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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 5 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

 This was too much for the helpless lady as she stared through the open doorway to the corridor and when she shook her head at the latest order, the captive failed to notice her kidnapper drop the bag so that she could step behind the nude victim.

“Now, I will say for a second time, hop to my room.” Melinda felt something on her breasts and her attention became focused on a more immediate situation, as she looked down to see each nipple held in a firm grip between the thumb and index finger of her captor.

You can’t be planning to torment me, just because I don’t want to be seen in public like this. It’s too unfair! When the lady shook her head for a second time, her actions were interrupted by a scream escaping from her gagged mouth as her nipples were crushed by Vivienne, who also twisted and pulled the sensitive pieces of flesh. Stop it, just stop it! This torment of Melinda’s breasts continued for about a minute, with the bound nude begging for her intense suffering to come to an end, but the captor ignored the pleas for mercy.

“Are you going to hop to my room?” Vivienne said, pulling extra hard on the soft mounds of the defenceless girl who realised that this was only going to stop when she agreed to the demand of her tormentor.

I’ll do it, I’ll hop to your room, just don’t do this to me! Melinda nodded her head while she cried out through her gag, but even though the captor dropped her hands the pain in the captive’s breasts persisted for a few more seconds, before diminishing to a dull ache. Just what are you going to do to me once I get to your room?

“I’m glad that you have agreed to my request, so it is time for you to get started on your journey.” As the woman in charge picked up the bag, Melinda made her little hops towards the corridor and her heart was racing as she left her room, even though the corridor was empty for the moment. It took just a little effort for her to turn to the right, but although it was a short walking distance, to the helpless damsel it appeared that was going to take her hours to traverse the distance in her little hops. Vivienne exited the room with her bag and the closing of the door caused the captive to become even more fearful as her only potential escape route was denied to her.

Oh no, these ropes are having an even greater effect on me, now that I’m making hop after hop. Every time that the bound Melinda made one of her small jumps, her upper body twisted a little which meant that the crotch and breast ropes rubbed against her and these combined to increase the strength of these new feelings in her body. Before the helpless lady was even half-way down the corridor to the room of her captor, she emitted a moan after every hop which was a response to the teasing of her body. Although the lady thought that this psychological torment would go on forever, she managed to reach Vivienne’s door which allowed her a measure of relief. I’ve made it, but I hope that you won’t force me to wait outside.

“I have to get you inside now, as too many questions will be asked about my helpless victim if we are spotted.” Vivienne had her room key ready in her hand and she wasted no time in unlocking the door before opening it wide, so that the nude in bondage could hop into the room with the door being closed behind her. “There is no escape for you, now that you are in my lair.” Vivienne said as she took the dagger out of the bag and put it on a bedside table, while the fire between Melinda’s legs burned stronger than ever.

I need to touch myself right at the top of my legs, but I can’t do that with my hands tied behind my back. It’s almost like having an itch that you cannot scratch, but this makes any itch feel like nothing in comparison. Melinda squirmed her upper body  while Vivienne looked at her laptop, in the hope that the rope between her legs might help, but the only thing that she managed to achieve was to increase the need to be caressed. That knob on the top of the post, at the foot of the bed is just about the same height as the place where I am aching and my captor looks a little preoccupied, so if I hop over to the bed, I might be able to do something about this sensation. It took just a few hops for the tormented captive to reach the post and once the lady was in position, she pressed her Mound of Venus against the bed knob before she moved her body up and down, so that she could caress as much as much of the affected area as possible. That feels so good, I must be doing something right. Melinda closed her eyes as she used the top of the post to caress her body, and in her imagination it was Death who was smoothing his hand against her most intimate area. NO!

Melinda was so focused on the effect that she was getting from the bedpost, that she didn’t notice that Vivienne had moved from her laptop and the first time the captive realised that she was in trouble was when her head was pulled back by her hair. “You bad girl! I let you into my room and this is what you do! I have no other choice but to give you a good old fashioned punishment!” This tug was so harsh that the poor woman was made to hop back away from the bed, which meant that she could no longer press herself against the bed knob and the continuing pressure on her head by the captor’s left hand forced the prisoner to bend over so that her body was parallel with the floor.

Oh come on, there’s only one way that you can punish me while I am stuck like this, and you wouldn’t be so mean as t- OUCH! There was a second cry from the bound girl as another hard spank landed on her bottom and she squirmed in her bonds while her posterior received four more smacks. Although her bottom smarted from the punishment that had been inflicted on her, the flame between her legs appeared to grow as if fuel had been thrown onto it and the smoothing of her cheeks for a minute seemed to amplify the feeling. This whole thing is like an exquisite torture, and I don’t know how to bring an end to it.

“Now lady, you can either lie down on the bed on your back, or you can spend the next ten minutes having your bottom spanked like the bad little girl that you are.” Vivienne kept hold of the hair of the captive who was made to hop over to the bed before she ended up sitting on her side of the bed where her hair was released. “If you have any sense, then you will make your decision quickly, otherwise I will turn those cheeks of yours bright red.”

You appear to mean it, so I had better obey you as I would like to be able to sit down later. It took two minutes of squirming for the captive to get into place, due the restriction of her bonds and once she was in position, Vivienne knelt astride her at the hips. Melinda closed her eyes as every part of her exposed body was kissed and caressed by the lady who was in full control of her and again she pretended that it was Death who was treating her in this way…

“It’s time to prepare you for the next phase.” Melinda was rolled onto her front, the crotch-rope was untied from her elbows so that it could be looped over her wrist ropes and her legs were bent at the knees so that her heels pressed into her bottom. The free end of the crotch-rope was taken around the ankle bonds and it was pulled so tight that it dug into the most intimate part of her body, before the end was tied off. Whenever the helpless lady had struggled before with the crotch-rope, it had been both pleasurable and irritating, but as she squirmed in the added hogtie, the previous sensations ended up paling into insignificance and she emitted moans with each little movement. OMG, what have you done to me? I want to stop this movement to get a measure of relief, but something seems to be forcing me to continue squirming.

“Oh look, a lovely captive, all hogtied and helpless.” Vivienne said as she rolled the captive onto her left side, before the kidnapper retrieved the dagger and knelt in front of the lady who was trembling as she kept her eyes on the blade. “Yes, it is a lovely piece of metal, my wonderful prisoner, and it exists for one purpose.” For a moment, the helpless nude forgot about the inferno at the top of her legs as the knife was pressed between her upper thighs and it was moved up her body until it reached her breasts. However, once the tip of the blade was use to trace a figure of eight around the breasts of the prisoner, she became aware that her Mound was getting even hotter as a result.

You are going to use this as the device of my pretend murder! I just hope that you don’t take too long as I need to find some way of ending this ache inside me.

“You are so beautiful, my little girl and I wish that I could keep you, but you will make a wonderful sacrifice for my Goddess.” Vivienne said as she lifted the weapon up to the neck of the captive, who was trembling a little from fear but most of it was from her anticipation from the climax of the role play.

I’m to be a human sacrifice? Oh wow, I’ve never gone through that scenario before and it means that you have been carrying your sacrificial knife all along.

