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Monday, 13 April 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 20

There was a moment’s gap between the opening of the door and Mistress Kendra walking out of the toilet with Petra following behind her, taking short hops when the leash tugged at her collar. Her face was as scarlet as it was possible to be and she was wild-eyed as she looked at Diana for a moment, before lowering her head so that she could hide her expression from the other captive. If anything ever wanted to use someone’s face to represent the perfect mixture of shock and shame, mine could be used as the ultimate example. I am never ever going to tell a soul about what happened to me in there!  It only took a few hops after leaving the toilet for the helpless woman to end up next to her fellow prisoner and her leash was wrapped around one of the coat hooks before the Mistress took hold of the other lead.

Diana was looking more than a little worried as her leash was pulled hard, which meant that she had no choice other than to hop behind her captor as she entered the toilet and the door was closed, leaving Petra alone with her thoughts. Oh great, the last thing I want to do is think about what happened in there, but now Diana is having to go through it as well which makes it almost impossible. All I can do here is stand here, waiting until they finish so that we can go to the bathroom and get this sweat washed off us. Although it was probably just a few minutes, the time appeared to drag on as the bound lady waited in the corridor and she wondered if she would end up staying like this all night when the door opened, with Diana looking just as embarrassed.

Kendra took her niece up to the hooks so that the helpless lady had to stand next to Petra before the aunt hitched the leash onto one of the hooks, making sure that it was secure. “Now, you two stay there and behave yourself for a few minutes, as I have something to move to the bathroom before the two of you can get clean. Mind you, it’s not as if the pair of you can go anywhere or do anything, given your current state of helplessness but you never know.”

As Kendra walked back to the bedroom where Petra had been held captive, the so-called kidnap victim glanced at the face of the other captive as she was unable to keep her own head up for more than a moment. Why are you going back to my cell, for want of a better term? I can’t think of anything special that you might need as all of the items should be in the bathroom already. Oh, so that’s why you returned to the bedroom.

When Kendra walked down the corridor from the bathroom, she was carrying the camera which was still mounted on the tripod and this was taken into the bathroom, before the aunt returned to the place in the corridor where the two bound women were standing. “This is too good an opportunity to miss, having two hot women in bondage taking a shower, so I am going to video the event so that everyone will be able to enjoy what is going to happen.” She said as the two prisoners’ leads were untied from the coat hooks and there was a tug on the helpless pairs’ collars in the direction of the bathroom, which showed them in which direction they had to go.

I should have known better than to think that we would be allowed to have a private shower and I may have to get used to the idea of the rest of my captivity being recorded for the pleasure of others. I just hope that this experience will be better than the previous one in the toilet. What am I thinking; nothing can be as bad as that. At least with the shower I will have something new to occupy my mind. Petra’s previous visit to the bathroom when she had a bath was while she was blindfolded and she had assumed it to be larger than the room that she hopped into with Diana on her left. It must have been the size of the bath that gave me the impression that this room was bigger, as it is larger than the one at my apartment. The washing basin is the same size as mine, but the shower is a little larger than a standard size. Did you have these put in, or were they already installed when this house was purchased? The shower head does appear to be a handle type, which is much better than the old fixed head versions. When the helpless captive looked to her left, she could see the video camera set up by the wall in such a position that it faced the open door of the shower and the red light showed that the device was already recording.

“It it time for you two to have your shower, so if you two can get inside and turn around so that you are facing me.” Kendra said, so the helpless prisoners hopped into the cubicle with Petra on the left, but as the women turned around the lady discovered that she had ended up on the right.

What’s wrong with you Diana, it almost appears as if you are very nervous about having a shower while bound and gagged? As the helpless woman turned her head to the left, she noticed that a look of extreme worry was showing on the face of the niece and this caused her to wonder what had happened to her fellow captive in previous showers while the young lady was in bondage. This expression became more intense as Kendra took hold of the shower head handle and Petra saw that the hose was much longer than the usual kind which meant that it could be aimed from outside the cubicle. That makes sense as you don’t want to be stuck in the shower, especially with the outfit that you have on. If any water got inside your catsuit, it could end up becoming a major irritation before it evaporated. First of all, the head of the handle was aimed at Diana who was staring to squirm in her bonds, but after a few seconds the mistress decided to point the device at the helpless Petra who was wondering whether or not this  shower experience was not going to be as good as it looked.

“The guest should always shower first.”

Petra was surprised at just how loud she could scream at this point when the water shot out at full force, striking her Mound of Venus before it was sprayed over her breasts and she discovered the reason for her fellow captive’s reaction. It’s freezing, it’s bloody freezing! It is no wonder you weren’t happy about this part, Diana. I just hope that we can get warmed up before long.

“Surely you weren’t expecting a simple shower from me, Slave Petra? This is how a slave has a shower in this house.” There were more cries from the helpless woman as the cold water was splashed all over her body and although the captive squirmed on the spot, she could do nothing to avoid the freezing onslaught. Relief of a kind only happened to the soaking prisoner when Kendra changed her target, so that her own niece was the one who was being soaked and the shrieks from the young lady were every bit as loud as her own while the spraying continued.

“Now it is time for you two to turn around, so that I can ensure that your backs are suitably wet before the next phase of your shower.” Kendra said as she switched off the shower head, with just a few drops landing on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

At least this should be far less uncomfortable as the most sensitive parts of our body are on the front, so the worst part of this is over. While the secured slave shuffled around in an anti-clockwise direction, the niece was turning the other way so that they faced each other and Petra was puzzled by the continuing look of apprehension on the other captive’s face. We aren’t going to suffer anything as bad as what just happened to us, so why are you still worried? Once the two prisoners had finished turning around so that they were facing the rear of the shower, the woman heard a gasp from the young lady on her right as their captor switched on the shower again. During this part of the shower, any noises from the niece were subdued compared to when her front was soaked, but to Petra’s surprised it ended when the lady emitted a shriek of epic proportions.

What could have made you react like that? I doubt that Kendra could have done anything to your bottom as that device is just too big, so what could she have done to you? It was Petra’s turn to yelp a little as the freezing water was sprayed over her shoulders and arms, before her captor worked the jet down her back, avoiding her bottom and soaking the back of her legs. I don’t think that spraying my bottom is going to have any major effect on me, so Diana must have been caught by surprise. Here we go, a bit cold, but not torturous in any way. Although the helpless woman writhed a little as her cheeks was hit with a strong jet of water from the shower head, it wasn’t enough to make her gasp, let alone act in the way that Diana had done.

You must have overreacted for sure, Diana. This isn’t bad at all and if the water wasn’t so cold, it would be an incredi- AIEEE! Not only did Petra empty her lungs in one long scream at what happened next, but as soon as she took a deep breath the captive ended up repeating the action before she managed to get control of herself as she experienced this fresh torture. The jet! You’ve placed it at the top of my legs, where there is that little gap at the point where my thighs join to my bottom and the ice-cold water is hitting my right on my lips of lust! Please stop, please, please stop! After a few more seconds of the helpless woman suffering from this  intense treatment, she sighed with relief as the jet stopped and Kendra put the handle back in the holder, angling the head so that it would spray over both of the ladies in the shower.

“This part is over and after the two of you turn to face each other, I will switch on the shower so that it will spray warm water and the setting is as wide as possible.”

I hope that you are telling the truth about this, as I am already starting to shiver as a result of being drenched in the cold water and if our hair gets soaked in the same way it could be very bad for us. When Petra turned around to face her fellow prisoner, she noticed that the young lady’s nipples had become erect as a result of the cold water and as she looked down, she could see that her own nipples were standing to attention as well.

