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Friday, 3 January 2014

Sara: Reversal of detention Part 3 of 3

Sara grunted through her gag as the first smack landed on her bottom, and she only just managed to suppress crying out again as she bit on her scarf when she received the next five. They weren’t as hard as the ones I had to endure before, but this is meant to be erotic rather than a true punishment. The torment will be later when I am probably on the edge. A sigh escaped the lips of the tied-down teacher as her bottom was caressed by the young man who had just spanked her.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and you’ll fulfil me by spanking alone. “NGF!” The pain from this spank radiated through her cheeks and this time she echoed the blows are a cry from her lips. After this half-dozen, the smoothing felt stronger and the state of arousal in the woman increased as she writhed on the desk.

The next six blows on her pink posterior were stronger again, but there was a feeling of pleasure as well as pain with every blow, and she gave a long moan as the red marks were smoothed over by her captor. I hope that you hit me harder next time. Again, the lady had to endure the next six spanks, but a few of them seemed to be enjoyable instead, and this time, not only was her bottom caressed, but the petals of her flower were included as well. Please, another spanking and smoothing will do it for me.

Sara screamed out as each of the six spanks left its mark on her cheeks, and she awaited the caress and touch of her intimacy that would smash the dam that held back the flood of fulfilment, so she waited for his smoothing fingers.

Nothing happened.

Please no, you can’t leave me like this, I’m really right on the edge. I just need one caress from you and I can revel in bliss. There was a touch at the back of her neck, and the scarf that acted as a gag was unwound from around her face.

“Not one word from you, unless you want to be punished the same way that the lady in the story has to be treated. When I am ready, I will take advantage of you, but you will have to wait silently until then. Nod if you understand.”

The captive woman nodded as she squirmed on the desk in her torment of denial. This is so mean, and using the threat of punishment from the book means that you have robbed me of the chance to beg and plead for you to take me. I just hope that you will take me before too long. She watched as the student who left her in this predicament sat back down at his desk and continued to read his book, knowing that she mustn’t do anything to attract his attention. Come on, I’m here and available for you. What is wrong with you, don’t you want me?

Time passed, but Sara’s lust didn’t lessen and she was driven to distraction by the need for release inside her. You’re doing this to tease me now, and this is the worst thing that you’ve done to me. I think that you have no intention of carrying it out and you just want to see when I break.

“You’ve teased me enough by now, just come over me and take me.”

Allen looked at the bound woman and she realised that she had miscalculated the situation. “I did warn you that there would be a punishment, and the lady in the book suffered it because she didn’t stay quiet.” As he walked around Sara’s desk, he pulled two items out of his left jacket pocket, and the captive trembled as she looked at them. The first object seemed to be a jar which contained some kind of clear liquid, and the second was a long and narrow metallic cylinder with a bullet shape at one end.

You’re not bluffing, you’re actually going to do it to me There were struggles from the captive teacher as the student walked around behind her, but this was just an exercise in futility. My only chance to beg you not to put that thing in me! She tried to turn her head to face Allan and she put on the biggest puppy dog eyes that she could. “Please Allan, you can’t use that vibrator on me like the man does in the book. It goes right up my-.” The captive couldn’t even bring herself to say the word. “I can’t take it up that way, I’m too narrow and it will tear me apart.”

“You will take it just fine, it is narrow enough and it will easily slip in with lubrication.”

“Allan, please no no no, I’m begging you not to do this to me!” Sara tried to look at what the student was doing, but it was impossible at her angle.

“Are you going to keep begging until I stop?” Allan asked.

“Yes, I’m going to carry until-ulp.” The woman’s sentence was cut short as something was forced into her mouth, and her scarf was wrapped around her face so that it covered her mouth, and tied off before she could work out what was happening. Her tongue had been pushed back by the item, so she prodded the material to find out what it was, and she became shocked by her situation. You’ve stuffed my own panties into my mouth as a gag!

The new gag didn’t prevent the lady from whimpering and whining, so she continued with this, happing that it was save her from her impending torment. This didn’t help her, however, as he leant over her, placed his hands under her body and pinched her nipples between his fingernails. The girl shrieked as he whispered into her ear “I can stay like this for the next hour or so, or you can accept the vibrator. The vibrator will be quickly and far less painful.”

OW! please stop it, I’ll do it! Sara nodded in the hope that the torture of her breasts would be halted and the young man released her nipples.

“I’m glad that you see things my way.” Allan said as he took some lubricant out of the jar and smeared it over the vibrator. “There should be only a little discomfort at first, and you will most likely enjoy it after a little while. There, that should be sufficient.”

Please don’t let it hurt, please don’t let it hurt. Sara squealed as she felt his fingers pull the cheeks of her bottom apart, and the was the inevitability of the touch of the head of the vibrator touched against her ‘star’. A few seconds later she screamed as the device penetrated her bottom, inch by slow inch, providing an experience that was best described as ‘intense’.

“There we are, there’s an inch or so still sticking out, and you don’t seem to be suffering.”

I thought that it would be much worse, there was a little pain at first, but it feels so unusual at is it filling my-. She writhed on the desk as she tried to get used to the device that pressed into her posterior, but each movement provided a new and weird sensation.

“Just one more thing to do now, and you should enjoy this.” Said James as he pressed a button on the base of the vibrator, and the buzzing sound meant that it had very much come to live inside Sara.

OMG, OMG, it’s teasing the entire area, and I won’t be able to find any relief for this. The tormented lady pulled and strained against her bonds as she moaned, but this just served to amplify the sensations in her body, and it wasn’t long before her desire and lust encompassed her entire being, with her losing all sense of anything external...

“I think that it’s time to take advantage of you now.”

How long has it been since you pushed the vibrator into me and switched it on? All I know is that I want you inside me so that I can be free of the torment of pleasure. There was a sound of a zip being pulled behind her and Sara screamed with joy a few seconds later as she flower was filled with the evidence of his lust for her. The thrusts into her cup of joy were slow and gentle at first, but she cried out with each move, but they became faster and stronger as time went on, with the feeling that she was finally going to achieve her fulfilment.

Faster, quicker, harder, make me climax. The thrusts into her became harder still and Allan’s body was pressing against the vibrator which added to the sensations that took her closer and closer to the edge. Oh yes, Yes YES! The dam broke, and Sara knew nothing but joy as her body was engulfed by orgasm which was intensified as her continued to slide in and out of her. When Allan exploded inside her flower, it served to prolong her feeling of ecstasy...

After she came to notice the classroom again, she realised that the ropes that held her feet wide apart were untied and her captor was binding her legs together at the ankles, below and above the knees, and at the mid thighs. The long rope that bound her chest to the desk was untied and she was lowered so that she was sitting down on the floor, which pressed the still buzzing vibrator into her bottom. Her knees were bought up to her chest, a length of blue rope was wrapped around her chest and upper legs binding them together, and the ends were knotted together behind her back.

