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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Chrissy Daniels - A Very Personal Assistant (F/F) Part 6 of 6

(This is a story for the model Chrissy Daniels, and it includes both her and the model Kendra James.)

Chrissy lay on the table for some time as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm, and it was when the captive heard the office door close that she was roused enough to look up. You must have got dressed while I was still in a state of bliss, and you look better than ever in your blouse and skirt. Kendra walked over to the bag beside the table before pulling an item out and she strode over to the table where she leaned over the captive who was staring at the object. Is that some kind of gag? There are straps on either side, and there appears to be some kind of tube attached with an oval shaped small balloon with another balloon directly on the other side of the gag.

“This is to use with your ring-gag, Chrissy. I’ll just attach it for now, before you take the final test.” The helpless woman was surprised at how easy it was for the balloon to be inserted through her ring-gag, although she was puzzled about the hanging tube with the other inflatable part connected. Kendra took the two straps around to the back of the bound woman’s neck and buckled them together to the tightest notch so that the panel part of the gag pressed against the prisoner’s face.

That does seem to fill quite a bit of my mouth. I wonder what your final test will be? The ends of the ropes that bound Chrissy’s knees to the table were untied, and Kendra held tight onto the captive as she lifted with all of her strength, so that she could deposit the bound lady onto the floor in a kneeling position.

“I have just one more test to perform, and you have to do nothing at all.” Kendra said as she walked over to one of the other doors, opened it, and pulled out what appeared to be a blue four-wheeled low platform trolley with a long handle. before closing the door again. As the device was wheeled closer, Chrissy could see an eyelet on each of the four sides of the device which suggested that something was to be tied to the little cart. Are you going to put me on it for the final test? I don’t know why you would want to do that, but I can’t fight back anyway so I might as well see what you have in store for me.

Once the trolley was pulled up next to the bound nude, her Manager picked her up and deposited her so that she was facing the front with her knees between the two side eyelets. Her right knee rope was threaded through the eyelet on the right side of the cart before it was pulled, so that her right knee was forced to the right of the body where it was nearly on the edge of the cart. After the rope was tied off, the procedure was repeated on the left knee rope, with the result that the defenceless lady’s knees were wide apart in a display of extreme vulnerability.

I can’t even close my legs like this, which suggests that you must have something very intimate in store for me. The manager took another rope out of the bag and took one end around the waist of the helpless captive, tied a knot at the front of her waist before threading the rope between her legs. Kendra took the free end up and underneath the loop around the captive’s waist at the back, before threading it through the eyelet at the rear of the cart, and taking it around the cord that bound the lady’s wrists together. As the rope was pulled tight, Chrissy moaned with pleasure as the material rubbed against her lips of lust which were still very sensitive, and she felt her arms being pulled away from her body before the other end of the rope was tied to her wrists. It seems as though my arms are pointing at the rear of the cart, but what have you got planned for the front of the cart? Oh No!

While the prisoner was looking over her right shoulder at the back of the cart, Kendra was threading a short chain with a small latch eyelet hook on each end through the trolley front  eyelet and the vulnerable woman yelped as one of the ends was attached to the clamp chain. The other end was pulled tight, which caused the lady to cry out again, before the second hook was also secured on the clamp chain so that the captive’s breasts were forced out of shape. You’ve chained my tits to the front of the trolley! I can’t even move on this thing without torturing myself!

“I have just one last adjustment to make, so if you just shake your head if you cannot breathe.” Kendra took hold of the bulb that was hanging from the end of the tube and started to squeeze on it, with the result that the latex balloon in Chrissy’s mouth started to inflate.

Oh shit, what are you doing now? As the balloon continued to inflate, the prisoner soon found it impossible to breathe through her mouth and the gag started to press against the soft palate at the back of her mouth. After another few pumps of the bulb, the palate was sealed and the powerless woman found that she was unable to breathe at all, which sent her into a state of panic as she shook her head. Kendra pressed a button on the bulb which caused the gag to deflate a little and Chrissy discovered that she could take measured and slow breaths through her nose.

“Try to scream out, Chrissy.” Kendra said and although the lady did her best to make a noise, she was only able to make a whimpering sound. “You can inhale or exhale slowly at the moment, but screaming requires a lot of air going through your vocal cords which you cannot do. Now, I shall double-check that it is working.” As Chrissy looked on in horror, her manager took hold of the eyelet chain before she pulled on it as hard as possible, causing agony to radiate through the breasts of the captive. This time, the bound woman screamed out as best she could, but the result was just a low whine as the gag did its job in controlling her breath.

