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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 36

For Cassidy, not only was it awkward for her to remain in this stance for more than a few seconds, but there was also the problem of picking up the two small white cubes that were being held in the palm of her Mistress. I’ve seen horses pick up sugar cubes with their lips while wearing bridles, but it’s going to be more difficult with this bit gag in my mouth. However, no matter how kind my Mistress can be, she is still my Mistress and I do not wish to get into trouble with her by acting in a way that can be thought of as disobedient. Oh no! As the pony-girl bent over a little more, she was just able to extend her lips so that she could pick up one of the cubes, but it was then that she realised that this was all that she could do. This is a full harness gag, which means that I have straps under my chin and they are buckled so tight that I cannot move my lower jaw at all, so I cannot take the cubes into my mouth.

“Oh dear, is my sweet little pony having problems with her little present?” Madam Sǐwáng said and the helpless woman with the cube between her lips looked up, trying to look as pitiful as possible while hoping that her appearance didn’t make her look silly. “I think that I can see what the problem is with you trying to eat. Those assistants of mine have bridled you so tight, that you are unable to take the cube into your mouth. Is that true?” There was a nod from the helpless lady to show that it was correct and because the grip on the cube was so precarious, it slipped out from between her lips so it fell back onto the palm of the Mistress.

“This is an easy matter to sort out. I will unbuckle the straps underneath the chin so that you can take the cubes, but you must leave them alone in your mouth until I buckle you back up again. Is that clear?” After the restrained woman nodded her head, the Madam closed her left hand and worked on separating the straps that held that captive’s chin in place, taking just a few seconds to work them loose. Once this had been achieved, the woman held her palm out flat again and this time Cassidy was able to lift each cube up before depositing it in her lower jaw, moving them back behind the gag using her tongue. After the cubes were safely nestled on the space behind the bit, the prisoner closed her mouth as much as she could so that her captor could buckle the chin straps to the tightest notch.

“I will give you a few minutes to enjoy your present before we continue with your training.” The lady dressed as a Ring-mistress said while Cassidy straightened back up and the damsel started to roll the cubes around her mouth as best she could with her tongue, given the restriction place upon her by the gag.

At least I will be able to have a short rest before I will have to start running around, so I will need to make the most of this. Those straps were extenders to my normal reins, but why do you need all of the extra length? Also, what have you done with your riding crop? As the lady rolled the cubes in her mouth, she started to notice that there was more than just the flavour of sugar in her mouth and that the cubes were also laced with honey. While she was enjoying the cubes, there was a little build up of saliva in her mouth, but the release of honey onto her tongue drove her glands into overdrive and the captive knew what this was going to do to her. This is deliberate, I’m going to start drooling like crazy and with this gag locking my mouth in place, the only way that I can get rid of it is out of the corners of my mouth. This is yet another little torment which is being inflicted onto me!

There was a noise behind the helpless woman which brought her back to full attention and she noticed that her Mistress had gone around to her back, returning with the riding crop which had a long extension added to the base before picking up the ends of the extended reins. As the Madam walked to the centre of the ring, she pulled on the flexible whip part of the crop so that it was lengthened and Cassidy worked out what was going to happen. You are going to control me while remaining in the centre of the ring and the extended whip can be used on me from where you are standing. Although I won't feel any pain from being whipped, there is the embarrassment and humiliation of being treated in this manner. Oh no, I need to get rid of some of this drool!

The amount of saliva had built up to such an extent in Cassidy’s mouth that she needed to dislodge it if she was to start running around and the only way to do this was to shake her head so that the liquid would be forced out of her mouth through her gag. Now I’m acting like a horse in trying to clear my mouth.

“I see that my wonderful horse is champing at the bit for some more action. Come on horse, start running anticlockwise around the ring.”

I really don’t have any choice in the matter, as you can use the whip on me if I refuse to cooperate. When the helpless lady looked to her left, she saw that Madam Sǐwáng was holding the ends of the reins in her left hand while the end of the whip was gripped in her right. That will make it easier to control me as you will have no problem in reaching my bottom with the other end of the whip. There were a few hesitant first steps from the pony-girl as she started to go around the ring in the direction that her Mistress demanded, but she soon picked up speed as she regained her confidence in running while wearing the unusual boots.

“That is it, you are doing well my beautiful pony, but I think that you need a little encouragement.” As Madam Sǐwáng spoke while turning on the spot, emphasised her words by flicking the whip so that the end impacted against the bottom of the woman in bondage. “This is just to make sure that you behave yourself.”

The real reason is that you wanted to use your whip on me anyway and that was just an excuse. Even though the captive Cassidy knew that it was a little risky, she managed to run a little faster, although one of the side effects of running at this speed was that it encouraged a further build up of saliva which forced her to shake her head more and more often. This is forcing me to foam at the bit, just as if I was a real horse, but I can’t let my predicament distract me while I am running. However, I don’t know if I can keep this up for much longer.

“Slow down to a trot now.” With this instruction, the pony-girl slowed down to a speed which she found to be sustainable in her present state of captivity and the lady hoped that she would be allowed to stay at this pace for a while so that she could recover her energy. After a few minutes trotting, the helpless woman was ordered to run at full speed for a minute and this was followed by about ten minutes with the captive being made to run at various paces.

“You can stop for a rest now, my dear pony. I will allow you a break before the next part of training and then you will not have to move any faster than a walking pace.”

Thank goodness for that, I was wondering just how much longer I could go on running for as i was getting more weary with each step. It is heartening that I won’t have to run around for the next part.

“You look all lathered up around your bridle, and I think that you need to be cleaned up.” Madam Sǐwáng put the reins and whip down, approached the prisoner who was still breathing at a rapid pace and stood in front of her while pulling a large white handkerchief out from her left sleeve. “Here, let me do something about this mess on your face.” She lifted up her right arm and dabbed at the face of her prisoner so that the drool could be removed from the face of the defenceless woman before using the handkerchief to remove any other traces of saliva which was put on the side when it was finished with. “That is much better, now you look good enough to-.”

Cassidy was taken by surprise as she was embraced be her captor who placed a tender kiss on her gagged mouth and this was followed by another and another. This is quite a surprise, as I am supposed to be a performing animal and you are the Ring-Mistress who is my owner. However, it is a very pleasant distraction from tonight’s activities and I love being held in your arms while you kiss me.

After a minute of intimacy, the Madam pulled her face away from her captive before saying “I do not know if such an act is permissible, but I kissed a horse and I liked it.” She took her mouth closer to the left ear of the restrained lady, saying in a low voice “I wish I could keep you as my helpless submissive forever, Cassandra, but I know this can never happen because you have your own life to live and missions to perform for your country. However, I do want to make the most of this time until Thursday morning comes, when you are released.”

I just wish that I could convince you that I am not Cassandra, whoever she is and that I would be willing to remain as you helpless captive in bondage. However, I suspect that you might react in a bad way, if you discover the truth about who I am, so it would be best if I maintain the pretence while I am here. Maybe in a month’s time, I could reveal who I am and perhaps we could meet again. Oh wow. Another series of sweet kisses from the Madam served to distract the prisoner form her train of thought and she surrendered herself to the moment, oblivious to everything else.

“Well Cassandra, I hope that you have enjoyed your little rest.” Madam Sǐwáng separated herself from the pony-girl. “This next task will be slightly more tricky than the previous one, as you will be ‘High-stepping’ around the ring.”

High-stepping, what on earth is that?