“That’s one reason why I use cold water at first, Slave Petra. The other is that if I use warm water first, it can make a captive feel sleepy at this time of the evening and I don’t want that to happen. Right now, both of you are wide awake and you will stay like that for some time.” Kendra said as she pressed a button outside of the cubicle and there were simultaneous sighs from the helpless women as the flow of water changed from freezing to warm. “Make sure that both of you get your hair thoroughly wet now, as you are about to do a little performing for the camera.”

There’s not a lot that we can do like this as our arms are bound together behind our back and we don’t have the room to move around much anyway. It only took a few moments for Petra to stop shivering, as she ensured that the water flowed all over her body and the niece was also making sure that she was all warmed up. This feels much better now that the water is warm, as it provides a nice sensual massage over my body.

“Seeing as both of you have warmed up, it is time to start the shower show. Diana, I think that it’s time to give some loving attention to the breasts of your fellow slave.”

I thought that you would want us to be involved in an act which would be far more awkward than that, but there should be no problem in doing something like this. It took a few seconds for the niece in bondage bend her body at the legs and hips in the restrictive area, so that her head was at the height of Petra’s bosom and she poked her tongue out as possible before gliding it over the mound of Petra’s right breast. This feels so nice, with you pleasuring me in this way and I hope that Kendra lets me return the favour. As the captive closed her eyes, she released a quiet moan when her left breast was caressed by the tongue of her fellow captive and it was less than a minute before the prisoner started to feel the warm embers of lust spark at the top of her legs.

I appear to be less worn out than I first thought if I can get aroused by having my breasts licked, but the warm water from the shower that is caressing my body must be playing a part which is just as important. Hopefully, it won’t get much stronger; otherwise we may be at the erotic mercy of our captor who may enjoy watching our predicament. Oh, this very pleasant. Diana had managed to make a seal with her mouth against the soft flesh of Petra’s bosom and the helpless lady writhed a little at the series of sucking kisses that went across her flesh, which fanned the small glow of warmth at the top of her legs. This feeling became stronger just a few minutes later, when the areola around her right nipple was licked before this area was sealed and she gave out a cry as her nipple was flicked and licked by the other slave. After several minutes of this treatment, her left nipple was caressed in the same manner and the woman savoured every moment, as she knew that she soon would have to perform this on Diana’s body. It probably won’t be long before we will be made to swap places by our Mistress and I hope that I can be just as effective in providing pleasure to you.

“You’ve had enough fun for the moment, Slave Petra and now it is time for you to return the favour to my niece.”

Diana was already standing up straight when Petra opened her eyes and the helpless woman bent her legs at her knees and hips in the same way so that her face was low enough to reach the niece’s breasts. Some time was spent licking the left breast of the young lady before Petra moved onto the right and even though she was the one providing the pleasure to the niece, she felt her own lustful flame grow stronger in her most intimate area as she started to plant the gentle sucking kisses over Diana’s bosom. Part of this must be due to the fact that this is an unusual situation, as I am just as much in bondage as the woman who I am making love to. Also, my actions are being recorded which means that people who I will never know will see what I have been doing and become aroused as a result. As the woman started to use her tongue on the niece’s nipples, it was clear from the young lady’s writhing and moaning that the actions were increasing the feelings of lust inside her body as well.

That is unusual, the water has stopped running, which means that Kendra must have turned it off at the outside switch. However, a face full of breast would have prevented me from seeing anything at the moment.

“Okay my slaves, stop what you are doing and face me as this is the next part of the entertainment.”

As Kendra turned to her right, she could see that there was an expression on Diana’s face that was like a smile, given the limitations of the gag and this gave the impression that the next part of the shower was something to look forward to. You seem to be anticipating what is about to happen, so this should be good.

There were four small white pads in Kendra’s left hand and she took hold of one of them with her right before speaking, while Diana had already closed her eyes. “Diana knows what to do and you need to close your eyes so that I can apply these pads to your eyelids. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe.”

A few seconds after Petra shut her own eyes, she felt pressure against her eyelids and she tried to open her eyes again, but the pads worked well in ensuring that she would be unable to see. I think that I am expected to be essentially blindfolded for the next part of this adventure.

“Both of you turn around so that your backs are to me. I will let you know when you are in position by telling you to stop.” Petra shuffled around to her left until Kendra said “Stop, Petra.” This was followed a few seconds later by “Stop, Diana.” which meant that both of the ladies were facing into the shower.

Okay, so what is going to happen next?

(To Be Continued.)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Melinda's Last Night Final Part 9 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

What’s that pressing against my lower legs? Am I kneeling on something soft? I must be dead though, as my last thoughts were of being immersed in the sea, yet I am bone dry. Where am I? As the woman opened her eyes, everything seemed to be blurry for a few seconds, until a very familiar room came into focus and it was amazing to think that it had been some years since she had been here last. It’s my room from university and it’s where I was first tied up as an adult by Vivienne. Right now, I seem to be perceiving the room, rather than seeing it.

“Hello.” The rich vibrant voice would have made Melinda weak at the knees if she wasn’t already on them, and she knelt straight up so that she could see where the voice came from.

Or rather she tried to straighten up, but she cried into her inflatable gag as the clamps pulled at the woman’s nipples which caused pain to shoot through her breasts and as she struggled, the nude lady realised just what her situation was. Oh my, I’m dead and I’m still as bound, gagged and naked as I was before I died. What has happened to me? It was a complete surprise for the captive that her bondage had not disappeared and her cheeks turned crimson as she turned her head up so that she could  get her first good look at Death, who was just as incredible as the first day that she saw him. Death pressed the release button on the necklace timer so that he could remove it from Melinda’s neck and used one of the keys to unlock the padlock which connected the captive’s nipple clamp chain to her knees.

“You may wish to bite down on your gag while I do the next part, as it is always rather painful.”

Wait a minute, I’m dead so how on earth can I feel pai- AAAHH! This first shriek when the nipple clamps were removed were followed by several more as her bruised nipples were massaged until the feeling in her breasts returned to normal. This is weird, as I never expected it to be like this in the afterlife and the vibrator is still teasing me.The woman in bondage knelt upright on her bed and she looked at her restraints with more than a little consternation as she wondered if this was how she was going to spend eternity.

“Melinda, why are you surprised at being restrained in tight bondage? After all, how long has it been since you started playing your games in which you are bound and gagged when you meet me? You are so used to being like this in front of me, that your own mind cannot think of this happening in any other way.”

Just how much do you know about me? There seems to be an awful lot of knowledge about me, which almost makes me think that you have a file on me. I have had fantasies about this situation for so long that I cannot be anything other than in bondage. I just wish that you had a better gag right now as this one is getting more than a little uncomfortable.

“You always want that gag removed after a certain amount of time has passed, so would you like me to unbuckle it? After all, you are what you think so that gag affects you as much as it did while you were alive.” Death said and there was a nod from the helpless lady who also wanted the gag removed so that she could ask a few questions, seeing as this was all new to her. It took a minute or so for the balloon to be deflated and the straps to be unbuckled, so that the gag could be removed from the nude captive who worked her jaw for a few seconds before speaking.

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but I fell in love with you since the first time I saw you come to collect someone.”

“I know about you loving me, and I am very happy that you do.”

“You know? How long have you known about me?”

“I have known all about you, since before I was Death after which I helped the first person pass over to what awaited them and that you adore the slave cuffs that restrain your wrists and ankles.”

You’ve known about me since the dawn of time? This is incredible and it must mean that we were meant to be together. There was one person that I know you didn’t help though.

“When my best friend Vivienne moved on, you weren’t there to meet her, even though I was waiting to see you. Had she done something wrong, because she looked astonished just before she disappeared?”

“There was a reason why I couldn’t meet Vivienne to move her along, as it was because she was asked to take on a very special role and it was one that she accepted without hesitation.”