“I have something special to add, which will help to keep you entertained for a little while.” A large vibrator was taken out of the bag by the manager, who pushed Chrissy’s crotch-rope to one side so that the device could be inserted into the captive’s tunnel of lust. The crotch-rope was put back into position so that the object could be held in place within the woman’s body, and a button was pressed on the bottom which activated the device.

Oh, that feels so good, that feels so very good, and I can add a little extra pleasure as well. It only took a moment for Chrissy to discover that she could pull on the crotch-rope with her hands, which caused the ropes to press against her intimacy as well as making the vibrator move a little in and out of her tunnel. While Kendra was cleaning up the office and putting the other items in the storage areas before picking up her handbag, Chrissy was already moaning and writhing on the cart.

“I see that you are enjoying yourself on the cart. Is it comfortable on there?”

At the moment, it is wonderful with this device buzzing away inside me. Chrissy looked up and nodded in response to the question, before she got back to tugging on the crotch-rope.

“That is good news.” Kendra said “I have two things to tell you, then. One, you have passed the test with flying colours and you are now my Personal Assistant. Two, this is precisely how you will be travelling between work and my home from now on.”

That is great news, I actually passed your test and now I will- Wait? WHAT THE FUCK? Chrissy looked at her manager in shock was the woman walked over to the office door which was opened before she returned to take hold of the trolley handle.

“There’s no need to be worried, Claudia did this for five years, and this is how her two predecessors travelled as well.” There was nothing Chrissy could do to prevent herself from being wheeled out of the room, and she was in a state of shock about what was happening.

“You are now my personal assistant.” Kendra said as she locked the door to her office. “Well, to be more precise, my very personal assistant.” The handle was gripped again and the trolley was wheeled along the corridor to the elevator which would take them down to the basement car park. “Okay, to be honest, you are my new bondage sex-slave.”

Kendra pressed the button to summon the elevator while Chrissy started to fight against her bonds, even though it became an act of self-torture as the clamps pulled against her breasts. “Oh, I think that you understand why I put that gag on you, as you would be screaming right about now.  You won’t behave like that for long though, as in a few days you will be a wonderful submissive. If you don’t want to keep the position by Monday morning I will free you and you can find a job with another company, as I will not want an unwilling slave.”

I am not a submissive person, and you will not be able to turn me into a willing slave by Monday. Chrissy ceased her struggles as she heard what her manager had said, and she rested on the trolley as she was wheeled past the open doors of the elevator. there is no way that you can turn me into a submissive person by Monday either.

“Good, I didn’t want you to hurt yourself, as that would make me unhappy.” Kendra said as the elevator started to descend to the basement. “Did you ever wonder why Claudia accepted my punishment rather than leave the firm or protest?”

I recall that earlier, when you told me about it. Why did she do it? Chrissy nodded.

“When Claudia realised what she had done as a reaction to a severe betrayal in her past, she begged me to punish her and even have the two ladies punish her as well.”

Wait, she asked you to punish her? But she is dominant through and through?

“Under the shell which she put on to protect herself from the rest of the world, Claudia is a true submissive. The questionnaire that you filled in on Monday provides a major psychological profile which shows just how submissive or dominant a person truly is. Nelson Byrd, the man who married Claudia, checked your answers and told me not only how submissive you are but how to bring it to the surface. He also told me that you are in denial about your true nature as a defence mechanism.”

The elevator door to the basement opened and the helpless woman saw that there was only a single black van there, which she was being wheeled towards.

“You see, I cannot make you become submissive, just as a farmer cannot make a seed grow into a plant. What we can both do is give the optimum environment for growth and allow nature to take its course.” Once they were by the rear of the van, Kendra unlocked the doors, before opening them and pressing a button which caused a rear section of the van to descend. When it had reached the ground, Chrissy was pulled onto it and the button was pressed again which raised the captive into the van.

“You are a seed just waiting to grow, Chrissy, and you will bloom into a wonderful flower.” There were four slots in the back of the van and the wheels of the trolley fitted into them, while the prisoner was still trying to take in everything that her manager was saying.

“I know that you will try to resist me, and I don’t blame you for doing so. However, the simple truth is that you will be trying to fight your own true nature, and that battle has but one outcome in which your submissive side will win.” Kendra reached into her bag and took out a clothing accessory which Chrissy recognised in an instant, along with who had been wearing it up until last Saturday.