“You are nearly ready for the touch of my sacred blade and soon it will be used to open up that pretty little neck of yours. However, if you do manage to escape those bonds of yours, I will have no choice but to allow you to leave, according to the rules.” Melinda was placed on her front in the middle of the bed and after a few seconds, the girl noticed that she was thrusting her hips against the mattress which made her feel even hotter. “Try to get free of your ropes now, my sexy sacrifice, as you have five minutes to escape from your ropes.” As the captor spoke, the side of the knife was moved over the bare skin of the prisoner who started to struggle against the ropes and her struggles became more frantic with each passing second.

I can’t stop my actions! It’s as if I’m no longer under my own control and that feeling inside me is like an inferno. The sensation in the body of the woman grew as her movements continued and the prisoner wondered what was going to happen to her, as she cried out at each little caress of her body by the crotch-rope. Help me, Vivienne, please help me! Soon, her world narrowed down to the only things that she was aware of and this was her constant, frantic struggles along with the fire that was burning inside her, which meant that she did not notice how much time had passed...

“You last chance is up, sacrifice! Time for you to meet you doom!” Melinda screamed out in shock as Vivienne made her clichéd comment before kneeling astride the squirming captive and there was another cry as the helpless lady’s hair was grasped in the left hand of the woman above her. A moment later, the bound woman squealed as her head was pulled back as far as possible, while the captor’s right hand moved the blade across the victim’s throat.

When Melinda experienced the touch of the metal moving over her neck, she thought for a moment that this was for real, as the sensation in her body seemed to explode. She let out a long scream as her hair was released, with her moaning and convulsing in her bonds as this latest sensation made her body blind to anything else that was happening…

When the helpless lady became aware of her surroundings again, the first thing she noticed was how rested and peaceful she was inside, as she lay on her left side and when she opened her eyes she discovered that something covering her upper face which prevented her from seeing. This has been a wonderful experience, and I hope that it is the first of many. I wonder what is going to happen next?

“I have come for you, now that you are dead.” Even though the voice was disguised, it wasn’t hard for the fake sacrificial victim to recognise it as Vivienne’s, although Melinda’s present state of reverie somehow managed to persuade her that it was Death who was lying beside her. As two arms held her in a gentle embrace, sweet little kisses were landed on her gagged lips and in her mind the helpless lady surrendered herself to the loving attentions of Death…

“Well, did you enjoy your first bondage game as an adult?” The pressure against Melinda’s eyes disappeared as the sleep mask was removed and she stared into the eyes of the woman who lay beside her, before she gave a slow nod to show that she had.

“It was rather obvious though, as I have never seen a bondage orgasm as intense as yours.”

Bondage orgasm? Wait, is that what has happened to me this evening? There was a look of complete surprise on the face of the helpless lady at the mention of the word orgasm, as only at this moment did she understand why she had experienced all of these new sensations.

“OMG, Melinda. Are you honestly trying to tell me that you had no idea what was going on inside your body tonight?” There was a nod from the bound woman in response to the question from her captor. “This has been your first orgasm?” Again there was a nod from the captive whose cheeks were starting to turn red as she started to feel like a naïve little virgin girl who had been seduced by a more experienced woman.

At least I now know what was going on inside me, but I was unable to think straight at the time so I couldn’t relate it to anything that I had learnt.

“Well, I’m flattered that I have been your first time.” Vivienne said as she unbuckled the straps of the ball-gag, before removing the large red rubber ball from the mouth of the helpless captive and the captor stole a series of soft kisses from the helpless lady. “It did look like a lot of fun, as I have only been tied up in straight bondage. Would you like to return the favour and turn me into the kidnapped and sacrificial victim?”

Melinda didn’t even have to think about the idea of being in charge for once, as it would be the first time that Vivienne would experience this fantasy, so she said “Yes, I’ll be happy to play the evil villainess so that you can feel the same way that I have.”

“Thank you.” The captor said as she started to untie, the hogtied lady. “I’ll just mention a few things first. The main secret of controlling the tightness of the ropes is in the cinching, and by using his you can…”

It was just over an hour later when Vivienne was lying naked and prone on her own bed, in the exact bondage that she had placed Melinda in and as her erotic sensations were on the edge, her head was pulled back so that the knife could be drawn across her throat. This was enough to take the captive over into bliss as she emitted an orgasmic shriek, while her body convulsed on the bed and Melinda exchanged the blade for a sleep mask which was slipped over the eyes of Vivienne, who appeared to be oblivious to anything around her.

When you rouse from your reverie, it will be my turn to play Death who will love and comfort you.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 4 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

 That must be you, Vivienne, which means that the game has started. This is going to be so good.

The young woman had to work hard to maintain her control as she walked back over to the door and she paused for a moment before saying “Who is it?”

Vivienne’s voice was just about audible through the door. “I’m your neighbour, and I think that you have left your purse outside. Could you open the door so that I can hand it to you?”

This must be the part of the game where you use a ploy to gain entrance. It took a few seconds for the security devices on the door to be unlocked by the young woman, but soon Melinda was in a position to open the door. However, once she had done so, Vivienne forced her way into the room and all of Melinda’s attention was focused on the dagger that was lifted up to her throat by the woman’s right hand. Oh my, that does look good. You are getting into this in a big way.

“I’ll do whatever you want, and you can take everything, just don’t hurt me, please.” There was nothing that the threatened lady could do but take a few steps back, while her neighbour pushed the door closed with her left hand, which was also carrying a large bag.

“In that case slut, you can sit on the bed right now and don’t decide to be a hero, as I know how to use this.” While Melinda continued to beg for her safety, she stepped backward as the other woman took two shiny items out of her bag and the damsel sat down when she felt the bed against the bag of her legs. “You are to use these to restrain yourself.” Vivienne said as she threw the two items on the bed so that they landed on the left of the sitting lady, who recognised them as two sets of chain link handcuffs. “Put one set around your ankles, and then use the other cuffs on your wrists behind your back.”

Oh wow, you are actually going to make me handcuff myself and these appear to be proper ones, as there doesn’t appear to be any special release buttons on the sides. “Please, you don’t have to use them on me as I’ll be a good girl.”

“You can either put them on, or I’ll have to use other means to make sure that you will be no trouble.” As the intruding woman made her threat, she lifted up the dagger and waved it around in front of the face of the sitting girl to drive home the meaning of what might happen if she disobeyed.

Melinda reached out with her left hand so that she could pick up one of the set of cuffs and she bent over so that she could reach down to her feet with her hands, with the ratchet parts secured around her ankles. She took hold of the second pair, moved her hands around to the middle of her back and she locked one end around her left wrist before closing the other end around her right, which meant that Melinda had become a genuine captive in bondage. I’ve actually place myself in a position of helplessness!

“Now that you are restrained, I have no need of this knife for the time being.” As the captive spoke, put the dagger into the bag which was taken over to the bed, pulled out two short lengths of rope and tied one end of one length of cord to the links of the ankle cuffs, before tying the other end to the foot of the bed just above the castor. When the prisoner looked in the mirror she saw that the lady was tying one end of the second rope to her wrist cuffs, with the other end knotted off to the foot bedpost behind her back.

You have bound me to the bed now, and I will not be able to stand up or move anywhere. My guess is that I am going to be gagged next, so will it be a tape or cloth gag?