“Is her role as important as yours?”

“Yes, and I’ll explain more when you are gagged again as you need to concentrate on what I will be telling you. By the way, another thing that you will find out is my true form.”

“I hope that it isn’t all eldritch and tentacley.”

“Oh no, it is nothing like that and I think that you will be very happy once you have seen what I look like. You need something to help you relax, so you will have one last question before I gag you and make love to you. Do you recognise this?” A large red ball-gag appeared in Death’s right which surprised the woman in chains, but after a few seconds she recognised the unmistakable markings on the item.

It’s Vivienne’s ball-gag! I was in this very room when she used it to fill my mouth and it made me feel even more helpless. I just wish that Vivienne was here to put it on me. “It’s the first ball-gag that ever went into my mouth, and it happened right here. I have one last question and seeing as I had always thought that Death was eternal, my question is this:”

“How did you become Death and what did you do before that?”

“I will answer your questions after you are gagged. Open wide, Melinda.” Death said as he raised the large rubber ball to the mouth of the helpless lady and she parted her lips to their fullest extent, so that the ball could be forced between her teeth. It was an incredible feeling for her as the ends of the straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together and she was helped to lie down on her left side with Death lying beside her.

Oh wow, I’m bound, gagged and lying on a bed with Death. This is even more amazing that I could have ever imagined. Oooooo- Melinda found it difficult to think straight when Death kissed and caressed her and it felt just as good as when Vivienne had loved her on that Saturday evening so long ago.

“You did ask two questions, but seeing as they are so relevant to each other, I can see no reason as to why I shouldn’t answer both. So, as to how I became Death. Well, it may come as a surprise to you, but I was once a human being when I died about half a decade ago before you did and like everyone else, I expected Death to come for me once my physical life came to an end. However, he did not appear which was unusual and I thought that everything that I had been told was wrong, when I heard a voice in my mind asking me if I wanted to be Death. There were very good reasons for me to accept this offer, so I agreed without having to think about it.”

Melinda was moaning through her gag at this point, as her flame of pleasure grew stronger with each passing second and it was as if Death knew every little trick about how to press her buttons. You must have some special ability, as I feel as if I am about to climax at any moment and the only reason that I haven’t is that you are keeping me at this level of desire.

“You are really enjoying this, but then you always did. As to the second part, I was born, grew up and went to school before I entered university where I met this amazing woman. I had a medical condition at the time which was terminal, but she became the best friend that I ever had and she took care of me right up to the time of my death.”

I’m glad that you had someone to take care of you, just as I took care of Vivienne. By this time, Melinda was begging and pleading through her gag for her erotic release and the helpless lady was squirming on the bed as she was driven to distraction by her desire.

“You wanted to know why I was never there for Vivienne and I said that there was a very good reason which is quite easy to explain. You see the one person in all of time and space that Death can never meet, is the one person who was destined to become Death.”

WHAT? Even in Melinda’s present state, she attempted to make sense of what she had just heard, but a part of her felt as if it didn’t want to think about what was just said to her, as it was just too impossible to believe.

“I had guessed that you might have trouble at this moment, so I will reveal my true self to you.”

Melinda looked on in amazement as Death turned into a mist and at first she started to think that this was his true form, before it started to coalesce back into the shape of a human being. She ended up staring at in complete surprise at what was happening in front of her, as the being started to come together in a form that could only be thought of as feminine. A woman? Death is a woman? This changes everything that people have ever guessed throughout all of history. There were more surprises in store for the helpless woman as the first things to become clear were a sleeveless knee-length jade green dress with a pair of matching sandals. This was followed by a pale skinned almond shaped face which was surrounded by a cascade of flaming red hair and even the part of her mind that was denying the truth surrendered when, the full red lips appeared along with the jade green eyes which meant that Death herself was none other than:

Vivienne! It’s you, you are Death!

“Sorry, I had to take a little while to show you, but if I revealed myself too early, you might not have accepted it.” Vivienne continued making love to the woman who was going to spend eternity with her and very soon, Melinda was engulfed by a orgasm that made anything that she had experienced while she was alive seem pale by comparison…

Even while the helpless woman was in her reverie, she started to cry with tears of joy as she came to terms with her wonderful situation and Vivienne was also weeping while she embraced her lover.

“I’m so sorry that I had to hide myself from you whenever you saw me, but I was told that I had to hide the truth from you. I did let your parents see me as I am, as I felt that they deserved it at the very least.”

That explains mum’s comments when she looked at you, and her surprise before she recognised you.

“At least you don’t have to choose between me and Death.” Vivienne said as she caressed the hair of the chained captive.

It’s a little unfair that I’m going to be your helpless captive throughout all time. After all, we did share our roles when we were alive, and it’s a pity that we can’t do that now.

“I think that I heard that in my mind, which must mean that you are changing on this side of existence. Now, you have dedicated yourself to helping others while you were alive and there is no reason why you can’t continue with this work. So, would you like to take over as Death for part of the time? I can be your helpless prisoner when this happens.”

Yes, oh yes, I would love to and we can be partners for all eternity. Melinda nodded her head.

“I get the feeling that there is someone that you want to reassure when she passes to this side, as she might be worried about you. This is in the future, but future and past means nothing to us, so she can be the first person that you help to cross over.”

The instructions given to the helpless woman went on for a long time, but only took an few seconds, which was understandable given that the nature of time was so flexible and the only decision left was to choose what she should wear…

Throughout her long life, Mrs. Johnston continued to work at the hospice and she always wondered what had happened to Melinda as no trace of her had ever been found. In the latter years of her life she became ill with a terminal condition and the lady ended up spending her final days in the very hospice that she was once in charge of. I feel so tired now, and I wish that I could hear Melinda’s voice once again, as she was always so reassuring to patients as she talked about Death being there at the end. As the day turned into night, the elderly woman fell asleep for the last time.

“Hello, Mrs. Johnston.” The woman opened her eyes and looked at the amazing woman who shimmered in the blue-green grown that appeared to consist of rolling waves and she was surprised when she looked upon the face of the woman.

“Melinda? Oh Melinda, it’s you but I never expected that you would become Death.”

“Believe me, it was a surprise to me as well. Before I tell you about what is going to happen, I will satisfy your curiosity about what happened to me…”

Vivienne was helpless on the luxurious four poster bed with the ropes teasing her body when she made even the slightest of movements and she moaned through her gag in anticipation of her lover’s return.

“I’m back, my helpless captive, but don’t expect me to be in a hurry to bring you to a climax.” Melinda said as she pleasured the woman who lay defenceless on the bed and with all of forever stretching out before them, she knew that in essence that this was just:

The Beginning

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 8 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

It was only after Melinda’s third orgasm that she managed to regain enough control over her emotions and she knew that the third stage of her plan would start not long after she reached the craft’s destination. There is no point in fighting against my fate, but instinct can be very powerful in some situations and if it wasn’t for the fact that I no longer have any control over what is going to happen to me, I would be heading back to shore by now. The irony is that I stole this idea from Tennyson, but there will be no people at Camelot, who will gaze upon this Lady of Shalott. Soon, the erotic feeling built up in her body again, which meant that before long all she could think about was the heat between her legs as she started to writhe in her bonds and this cycle of pleasure continued through the rest of her journey.

At one point, as the powerless Melinda roused from her post-orgasmic reverie, she was surprised at how quiet it was and it took her a few seconds to realise that the outboard engine had stopped. A glance down at the little clock on the necklace that held the keys showed that there was ten minutes to go before the start of the last stage and she started to struggle a little in her bonds, as she knew that there was very little time left. I think that I have underestimated the effect of the tide on this night, as I thought that the time would be up before I reached this location. This craft is adrift on the open sea though, and the chances of anyone finding me before this is all over must be about zero. Although the nude in chains tried to relax as best she could, she kept glancing at the little clock that almost acted at the herald of her doom and her little movements were again driving her towards the peak of pleasure.