Cassidy’s expression must have displayed her internal puzzlement as her kidnapper went on to say “I do not know if you have ever seen equestrian competitions on television, but I will try to explain. There is a part of the competition called dressage and in this the horse walks in a highly stylised manner by lifting its foreleg up so that the upper part is parallel to the ground while the lower half is vertical. So Cassandra, when you take a step forward, your leg has to go up high enough so that your thigh is sticking straight out while your calf is pointing down to the floor.”

That sounds easy enough, so how hard can it be to move like that?

A nod from the pony-girl elicited a smile from the captor. “That is good. Now I will return to the centre and we can start the last part of your training.” Once the Ring-mistress returned to the centre, she again took the extended reins in her left hand, took the whip in her right and took a few seconds to compose herself before saying “Start.”

As soon as she heard the command, Cassidy lifted her right leg up in the air so that her thigh was parallel to the floor, but she found out that doing this while trying to keep her lower leg vertical was harder than it had seemed. Bringing her leg back down wasn’t any easier as this method of walking felt unnatural to her and it was just as awkward when she brought her left leg up in the same way. I thought that this would be so easy when you described it to me and I remember seeing this being performed at the Olympics. However, it is taking a lot of my concentration just to get my legs into a position that is even approximately close. Hopefully, it will get easier as I continue to go around the ring.

“You are not doing badly at the moment, my helpless horse and you are putting a genuine effort into it. Do not worry, I am sure that you will get better before long.”

I don’t think that I will be any good at this, it is so difficult. A grimace appeared on the face of the bound woman as she did her best to try and keep to the correct position and she wondered if getting it right was ever possible. After a couple of circuits around the ring, the captive was surprised to discover that it was becoming a little easier and it was starting to require less concentration as her body adapted to the new mode of movement. Once she had completed another few times around the ring, the prisoner was hitting the mark quite often and the encouraging sounds from the Madam made her feel as if she had achieved wonders in a short time.

Just a minute or so later though, the pony-girl discovered the true problem in high-stepping around the ring like a horse, as she started to feel the first suggestions of strain in her leg muscles. Although the damsel was hoping that the feeling was just a figment of her imagination, it grew stronger with each second that passed by and soon, she could also feel it in her joints. It’s because I’m using my legs in such an unnatural way. The strain on my muscles is being transferred to my joints and it is becoming a whole new torment as a result. Each additional step around the ring was making Cassidy suffer and her concentration on getting the position right was faltering as the joints of her legs were feeling as if they were on fire. If you don’t stop soon, I am going to collapse because my legs won’t be able to hold my body up for much longer.


Cassidy was relieved to hear the command and she came to an immediate halt, but the lady was still worried as her legs were trembling from the ordeal that they had been put through. I just need a few seconds before I can feel like my legs are strong enough as I don’t want to take another step at the moment. As the lady looked to the left, she saw that Madam Sǐwáng was unscrewing the extension for the riding whip before removing the additional straps for the reins and the woman walked over to the side of the ring where Cassidy was so that she could put the items down on one of the boxes.

“You have put on a wonderful show this evening, my slave. However your training is over and there is nothing more to do with you as a pony-girl. Perhaps I should find out if Kǎodǎ is ready to perform on the trapeze.”

“I am, Madam Sǐwáng, but Kǒngbù and I have a special surprise for you.” Cassidy was surprised to see the two girls enter the ring area from behind one of the curtains and Kǒngbù was carrying a large bag.

I must have been so preoccupied with being Madam Sǐwáng’s horse that I didn’t even see you leave. I wonder what this surprise is, but knowing you two the likelihood is that it will be an unpleasant one.

“You have another surprise for me? That is very kind of you.”

“Yes Madam.” Kǒngbù said as the two assistants walked towards Cassidy “However, we will need to prepare the pony. Kǎodǎ, the creature will need to be hobbled first, so that there is no chance off her running away.” Once the two ladies were in front of the captive, Kǎodǎ removed a long but narrow leather strap with a buckle at one end from the bag and the assistant wrapped this several times around the ankles of the prisoner before using the buckle to secure the strap in place. The pony-girl made her best attempt to dislodge the strap that bound her ankles together, but the only result was her making a squeaking noise as leather rubbed against leather.

I have no chance of stopping you two from doing anything you want to me, as you have removed my only chance of getting away from you when things turn unpleasant. As the immobilised woman looked on, Kǒngbù took what appeared to be a wide leather belt with several small buckles at one end and this was placed around her waist, with the belt being buckled into position so that it gripped hard but it wasn’t too tight. Is this some kind of torture device that you are planning to use on me? When Cassidy took a closer look at the belt, she noticed two large D-rings sticking out on the left and right side of her body. The rings must have something to do with making me suffer. What are you two doing now?

The two girls walked out of the ring, went behind one of the curtains and the helpless woman heard something being wheeled. When the assistants came back into view, what Cassidy saw made her eyes grow wide and her face go pale...

No, please no, there’s no way that I can cope with that!

(To Be Continued)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 22

There was no real measurement of the passage of time for the helpless lady as she carried on with her task of pleasuring her mistress and the only incident that provided any marker was when the woman in charge cried out in orgasm. Was that the fifth or six one this time? You are certainly enjoying the foot worshipping that we are being forced to provide for you, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this as I am starting to get tired. As Petra continued with sucking and licking Kendra’s right foot and toes, she heard a sound to the right which was muffled but it seemed to her as if Diana had yawned and hearing this caused the restrained woman to yawn in response. I have to keep going though, as I don’t want to give my Mistress an excuse to punish me in any way.

However, it wasn’t long before Petra was finding it harder to maintain the same level of toe care, but she persevered as best she could and her actions along with her fellow slave brought the lady in charge to the peak for yet another time. I hope that you aren’t going to make us keep performing for you all night long, as I don’t think that either of us has the strength to bring you to orgasm again.

“Okay my cute little captives; it is time that I brought this session to an end, as it is obvious that both of you are tired and the last thing I need in the morning is a duo of drained damsels who will not be up to par.” Petra felt the right foot of her mistress pull away from her mouth and the prisoner felt relieved that she didn’t have to continue pleasing the woman who was in charge of her. “I will now get you two ready for bed so that you can get a good night’s sleep and I hope that you do not cause any trouble while I do this. Slave Petra, I must warn you that any misbehaviour or disobedience will cost you dearly, as you will find that sleep will be denied to you for the rest of the night as a very severe punishment. Slave Diana, do you remember when you thought it would be fun to misbehave while being prepared and you ended up spending the rest of the night on your toes in a strappado?”

What surprised the helpless lady when she heard the response from Diana was not only that it affirmed what the aunt had said, but there was also a strong hint of a warning that this was something very bad that had to be avoided. “I hope that you understood the message that you have been given slave Petra, as your inexperience in these situations will not allow you to escape punishment this time.”

A shiver went down the spine of the defenceless woman as she imagined being bound in a strappado and then being left all night long with no chance of obtaining any rest. I don’t think that it would be a good idea to cause you any problems, as you sound serious about making me suffer in that way. It almost seems as if you are challenging me to me to be disobedient, just so that I can be made to experience such a severe punishment. There was a nod from the captive so that she could let her mistress know that she comprehended the message and there were going to be no acts of misbehaviour from her.

“That is good slave, as I would like to get some rest as well tonight. I will get you ready for bed first and then my other slave can be put into her position.”

Her position? Are you going to do something different to your niece? I hope that you aren’t going to punish her by making her stay awake all night long.

Petra’s muffled protest got the attention of the mistress who said “I’m not going to do anything nasty to her, it’s just that I have to get you into your night time bondage first and it will all become clear in just a little while. You will understand why when I am finished, but we are wasting time by just talking.”