Vivienne returned to the bag and retrieved an item which elicited a gasp from the helpless captive who started to put on a pretend struggle in her bonds. OMG, it’s a red ball-gag and it’s huge! There are images on the internet of women wearing these, but I never expected to see one in real life. You are going to use this on me for real? As the woman approached, the defenceless lady started her well practised begging  for mercy. “Please, you can’t use that thing on me as it’ll never fit in my mouth! I’ll be a good girl and stay quiet.”

“Yes, you are going to stay quiet, especially with this pushed inside you.” Melinda’s false protestations caused her mouth to remain wide open, which ended up making it easy for her captor to force the large rubber ball between the teeth of the helpless lady and the straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together.

This thing is filling my mouth which has caused my tongue has been forced back and I doubt that I will be able to say anything from now on. When Melinda attempted to make more protests through her gag, she soon found out that not only were her words muffled, but they were turned into unintelligible noises. This is the best gag that has ever been used on me as it not only works on my speech, but the large ball forces my jaws wide apart, which makes it a form of bondage in itself. Now that I am bound and gagged, you will probably move onto the torture before performing my fake murder. Although the captive thought that her binding was over, she was about to discover that she was very wrong…

“You are far too clothed for my liking, and I am going have to do something about this.”

Too clothed, what do you mean by that? The helpless lady’s thought was answered just a second later, when the bottom of her sweater was held by her captor who took it over the head of the victim who was surprised by what she had just experienced. I’m being undressed! You are going to take my clothes off, and there’s nothing that I can do about it! It took just a moment for the garment to be pushed down to the wrists of the helpless lady who found herself struggling in vain and she pleaded through her gag as the hands of her captor went around to the clasp of her black lacy bra. In one smooth movement, the bra was unhooked behind her back, and her breasts were exposed as the item of underwear was taken over her head so that it could be slid down her arms to her hands. Now I’m topless and I feel even more helpless than ever before. At this rate, I dread to think about what you are going to do- OMG!

“These look so lovely and they feel so good. It is going to be a lot of fun to play with them.” Melinda’s face turned red as the mounds of her breasts were cupped in the hands of her captor, and she was confused by the new feelings that she was experiencing. Although what was happening to the captive seemed to be irritating her almost to the point of making her annoyed, there was also a strong feeling of pleasure at being touched in this way. “I am going to show you just how defenceless you are right now, my slut.” There was a loud gasp from the bound woman as the right hand of her pretend kidnapper moved down her body, before slipping beneath her jeans and panties and Melinda was shocked when a new feeling of warmth grew between her legs.

What on earth is happening to me? Due to her being in love with Death, Melinda was never interested in any of the boys at school and the usual singers or actors were never going to attract her attention in any way. Any fantasies that she had about Death stayed as pure romances, so she had no previous experiences on which to draw upon as a reference for her current situation. Something must be wrong with me, as I don’t know if it is good or bad.

“I would love to play with you like this for the evening, but I need to make sure that you are better secured as my captive.” Vivienne said, putting the bag onto the bed before getting on the mattress so that she could kneel behind the defenceless lady and she took out a several coils of rope which were put on the bed. There was a squeal for Melinda as her elbows were brought close together behind her back and when she looked at the mirror, it appeared that her breasts stuck out a little further than before. One of the coils was taken ten times around her forearms, just below the elbows and when four cinches between her arms were added with the ends knotted together, it felt to her as if her elbows were almost touching.

Another coil was selected by the kidnapper who wrapped it eight times around the wrists of the captive, just above her clothes at the cuffs and the three cinches caused the cord to grip hard against her skin. As the lady looked on, she could see in the mirror that the knot was tied above the ropes in a place that was out of reach of her fingers. I need to remember this when it is your turn, but it is hard to think about anything else except what you are doing to me right now. This time, a larger loop of rope was picked up by Vivienne who wound it twelve times around Melinda’s waist and lower arms and five cinches were wrapped between her arms and waist, which locked her lower arms to her body. The longest and last rope was looped around the chest and upper arms of the helpless lady, with ten winds going above her breasts and ten below and when the ends were tied together in the middle of her back, there was still some rope hanging free. This remainder was taken over her right shoulder, down between her breasts to the coils below her breasts and it was taken around these before it went over back her left shoulder. Melinda had a deep intake of breath as this part of the rope was pulled tight before it was tied off, as it forced the lower part of the rope up against the bottom of her breasts, which increased the new and unusual feelings in her bosom.

A set of keys were taken out of the bag, which were used to unlock the handcuffs whose purpose had become vestigial and these were removed along with her clothes. While this was going on, Melinda closed her eyes as she writhed in her bonds, imagining that she was in the arms of Death who was holding and caressing her bare skin. The result of this, along with the ropes that were pressing and rubbing against her skin, was to increase the feeling in her breasts and the heat between her legs grew in strength.

“Now I have to do something about those lovely legs of yours.” There had been movement while Melinda had kept her eyes closed and when the lady opened them, she was horrified to see Vivienne’s hands at the button of her jeans.

Please, I didn’t expect the game to go this far, but you must be thinking that I am just play acting. The top of the jeans were unbuttoned, the zip was pulled down and the top of her jeans were pulled down to her ankles which left only her black lace panties covering her modesty. NO! I’m naked! there was a cry from the gagged mouth of the bound woman as her panties were pulled down as well, but mixed in with the shock was an increase in the flame at the top of her legs which was pleasurable and irritating at the same time. Is this some new kind of torture? Four lengths of rope were taken out of the bag by Vivienne and these were applied to four points on the captive’s legs with ten loops and four cinches. The first one was bound at her ankles which went just above her pulled-down jeans; the next two were wrapped below and above the knees and the last of the ropes was bound around her mid-thighs.

After this was completed, the kidnapper unlocked the cuffs and put the remainder of the items into the bag before taking out another piece of cord. “Get off the bed and hop forward a few steps.” Melinda was a little unsteady as she rose to her feet and she looked as if she was going to topple over, but she regained her balance and took three hops forward. Once the captive was still again, Vivienne went around to her front and doubled the rope by folding it in the middle before tying the loop end to the prisoner’s waist rope at the front.

Is this some kind of lead rope, just like the one that Kurt used on- OOOOOOH! The free end of the doubled rope was threaded between the upper thighs of the defenceless lady and looped over her elbow ropes before it was pulled tight and tied off, which caused the cord to press against the prisoner’s body between the petals of her intimate flower. There was another cry from the woman as she twisted in her ropes, as this caused the crotch-rope to rub against her flesh which increased the strength of her feeling.

“See how much of a slut you are, I tied you up, stripped you and yet you are enjoying yourself.” Vivienne said as she stood behind the defenceless Melinda, and the lady discovered that she was moaning out loud when her breasts were being caressed by the woman.

Is this what it means to enjoy yourself when you are in bondage and naked? Part of me hates this feeling and wants it to stop, yet I also want you to keep going and do even more of this to me. Again, the bound nude struggled in her ropes, but just like before, the rope pressed against her most intimate location which added more fuel to the fire between her legs. Did I do that just to get the feeling from it? Being tied up by you has affected me a lot more than I realised. There were several stokes between the top of the legs of the nude Melinda by the right hand of her captor, and the flame grew into a raging fire that caused her to twitch and thrust her hips.

