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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 38

 I must admit that this bondage looks quite impressive and you have done a very good job in making me completely helpless again. Once, I would have wondered why you have bound me like this, but there must be a reason to it which I will discover soon enough. As the captive continued to look at herself in the mirror, she shivered as she saw just how high the thigh ropes were so that they left a very small gap at the top of her legs.It could have been so easy for you two to have pretended that it was a mistake if you touched me and I doubt that I could have convinced Madam Sǐwáng otherwise.

“My assistants have bundled you up well for the next part of tonight’s entertainment and now it is time for them to finish the preparations.”

There was a motion in the corner of the prisoner’s eyes before the blinkers were pushed shut again and the helpless woman felt hands take hold of her body so that she could be guided down to the floor of the ring. Once the lady was in a sitting position, her forearms were taken down to her lower legs and she felt the touch of rope as it was wound around her elbows and knees. You must want the end result to be a surprise if you wish me to remain blindfolded, though I doubt that anything could be that shocking anymore. Within a few seconds, she could sense the pressure on her limbs as the cord was tightened and there was fumbling which would have been caused by the ends of the rope being tied together. Well, I am immobilised, so you can do anything you want to me and I wouldn’t even be able to put up a struggle.

What happened next proved to be a surprise for Cassidy as her legs were held before she was tipped over onto her back so that her limbs were pointing up into the air. There was a whirring sound for about ten seconds before something was forced between the shins and forearms of the captive and this was followed by the binding of her wrists and ankles with another length of cord. Oh, so now you are going to leave me hanging upside down in the ring while Kǎodǎ shows off her acrobatic skills on the trapeze. That sound must have been some kind of winch and I have already been hung upside down today, so this isn’t going to be too scary. After the winding and cinching was complete, there was a pause of a few seconds before the motorised sound started again and the pressure on the captive’s wrist and ankle binding increased as her back left the ground.

I wonder how far I will be lifted into the air this time? It seemed that the time that the winch ran for was even less than before, which suggested that there wasn’t a great increase in height for the suspended damsel as she hung from her wrists and ankles. I don’t think that I am ten feet from the ground, so there will be nothing to scare me.

“Your blindfold will now be removed.” Kǒngbù said “So, keep your eyes closed until you are told to open them.”

It will be unusual to see in this way, as I will be looking straight up once I open my eyes, but all I will see is the line that I am tied to. There was a sensation at the back of Cassidy’s neck as the straps of the blindfold were unbuckled and she could feel the leather slide across her face as the object was pulled away. My head can’t even be six foot off the ground if you can remove my blindfold with such ease. I don’t know why you are going through all of this, as I have suffered much worse when I was placed in that pretend peril earlier.

“You can open your eyes now.” Kǒngbù said.

You are really trying to make this all so dramatic, when all I am doing is being suspended in a slightly different way than before. Okay, so now I can see what the fuss is all abou- NO! When the helpless lady opened her eyes, she expected to see herself hanging by her wrists and ankles from a hook, but she was unable to suppress a scream when she realised the true nature of her predicament. Kǎodǎ is standing above me and I’m hanging from the trapeze! That bar was what I felt against my legs when you bound my wrists and ankles together and when you start swinging, I will end up like a weight on a pendulum with no means of controlling my fate!

“Oh yes, Cassandra.” Kǎodǎ said “You are going to take part in the final part of the evening’s entertainment. Surely, you must have realised that you would be involved in this. Kǒngbù, it is time that we started the show.”

This is going to be horrible, you can’t have me swinging back and forth like this. Cassidy shook her head as she heard what was going to happen, but she knew that this was just a futile gesture as she felt a pair of hands press against her bottom while Kǎodǎ forced her own body forward on the trapeze. This was enough to make the trapeze swing a little and each successive push increased the momentum until Kǒngbù was unable to apply any more pressure to the swing. The damsel was already frightened by the predicament that she was in and this was enhanced by her swinging at the end of the trapeze by her wrists and ankles with Kǎodǎ using her own body to add even more momentum.

Please stop, just please stop.

“I cannot wait to see just how you appear on the screen when I replay this later.” Kǎodǎ said “Plus, the look on your face is so enjoyable, which must be the opposite of what you are feeling right now. I think that there is enough energy in the swing, so I had better start my performance, although I doubt that you will like any of it.” It took all of the captive’s concentration to not surrender to her fear and give out a continuous scream, so when the assistant started her trapeze routine, the damsel was not paying any attention to what was happening. As the act continued, the only thing that registered on the mind of the suspended victim was that the trapeze was swinging less and less until Kǎodǎ started to use her body to bring it to a halt.

Thank goodness it’s over so that I don’t have to go through any more of that. There was a whirring sound from above the helpless lady as Kǒngbù pressed a button on a remote control and the trapeze was lowered until Cassidy could feel her back touch the floor. I’m not sure how long that took, but I was subjected to that torture for quite a few minutes. There was a clear look of relief on the captive’s face as Kǒngbù untied the rope that bound her wrists to her ankles and this was followed by the cord that was wrapped around her elbows and knees. At least I don’t have to suffer this thing again. However, why have you brought some extra ropes over though and why are you lowering the trapeze even further?

Cassidy was taken by surprise when she was spun around on the floor of the ring so that her body was lengthways with the trapeze bar and Kǒngbù lifted her arms up so that her elbow touched the point where the rope was attached to the bar. Kǎodǎ took one of the ropes, winding it around the prisoner’s elbows and the connection point before cinching the loops and securing the ends with a secure knot, so that her elbows were bound to the trapeze. By the time Cassidy realised what was going on, Kǒngbù had lifted her legs up so that Kǎodǎ could use another length of cord to bind the damsel’s knees to the other end of the bar.

No! You can’t take me up again! At this point Cassidy started to struggle, but she know that it was already too late as Kǎodǎ bound her ankles to one of the trapeze supports while Kǒngbù tied her wrists to the other. Her self-control failed for a moment and she let out a piercing scream as she realised that this torture was only just beginning, while Kǎodǎ climbed back onto the trapeze with Kǒngbù raising it back up into the air.

Why have you tied me up this way? There is a gap between the bar and my body which is the same as my upper arms. This time, the bar was raised higher than before so that it was above Kǒngbù’s height and this meant that it took longer for the swinging to build up to the same level of momentum. Once it had been achieved, Cassidy discovered why the gap between the bar and her body was there when the assistant started her second routine on the trapeze. You’re using me as the bar! Instead of the acrobat keeping her feet on the bar itself, Kǎodǎ used Cassidy’s own chest and abdomen instead and this pressure was worse than if they were stationary, because centripetal force added to the weight of the trapeze artist.

I don’t know if my body can take this level of punishment. By the time Kǎodǎ had finished her second routine which was as long as the first, it seemed to the captive that the front of her body had been trampled all over from her hips to her shoulders. There’s probably going to be more and it will be even worse for me, but I don’t think that I can put up much of a fight anymore. When Kǒngbù lowered the trapeze so that Cassidy was touching the floor again, the helpless woman offered no resistance as her body was untied from the device before she was turned around so that the bar was across her abdomen. Her arms were untied and the woman was turned over before her wrists were crossed at the small of her back with a length of rope binding her hands together.

“This is just a temporary measure which will prevent you from struggling with your arms.” Kǒngbù said.