That is such a relief, I doubt that I would be able to sleep if poor Diana was being tormented all night long. A sliding sound in front of the kneeling prisoner indicated that Kendra was getting off the bed and this was followed by soft footfalls that went to her left before going around to behind her. A slight pressure against the bonds at her elbows was followed by a clicking sound, which was the tuning of a key inside a padlock before the chains around her upper were removed. It feels better to have that chain unwrapped from my chests, as the links had been pressing against my nipples for some time. Next, the padlock that bound the second chain around her waist was unlocked so that the chain itself could be taken away from her body and the ring gag pressed just a little harder into her mouth as the straps that met at the back of her neck were unbuckled.

“When I remove the ring from your mouth, you are to remain quiet and keep your mouth wide open. Well, unless you would prefer to spend the night standing up. Do you understand?” Kendra said and after a nod from the captive, the ring was pulled out from between her teeth. After a few seconds, during which the woman held her face in position, a large rubber ball was inserted between her teeth before the straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together. Although the lady was unable to dislodge the ball from her mouth by using her tongue, the straps weren’t pressing as hard against her cheeks like before, which meant the straps weren’t buckled together as tight as they had been on previous occasions.

At least you are allowing a little give in my gag tonight, so that it won’t be as uncomfortable and this should allow me to rest better.

“I am going to unlock the chain which keeps you in a kneeling position and after that is done, I will help you to stand up.” A few seconds after another click, the pressure on her wrists and ankles eased as the hogtie chain was pulled through the links of the cuffs and a pair of hands took hold of her restrained arms before she was pulled up. Although it wasn’t enough to lift her all the way up, it allowed her to get her feet under her body so that she could push herself up into a standing position and after a moment the captive was able to steady herself.

What happened next was surprising, as a rope was taken around her waist, tied together behind her back and the loose end was threaded between her thighs before it was fed underneath her waist rope at the front. This is a surprise, as you have placed a crotch-rope on me, yet you haven’t tied it off and it isn’t even rubbing against my valley of lust. What have you got in store for me?

“Hop forward one small step at a time, until I tell you to stop and don’t worry about falling down, as I will be keeping hold of your arm until you have finished moving.” Petra took four of these little hops, with each being stabilised by the grip on her arms and the bound woman halted when she heard her captor speak. “Stop. Now, turn around so that you are facing me and then sit down on the bed. Once this is done, I will move you around so that you can be secured.”

As soon as the grip on the helpless woman’s arms disappeared, she turned around on a slow shuffle until she thought that her back was to the bed, but she was hesitant about sitting down as the back of her legs were not touching the bed.It’s easy enough to sit on a bed when you can feel it, even when you are bound, gagged and blindfolded. This is different, as I have to trust that I am in the right position, otherwise I could be in for a very nasty fall. I am quite nervous about this, but if I don’t do as I am told, this could be seen as disobedience and I have no desire to spend the night on my toes. She knew that if she delayed any longer, Kendra might use this as an opportunity to inflict the strappado punishment on her, so the prisoner sat down into nothing and she sighed with relief as her bottom pressed against the mattress of the bed.

“Surely you didn’t think that I would let you fall and hurt yourself, my cuddlesome kidnap victim.” Kendra said with a laugh “I would hate to think how I would explain all of this to the nurses at Accident and Emergency. Now, that is a lovely blush.”

 It was a trick just to tease me, I should have known that you weren’t going to take any risks with me but you used my imagination against myself. It felt to the helpless woman as if her cheeks were burning as she sat on the bed and she wondered just how red her face was at this moment. There were footfalls around the bed until they were behind her which was followed by her being pulled back a few feet and her captor took hold of her feet before turning her around so that her legs pointed to what was the bottom of the bed.

“Don’t try and lie down at the moment, as it could be very uncomfortable for your back. Just stay as you are and I will do the rest.” Petra heard the unlocking of the padlocks that restrained her ankles along with her legs just below her knees, but she was puzzled as to why the leg cuffs themselves were still in place as her feet were spread out towards the sides of the bed.

If I’m going to be spread eagled then there is no point keeping those cuffs on. Perhaps you are going to remove them later once I am secured to the bed. Anyway, you know what you are doing, so I shouldn’t worry about it. A sensation of something cold pressing against the inside of her right foot was accompanied by the sound of a small chain clinking as it was fed through the D-ring of the cuff and this was followed by the pulling straight of her leg, before there were more metallic sounds at the foot of the bed along with the shutting of a padlock. So, I’m being chained down to the bed. But if you are going to bind my like this, then there will be no room for Diana to lie down on here. Petra’s chain of thought was distracted when another chain was threaded through the ring on the cuff that was attached to her left ankle and her left leg was pulled to the other corner of her bed where the chain was secured with another padlock.

My hands should be next, which is why you wanted me to remain sitting upright as accessing my arms would be rather difficult if I was lying on my back. I thought so. A touch at the captive’s wrists was followed by the removal of the padlock that bound her wrists together and the one just below her elbows was unlocked which allowed her arms to fall to her sides. Gentle pressure on the helpless woman’s chest by the hand of her captor encouraged her to lie flat on her back and a chain was fed through the D-ring on the cuff that was secured around her right wrist. Her hand was pulled upwards and to the right so that it was pointing to the corner of the bed and the noise of metal upon metal was accompanied by a click which meant that her arm was locked into position. It took less than a minute for Petra’s left wrist to be bound in the same way and the spreadeagled captive writhed on the bed so that she could make herself more comfortable.

I’d better get into as good a position as I can, because this is how I’ll be stuck until morning. I wonder what you are going to do to Diana?

“Remain quiet and keep your mouth wide open while I remove your gag.” The sounds to the right of the captive were similar to when her own gag was removed and the muffled sighing suggested to her that Diana’s mouth was also filled by a ball gag. As the prisoner listened, she heard the clanking of the two sets of chains which could only be the removal of the bonds from around the body of the other captive and there was another little metallic sound that would be the chain keeping the niece in a kneeling hogtie.

Perhaps Kendra is going to place you in a hogtie at the bottom of the bed between my legs, as that is the only area on this bed that you can go to. Being left at the top of the bed would be impossible as my head isn’t far from the headboard which is little more than a set of bars.

“It is time for you to stand up.” A muffled grunt was heard to the right by the bound lady and there were the sounds of a few hops that must have been made by the other prisoner as she steadied herself after being lifted up. One thing that was unusual was a short gap before the enslaved niece ended up emitting a muffled squeal through her gag. “Move forward until you reach the bed and I will help you to get on.” Five hopping sounds were made by Diana before there was a short pause, after which there was very heavy pressure against Petra’s right leg lasted for just a moment. After this were four clicks that seemed to indicate the removal of the padlocks that bound the niece’s arms and legs together, as if to prepare the captive for some new bondage.

I’m glad that this part was over quickly, as I could have ended up in agony if your weight had been on me for more than a few seconds. It’s not going to be a very good night for you if you are going to end up hogtied though, Diana.

What happened next came as a complete surprise to the helpless Petra, and it was only until it was over that she managed to gather her thoughts enough to realise what had happened to her. There was a sudden pressure against her body, along with lesser pressures against her arms and legs and she heard four locking sounds along with sensations at her wrists and ankles. A second surprise came as she felt two hands against her waist and she squealed as the rope between her legs was pulled tight so that the cord pressed against her lustful lips. Another four clicks occurred at Petra’s elbows and knees, which were followed by two more, one at the main D-ring at the front of her collar and the other just above her.

