that the matter is over, you still want to discuss the incident with me, which indicates that you are not happy with what has happened. Once Madam Sǐwáng removed the long rope that was bound to the captive’s wrists and elbows, the lady was able to move her body up without any risk of being strangled by the rope around her neck. However, Cassidy discovered that she could only lift her torso up only so far, before the rope between her legs pressed deep into her most sensitive flesh and this caused her to emit a long moan of pleasure as she felt just how intense the area was between her legs. This sensation lessened a little as the other end of the crotch rope was untied from the column, which also allowed the kidnap victim to stand upright.

“It is time to remove that horrible pole from between your legs as you must be fed up with being forced into such an obscene and open position.” Madam said as she started to untie the cord that restrained Cassidy’s right ankle to the pole and this allowed the captive to put her legs together while her left ankle was freed from the length of bamboo. As the leader went retrieved the blue bag with the rope in, Cassidy remained in place as she didn’t want to do anything that would cause her kidnapper to become angry with her in any way. When Madam Sǐwáng returned, she took two lengths of blue rope out from the bag before coiling up the other free ropes which were placed inside the bag.

I think that my legs are to be bound together for my journey back to the changing room. As the captive looked down, Madam Sǐwáng was already wrapping the first of the two ropes around the prisoner’s ankles and it was taken around her legs ten times before four cinches were applied, which tightened the rope so that it gripped against her boots. Once the ends of the first rope were knotted together, the second was looped around her knees about eight times and four cinches were used to ensure that the rope would hold fast.

“That should hold your legs together for your trip back to the changing room.” The leader said as she walked around to behind to back of the bound lady. “Now, if you would be so good as to bend your knees a little, I can add the final preparation for the journey back.”

Cassidy responded without thinking about the order as she had become accustomed to obeying Madam Sǐwáng, and even the feeding of rope between her lower arms didn’t give her any cause for concern. I doubt that this is going to alter what is happening to me in any way- AAAAAH! There was a loud cry from the gagged lips of the prisoner when she realised what was happening to her, as the crotch rope pressed hard against her flesh while the other end was knotted off at her ankles.

“That is good, as you are ready to follow me.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she walked around to the front of the defenceless damsel, before picking up the end of the rope that was bound to the captive’s neck and tugging on it like a leash. “Follow me.”

 Oh please no, not like this. Although the prisoner wondered about putting on an act of defiance, the feeling inside her suggested that her captor would make good use of the present situation, so she straightened up before making a single hop forward. Cassidy couldn’t help but scream as the rope pressed deep into her intimacy and as hop followed hop her cries increased in volume as the only thing she could think was the erotic torture that was being inflicted on her. By the time she entered the changing room, the raging inferno that burned between her legs consumed all of her attention, as she need the release that could only be provided by an explosion of ecstasy.

“I am going to leave you for a little while and I will return with your meal.” Madam said as she placed her right hand on the door handle.

Oh no, please, you must do something about the flame that is raging within me. I don’t think that I can take this torment any longer. As the helpless woman stood there in the her sensual torture, she decided that she had no choice but to beg and plead as much as she could in the hope that the Madam would give her what she needed.

“Cass, I am sorry, but I told you that I promised not to lay a hand on any personal part of your body, and I will not act in defiance of that.” This response created such a feeling of despair in the helpless woman because she was unable to do anything about relieving her condition, that she started to cry with the tears running down her face. “Please Cass, I promised that I wouldn’t touch you in those places and I have to keep to that. If there was any other way that I could help you then I would.”

There is a way, but you must have forgotten about it. I can’t speak to you with this gag in my mouth, so the only way I can get this message across is to show you. Cassidy shuffled around on the spot as fast as she could, given the limits that her restraints placed on her and she did her best to slap her bottom with her hands to get the message across to her captor.

Madam Sǐwáng looked puzzled for a moment as she observed Cassidy’s behaviour, but after a few seconds the woman smiled as she realised what her prisoner was trying to communicate to her. “I remember, that is what was happening in the room with my assistants. Are you sure that you want me to do this to you?”

There was a furious nodding from the woman in bondage as her tears halted and she hopped over to the right side of the chair in hope that her captor would help her in her need. Yes, I need this so much. Please help me!

“Okay, I will do this for you.” The kidnapper said as she sat down on the chair and the helpless captive found herself lying across the lap of the Madam who was pressing her right hand down against the prisoner’s back. As the captor started to spank the helpless lady with her right hand, the restrained woman cried out in pleasure as each jolt to her body took her one step closer to the ecstatic release that she would receive...

Cassidy was still in a state of reverie which meant that she was just about aware of the crotch rope being removed from her body and she was sitting on the lap of her captor who was cuddling her and placing sweet kisses on her face and neck. This situation continued until Kǎodǎ came in with a large plate of sweet and sour chicken along with a bottle of water which was handed to the Madam who put it to one side before removing the large gag. Once the two women were alone again, Madam Sǐwáng picked up the plate, but before she started to feed her captive she asked a question.

“Did my assistants try to kill you?”

I’m going to have to tell them the truth about what happened, and I am sure that you may have further questions, so it would be better for me to volunteer further information first. “Yes, Kǒngbù told me herself that the idea was for me to end up being strangled by the cord around my neck once I lost my hold on the other rope. I think that they have noticed how you have been behaving towards me and they are terrified that this means that your feelings towards me will mean that you don’t love them anymore.”

“Cass, that is crazy. These are two grown women, although they have not long become adults, and that is no way for a woman to behave.”

“Madam Sǐwáng, physically they are adults, but underneath they are the same frightened and emotionally scarred children that you rescued. This is something that you have to remember, as they must have reverted to that point in their lives.”

“Maybe having them help me with this was a bad idea, but I never expected it to turn out the way that it has. At least they have given their word on my life not to hurt you and they would rather die than break this promise, so you are safe from them. Anyway, at least I understand why they have behaved the way that they did and maybe we should just enjoy the meal.”

As the two women shared the meal, any conversation consisted of small talk and there were sweet little kisses interspersed between bites of food along with the occasional drink of water. It felt to Cassidy that the meal was finished all too soon as she was fed the last little morsel from the plate and she enjoyed a luxurious kiss from her captor who placed her in a standing position before rising from the chair.

“I am going take the plate and bottle to the kitchen and I will be returning with your next costume and I do hope that you will enjoy it, as I have often fantasised about seeing you in it. When I bring it in, you will be freed so that you can take a break before changing your outfits and I will head towards the other rooms so that I can change into my new costume, which I hope you will like.” After the Madam spoke, she left with the plate and bottle and returned a few minutes later with a large white bag which was put by the chair, before giving the helpless lady a gentle cuddle which was accompanied by a long and very sensual kiss.

It took a few minutes for Madam Sǐwáng to remove all of the ropes that restrained the captive, but once this was done Cassidy was free to take a break in the toilet before returning to the changing room, while Madam Sǐwáng left to get changed. Once the woman had removed the bikini, boots and gloves, she put on the new outfit that Madam Sǐwáng had left for her. This is a very sexy outfit, and I am not surprised that she wants me to wear it. The patent black stiletto shoes were complemented by the black fishnet hose that covered her legs, and her body was covered by a black satin strapless body. This was added to by the imitation shirt cuffs around her wrists along with the collar/bow tie arrangement around her neck and the white fluffy tail on her bottom fitted in with the floppy rabbit ears which were attached to her head by a band. So, I’m to end up as a bunny girl in bondage...