I can’t really see the point in trying to resist your actions at the moment, so the rope is quite unnecessary in the first place, but there is no way of explaining this to you. With both of the assistants concentrating on the bonds, it took very little time for the damsel’s legs to be freed from the ropes, although like before this was just going to be a temporary measure. Her feet were pulled wide apart first, before her legs were bent over at the knees which led her to suspect that she was going to be placed in some kind of frogtie. However, this thought changed when she felt the back of her ankles touch the trapeze bar with there being brushing against one side of each ankle. So that’s it, you are going to bind my ankles to the ends of the bar so that my legs will be forced apart. She could feel the ropes being wrapped around her ankles and the bar, which pushed harder against the back of her legs and after ten loops there was the familiar cinching that caused the cords to bite into her flesh. This time, I’m probably going to be hanging upside down from my legs which will be wide apart.

“Kǎodǎ, I think that it is time to remove the leather restraints from the hands of our captive, as they are not needed anymore.” A few seconds later, Cassidy felt the pressure just below her hands lessen before the gloves were pulled away and she was able to wiggle her fingers as her hands were no longer forced into a ball. Her wrist restraint was removed by one of the assistants and the lady wondered how her arms were going to be bound when she yelped as her upper body was lifted up from the floor. Before the damsel could understand what was happening to her, each of her wrists was pulled up onto the trapeze bar and the two ladies used a length of rope to bind her wrists to her ankles, applying several loops with cinches to tighten them.

I’m going to hang face down from the trapeze from my wrists and ankles and my own body is going to be made to torment itself! As the captive looked to the right, she saw Kǎodǎ pick up the remote control, pressing a button for a second so that the trapeze bar was raised a few inches upward. The effect on the whimpering lady was immediate as her limbs bore almost the entire weight of her body and the joints in her shoulders and hips felt as if they were going to be pulled apart.

“Kǒngbù, perhaps we should lessen the pressure on Cassandra’s arms and legs, otherwise this session might be too much for her. Maybe you should tie a rope around her waist so that the other end can be attached to the trapeze bar. It won’t do much, but at least it should alleviate her predicament a little.”

“Yes sister, I will get started on it right away. However, there will need to be quite a few loops around her waist to spread the pressure out.”

I never thought that you two would think of doing something to lessen my suffering, but you might not want to cause Madam Sǐwáng to get annoyed. At least the torture to my arms and legs will be reduced, which is something to be thankful for. Kǒngbù approached from the left with a long coil of rope and Cassidy thought that at least ten double-stranded loops had been wound around her waist before it was knotted together behind her back. However, instead of the other end being tied to the trapeze, the bound woman realised that this particular cord was going to have a secondary purpose as it was taken between her legs, threaded around the waist loops at her front and pulled back between her legs. The free end was pushed underneath the waist winding at her back and looped around the trapeze bar where it was pulled as tight as possible before the rope was secured with a knot.

Oh no, you’ve not only put a new crotch-rope on me, but the other end is tied to the bars itself! This means that when I am lifted up into the air, part of the weight of my body is actually going to be supported by my- OMG!

“Oh, I cannot wait to see how this is going to turn out.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she walked over to where the helpless lady was lying on the floor and she took the opportunity to give a few sharp tugs on the crotch rope which pressed into the captive’s most sensitive location. Even this small action was enough to create a small ember of desire between the legs of the prisoner and she realised that even in her current position of torment, her body could very well end up betraying her. “This show will be much more interesting than the last two.”

“It is my turn to entertain you and our viewers, Madam Sǐwáng.” Kǒngbù said as she stepped onto the trapeze so that she stood above the restrained woman and Kǎodǎ pressed the button on the remote control so that both ladies were raised into the air. As Cassidy was lifted off the floor, her joints felt even worse as they had to take her full weight and the effect forced the rope between her legs to press even harder into her intimate spot, which fanned the embers of her lust.

I can’t even pull my legs together to hide my shame while I am tied up like this and being suspended in this way with a crotch-rope on view is just horrible. You’ve done this to me so that it adds to my public humiliation as well.

Once the trapeze was high enough, Kǎodǎ released the button on the control and her sister started to sway her body back and forth so that the trapeze would start swinging. At first, the fear of being suspended from the trapeze in her present way, along with the torment in the arms and legs occupied the captive’s mind enough so that she ignored anything else. When the swings moved further away from the vertical, however, she realised that as well as the swinging increasing the strain at her hips and shoulders, the crotch-rope was also having an increasing effect.

Oh no, this swinging is causing the rope to caress me! As Cassidy reached the apex of each swing, the strain on her shoulders and the pressure of the crotch-rope against her skin increased due to the momentum of her body. This lessened as she swung back from the maximum height, with the effect that her most sensitive location was subjected to a rhythmical force by the rope, almost as if the material was thrusting against her at a constant rate. With each swing becoming higher and higher, it was inevitable that the dull embers of warmth between the legs of the helpless lady would burst into flames.

This is worse than when I have to suffer a rope like this before, as this time the swinging is causing the cord to bite into my body. Not only is this particular bondage tormenting my arms and legs along with frightening me, I have the humiliation of having this rope at my most personal place and it is causing me to become aroused, despite what else is going on!

(To Be Continued)

Monday, 11 January 2016

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 25

At this moment, Petra didn’t know what was worse: The fact that she was being tormented by her own body, or that her time with Goddess had been no more than a dream which left an ache in her heart from the loss. Please, I need to see you again, I have to get back to sleep! Although the captive had a most desperate desire to dream again, she knew that in her present state of arousal that this was going to be impossible and even if this wasn’t a problem, the movement of Diana above her would prevent her from going back to sleep.

After a few seconds had passed for the helpless lady, however, her primary concern was no longer to get back to sleep but rather how she was going to find a way of sating her intense desire. It was almost as if her body had a will of its own as it forced itself against that of the woman above her and there were moans from both of the ladies, as this act served to fan the flames of lust inside their bodies. You have probably had a dream in which you were held in bondage and it has left you in the same predicament as I find myself in. Given what has happened to us, the chances of us both being able to calm down would be impossible. Our only chance is to stimulate each other so that we can tip our bodies over the edge and achieve relief in that way. As the woman was still not in complete awareness of her surroundings owing to her just having woken up, she attempted to talk to Diana about her idea, only to create a series of garbled sounds as the large ball-gag which filled her mouth performed its purpose of preventing her from producing any recognisable words.

Damn! I should have remembered just how secure my gag was and that I have no way of telling you about what I have in mind. My only hope is that you understand what I am doing and that you will be able to respond. Petra extended her fingers so that she could touch the hands of the woman who was restrained above her and after a few seconds, she was able to slip her fingers between those of her fellow captive with them gripping each other’s hands hard. At least we can touch each other, even if it is just restricted to our hands. There was a sensation on the left cheek of the prisoner and after a moment or two she realised that she was being nuzzled by the nice, so the lady decided to respond in the same way.

Although it was difficult as she was pressed against the bed by the weight of the lady above her, Petra was above to move her body a little from side to side and her already erect nipples brushed against that of Diana’s with them both emitting soft cries of pleasure at this new sensation. It seemed to take Diana more than a moment to realise what was happening, but once she did the niece started to move her body from side to side so that their breasts caressed each other which added more fuel to the flames between their legs. Yes, I think you understand, this is the only way that we will be able to get free from the lust that is burning us up.

Both ladies continued this action for a few minutes with them pressing and moving their breasts, but they realised that although it increased the heat of their lust it only took it to a certain point and no further. We have ended up tormenting ourselves even more with this action and something else needs to be done if we are prevent this erotic torture of our bodies. In the hope that this action would provide the necessary stimulation so that they could be brought to the peak of pleasure, Petra started to thrust her Mound of Venus up against that of her fellow captive.  I hope that this works, otherwise we will be crying out for relief before long. Once the lady had thrust upward three times, Diana must have understood what was occurring and she began to press her mound down in rhythm to the damsel below her.