The end of another length of cord was tied to the bonds that restrained her ankles, her knees were bent as much as possible, and the other end was bound to the rope that encircled her wrists which left her immobilised as she leant against the desk. If I remember correctly, the stories say that this is a ball-tie and I will be very lucky if I am able to move. It seems that you are determined to keep me as your prisoner for as long as possible.

“By the way my luscious lady, my parents are away until Monday so you are going to be my captive in bondage for the weekend. I am going to get a piece of equipment so I can take you out of here. Don’t go anywhere until I return.” Allen walked up to the door and exited the room, leaving Sara giggling as she stayed by the table.

Go anywhere? How can I go anywhere like this, the only movement that I will be able to make is falling over. It’s going to be amusing to see how you are going to get me out of here. There may be no surveillance in this classroom, but there are cameras in every corridor, and they are set for motion detection. I think that a ‘nude’ woman who’s bound and gagged will stick out like a sore thumb. Even if you get me out of here undetected somehow, you still have to take me through town, which will be no easy task with your pickup truck.

After five minutes, the helpless teacher listened to a sound that seemed to indicate that something was rolling across the floor in the corridor. I presume that this will be my ride out of here, but I hope that he doesn’t cover me with a sheet as the CCTV also work on close infra red and thin cloth can be penetrated in that spectrum. The sound was just outside the door, and Sara’s eyes grew wide as Allan entered the room, pulling a large black rectangular travel trunk with four castors on the left side and three latches along the front.

The captive had reached a strong state of arousal after her orgasm, due to her restrictive bondage and the vibrator inside her varying its pressure with each little movement of her body, and the arrival of her method of transportation, added a large jolt to her sensations. I’m going to be wheeled down the long corridors and out to your truck in the trunk, and all people will see is the container, not the ‘nude’ bound, gagged and kidnapped woman inside of it. This is going to be one hell of a ride, but I daren’t let you know that I want it because you’ll use it against me.

Protesting sounds were emitted from the helpless lady’s gagged mouth, with was accompanied by a shaking of her head as she put on a fake struggle against her bonds. “That is going to do you no good at all and you are going in the trunk no matter how much you protest, my sweet hostage.”

The chest was wheeled over to where Sara continued her little struggles and the top was opened wide so that she could be placed inside. I know that’s the lid, but as it’s on the castors it’s acting more like a door that opens on the left. She made more mock protests as her captor half-dragged and half carried her to the trunk, but the vibrator caught for a moment on a strip on the floor which caused her to moan with pleasure.

“I see that you like your new toy, so it’s going to go with you on your journey.” Allan said as he placed his captive in a sitting position on what be the ‘bottom’ of the trunk for the time being. “There is no escape and you will remain in here until we reach my house.”

Sara gave the student one last pleading look as the lid of the chest was closed, and the locking of each latch sent a thrill down her spine as she came to terms with her new level of captivity. It’s like a double bondage as I’m not only bound and gagged, but I’m locked it a trunk as well. This is going to end up being the most erotic evening of my life. Her little struggles inside the trunk continued to increase her state of arousal as the vibrator worked its magic, and each little dip in the tiled floor that the castors clicked over amplified the effect of the device that was buried inside her.

At this rate, it won’t be long before I achieve my release on my own. The captive increased her wriggling inside her containment, not in the hope of breaking free but so that she could reach ecstasy. Each little squirm, each little dip, increased her enflamed desire and it wasn’t long before she felt as if she was on the edge.

I can’t be there already, I thought that it would take, Oh YESSS! Sara gave a long scream inside the container as an explosion of pure pleasure occurred between her legs and she convulsed in her own little world...

“Having your own little party in there?” Allan asked as the trunk began to move again. “We were nearly at the entrance when you had your fun, and I am about to take you outside. I’ve already driven the truck to the doors, so it will be a simple matter of lowering the small lift at the back of the truck.”

there was a large bump as the trunk went over the entrance to the building, and Sara felt herself at an unusual angle which meant the she was going down the wheel char ramp. That’s safer than the steps, but it would have been interesting to find out what the vibrator would have done to me. The chest stopped, there was a whirring sound before the captive felt a short forward movement, and then there was a feeling of moving into the air. That must be the lift taking me onto the truck.

There was a little more forward movement, and there was an unusual rasping sound against the trunk. “I’m strapping the trunk down, as I don’t want there to be any chance of you tipping over as we travel. The last thing I want is for you to be hurt.”

The buzzing in Sara’s bottom was already making her aroused, and the thought of being taken through town with only the container that held her preventing the world from seeing her true state, gave her a feeling of exhilaration. At this rate, I’m going to explode before we even reach your house.

“I’ve finished placing the straps now, so I’ll drive away in a minute. I hope that you enjoy your bondage joyride.”

This is going to be an incredible journey. I just hope that no one realises what is happening. After a minute, there was a forward motion as the truck began its journey, and each little imperfection in the road’s surface added to the pleasure of the helpless woman. I hope that I can keep better control of myself as we have to go through town, and I don’t want anyone to hear me in this chest.

Even though Sara tried her best to control the increase of desire in her body, it proved to be a losing battle as her situation and the road seemed to conspire against her. The final straw was the road leading to a set of traffic lights, and there were a series of sensor strips across the road that caused a series of bumps in rapid succession which forced the vibrator against her. The lights turned red and the truck stopped just as the woman in bondage let out a loud scream as she orgasmed in the chest.

“Om my God! Did you hear that!” Sara was shaken out of her reverie by a voice to the right of the vehicle. “It sounded as if there was a girl in the trunk and she climaxed!”

“I hear it, but it’s obviously a trick. I girl inside a trunk of the back of a pickup who just happens to orgasm as we pass by? It’s quite clear that this is a hidden camera stunt, and we are supposed to fall for it. Let’s go on.”

The nude captive sighed with relief as the voices faded and the truck moved forward, taking Sara to her weekend of helplessness. That was a really close one, if only you knew what was actually happening, but you’d have called the authorities.

As the journey continued, the feeling of arousal built up inside the bound teacher and she was soon on the verge of orgasm, when the vibrator stopped working. Oh no, not now, please not now! Instead of cries of pleasure, the lady in bondage screamed in frustration as her climax was denied her as she struggled as much as possible in the vain hope of finding release from that action.

Even the fact that the vehicle had come to a stop and the engine had been switched off did nothing to help her calm down, as she had become frantic in her movements in order to try and obtain her fulfilment. The straps were removed, and the trunk was lowered, but the captive was caught up in her own world of need and denial, and she was unable to pay attention to anything else.