(To Be Continued.)

Monday, 2 March 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 19

As the cycle of tickling and ecstasy continued, the screaming Petra lost count of how many times that her body had been brought to bliss and she was even unable to think about how long ago that point had been reached. However, the one thing that she was aware of was how her body seemed to be drained of energy after each moment of ecstasy, as each orgasm took longer to occur and she no longer had the strength to stop herself slumping forward in the stocks. Both women were begging for mercy in between the times when they were consumed by pleasure and each time that they reached the peak of bliss added to the discomfort that they felt which made it an additional torment to her bodies. After one more orgasm, the exhausted Petra made frantic but weak pulls against the stocks that held her in place, as her mind was filled with the thought that she would soon collapse into a state of unconsciousness.

Oh no, please don’t force me to go through any more, as I don’t have anything left in me. This thought went through the mind of the helpless lady in a coherent manner after another orgasm, before she realised that she was able to put this together without her cries and struggles. You’ve stopped tickling us, which is such a relief as I thought that I was going to pass out before much longer, had you continued with our torment. I hope that you don’t plan to torture us in any other way at the moment, as our poor bodies won’t be able to take much more torment.

“Okay slaves, you will be allowed to have a rest so that you may recover some of your strength, before I prepare you so that both of you can provide me with some special entertainment.”

Oh no, that must mean that you are going to make us suffer all over again!

“Take that look off your faces, as I don’t plan on doing anything to you until it is just before bedtime. In fact, you two will be doing something gentle to provide me with pleasure, so there is nothing to worry about. Just relax for the time being.”

Thank goodness for that, the last thing Diana and I need is to be made any weaker by having to do any more of something like this and I’m not sure that I can even stand up at the moment. Seeing as there was nothing else to do for the time being, Petra attempted to get as comfortable as possible given the restrictions and restraints of her current predicament, and she did manage to get some rest as she sat in her awkward position. One thing that the captive noticed was that she could feel the sensation of sweat over her skin and she wondered just how bad she and Diana were affected in this way. We may end up needing to be washed, or cleaned off in some other way if we are too sweaty. Owing to the fact that the woman was drained from her incredible ordeal, it didn’t take long for her to feel drowsy before she went into a fitful doze while still in the stocks...

There was a squeal from the gagged mouth of the helpless lady as she felt a pain in her breasts which roused her from her state of rest and there was a second cry as her nipples were pinched again. “Wakey wakey, my lovely slaves. I think that you two should have had a nice little rest by now and if I wait much longer, I may not end up getting much fun out of this evening.”

I would have thought that you would have had plenty of fun when you were tormenting both of us with our flogging and the forced orgasms torture that followed.

“It is time for a change of bonds for my wonderful captives, so I trust that neither of you are going to put up a fight while I am doing this. You need to make sure that your eyes are closed first, because I am removing the blindfolds.”

Put up a fight? I doubt that either of us would be able to do this in our current condition and it would be hard enough for me to even stay on my feet. A few seconds later, Petra made sure that her eyes were shut as she felt fumbling at the back of her head and once the straps were unbuckled, the blindfold was removed from over her eyes which allowed her to see. The first thing that the captive noticed was how much sweat was covering her body and as she looked to her left, her fellow prisoner who was having her blindfold removed was much the same condition.

“You two do need to be cleaned up after your little adventure, but this will have to wait for a moment as both of you will need to go somewhere else first.” Both of the blindfolds were put on the top of the bedside table by the mistress, who left the room for a few minutes before she returned, carrying a new black bag in her right hand. “I think that my slave Diana should have her bonds changed first and then I can deal with you, Petra.”

Kendra carried the bag over to the stocks, were it was deposited in front of the defenceless Diana and a special hexagonal key was pulled out before a pair of leather cuffs were retrieved. The outer part of the cuff was black, which contrasted with the inside that appeared to be made of a soft white material and there was a large steel D-ring protruding out from the black leather. As one of the cuffs was wrapped around the right wrist of the helpless niece, Petra noticed that the strap was fed under what appeared to be a small circular disc with a hexagonal hole and once the cuff gripped against the captive’s skin, Kendra inserted the key into the hole before turning the disc around one hundred and eighty degrees.

“This locks the cuff into place and unless the captive has the right key, it is going to stay there.” The mistress said as she placed the second of the two cuffs around Diana’s left wrist and it only took a turn of the key to secure it into place, once the strap was tightened.  A second pair of cuffs was selected by Kendra, which were a little larger than the first set and these were strapped around the forearms of the prisoner, just below the elbows. “There are sets for the upper arms as well, but I don’t plan on using them tonight, so they are staying in the bag.” Another two pairs of cuffs were taken out of the bag by the captor and the first set were locked around the niece’s ankles, while the second pair were fastened around her legs just below her knees.

“It’s your turn now, my sweet slave Petra. As you can see, these bonds do not hurt Diana in any way, so there should be no problem with you wearing them.” Kendra picked up the bag and moved across so that she was in front of her other prisoner before putting the bag down so that she could take hold of a pair of cuffs. The first one was looped around Petra’s right wrist and even though it pressed hard against her skin, she felt no discomfort as Kendra used the key to lock it into place. This was followed by the securing of the second cuff around her left wrist and the captor chose another set which were locked just below the elbows of the helpless Petra.

They don’t hurt when you put them on me, but I have no doubt that this is only a part of the bondage that you have in store for us. Two more pairs of cuffs were picked up out of the bag by the captor and these were applied to the legs of the prisoner, at her ankles and just below her knees. you’ll probably finish binding your niece before completing my restraints, so that I will be able to see what is going to happen to me. Once the leather bonds were double-checked by the mistress, the woman picked up the bag which was carried around to behind the two captives, where it was placed on the floor between the couple of seated prisoners.

“Diana, there is to be no struggling from you, unless you want your bottom to feel the full force of my paddle.” Kendra said as she walked around to the front of the stocks where the defenceless niece had her limbs restrained and the top bolt was pulled back, before the upper section of wood was lifted up which freed the prisoner’s arms. “Place your arms together behind your back and keep them there, slave.” As Diana followed the instructions of her captor, Petra noticed that the D-rings of the cuffs were on the inner sides of the arms, just like the way that her own bonds had been fastened. It was only a second or so later when the mistress returned to behind her niece and she took out two large padlocks, two small padlocks and two long chains from the bag. Even though it wasn’t easy to see from her angle, Petra just about managed to see that the padlocks had the same hexagonal hole that was on the cuffs, which meant that the same key could be used on all of the restraints.

That is a very clever idea, as one key can lock and unlock everything and it is simple to use and the key should be unbreakable. although the padlocks and cuffs would not be cheap, even a basic hex key should fit so getting spares is not going to be a problem. Having one key fitting all of the restraints is also very important as the captor can free a person from bondage at a very fast rate.

As the helpless woman looked over her left shoulder, she watched as Kendra brought the hands of the niece together, so that she could loop the shank of one of the large padlocks around the two D-rings that stuck out from the wrist cuffs of the prisoner. It only took one press by the captor, to push the shackle down into the body of the lock so that it clicked into place, which meant that Diana’s wrists were secured together behind her back. The shackle of the second large padlock was threaded through the protruding rings of the cuffs just under Diana’s elbows and there was a sigh from the captive as her arms were locked together, as if she was enjoying the experience

Petra discovered that watching the niece being bound in a different way was making her feel excited, but it was more of a sensual feeling rather than becoming aroused by what was happening. Maybe it’s because of what Kendra has done to us with the brushing of our feet and we might be exhausted in that respect. This might not be a bad thing, as I would really like some rest before I have to go through anything like that again. Why do you need the chains? After all, her arms are secured enough with the cuffs.