If we can’t get this to succeed, both of us are going to be in big trouble. With each new thrust, the feeling of desire in their flowers of lust increased. However, just as when they rubbed their upper bodies, the change only went so far and the two ladies discovered that this wasn’t going to do anything more than make their situation worse than before. We are both so close, but we need more! This is not going to do it, but I have run out of ideas! Petra squirmed on the bed as the need to obtain some kind of relief overwhelmed her and her body made senseless movements from the drive to add more sensation to her body. It was because of this that she failed to notice what Diana was doing as she was preoccupied with her own situation and it took a third sharp jolt to her lips of lust to draw her attention to what was happening.

You’re lifting yourself up as far as you can go, so that you can force our crotch-ropes to become as tight as possible! That’s it; this is going to be the way that we can end the torment of our bodies and get some rest before Kendra releases us from the bed! As soon as Petra worked out the pattern that Diana was using in her movements, Petra copied her with the woman pushing herself as much as she could into the mattress so that the crotch-rope could be made to be as taught as possible and with each new tug, the two women got ever closer to that point when they would be overwhelmed with bliss.

However, Petra screamed out in despair when she realised that no matter how hard they tried, the two captives had ended up just short of that magical moment, but they were unable to do anything more than scream for help as they were betrayed by their own bodies which continued to thrust up and down on the bed. We were both so close, but we have ended up making our situation as bad as it could possibly be with our denied pleasure acting as a torment for both of us. Diana, what is happening to you? Nonononono!

The screams of laughter that escaped the gagged mouth of the niece took the helpless woman by surprise and for a few seconds, she tried to work out what was occurring to the lady above her. A few seconds was all she had before she experienced intense tickling on her feet and it was her turn to scream with the full power of her lungs while she strained against her bonds. Stop, stop, stop stop! It may have been about ten seconds before the strength of the tickling subsided to a point where the damsel could breathe properly and she managed to collect her thoughts to a point that she could realise what was going on.

Kendra, it must be you! Unless someone else has broken into the house, but my guess is that the building must be quite sturdy, so the chances of it being anyone else is slim. As soon as the tickling stopped on Petra’s right foot, Diana joined her fellow prisoner in laughing with both ladies squirming against each other on the bed as the person that she presumed was Kendra continued to torment them. For the next few minutes the tickling alternating between each of the ladies’ left and right feet and the strength varied, although it didn’t reach the level of when the captives were tickled at the start. This is just adding to our torture, as at least when you started the tickling blocked out everything else, but now you’re just adding this to the suffering because of the fire in our intimacy. When the tickling stopped, the two ladies laughter changed to moans of desire which were punctuated with them begging and pleading her help while they writhed on the bed in their frustration.

“In normal situations I would have said wakey, wakey, but the both of you were wide awake in the first place, so I didn’t need to bother.” Kendra said from what seemed to be the foot of the bed. “I checked on you two late last night to make sure that you were okay and you looked so cute. I left the door ajar because I was sure that your desire would be your alarm clock, and I left my door open so that I would be able to hear you.”

When did you wake up and how long have you been watching us suffer like this?

“I was woken up by a cry which I presumed was from you, Petra and this was accompanied by some moaning which must have been from my niece. I put my dressing gown on and hurried to this room as quickly as I could as I wanted to see as much as possible. Seeing the two of you going through such a delightful torture was such an exquisite experience, especially when you started to work together so that you could try and work your way up to a climax. The moment when you brushed your erect nipples and the way they flipped was so funny that I just managed to stop myself from laughing.”

You must have been here for most of the time that I was awake and enjoying every second of it.

“When my nice worked out that she could put the crotch-ropes to use, I was wondering if I had tied you so close that you would be able to apply enough pressure so that you could bring yourselves to orgasm. However, it seems that I had tied the ropes with just the right level of tightness, so that you have been left in a state of extreme denial. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get dressed and prepare breakfast, so I’ll leave you two ladies to your fun.”

No, you can’t leave us like this! We need to have our torture brought to an end, I can’t take any more of this. Petra didn’t know what muffled words Diana was using, but given the sense of urgency and the pleading tone it was echoing her own begging for help. We need to be able to relax, at least for a while!

“Why, the both of you do seem to be in such a terrible predicament, as the only way I can sate the lust that is burning you up is to work on both of you at the same time, because doing this to just one of you would be unfair on the other. If only had one person to help, I could end this very quickly, but I am not sure that I will be able to provide as much intensity to you two ladies. However, I will have to do this before you get to eat breakfast, so perhaps there is no time like the present.”

Oh good, at least this will be over before too lon- OMGOMGOMGOMG! Petra arched her back as her right foot was subjected to an extreme tickling and her scream of laughter was echoed by Diana who would have been experiencing the same sensation with her left foot. Breathing almost seemed to be impossible for the captive due to her laughing so much, which was also causing her to become a little light-headed and it sounded as if the niece was going through the same problem.

It was when the damsel’s chest was heaving due to her torment that her laugh changed into a scream of pleasure as the wave of ecstasy overwhelmed her and she wasn’t sure if they cry was only hers or whether it was combined with Diana’s. She thought that she was going to pull her arms out of her sockets as her body strained against her bonds, but after a few seconds she slumped back down on the bed with Diana resting on top of her. During the afterglow period of her orgasm, the prisoner was just about aware of the crotch-ropes being untied from both her and the niece’s body and they nuzzled their heads against each other as they attempted to snuggle with their bodies.

“Seeing as you lovebirds are resting, I will get dressed and prepare breakfast before giving you a bathroom break and getting you ready for the morning.” Kendra’s footfalls were so soft that Petra wasn’t even sure that the woman had left the room, but she realised that there was no point in worrying about this.

I doubt that you would remain here to torment us as you will have all day to play with myself and Diana. You can keep her prisoner for up to twenty fours if I remember correctly, although I can’t imagine you forcing your niece to remain in bondage for that long. However, I should make the most of this short rest as it will be time to get up before long.

“Okay, I think that it’s time for my sweet slaves to be bound in a position that will allow them to enjoy their breakfast.”

Petra was roused from her resting state and the movement above her suggested that Diana was preparing to be released from her present state of bondage before she was restrained for breakfast. You will need to unlock Diana from me before bind her in a new way and I will be second as you can hardly do anything to me with your niece lying on top at the moment.

“Diana, you are to be prepared first, but be warned. If either of you misbehave, then both of you will be subjected to an extreme punishment. Do you understand?”

Yes Kendra, I do. A nod from Petra’s head was accompanied by an affirming grunt and there was a similar sound from the captive above her as the nice moved her head up and down.

“Diana, when your arms are freed, you are to put them together behind your back and after that, you have to put your legs together.”

There was a fumbling at the right elbow of the captive before a similar feeling at her right wrist and a few seconds later this was repeated on her left arm with the pressure from Diana’s limbs disappearing. You must have put your arms behind your back as our captor has ordered. Two clicks occurred with a gap of about five seconds which suggested that the niece’s arms had been padlocked behind her back at the wrists and elbows. More touches at each ankle and knee of the helpless woman preceded Diana moving her legs between those of Petra and two more metallic noises were the securing of the niece’s legs.