OMG! You’ve gone and put Diana right on top of me in a spread-eagled position, Kendra. That’s why you didn’t remove the cuffs from my knees or elbows, as they have been used along with the ones at my wrists and ankles to bind us together. As Petra moved a little, she felt her breasts rub against those of her fellow prisoner and as she heard a moan, she felt the rope between her legs rub against her intimacy. you’ve not only put crotch ropes on both of us, but they are tied together so that our movements will pull on the ropes! You must have chained our necks together as well, as I can feel Diana’s face pressing against mine.

“The two of you make a wonderful sight like that, two slaves in bondage spread-eagled on the same bed for the night. I can see that you are aware of that fact that your crotch ropes are bound together, so I would advise both of you not to move too much unless you want it to tease you for the rest of the night. Your collars are secured together with a very short chain with a clip at each end so that your faces are forced to be in contact. Anyway, I won’t say sleep tight, as you two are incapable of sleeping any other way at the moment, but I will wish the pair of you very sweet dreams. Goodnight.” A series of ever quietening footfalls occurred which came to an end when the door to the bedroom was closed and the helpless Petra knew that unless something very unusual happened, she was going to remain like this with Diana for the rest of the night.

Again, I’m bound to a bed, but this time I’m alone with you, Diana. Oh, that’s a really silly oxymoron, after all how can I be alone when I’m with someone. However, I don’t want to move too much as we could end up stimulating each other by our ropes and I can feel my nipples brushing against yours, every time that either of us breathes in and out. As Petra opened up her hands, she noticed that Diana had done the same thing and after a few seconds they intertwined their fingers together so that they could grip each other’s hands. Apart from this or moving our heads around in a limited way, the both of us are extremely restricted in what we can do, unless we want to end up arousing each other in the process.

There was a quiet murmur next to the helpless woman’s left ear and she ended up making the same noise in response as she nuzzled Diana’s left cheek, with them spending several minutes like this until Diana’s breathing became shallow and regular while her grip on Petra’s hands lessened. You must be more used to this, so it is no surprise that you fell asleep before me. I wonder how long it will be before I join you.

It was almost as if the niece’s rhythm had a hypnotic effect on the helpless lady as within a few minutes, the kidnapped lady fell into a deep sleep...

(To Be Continued)  

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 35

Even though night had fallen by the time that they had reached the kitchen door of the mansion, Cecyme had no problems in walking back with there being no restrictions to the movements of her legs. Collette opened the door so that the captive could enter and the helpless woman stepped through before waiting for the maid to join her in the corridor and close the door behind her. I hope that you won’t make me do anything strenuous at the moment, as it has been quite an afternoon and I really do need some rest after what I have been put through. Although the damsel did her best to suppress what happened next, it was impossible to prevent given the restrictions of her body as she let out a loud yawn. Knowing my luck, I’m going to get punished for getting bored about the whole situation, although this has been an incredible day, full of amazing entertainments.

“Oh I am so sorry Cecyme, I should have realised just how exhausting a full day of bondage can be when you are a captive like this for the first time. It has been so long since my first time spent as a restrained lady for an entire day, that it never entered my mind that you would need a rest at this point. Mistress Isabella did say that if you needed a rest, then you should be taken to her room on the first floor and be left in comfortable bondage that would allow you to sleep.” Collette took a few steps down the corridor so that she was a little further down than the helpless lady, before she tugged on the rope that was bound around the waist of the prisoner and said “Follow me, my helpless slave.”

At least you aren’t going to make me suffer for what I just did, but I doubt that I would put on a good show for you at the moment, given that I do need to have a little nap before we have the special supper in the orchard. As the bound woman walked behind the red-head down the corridor so that they could reach the elevator at the far end, she was starting to feel tired from the afternoon’s exertions and she hoped that it wouldn’t be long before she was resting on Mistress Isabella’s bed.

“Here we are Cecyme, we will only have to wait a moment for the elevator and it will only be a few more steps before you will be resting on the bed and relaxing for a while.” Collette said as she halted in front of the elevator door and once the prisoner was beside her, the maid pressed the button by the door so that they would be able to go up to the next floor. Just before the door opened so that they could enter, there were two screams from the maids’ quarters which brought the captive back to a state of alertness.

“It would seem that Mistress Isabella has been busy entertaining Megumi and Selma while we were outside.” As the maid spoke, the screams subsided to soft moans as the door opened and the two women stepped inside the small area, with Collette pressing the button for the first floor before taking hold of Cecyme’s bound arms so that there was no chance of the lady losing her balance when they ascended. It took just a few seconds to reach the next floor, with the door opening just a moment later and the maid motioned the captive to step out first while the door was held open. After the maid left the elevator, the door closed behind both of the women and the leather-clad lady took the few steps to Isabella’s room so that she could open the door.

“Walk inside the room and sit on the bed.”

Hopefully, I’ll be able to have a nice rest for a little while. What will you be doing when I’m asleep, though? After Cecyme walked into the room, she turned around and sat down on the left side of Isabella’s ornate bed as the temporary dominatrix closed the door before approaching her prisoner. The rope around the helpless lady’s waist was untied and she looked on as the maid knelt on the floor in front of her, before wrapping one end of the rope five times around the ankles of the captive. Three cinches were added to the binding, which pulled the loops into a firm grip around the legs and the maid tied a simple but secure knot with four feet of the cord still trailing.

“There, that should be sufficient to tie your legs together without making it uncomfortable for you.” Collette said as she put her arms around the body of the bound lady, adjusting her position until she was lying on her back on the bed with her head on a pillow. “Now Cecyme.” The woman said as she stood up straight. “I want you to roll over onto your right side so that you are facing the centre of the bed and get yourself comfortable as you will be staying like this for a little while. Once you are in a position that you prefer, please nod your head so that I will know when to continue.”

At the moment, I might fall asleep in any position, but lying on my back with my arms folded underneath me like this would probably become a torment after a short period of time. For Cecyme, getting onto her right side was easy as it took just a few seconds of squirming, but it was about a minute later before she had moved her body to a point where she felt that there would not be any problem with lying there for some time. I had better let Collette that I am ready. I have an idea that this is going to involve the rope coming from my ankles, as you must have a reason for leaving the end free.

Once the captive nodded her head, she felt the hands of the maid grip her feet which were pulled back so that her legs were bent at the knees and soon she could feel the heels of her feet press against the cheeks of her bottom. There was a pull against the rope that was wrapped around her chest, in the centre of her back and a second later there was a slight increase in the pressure of the cord around her ankles.That must be you looping the rope from my ankles to my chest ropes and back again, so that I am held in a hogtie on the bed. There was a fumbling at her ankles for a few seconds which suggested that the end of the rope was being tied off and when the maid’s hands were withdrawn, a little squirming from the captive let her know that she was hogtied and she was going to remain on the bed until she was freed.

At least I am not going to have any problems going to sleep like this, but what are you going to do while I am stuck here? As the helpless lady lifted her head in the hopes of getting to see what her captor was doing, she noticed that the lady was walking down to the bottom of the bed before going around to the right side. Once Collette was on the opposite side from her prisoner, she lay down on her left side on the bed so that she was facing the hogtied slave before moving herself so that their bodies were almost touching. Please don’t torment me right now, as I feel so tired.

The concern of the bound woman must have shown on her face, because Collette appeared to look worried for a moment before a soft smile formed on her lips as her right hand caressed the hair of the captive. “Do not worry Cecyme, I’m not going to hurt you as you need to get some rest before the final activities of the evening. Instead, I am going to be gentle and loving so that it will be easier for you to fall asleep.” When the prisoner heard this, she started to relax in her bonds and the lady sighed a little as she felt the fingers of the right hand of her captor running in a soft manner though her hair. “There, you look much better now. Just let me love you to sleep.” As Collette continued to caress the prisoner with her light hand, she took her left arm around the captive’s so that the two ladies’ bodies were pressed against each other. “I do have another reason for staying with you, as once I leave your side my short period as a dominatrix will be at an end and I will go back to being a submissive maid.”