One of the two chains was unravelled by Kendra who fed one end through the padlock at the wrists of the helpless lady before it was taken around her body, just above the hips and it was threaded through the shank for a second time as the chain was looped around Diana again. The chain was pulled tight so that the links pressed into the flesh of the helpless lady and one of the small padlocks connected the ends of the chain together, so that she was further restrained with her hands forced against her bottom. It took more time for the second chain to be threaded through the shank of the padlock that bound Diana’s elbows together because of its length and the first two loops went above the breasts of the captive with the next two going below. There were two more loops applied to the prisoner’s body and they went over her breasts, one winding going just above her nipples while the other one went just below and as the chain was pulled tight, Diana emitted a little squeal as the links were forced into the sensitive skin of her breasts, with Kendra securing the chain with the second small padlock.

“All nice and bound, and it should be no problem to secure your legs together with two more padlocks.” Kendra said as she retrieved another set of large padlocks from the bag and once she had moved around to the front of the stocks, she drew back the bolt on the second section on wood before lifting it off the device. Once Diana’s legs were free from the stocks, she placed her ankles together on top of the lower part of the equipment and it took just a couple of seconds for her legs to be bound at the ankles by one of the padlocks before the second set of cuffs were locked together as well.

“You look so delicious like this, my sexy slave, but it is Petra’s turn to be placed in her new bondage. Petra put your arms around your back once your hands are free.” While the mistress spoke, she unbolted the top section of the stocks before lifting this part out and Petra took her arms around to behind her back, placing her hands so that they were next to each other. As her mistress went around her, Petra remained facing forward because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to see what was going to happen next and she had already seen how she was going to be bound. “There should be no surprises for you as I put you in your new restraints, so I expect there to be no struggling from you.”

There was nothing the helpless lady could do but remain still, as her arms were locked into place at her wrists along with just below her elbows and she felt a sensual tingle run down her spine as her arms were bound to her body with the two lengths of chain. She made no attempt to escape as the second part of the stocks was lifted up so that her feet were no longer restrained by the device and she put her legs together so that her ankles and lower legs could be secured together with another pair of padlocks.

“Oh my, you two look so wonderful and there is something special about seeing a woman restrained in leather and steel like this. In ropes, you two were just bondage captives, but now I have what appear to be a pair of genuine sex slaves in appropriate restraints.” While Kendra was talking, Petra glanced to her left and she noticed that Diana was starting to blush in response to her aunt’s comments.

“However, seeing as time is moving on, I have to take care of something before further entertainment, or even getting you cleaned up as you two have to be standing on your feet first.” Petra’s feet were lifted up by Kendra so that the captive was turned around to her right, before she ended up facing in the opposite direction and her feet were put on the floor. Diana was rotated in place anticlockwise in the same manner, so that she was facing in the same direction and Kendra pulled out two chain leashes out of the bag, with one being attached to the collars of each of the slaves. “This is just marvellous as we had only used basic restraints before and never anything of this level of sophistication. I am really going to enjoy having you two as my slaves. Now it is time for my slaves to stand up.”

As the two slaves did so, Petra noticed that there was something different as there had never been any extra sound when she had moved around in rope bondage, but this time she heard clinking sounds which were due to the metal parts of the restraints knocking each other. We really are cuffed and chained slaves now and the way that Kendra was speaking suggests that this is a novel experience for Diana as well as myself. Plus Diana won’t have had a companion in bondage before either.

“Follow me slaves, as there is something important to carry out before you two can have that sweat washed off you.” Kendra tugged on the leashes which was the signal for the two captives to hop after her, making the little clanking noises which were generated by their bonds. When the ladies left the bedroom, Petra noticed that the same blue decor style was in the hallway as well.

Where are we going? After all surely you must be taking us to the bathroom, but it was on our right as we just passed it. Oh no, it can’t be-. There was a door just ahead of the women and to the left of the captives there was a series of hooks in the wall which must have been used to hang coats on. Diana’s face was turning bright red as the end of her leash was looped around one of the hooks and Petra was starting to have a dreadful suspicion about what was going to happen next. This feeling was confirmed when Kendra opened the door and even though Petra had not seen this room before, she knew that she had been in here several times already.

It’s the toilet! OMG, you can’t be planning on forcing me to go in there like this, as my arms are bound! There was a squeal of protest from the helpless woman at the idea of entering the toilet, but this was answered by a harsh tug on her leash which almost pulled her off-balance.

“You are a chained slave, Petra and you will follow my instructions. That is unless you want me to use my paddle to turn your bottom into a bright shade of red and stop when you decide to be compliant.”

But I can’t do anything, look my hands are cuffed together behind my back! Petra turned around so that she could show her struggling bound arms to her mistress in order to show that she was helpless, but this just earned her another tug on the leash.

“Yes, you are bound and as a slave in bondage you are to remain that way until your bonds are changed. As your Mistress, I am responsible for everything concerning you from now on. So get into the toilet.”

Realising that there was nothing else that she could do, the captive Petra hopped into the toilet...

(To Be Continued.)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 29

“Seeing as the weather is good for the next two days, the gazebo can stay up and the chairs and tables can remain under it.” Mistress Isabella said as she started to untie the ropes that kept Collette in a state of helplessness. “Selma can remove any bondage items from the cart before she puts the items back on it and I will be helping her as soon as I have freed our very French Maid.” As Selma rose to help put the items away, Megumi was starting to rouse from her reverie and the helpless woman had a worried look on her face when she noticed the untying of the other maid. It was obvious to the Japanese captive that she would soon be watching Collette make love to Cecyme again and it was clear that even the thought of this was having a major effect on the kneeling prisoner.

It was fortunate for the stimulated damsel that her Mistress was paying attention to the situation and the woman in charged smiled as she continued to unravel the restraints that bound Collette. “Gentlemen, it would not be right for Megumi to be punished anymore, so would you three please be so kind as to take the captive inside so that she can be provided with some very intense personal loving. Even though she can only murmur, I doubt that our helpless lady would have anything to say against the idea.” The three men rose from their chairs and stood before the defenceless lady and she stared at the trio with a look of adoration along with what could only be described as pure lust. There was a very muffled squeal from the lady as she was surrounded by the men who lifted her up from the ground and she trembled in anticipation of what was to happen to her when she was carried away.

It is good that you are going to be occupied indoors while I am remaining out here, as it would be really unfair for you to have to suffer while Collette has her fun with me.

“If that torment is carried on for too long, Megumi can really suffer as a result.” Mistress Isabella said as she worked on removing the remainder of Collette’s bonds. “Once, I had Alicia in tight bondage on her bed and Megumi was forced to watch for a long time. Once I had finished making love to Alicia, I went over to Megumi who was emitting silent screams into her gag, but even after I made love to her she was still crying, so I realised that if it was too prolonged then it could have a negative effect on her psyche. In Megumi’s distressed condition, it took her several days for her to recovery sufficiently before she was able to get involved in playing any bondage games, so Alicia decided that I was to be punished in a way that was fitting to the situation. One afternoon, I was stripped, bound and gagged by Megumi and teased until I was almost at the point of orgasm. Instead of being allowed my release, however, I was kept in a state of denial for the next eight hours so that I could appreciate what I had done to the poor maid.”