“I’ll just let you out in a minute, so that you can see my bedroom.” The latches were flicked up and the trunk was opened, letting light stream into the enclosed space. “There you are-, wait did the vibrator stop on you? Now wonder that you are in such a bad way, I’ll get you out of there now.”

Help me, PLEASE HELP ME! I can’t stand this anymore! The bedroom was luxurious, but Sara paid no attention to that as she screamed through her gag as there was only one thing on her mind and it definitely wasn’t the aesthetics of interior decoration. The student took a knife out of his pocket, cut the ropes that tied Sara’s ankles to her wrists and the bonds that held her knees to her chest, pulled her from the trunk and placed her in a standing position before a set of drawers.

The lady who was still pleading for her ecstasy bent over the table and she sighed as she heard the sound of a zip being pulled. At last. His first thrust into her elicited a scream from her gagged mouth, and she cried out each time as he slid and out of her flower, taking it ever faster as he knew that she was already on the edge.

Soon, there was a single long scream as Sara reached the peak of joy, and she convulsed as he continued to pleasure her with his thrusts...

In her post orgiastic reverie, the captive was vaguely aware of being carried to the bed and made to lie on her front, before her heels were pressed against her bottom and a rope was tied from her wrists to her ankles which placed her in a hogtie that allowed very little movement.

Allan lay down on the bed next to her right, and the teacher in bondage was turned around so that she could face him. “I think that you need a few hours rest before we continue tonight’s entertainment, so we’ll just stay here for a while.” He said as he cuddled the woman who gave a look which indicated that she was bound with far more than just ropes. “There will be time enough to discuss about what to do when we go back to school on Monday, but just relax for now.”

Sara was starting to drift away on the sea of sleep, with one final thought going through her mind. I actually did my best to fight against this when it started...

The End

Sara: Reversal of detention Part 2 of 3

The helpless lady felt his left arm grip around her waist as he released the embrace with his right arm. Here it comes, the first part of the punishment. I hope that I can stand up to it.

Allen looked at Sara. “Why are you in your present situation?”

The bound woman refused to answer knowing what this would lead to, and she grunted as six hard slaps landed on her bottom, causing her to grunt from the discomfort. Oh my, that felt bad and good at the same time, but the next six will cause me more pain. The question was asked a second time, but she still refused to answer and she was unable to prevent herself from making little cries as the half-dozen stinging blows impacted on her posterior. I think that the I’m going to have to answer after the next spanking. The cuffed captive refused to answer for the third time, and she squirmed against her grip of her captor’s left arm as she attempted to escape from the very painful strikes that she was experiencing.

“Please no more, I’ll answer. I’m bound and helpless because I am a very naughty teacher who has been extremely misbehaved.”

“What should happen to naughty teachers?”

Again Sara refused to answer, but the six stinging spanks that her cheeks felt persuaded her otherwise. “They should be thoroughly punished.” It was at this point that she noticed the arousal in the intimate area of her body. That must have started when you spanked me earlier to confess about my fantasies.

“How should such people be punished?” Allan asked.

Sara blushed at this point, and her embarrassment prevented her from answering, so she cried out as six harsh blows landed on her derriere. “Okay, they should be bound, gagged, stripped and spanked.”

“Before all of that though, I think that the bad teacher should be made to kiss her student.”

“I can’t kiss my students.” Sara said as she looked down. “That is a serious breach of- Ow! OWOW! All right, I’ll kiss you.” The right arm of her captor held her around the waist as she lifted her head up so that she would be able to kiss him. The captive closed her eyes, pushed her face forwards and her lips brushed against his in a first intimate meeting of their bodies. A thrilling sensation ran through Sara’s body as she kissed the young man who had taken her prisoner, and the lady hoped that it would be the first of many such experiences that evening.

Oh wow, this is very naughty, making me kiss you rather than you controlling me and kissing me. As the kissing continued, the woman noticed that Allan was just as passionate in response, and soon she felt the pressure of his tongue against her teeth. It’s going to become even more intimate with you then. After she parted her mouth, the lady felt the exploration of her mouth and there were sweet little caresses of her tongue before it intertwined with his, locking their mouths together in an embrace.

After a few minutes, Allan pulled back. “I’m going to make it a little more interesting for you.” He reached into his right jacket pocket, pulled out a strip of thick black cloth, and the teacher responded by opening her mouth wide. “No, Sara, it’s not to gag you with, but you will have to close your eyes.”

You’re going to blindfold me with it, that’ll make me even more helpless and you will still be able to kiss me. Sara closed her eyes and the pressure of the cloth was felt across her face as the ends her taken along the sides of her face and knotted off at the back of her head. Even if I was left alone, I would have no chance of escape as I would be unable to see where I was going. A moment later, the captive shivered with excitement as she received her first kiss while blindfolded and it wasn’t long before their closeness was as passionate as before, with the cuffed teacher losing all track of time.

“I think that it’s time for your punishment to be taken up a step.” The kissing stopped and Sara could feel the untying of the long scarf that hung around her neck before it was pulled away from her.

I presume that I am going to be gagged now. The teacher opened her mouth wide in preparation for her captor’s action, and the scarf was taken around her head twice, with the material going between her teeth. The ends were taken around to the back of her head and pulled so that her lips were distended to a small degree before the gag was knotted into place. That does feel a little odd, but it does add to my general helplessness.

“I’ve got a few things to get, so don’t go anywhere.”

Sara giggled at her captor’s comment. Don’t go anywhere? I’m bound, blindfolded and gagged and I couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted to. At the moment you could put me in a dictionary with the quote “Woman in Bondage”. She twisted and tugged at the cuffs that restrained her, but his was more to tell herself that she was a genuine captive instead of making any attempt to escape.

As she waited in her captivity and darkness, the teacher heard movement in front of her, but she had no idea what was happening even though her reflexes caused her try and look at the locations of the sound. You must be up to something, but it is annoying to not know what it is.

After several minutes had passed, she was embraced from behind by her captor and there was a whisper in her ear “It’s time for the badly behaved teacher to be stripped of her clothes and be exposed to the world.” This elicited a shiver from the captive who was anticipating and fearing this process in equal measure, but she had not foreseen what her captor had planned for her.

“I am going to remove your blindfold so that you can see.”

Why would you want to do that? I would have thought having me stripped while blindfolded would be much more preferable. She could feel the untying of the knot as the cloth strip was removed and she prepared to open her eyes.

As she did so, she trembled as she saw the face of a gagged woman staring back at her on the computer screen that had replaced the old writing board. As she took in the rest of the person, she realised that she was looking at her own moving image. What the-, I’m up there on the board! How have you managed to-, there’s a video camera on top of a tripod to the right of the screen, with a cable connecting them together. There is a red light on the camera, which means that you are recording my bondage and punishment!

“Nof, pleafe nof!” Sara said as she shook her head in an attempt to plead to her captor. It’s not enough that I am going to be embarrassed when you strip me naked, but you are going to humiliate me by filming the entire process as well.