It sounds as if you really like being a dominatrix at times, so maybe during the next week, I might like to watch while you do this to one of the other ladies. It will be lovely entertainment to see you use your talents on Selma or Megumi. Any further attempt at some kind of coherent thought disappeared as the dominatrix pressed her lips against the gagged mouth of the prisoner, who closed her eyes as  she revelled in the moment. Soon, the kisses moved to the left cheek of the prisoner who moved her head so that the left side of her neck was more accessible and after a minute or two, the kisses migrated from her cheek to her neck. This was a sweet caress in itself, but it wasn’t long before the kisses turned into playful little bites and Collette also opened her mouth wide so that she could suck at the soft flesh of the lady’s neck.

Although the helpless Cecyme found all of this to be very pleasurable, in the end it did nothing to stop her from becoming more relaxed and soon she started to drift off...

“How are you, my sleepy-headed slave?”

Your voice has changed, Collette. Wait, I know that voice. It took a few seconds for the hogtied woman to become awake enough so that she was aware of her current situation and a moment of squirming was enough to confirm that she was still hogtied on the bed of her mistress. Once she had opened and closed her eyes for a few seconds, they remained open and she turned her head to the left so that she could look at the familiar person who had spoken.

“Did you have a lovely time with Collette the Dominatrix? She says that you did, but I would prefer that you let me know that it is true.” Mistress Isabella was sitting on the left side of the bed with her left hand on the bed in front of the prisoner’s chest which meant that she was leaning over with her face above that of her captive’s.

It truly was an incredible afternoon and I hope that I will experience it again in the near future, maybe even next weekend. There was an attempt by the helpless lady to perform a vigorous nod to show that she did enjoy what Collette had done to her, but it was somewhat hampered by the position of her body.

“I am happy that you found the experience to be a good one, Cecyme. To be honest, you have exceeded any expectations that I had of you, as I expected it to take at least two weekends for you to come this far.” As the Mistress spoke, she took hold of the restrained woman who was rolled around on the bed until the lady in the hogtie was lying on her left side so that she faced the left side of the bed which made it easier to look at the woman who controlled her. “That is better as we do not have to put any strain on our necks as we look at each other. In fact Cecyme, you have done so well that I have altered the schedule for tomorrow morning as I feel you are ready for something more than you have been involved in at the moment. I do not want to say much, as it might occupy your mind tonight and I don’t want anything to distract you from tonight’s fun, but what I have got planned will be both entertaining and informative.”

While Isabella was speaking, the constrained captive was looking around the room as best she could in her present situation and she had noticed that Collette was no longer there. What’s happened to Collette? I hope that she isn’t being punished in any way?

“You do not have to worry about what has happened to your temporary Mistress, my sweet slave. I came back to my room about half an hour ago so that Collette would be able to get changed back into a maid’s uniform while I kept watch over you. However, when Collette changes back into being a submissive again, there is what you could call a kind of psychological side-effect which needs to be dealt with, so I expect that she will be back upstairs and knocking on my door before long.” Isabella planted a few sweet kisses on Cecyme’s right cheek before continuing to speak. “Although what is going to happen may be surprising to you, don’t be worried or make any protest, as it will just cause concern to Collette which will not be good for her right now. Just accept it, no matter how bizarre you may feel it to be and remember that it is for her benefit. However, I must admit that I do like to tease her more than a little when this situation happens, which is an indulgence of mine.” There was a soft knocking at the bedroom door. “Oh, that must be her. Who is it?”

“Mistress, it is I, Collette. May I enter, please?”

Isabella lowered her voice as she rose from the bed “Remember Cecyme, do not let Collette become worried about you in any way.” After composing herself, the Mistress said in a loud voice “You may enter, Collette.” There was a click from the handle as it turned, with the door pushed open a moment later and Collette stepped into the room in her full sexy French Maid attire, closing the door behind her.

“And what is so important that you decided to disturb me while I am spending time alone with my slave?” Isabella said with what seemed to be a hint of annoyance at being disturbed.

You almost sound angry, as if you resent her being here at the moment, yet you knew she would turn up here in the first place. What is going on?

“I’m so sorry, Mistress. I know that you are busy and I wouldn’t interrupt you in a normal situation, but if it is okay with you, I would like to make a request.” Collette said as she lowered her head and placed her hands together behind her back, in what appeared to be an obvious act of submission towards her Mistress.

“Well, go ahead and make your request then, maid.”

That sounds a little harsh, Mistress. I have never seen you speak like that before and it seems you are unhappy with Collette. However, just like previous situations I need to observe and not jump to any conclusions.

“Mistress, could you please place me in bondage?”

“And why should I do that?”

“I need to be made to be completely helpless.”

“Well, in that case you can get Megumi or Selma to bind and gag you, as I am sure that they can do a good enough job of restraining you. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get Cecyme ready for tonight’s festivities in the orchard.”

You have just refused to make Collette helpless. Why would you do such a thing?

“But Mistress Isabella, they won’t be able to provide the same effect on me that you can. Only you can be that good.”

“They are just as efficient as I am. Anyway, you are taking up my time, so if you would be so good as to remove yourself from my room.” As Isabella spoke, she motioned with her right hand at the door through which Collette had entered.

You are being so mean to the poor maid, what has she done to deserve this.

“Please don’t be so cruel to me, Mistress. Please restrain me.”

“You are starting to become a problem, Collette. Perhaps you would wish to work somewhere else instead.” There was a look of horror on Collette’s face as her Mistress spoke, but she responded by kneeling on the floor and placing her hands together in front of her as if she was begging.

“Please Mistress, don’t do this to me. You can do anything you want to me once you make me helpless.”

Collette wants to be tied up, just do it to her.

“So maid, why do you want me to do this to you? Why not have Megumi or Selma do it?”

With this question, everything fell into place for the lady who was lying hogtied on the bed and she realised that this was a game that was being played with great care by the two women. After being a dominatrix, Collette is trying to assert her submissive side in the strongest way possible and this is by being controlled by the woman who is in charge at the moment. This is why Collette needs Isabella to do this as the others won’t be able to make her feel submissive enough.

“You are the only person at the moment who can truly make me become submissive again. Please enslave me, Mistress Isabella.”

“In that case, I will place you in bondage. However you must be warned that I am going to be very strict with you because of your impudence and your punishment is going to be most severe. Now, stand up, be silent and place your hands behind your back.”

Collette rose from the floor, placed her hands behind her back and trembled as her Mistress stared at her...

(To Be Continued)

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 35

To mention that Cassidy Bryce was preoccupied with her new appearance would have been an understatement of her state of mind, as she was staring so hard at herself in the mirror that she didn’t even notice the approach of her mistress who took hold of the long reins in her right hand. One sharp tug on the reins pulled the helpless lady out of her moment of extreme self inspection and she turned her ‘bridled’ head in the direction of her ring-mistress.

“I did like the idea of having you as a lovely little bunny girl in bondage, but it never occurred to me that you could be turned into a ponygirl.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she stared into the eyes of her captive, whose cheeks were burning more by the second as she knew that she was going to be made to behave like an equine. “It is so sweet to see your face becoming a nice shade of crimson. I can do a lot more with you like this than I could while you were a bunny. I think it is best if I take you very slowly around the ring for a few times, so that you can get used to having these new boots on your feet and once I am happy that you are coping, you can be speeded up.”