“Move forward until you are standing just a few feet from the door.”

I don’t know why you want me to do this, but I will obey your order. It took a few seconds for the bound woman to hop over to the spot in front of the door, as she had to maintain her balance along with ignoring the distractions that were being provided by her own body.  As the lady stood there, she noticed that her captor was carrying the bag which had been brought into the room, and she was horrified when the door to her room was opened wide in front of her.

“Hop down the corridor until you get to my room.”

Like this, bound, gagged and naked? What if somebody steps into the corridor and sees me like this? I can’t, I just can’t!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 30

Part 30

“I think that I should start by providing you with an experience that is purely pleasurable.” Collette said as she continued to place soft kisses on the back of the helpless woman and her gentle touch slid up and down the captive’s arms from her shoulders to the tips of her fingers. “This was the first thing that I was taught by Madam and she had me practise on her own personal submissive until I had got my skills right.” Sighs were emitted from the defenceless lady as she felt the touches on her body and arms and it felt to her as if the heat between her legs was growing in strength.

I have a feeling that you have more in store this late afternoon for me than just pleasure, but I am in your hands and defenceless against anything that you might choose to me. Oh, that feels good. Cecyme shivered with delight as her captor landed kisses all over her shoulders and even into her armpits, while it was the sides of her body that were being caressed by the maid who was in complete control.

“It is obvious that you are enjoying my attention, Cecyme, but later on I may torment you so that you are begging for mercy at the same time as wanting me to continue so that you can explode with pleasure.” Collette applied soft bites to the fleshy areas of the woman’s shoulders and she used her fingernails to dig a little into the skin which caused the helpless woman to moan a little louder as she started to writhe in her kneeling position. What was even more tantalising about the bites that were applied by the red haired maid was that when she took the flesh into the mouth, the soft skin was caressed by her tongue which provided a little but intense massage and the fingernails raking up and down Cecyme’s sides were enough to provide a stronger sensation without becoming painful.

That feels so good. Soon, Collette’s fingers went to the front part of the helpless woman’s body while kiss after soft kiss was landed by the maid on the bottom of Cecyme’s neck before going down her spine.

“It is hard to kiss your neck properly like this, but there is more than enough of your body accessible to bring this to a very pleasurable conclusion.” There was a fresh sigh from the nude captive as the front of her abdomen was caressed by the tips of the maid’s fingers which ranged from just above her Mound of Venus to just below her breasts.

You are avoiding touching me in my most erotic places, but it is having an unusual effect on me as I am being made even more aroused as a result.  I hope that you don’t drag this out too long, but I suspect that this will be part of your plan. As Cecyme concentrated of the sensations that were being caused to her body, her writhing and moans increased in frequency and volume as the kisses and caresses had their cumulative effect on her. It wasn’t long before the red head’s hand moved down to the legs of the bound lady and the fingers glided over the bound thighs, sometimes slipping between the legs as the hands moved up and down, although they just stopped short of the top of the legs. Please, please, please touch the most intimate parts of my body as they need your soft caresses.

“It is clear that you want more attention from me, so I will provide it for you.” After another minute spent by the maid smoothing her hands over the thighs of the defenceless lady, the tips of Collette’s fingers made their way up to just below the prisoners breasts before slipping under the fold of flesh between the mounds and the body of the woman. As the fingers went back and forth, there was the simultaneous caressing of the breasts and the main body of the captive who realised that she was pushing her chest out in order to maximise the experience. This continued for a while, with the maid concentrating on this part of the body of the captive who was moving around more in her bonds, as the actions encouraged the growth of the fire between her legs.

Next the fingers rose up from the folds of sensitive flesh so that they could glide over the mounds of the prisoner’s ample bosoms and the bound nude moaned in pleasure as the sensual feelings in her body increased, with her moving her body from side to side so that she could make the most of the sensation. Oh, this is just lovely. Cecyme shivered as the index fingers traced circles around the areola of her breasts and soon the tips of her captor’s fingers started to brush against the sides of her erect nipples. The cries of the teased woman in bondage increased still further as each of the rigid lumps of flesh were gripped between the thumb and forefinger of one of the captor’s hands and there was a gentle squeezing of these protuberances, along with some mild twisting and pulling.

Please take me to bliss, caress my lips of lust, I need you to touch them! By this time, even the most inobservant person couldn’t fail to notice just how aroused the helpless lady was, as she writhed in her bonds while emitting loud sighs from her gagged mouth. However, Cecyme knew that she was dependent on the whims of her captor for the intense feelings that she was receiving and the woman was sure that it wouldn’t be long before she would be made to beg and plead to the maid so that she could be brought to ecstasy. After a few more minutes of the captive’s nipples being teased, Cecyme noticed that the right hand of her captor released its grip from her right breast and traced a slow path down to the defenceless lady’s Mound of Venus. Oh yes! As the fingers ran over this part of the lady’s anatomy, the muscles in her thighs started to twitch in response as each touch sent little shockwaves through her hips and the flame between her legs turned into a raging fire.

Soon, the teasing of Cecyme’s Mound was joined by brief, soft strokes against the petals of her lustful flower, which were so sensitive that every little touch made her shriek in her desire and as the erotic caresses continued, the lady was taken closer to that special moment when she would be consumed by ecstasy. At this time, it was impossible for the bound woman to think about anything else, as the feeling in her body was so strong that it proved to be a perfect distraction to anything else and she was attempting to thrust her hips forward, so that she could obtain the most satisfaction from the touches on her most sensitive flesh.

However, just as the helpless woman was on the edge of reaching that most special form of pleasure, her dreadful suspicions were confirmed when Collette ceased in her caresses and stood up, which left Cecyme howling in her state of denial. I knew it! You are so cruel in doing this to me, taking me to this point only to leave me suffering and I have no choice but to beg for you to continue. I will get my revenge next week when I am in charge again and I can’t wait to see all of you beg for your orgasms, in the same way that I have had to. While the woman begged and pleaded for help as she stewed in her sexual torment, her captor carried one of the chairs around to the front of the suffering prisoner where it was placed on the grass facing the lady in bondage. Once Collette made sure that the chair was only a few feet away from the helpless lady, she sat down on the chair and rested her feet on the head of the prisoner who writhed and twitched in her erotic denial. This is just adding insult to injury. Please, just make love to me so that my torment can be brought to an end.

“Oh dear, is there something troubling the helpless harlot, or is she just highly strung at the moment?”  The maid said as she moved the soles of her feet over the hair of the helpless lady who grimaced while trying to nod her head, which was almost impossible given her current restrictions.

Not only do I have this inferno between my legs which is driving me to distraction, but you are adding to this with a horrendous pun and teasing me with your feet. Can’t you just get on with it? I need to have my release.

“Okay, I will stop teasing you now as I know what it’s like to be treated like this, so I will bring you to your peak. I will be doing this by an unorthodox method though.” As Collette spoke, her feet moved down from the head of the defenceless woman to her bosom and the prisoner moaned as the toes of the captor glided over the soft flesh of her breasts.

You are using your feet to pleasure me, I didn’t expect this from you. After a minute or so of the captive’s breasts being caressed, the maid moved her toes so the each nipple could be gripped between the second and big toe and Cecyme cried out as her nipples were twisted and pulled by the feet of the captor. Did that madam teach you this as well? If this continues in the same way, then one of your feet is going to end up- oh my!