“I’ll just get you into a kneeling position before I apply the final lock.” A grunt escaped the niece’s gagged mouth as Petra felt the weight lifted from above her and within half a minute, there was a faint clinking sound which was followed by a final click.

If I’m right, you have threaded a chain through Diana’s wrist and ankle bonds before using a padlock to hold her in place. If that is the case, I will end up in the same position before long.

“Slave Petra, when I release your wrists from the bed, you are to sit up and place your hands together behind your back.” After Petra nodded her head to show that she understood the message, there was a clinking noise along with the sensation that her right wrist was no longer bound to the corner of the bed and it was less than a minute later that her left hand was also free. As per the instructions given to her by her captor, the woman used her arms to raise herself into a sitting position before placing her hands together behind her back. A familiar fumbling sound was heard along with the increased tension on her wrist cuffs was accompanied in a second by the click of the padlock securing her hands together. This was followed by her elbows being pulled together so that they almost touched, another padlock made sure that her arms were bound in place and the captive pulled against her bonds to make sure that she was helpless.

“Put your legs together after your ankles are unlocked from the bed corners.” It took less than a minute for the prisoner’s ankles to be freed from the bed and once she placed her legs side by side, two locks were used to bind the pairs of cuffs at her ankles and knees. “Now it’s your turn to be placed into a kneeling position and then I start feeding my sexy slaves.” Petra offered no resistance as she was moved around on the bed and placed so that her lower legs were beneath her and a chain was used to bind her wrists and ankles together with a padlock that secured her into a kneeling hogtie.

By the soft moans to my left, I must have been placed beside Diana, which means that it should be easier for you to feed both of us.

“Your gags are about to come off. You are not to speak unless spoken to and disobeying this instruction will end your breakfast. That would not be a good idea.” A loud moan was emitted by Diana, which was due to her being free of the gag after such a long time and Petra felt the unbuckling of her gag before the ball was eased out from between her teeth.

“Okay, it’s time to ensure that my captives are fed.”

(To Be Continued)

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 37

Is this another test that I will have to pass? I have already been told that I have exceeded your expectations for my first weekend, but I can’t help feeling that this is a chance for you to advance it even more.

“Before you make the decision, I will warn you that once you agree I will not stop, no matter how much you will protest or complain. Be assured that there is a good reason for doing this, because on my first time, there was a moment or two when even I begged Alicia to stop, but once it was over I was okay, although the situation did feel very weird. I can almost guarantee that you will react in the same way as it has happened to each of us and this is to make you understand that I will carry on no matter how you react.”

At least you have informed me of the situation so that I know that there is no going back if I give my consent. On the one hand, what happened to Collette does seem to be quite scary but at the same time, seeing the restraints being placed on her proved to be more than a little arousing. You did say that it would not be as harsh, so I’m sure for a start that you won’t use the extra vibrator on me for a start. Okay, I’ll try a milder version of what you did to the poor maid, although I hope that I can be the exception and not become too frightened because of this new experience. After thinking about the situation for a few more seconds, Cecyme nodded her head to show that she was prepared to try out what Mistress Isabella had proposed and she was rolled onto her front so that the rope which bound her ankles, along with holding her in a hogtie could be removed.

“Now, the first thing to do is give you a bathroom break, as it must have been some time since your last visit.” The woman said as she helped her captive into a sitting position at the side of the bed so that her feet were touching the floor. “After that, I will give you a drink of water, so that you will not get thirsty.” Cecyme’s left arm was held by the right hand of her captor as she was guided so that she was standing straight up and the prisoner was taken over to the en-suite part of the Matron’s quarter’s which contained a shower, basin and toilet. It didn’t take long for the captive to do what was necessary and once she was cleaned up by the Mistress, the woman also used the basin along with a sponge to wipe over the body of the helpless lady before taking a towel so that she could be dried off.

“There we are, all nice and clean.” Isabella said as she put the towel back on the rack after cleaning out the basin and the captive was made to walk back into the bedroom so that she could again sit on the bed. “Do not speak once I remove your gag, otherwise you will have to suffer a strict punishment in addition to the bondage that I am going to put you into. Do you understand?”

Seeing as I am already getting into a situation that is going to be somewhat strict, I have no desire to make this any worse so I am going to remain quiet. Once Cecyme had nodded to indicate that she had comprehended the instruction given by her captor, the straps under her chin were unbuckled before the inverse Y-strap over her head was unattached and the main straps were unbuckled with the gag pulled away from her mouth. While Mistress Isabella dried the ring off with a paper towel which was dropped into small bin with a pedal-opening lid, the prisoner took the opportunity to work her mouth so that there would be no problems with being able to take a drink.

“This should be okay for you, as you need to avoid drinking too much at the moment.” A small fridge was opened for a few seconds by the Mistress who took out a small bottle of water, removed the top and a straw was placed into the narrow opening before the gag was placed on top of the fridge. It took only a few steps for the woman to get back to the bed and she sat on the left side of the helpless woman while using her left hand to hold the bottle up to the lips of her captive. “Just drink it in slow sips, as this is not a race.”

I am going to be careful as I want to moisten my mouth first, even though I am a little thirsty. The helpless woman put her lips around the end of the straw so that she could suck a little water into her mouth which was used to wet the inside of her cheeks along with her tongue. She took a second sip which completed the moistening of her mouth and each successive intake of water helped to assuage her thirst so that it had disappeared by the time that the bottle had been emptied of water. Now that I have had my drink, it will be time for my gag to be replaced.

“Open wide, my captive.” As the prisoner followed the instruction, the Mistress retrieved the ring-gag and within a minute the object was back in place with the straps buckled to their fullest extent.

It seems that this gag is going to act as part of my new bondage, but given what happened to Collette, I doubt that this is the end of it. It took a few seconds for the helpless woman to get used to the straps biting into her cheeks and she looked up to see the full length mirror being wheeled into place in front of her.

“I want you to be able to see what is happening to you, my sweet slave, so that in a way you have your own ringside seat. Now, I think that these should be about your size.” Isabella said as she walked up to one of her cupboards, opened the ornate door and pulled out a case which was similar to the one that held the restraints that were used on the maid. “These are generic for a particular size, rather than custom made for an individual. However, they can be made to provide a comfortable fit by the way that they work.” A pair of chrome manacles around two inches high was removed from the case once it was opened and they each had a D-ring which was connected by a single link. As the items were placed around the ankles of the captive, she noticed that there was some kind of soft padding on the inside and when the manacled was closed, a hex key was used to secure the restraint in place, even though it was still loose.

There is something else on the manacles, almost like a small hole. You did say that these would fit, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

“This is how you make sure that these bonds are truly secure.” A small device resembling a grease gun was lifted up out of the box and the end was pressed against a small hole that was on the restraint that bound the right ankle of the captive. Mistress Isabella pulled what appeared to be a trigger and the swelling of the inner pad was accompanied by a hissing sound as the manacle was held in place with a secure grip.

It’s compressed air! That is so ingenious, as you would only need to something with a point to let the air out and a simple hex key can set me free. Once the right ankle was secure it only took a moment for the manacle pad encompassing the left leg to be inflated so that it would hold the rest of the device in place. I’m not going to be able to run away from you, no matter what happens and escape will certainly be out of the question once you have finished binding me. A second set of the chrome restraints were locked into place around the lower legs of the prisoner, just below her knees and the compressed air device was used to inflate the pad so that the items would press against her skin in a firm manner.