“There is no escape from this, Sara. You have no choice but to watch as I undress you and bind your body with rope.”

As the captive looked up at the screen, she saw that his hands had moved to the top of her blouse and the watched as the button was pressed through the hole as so that a little more skin was exposed. This continued down her blouse and she was unable to take her eyes away from the image before her, with there being an additional thrill as each button was released. After a few more minutes, the teacher’s blouse was undone, and she writhed a little as the feeling of arousal grew between her legs.

Allan took hold of the sides of the blouse and pulled the garment back until it slid down her arms and rested on her handcuffed wrists, which left her black bra as the only item left that was protecting her modesty. In a minute, I’m going to end up topless, with no means of covering my breasts.

“Time for the grand uncovering.” The student said as he placed his fingers on either side of the front clasp which held her bra in place. The vertical hook was lifted up and detached, the cups were pulled back to reveal the breasts and erect nipples of the captive, and the bra was pulled back so that it was placed with the blouse. He cupped the mounds of her breasts in his hands, and the helpless teacher moaned as she experienced for the first time the touch of a man on an intimate area of her body while she was bound and gagged.

I didn’t know that it could feel so good, oh, that’s very nice. Her nipples ware held between the thumb and forefingers of her captor, and they were twisted and pulled a little, which added more fuel to the flame of her desire. Don’t stop, keep going.

“Your stories say that you’re not fond of this, so I should add this as a punishment and a warning.”

A loud squeal escaped from the captive’s gagged mouth as each nipple was pinched in an almost vice like grip and her attempts to struggle free only added to the pain as she shook her head. Please, no more, that’s far worse than being given a hard spanking. There was a release of the pressure and Sara sighed with relief as the pain stopped.

“See, I can control you easier with this than spanking you. However, I need to bind your upper body.” The bound teacher was turned to the left, and she looked at the image to see her right side as Allan reached for a large bag and took out several coils of blue rope. One of the lengths was picked up and Sara gasped as her elbows were brought together so that her forearms were almost parallel before several loops were wound around her arms just below the elbow. After six loops were placed and put so that there was no gap between them, the remainder was wrapped between her arms which had the effect of tightening the original loops, and a secure square knot was added which would prevent the rope from coming loose.

If I remember correctly from my stories, the act of winding the rope between my arms is called cinching, and it even seem to have brought my elbows closer together. There was the sound of metal against metal, and a moment later the cuff that encircled her right hand had opened, which was followed by her left wrist a moment later, and the clothing was removed from her arms and placed in a blue cloth bag.

Another length of blue cord was picked up and six loops were taken around her wrists before it was cinched by another four turns, with a knot secured at the top of the ropes so as to be out of reach of any prying fingers. Even though it’s rope and not metal, I don’t think that I have any chance of escape in these bonds. A large coil of rope was taken and this was wound around her upper chest and arms, with equal loops going above and below her breasts, and the cord was pulled tight so that her upper arms were forced against her back. After this was tied off, the captive was turned to face the screen, and he stood behind her as he wrapped a small length of cord between her breasts around the upper and lower chest ropes, which had the effect of pressing the cords against her breasts.

It’s almost like having a bra made of rope, and every little movement that I make gives a little caress against me which feels so good. She was turned to her left again, and another long piece of cord was taken around her lower arms and waist, with several cinch loops wound between her body and arms, locking them together. Wow, I am, really in bondage now.

Allan walked around to her front. “Do you like it? I think that your nipples say that you do.”

Sara nodded and moaned from the increase in lust that she felt between her legs. I can’t believe that I actually fought against you earlier, when you placed the handcuffs around my wrists and spanked me. It feels great to be in this situation. She was surprised when he embraced her, pulled her against him and pressed his lips against hers in an intense kiss. That kiss feels even more passionate than the previous ones, even though our mouths can’t be as intimate as before. A kiss landed just below her lips and each new one was lower and lower, travelling down her neck and chest until they were just above her breasts.

The topless captive shivered as a line of sweet little kisses were placed along the mound of her right breasts, and she discovered that she was unable to suppress a moan as this was repeated on her left breast. More, please more. His tongue traced around the areola of each breast in turn and this was followed by a circle of kisses that teased the woman who was unable to hasten the proceedings by touching herself. It felt like an electric shock when the tip of his tongue made soft presses against the tips of her electric nipples, and she wondered if she was going to achieve her release by these caresses alone.

Moments later, she moaned as he took each nipple in turn into his mouth, and there were playful sucking and biting which served to increase the erotic feelings within her body. After a few minutes of this had happened, Allan pulled back, and Sara made complaining noises at the withdrawal of such pleasurable actions as she was turned to face the screen again. That was marvellous, and you just stopped when it was great.

“There’s more to come yet, and I can’t low you to become too excited at this stage of the fantasy. I’m going to be fast in doing this part of your undressing, so that I can provide you with more entertainment.”

She looked at the screen as he stood behind her and gripped the top of her black skirt, and with a steady motion it was pulled down to her ankles, leaving her in just her panties, boots, stockings and garter belt. In a moment, I’m going to be essentially naked when I’m robbed of my panties. The hands of her captor had taken hold of her panties and a smooth and fluid motion, the garment that covered the last of her modesty was at her feet as a sensation shot through her body at the exposing of her Mound of Venus. What’s happening to me? Has bondage turned me into some kind exhibitionist? I know I am wearing a few items, but in every way that counts, I’m bound, gagged and nude.

Her breasts were again cupped by the student who was in complete control of her, but his right hand traced a path down to her Mound and drew little figure of eights over the surface. The actions and her ‘unveiling’ were so strong that she felt as if she was going to explode with pleasure on the spot and she cried out with the delight of her teasing.

“It’s not going to happen that quickly.” Allan said as he took his hands away from her body. “We have a little way to go yet, before I will allow my bad teacher to enjoy her fulfilment.”

Please can’t you just let me climax! It would make this evening the most wonderful that I have ever experienced. Another long piece of rope was uncoiled, and one end was tied to the rope that was looped between her breast. Office Duty! You’re going to tie me up in the same way that is described in the story. This is getting better as time goes on.

“Face your desk and bend over it.”

Yes, this is just like in the story. Thank you for fulfilling my biggest fantasy. The ‘nude’ captive shuffled around in a half-circle, moved up to her desk which was hip high, and pressed her exposed chest against the wood. There should be a hook attached to the other side of the desk, under the top. I’m guessing that is where you will tie this rope. Sure enough, the cord became tight as it was looped around the hook and tied off, and the captive found that she could only lift her chest by a few inches. Even this will be impossible after the next part of bondage is added.