Only two minutes to go now, and it shouldn’t be too much longer after that. Just like in other situations where a person keeps an eye on the clock, it seemed to take forever for those two minutes to pass by, but there came the moment when clock showed the appointed time. Here we go!

Nothing happened.

What is going on? Melinda thought for a moment that she might have misread the time on the clock, but another glance confirmed that the time was correct which meant that stage three should have started. Maybe the two timers could be a minute of two out of synchronisation and I may just have to just a little longer. Satisfied with this explanation, the restrained woman settled her nerves and waited for the beeping sound from a device at the rear of the boat that would start the final stage. This device was kept inactive while the outboard motor was running, because of a small electricity output socket on the motor which supplied power through a cable to the box and as this power was no longer being supplied, there should be nothing to stop the box from carrying out its task. While the lady in bondage waited for the signal, she started to squirm in her bonds and soon her level of arousal became so high that she was tipped over the edge into a state of pure bliss.

There’s something wrong, stage three should have happened by now. As soon as the chained lady roused from her state of joy, she became very worried about the fact that everything that she had done this night may have been for nothing and that she may have to return to shore. All this work and effort, just for the special timer to fail and now I will have to wait for the neck timer to activate the key release so that I won’t be discovered in the morning by a passing vessel. I am going to have to wait several hours before I can get free, so I will have to think about what I am going to do once the timer on my necklace drops the keys at my knees. Oh fuck, OH FUCK!

When Melinda looked down to her knees to see where the items would fall, she was horrified to discover just how much she had miscalculated on this one small but very important detail. Every previous time that she had placed herself in bondage like this, it was on the floor in the centre of a room or in the middle of a double bed and she used to shuffle around on her lower legs or on her side if she had fallen over. When she prepared herself this time, her knees were forced up against the inverse V shape of the inflatable pylons at the front of the craft and her bottom almost touched the centre plank.  She would only be able to move backwards a few inches at the most and even if she did this, it still would not allow her enough leeway to be able to turn around, which meant that once the keys fell they would remain out reach of her hands.

I have been so stupid, as this mistake of mine of going to cost me everything! One piece of string could have saved me from this dire situation, as I could have tied one end to the keys with the other end tied to the handcuffs that are restraining my wrists. Because of this there is not going to be a good end for me, only bad ones at best. The first option would be someone spotting me at sea and calling the emergency rescue services which would result in me being rescued, but there could be charges for wasting the time and resources of the services. Even if that didn’t happen, the story would reach the front pages of the tabloids and I have no doubt that the authorities would make sure that I wouldn’t be able to repeat this in future.

What comes next is worse, as a craft could come alongside mine and I could be transferred across so that I would be at the mercy of my captors. They could do anything that they want to me and once my traumatised and broken body is of no further interest to them, they could just drop me over the side or sell me to someone else. I could end up spending the rest of my short life begging for death.

Also, what condition I am in will depend on how soon I am found, as the next three days are going to be blistering hot with clear skies and if I am not found in time, I will suffer a lingering and terrifying death from either dehydration or heatstroke. In about a week or so, this boat will be washed up on one of the beaches and people are going to suffer from a dreadful psychological trauma when they find me. I have ruined everything by what I have done and I have placed myself in the worst situation possible.

The predicament appeared to be so terrible that Melinda started to sob as the tears welled up in her eyes and by the time that streaks started to run down her face, she had surrendered to the overwhelming despair as the bound woman wondered which fate was waiting for her, or if there was a worse one which she had not thought about. Melinda had got so caught up in the dismay for so long that she didn’t even hear the first few gentle beeping sounds coming from behind her…

What’s that? That can’t be the special timer as it isn’t working, but what else can it be? As the beeping sound continued, the woman stopped crying before she looked at the timer that was attached to her neck and she started to giggle as she realised just how foolish she had been in her preparations. British Summer Time! The clock that is attached to my neck is on British Summer Time, while the special device at the back of the boat must be on Greenwich Mean Time. It is activating one hour later than it should be because of this. I feel like such a fool for torturing myself for the last hour, as a result of me not checking that the time on the device was correct. In thirty seconds time, stage three will begin and I will go to meet Death. OMG, what’s that?

When Melinda became relieved at knowing that her situation wasn’t so dire after all, this combined with the continued teasing of her body to bring her to a state of ecstasy within a few seconds and it was during her period of rest that she half-heard the single long beep, which meant that the time had come for the final stage of her plan to comment. At least, I will be meeting Death before long, and no one will know what has happened to me. When the others don’t get a message, they will be able to use my assets for the hospice.

There was a gap of a few seconds before six special valves were opened by the device and these would ensure that the helpless woman would be sent to her destiny, while any evidence of her demise would be removed from view. It took a few seconds for her to hear the hissing sounds that came from four equidistant points on the top of the inflatable pylons, which was just before cool water was felt against her toes from the two openings that were made in the bottom of the dinghy. Thank goodness, everything is working correctly and the extra cast iron weights will make sure that this boat will sink to the bottom of the sea. If someone finds it in a few years, the weights should have disappeared, along with my cotton clothing and anything else that could be degradable which means that they will just find an unusual boat. It shouldn’t be too long before it sinks and I will be going to meet the person who has owned my heart ever since I was a child.

Melinda was feeling a little fear as the water rose higher in the little dinghy, but this was more than matched by her excitement at being able to meet the person that she had loved for so long and her lustful desire was so strong that she struggled just so that it could heighten the fire at the centre of her intimacy. She cried into her gag as her latest orgasm washed over her and her state of being didn’t even allow her enough time to rest before the next one engulfed her.

This was the situation for the helpless women with the last part of her life being an ecstatic experience and when the final one started, the small craft was so unstable that it leaned over to the starboard side, which caused her to tip into the water. Melinda surrendered to the sudden desire of breathing in the water and as the liquid filled her lungs, her last thought was one with a tinge of regret. Vivenne, it’s a pity that I won’t be able to spend eternity with Death and you…

When Mrs. Johnston and the lawyer failed to receive any more messages from Melinda, they knew that not only had she ended her life, but that she had managed to do it without causing upset to anyone else. They put the money to good use in the hospice and there was a memorial plaque put up for the lady with her image saying:

“Melinda Smith, a kind lady who was always prepared to shoulders the burdens of others and refused to burden others.”

A hundred years later, sensor equipment scanned the sea and found what was left of the craft, which was considered to be a little boat that had ended up sinking, so Melinda had ensured that no one ever discovered her fate. This was a little inaccurate, because there was one person who knew, although the term person may not be correct either…

Friday, 3 April 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 7 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

The tide was still high at this point which meant that the boat had remained afloat, but Melinda knew that it wouldn’t be long before the tide would start to ebb, so she removed her jeans and t-shirt which left her in just her black bikini and she put her clothes in a secured cotton sack on the boat. She pushed the inflatable dinghy out from the sandy beach until the depth of the water was at least two feet, at which point she got onto the boat, sat down on the plank that went across the centre and used the telescopic aluminium oar to row out a little further into the bay. Once there was enough distance between the boat and the shore, Melinda lowered the outboard motor into the water, before starting it up and guiding the craft so that she could leave the cove.

After a few minutes had gone by, the woman was satisfied that there were going to be no more problems that would require any manual navigation, so she set  the motor’s GPS which would take her to a preset destination point before stopping. Once the coordinates were entered, she folded the tiller up so that it would be out of the way and she secured the oar in its proper place on the right side of the dinghy.