“Stand up prisoner and turn to the right so that your left side is shown in the mirror.” It took two attempts for the restrained lady to stand up on her feet as she was surprised by just how well the bonds stayed in place when she moved and the woman was unable to use her arms to keep her balanced. After taking a few seconds once she was upright to ensure that her centre of balance was stable, she took little shuffling, clanking steps that took her around to the right until the mirror was to her left.

It is your intention that I will see precisely how I am bound with these new restraints, probably because you know that I will become aroused by watching myself being put into the new bondage.

“I should not get in the way of your view while I put the rest of this on and once I remove the rope, you are to place your hands together behind your back.” Mistress Isabella worked on untying the ropes that bound the prisoner’s arms and chest and once these were disentangled from the captive, they were put into neat little loops so that they could lie on a side table. Cecyme put her hands together behind her back with her palms facing each other and as she looked over her left shoulder, she could see her captor pick up another set of restraints from the box.

At this point, I doubt that I would be able to fight you off and I cannot run so this does have a certain inevitability to it. A shiver went down the spine of the prisoner as the manacles encircled Cecyme’s wrists, and she felt the embers of lust between her legs grow in strength as the pads were inflated so that they were solid against her arms. She saw how they looked on her, once the Mistress went to obtain another set of bonds and something about their appearance made her heart race as the light reflected off the metal. It’s almost as if being restrained in metal bonds like these scream slavery and submission, which is why is was so effective on making Collette feel submissive again. As Cecyme continued to look at the mirror, she saw the second set of manacles go around her arm just below her elbows and the process of locking with the hex key was followed by the inflating of the pads, which made her feel even more thrilled.

“There is just one more item to be attached, although for obvious reasons it will not be a custom fit.” A metal collar was taken out of the box by the Mistress who put it around the neck of the prisoner and as it was secured her neck, the captive saw two large D-rings with one at the front and one at the back.

I’m glad that you have been careful with inflating the pad inside the collar, so that it doesn’t press too hard against my throat. Those rings must be for attaching something to the collar, possibly some kind of chain. Well that wasn’t much of a surprise. Four small padlocks, along with a chain were selected by the woman and she began by locking one end of the chain to the D-ring at the back of the damsels neck. A moment later, the chain was connected to the elbow shackles with the second padlock and the third was used to lock the chain to the manacles at her wrists. There was a squeal from the helpless lady as the chain was fed between her upper thighs and it was pulled tight before the other end was locked to the D-ring on the front of the collar. As the captive squirmed in her new bonds, every little movement caused the links of the chain to rub against the folds of her lips of lust and her embers of desire were heating up.

“Now, I want you to lie on your left side in the middle of the bed as I have a few extra restraints to add before we go to the next stage.” As Cecyme sat back down before working her way to the middle of her bed, she discovered that all of the writhing to get into position was serving to fan the embers between her legs until her lust burned with a small flame and she emitted a small moan as the heat built up within her. “Thank you. I can get started with applying the rest of your bondage, now that you are lying on the bed.” Three chains along with same number of padlocks were picked up and one end of a chain was threaded through the link that connected the knee shackles together, with the captive emitting a gasp as her knees were brought up to her chest. The other end of the chain was pushed through the collar D-ring and it was pulled tight before a padlock secured both ends together, which left the prisoner with her knees chained to her neck.

I don’t think that I am even going to be able to move around on the bed with my body bound like this. Why do you need the two other chains as one is sufficient enough to ensure my immobility? There was a sensation at the captive’s wrists which was followed by her ankles being taken close to her thighs and a clinking sound that seemed to be from the chain as it was pulled through a shackle link. There was an increased pressure with her heels pushing against the top of her legs and after an audible click, she found out that she was unable to move her ankles away from her thighs. You’ve put me in a ball-tie and now any sort of movement is impossible. All I can do is lie in whatever position I am placed in without being able to move except for my hands, feet and head. What the-.

“I will get you into the right place before I attach the final chain to your body.” Cecyme was first turned around on the bed until her head and body were pointing towards the mirror and she was rolled onto what would have been her front in other situations, but because of the ball-tie she was stuck in a kneeling position.

You must want me look at the mirror when you carry on with this bondage. No! Mistress Isabella took hold of the ring at the top of the captive’s harness gag, threading the final chain through it with the end also pushed through the central link of the prisoner’s elbow bondage. My head, it’s going to be pulled right back. You’ll strain my neck. For a moment, Cecyme became worried that her neck was going to get hurt as her head was forced back by her captor, but just before her neck reached that point, the pull halted and in the mirror she saw the Mistress use the final padlock to connect end ends together so that her head would remain fixed in this position.

“This is perfect, as you will be unable to do anything to stop me from doing whatever I want to you.” A small cabinet was opened with a smaller case being removed and Cecyme looked on with horror out of the corner of her left eye as the first item was removed from the case. It had two straps with a buckle on the end of one and the shape of the item in the middle was that of an erect penis.

You’re going to use a cock-gag on me and it’s massive! Please don’t force that thing into my mouth! This is why you chained my head to my elbows as I don’t even have the luxury that Collette did when she fought to avoid being gagged.

“Oh yes cute Cecyme, now you understand why I have immobilised you to this degree. It is to make sure that there is no chance of you being able to put up any kind of a fight.” As the Mistress approached Cecyme with the gag, the captive discovered that the chain that ran from the top of the head to her elbows was very effective in preventing her from moving her head.

Please don’t do this to me, that thing won’t fit and I am going to choke on it! There was an almost continuous whine from the captive as Isabella sat on her left and the pitch of the cry increased as the tip of the phallus brushed against her lower lip.

“There we are, it is going in and there is absolutely nothing my poor slave can do about it.” The end of the gag was eased into the open space that was provided by the ring-gag and the helpless lady felt the tip as it pressed against her tongue before it was worked further into her mouth. What made this even worse was that as her head was fixed into this angle, Cecyme ended up watching herself in the mirror as the gag was forced the rest of the way into her mouth and the straps were buckled together at the back of the neck.

Saying that I have been gagged with this does not convey just how intense this feels. Penetrated would be more accurate in most cases, but the only way to adequately describe what has happened is that my mouth is being fucked!

“Oh Cecyme, the look on your face is priceless and your reaction as I pushed that shaft between your forced-apart lips was wonderful to behold. Oh and if you think that was bad, you have not seen anything yet.”

What are you going to do to me?!

(To Be Continued)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 37

A device was being wheeled along between Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù, with them each holding onto a long metal bar which was on either side of the object’s main framework and at the end of the bars were large clips. There were two wheels which looked like standard bicycle wheels, with them looking about the same size and between them was a leather seat which only allowed room for one person.

OMG! That thing is built for someone to ride in and those clips must be so that it can be attached to my waist. I’m going to be turned into a horse and cart in front of the entire world. It was one thing to play at being a horse, but to be made to trot around as an actual beast of burden will be the most humiliating torment yet.

“Why ladies, this is so precious. You arranged to have a small one woman buggy brought here, just so that I can ride around with Cassandra as my personal horse. Thank you for this incredible present.”

It may be incredible to you, but it is just another psychological torture for me as I am going to be dehumanised even more by this. Cassidy began to struggle as the buggy approached but the restraints around her body were so effective that it was more accurate to describe her actions as a frantic wriggle, with her making a loud squeaking sound as leather rubbed on leather. Even this minor wriggle did more to make the two assistants amused than annoyed as the buggy was wheeled into position and they had no trouble with attaching the clips at the ends of the bars to the D-rings on the belt around the waist of the captive.

There is nothing I can do to stop this and I am going to be made to transport my Ring-Mistress around the warehouse. I wonder if there will be further humiliations laid out for me tonight? I really hope not.