“Now I am going to introduce you to something very interesting.” There was a yelp from the helpless woman when she was surprised, as her nipples were pinched by the captor before the maid released the hold that was being maintained by her right foot. This foot made its way down the abdomen of the captive at a slow pace until it reached Cecyme’s Mound of Venus and the bound woman felt her flame of lust grow stronger as she forced her body forward a little, while her Mound was caressed by Collette’s toes.

This is so unusual, but it is taking me closer to the point of bliss, which is what I need to put out this fire that burns inside me. Soon, the helpless lady discovered that her hips were twitching along with her thighs, as the feeling of lust within her grew stronger still and she hoped that her captor wouldn’t torment her with denial when she was on the edge for a second time. You’re going to use your other foot? When Collette right foot released its grip, her big toe flicked each nipple in turn before it was taken down the body of the prisoner and it was used to caress the helpless mound of the bound nude. At this point, Cecyme realised that she was thrusting her hips forward as best she could, so that she could make the feeling from the strokes as intense as possible and she wondered if her captor was going to take it to the next level.

“Let us see how much you like this.”

You can’t be planning on- Oh My God, you are! There was a squeal from the gagged mouth of the defenceless Cecyme as Collette lowered her left foot down so that it went between the thighs of the prisoner and who emitted a loud moan as the big toe was moved up and down the petals of her lustful flower. These cries grew louder as the strokes along the lips of desire became faster and soon the maid had moved her toe deep into Cecyme’s folds, which took the tormented woman right to the edge of her desire. You are pleasuring my most intimate place with your foot! Are you going to use the other one in this way as well? After a minute, the left foot was exchanged with the right and the captive started to push her body down in thrusts, so that the big toe penetrated deeper into her tunnel of lust.

As the maid was in no hurry, she spent some time keeping her prisoner at the present level of need and she switched her feet every few minutes, which prevented the woman in bondage from reaching that moment when she would be engulfed in ecstasy. “If you want to have your body enveloped in pleasure, you have to beg me to let you come and you must plead for me to fuck you with my feet. Otherwise, I will keep you at this point for as long as I possibly can.”

You can’t expect me to use such language, Collette! I have trouble even thinking of the words co- and fu-, let alone say them out loud. This is cruel and you are using this against me so that you can play with my mind, as I find the idea of saying these words far more embarrassing than my present predicament. I can’t say them, I just can’t! Please don’t ask me to say them. There was a shake of the head by the captive, which meant that because of her restrictions it only moved a little from side to side and she attempted to force her body down more, in the hope that she could push herself over the edge.

“No cheating, my sweet slave. Do not think that you can get away with not saying anything and I have had people try this on me before.” In response to Cecyme’s actions, Collette withdrew her foot so that her big toe only ran along the engorged lips of the captive’s valley of lustful need and the other foot’s caresses against the mound became much softer. “You have no chance of reaching the peak without my cooperation and the only way that you can get that is to make the proper request. Remember that if you continue to suffer, then it is by your own choice as you can bring an end to this at any time, so you have only yourself to blame if you refuse to speak.”

Don’t you understand? You know that I can’t say such crude words which make this a very cruel way to treat me. Spank me, torment me, but don’t make me speak like that.

“It is no good you shaking your head and looking at me with that expression, as there is only one way out of your current predicament and you can take it, or remain in denial with you tortured by your own lust.”

As the gentle caressing of Cecyme’s most sensitive and inflamed region continued, she tried to say these words through her gag, but her shyness at speaking in this way was enough on an inhibition to prevent her from speaking. Instead, the captive ending up screaming through her gag at the frustration that she was inflicting on her own body and she wondered how long this self-imposed torture was going to continue.

“Oh dear, it appears that you have a bigger problem with this than I first thought. Poor polite Cecyme, you are experiencing such suffering from your own shyness. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I can always punish you for behaving in such a crude manner and I do know how to inflict a very severe punishment. It may be that you want to be tormented in this way and that could be the real reason why you are refusing to speak, in which case I will carry on like this.”

I can’t keep going on like this, as my internal inferno is eating away at me and I am at my wits end. Punish me for being rude, please punish me.

“Do you want me to punish you for behaving in such a foul manner?”

There was a restricted nod from the captive who was crying out for release from her suffering and the helpless woman wondered if even this would be sufficient for her to step over one of her own personal taboos. If you promise to punish me for being such a bad girl, it might work.

“Okay Cecyme, if you behave in a rude manner, I will punish you so that you will not have to feel guilty because of it. It should be so easy, all you have to do is say the words. Anyone else in our group would have no trouble with doing this, but you are the only person who has such an inhibition and it means that we have to be very careful about what we say around you.”

Why should it be important whether or not I should use language like this, after all it doesn’t matter while I am tied up.

“You appear to be puzzled about this so let me explain. From Monday to Friday, you will be the one in charge as our Mistress in every way. If you cannot shake off your inhibitions, how can you effectively dominate us? After all, speech is part of the process of control and there are times when both your actions and your words will have to be crude.”

I never thought of that. I have been thinking so much about how I have been treated, that it escaped my mind about just how I was going to behave on Monday. There will be times when I am going to have to play the part of a dominatrix for the four of you, and I can’t let my shyness on this matter hold me back. Cecyme held onto this thought as she attempted to visualise herself whipping a bound and gagged Collette, while calling the helpless maid all kind of crude and derogatory things. To her surprise, the words did appear in this situation that was playing out in her head, but she knew that it would be harder to speak it, even though the ring gag would muffle the words anyway.

Please, let me c-, please f- me with your feet. OMG, I really do have a problem with this, I’ll have to try again. Please, let me come, please fuck me with your feet! This time, the helpless woman managed to say the two words that had eluded her, although as a result her cheeks felt to her as if they were on fire as she experienced a profuse blushing.

“That is all I needed to hear.” After speaking, Collette moved the second foot down between the legs of the suffering Cecyme and once both big toes caressed the folds of Cecyme’s lustful lips, it was less than a minute before the captive’s desire as at the point of bliss.

Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCKK!

(To Be Continued.)

Melinda's Last Night Part 3 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

Melinda managed to get the necessary qualifications so that going to university would be easy and as a result of her strange ability, she decided that getting a degree in psychology may be useful. The bigger problem was trying to find a place to stay as it seemed that every room in the nearby apartment complex had been taken, but there was still one room on the top floor that was available. When she went to check out the room, she discovered that there was a communal party/living area on each floor and each room had its own shower, basin and toilet along with a mini-kitchen which meant that the occupants could prepare their own meals. The free room was just one away from the far end of the building and because this was unusual she asked the landlord if there was a reason why this room was unoccupied. When Melinda heard the response that the lady at the end by the name of Vivienne was a little creepy, because she sometimes used to talk about dying and death, the young woman decided that this might help in more than one way, so she agreed to move in. There was a look of relief on the landlord’s face at this, as he didn’t want the possibility of receiving no rent for the room for the next three years, just because people were unnerved by the neighbour at the end of the block.