This is good, as no one lives anywhere near here and people on this coast have a habit of ignoring the occasional little boat that comes out at night for a nocturnal fishing expedition. As they think that I have already left the area, they will have no reason to suspect that it is me. However, I do need to put a few miles between me and the coast before I start on the next stage of my plan.

The ebb tide out to sea had increased the speed of the little craft and after Melinda had been travelling west for about three quarters of an hour, she decided to put stage two of her plan into operation. Stage three required no input from her, as she had preset everything for that part of her plan before she had left the cove and it would start once she had reached her destination point.

I had better prepare myself otherwise if I wait, I won’t be ready when stage three starts. I’m not sure about how long I have, but I’d hate to end up having to turn back just because I dawdled at this point. Melinda was feeling more than a little apprehensive as she removed her bikini, which was placed in the same bag as her other clothes, but this feeling was natural because she wasn’t playing a game this time. Now to get the equipment out of the other bag and prepare myself. The other secured bag was opened up so that the woman could place all of the items in the bow of the little boat and she double-checked that nothing had been left behind. One timer necklace with duplicate keys for every lock, two long chains, one inflatable pump harness gag, one set of clover nipple clamps with a connecting chain, one metal bullet vibrator, nine padlocks and the two heavy Clejuso handcuffs. Well, Vivienne, I am going to wear your slave cuffs for one last time and it’s a pity that you won’t see me bound and gagged in them again.

As Melinda sat facing the bow of the little craft, she took one pair of the handcuffs, which she used to secure her right ankle before her left and she selected one of the long chains, securing it with a padlock so that there was a short end of several feet trailing from her ankles. She picked up four more of the padlocks which she would need for this part of the bondage and the lady took the long end of the chain up to just below her knees, where she wrapped it around her legs before securing the tight loop in front of her legs with one of the padlocks. Next, the chain was positioned a little above her knees, before it was wound once around her lower thighs and the second padlock was used at the chain meeting point to lock it in position. For the last part of her leg bondage, it was looped a single time around her upper thighs with the third lock holding it in place and the end of the chain was taken around her waist where the last padlock secured it. Just like all of the times when we played these games and the last part around my waist prevents the other loops from slipping. It’s time I got into position for the next part of this adventure.

The items were moved to the starboard and port sides of the boat and Melinda took care in getting into position, as she knelt on the bottom of the craft with the centre plank only two inches behind her. I’m glad I managed to find this dinghy, as the other boats did not allow me to kneel in the front. She took hold of the other trailing length of chain from her ankles, which was taken up to the part of the chain that was around her waist at her back and she looped the free end over so that when it descended, it was pressed against her back. Next, the end was threaded between her legs before Melinda took the vibrator, which she worked into her tunnel of lust and she took the end of the chain up to her waist at the front.  When she pulled hard on the chain before locking it into place to her waist chain at the front, using the sixth padlock, her bottom was forced down onto her knees, the vibrator was pressed further into her and the links rubbed against the most intimate parts of her body. Now, I am stuck in a kneeling position and every little movement is stimulating my body, even without the vibrator being on. Now to arrange for my means of escape if stage three should fail to happen.

She checked that the timer on the special necklace was set to the beginning of nautical twilight in the morning, so that the release mechanism would operate if she still needed it and she locked the item around her neck, positioning the LED timer so that she could tell what the time was. I remember when Vivienne insisted that we always used this whenever we placed ourselves in bondage, just in case anything ever happened which would delay the other person or in case they had an accident. There were a few times when it was needed and we were both very thankful for that. When it reaches the right time, it will unlock so that it will fall to the floor. Next I have to ensure that I will remain quiet, as I wouldn’t want to end up attracting attention with me screaming, as sounds travel a long way over water at night.

Once the lady picked up the gag she placed the panel part against her face, so that the inflatable latex balloon was in her mouth and the two main straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together. Next, she took the inverse Y-strap over the top of her head so that the end could be connected where the other two straps were attached together, before the two small straps that hung from the sides of the panel were buckled together under her chin. After the gag was secured into place, the lady squeezed on the bulb that was attached to the panel until the balloon was so large that it filled her mouth and started to press against the soft palate at the back of her mouth. When the gag was inflated to this size, Melinda knew that she could breathe so long as it was at a normal rate, but if she tried to expel a large volume of air in one go, it would force the remainder of the palate closed which prevented any air from escaping. That should stop me from screaming out loud, but it will be tested soon enough. That reminds me, I had better sort out that special piece of equipment, the cuffs and the last chain.

She took one of the three remaining padlocks, along with the nipple clamps and she locked the centre of the clamp chain to the front part of the chain that went around her legs just above her knees. Another lock was picked up which was used to secure the centre link of the second set of massive handcuffs to point of the vertical chain behind her back, just before it reached her waist. They are ready for me, so I just have to sort out this last chain. Melinda wrapped the chain around her upper body and chest ten times, with five loops going above her breasts and the other five just below with a single loose cinch between each arm and chest. When the lady pulled the ends together in front of her body, the cinches tightened which did the same to the windings around her chest and this caused the links to dig into her flesh as she attached the ends together with the last padlock.

Just a few more things to do and everything will be ready. I hope that I don’t lose my nerve at the last second. When the woman finished binding her upper arms to the sides of her chest, she noticed that her breathing was fast and shallow while her heart was racing with a mixture of fear and anticipation at what she was about to do. Just a few seconds later, the lady reached between her legs with her right hand and pressed the button at the base of the vibrator so that it was at maximum power. The effect of the device was immediate as the woman in chains was unable to stay still and this added to the erotic effect of the vibrations that teased her most intimate area.

This next part is going to hurt, but if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to finish what I am doing and this would leave me no choice but to go back. After taking hold of a nipple clamp in each hand, the lady leaned as far as she could forward so that her already erect nipples were in range of the devices and after a moment’s hesitation she managed to attach each clamp to one of her nipples. She screamed into her gag which only permitted a low whine as the pain radiated through her breasts and her involuntary response in trying to kneel upright ended up adding to the torment that the clamps were inflicting on her body.

NOW! There was a side effect of the pain that the woman was enduring as she suffered  and it was that any other feeling was pushed out of her mind, including that of fear, so in this brief moment Melinda took her hands around to the back of her waist, before locking her wrists in the heavy handcuffs that were secured there. OMG,I  have actually done it to myself, I am in real bondage with no chance of escaping my fate! What was I thinking of? As the pain subsided to a dull ache, the helpless woman began to think straight with the reality of what she had done to herself and as she felt the fear and panic grow inside her, the bound lady started her involuntary struggle against the restraints. However, the lady in bondage was already at a high state of arousal, because of the stimulating effect of the active vibrator along with the crotch chain and her fight against the bonds that held her prisoner added to this which led to an inevitable result.

Oh yes, Oh Yes, OH YESS! Melinda’s shrieks of ecstasy were muffled down to a whimper by the gag that filled her mouth and her body convulsed in orgasm as she remained in her kneeling position in the bow of her small boat that travelled into the night..

Monday, 30 March 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 6 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

That was the start of a wonderful relationship. As the woman looked up into the clear night sky, she noticed that the crescent moon was approaching the western horizon, and once it had set, she would put her plan into motion…

Melinda became much closer to Vivienne over time as they studied together, played their bondage games and also started the research into whether or not there was something to her seeing Death.

Vivienne’s situation was useful in the fact that she did know some of the doctors at the local hospital and they were allowed to set up their project, so long as they were discrete and used a cover story as to why they were there. Even after the first week, the two ladies managed to gather enough evidence to intrigue the doctors who knew about the project, with a few saying that there had been an case where a cat could sense when people were about to die and stay with them until the end. The medical staff were at a loss to explain what was happening, with some of them suggesting scent or sound, or even a signal disruption in the magnetic field of the planet. One of the doctors put forward the idea that the perception of Death could be Melinda’s mind trying to make sense of the sensory input that it was receiving, rather there being any true entity there and this was the theory that ended up being accepted by the others.