“Madam Sǐwáng, if you would be so good as to sit on the buggy while Kǒngbù holds onto the reins of the horse.” Kǎodǎ said as she stood by the left side of the buggy while Kǒngbù went to the right side of the prisoner so that she could take hold of the reins and Cassidy yelped when her head was forced back because of a harsh tug on the straps.

“That is to remind you that your rider will be in charge.” Kǒngbù said as Madam Sǐwáng approached the left side of the buggy with Kǎodǎ putting her right arm out, so that the leader could remain steady while seating herself in the buggy in a comfortable position.

“Once again, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. I would have never thought of it myself, but Cassandra looks as if she is in her proper place.” The woman spoke as Kǒngbù took a few steps before handing the ends of the reins to the Madam and Kǎodǎ moved forward so that she could kneel by the legs of the helpless lady.

I notice that your riding crop is across your lap, which means that if I don’t do as you ask I will be whipped, so that although I won’t feel any pain, the psychological effect will be very strong.

“I think that I am ready to take a little ride now, so if you would be so good as to remove the hobble from the legs of our horse, I can go for a ride around the warehouse.” It only took a few seconds for the strap around Cassidy’s ankles to be unbuckled and once the restraint was removed at least the captive was able to move her legs again.

Freeing my legs are useless to me now as I am nothing more than a harnessed animal and my Madam will want me to move anyway. Any refusal to follow orders will just end with me suffering further humiliation.

There was the feeling of slapping against the side of the prisoner’s cheeks which let the pony-girl know that she was supposed to move forward and this was followed by “Start walking forward, my helpless horse.”

This is not going to be easy, as I have never tried to move anything other than myself in boots like these. It took all of Cassidy’s effort just to get a little movement forward and she thought that she was going to faint with the ropes across her chest restricting her breathing, but each step was making the buggy move a little faster. Soon, the captive was surprised about just how easy it was to remain moving once she had reached a gap in the ring and a tug on the left side of her face let her know that she had to aim for the gap. I’m about to end up going around the warehouse, but I doubt that I will end up seeing anything that might be considered to be a secret.

“You are being a very good horse.” Madam Sǐwáng said as the women left the ring and the pony-girl continued to walk in a straight line once the ring was left behind, until there was another slap on both sides of her face. “Now you start running.”

I hope that I can do this, as it took an awful lot of effort just to get up to walking speed. At least manoeuvring is going to be easier with these spaces. Again, Cassidy felt dizzy due to the shallow breathing imposed on her by her tight bondage and she hoped that nothing would go wrong as she built up speed. When she reached what was almost a running speed, there was a little tug on the reins to indicate that she should remain at this pace, before another one on the left side of her head sent the signal that she should turn left. This pull remained until the captive was parallel to one of the walls of the warehouse and once Cassidy was able to relax, she became aware of the loud noises that the horseshoes on the bottom of the boots were making. The clip-clopping sounds even louder than before, which may be as a result of the extra effort that I am using and the walls of the warehouse seem to amplify them with the echoes that are bouncing off the walls.

“I have never been out for a horse ride like this before, my lovely pony and I must thank you as well for this entertainment.”

Another tug on the left side turned the helpless woman’s head a little to the left as they started to come close to the end of the large building and the pony-girl turned so that the end wall was on her right side. Once I was fast enough, it takes every little effort to remain at this speed, but turning requires some extra effort and I have to make sure that I remain steady on my feet as falling over would be a catastrophe. I’m wondering how I am going to stop though, as I can imagine that it is going to be much more difficult with the buggy attached to me. As she half-ran around the warehouse, the captive saw a trio of beds with steel bars at the head and feet and there was a large area that was also separated from the rest of the warehouse with white sheets. That covered up place must be a special surprise, but those beds almost look as if they are out of some sixties British NHS drama.

Another left turn put them a course that was alongside the other long wall of the building and there was a pull on the reins that forced the captive’s head back a little. You must want me to slow down, but it will not be easy as you, along with the buggy, means that there is a lot more momentum top deal with. It is best if I take my time slowing down as I do not want to take any unnecessary risks in my current predicament/ At first, Cassidy slowed down a little, only to find that there was increased pressure on her waist caused by it being connected to the buggy, but this faded after a moment so the prisoner reduced speed a little more. That’s very unusual, the vehicle shouldn’t be reacting so quickly to my changes, what’s happening? Her answer was revealed in a few seconds when she slowed her pace again and the change in the buggy was accompanied by a small squealing sound.

Brakes, you must have basic brakes on the buggy and that explains why slowing down is easier than I thought. At least I know that I’m not at any risk as you will make it easy for me.

Within a minute, Cassidy had reduced the speed to the point where there was a flick of the reins and she remained at that speed for a while, as she turned so that they passed the second shorter wall. After the next turn they were close to the big top area, but the pony-girl was only instructed to turn right when the first long wall was near and once this was completed more flicks of the straps instructed her to increase her rate of motion to a fast trot.

Several circuits of the warehouse were completed in this way, with Cassidy varying her speed at the whims of her Madam but she was surprised when she completed going around the interior of the building at a slow pace. Are you making me rest in order to try for a full gallop? I doubt that it would be safe if you attempted that.

The answer to this thought was shown when Madam Sǐwáng said “High-step!”

Oh no, that was bad enough when I only had to move myself and it was exhausting then. A sudden feeling on the cheeks of the prisoner as she hesitated was followed by the familiar sour taste in her mouth and she knew that her bottom had been whipped. When the second occurred a moment later, her cheeks turned bright red from the embarrassment and she started to lift each leg up in the way that she had been taught. Just as she had suspected, it required more effort than just walking as it was much harder to get any kind of proper traction and within just a few minutes, she could feel the strain in both her legs and her joints. This is even worse than when I was inside the ring and I doubt that I will be able to continue being a pony-girl as this is going to murder on my legs as it is.

They had nearly completed another circuit when various tugs on the reins directed the captive to a course that was taking her and her Madam bag to the circus part of the warehouse and she sighed with relief when they passed the sheets. Once the restrained woman was back inside, she was directed to the far side of the ring and when she was there, the Madam said “Halt, my pony. Ladies, will you two unhitch the pony and prepare her for the next set of duties?”

“Yes Madam Sǐwáng.” Both of the assistants said almost in unison and as the leader dismounted before sitting on one of the side boxes, the accomplices set to work on the woman who was at their complete mercy. They took less than ten seconds to detach the bars from the sides of the belt around her waist by opening the clips and the buckles were easy enough to take apart. However, the next step meant that Cassidy was going to have to guess what was going to happen as the blinkers on her blindfold were closed, which left her unable to see again.

I’m as helpless as I was when they turned me into a pony-girl and I think that they are either going to turn me into another animal or change me back to the way I was. After a wait which may have been about a minute although the helpless lady couldn’t be sure, the horse’s tail was removed from her bottom and the two clicks at the top of her head along with the pressure on her scalp meant that the ears had been removed from the head band. There were two more clicks in quick succession and a new pressure on the bottom of the captive was enough to indicate that she was either being made up as a bunny girl, or as a new creature. I am still wearing the pony-girl boots on my feet at the moment, but that must be next on your agenda.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the hands of her captors took hold of her so that she could be guided backwards, until she felt the pressure of one of the ring-side boxes against the back of her legs. The downward pressure on her body made it clear that she was to sit down and once she had done so, the touches just below her knee were the assistants loosening the laces on the boots. As Cassidy waited, the boots became loose enough so that when her feet were lifted up, the boots were pulled from her legs so that they could be replaced with shoes and when she put her feet back down, the heels seemed to be the same height as before she wore the boots.