Collette’s hands were freed which meant that the last rope had been untied from her body and she stretched out with her limbs along with performing little exercises, so that she could loosen her muscles as she had been restrained for a while. “Collette, Cecyme is all yours for a while, so make the most of this time with her. There are going to be future weekends that you can enjoy with our captive mistress, so there is no need to be in a hurry, plus it will be some time before the cooking in the fire pit will be ready.”

“I understand, Mistress.” Collette said as she stood up and she set herself to the task of coiling up the used ropes and sorting out the rest of the bondage equipment while the two other ladies completed the task of packing everything away, except for two large bottles of water along with straws and a few paper cups.

“This should save you from running back to the house if you need anything to drink, as it is still very warm at the moment.” The Mistress said as she finished placing the last of the items on the cart and a handle was pulled out by Selma who started to pull the trolley away as Isabella walked along side her left. “Have fun you two and don’t use any exotic devices to torture our helpless prisoner.” The lady in charge said which was followed by a laugh from her and this was accompanied by a series of giggles from the two maids, which made it seem as if they all knew a secret joke that Cecyme was ignorant of.

“Do not concern yourself about it, as this has been a rather silly joke for some time so it is nothing for you to worry about.” The red haired lady lifted the captive up into a kneeling position before she unbuckled the two straps of the ball gag that were connected together under the chin of the defenceless woman. “When this gag is removed, remember to keep your mouth wide open and do not speak unless you want a very uncomfortable gag to be used on you.”

I don’t think that you would want to do that, but I shouldn’t behave in such a way as to force you to take such an action. After the two main straps were unbuckled from each other, Cecyme opened her mouth as wide as possible so that the large ball could be pulled out from between her teeth and her present captor tore a piece of kitchen towel off a roll so that the drool could be cleaned up. Collette placed the gag which was wrapped up in kitchen towel in one of the bags and she brought out a new harness gag, which had a large metal ring at the centre of the straps instead of a rubber ball. This is going to be different as it looks as though it is designed to keep my mouth open. The ring was placed between the teeth of the defenceless lady by the captor, who took the two largest straps around to the back of the prisoner’s neck where they were fastened together to the tightest notch possible. Next, the top strap was taken over the head of the captive so that the end could be connected in the same place as the other two straps and the small straps were buckled together under the chin of the kneeling lady, which completed the attaching of the new gag.

“There you are, I just thought that I would put this on you before I alter the rest of your bondage. Straps and armbinders are all very well, but I really like the look of rope on my helpless prisoner and I also like them to be as bare as possible. Do not give me any trouble while I do this, unless you want to end up in something that is very torturous to say the least. Do you understand?”

I think that this is more for me to get used to the idea of being under control rather than the threat of punishment, but in the future I may want to misbehave a little, just to see what you will do to me. There was a single slow nod from the helpless Cecyme to indicate that she comprehended what Collette had said and the restrained lady was positioned onto her right side. First, the captor pulled the back of the shoe off the heel of the left foot of the helpless woman in a gentle manner, before turning it so that it came away from the lady’s toes. It only took a moment for the buckle of the thigh and ankle strap to be unfastened by the captor and Cecyme took advantage of this temporary freedom to stretch out her left leg. Collette coiled up the strap which was put to one side and took hold of the top of the stocking, which was rolled down the leg of the captive until it was removed from her toes.

After the lady placed the stocking inside the shoe, she selected a long piece of rope which she double stranded and she bent Cecyme’s leg at the knee so that her bare heel pressed against her bottom. The looped end was taken around the right thigh and ankle of the helpless woman and the free ends were threaded through the loop so that the winding could be pulled tight. Two more doubled loops were wound around the left leg of the captive before two cinches were tightened between the ankle and thigh so that the cord would be secured in place. This was repeated half way down the thigh of the defenceless woman with the same rope and a third set of loops were applied just above the knee which created quite an ornate frogtie. Cecyme was rolled over onto her left side, her right shoe was removed, the strap was unbuckled and the stocking was rolled off her leg before another length of rope was used to bind her right leg in the same manner as her left.

After the shoes, stockings and bonds had been put to one side by the maid, she placed the captive Cecyme onto her knees before going around to her back and kneeling so that she was facing the prisoner.“It is time to sort out those arms of yours. I think that you know better than to cause me any trouble while I change your bonds and even if your try, your legs are sufficiently hampered to ensure that the only result for you will be failure.” First of all, Collette removed the strap from the waist of the helpless lady and this was followed by the two belts which restrained the captive at her chest, above and below her breasts. Once these were rolled up so that they could be put to one side, the maid unbuckled the straps that went around the wrists and elbows of the helpless woman which left the strips of leather hanging from the armbinder. It took a few minutes for the laces of the restraint to be loosened, but once this was completed, Collette disconnected the over the shoulder straps which allowed the device to be pulled away from the arms of the kneeling prisoner.

It feels so good to have my arms free, even if it is just for a moment, but I know that this is only a very temporary situation as you are going to bind me in ropes.

“Put your hands together in front of you with your arms stretched out.” Collette picked up the straps along with the armbinder, which were put with the other objects that were removed from the damsel and she selected a long rope before kneeling in front of the lady in bondage. The rope was double-stranded while Cecyme complied by placing her hands together in front of her and the looped end was taken around her wrists, with the free ends threaded through the loop so that a Lark’s head was created. There were nine more winds around the wrists of the captive, which were followed by four loops between her wrists and when these were tightened, they caused the rope around her wrists to give a strong grip. Collette threaded the free ends of the rope around one of the secure wrist ropes, pulled the rest of the cord through and Cecyme noticed that only half of the material had been used in binding her wrists.

“Now, stretch out your arms above your head and lean your head forward.”

This makes it obvious why you have only bound my wrists with half of the rope and if I am correct I am going to end up with my head forced forward for a while. Cecyme lifted her hands up so that they were above her head, with her arms stretched out so that they were straight up and she bowed her head forward so that it was no longer between her upper arms. Collette rose up from her kneeling position so that she could walk around to behind the helpless lady and a moment later the captive felt her elbows being pulled together. The kneeling woman felt the rope being wound around her forearms, just short of her elbows and the following cinches that were looped and tightened caused her elbows to almost touch. I’m going to be stuck like this until you free me from this particular bondage.

“That’s good, but your arms are going to tire after a short while like this, so I will provide some support so that your head will not be made to go further forward which could be most uncomfortable.” Another long rope was chosen by the maid who secured one end to the wrists of the helpless lady and the free end was taken around a metal cross section which supported the roof of the gazebo. A few seconds later, the hands of the captive went up a little higher as her wrists were pulled up by the rope and the other end was bound to her wrists, so that her arms would remain in position.

It’s good that you have done this to my arms, as they would start to press on my head before long if they weren’t being held up by the rope.

“Now that you are tied up, I will remove a few items of clothing so that I am ready for providing us with some entertainment.” Collette sat down on the ground with her legs out straight in front of the restrained Cecyme and the red head first removed her right shoe before following it with her left. These were put down by Collette at her right side and she took hold of the top of her right stocking, which was slid down to her ankle before she pulled it away from her feet. This was followed by her left stocking just a few seconds later and the maid placed the stockings into her shoes, before putting her shoes next to those of the naked captive. “It feels so good to be able to walk on the ground with my bare feet.” Collette said as she stood there for a few moments, while she pressed her toes against the grass and she walked a few times around the prisoner who attempted observe her captor’s movements.