That’s Claudia’s choker! Are you going to make me wear it?

“When I told Claudia about you having shown yourself to be suitable, she was happy that I found a new companion to wear the special choker.” Chrissy was surprised by the fact that her only reaction was to blush as the choker was attached around her neck. “You will be seeing Claudia sometime on Sunday, as I am sure that you two will become very close friends. Even though she had a shell-like cover around her mind when I took her captive on a Friday evening, I had her eating out of my hand by Sunday evening like an adorable little lamb, once her true self was freed.”

Kendra reached under Chrissy’s body and pressed the vibrator for a second time, which increased the pleasure that the device provided to the captor who was wondering what was in store for her. “Claudia took under forty eight hours to discover who she truly was, so I think that your fake exterior will be gone in under twenty four. By then you will not want to leave this life.”

If that is true then you have already won, and I have been defeated. No, that’s not what you mean, as the truth would be that we both win, so am I fighting a battle on the wrong side?

“By the way, the clamps and vibrator provide a strong enough effect at the moment.” Kendra said as she got into the driver’s seat. “However, once we start moving, you will feel every little bump in the road that will go right through your body. The journey home will take half-an-hour, by which time you will be begging me to allow you to come.”

As the vehicle started up and pulled out of the basement, Chrissy experienced every little bump as it affected both the vibrator and her clamps and it took about five minutes before she started begging for help from her manager, only to realise that the gag prevented her from making any noise.

Please Mistress James, please stop the van and help me, I need to come so badly!

The End.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Chrissy Daniels - A Very Personal Assistant (F/F) Part 5 of 6

(This is a story for the model Chrissy Daniels, and it includes both her and the model Kendra James.)

Oh no, I’ve really made a mess of things, and you have caught me in the act! Now it’s all ruined, and you are sure to fail me for this! Chrissy shuffled around on the spot to face her manager who appeared to be very angry at what she had just seen.

“I am so disappointed in you, Chrissy, especially after you had come so far in this test. It is so bad that you have managed to screw your situation up, both metaphorically and literally.”

You are going to fail me and after all I’ve been through already! Tears were forming in the eyes of the captive as she realised that she had gone through everything for nothing, and she bent her legs at the knees as she started to beg and plead through her gag. Please let me have another chance, I’m sorry that I let you down, and I didn’t mean to wrong you.

To Chrissy’s surprise, the manager’s features softened when she saw how apologetic the captive was, and her words appeared to be less harsh. “You do give the impression that you are sorry for misbehaving, so I will give you a chance to redeem yourself by offering yourself up for punishment. Be warned that when I apply a punishment in this situation, it is immediate and very strict. However, should you accept your punishment; there is no turning back once it is being applied.”

I can’t afford to fail now, so I’ll take your punishment, even though it is going to hurt.

“This is your choice now, Chrissy. Do you want me to punish you, so that you can be forgiven for your transgression?” There was only moment’s pause between her comment and the captive nodding her head, and the manager started to untie the ropes holding the helpless lady’s arms to her body.

I have a suspicion that you are doing this to prepare me for my punishment, but why are you putting the ropes on the table? As the bound Chrissy watched, her manager pushed the table on its castors to a position underneath the lighting, before getting up on top of the table with ease. That was no problem to you, even with your boots on, so you must have done it several times before. One of the ropes was picked up by the lady as she stood up and Chrissy as puzzled as to why one end of the rope was threaded through the eyelet, before it was pulled down to waist level. How are you going to punish me with a rope?

Once Kendra had dismounted from the table, she pushed it back into its original position before walking over to the hanging rope. “Hop over here and once you have done that, turn around so that your back is to me.”

It must be part of the punishment after all, but I’d rather go through a short punishment than never see you or the company again. I wonder if Claudia had to go through this routine at any time, as it sounded as though this happened more than a few times. Chrissy did as she was told and hopped over to her manager, even though each jump caused her to yelp out as her nipples were jolted by the clamps that were hanging from them. Once the prisoner had reached the right spot, she turned around so that her back was to her manager and she felt something being connected to the bonds around her wrists.

“I’m tying one end of the rope to your wrists, and you need to be prepared to bend over in a second.” Said Kendra, and it was just a few seconds later when the helpless lady’s hands were being pulled upward which caused her to lean forward a little. As the bound captive’s wrists continued to move up, she was force to bend over further until her body was parallel to the floor with her hands high above her back, and the position of her feet made her worried that she was going to topple off balance.