At least the person who made these weird boots managed to ensure that the sole is rock solid and that my lower legs are supported along with my ankles, otherwise I could end up hurting my legs. However, moving around in them could prove to be very tricky, as I’m finding a little difficult just to stand up.

“Come on my lovely horsey, it is time to make your first trip around the ring.” Madam Sǐwáng said, moving forward a couple of yards at a slow pace while still keeping hold of the reins and although the there was some give, the captive knew that it would only be a few seconds before the reins would be pulled tight.

I should be thankful that you are going at this speed as it gives me a chance of being able to keep up even though I haven’t a clue about how to walk properly in these boots. Perhaps I should just try to place the hooves down flat against the floor at the moment. Cassidy lifted her right foot up a few inches before she leaned forward a little and placed the hoof back down, with it making the classic clop sound when the metal struck the floor. Well, I can move forward, but that felt unsteady, so it is going to take time to become used to walking like this. She repeated the step with her left foot, taking it a few inches further this time and although she was feeling unsteady again, the captive was sure that she would be able to cope with walking at this speed. My cheeks feel as like they are on fire at the moment, but that shouldn’t be a surprise with the world watching while I have to act like a horse. I should be thankful that you can’t make this situation any worse for me.

At first, the ponygirl kept herself to making very short steps with intervals that were as long as possible, so that she could learn how to perform the most careful of walks in her footwear that was half boot and half horses hoof. Once the woman had moved around a quarter of the ring, she managed to feel more secure in taking steps in this way, so she started to increase her speed while putting more distance between her footfalls. Although the changes were small, they were more than enough to allow her to keep up with her captor and she shortened the distance between the two ladies by a few feet. I wish I could hide the fact that I am doing better than at the start, but there is no way of hiding the fact that I am closer to you as the sound of my hooves will give me away. Also, the change in speed will also be audible to you, so once we have gone around the ring I have a feeling that you will quicken the pace.

As the two ladies continued with walking around the circle, Cassidy concentrated on making sure that she would have no problems in using the ponyboots, although she wondered if she was able to cope if her pace was quickened. I don’t have any trouble at this speed now that I am getting used to this, but if I have to move a lot faster I could still end up falling over.

“You have done well for a start, my pretty little pony.” The Mistress said as she came to a halt at the point where they started. “It was clear from the sound of your hooves that you had no trouble in maintaining enough speed so that you could keep up with me. Seeing as you have managed to cope so well, I see no point in going around the ring again at this pace, so I will go at close to a normal walking speed which should provide a decent challenge for you. However, I think that you should be able to maintain this speed.”

I don’t think that I am ready to follow you if you go too fast and I need more practise with stepping in these ponyboots. No, wait! Any attempt at procrastination was denied to the ponygirl, as Madam Sǐwáng set off at the speed which she had indicated and the captive know that within a second the reins would become tight. I have to go as fast as I can, or I could end up being pulled over flat on my face without any way of stopping my fall. Cassidy’s first step with her right foot was taken as a result of instinct, as she attempted to maintain her balance and move forward at the same time so as not to let herself be pulled over by the reins. Thinking about what steps she would need to take so that she could move forward was pointless, as this would just result in her not being fast enough to stay upright. After she took the first step at speed, the helpless lady realised that the momentum of her body was enough that she had to place her left foot in front so that she could maintain her balance.

As the captive followed her mistress around the ring, doing her upmost to keep up at this new pace so that some slack would remain in the reins, a worrying thought entered her mind. When I did the first circuit, I was going at a speed so that each step was slow enough so that I could stop instantly. However, it will be impossible to do that as my movement will not allow me, so how an earth am I going to be able to stop? I might have just exchanged falling over at the beginning for falling over at the end, unless I can work out how to slow myself down sufficiently. If you stop now, I am going to end up walking right into you and we could both end up on the floor. Maybe you are going to slow down first, so that I might have a chance at coming to a stop. Any hopes that Cassidy had of Madam Sǐwáng slowing down were dashed once they completed a circuit of the ring, as the kidnapper increased her pace which forced the prisoner to push herself even harder so as not to lag behind. If you come to a halt now, it is going to be disastrous for me.

These thoughts were upmost in the captive’s mind as she walked behind her mistress and this preoccupation almost proved to be her undoing when the Madam came to a halt in front of her. I can’t stop! An involuntary cry escaped the gagged mouth of the ponygirl while she was continuing in her forward motion and her captor took took a few steps to the left while still holding the reins. Thank goodness! Knowing that it would be a disaster if she tried to make an immediate stop, the bound woman shortened her step a little at a time until she was confident enough that she wouldn’t overbalance on the last step That took me nearly a quarter of the ring, but at least I managed to come to a halt at last.

“I should have realised that it would be harder for you to stop, seeing as you are not experienced in walking with these boots. However, you managed just fine in the end, so I think that I should continue with the training of my mare.” Madam Sǐwáng released her grip on the long reins so that they hung from Cassidy’s harness bit-gag before she put the riding crop down on the ring-side and stepped behind the prisoner, taking hold of the reins so that they went back on either side of Cassidy’s face. “I have one of the reins in each hand and I will be walking behind you this time, so that you can get used to starting, stopping and changing direction.”

Oh no, now you are going to act as if you are my rider. Although the helpless woman felt  even more humiliated by the idea of having a rider, it also added to her feelings of submission and it created a strong thrilling in her body at the level of control that she was under. How will I know when to start?

“Giddy up and do not be slow.” The mistress said in a bad approximation of a western accent as the ponygirl experienced a strong impact to the cheeks of her derriere and the sour taste in her mouth let her know that it would have hurt anyone else.

You just whipped my bottom with the reins! That’s more of an embarrassment than anything else as it didn’t actually hurt me, but I don’t want the whipping of my body to continue in any way. I just hope that you allow me to slow down gradually. Cassidy set off in the usual anti-clockwise direction around the ring at what had become her normal walking speed and she was starting to feel more confident in walking on her fake hooves. Once she had completed two circuits of the ring, however, her head was pulled so that it turned a little to the left and after a moment she realised what was happening. It’s the rein that’s attached to the left side of my harness bit-gag, you must be tugging on it in order to make me turn to the left. As soon as the woman understood what her mistress wanted, she slowed down so that she could perform a safe turn and the tug on her side stopped when her new direction was taking her towards the centre of the ring. You are probably going to train me by making me go across the ring like this for a while, so at least I will be prepared for what you want. No matter what is going on, I will need to turn one way or another, unless you want me to walk into the side of the ring.

There was a tug on the right side of Cassidy’s harness which pulled her head in that direction and she responded in an instant as she turned to the right with the tug halting when the woman was parallel to the side of the ring. So I’m going in the other direction for once, which does feel a little unusual as I have been going in just one way until now. After spending a minute travelling clockwise within the ring there was another pull on the right rein, which encouraged her to turn so that she was heading across the middle of the ring and once she was nearly at the other side, a tug on the left side of her face made her go anti-clockwise so that the blocks that made up the ring were to her right.

As the ponygirl continued the circling inside the ring at her usual steady pace, her head was pulled back a little as a result of pressure being exerted onto the rings that were on both sides of the bit between her teeth. You must want me to slow down, as this is what riders do to horses when they want them to stop. I need to be careful though, as I don’t want to fall over with my hands bound behind my back. Seeing as this was only the second time that the woman had slowed down from this speed, she was careful how she altered her pace with the reins still pulling against her, but it only took a short period of time before she managed to stop. What are you going to do now? Has this come to an end?