Melinda didn’t mind this idea, even though she kept with the idea of it being just the way that she perceived it and the doctor pointed out that as only she had the full experience of this, her theory was just as valid as the other one.

As time went on, the two friends got more equipment to play their bondage games with, and one special set consisted of chains, padlocks and two sets of very unusual handcuffs. These restraints were known as Clejuso number 15 cuffs and they looked like shackles for a slave rather than normal handcuffs, with each set weighing close to one and a half kilograms. Melinda thought that these were wonderful and she loved being placed in them and the chains, as if she was a slave who was about to be executed. She even nicknamed them the ‘slave cuffs’ and she was taught by Vivienne how to use the chains, cuffs and padlocks to place herself in bondage, along with an inflatable harness gag that could as be used as a form of torture. There were many times when one of the ladies would restrain themselves in the other’s room, so that she could pretend that she was already a helpless slave who was at the mercy of her new owner.

However, there was one particular bondage game which was played by the ladies and it was never repeated for a very good reason. It happened when they went to see a music concert and seeing as it was going to finish late, they had booked a room with twin beds along with an en suite bathroom and a large bath. After the two girls had been to the concert, Vivienne said that she had a very wicked idea for a role play which should start with Melinda getting undressed so that she could pretend to be asleep on the bed. After a few minutes with the lights out, a hand went over Melinda’s mouth and a voice told her to be quiet, before several strips of tape went over the mouth of the lady lying down on the bed.

Soon, the captive was restrained in very secure rope bondage, made to hop into the bathroom and she was forced to lie face down in the bath where she was put in a strict hogtie. It was at this point that Vivienne, who was playing the part of a hitwoman, explained that she was there to eliminate Melinda who was a major witness to a murder. Seeing as a stabbing might leave too much evidence and a firearm would cause too much noise, the witness was to be drowned in the bath as this would be as effective as anything else. As the taps were turned on and the water rose, the helpless captive put on a wonderful struggle, even when a half foot high bath step was placed underneath her chest. Just as the water almost reached up to her nose, the taps were turned off and Melinda was struggling against her bonds, when she was lifted up so that the step could be pulled away from underneath her.

There was a scream from the helpless lady after she was held up for a few seconds when her captor released her body so that she was immersed in the water and the captive continued in her frantic behaviour for a moment. After this point, there was a major change in the bound lady, as she just rested in the water and she had an overwhelming desire to breath in the liquid that she was immersed in. The only thing that stopped her from doing this was the fact that her friend would end up in prison for murder and that is where her last days would be spent. Her stillness must have surprised the captor, who pulled her out of the water after just a few seconds and once the captive’s gag was removed, she explained what had happened along with a warning that they must never do this again.

Everything went well with the two ladies throughout the rest of their university days and for three years afterward, when Melinda worked at a hospice that was near to home with Vivienne staying with her. They never spoke about the time when Vivienne would start to succumb to the final stages of the illness, but after six years that moment had come at last with her starting to get weaker. They played the same bondage games with each other for as long as possible and even though Vivienne became too ill to be the captor, Melinda took over that role so that her friend could be the prisoner.

There came a point when Vivienne became too ill to stay at the apartment that they shared, so she was transferred to the hospice where Melinda worked at which meant that they would be able to spend as much time together as possible. Even though the patient was getting weaker by the day at this point, she was still cheerful whenever her friend was around and there was always a smile on her face.

“It’s amazing to see you like this, when six years ago, you could get very depressed at your situation.” Melinda said as she fed Vivienne.

“You helped me out then and we have had six wonderful years together, so who could ask for more. Anyway that research on your ability has given me hope as to what will happen next, which means that I have had no fear of dying for some time.”

“You could have taken the quick route to meet Death, and I wouldn’t have blamed you for doing so.”

“Melinda, if I had done that, then I would have spent less time with you and you did say how you wanted to be with Death after it is your time. I may not see you again afterwards because of that, so I want every precious memory before I go on my way.”

“Vivienne, for the first time, I feel conflicted about my situation. I do want to spend eternity with Death but I also want to be with you, and I have the feeling that I would have to choose between one person or the other.”

“In that case, choose Death as you have known him far longer than you have known me. I’ll give him your regards and tell him that you are waiting to stay with him forever. Anyway, I hope that you don’t mind, but I think that I need a little rest after my meal.” Vivienne closed her eyes and started to fall asleep as Melinda put the bowl on the bedside table.

As the weeks went on, Vivienne’s condition deteriorated as expected and she spent more and more time asleep, but she always gave Melinda her undivided attention when she was awake. On a Tuesday while the lady was putting away the eating tray, another bed was wheeled into the ward which was placed beside the one in that Vivienne was sleeping in and Melinda knew what this meant even before the doctor told her that there were only a few days left. From this moment, Melinda only left the side of her friend when she needed to take a quick break and she was ready to talk whenever Vivienne was awake for a short time.

It was on a Friday afternoon when Vivienne’s heat monitor started to beep, which showed that her heart had gone into cardiac arrest and this roused her friend from her dozing state into being fully alert. Melinda knew that Death would appear in a few seconds time, but this time it seemed that he was late as he was nowhere to be seen as a very healthy looking and cheerful Vivienne came into view. The spirit looked a little puzzled for a moment as there was no Death to be seen, before she turned so that she was almost facing Melinda and she waved her hands along with giving a big smile. It was just before she started to fade away that the smiling expression on her face changed into one of complete astonishment, as if she had seen or heard something that she had never expected.

That is so unusual, Death has turned up in person for everyone except you. What has happened here? Melinda was in a state of shock as she had not only lost her friend, but something had occurred that do not fit into any of her previous experiences of other passings. When she had recovered enough to be aware of everything, she started to make all of the arrangements that were necessary in situations like this…

Two years later, Melinda was still working at the hospice when she was told by a police officer that her parents had been involved in a very serious road accident and that their conditions were critical. She was rushed to the hospital in the patrol vehicle, but even before she managed to reach to intensive care unit, the lady perceived that Death had already appeared and a moment later he was accompanied by her father. By the time she was at the unit, the two figures have already faded, and the look on the doctor’s face told her everything that she needed to know about her mother’s prognosis.

“She’s conscious and the drugs are preventing her from feeling any pain, but to be honest I’m surprised that she’s alive, given the injuries that she has received.” The doctor said in a low voice as her opened the door. “Personally, I think that she’s managed to stay alive just so that she could see you.”

As Melinda sat down by the bed of her mother, she placed her left hand over the right hand of her mother’s and the woman turned her head to the right so that she could look at the daughter. “So, how did he look? Okay, you can stop pretending at this point, as Vivienne contacted us about your project and let us know that you weren’t imagining things.”

There was a moment’s hesitation from the daughter, as she had not spoken about this subject with her parents for a long time, although keeping up the pretence was pointless given the present situation. “He looked great mum, and he appeared as if he was in his prime.”

“I feel sorry about leaving in this way, so that you have to pick up the pieces.”

“It’s not your fault mum, these things just happen. Anyway, you appear to be very brave about this.”

“Melinda, half of this is due to the drugs and the other half is because I read through your project report. Anyway, how are things at work nowadays?”

The small talk continued for another hour until the mother’s condition worsened, at which point she slipped into unconsciousness and within another hour there was an alarm sound, indicating that the mother’s heart was no longer beating. A few seconds later, Death stepped into view by the bed and her mother in a younger form became visible. Melinda found the next few seconds puzzling as her mother showed surprise before an expression of recognition and as the daughter was close enough to read the lip movements, the words provided even more of a puzzle.