The cuffs that restrained the teacher’s ankles together were unlocked, and she offered no resistance as her skirt and panties were removed from around her feet before the end of a length of cord was tied to her left ankle, with another piece bound in the same way to her right leg. Here we go, I just hope that I’m flexible enough for this. There was a pull of her left leg from the rope, and her foot left the floor of the classroom as the other end of the cord was looped around the left desk leg before it was knotted off, leaving her foot in the air. The rope that was bound to her right ankle was taken around the right desk leg and pulled so that she was no longer standing, and she was lying on the desk with her legs wide apart.

This is such an exposed position, and I am unable to put me feet on the floor in order to steady myself. As she looked to her left, she saw that the student had disconnected the camera from the screen and tripod and it was aimed at her as he walked around the desk.

“This is Sara, a naughty woman who has been punished with nudity and bondage.” Allan walked behind the woman. “However.” He said as he gave the petals of her flower a stroke, which elicited a loud moan from the ‘nude’ teacher. “As you can see, this little fox is literally dripping with lust.”

Please stop with the teasing and slam yourself into me. I’ve never been more ready to be taken in my life. Sara wiggled her hips in order to signal to her captor that she was available.

“Not so fast, my lusty wench.” The student said as he took the tripod to the right of his captive, and reattached the camera so that it took in the woman in bondage before walking over to her left side. “The next part of your punishment will continue in a moment...”

Sara: Reversal of detention Part 1 of 3

It was a Friday afternoon, and the bell had just rung for the end of the school day, so Sara was walking towards her classroom to host tonight’s detention, which was to be held in her classroom. It was unusual for there to be detention at the end of the week, as even the most misbehaved students wanted to be away to enjoy the Friday evening, but even more surprising was the name of the person who had to attend.

Allan Johnson was an eighteen year old student who could be classed as a ‘model pupil’, as he was always well behaved, well dressed and very efficient at turning his schoolwork in. The detention slip that was printed out was very unusual as there was no mention of why he had to attend and the name of the teacher who had authorised this was missing.

As she made her way down the corridor, Sara looked at the slip again. “My guess is that one of the teachers is jealous of you and wanted to have you placed in detention for their personal enjoyment. I wish I could let you go, but if someone finds out, we could both get into trouble. Anyway, spending an hour in a room with you is not a bad way to spend Friday evening.” The teacher paused outside the door to the classroom and looked at herself in the mirror by the door, checking that nothing was out of place with her white long-sleeved blouse, black figure hugging above-the-knee skirt, black stockings and patent calf length leather boots. She fiddled a moment with the white scarf around her neck, checked her large black and took a deep breath before entering the room.

Allan was dressed as usual in his black trousers, jacket and white shirt as he sat at one of the desks, reading a book on poetry and he looked up as Sara entered the room.

“Hello Miss Skeens, I’m very sorry about this, but I have no idea about why I had to go to detention this evening.”

“I don’t think that you have done anything wrong, Allan.” Sara said as she sat down at her desk, putting her bag to her left. “Given the lack of any information about who wrote this out and why you are here, I will speak to the principal on Monday morning and have this removed from the record. It must be someone’s idea of a bad joke as you are the best behaved pupil I know.” The teacher leant over, opened her bag, checked that she was taking out the right book, and placed it on the table before opening it.

Not that I have any intention of reading this, but I have to appear as if I am doing something while I daydream. It’s a good thing that I took the right book out, as I once picked up the other one, but I managed to put it back before anyone noticed what I was holding. The woman looked at the book, but she had no interest in what was written on the pages as she stole the occasional glance at her student while her daydream formed in her head. It’s good that no one knows what I think, or what are on my personal files on the server, or I could face major disciplinary action.

It wasn’t long before her daydream was in full swing, with her lying across Allan’s lap from right to left, with her hands bound together behind her back and her arms bound to her body. Her legs were tied at her ankles and knees, her panties filled her mouth with her scarf covering her lips so that it kept them in place, and her gag muffled her screams as her exposed bottom was spanked time and time again by the student.

I know that I shouldn’t have these fantasies about you where I am bad and you punish me for it, but I can’t help it. I’m must remember to write this daydream down on my computer so that I can enjoy it again and again. After you have gone, I must read the other book with the story ‘Office Duty’ in it, but I hope no one finds out what I have altered. How would I explain that I have changed the story so that the two characters have our names?

The fantasy intruded fully into her mind and she found herself bent over a desk as her clothing was cut away, leaving her essentially naked at the hands of her captor. Behind her, there was the sound of a zip being pulled down and the helpless teacher knew that her intimacy would be impaled, which would bring her to the heights of bliss...

“Are you alright, Miss Skeens?” Allan asked as he stood to her left.

“Y- Yes sorry, I was just miles away.” Sara answered as her cheeks became a pale shade of pink. This is embarrassing, and I hope you don’t work out that it was about you. “Is there a problem?”

“Well, it’s a passage in this particular poem called “Andromeda” and I have trouble understanding it. I wonder if you could help me with this.” Allan placed the book in front of Sara so that it covered her own and he pointed to a particular quartet of lines.

Sara could feel the heat in her cheeks as she read that part of the poem which describes how the princess Andromeda was chained naked to a rock, in order for her to await her fate. The first piece of poetry you ever ask me about, and it involves nude bondage. This is going to be one to explain.

She put her hands on the bottom corners of the book in order to steady herself before responding to the student. “W- Well, it seems to be obvious what is happening in that she is being prepared for sacrifice. I think that what the poet is attempting to achieve though, is that by describing her plight and her naked beauty, he is making the reader sympathise with her and maybe even find her attractive as she is made helpless.”

“So you think that a helpless woman is even more attractive?”

“That is what the person is implying. Wait, what are you doing?” Sara was taken by surprise as the student took a firm hold of her wrists and brought them behind her back before she could even respond to what was happening to her. A single hand held her hands together, there was a rapid clicking sound, and the feeling of cold steel around her wrists caused to realise that she had been restrained with handcuffs.

“Allan, stop this at once! You’re not supposed to handcuff your teachers.” At this point, she was lifted out of her chair and made to stand, her feet were put side by side, and more clicking sounds let her know that her ankles had suffered the same fate. This can’t be happening, I’m bound hand and foot and you have complete control over me. Why have you done this? The bound woman took a deep breath before she continued to talk.

“I know that what has happened to you is unfair, owing to you having been given a wrongful detention, but it is just as unfair to treat me in this manner as it’s not my fault.” She tried making a few experimental tugs against her bonds but the woman knew that she would remain in these restraints until they were unlocked, and she was turned around so that she faced her captor.

“Actually, I was the one who arranged for the detention to happen so that we could be together after school ended.”

“You? How did you manage that, and why? Was it so you could handcuff me as a joke?”

“I’ll explain later, but all you need to know right now is that you are a very bad teacher and you are going to be punished for it.”