What happened next came as a surprise to the damsel as there was a flicking on her ears, which was followed by another one only a few seconds later and it took a third for the helpless lady to understand the message. You must want me to start walking again, but I expected you to slap me on the bottom again. This is an easier signal to send to me though of you are further away from me. Cassidy started to walk forward again, but she wasn’t even halfway to her full walking speed when there was a sharp tug on both reins and she responded by keeping at that pace. I understand what you are doing now. The first part of the training was so that I would go in different directions when you pulled on one rein or the other and now you are teaching me to change how fast I move according to how you use both reins at the same time on me.

A fresh flick of the reins against the cheeks of the helpless woman let her know that she needed to speed up and she was just short of her maximum pace when there was another dual tug, at which point she maintained her rate of movement. After a few times making circles within the ring and changing speeds as her mistress decided, the captive found herself having to alter her direction of travel alongside coping with the commands to speed up or slow down.

We’ve been at this for a while now and you really seem to enjoy making me perform for you as a horse.

“Okay my prancing pony, go over to where I left the riding crop and stop there so that we can have a rest.” Within a second, Cassidy turned in the correct direction so that she was facing that area in the ring and she cut across the centre with her slowing down so that she stopped just short of the blocks.

Something has been added since I started going around the ring. There’s a small paper bag, what looks like a long black rod and two long leather straps. I don’t know what their purpose is, but I have a feeling that I am going to find out before long.

“You are doing well in your training, my lovely horse, but after this short break I will require you to learn a few new things.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she brought the reins around to the front of her ponygirl. “However, I just want you to remain in place for a few minutes while get a few items ready.”  As the leader spoke, she released her hold on the reins and lifted her hands of the face of her captive before closing the blinkers so that the helpless woman was robbed of her sight again.

I think that it is more than just stopping me from walking away as you could have held onto the reins, so there is something more planned for me. As Cassidy listened out for any telltale sounds, there was a soft swishing noise in front of her,  which was followed by a gentle tug on each side of her face where the reins were connected to her gag. You didn’t remove my reins so my guess is that you took the pair of straps and attached them to the end somehow. Next, there was a clink of metal upon metal in front of the lady, but apart from thinking that it had something to do with the black rod, she was at a loss to work out what it meant. A few seconds later, there was another soft tug on her reins which and as she wondered what was occurring she heard an object fall onto the floor behind her. Even if you pull my blinkers open to the side right now, I will not be able to see what you just did.

As the helpless woman attempted to work out what had happened, she heard a rustling sound in front of her which she recognised as items being taken out of the paper bag. I doubt that they are some kind of torture device as it wouldn’t fit into the scenario of me being a horse. After all, you do not appear to be the kind of person who would hurt animals.

“Everything has been made ready, so before we start again, you should have a little reward for your behaviour, my pretty-pretty pony.” The blinkers were pulled apart by Madam Sǐwáng’s right hand and after a second, Cassidy’s eyes adjusted so that she could see that her mistress’s left hand was closed around something. “Bend over for your sweet present.”

It was awkward for the captive to bend over much, as her boots didn’t allow her lower legs to go back, so she had to bend her legs at the knees to compensate and as her head approached the left hand, it opened up to reveal what the mistress was holding.

As if it was going to be anything else…

(To Be Continued.)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 34

How long have I been out like this? When Cecyme raised her head as high as she could given her present level of restraint, she noticed that the temperature was lower and the sun was almost touching the horizon. You must have let me wake up naturally so that I could get some rest, as that was a most intense experience. However, it won’t be long before the sun sets and when darkness falls you will have to bring an end to displaying your talents, but my previous experiences have shown me that you will finish before twilight ends.

“It is good to see that you are finally awake, my prisoner.” As the helpless woman turned her heard to the right, she saw Collette standing there with a smile on her face which suggested that things were about to become very uncomfortable. “If you remained asleep for much longer, I would have had to call off the final part of the demonstration, but seeing as you are ready there is more than enough time to show you just how good I was at applying what I have learnt from my teacher. It is best to work from behind you so that you will have less chance of preparing yourself for my tormenting.”

Just like before, I will be unable to stop you from doing anything you want to me and all I know is that you are going to make me suffer with you just using your hands.

“You look so cute there, squirming in your bonds as if you had a slim hope of escape, even though I am too good at binding for that to ever happen. No matter how much you struggle, those ropes will hold you in place until I decide to release you.” Collette said as she went around to the back of the captive who was writhing in the cords, which was just a futile effort on her part and it was more of a response concerning what was going to happen to her. “Struggle all you want if it makes you feel any better, but it will make no difference to your cries of pain when I get started on you.”

Just how severe is this torture going to be?

“I don’t want to waste any more time on explanations, so I had better begin with the last round of your entertainment. It will not be long before you will be begging me to stop, but there will come a time when I will stop and you will plead with me to continue.”

Plead with you to continue, how can that even be possible? Ouch! It was while Cecyme was distracted by that comment, that there was a sudden pain in each of her lower arms and she couldn’t prevent herself from letting out a mild squeal as the nails of her captor dug into her flesh. A moment later, the bound woman cried out a little louder as her arms were pinched for a second time and even though it seemed that the pressure was the same, the pain was stronger than the first one.

“My instructor taught me that the location of where I apply the tips of my fingers is far more important than the pressure that I use and the second one was close to a special nerve area which can amplify the sensation at that point. Next, you will notice how quickly I can remove the pain that you are feeling in your arms.”

That explains how you can vary the pain, but I doubt that you can make if go away just as simply as you made me experience it. Oh, that feels good. Within moments, the pain seemed to disappear from her arms as a strong pressure was moved over the areas on each arm. I didn’t think that something like this was possible.

“The hard and quick massage at the right point can replace the pain with a soothing relief. Well, to be more precise, it can reverse the feeling, which means that the more intense the pain becomes, the stronger the pleasure will be, should I choose to apply the massage.” There was another cry from the captive when Collette’s nails dug into certain points on the upper arms of the prisoner and for a moment it felt to the slave as if these areas were on fire.

Please stop, please, please stop!

“That was just a little sample of what you are going to experience in just a few minutes, my sweet slave, so you had better prepare yourself as best you can as I will be building up to applying myself to far more sensitive areas before long.” The Dominatrix said as she rubbed the areas that had just been pinched by her and she moved her fingers down to the back of the helpless woman who yelped again and again as various locations felt the pressure of her captor’s fingernails. “It is nice to see you writhing under my touch while you cry out, as it shows that I am being very successful. I wouldn’t call it an appreciation of my work, as you won’t enjoy it until after I’ve finished, but it is good to know that my skills are so effective.” There was a sigh from the captive as various areas of her back were massaged so that the pain disappeared, but this was only a brief respite as Collette dug her nails into other areas of the helpless woman’s back.

You really aren’t allowing me any rest with this torment of yours, but if you wanted me to suffer, why don’t you just keep pinching me so that the pain gets much worse. Instead, the pain does increase each time with the new locations and the soothing effect gets stronger as well. No! Soon, the pinches had reached the small of Cecyme’s back, but instead of the to torment moving further down, the nails of her captor pressed deep into the soft flesh of her thigh which made the actions against her back and arms appear mild by comparison. I’m really being tortured now and I cannot move my legs away because you bound my ankles to my elbows. When the afflicted areas were caressed by the Dominatrix, the sigh from the prisoner showed how much relief was being provided and at first she didn’t notice the additional effect that the torment was having on her.