 “It is so good to have you completely at my mercy like this and I am going to enjoy my session with you. With any luck, I might get to let you have a nice little taste of my talents before Mistress Isabella returns for you.” As the maid spoke, she finished her circling of the helpless lady by kneeling behind the captive who shivered a little as an exhaled breath went down her spine which caused her body to tingle. “My aunt Chloe already knew about my love of bondage and that I had suspicions concerning the relationship between Alicia and Mistress Isabella, so she asked me if I wanted to work as a maid for them.” Collette continued her gentle breathing over the back of the helpless woman which was causing goose bumps to appear, while the maid started to caress the shoulders and neck of the defenceless woman. “I said yes without hesitation and I was willing to work straight away, but my mother made one special condition. She knew of a lady who may be able to teach me certain skills and if I managed to learn them, my aunt would recommend me to her employer. However, I was told that it wouldn’t be easy as I would experience what these skills do to a person as well as being taught how to apply them to someone in bondage.”

“I still agreed, so I was taken to meet this woman who was a special kind of dominatrix and I was to spend a month with her, learning all of her skills. When I arrived at her house, I was surprised as there was no dungeon and the only items for restraint were ropes. She did have a few special gags along with sleep masks, but otherwise all she had was rope.” There was a soft moan from Cecyme as gentle kisses were planted along her spine from top to bottom and the captive started to writhe in her bonds as the caress continued. “On my first day, I was ordered to remove my clothes before she tied me up in her living room and I was shown just how effective she was at making a person feel pain and pleasure from the bondage they were in, or from her using her own body instead of equipment.”

“The lady showed me how to apply pain and pleasure from using ropes, arms, legs, toes, fingers and even my tongue or teeth. Once she was satisfied that I was skilled enough in her special arts, I was handed back over to my aunt who contacted Alicia and recommended that I replace Chloe at the mansion. Hopefully, I will provide you with much pleasure this afternoon, and even the pain should prove useful in increasing the level of your ecstasy.”

There was a louder moan from the helpless woman as certain points were kissed on her back and it felt as if the flame of her lust was starting to grow at the top of her legs. The way that I feel now already suggest to me that you do not need any extra equipment to tease or torture me while I am totally at your mercy. I just hope that you aren’t too cruel with me…

(To Be Continued)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 29

Seeing as Cassidy had no means of telling just how much time had passed since she had been made to fall over, she wasn’t able to work out how long it would be before the lead kidnapper would return. The two assistants were revelling in the torment that they were inflicting on the helpless lady and the captive knew that it would only be brought to an end when Madam Sǐwáng entered the warehouse area. You only said that you would be gone for a little while, but it seems like you have been away for hours while I have suffered at the hands of you assistants who regard themselves as your daughters.

“Kǒngbù, I doubt that we have long before our Mistress returns and when that happens we will have lost control over how we can torture this whore.”

“In that case, we should make the most of our remaining time and put this slut into something really horrible. Just listen to this idea.” Cassidy tried to get her best view of what the two sisters were doing, but her restrictions allowed her to just get the merest glimpse of Kǒngbù whispering in Kǎodǎ’s right ear, with the words being inaudible.

How can you make things worse for me than they already are? I would have thought that you two have taken this as far as it can go, but by now I should know better than to make such an assumption about what is going to happen to me. A sigh escaped the gagged lips of the helpless woman as the tension of the crotch rope decreased when it was untied from the vertical rope, but this did little to lessen the flame that was burning between her legs. There was more relief for the defenceless lady as she felt hands going over hers and the torments in her shoulders, hips and knees were reduced to a dull ache as the rope from the pole was untied from around her wrists. Although the captive knew that this period of relative comfort was only going to be temporary, she straightened her legs out as best she could, seeing as her feet were still wide apart.

“Kǎodǎ, I think that the arms of our captive need to be placed in a different position for the remainder of her time like this, which will fit into my plan.”

I knew that this moment was too good to be true and it was only so that you can make my life miserable again. I don’t know how you can put my arms in an even worse position though, as this has been as bad as that reverse prayer that I had to endure this morning. As Cassidy lay there on the floor, a pair of hands held her own hands in a harsh grip, while the cord that forced her wrists together were untied and this was followed by the rope that bound her elbows in place. Any chance of the woman being able to fight for her freedom disappeared in an instant, as her arms were pulled around to behind her back with her palms being placed together, while one of the captors still held her hands. One of the ropes was looped around her wrists a number of times with cinches added, so that it would grip tight with the material biting into her skin and the knot was tied in a place that was out of the reach of the captive’s fingers. Her elbows were pulled close together before the second rope was wrapped multiple times around the top of her forearms and the loops between her arms forced her elbows to touch, with her lower arms becoming parallel to each other.

Why have you bound my arms like this if you are planning something worse for me? After all, this is just like the way that my arms were bound when Madam Sǐwáng had me become her captive superheroine and that was uncomfortable but it was hardly a torture.

“Kǒngbù, we need to get our helpless victim onto her feet to prepare her for the next part of her horrible torment.” Kǎodǎ said and the prone Cassidy was gripped around her arms and body, before she was lifted up so that she was able to stand on her feet with her back to the post that her crotch rope had been bound to. As the prisoner looked up and stared ahead, she could see Kǎodǎ threading a very long blue rope through the bottom ring of the pillar in front of her.

I wonder how that will be used on me, but you have already made me walk along with a rope between my legs pressing against me, so I can’t see how this could be made any worse- OMG, what’s that? A moan escaped from the helpless lady’s gagged lips as the crotch rope rubbed against the most intimate part of her body and she looked over her right shoulder so that she could see what was happening to her. What the captive saw came as a shock, as Kǒngbù had threaded the end of the long rope that was hanging from the top ring through the bottom ring and it was bound to the end of the crotch rope. As the captor pulled on the other end of the long rope, Cassidy felt the pressure grow between her legs and to her horror, she had to lean her body forward as her bottom was pulled away from the vertical so that she could maintain her balance. However, once the helpless woman had done this there was an increase in the pull on the crotch rope, which that she had to bend over even more and the lady knew that if she stood upright, the result would be that she would fall over onto her back.

When the lady turned her head to the right in the hope of catching a glimpse of what was occurring behind her, she saw Kǒngbù tying the long rope tight which meant that the suffering captive was stuck in this position. It was impossible for Cassidy to remain still in her new stance and each little movement altered the pressure of the rope between her legs, which sent shocks through the most sensitive part of her body. It seemed that every exhale of the woman’s breath came out as a moan as her body experienced a continual teasing from the situation that she found herself in and she hoped that this would be all that was going to happen to her. Any hopes that the prisoner had disappeared when she was approached by Kǎodǎ, who was carrying the two ends of the long rope and she started to make muffled begging sounds as one end was tied to the cord that bound her elbows together.

“You are right about doing this to the woman who would steal our Mistress’s love away from us, Kǒngbù and we shall teach her just how bad an idea this is.”

There was a scream from the defenceless Cassidy as her hands were lifted a little way up into the air and when she turned her head around, she could just get a glimpse of Kǎodǎ looping the other end of the rope around her wrist bondage. Oh please, not again! As the assistant pulled harder on the free end of the rope, Cassidy was forced to bend over until her body was parallel to the floor, but this didn’t end there with her hands pulled further up into the air. There came a point where the arms of the helpless woman were almost vertical, which put a horrendous strain on her shoulder joints and she cried out in her torment when the rope was pulled tighter which forced her to bend over even more. When the free end of the rope was tied off, Cassidy’s head was a little closer to the floor than her waist was and her arms were off vertical with her hands above her head.