Perhaps they are dressing me up as a bunny girl again. If that is the case then I won’t have to perform any other activities, or at least I hope not. Well, this is hardly a surprise. Cassidy offered no resistance as her feet were placed side by side on the floor and next there was the very familiar feel of rope as it was wrapped around her ankles. Judging from the way my ankles are being forced together, it is probably five double stranded wraps around my legs and possibly three or four cinches added to ensure that the cord grips around my ankles. Just as always the knot will be tied so that it will be out of my reach, but it’s not as if I could untie a knot anyway, with my hands covered. The binding of the prisoner’s legs just below her knees were next and it seemed that there was about the same number of windings that were tightened by cinches before the knot was secured.

Now it’s time for my legs above the knees to be secured and this time there might be one or two extra loops added, although you have placed the same number of cinches. Hey! That’s a bit high! In the previous times when her thighs were bound together the normal position was around the mid-thigh area, but this time the rope was very close to the top of her legs. It felt as if there were more loops added around her legs and the number of cinches appeared to be unnecessary with the hands of the binder coming very close to the top of her legs when the rope was being threaded between her thighs. Please don’t, please don’t. During this binding the hands came so close to her most intimate area that the damsel thought that her modesty was going to be trespassed on, but in the end she was relieved when it didn’t happen. You used this as a mental torture on me, but if I had shown an obvious reaction that Madam Sǐwáng would have been very angry. Perhaps you were planning on having some kind of ‘accident’ but decided against it at the end. Now this is a surprise.

The loosening of the rope that acted as a tight band over the captive’s chest in a figure of eight pattern came as a great relief and once it was removed, she was able to fill her lungs with air for the first time since it was wrapped around her. It was even more of a shock when the long cord that bound her forearms together in a figure of eight pattern was also untied, but given her previous experiences, she doubted that her arms would remain free for long. Her arms were brought around to the front of her body, her palms were placed together and what may have been the same rope was wound in a figure of eight pattern from just above her wrists, all of the way up to her elbows. Even though her covered hands would be unable to untie any knot, the positioning of the knots were in places where her hands couldn’t reach and the lady thought that this would have been done out of habit by the assistants.

I guess that you two want me to stand up now. Cassidy could feel the hands of her captors through the leather that enveloped her hands and the gentle tug grew stronger with each moment, so she used their grip to lift herself into a standing position. You wouldn’t have wanted me to stand up without going anywhere and the tug is constant, which means that I will have to hop forward in the direction that you choose. Once she had stood up, there were also hands gripping her arms so that the captive didn’t have to worry about falling down, although for reasons of safety she took very small hops in direction that the assistants were pointing her to. I wonder where you want to take me to, as at the moment I seem to be heading towards the centre of the ring.

With the help of the two others making sure that her balance was maintained, Cassidy didn’t take long to reach the location where she was supposed to go to and as the blinkers on her blindfold were pulled open, she stared at the full length mirror that showed her in her present state of bondage...

(To Be Continued)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 24

Petra awoke with a start at her desk in the office and she looked around her at all of the staff dressed in their new clothes since the change of management last week, when a woman replaced the old boss. The dress code has changed for the better, and I like being in my new halter-neck blue sun dress. I don’t even have to wear my shoes, which is wonderful. It had been a month since the incredible weekend when she had been kidnapped by Diana and Kendra and although some of the details were hazy, she was thinking about the Friday night when she was spread eagled on the bed with Diana above her.

That was so lovely, but I must get back to work now. I wish that I was in when the new boss presented herself last week, as the other ladies said that she looked gorgeous. However, she keeps to herself in the office and she has two assistants who normally act as go betweens. Once Petra had taken a few sips from her cup of coffee, she started typing the latest figures onto this week’s spreadsheet and she had made quite a dent in the pile of paper on the right side of her desk when the door to the office opened and one of the assistants entered the room. The lady was wearing black patent high-heeled shoes, black seamed stockings, a black knee length skirt with a split on the left side and these contrasted with the white long sleeve blouse. The lady approached the desk and leaned over, placing her hands on the desk as her long straight raven hair fell over her blouse, with her blue eyes looking into Petra’s

“The boss has remembered that you are the only lady that she hasn’t introduced herself to, so she was hoping that you would accompany me to the office so that the both of you might get better acquainted.”

“Yes, sure. I’ll go with you if you’ll just give me a moment to save my work.” Petra closed the spreadsheet after saving the current file that she had been entering the data onto and it only took her a moment to lock the screen of her desktop before rising out of her chair. “Lead the way, please.”

“Certainly.” The assistant said and a second later the woman started to walk away with Petra following her and it took less than a dozen steps for the pair to leave the office.

Finally, I get the chance to meet my new superior. I hope she is as beautiful as everyone says. There were a few twists and turns to the corridor that Petra was unfamiliar with, as she had never been to this office, but it was less than thirty seconds before they reached the door to the office of the new boss, which had the hinge to the right.

As the assistant pushed the door open, she said “After you.” while pressing her body against it.

When Petra entered the room, she noticed first of all how ornate it was; especially the desk and chair in front of her, but it struck her as odd that there appeared to be no one else in the room. Where are you? I thought that you wanted to meet me?

“Get her!” This was a new voice which did not come from behind the lady, but it was a little way to the right as well. Before she had a chance to even react to the command, her arms were gripped just above the elbows and her arms were pulled around to behind her back, with the pressure against her forcing her to her knees.

“What the hell is going on! I came her-!” This about as far as Petra got in speaking before something was inserted into her mouth which halted her in mid sentence and the now familiar straps that were taken around to the back of her neck made her realise that she was being gagged. Something is wrong! Why are you doing this to me? Even though she shook her head from left to right, this failed to prevent the ends of the straps from being buckled together so that the straps dug into her cheeks and a moment’s exploration with the captive’s tongue showed that her mouth was being forced open by a ring-gag.

You’re placing me in bondage, but why? A clinking sound was accompanied by the touch of cold metal around her arms just below her elbows which were drawn so close that they almost touched. Oh no, you’re chaining me up! Several loops were taken between her arms which were pulled so tight that the links bit into her skin before a loud click suggested that a padlock had been used to secure the ends together. I have no chance of escaping from you now that my elbows are bound together, -my wrists! Petra’s hands were pulled together as an second metal chain was wrapped five times around her arms, so that it was just above her wrists and three cinching loops were applied before a second padlock was used to connect the chain ends.

As the helpless woman looked to her right, she saw the second assistant who looked to be so close in appearance to the first that she must been a very close relative and the prisoner was forced forward on her knees until she was lying prone on the soft carpet. What are you going to do to me now? She could feel hands grip her right foot and her right leg was bent at the knees until the heel was felt against the cheek of her bottom. Her dress was hiked up and she was unsurprised when a third chain was wrapped six times around her ankles and thighs before four cinches were applied with a padlock locking the ends in place. It was just a few seconds later when her left leg was treated in the same way and the frog-chained captive was placed on her knees with the prisoner whimpering in her helplessness.

The assistant who had asked her to come to the office picked up a phone and walked around the bound woman while pointing the side with the lens at the captive who started to struggle. Are you filming me while I am bound and gagged? For what purpose, your own gratification? Petra’s question was answered in a short while as the kidnapper pressed a few buttons on her phone and after a wait of approximately one minute, there was a beeping sound.