“Punished? Punished for what? I haven’t done anything wrong.” A shiver went down the captive’s spine which was part fear, but mainly excitement as she thought about what was going to happen to her. You are sounding as if you walked right out of one of my fantasies, or that you have read my mind.

The helpless teacher was turned around so that she faced the desk, and Allan’s left hand pressed against her back which pushed her body down against the cold wooden surface. You can’t be planning on spanking my bottom, we could both get into trouble.

“Please stop, Allan. You will be in trouble over this when I tell the principal about what you are doing.”

“I don’t think that you are going to tell anyone about this detention. Anyway, I am going to ask you three questions, and you are going to answer honestly. If you fail to do so, I will have to decide that you are being bad and punish you in the way that should happen to all naughty ladies.”

You are going to spank me, this is very wrong and you mustn’t do it. “Allan, if you stop and let me go right now, I’ll forget about all of this and put it down to hi-jinks on your part.”

“First question: Do you read books which have stories of women in bondage?”

I can’t possibly answer that kind of question, but I’m wondering if you already know the answer. Maybe I should just bluff and hope that you accept it. “I have never read any such books in my li- OW!” A smarting sensation spread from the spot on the teacher’s bottom where she had just been spanked. “I wouldn’t even dream of looking at, OW OW!” The two smacks were of greater intensity than the first one, and the captive wondered how much further she could go on. These are more painful than I imagined, but I suppose that’s fantasising for you.

“Look, I don’t know where you get the idea that I would do such a thing, but I can tell you that-.” The three strikes that followed were harder still, and they were each accompanied by a cry of pain from the captive.

“Okay, okay, I read stories where the ladies are bound and gagged. Is that enough for you?” There was a different sensation on Sara’s bottom as a hand gently caressed and smoothed her cheeks. This feels so good after the pain that I had to endure, but you know that I like bondage stories. What else are you going to ask me?

“See, things are better when you are honest. Now for the second question, and the punishment will be worse if you lie: do you fantasise about being bound, gagged and spanked?”

How much do you know about me? I think that I am in deep trouble, but I just can’t let you know about my deepest thoughts. “I would never fantasise about such things in a million years. Allan, what are you doing to my skirt?” Another shiver went through Sara’s body as a hand gripped the hem of the skirt.

“I did warn you about your punishment.” The bottom of the teacher’s skirt was pulled up until it was lifted above her bottom, which exposed her lacy black panties. “It would be a good idea for you to be honest with me, unless you wish for the punishment to continue.”

Could you be right about that, is there a part of me that really wants you to spank me? That is impossible. “There isn’t any way that I would ever want anything like that to happen to me. Free me at once.” Sara braced herself for the inevitable blow which she expected to be stronger because the cloth of her skirt no longer protected her, but she was taken by surprise by the six smacks that she received on her cheeks which were followed by the same number of yells.

“I tell you, I’m not into such things. No, please don’t.” She screamed another six times as her derriere was struck a half-dozen more times.

“If you keep in with this pretence, you have only yourself to blame for your suffering.” Six more spanks were enough to make Sara squirm on the desk.

“I’ll say it! I love the idea of being bound, gagged and spanked by someone. Are you satisfied?” At this, Sara’s bottom was again smoothed, and she breathed a sigh of relief as it caress had an almost magical effect on her feelings. After the pain of the last few minutes, this is pleasurable and arousing.

“Time for the final question, but given your previous responses I shall prepare you first.” There was a squeal from the captive as the student took hold of her panties and pulled them down to her thighs, which showed off the colour of her cheeks. “You have a lovely pink bottom, and knowing your reluctance to tell the truth it will be red before you answer the third question correctly.”

You’ve pulled my panties down, so you must really be serious about this.

“Third question, do you write stories and have fantasies about me placing you in bondage and taking advantage of you.”

“Allan, even if that was true, I could never admit to such a thing. Ow, no please OW.” Blow after measured blow landed on Sara’s unprotected posterior, and she had a fear that it wouldn’t stop until she told the truth. “Please stop it.”

“Answer the question.”

It wasn’t long before the teacher was writhing as the spanking continued and she begged and pleaded for him to stop, but every effort proved to be futile.

“Yes, yes! Now, please stop spanking me.” The blows halted, and her cheeks were caressed in an effort to reduce the pain of her punishment. “I’ve had fantasies about you binding and gagging me, and taking advantage of my helpless body from the moment I saw you. I have a big crush on you, and I’ve always wanted you to put me in bondage.”

Sara felt relief as her panties were pulled back up over her bottom, her skirt was put back into place, and she was turned around so that she faced Allan. He embraced her around the waist and as she looked into his eyes, she blushed as she realised that he must know a lot about her desires.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you had bondage fantasies about me?”

“If I did, I would most likely get into severe trouble for mentioning it as you could have gone straight to the principal. Anyway, how do you know so much about me?”

“Well, it started on a day that you took the wrong book out of your bag, It was called “Bound for a Spanking” and I think that I was the only one to see it. You left your bag behind one lunchtime, and I managed to take a good look at the stories.”

Sara groaned at the fact that Allan had found the alterations. You must know all about Office Duty then.

“I came across one story in the book that had the originally names crossed out, and they were replaced by you and me. I also noticed that you had “password: allanjohnson” written on the back page, so I attempted to log into your server account with it. What I found there was very interesting. Just to let you know, I had my phone record the confessions that you just made, so I have a lot of information about you.”

“So, what are you going to do with this? Have me arrested and thrown in jail for my desires? You already have me restrained in bondage, and you have the capacity to blackmail me in order to get what you want.”

“What I actually want to do is fulfil your desires, Sara.”

The captive teacher blushed at this offer. “But I can’t go along with that, I’m the teacher and you are my student. If this came out, my career could be ruined, and I could even face prosecution.”

“If it does come out, I will simply say that I kidnapped you and blackmailed you into doing whatever I want. I will even say that I planted the stories on the server, which will absolve you of any blame. Now, I have to deal with my naughty teacher.”

Monday, 11 November 2013

Sara: A Model Prisoner Part Three of Three

It seemed like forever before the bedroom door opened and Ian walked out into the main room, with Sara looking up at her captor in defeat and submission. “Do you want me to take complete advantage of you?”

The suffering captive nodded as she moaned and begged with her hips pressing against the floor in a useless attempt to fulfil herself. Yes, take advantage of me, use me for your pleasure. Just stop this torment!

Ian rolled the writhing woman onto her right side, switched off the vibrator and removed the rope that teased her intimacy. That only eases it a little, and my body aches for you. He pulled the bound captive to her feet and then removed the waist and chest ropes from her body. Ian double stranded the end of the chest rope, threw the loop into the air, and Sara noticed a hook in the ceiling which the loop landed on.