“This should be a superb strappado torture for our slut, Kǎodǎ.” Kǒngbù said as she retied the crotch rope, so that the pressure on the captive’s most sensitive area continued to be intense. “Any movement upwards that she makes will increase the pain in her arms and it will also cause the rope between her legs to rub against her body, which will create a double torment for her.”

I should have known better than to think that you couldn’t make the situation worse for me. It’s going to be impossible for me to keep absolutely still like this and every time that I try to move my body, it will just amplify the pain that I am already having to endure. It wasn’t long before the helpless woman discovered that she was unable to avoid moving and her involuntary actions were enough to increase the stress in her shoulders so that she shrieked in agony.

“It is such a lovely sight to see the helpless harlot torture herself, Kǒngbù and we should watch this for a while. After that I have an idea to make the situation of this useless woman even worse. Let me whisper it in your ear, so that we can keep it a secret from our slut.”

How can you- aaaah! Cassidy’s train of thought vanished in an instant as her body made another uncontrolled jerk and she cried out as pain shot through the joints of her shoulders. This also made the rope press against the area between her legs and the increased feeling there had a part to play in preventing her from keeping still. These little shocks in my hips are making me move against my will and creating a situation where pleasure is being used to inflict pain on me.

Each time Cassidy ended up moving in her bonds, she caused the lustful flame between her legs to grow and this is turn made her move more often so that she was caught in a form of torturous vicious circle. Before long, her world consisted of the intense desire and need for an erotic release, along with the horrific suffering that she was forced to endure as the spasms in her pelvic area forced her to move every half minute. Cassidy was either crying out in pain as her body jerked up a little, or she was moaning because of the fire of lust as the centre of her intimacy that needed to be quenched.

“Would you like us to untie the end of the rope that is looped around your wrists?” Kǎodǎ asked and Cassidy was so consumed by her current suffering that she nodded in response without thinking about how dangerous it was to answer a question like this from her two tormentors. “I will just prepare you before I untie the rope.”

There can be nothing worse than the torture that I am going through at the moment, so go ahead. The helpless woman closed her eyes and paid no attention to what was happening, until the feeling of rope around her neck alerted her to just how much danger she was going to be in. When the lady opened her eyes, she saw that the other end of the loose rope that was bound to the middle of the bamboo pole was being wrapped twice around her neck and she was in a state of terror as the loops were tightened, before a knot was tied at the front of her neck.

Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK, you’re going to kill me! If you untie the rope that goes around my wrists, my body will move up and the rope around my neck will strangle me! When Cassidy realised that she was in grave peril, she shook her head and started to beg though her gag in the hope that the two captors wouldn’t untie the rope to her wrists.

“Now it is time to untie that horrible rope that is keeping you all bent over, so that you can get some relief in your arms.” Kǎodǎ said as she stood upright and put her hands on the knot that held the rope fast around the wrists of the helpless woman who was becoming more frantic with every passing second.

Oh please no, don’t untie that knot, if you do this then I am going to die!.

“What is wrong, you useless slut, first you want this rope to be untied and now you want it to remain in place? You do not get to change your mind, so I am going to unravel this little piece of rope.” Despite the fact that the captor must have known what was going to happen when the rope was released, she started to untie the end while the horrified woman watched out of the corner of her eye. There was a scream from the captive when the last part of the knot was undone, as she expected her body to lift up, but she was very surprised when nothing happened. You are still holding onto the end of the rope so that my arms are still held in place, but this must be so that you can torture me a little more before you carry out my execution.

“Seeing as you appear to be unable to make your mind up about what you want, I think that it would be best if the matter was left in your own hands.” Kǎodǎ said and the fear stricken Cassidy felt rope being pressed against her clenched fists. “It would be a good idea for you to take hold of the rope before I let go of it, unless you would prefer something rather unfortunate to happen to you. The choice is yours, but I would advise you to make your decision very soon if you wish to keep breathing.”

As Cassidy took hold of the rope, she gripped it as though her very life depended on it and the woman had the terrible suspicion that this was the very situation that she was facing. You monsters! Instead of killing me yourselves, you have turned me into my own executioner as I doubt that I will be able to stay like this for much longer. Her worst fears about her predicament were confirmed when Kǒngbù whispered into her ear.

“Well slut, enjoy the rest of your life, which is going to be very short. If we decided to finish you off, then everyone would see it and we would be blamed by our moth- our Mistress. This way, it can be seen as a game that went too far and your death can be written off as an accident. Mistress will be all torn up about it, but we will be there to comfort her and make sure that all of her love goes to us in the future. I suspect that your arms already becoming weak and each spasm of your body will cause your grip to loosen or even release the rope.”

Just at this moment, Cassidy’s body jerked again due to the caress of the cord between her legs and a little length of rope slid between her fingers as she screamed in both agony and horror. Somehow, she managed not to let go of the rope altogether, but the loops around her throat became even tighter and it felt as if the cold hands of death were gripping around her neck. Oh God, all I have to do is have this happen just a few more times and I won’t even be able to breathe anymore. It’ll probably only take five minutes at the most for my life to end!

“We’ll enjoy watching your last struggles as you fight against the inevitability of your own demise and when it happens, we will pretend to go into a panic and run to our Mot- Mistress for help. Once she gets here, however, it will all be over for you as it will be too late to provide any kind of help.”

As Cassidy turned her head to the left, she watched on in despair as the two captors walked away from her, until they had travelled about fifteen feet where they turned around and they stood there laughing at the plight of the condemned prisoner. I thought that it would have been Madam Sǐwáng who was going to kill me, but it is you two that are behind it and in a way I am being made to bring an end to my own life. The feeling of horror and darkness were becoming so strong in her mind that she was wondering if it was easier just to let go of the rope so that she could put an end to this terrible insanity.

There was another involuntary movement of her body, with the improvised noose around her neck becoming tighter still as more rope escaped from her grasp and her piercing scream was accompanied by laughter from the two women who were enjoying her suffering. “That’s it slut, keep fighting against it.” Kǎodǎ said “You’ve got a lot of strength in those arms of yours.”

You are even pretending to the world that everything is okay, when you both know that I can’t hold onto this rope for much longer. I have no doubt that you two will take great joy in watching the life being choked out of me. After a few more minutes had passed, Cassidy body had moved up three more times as her arms continued to weaken and the cord was biting deep into her neck. This it is, I might as well close my eyes and wait for my life to end. Even if I don’t let go of the rope, I’m sure that the pressure of the rope will be enough to stop me from breathing, so there is no point in trying to hang on as it will be useless.

There was a long, despairing cry from the doomed woman as she felt her arms weaken further and she knew that it would be just a few seconds before her grip would loosen again, which would lead to her death...

(To Be Continued?)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 18

During the time that Petra roused from her post orgasmic rest, the twine that was used to immobilise her toes had been untied which allowed her to feet to move around and she looked on as Mistress Kendra removed a set of handcuffs from her helpless niece which were put back into the bag. “Now that the cuffs that locked my slave’s wrists to her ankles are gone, it is time for the prisoner to get on her feet, so that she can be prepared for the next part of the evening’s entertainment.” There was a fearful look on the kneeling slave’s face when she looked up at the woman who controlled her and it appeared to Petra as if this was something that she did not want to do.