After the formalities had been signed off, Melinda moved in as soon as she could and once her room was arranged as to how she liked it, she wondered how to break the ice with her neighbour who tended to keep to herself. In the end, the young woman decided on a little housewarming type party for two on Saturday evening with a large bottle of wine so that they could relax.

I hope that this idea of mine doesn’t backfire and drive a permanent wedge between us, as I don’t have any friends here and I hope that you will be a good friend to me. As Melinda stood outside Vivienne’s door, she hoped that her black jeans, long sleeved sweater and trainers wouldn’t be too informal and she took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

After a wait of about ten seconds, there was a voice through the door. “Who is it?”

“I’m Melinda, your new neighbour. I’ve just moved in and I want to introduce myself if that’s okay, as we will be spending the next few years together.”

“Do you mean that you actually want to speak to the crazy Death lady? You must be brave or foolish.”

“I doubt that you are crazy, and I’m probably crazy anyway. Is it okay to talk?” I must have wrecked everything with that comment. There was a short pause which was followed by the sound of locks turning  and when the door opened, Melinda was taken by surprise by the lady who stood in the doorway. She had been expecting the stereotypical Goth style setup, including all black clothes, hair, makeup and a false white complexion, but this wasn’t the view that was in front of her. Vivienne’s skin was pale, but this was part of her natural look which included jade green eyes and a cascade of flaming red hair around her almond face, with full lips defined by red lipstick. Her sleeveless knee-length button dress matched the colour of her eyes, as did her sandals, and this was completed with a green handbag which was slung over her right shoulder.

“I am sorry for making you wait a little before I came out, but I wanted to give you a good impression because I had been browsing on the internet in my dressing gown. Well I’m Vivienne Jones crazy lady, pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Melinda Smith, probably even crazier, and I have arranged a sort of small housewarming evening, unless you are busy, as I know that I am being a bit forward.”

“Well Melinda, I don’t think that I have been invited to any kind of party since I have been here, so I’ll take you up on your offer. Lead the way.”

Vivienne closed the door to her own little apartment and followed Melinda just a short way along the corridor where she reached her own door which was opened so that they could enter Melinda’s apartment. As soon as they were inside, Melinda started a movie file on her laptop which was a comedy and this film was half-watched by the two ladies on the large brass bed, as they chatted while they sipped from their glasses of wine. However, as Melinda didn’t know that much about her new neighbour, for the time being she decided to keep quiet about her tying up games, along with the knowledge that she had daydreams about Death coming to claim her.

Once the movie was over, Melinda felt that the alcohol along with the small talk had made the atmosphere relaxed enough for her to ask a few careful questions about Vivienne’s behaviour. “You come over as a very friendly person, and I can’t believe the story about you being all doom and gloom.”

Vivienne took a sip of wine from her glass and smiled before speaking. “Well, you are different from the others and appear to be quite an understanding person, so I will tell you what is going on. From time to time, I do end up morose and mopey, but in my defence there is a condition that is spreading something through my body that will one day prove to be terminal. I hope that you understand that I don’t want to give a long lecture about my illness, but if you want to know that facts, it is called Miri’s Syndrome and because of its rarity, the doctors think that it may be genetic.”

“I’m sorry to hear about that, I shouldn’t have been so nosey.”

“It’s okay, just so long as you understand and be forgiving while I go through my occasional dark patch. If you want to hear something crazy, during these moments I even pretend that I am dead and that Death has come to take me away from my suffering. Sometimes, I even pretend that he is some gorgeous hunk.”

“Well, every time that I have seen Death, he is the most handsome man in the world, and do you mean that you have had daydreams about Death coming for you as well?” In Melinda’s eagerness to comfort her new friend along with her tongue being loosened by the wine, she ended up saying something that she knew in an instant left her wide open and in a very vulnerable position.

“Now that is an interesting thing to hear, as I thought that I was the only one who had ever entertained such fantasies. What you said about Death was very intriguing as it was said as a matter of fact.”

“Vivienne, please don’t tell anyone what I have said, as they’ll think that I’m crazy. Sometimes I wonder if I’m insane with what I have seen ever since I was five.”

“The fact that you are able to question what you have seen, seems to indicate that you are not delusional. Perhaps if you tell me the story of what has happened to you, then I will be able understand your situation.”

Seeing as Melinda had left herself no other option, she related the full story of her situation to Vivienne, which included the reason about why she had kept quiet about her condition after her visit to the child psychologist.

“After hearing that, I am not surprised why you would have him turn up in your fantasies. Did no one ever try to test you concerning what you were seeing, or to be more accurate, perceiving?” Vivienne said.

“I didn’t say anything about It so they must have forgotten. Anyway, if I’m the only one who can see death, how can any test provide proof?”

“Remember, the theory of gravity is called that for a reason, as by observation we know that it is there, even if we cannot detect it. So, in your case because you can sense what is happening when someone dies, we could at the very least collect empirical data correlating your experiences to the patient’s time of death. We should treat this as a proper project that uses scientific procedure to collect hard evidence on what would otherwise be purely subjective phenomena. For obvious reasons, I know some doctors at a nearby hospital, and I think that if we behave in a delicate manner they will allow us to work on the project. This will either show that you are fantasising about the phenomena or give you the solid independent proof which will reassure you.”

“It would be nice to know if it is my imagination that is playing tricks on me, or if I am seeing something happening.”

“Anyway Melinda, do not be embarrassed about your daydreams, as they were a way to cope with the incredible situation you have been placed in. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you hadn’t found some way to incorporate them into your childhood games with you pretending that you have been killed. After all, I did try to get my best friend to play along with a few ideas once I found out about my illness, but she freaked out for want of a better term, so I didn’t mention the idea again.” At this moment, Melinda lowered her head as she blushed and it felt to her as if her cheeks were going to catch fire in the process. “You did find a way to include your fantasy into your games? Tell me all about what happened, as I would love to hear it.”

Again, Melinda found no way out of her situation so she explained what had happened, from the initial Cowboys and Indians games right up to the end of the kidnap games with Kurt when she was fourteen.

“I’m not surprised that Kurt got scared when you made the request for him to take your dress off, as my friend did the same when I asked her to pretend to kill me after I was tied up and helpless. However, she did give me some time alone, so that I could pretend that I was dead for my personal fantasy.”

“You have been bound and gagged as well, Vivienne? I thought that things like this happening were very rare.”

“Not as rare as you may have thought. Anyway, I feel sorry for you, as it must have been four years since you have had a proper bondage session, and you must have missed that a lot.”

“I did pour myself into my studies, but you are right about me missing it even though I had found out on the net that Kurt and I had been practicing an innocent form of bondage. Now, I would like to know what happened to you.”

“Well, Charlene and I started to play our kidnap games when we were about thirteen and it wasn’t long before our rope work got very elaborate on each other, with things beginning to get very close when the captor started to kiss and cuddle the helpless prisoner. However, once I reached the age of consent as Charlene was half a year older than me, our games turned into full on bondage sessions, with clothing instantly being taken out of the equation. Some of our new games involved pleasure, some had torments, and some were just well- wow.”

“Do you still play with Charlene?”