“It’s you, it’s really you and you are Death? Oh, Melinda will be pleased.”

Are you seeing something different to me? There was more, but the two figures were already fading out which meant that the rest of it was unintelligible and she continued to stay in a seat for a few minutes as she tried to make sense out of what she had seen. “I have a lot of things to sort out, and I had better get started.” Melinda was thankful for the help of the family lawyer in this trying time and with some help from friends of the family, she was able to shoulder the burden.

It was a few years after the death of her parents that Melinda started to notice certain aches and pains along with a sense of weakness, so she decided to find out what was wrong with her. When the woman visited the doctors, she said that she had spent six years in close contact with a lady who had suffered from Miri’s Syndrome and once they had completed all of their tests, it almost seemed to be anti-climatic when she was diagnosed with the same condition. Seeing as the chances of two people so close together having a very rare genetic abnormality, the likelihood was that there was something being transmitted in the intimate relationship that she had with Vivienne, which meant that Melinda falling ill could help to prevent others being infected and one day may even end up providing a cure.

However, Melinda knew that she had to mention her condition to Mrs. Johnston who ran the hospice, even though she wasn’t likely to be of any threat to the residents.

“Life really has been unfair to you, Melinda.” The mature lady said as she sat in her gray suit, with Melinda wearing her long blue dress and matching sandals. “First you lose your best friend, then your parents and now this.”

“I wouldn’t call it tragedy as they all went to a better place, and I would like to continue helping the people here for a little longer. The doctor’s think that I am safe unless contact is too intimate.”

“I can allow you for six more months, but I would like you to then take a break for six months before returning, so that you can enjoy yourself for a while. In a way, you are your own patient now, and you have to take care of yourself.  When your condition starts to deteriorate, please remember that we can take very good care of you at the end.”

“That is very kind of you, but although you disapprove, I do not intend to be a burden to anyone. Vivienne held on to the bitter end because there was me along with her mother and father. I do not have these connections, and I will not be the cause of any distress to my co-workers here.”

“It’s not the act itself that annoys me; it’s the fact that someone has to pick up the pieces afterwards, especially the one who has to walk in on the aftermath. Have you considered this?”

“I have and my plan is already worked out so that there is no aftermath to stumble on. What I want to do is work with you and a lawyer so that you will have power of attorney over my assets once I am gone. I will send you and the lawyer a message each once a month and if there is a gap of two months, with neither of you receiving anything, then my assets are yours to use for the good of the hospice.”

Before Melinda went on her travels, she sorted out the necessary paperwork with Mrs. Johnston and the lawyer, and she even signed a statement that if she was discovered later on, then no one was to be blamed for her demise. The lady was happy as she spent her final half a year at the hospice, helping out whenever she could and after that she spent her break going to places in Europe before visiting various coastal towns in Britain. However, just as the woman was about to end her break, she could tell that the final stage of the illness had started and she sent a message to Mrs. Johnston and the lawyer so that they would be informed of her condition.

She rented a room in the seaside town of Bude in the county of Cornwall and she gathered together everything that she needed, along with a small motorised inflatable dinghy which had some special modifications. After she had made a few trips along the coast, she found a secluded cove about 4km north of the resort and she stored everything away until it would be the right time for a most special adventure.

Before the sun went down, Melinda left the place where she was staying, paying the bill so that there would be no questions asked and she went to the seafront to have one final meal. Once that was over, the lady paid the bill for the mooring of her dinghy and made her way to the cove where her other items were. All that remained was to wait until the moon set, so that her boat would not be so easy to spot in the darkness, as being found on the sea would be the last thing that she would want to happen.

As the woman looked to the west, she could see the last part of the crescent moon dipping below the horizon, which meant that it was time to start getting prepared for her last adventure.

I have everything that I need and if I do this right, no one apart from the lawyer and Mrs. Johnston will ever know that I am gone.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 5 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

 This was too much for the helpless lady as she stared through the open doorway to the corridor and when she shook her head at the latest order, the captive failed to notice her kidnapper drop the bag so that she could step behind the nude victim.

“Now, I will say for a second time, hop to my room.” Melinda felt something on her breasts and her attention became focused on a more immediate situation, as she looked down to see each nipple held in a firm grip between the thumb and index finger of her captor.

You can’t be planning to torment me, just because I don’t want to be seen in public like this. It’s too unfair! When the lady shook her head for a second time, her actions were interrupted by a scream escaping from her gagged mouth as her nipples were crushed by Vivienne, who also twisted and pulled the sensitive pieces of flesh. Stop it, just stop it! This torment of Melinda’s breasts continued for about a minute, with the bound nude begging for her intense suffering to come to an end, but the captor ignored the pleas for mercy.

“Are you going to hop to my room?” Vivienne said, pulling extra hard on the soft mounds of the defenceless girl who realised that this was only going to stop when she agreed to the demand of her tormentor.

I’ll do it, I’ll hop to your room, just don’t do this to me! Melinda nodded her head while she cried out through her gag, but even though the captor dropped her hands the pain in the captive’s breasts persisted for a few more seconds, before diminishing to a dull ache. Just what are you going to do to me once I get to your room?

“I’m glad that you have agreed to my request, so it is time for you to get started on your journey.” As the woman in charge picked up the bag, Melinda made her little hops towards the corridor and her heart was racing as she left her room, even though the corridor was empty for the moment. It took just a little effort for her to turn to the right, but although it was a short walking distance, to the helpless damsel it appeared that was going to take her hours to traverse the distance in her little hops. Vivienne exited the room with her bag and the closing of the door caused the captive to become even more fearful as her only potential escape route was denied to her.

Oh no, these ropes are having an even greater effect on me, now that I’m making hop after hop. Every time that the bound Melinda made one of her small jumps, her upper body twisted a little which meant that the crotch and breast ropes rubbed against her and these combined to increase the strength of these new feelings in her body. Before the helpless lady was even half-way down the corridor to the room of her captor, she emitted a moan after every hop which was a response to the teasing of her body. Although the lady thought that this psychological torment would go on forever, she managed to reach Vivienne’s door which allowed her a measure of relief. I’ve made it, but I hope that you won’t force me to wait outside.

“I have to get you inside now, as too many questions will be asked about my helpless victim if we are spotted.” Vivienne had her room key ready in her hand and she wasted no time in unlocking the door before opening it wide, so that the nude in bondage could hop into the room with the door being closed behind her. “There is no escape for you, now that you are in my lair.” Vivienne said as she took the dagger out of the bag and put it on a bedside table, while the fire between Melinda’s legs burned stronger than ever.

I need to touch myself right at the top of my legs, but I can’t do that with my hands tied behind my back. It’s almost like having an itch that you cannot scratch, but this makes any itch feel like nothing in comparison. Melinda squirmed her upper body  while Vivienne looked at her laptop, in the hope that the rope between her legs might help, but the only thing that she managed to achieve was to increase the need to be caressed. That knob on the top of the post, at the foot of the bed is just about the same height as the place where I am aching and my captor looks a little preoccupied, so if I hop over to the bed, I might be able to do something about this sensation. It took just a few hops for the tormented captive to reach the post and once the lady was in position, she pressed her Mound of Venus against the bed knob before she moved her body up and down, so that she could caress as much as much of the affected area as possible. That feels so good, I must be doing something right. Melinda closed her eyes as she used the top of the post to caress her body, and in her imagination it was Death who was smoothing his hand against her most intimate area. NO!

Melinda was so focused on the effect that she was getting from the bedpost, that she didn’t notice that Vivienne had moved from her laptop and the first time the captive realised that she was in trouble was when her head was pulled back by her hair. “You bad girl! I let you into my room and this is what you do! I have no other choice but to give you a good old fashioned punishment!” This tug was so harsh that the poor woman was made to hop back away from the bed, which meant that she could no longer press herself against the bed knob and the continuing pressure on her head by the captor’s left hand forced the prisoner to bend over so that her body was parallel with the floor.