Your aunt really seems to be putting you through something more than a little scary, but surely you are going to be helped onto your feet? As the sitting woman squirmed a little in the stocks, she was surprised to see the Mistress step away from the handcuffed woman, who was shaking her head as she pleaded through her gag. Mistress Kendra, your niece won’t be able to do this on her own, she’s going to fall over if she tries!

“Don’t be such a useless wimp about this, my slave, as you have managed to stand up from a kneeling position before. Should you refuse to follow my commands, I will be left with no choice but to provide a suitable act of encouragement to persuade you otherwise.” Mistress Kendra said as the tips of her fingers brushed over the handle of the paddle and the kneeling lady was almost transfixed in fear while she stared at her captor. “Are you going to get yourself off the ground, or am I going to have to change the colour of your bottom into a nice shade of red? It is up to you, but you are still going to end up obeying me before long.”

As Petra looked at the helpless lady, she could see that the niece was trembling as the cuffed woman looked down at her own folded legs and it appeared that the woman was concentrating on what she was about to do. There was a sudden movement from the kneeling lady, as she almost seemed to thrust herself into the air and it looked as if the helpless woman was managing to stand upright. This proved to be an illusion after a moment had passed, as there was a scream from the helpless niece as she started to topple to her right and the lady was able to somehow drop to the ground in a second, rather than fall all the way over onto her side.

You must have some fast relaxes, as I thought that you would have no choice but to hit the floor in a very bad way but even this must have been very uncomfortable for you.

However, one look at the stern face of the Mistress was all Petra needed to let her know that the captor was very displeased with the failure of the prisoner who was lying on the floor. “What is wrong with you tonight? We can both do this manoeuvre without any problem whatsoever and you somehow manage to make a mess of it. I remember just how you punished me for getting it wrong when I had to do this for the first time, so don’t expect me to be lenient in front of our new slave.” There was a squeal from the defenceless niece as she was rolled over until she was face down on the floor and the captive begged for mercy as she shook her head. All this proved to be futile as the Mistress took the paddle from her belt and there was a cry from the prisoner as the paddle was whacked across her unprotected posterior.

“You gave me six of the best when I failed and this is what you are going to get from me, which means that there are five more to go. Two” A second shriek escaped the lips of the captive as another blow impacted on her bottom and the lady squirmed on the carpet as her next four cries echoed the strikes that landed on her cheeks. “Now, I would suggest that you get yourself back on your knees and try again, unless you would prefer to have me deliver another half dozen whacks to that derriere of yours.” After the woman gave her lecture to the prisoner on the floor, she walked to one side of the room, which allowed Petra to get a view of the captive’s bottom and it was clear that her cheeks were redder than the rest of her body.

That was more than a little mean, just because your niece wasn’t able to stand up while in bondage, as I would have had no chance of being able to do that. The only thing that I would be able to do in that position is probably squirm about, so how on earth is she even going to get back on her knees?

As Petra looked on, the bound woman on the floor thrashed around for a few seconds before the wild movements of her body caused her to roll onto her right side. There was a short pause after which the niece brought her knees as close to her chest as possible and she moved her feet so that her heels almost pressed against the cheeks of her bottom with her toes in an en pointe position. Can you actually roll onto your knees? Using what flexibility remained in her arms which allowed her hands to  push against the floor, Diana started to rock her body from side to side which was needed for the act of getting back into the kneeling position. These movements were slow and small at first but they soon grew at each thrust of the captive’s hands, until one large push was enough to bring her to the angle at which she tipped onto her knees. Once this had happened she had to squirm her body for a second to keep her balance, so that it wouldn’t tip her over onto her left side which would mean that she would have to start all over again.

That position must be horrible on your ankle joints as your feet are already stretched out. It was impossible to ignore the pained look on the captive’s face which became more pronounced as she worked on bringing her right foot under her body and she had to lean a little to the left, which placed her at a precarious angle that made her look as if she was going to fall over. Diana did manage to move her foot so that they were resting on her toes and she tipped herself just enough over onto her right side, in order that the helpless woman could move her left foot around to underneath her leg.

“See how easily you can do that, my slave. When you stand upright, remember to take your time about it as that is the only safe way.” Kendra turned to look at Petra “My niece decided to try and stand up the quickest way which normally results in failure and that is why she had to be punished. Because you are new to all of this, the punishment that I inflicted on Diana was quite lenient and I held back during the blows so that you wouldn’t be upset.”

I’m just glad that you aren’t trying to make me do this as I would be falling over until dawn and I would end up with a very red bottom. There was a look of intense concentration on the face of the restrained woman as she squirmed a little in her bonds before she started to rock her body back and forth a few times. To Petra’s surprise, Diana managed to move herself back far enough so that the weight of her body was balanced so that she was resting on the toes of her feet. You must have practised this a lot of times to get it right. A moment later, the woman in the stocks was even more surprised as the niece appeared to push herself up from the arches of her feet and her heels made contact with the floor, while her body bent over further as the lady straightened her legs at an angle which maintained her balance. As Diana bought her body up at a slow rate in order not to lose her balance, she changed the angle of her legs to maintain her position so that in the end she was standing upright.

“That was very good, slave. I knew that you could do it and that you were just a little nervous because it was the first time in front of our new acquisition. It is time for you to hop around the stocks so that you are standing behind the seat right to the left of slave Petra.” Diana took a few small jumps at first as she adjusted to moving around on her feet, but soon she was hopping around to the right side of the captive who was already in the stocks and she made her way around to the back of the prisoner before standing in place just behind the seat. “Now you can sit down on the stocks, but make sure that you are facing the same direction as slave Petra.”

As the helpless woman’s present facing was incompatible with being able to sit down, she had to shuffle around on the spot so that her back was to the bench part of the stocks and after a moment’s wait, she bent her legs until her bottom made contact with the seat. Once she was sitting on the stocks, the captive moved around to the left as far as possible until she had to lift her feet up off the floor so that they could be taken over the bench and she had to squirm on her bottom in order to move around to face the front. While Diana was putting her feet back down on the floor, Kendra took the bag over to the stocks before removing the two parts which would be used to restraint the niece. A key was retrieved from the bag by the Mistress which was used to unlock the set of handcuffs that secured the ankles of the defenceless niece together and the cuffs were put into the bag.

“Put your ankles into the semicircles, so that I can start to restrain you in the stocks.” Kendra said as she picked up the piece of wood which had two half-circles cut into each side and the naked niece lifted her legs up so that she could place her ankles onto the dips that had had been cut into the bottom piece of wood. A moment later, the Mistress slid the part of the stocks that she was holding down the metal runners and pushed the door bolt closed so that the younger lady’s feet were restrained in the device. “When I remove the other handcuffs, you are to place your hands in the proper location on the stocks. Failure to do so will end up in a severe punishment and a very torturous bondage position, so you would be advised to comply.”

Once she had finished speaking, the woman took the bag around to behind her niece and unlocked the two sets of cuffs that restrained the lady’s arms behind her back before depositing them in the bag. Seeing as Diana had no wish to do anything that would annoy her aunt, as the failed attempt at standing had shown just how cruel the lady can be, the niece brought her arms around to the front and placed her hands so that her wrists were resting on top of the two dips. Kendra carried the bag back to the front of the stocks and placed it down on the floor before taking hold of the last part of the device, which was slid down into position where it was locked in place with the bolt.