It was at the moment of the first squeezes of the most sensitive parts of her thighs between her legs that Cecyme first felt the embers of her eroticism heat up between her legs and as the cycle of pain and relief continued she became surprised by the reaction of her own body. This can’t be happening! You are somehow using this torture to make me aroused, even though I am suffering. I doubt that you can make it overshadow the pain that you are inflicting on me, though. While the helpless lady was distracted by the centre of her desire, she failed to notice that there were no more pinches of her thighs so the sudden digging of nails into the cheeks of her bottom came as a complete surprise. Her screams were even louder as the pain radiated all over her posterior, but apart from twisting in her ropes, there was nothing that the tormented lady could do in response to the latest torment.

“It is at this point when I really start to enjoy entertaining, or should I say torturing my helpless victim.” Collette said as she smoothed the areas of the bottom that had had been dug into and her prisoner moaned as the embers beneath her Mound of Venus grew into a small flame.

That hurt more than when you were torturing my thighs. Please put an end to this, please. Although the captive pleaded with a muffled voice to her Dominatrix to stop, she knew that her tormentor would not listen and she knew that all she was doing was deceiving herself. Where are you going to use your hands on me next? Surely you can’t be planning on torturing me at the top of my legs, that would be horrible! As the prisoner hung there, she cried out at every pinch of her defenceless derriere but when the massages were performed at the same locations, she was only begging for her torment to end only about half the time as the rest was filled with moans of erotic pleasure. Although Cecyme thought that the most sensitive areas of her backside had already been made to suffer, she discovered that this was not the case when her cheeks was parted so that Collette could gain access to the skin that would react the most to this form of torture. This is just too much, I just can’t take any more punishment.

“Your cries are like sweet music to me at the moment, my delicious slave and this is why I like my torture victims to be forced to wear ring gags. If their mouths are filled with a bit or ball gag, not only can this soften their cries, but the gag can be bit down upon to provide a psychological relief. On the other hand, a ring gag is solid so that there is no give and the cries of the suffering lady are not muffled at all.” As the Dominatrix pinched the captive in this sensitive location time after time before providing a soothing relief, the helpless woman realised to her shock that a part of her wanted the torment to continue so that she could experience the caress afterward.

You’re trying to work on my mind so that I will beg you to keep going in the end, but it isn’t going to work on me.

“I think that it is time to move my fingers around to the front of your body now, so that you can ‘appreciate’ my skills in a whole new area.”

No, don’t do it as I know that there are only two more areas that you can concentrate on now and this will make your previous tortures appear to be mild be comparison. There was a constant stream of begging and pleading sounds from the suffering slave as she felt the fingernails of the maid move around to the sides of her body before they travelled up until so that they were at the same height as the captive’s breasts. You are doing this just to prolong the torture, by playing with my mind. In this way, you can make me suffer even more without doing anything to me as my imagination is making me fully aware of how I am going to be made to suffer. The worst part of this is that my arousal is getting stronger with every action of yours and it might not be much longer before I end up in ecstasy. As the tips of the captor’s nails approached the mounds of the prisoner’s breasts, it almost seemed to her as if the images in her mind were already inflicting pain on her and when the nails ‘bit’ into her bosom, she was shrieking before she even felt the effects. NO!

“It is always fun when I can cause the woman under my control to torture herself by using her mind against her, so that she can scream out before I make her suffer.” Collette released her excruciating grip on the breasts of the helpless woman and the following soothing caused the prisoner to writhe in her bonds as the small flame of her lust become a fierce fire which could only be quenched by a climax. “You do seem to be enjoying this very much, seeing as you are responding in an erotic manner so I will carry on with my torment of you.” A series of pinches went along the softest part of each of the breasts of the helpless woman and the torment that she was experiencing was only matched by the increase in the heat of her desire when the affected points were caressed. After each new torment by her captor against her helpless flesh, the woman was no longer sure if she wanted this suffering to stop as her lust was becoming so strong that it was influencing her thinking.

However, when the punishment stopped for a few seconds, Cecyme looked down and saw that the forefingers and thumbs of her torturer were being held above her erect nipples, and she cried out as she knew which part of her body was going to suffer next. No, no, nonono!

“Oh yes, oh yes indeed, my helpless slave, no amount of begging by you is going to prevent those poor nipples of yours from being in the grip on my nails.”
As the nails moved ever closer to the small but prominent buds of flesh, it was obvious to the captive that the Dominatrix was receiving great pleasure from prolonging the mental anguish for as long as possible.

Cecyme discovered later that her scream was heard from the mansion when the nails dug into her nipples and this pain was amplified by Collette twisting her hands around as if to turn a knob. After a few seconds of this suffering, the bound woman found herself crying out for a different reason when her breasts were soothed, as the lust of her flame was fanned into a raging inferno and her primary thought was that she needed her desire to be sated. Please make me come, I need to come so much! Her breasts were pinched again and again and she could no longer think of asking Collette to stop what she was doing, as the caresses took her so very close to the moment of bliss which she was craving.

“Well, that’s the end of the torture session as I think that I may have gone too far already. I hope that you have enjoyed this session and after a short break, I will take you back into the house as the sun has gone down.” As Collette lowered her arms before she stood up to walk around in front of the prisoner, there was a new scream from the captive which wasn’t one of pain or desire, but rather one of supreme frustration as she saw her chance of achieving bliss slipping away. Even though the ropes prevented her from making anything but the slightest movement, the woman attempted to force her body forward in the hope that this would stimulate her centre of desire enough so that she could be taken over the edge.

Please, you must continue! I can’t be left here on the edge like this, as it is a torture all on its own. Pinch me, make me suffer and caress me, please!

“Am I hearing this right? Is the slave who I have tortured so much this evening, now wants me to make her suffer even more? Do you want me to torment you in a spot that is even more sensitive?” Collette said as she knelt in front of her helpless captive.

Yes, torture me in your own special way so that this fire between my legs can be doused by the waters of ecstasy. Just torment me so that I can climax!

There was a laugh from the dominatrix before she continued to speak “When I mentioned before about how you would beg me to continue, your expression seemed to suggest that this was going to be impossible. Yet, now that I have stopped, you are pleading with me to go on even though it is going to hurt. I think that I could delay your erotic release for a lot longer, but seeing as it will be dark soon I might get into trouble with Mistress Isabella for keeping you outside. I would normally suggest that you prepare yourself as best you can, as this is going to be even more painful than tormenting your nipples. However, your expression shows that you do not care how much this is going to hurt, so such a warning would be pointless.”

At this moment, Collette’s words were just gibberish to the struggling Cecyme as the whole of her being was focused on the burning ache that was just above her lips of lust and her single thought was that this needed to be extinguished. She was so preoccupied with her situation that she paid no attention to her captor moving her fingers so that they were above the helpless lady’s Mound of Venus and the first thing that entered her consciousness was the searing pain that was created when Collette’s fingers dug deep into her flesh. The scream from this was followed by a different one within a few seconds, as the caresses over the area provided enough fuel to the fire of her lust to take her over the edge, so that her body convulsed and jerked from the orgasm that engulfed her being...

“I wish that I could allow you some time to rest, but it will be dark soon and I need to get you back to the house.” Cecyme had a vague impression of being lowered to the ground before the ropes that bound her arms together in the unusual position were untied and her arms were placed in a box formation behind her back. Each elbow was bound to the other arm’s wrist with several cinches added, so that the ropes could grip as tight as possible and more cord was wrapped around her upper body, with loops going above and below her breasts. Her legs were freed from the cords that restrained them and the helpless lady managed to stand on her feet, although she was still feeling more than a little unsteady from the after effects of the orgasm. One rope was tied around her waist with several feet loose which was held by Collette.

“Don’t worry about the other Items, Cecyme. The others will bring everything back once we have returned to the mansion.” There was a tug on the rope and Cecyme followed Collette back to the rear door of the building.

(To Be Continued)