Oh come on, there’s only one way that you can punish me while I am stuck like this, and you wouldn’t be so mean as t- OUCH! There was a second cry from the bound girl as another hard spank landed on her bottom and she squirmed in her bonds while her posterior received four more smacks. Although her bottom smarted from the punishment that had been inflicted on her, the flame between her legs appeared to grow as if fuel had been thrown onto it and the smoothing of her cheeks for a minute seemed to amplify the feeling. This whole thing is like an exquisite torture, and I don’t know how to bring an end to it.

“Now lady, you can either lie down on the bed on your back, or you can spend the next ten minutes having your bottom spanked like the bad little girl that you are.” Vivienne kept hold of the hair of the captive who was made to hop over to the bed before she ended up sitting on her side of the bed where her hair was released. “If you have any sense, then you will make your decision quickly, otherwise I will turn those cheeks of yours bright red.”

You appear to mean it, so I had better obey you as I would like to be able to sit down later. It took two minutes of squirming for the captive to get into place, due the restriction of her bonds and once she was in position, Vivienne knelt astride her at the hips. Melinda closed her eyes as every part of her exposed body was kissed and caressed by the lady who was in full control of her and again she pretended that it was Death who was treating her in this way…

“It’s time to prepare you for the next phase.” Melinda was rolled onto her front, the crotch-rope was untied from her elbows so that it could be looped over her wrist ropes and her legs were bent at the knees so that her heels pressed into her bottom. The free end of the crotch-rope was taken around the ankle bonds and it was pulled so tight that it dug into the most intimate part of her body, before the end was tied off. Whenever the helpless lady had struggled before with the crotch-rope, it had been both pleasurable and irritating, but as she squirmed in the added hogtie, the previous sensations ended up paling into insignificance and she emitted moans with each little movement. OMG, what have you done to me? I want to stop this movement to get a measure of relief, but something seems to be forcing me to continue squirming.

“Oh look, a lovely captive, all hogtied and helpless.” Vivienne said as she rolled the captive onto her left side, before the kidnapper retrieved the dagger and knelt in front of the lady who was trembling as she kept her eyes on the blade. “Yes, it is a lovely piece of metal, my wonderful prisoner, and it exists for one purpose.” For a moment, the helpless nude forgot about the inferno at the top of her legs as the knife was pressed between her upper thighs and it was moved up her body until it reached her breasts. However, once the tip of the blade was use to trace a figure of eight around the breasts of the prisoner, she became aware that her Mound was getting even hotter as a result.

You are going to use this as the device of my pretend murder! I just hope that you don’t take too long as I need to find some way of ending this ache inside me.

“You are so beautiful, my little girl and I wish that I could keep you, but you will make a wonderful sacrifice for my Goddess.” Vivienne said as she lifted the weapon up to the neck of the captive, who was trembling a little from fear but most of it was from her anticipation from the climax of the role play.

I’m to be a human sacrifice? Oh wow, I’ve never gone through that scenario before and it means that you have been carrying your sacrificial knife all along.

“You are nearly ready for the touch of my sacred blade and soon it will be used to open up that pretty little neck of yours. However, if you do manage to escape those bonds of yours, I will have no choice but to allow you to leave, according to the rules.” Melinda was placed on her front in the middle of the bed and after a few seconds, the girl noticed that she was thrusting her hips against the mattress which made her feel even hotter. “Try to get free of your ropes now, my sexy sacrifice, as you have five minutes to escape from your ropes.” As the captor spoke, the side of the knife was moved over the bare skin of the prisoner who started to struggle against the ropes and her struggles became more frantic with each passing second.

I can’t stop my actions! It’s as if I’m no longer under my own control and that feeling inside me is like an inferno. The sensation in the body of the woman grew as her movements continued and the prisoner wondered what was going to happen to her, as she cried out at each little caress of her body by the crotch-rope. Help me, Vivienne, please help me! Soon, her world narrowed down to the only things that she was aware of and this was her constant, frantic struggles along with the fire that was burning inside her, which meant that she did not notice how much time had passed...

“You last chance is up, sacrifice! Time for you to meet you doom!” Melinda screamed out in shock as Vivienne made her clichéd comment before kneeling astride the squirming captive and there was another cry as the helpless lady’s hair was grasped in the left hand of the woman above her. A moment later, the bound woman squealed as her head was pulled back as far as possible, while the captor’s right hand moved the blade across the victim’s throat.

When Melinda experienced the touch of the metal moving over her neck, she thought for a moment that this was for real, as the sensation in her body seemed to explode. She let out a long scream as her hair was released, with her moaning and convulsing in her bonds as this latest sensation made her body blind to anything else that was happening…

When the helpless lady became aware of her surroundings again, the first thing she noticed was how rested and peaceful she was inside, as she lay on her left side and when she opened her eyes she discovered that something covering her upper face which prevented her from seeing. This has been a wonderful experience, and I hope that it is the first of many. I wonder what is going to happen next?

“I have come for you, now that you are dead.” Even though the voice was disguised, it wasn’t hard for the fake sacrificial victim to recognise it as Vivienne’s, although Melinda’s present state of reverie somehow managed to persuade her that it was Death who was lying beside her. As two arms held her in a gentle embrace, sweet little kisses were landed on her gagged lips and in her mind the helpless lady surrendered herself to the loving attentions of Death…

“Well, did you enjoy your first bondage game as an adult?” The pressure against Melinda’s eyes disappeared as the sleep mask was removed and she stared into the eyes of the woman who lay beside her, before she gave a slow nod to show that she had.

“It was rather obvious though, as I have never seen a bondage orgasm as intense as yours.”

Bondage orgasm? Wait, is that what has happened to me this evening? There was a look of complete surprise on the face of the helpless lady at the mention of the word orgasm, as only at this moment did she understand why she had experienced all of these new sensations.

“OMG, Melinda. Are you honestly trying to tell me that you had no idea what was going on inside your body tonight?” There was a nod from the bound woman in response to the question from her captor. “This has been your first orgasm?” Again there was a nod from the captive whose cheeks were starting to turn red as she started to feel like a naïve little virgin girl who had been seduced by a more experienced woman.

At least I now know what was going on inside me, but I was unable to think straight at the time so I couldn’t relate it to anything that I had learnt.

“Well, I’m flattered that I have been your first time.” Vivienne said as she unbuckled the straps of the ball-gag, before removing the large red rubber ball from the mouth of the helpless captive and the captor stole a series of soft kisses from the helpless lady. “It did look like a lot of fun, as I have only been tied up in straight bondage. Would you like to return the favour and turn me into the kidnapped and sacrificial victim?”

Melinda didn’t even have to think about the idea of being in charge for once, as it would be the first time that Vivienne would experience this fantasy, so she said “Yes, I’ll be happy to play the evil villainess so that you can feel the same way that I have.”

“Thank you.” The captor said as she started to untie, the hogtied lady. “I’ll just mention a few things first. The main secret of controlling the tightness of the ropes is in the cinching, and by using his you can…”

It was just over an hour later when Vivienne was lying naked and prone on her own bed, in the exact bondage that she had placed Melinda in and as her erotic sensations were on the edge, her head was pulled back so that the knife could be drawn across her throat. This was enough to take the captive over into bliss as she emitted an orgasmic shriek, while her body convulsed on the bed and Melinda exchanged the blade for a sleep mask which was slipped over the eyes of Vivienne, who appeared to be oblivious to anything around her.

When you rouse from your reverie, it will be my turn to play Death who will love and comfort you.