I wonder what that’s for, it’s sure to have some purpose. Ian took one end and tied it to the ropes that bound Sara’s wrists together before lifting her up and placing her directly under the hook and facing the sofa. What are you going to do now?

She found out a second after she thought that, as her captor pulled on the other end of the rope which forced her hands up in the her and her upper body to bend over. As he continued, Sara found herself with her body parallel to the ground and her hands high above her back. The woman tried to bend her legs at the knees, but discovered that this put a great strain on her shoulders. This keeps me immobile and unable to move anywhere, so maybe you want to keep me in this position when you make love to me.

It was then that the woman moaned as she felt Ian’s fingers glide up and down the petals of her flower and Sara realised why she was tied like this. You’re going to make love to me while I’m standing up and completely immobile. In this position you can take me from behind and I’m powerless to prevent it.

“Your bottom looks very spankable like this, and I’m afraid that I’ll have to give in to temptation.”

Sara shook her head and pleaded with her captor. Please Ian, not again. You’ve already punished me once, I can’t take another beating like that.

“Don’t worry Sara, this will be a completely different type of spanking, and you might even learn to enjoy it.”

How can a spanking be enjoyable- OW! Not again! Sara shouted through her gag as her posterior was struck by her captor. After a moment though, she noticed that the blow was nowhere near as strong as the previous ones and it only left a stinging sensation. The woman cried out five more times after five more blows, but she sighed softly as Ian gently smoothed and caressed her bottom which caused her to writhe in her bonds. That feels so good after the spanking, and I’m more aroused than before.

The caressing stopped and Sara cried out as she received another six spanks, but even though they were harder, they didn’t seem to hurt as much. Is there something wrong with me? Those smacks were almost pleasurable. That feels even better though. The smoothing of Sara’s bottom was even more arousing than before and her petals were occasionally caressed as well, which caused the bound woman to emit more moans of pleasure.

The next series of blow are a little harder still, but the helpless woman could tell if they were painful or pleasurable. The gently touch of Ian’s hand on her bottom and intimacy felt heavenly though, and she thought that she might actually be brought to orgasm.

“Shall I spank you some more?” Ian asked.

Sara nodded her head. Yes, please spank me some more master, I want to be smacked and smacked by you. Strike after stinging strike landed on Sara’s pink posterior, but each act took her closer to the release of orgasm that she so desperately desired.

Finally, it seemed as if she was on the edge of her release and it would only take a few more smacks when...

Ian stopped and pulled back.

“Noph! Noph!” Screamed Sara through her gag at her captor. You can’t do this to me! You can’t leave me denied like this, on the edge of orgasm and unable to do anything to take myself over the edge. This is sheer torture, please spank me!

“I won’t spank you to orgasm now, but would you like to be bound, gagged and spanked later on?” Ian asked as his captive struggled in her bonds from her torment.

Sara nodded. I want to be spanked by you, and I want to be bound and gagged when you do it. I want you to take advantage of me and never set me free. I want to stay here as your prisoner with you having complete control over my helpless body! Then she realised the truth. OMG, I love this, I love being bound, gagged and naked. I want to be like this all the time, with you as my captor, and me as your slut in bondage.

The captive heard the familiar sound of a zip fastener being pulled down and she knew that her desires would soon be fulfilled. After a few seconds there was pressure against the petals of her flower, right beside where the vibrator was inserted into her, and it almost seemed as if there was an attempt to push the device out.

Sara was surprised as the point of pressure started to slowly move up from her cup of joy. What are you doing, Ian? Are you planning on teasing me before you remove that vibrator and take me? What Ian said next shocked her to the core.

“I’m afraid that the first entry point is closed Sara, so I’ll have to find another one.” Said Ian as the tip of his manhood moved higher still.

Other one? What other one? There’s only one entry point unless you count the- OMG! You can’t mean there, please you just can’t! Sara cried out in protest, shook her head and struggled helplessly as the truth dawned on her. You can’t do that to me Ian, you can’t take me right up my-, my-. I’ll never forgive you if you do. She felt his tip move higher and higher and she knew that she would be unable to stop him if he chose to take her that way.

She screamed as the cheeks of her bottom were pulled apart and the end of his shaft pressed against the other point, and the captive knew that she was moments away from violation.

“I’m just teasing and tormenting you, Sara. After all, I am your evil captor.” Ian said as he released her cheeks and pulled back from her. Sara sighed with relief as the horrendous threat that hung over her disappeared in an instant.

Please, just don’t do that to me again, you nearly scared the life out of me. The woman relaxed still further as Ian removed the device from her flower in preparation for taking advantage of her.

Sara squealed as her captor sheathed himself into her cup of joy, which seemed as if it was filled to the brim by his actions. Slowly and gently, Ian slid himself in and out of the woman in front of him which teased her intimacy and brought her closer to her fulfilment. At last, soon I will be pleasured after all my trials.

The thrusts increased in speed and Sara pushed herself against Ian as best she could to increase the experience from each action. Please go faster Ian, make me climax. She cried out each time that Ian pushed into her, showing her joy at being made love to and he moved harder and faster in response.

As the quickness and intensity of his thrusts increased still further, Sara knew that her release from desire would not take long and it seemed as if her cup and mound were enflamed with her lust. Yes, yes, that’s it! She noticed that she was biting hard on her gag and she wondered if she was going to bite it in two when the moment of joy arrived.

It wasn’t long before the bound lady was close to the edge and every thrust was punctuated with a loud scream, as her feelings overwhelmed her senses. Just a little more, please just a little more! Almost as if her heard her thoughts, Ian increased his thrusts again, which was enough to take his captive over the edge.

Oh yes, oh yes, OH YESSSS-. Sara emitted a long, loud scream as her being was filled with the bliss of ecstasy, and it seemed to was over her like an all-encompassing wave, which left her twitching and convulsing in her ropes. She was vaguely aware of her captor continuing with his actions, until he exploded inside her which added to her joy...

As she came back to reality, Sara noticed that she was virtually hanging from her arms, and she quickly straightened her legs for support so that the strain on her shoulders was alleviated. As she looked around the room, there was no sign of Ian anywhere. Surely you haven’t abandoned me after I have been used for your pleasure, that would be very cruel of you.

The bedroom door opened and Ina walked into the main room. “Good, I see that you are ready for more games.” He said as her untied the rope that tied his captive’s hands to the hook in the ceiling. “I’m going to prepare you before I take you to the bedroom.” The rope was again used to bind Sara’s arms to her upper body, with the cord going above and below the breasts, and the second long rope was wrapped around her wrists and waist once more.

The hogtie rope was tied to Sara’s wrists, threaded between her legs, looped over the waist rope at the front, taken back between her legs and tied off at her wrists. The captive moaned as the knots in the rope once again pressed into her, and she knew what was going to happen next when Ian picked up the vibrator. The crotch rope was pulled to one side, the vibrator was inserted into the helpless lady, and then the rope was put back to hold the helpless woman’s tormentor in place.