“Unfortunately, a year ago she had her own studies to follow which meant going to a university in a different city and our games had to come to an end. Charlene told me to try and find someone new to play bondage games with, as she will be doing the same where she will be staying. I have brought my stuff with me but owing to the way that I have behaved, I haven’t found someone I could trust enough to mention that subject to. To be honest, you are the only one here who knows about my particular kink.”

As Melinda listened to Vivienne, she was feeling a thrill run down her spine at the images that were conjured up in her mind and she realised that she had done the right thing in speaking to the lady. What I say next is going to be very important, but I don’t think that it can go wrong now that we know this much about each other. A deep breath was taken by the nervous young woman before she started to speak.

“Vivienne, I know that I have never actually tied up someone before, but I know the principles, so if you wish I will tie you and pretend to kill you so that you can play out the fantasy in your mind.”

“Oh, Melinda, that is so sweet. You have been the one who has had to go without any time in rope for four years, so I will carry out your bondage fantasy. I notice that you have a full length mirror, so before I go to fetch my items that are in a large bag I will position it so that you can get a better view as I bind and gag you. Just keep sitting on the left side of the bed like that and turn your face to the right, so that you are looking towards the bottom of the bed.” Melinda looked to the right just as she was instructed to do by her new friend and she could see her own right side reflected in the mirror when it was moved by Vivienne.

“I can see myself in the mirror now, Vivienne, thank you. But are you sure that you want to do this, as I don’t want to be any trouble for you?”

“Believe me Melinda, I want to play this game as well, so you aren’t causing any problems. When I return, I will knock five times on the door and it will be the start of the game when you open it. Pay careful attention in the mirror as I tie you up and you will be able to see how the knots are placed, along with how the cinches tighten your bonds. This is so that you can return the favour for me later.” Vivienne picked up her handbag and headed towards the door, but she halted just before opening it. “There is one last thing that you should know before we start, Melinda. Seeing as your last time in bondage was four years ago, you may experience a whole new range of special emotions and feelings. There is nothing to worry about as these will be very natural even though they can become extremely intense.”

Vivienne let herself out of the room and Melinda stood there amazed at how the evening has gone so far, as all she expected was to just get to the point of making friends with the woman next door. After four years, I’m going to be placed in bondage, and Vivienne is going to fulfil my fantasy! Things couldn’t have gone any better if I had planned it. I just hope that I can do as well when it is her turn to be tied up. It seemed to the lady that she was full of energy as she paced back and forth across the room, while she waited for the signal and she was thrilled to the core at the prospect of being the helpless victim.

As Melinda walked away from the door again, she heard five precise knocks…

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 2 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

Please note that the first two parts are innocent as there is a young damsel involved.

“Stay still and keep quiet, otherwise I’ll have to shoot you.” Kurt said after the girl had spent a short amount of time looking at the trees and as she looked to the right she gasped as she saw the lad with a ski mask over his head, along with a gun in his left hand which could not be anything other than a toy.

“Please don’t kill me; I’ll do anything that you want! Just don’t hurt me!” As Melinda made her protestations to her kidnapper while not moving an inch, she was already experiencing the thrill that had taken place in her previous games. This is actually happening and I’m going to be a helpless girl who is going to end up with a dire fate! Well, pretend dire fate, but that’s more than okay.

“Put your hands together behind your back so that your palms are pressed against each other.” Kurt picked up the bag and walked around to the back of the girl who obeyed his instructions so that her arms were behind her back with her hands touching.

“Please, don’t tie me up; you don’t have to do this to me!” As Melinda stood there waiting for the touch of the white rope against her limbs, she gasped as eight loops were wound around her wrists, with four turns taken between her arms which pulled the other loops tight around her wrists, so that she was gripped firm. There was fumbling at the top of her wrists which she presumed must be the ends of the rope being tied together in a knot and when he had finished, she was unable to find the knot with her fingers. This is much more secure than when I played the other games, as there was a chance of me being able to slip my wrists free. This feels as if I have been handcuffed with ropes.

“I need to tether your legs so that you will not panic and run off; otherwise I may have to ‘deal’ with you right now.” Kurt said as he took the bag around to the front of the captive, before pulling out a length of about two foot long and he bound each end to the ankles of the helpless girl so that her legs would be hobbled.

“You don’t have to do this, as I won’t run away!” The girl said as he tied the ends to her ankles, but inside she loved what was happening to her and the fact that she would be tied up when she was made to walk to his base.

“Seeing as you are making too much noise, I will have to do something that will prevent you from speaking.” He said, reaching into the bag and removing what appeared to be a long white cloth strip that looked as if it had been cut away from a bed sheet, which Melinda found out later that this was in fact the case. She looked on as her kidnapper put two knots at the centre of the cloth, and he held the bunched part up to her face before saying “Open your mouth wide now.”

“But I’ll be a good girl! You don’t have to do this, you don’t haf-.” Her protests were halted in mid sentence as the knot was forced into her mouth between her teeth, before the ends were crossed behind the back of her neck, taken between her teeth and pulled tight at the back of her neck before they were bound together in a secure knot. I never expected my gag to be this good, as everyone else just tied a scarf over my mouth which seemed to be more for looks than anything else. As Melinda attempted to dislodge the cloth in her mouth, she discovered that it remained in place no matter how hard she tried to move it and when she spoke, the restrictions imposed by the material made it impossible to make anything other than unintelligible sounds.

While the bound and gagged girl continued to make her muffled protests to her captor, he uncoiled another length of cord which was wrapped half a dozen times around her wrists and waist, with her emitting a gasp as the rope was wound four times between her wrists and waist, pulled tight and the ends were knotted together. I can’t even move my hands away from my body. It’s as if you are trying to make sure that I won’t be able to struggle against these ropes, let alone get free from them. Oh my-, that’s huge, you can’t be planning to use that on me. Melinda’s eyes went wide as the long coil of rope was wrapped around her upper arms and chest just above the elbows, which held her upper arms to her sides and she thought that there must have been at least twelve windings of the rope when the ends were tied together behind her back.

Two more short ropes were taken out of the bag by Kurt and the captive watched as he used these to make vertical loops on each side around the upper body rope between the chest and arm on each side. When these cords were pulled tight with the ends tied, the main rope pressed so hard against Melinda’s body that each breath provided a reminder of just how bound she was. Two more items were pulled out of the bag, a long cloth strip along with a length of rope and one end of the rope was knotted off at the front of the captive’s waist restraint. Is that like some kind of lead to pull me along, and why do you have that strip?

The second question was answered in a second as the strip was wound around her eyes and upper head so that she was unable to see, and the ends of this strip was tied together at the back of her head. I’m bound gagged and blindfolded, and I wouldn’t be able to run away even if my legs weren’t tethered together. This isn’t just a game of kidnap any more, as I am a captive with a kidnapper who can do anything he wants to me!

“Follow me, my kidnap victim; I am going to take you to my lair so that I can decide what miserable fate to inflict on you.” There was a sharp tug on the rope at the captive’s waist, with Melinda taking careful steps forward and she was feeling exhilaration as she walked behind her captor in a state of complete helplessness...

Melinda had no idea as to how long she had been walking and she didn’t know in which direct she was going, as at several places she had been turned around on the spot a few times. This added to the feeling of helplessness that she had already surrendered to, and it was only when she was walking down a short slope that she thought her journey would soon be over. This suspicion was added to as she heard some sounds while she was left alone and once her blindfold was removed, the girl saw that she was in a bowl-shaped glade with the top higher than her head. A large green blanket was laid out in front of her, and Kurt was removing the lead rope along with the cord that tethered her legs together.