“The boss has asked us to make a few changes before she arrives so that the slave may be made more presentable.”

At the mentioning of the word slave, Petra’s struggles began in earnest as she realised the full state of the predicament that she found herself in, but she knew from experience that there was no chance of getting free. This is wrong! When I was kidnapped by Diana and Kendra, it was partially my fault for mentioning my fantasy, but there is no justification for this! Her struggles became frantic as the woman walked over to the desk and picked up a pair of scissors while the second unbuttoned the halter of her dress before pulling the zip at the back all of the way to the bottom. Once the dress was undone, it was pulled away from the body of the restrained woman which left her wearing just a thong and a few snips from the scissors left her naked.

The appearance of another chain along with two padlocks which were held by the second assistant caused Petra to beg for mercy, as she had already guessed where this was going. One end was wound around her waist and padlocked into place, with the other end taken between the legs so that it pressed against her lips of lust and the links was pulled tight between her cheeks before the chain was looped over the waist loop so it could be padlocked at her wrists. Once this was done, every little movement by the helpless lady caused the chain to rub against her most intimate area and it had begun to warm the embers of desire within her. No, please no! There was a cry as the prisoner’s body was held by the second assistant, while the first approached her with a pair of thumbscrew clamps which were connected by a chain. Any struggles by Petra proved to be futile as both of her nipples were clamped and she was a little thankful that the screws were only tightened to the point where her nipples stung a little.

“We just have to prepare one last item and we can then take the rest of the day off.” It took a few seconds for the first assistant to go to the desk in order to retrieve a sleep mask, which was slid over the eyes of the captive and the woman shook her head as her sight was stolen from her. “Goodbye slave, I hope that you provide good service towards your new owner.”

Petra heard the sound of the door opening and closing which meant that she was all alone, enslaved in bondage and at the complete mercy of the woman who was her boss. I’m supposed to work for you, not become your property to do with as you wish! Seeing as the helpless lady had nothing else to do, she started to struggle against her bonds, but this caused the chain to caress her flower of desire while the chain tugged at her clamps. It was less than five minutes before the slave was so aroused by the effect of the restraints on her body that she was struggling just for the sake of receiving further pleasure and the woman had become so preoccupied that she failed to hear the sound of the door opening and closing over her own moaning...

Ouch! A pain shot through both of the captive’s nipples as they were pulled up as far as possible and a moment of anger at being treated like this was changed to fear as she realised that someone was in the room with her who could do whatever they wanted. Please don’t hurt me, please! After a few seconds, the chain fell back against her chest, with the pain in her breasts diminishing to a minor ache and as she listened there was the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor to in front of her. What are you going to do to me now?

A touch of hands on either side of her head was followed by the removal of the sleep mask and after a few seconds of blinking, her eyes adjusted to the point when she could see the person in front of her. You are even more beautiful than they said. The woman who had become Petra’s captor was beautiful with wonderful curves on her body, she had long curly blonde hair and green eyes that you could lose yourself in if you stared too long. She was standing with her black gloved hands on her hips, with her legs apart and she looked so dominating in her black patent calf length boots, black leather knee length skirt and white collar high long sleeve white blouse.

If you had asked me to be your slave, I would have volunteered without any hesitation.When the new woman took a small step back, Petra noticed the plain wooden chair behind her and the lady sat down before pulling down the zips on the inside of her boots. Once the boots were pulled off the feet in a way that almost seemed to be seductive, they were placed to the left side of the chair and the lady moved forward a little before placing her right leg over her left knee so that her foot was in front of the face of the captive. Are you telling me to kiss and lick your foot? Surely you can’t want me to do that this soon. Ouch, no no no no no! As Petra looked up into the face of the wonderful lady for confirmation, she failed to notice the movement of the right foot as the big toe hooked itself around the nipple chain and the slave begged for mercy as her nipples were tormented with the chain being pulled tight.

Please stop, please stop! After about five seconds of begging and pleading from the suffering lady, the chain was released  and the foot was place back in front of the slave who took the big toe into her mouth, kissing it as best she could with her gagged mouth. When she looked up again while continuing to kiss the other toes, she could see the look of pleasure on the face of the lady who controlled her, but there was no noise which seemed to be unusual. Don’t you speak? Can’t you speak? Even if you don’t, I should do more than just kiss your feet if I don’t want you to torment me again. Petra extended her tongue out from between her gag and after a moment’s hesitation, she glided the tip over the small toe before plunging it into the gap that was between this toe and the next.  Once she had spent a minute doing this, she moved to the next toe and spent a similar amount of time on that before moving along until she was kissing and licking the big toe again.

There was a broad smile on the face of the lady as she withdrew her right foot and crossed her legs in the other direction so that the left foot ended up within reach of the mouth of the bound captive. Again, Petra started to kiss the toes, starting with the big one and working her way down to the smallest, moving back up over time as she licked and kissed all of the toes. There was another exchange of feet by the lady and the restrained woman continued with serving her captor, with the feet being swapped over from time to time.

Please, I hope that you aren’t angry with me, I did what I thought you wanted. When the woman put both feet on the floor before standing up, Petra was worried that she had done something to displease her captor and this feeling was amplified when her body was held and she was made to lie on her front on the floor. At least the clamps are only making my situation a little uncomfortable, but I feel so exposed with my bottom available for whatever you have planned for me.Knowing that attempting to put up any kind of resistance would only make the situation worse for her, Petra remained motionless as the woman straddled her before kneeling so that she was facing the feet of the prisoner.

This is it; you are going to spank me! Oh, I didn’t expect that to happen, it is so lovely. Instead of the expected spanking, Petra was surprised when her right foot was kissed time after time by the lady, who after a minute diverted her attention to the left foot. I must admit, this is such a surprise as I thought that you were going to punish me. Is this some kind of reward for me pleasuring you? Ooooo. Petra couldn’t help but moan with pleasure though her gag as her right big toe was licked for a minute, before her mistress took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. After several minutes, each toe on her right foot was treated in this way and once all five toes had been worshipped, it was the turn of her left foot to receive this very erotic attention.

By this time, the embers of lust between her legs had burst into flame and this was made stronger as she felt gloved fingers caress her intimacy while the loving of her feet continued. I have missed this so much since that weekend with Diana and Kendra and I don’t want to be set free. You have captured my mind as well as my body today and I am yours to do with as you please.

What came next was a complete surprise as the lady said “It is clear that you are enjoying this. Do you want to remain as my slave?”

There was a nod from the captive as she luxuriated in her bondage on the floor and it took a few seconds for her to recognise the voice, the soft voice that she had heard before. This is lovely, Goddess and I am your slave for as long as you want. GODDESS? A cry of surprise replaced the moaning of the woman as realised who he captive was and she started to struggle on the floor, even though Goddess was kneeling on top of her.

“Yes Petra, It’s me. When I found out where you worked after that Friday afternoon when I visited you, I was determined to work at your business. I also spent time learning about how to be a dominant, so that I can be your Goddess from now on. Do you like that?”

Goddess, you not only have my body and mind but my heart as well. Wait, is that Diana’s voice? Oh no!

I an instant, Petra felt nuzzling against her neck which coincided with rubbing against her breasts and it was as if someone was rubbing their body against hers. Tug after tug occurred at her crotch, as if something was pulling at her crotch chain and there was a load moaning sound in her left ear that she recognised and being that of Diana’s. Once the captive realised what was happening, the dream slipped away which caused her heart to ache and she was writhing in a state of high arousal with Diana doing the same above her.


(To Be Continued)