The device was switched on and Sara moaned as the device worked its magic on her intimacy. I wonder how long it will be before the vibrator forces me to the point where I will beg and plead for you to take me.

The woman watched as Ian reached into his right trouser pocket and pulled out a small collar. It seems that I really am about to become you slave now, Ian. I just wonder how you’ll react when I tell you that I’m the wrong model and I came here by accident. Right now, none of this matters as I don’t want my captivity to stop.

Ian took a lead out of his left trouser pocket and attached one end to the collar around Sara’s neck. “It’s time for you to follow me to the bedroom, my slave.”

The woman felt a thrill shoot through her body at the mention of the word ‘slave’.  I never thought that being called that would be so nice. I feel as if I am your slave and that this is who I am supposed to be.

Ian gave a tug on the lead and Sara slowly hopped in the direction of the bedroom, thinking that further pleasures and torments lay in store for her. When the enslaved lady entered the bedroom, she noticed that it was just as luxurious as the main room, with a large brass bed covered with white sheets and pillows in the centre. Ian removed the Lead from Sara’s collar and put it down on a table. “Sit down on the right side of the bed, slave.”

Ian’s ‘slave’ hopped over to the right side of the bed, sat down and waited for her master’s next action. The man walked over to Sara and proceeded to untie the ropes that bound her legs, starting with the thighs, continuing with the two ropes around her knees, and then the rope that tied her ankles together. He took hold of the woman’s black panties and removed them, leaving Sara in just her stockings and shoes. I doubt that I shall be needing them again as I’m only here for your entertainment.

“This is what you are to do next, slave. You are to get on the bed, and face the right side. Then, you are to kneel with your knees as far apart as possible. You must also make sure that your ankles are crossed, once this is done. If you fail to obey me, then you will be punished.”

Sara nodded and then slowly made her way onto the bed, turned to face Ian and then placed herself into a kneeling position just as he had ordered, before placing her right ankle above her left. Ian picked up two of the lengths of rope and sat down on the bed behind Sara and used one of the pieces to lash her ankles together with a horizontal and vertical pattern. With my ankles bound in this way, I will not be able to bring my knees together, which makes me completely accessible for you.

The second length of rope was looped around Sara’s wrists and ankles several times before it was tightened and knotted off, leaving the captive in a strict kneeling hogtie with her ankles crossed. I cannot struggle in this position as I will just fall over.

Ian removed himself from the bad and walked around to his captive’s front. “Kneeling and immobilised, just as a good slave should be. You are my property now, and you are going to remain so.”

Hearing these words thrilled Sara immensely. I know that this shoot is going to end eventually, but I would dearly love to be your slave for as long as possible. She looked demurely at her captor, wondering what was going to happen next.

What did happen next was completely unexpected as Ian’s phone rang. “Hello, Ian here.” he said, surprised by the call. “Who is it? The agency? What has happened? Hold on for a moment.” He turned to the captive on the bed and asked “Is your name Sara?”

Sara nodded to confirm her name. I think that the other model must have contacted the agency, and let them know about the mix-up. The poor lady must have been awfully bored as she must have expected what I have been through, but ended up with a normal photographic session.

Ian returned to his phone call.”Do you mean that there was a mistake with the cards and the wrong model turned up for the assignment? That Sara has never modelled before and this is her first shoot? I just thought that she was a great actor by pretending that she didn’t know what was going to happen. Yes, I’ll pay the other lady’s fee as well. I think that I had better hang up now, as I have one bound, gagged and naked model who’s probably very angry with me for putting her in this situation.” Ian ended the phone call and turned back to Sara.

I’m not angry with you Ian, I’m actually very sad that this has come to an end, and I have no way of prolonging it. then a thought went through her mind and she smiled at the idea. That might work, but it is technically blackmail. I doubt that you would go to the police though, and persuading you might be very easy.

By this time, Ian was kneeling on the bed behind Sara and he proceeded to unbuckle and remove the gag. “I’m so sorry about this Sara, I thought by the way you behaved that you were the model that was sent for the shoot.” The straps were parted, and Ian carefully pulled the ball from the helpless lady’s mouth. “I’ll free you and compensate you for what has happened.”

The gag was finally taken out of Sara’s mouth and Ian took his hands down to the rope that bound Sara’s wrists to her ankles. At this point, The lady struggled furiously in an attempt to stop Ian from untying the knot.

“Stop!” Sara shouted, trying to prevent Ian from freeing her. “Don’t you dare touch any of these knots! Don’t you even think of letting me go!”

Ian pulled his hands away from Sara in shock. “I have to untie you Sara, you shouldn’t even have been here and I have no right to keep you tied up. I’ll be able to free you quickly and you can be on your way.”

“Don’t touch these ropes, Ian! Have you even considered what would happen if you set me free? Do you realise how many crimes you have committed today? If you set me free, I am going straight to the police and tell them everything, and you’ll most likely end up with a custodial sentence.”

Ian seemed hesitant as he spoke. “So, it’s obvious that you want something from me, otherwise you would have kept quiet and gone to the police. What is the price that I would have to pay for your silence?”

Sara smiled “You don’t have to pay any price for my silence.” she said “All you have to do is keep me tied up, put the gag back in my mouth, and I won’t be able to say anything to anyone.”

“Sara, are you honestly saying that you want to stay as my slave? I find that difficult to believe, especially after what I have done to you.”

Sara let out a moan as the vibrator inside her steadily increased her arousal. “When you seduced me for real, did you think that I would just be seduced into wanting to make love to you? What you actually did was turn me into your bondage slut, and I cannot bear the thought of anything else right now. You made me your sex-slave and I’m your responsibility. If you set me free and abandon me, I’ll be heartbroken and devastated, with revenge as my only recourse.”

“Ian thought for a moment before asking “Are you truly sure about this Sara, because if you decide to be my sex-slave, then I will be in charge and you must do what I order you to.”

“I would rather be your slave and be teased and tormented by you than be abandoned by my master. It’s your choice Ian, free me and face the consequences of your actions, or enslave me and have your own personal captive from now on.”

Ian picked up the ball gag, held it in front of Sara’s mouth and said “Open wide, my slave.”

“Yes, master.” Sara opened her mouth wide and accepted the gag that sealed her fate as a bondage slave, with Ian as her master. The straps of the gag were buckled at the back of her neck and Ian caressed her intimacy, which along with the vibrator, caused the slave to writhe and squirm as her release approached. This is going to be my first orgasm as a sex-slave, one of many, I hope. The caresses intensified and the slave girl was take to the peak of her desire.

Yes, YESS- Sara screamed into her gag as the joy overwhelmed her...

The End