“Sit down on the blanket.” Her captor said and seeing as Melinda had no idea where to run to as she was unfamiliar with this part of the wood, the girl walked over to the blanket so that she could follow the instructions of the boy who held her prisoner. It wasn’t an easy task, as her arms were secured to her body which meant that maintaining balance was difficult, but after a few minutes she was sitting on the blanket with her legs together. Kurt put the short ropes to one side before taking two coils of ropes out of the bag and the first was used to bind the girl’s ankles together with ten loops and four cinches. The second length of cord was wrapped around the captive’s lower legs, just below her knees and this consisted of eight winds with three cinches with the ends tied together at the front.

This is even more awkward than when I played the other games, as only my ankles were tied then. Tying my legs together at the knees locks my legs in position and adds even more restrictions to my movement. What are you doing now? There was a grunt from the helpless girl as she was rolled onto her front by her kidnapper and her legs were bent at the knees until the heels of her sandals pressed into her bottom. One of the two ropes was wrapped between the wrist and ankle bonds of the prisoner, bound with a knot that was out of reach of her fingers and when the boy stood up, she discovered that her hands were tied to her feet which left her in a strict hogtie.

I can’t go anywhere tied up like this and I don’t think that I can even roll around much. If I remember what one site said, it is called a hogtie when your hands are tied to your feet like this. It’s a pity that you ignored one of my requests, as I’ve read that kidnappers have often done this kind of thing to their prisoners, but it could be that you find the idea of doing it uncomfortable and that is why you aren’t doing it. However, it seems that you are going to follow one of them

“I must prepare you for torture now, as you deserve this for trying to find where my base is.” Kurt said as he unbuckled Melinda’s sandals before removing them from the feet of the helpless girl and she felt even more vulnerable with the soles of her feet exposed. “You are going to suffer horrendously for your arrogance.”

I doubt that it will be as bad as people clai-, nononono stopstopstopstop. Any coherent train of thought in the captive’s mind disappeared when fingernails raked across the soles of her feet and she was reduced to laughing through her gag while squirming in the ropes that held her in place. The tickling of Melinda’s feet stopped after a minute, but there was to be no relief for the bound captive as harsh pinches were inflicted against the soft flesh of her legs and she cried out through her gag at the torment. When this ended, the sides of her body were tickled by the captor for another minute and once this was finished, it was the turn the helpless girl’s arms to suffer from a merciless pinching.

Although it might appear that the hogtied Melinda was being treated badly, it was showing to her just how helpless she was which added to her fantasy of being held captive by an evil kidnapper. This has been even more thrilling than when I was tied up, and I really hope that you will do the last part of this for me.

“I am going to leave you for a while and perhaps some of the wild animals here will find you, which will save me the trouble of having to decide what to do with you.” The boy said as he started to walk up the path which led out of the glade and the girl protested against this treatment as she fought to get free of her rope restraints.

You are going to do it, oh yes! Melinda struggled against her bonds with all of her strength, although it was just like when she was being pinched and tickled when it was done to demonstrate just how defenceless she was. Within a minute, Kurt had disappeared from view and for the first time, the girl was bound, gagged and left alone with no idea of where she was, which increased the thrilling feeling to an even higher level. If you wanted to, you could just keep walking away and leave me here, helpless and at the mercy of whoever might enter the clearing. After a minute or so, the helpless girl gave up struggling and as the captive rested there, she imagined all kinds of dire fates happening to her with Death coming for her after the fatal event. In fact, Melinda was so caught up in these fantasies that she didn’t notice how much time had passed, which meant that she was taken by surprise when she heard the voice of her captor…

“I see that you are still alive, so perhaps I will need to do something more personal then.” Kurt said and as Melinda looked up, she noticed that he wasn’t wearing the ski mask which meant that he was going to indulge her concerning her final request.

In kidnap scenarios, when the captive sees the face her kidnapper, this means that she can identify him, so there is only one thing that he can do. She struggled as much as she could in order to play the part of the doomed heroine, which wasn’t much given the restrictions imposed by her bonds, as he walked up to her while pulling the toy gun out of his left pocket.

“You seeing my face has proved to be very convenient for me in a way, as I no longer have to make a decision about what to do with you.” Kurt said, pointing the gun at the defenceless prisoner who was pretending to beg and plead in vain for her life as she made one last attempt to get free, an attempt that she wouldn’t expect to succeed anyway. “This is your last moment alive.”

Yes, oh yes! There was a single click from the toy which was the cue for Melinda to freeze for a second before collapsing on the floor, as if she had just been shot dead and she dreamed about Death claiming her again…

After the captive’s daydream had ended, she grunted through her gag so that Kurt could come over, and he removed the strip of cloth that had muffled her voice for so long. “Did you enjoy your kidnapping then?” He said as he started to work on removing the hogtie.

“Yes, it was wonderful. However, I was wondering why you did not carry out the first idea on the list, as some kidnappers end up doing this to their victims in real life.”

There was a blush on the cheeks of the boy as the hogtie ropes were pulled away from the captive’s wrists and ankles. “Even though you asked for it, I wasn’t going to remove your dress, as it would not be fair as you could end up being upset anyway. Plus, if you ever mentioned it to someone, I could get into a lot of trouble, as it’s not the kind of thing that I should be doing to a girl anyway. I did follow the other instructions though.”

“Thank you, I won’t ask for that in the future. By the way, this is a very nice hidden spot, and I haven’t a clue where I am at the moment.”

“You will when you leave, as you can see the path which we will take to get back to where we started.”

“Not if you bind, gag and blindfold me just like how you took me here. In that way, I will never know where I am being taken, which makes this even more fun.”

“Okay, I’ll take you back in the same situation that you arrived.” It only took a few minutes for Kurt to ready the powerless girl before he gathered up the other items which he put into his bag, and she stood there waiting for him to pull on the lead rope. The journey back was just as much fun for the captive as she didn’t know where she was going, and she was only freed from her bonds once they were at the edge of the wood.

“Do you like to tie girls up?” She said as the rope was untied from around the wrist.

“Yes but it can be hard to find girls who want to play kidnap. However, did you enjoy being tied up? That is the important question after all.”

“I did, and if you keep those special extras in you can tie me up as many times as you want. I would love to stay, but I have to go home now. Let’s arrange another game very soon.” Melinda said as she prepared to go home…

For the next two years, the kidnap game with the extras became a regular part of their lives, with her ending up at his house when the weather was too bad for them to be in the wood. This went on for two years, but it came to a sad end when Kurt’s father had to go and work in another country, which meant that the teenager would have to go with him. When it was time for him to leave, Melinda was left quite tearful at the loss of a friend, plus she had no one to play her special games with any more as she didn’t trust the other lads. However, this was the point when schoolwork would become a priority in her life, as her GCSE exams would have to be taken in a few years time and then there would be the A-levels after that. Melinda plunged into her studies, as they would be needed so that she would be able to go to university and there was always the remote chance that the lady could end up meeting someone who might like to help play her games…

That was when my life really became interesting…