“Now, I have two sultry slaves stuck in my stocks and putting on a sexy struggle.” Kendra said as Diana starting to pull at her restraints which was more to display just how helpless she was in her bondage, rather than it being any kind of genuine attempt to escape. As the helpless Petra stared at the squirming body of her captive companion, she soon discovered just how arousing it was to see the niece secured in the same apparatus which held her prisoner and she began to notice that she was emitting quiet moans as her body writhed.

I had no idea that the situation was going to get this kinky, with me watching a niece as the sexual slave of her own aunt, but even though I have been the spectator to the violation of a major social taboo, the sight has been very arousing. If this carries on for much longer, I may end up needing another release from my own lust. Kendra walked back around the stocks so that she was behind her niece and the ember that burned between Petra‘s legs burst into a low flame as the aunt held her relative in a gentle embrace, before landing sweet little kisses on her neck. There was an immediate response from the younger lady to the sensual treatment that she was receiving and she writhed even more as she started to moan through her gag.

“You really like me teasing your helpless body.” Diana nodded as her vocalisations grew in intensity due to her breasts being caressed by her captor and the helpless Petra found herself responding as well, with her fire of lust growing ever stronger. Soon, Kendra started to bite at the neck of the captive in a playful manner which was interspersed with gentle kisses and she rolled the nipples of her niece in her thumb and forefinger, which caused the helpless lady to moan even louder.

Oh no, now I need some attention as well. Petra’s moans grew in volume as the strength of her lustful fire grew within her body and she started to beg to her captor in the hope that she would get some attention.

“Does my other slave need some sexual loving?” There was a nod from the helpless Petra which was followed by Kendra moving behind her and the prisoner sighed as her neck was kissed and bitten by her kidnapper who also provided her breasts with an intense caress. After a few minutes were spent with making love to Petra, Kendra moved back to her own niece and from this moment, her attention was split between the two captives who were being taken almost to the edge of ecstasy. It wasn’t long before both of the helpless women were writhing and begging in their restraints as their Mounds of Venus were caressed along with the petals of their flowers of lust and the two ladies wondered when they were going to be allowed to reach that special moment of joy.

There were sounds of disappointment from the captives as Kendra halted the loving so that she could walk over to her bag, but Petra realised what was going to happen when the woman pulled a blindfold out from the bag. Diana offered no resistance as the item was placed over her eyes with the straps being taken around to the back of her head where they were buckled together and the sight of the lady being blindfold added more fuel to Petra’s sexual fire.

“Now it’s time to deal with you, my sweet Petra.” Kendra walked over to where Diana had placed the blindfold that had covered Petra’s eyes for so long and returned to behind the prisoner who closed her eyes so that they would be more comfortable when they were covered. She felt the familiar gentle pressure against the lids of her eyes along with the feeling of the straps going around to the back of her head, before the increased pressure let her know that the blindfold had been buckled into place. “This is the point where I will have to be a little cruel to be very kind.” Kendra said and the change in where the voice was coming from led Petra to think that the woman had moved to a point in front of the two captives.

What do you mean about you being cruel to be kind? There is no need to be- Ouch! Ouch! Petra was taken by surprise when she experienced two stringing strikes, one against the soles of each foot which happened about two seconds apart and there were two spaced out cries to the left of the helpless woman that indicated that Diana’s feet had also been beaten in the same way. That wasn’t the paddle as it didn’t feel like a solid object. OMG you’re flogging our feet! After the helpless lady was struck again by the flogger, the prisoner noticed that even though the strikes seemed to be no stronger than before, the feeling of stinging and irritation in her feet grew in strength which suggested that her soles were becoming more sensitive to the blows.

Although the captive twisted her ankles as much as she could in the slim hope that she could pull her feet through the holes, her actions proved to be just as futile as before and the rattling sound next to her showed that Diana was just as frantic with her struggles against her bonds. Why are you treating us in this way? Both of us have been left just short of reaching a climax and even though your punishment is making my soles feel as though they on fire, it also seems to be making sure that my desire for a sexual release is as strong as ever. As the torture of the soles of the captives’ feet continued, their cries when being struck were interspersed with begs and pleas for mercy along with the moans that were generated by the flame of desire at the top of their thighs. With no other means of measuring the time, Petra attempted to count how many blows were landing on her feet, but every so often the woman lost count which meant that she had to restart from zero. Just how long are you going to torment the two of us like this?

It seemed to the helpless ladies that their torment was going to continue forever with them fighting in a futile manner against their restraints, but there came a moment when the expected blows never landed. Thank goodness, it’s over at last, but what are you going to us next?

“It is so arousing to see both of you put up a futile fight against the torment that I have been inflicting on the soles of your feet for the past half-hour, but you two providing me with direct pleasure can wait for the time being as I have something very special planned. However, I do need to get comfortable before I start.” A distinct sound of something being dragged across the floor focused the prisoner’s attention and she realised that it must be the kitchen chair that Kendra had brought into the room. After the soft scraping noise came to an end, there was a sound of creaking wood for a few seconds which suggested that the Mistress had seated herself upon the chair.

There must be something even worse planned for us, seeing as the past thirty minutes were bad enough, but we are unable to do anything about it.

“I always wondered how these would affect someone whose feet have been made more sensitive by a flogging and I can’t wait to inflict my deliciously devilish devices of those oh so accessible soles of yours.” Kendra said and Petra moved her head so that she could look in the direction of the voice, which was due to an instinctual reaction as the blindfold prevented her from seeing what her captor was planning.

We can’t even see what horrible thing you are going to use on us! For a moment, Petra descended into panic as she tried to pull herself free from the wooden restraints that held her in place, but there was nothing that the captive could do to escape from her predicament.

“That’s it, struggle away my prisoners as it will make the next stage that much delightful, but there is nothing that you can do to prevent the next part of my plan so you might as well brace yourselves for the inevitable.”

It’s impossible to brace ourselves when we have no idea about what you are going to do to our defenceless feet. All we can do is hold still in the hope that we can react to whatever is going to happen. As the captive calmed down, she halted her useless struggles against the stocks that held her in place and when nothing happened after a few seconds, the lady started to wonder if this was just a trick that was being used to play with her mind...

Now you are just teasing us by making us wai- nononono! Stopstop Screams of laughter erupted from the mouth of the helpless Petra as something small with bristles was rubbed against the sole of her right foot and Diana’s shrieks suggested that the niece was being treated in the very same way. It was only when there was a moment that was free from the new torment, as the object was moved to the left foot of the defenceless woman, that she realised what the new device was. It’s a toothbrus- pleasepleasenono!

In normal circumstances the toothbrush would have just been a very good device to inflict a tickle torture, but the present situation for the captives was anything but normal. Due to the flogging that their feet had received, their soles were at a level of extreme sensitivity and they were still at a very high level of arousal, which could only lead to one possible outcome. Within half a minute, Petra cried out through her gag as the feeling of ecstasy flooded her body, with her only just being able to notice that her fellow slave was also screaming in orgasm...

There was no chance of the two helpless ladies relaxing after their incredible experience, as the scraping of the brushes against the soles of their feet had been continuous and Petra could feel that the flame between her thighs was almost at the point of explosion, which meant that that after another minute or so she would be back in the throes of orgasm.

Kendra did not stop as the ladies cried out for a second time and soon Petra’s world became one of torment combined with bliss, with her not knowing when it would end...

(To Be Continued)