“I have just one last thing to do.” One end of the remaining rope on the table was tied to the centre of the chain that connected the nipple clamps together and the rest was wrapped around Chrissy’s ankles so that any little movement inflicted pain on her nipples. Kendra picked up the riding crop before walking around to behind the captive. “Bite down on your gag and make sure that you have a lungful of air because you will want to scream out. You will only receive six strikes as a punishment, but even this will be an ordeal for you. Get ready.”

That riding crop is only a little thing, how on earth-


Any coherent thought that Chrissy had at this moment vanished when the cheeks of her bottom were struck for the first time, causing her to shriek through her nose, and her involuntary squirming on the end of the rope caused her to scream again as this exerted an extreme pull on the clamp chain. No sooner had the helpless woman recovered, when Kendra called out “Two.” which started a second round of screams and struggles…

 After the sixth stroke, the crop was put back on the table by the manager who walked to the front of the sobbing captive and she put her right hand on the head of the punished lady. “Believe me when I say that you are not the first personal assistant that I have had to punish. Do you remember the Alison and Angela incident?”

Yes, that was a few years ago when Claudia caught the two ladies having a quite clinch in the storage room. She taped their hands behind their backs, their ankles together before gagging them, and she forced them to hop into the main office where they were made to face the wall while she spanked their bottoms twelve times each. When you found out what had happened the next day, you invited them to your office and they left an hour later with big smiles on their faces. After that, Claudia was much more considerate concerning her behaviour. Are you telling me that you-?

“When I asked the girls to my office, I told them that they must never mention what happened in there. When they entered, they found Claudia in the same position that you are in now. First, I delivered twelve strokes to her bottom which was the same that she gave to each of the ladies, and they each whipped her bottom twelve times with the crop as well.”

At least I know that you are being fair to me, and that this is the punishment that I will receive if I do anything wrong. What I don’t understand is how Claudia let you do that to her, as she had the strongest and most dominating personality that I know of. What happened to her so that she would let you do that? A moan escaped the lips of the prisoner whose bottom was a bright pinkish colour, as the fire in her loins was still as strong as before.

“It sounds as if that special point of intimacy is driving you crazy with lust. Is this true?” There was a slow nod from the helpless woman, as she thought that this was going to be a trick by her captor to inflict even more torment on her body, and she looked up at Kendra with a worried look in her eyes. “I will sate your lustful desire.” The manager said as she untied the rope that connected the captive’s chain to her ankles. “However, I expect you to do the same for me as I am feeling very aroused at the moment. I will help you up on the table so that you can satisfy me, then I will provide you with the ecstasy that you so desperately crave.” As Kendra untied the rope that held Chrissy’s hands high in the air, the captive breathed a sigh of relief as she was able to stand up straight again.

Kendra opened another one of the doors and took out a large bag before returning to her defenceless prisoner and she untied the four ropes that bound the helpless woman’s legs together, before guiding her to the table so that she could be helped to sit on the top at one of the narrow sides. The end of one rope was tied around Chrissy’s right leg just above the knee, while a second length of cord was bound to the left leg in the same position, before the lady was made to lie on her back. Her right leg was bent at the knee until the heel of her boot pressed into her bottom, a length of rope was wrapped around her right thigh and ankle six times with two cinches between her legs, and this was repeated with the lady’s left leg, which left her frogtied.

“I need to change your gag, and I must warn you to remain quiet while I do so, as you do not want another punishment from me.” Kendra reached into the bag so that she could take out a large ring-gag, and she unbuckled the straps of the ball-gag before removing it from the mouth of the helpless woman. The large ring was placed between the teeth of the vulnerable captive and the two straps were taken around to the back of her neck, where they were buckled together. Chrissy’s right leg was laid flat so that the knee was at the edge of the table and the other end of the piece of the rope from above the knee was tied to an eyelet in the leg. Her left leg was secured in the same way and the captive felt rather vulnerable with her legs forced apart like this.

“You can stick your tongue out through the hole in the gag, which is the reason why I have put it on you. After all, it is your tongue that I need right now, and I will give you instructions on how to use it.” The manager said as she removed her panties, before getting on top of the table and kneeling in a position that ensured that her lips of lust were directly above the gag that forced Chrissy’s mouth open. “Now, this is what you are going to do…”

Chrissy was surprised at the instructions that her manager was giving her, but she followed them and soon she was amazed to hear a cry of ecstasy from the lady above her as the woman convulsed and twitched on the table.  This is amazing, I’m bound, gagged and completely helpless, and yet I have just made love to you! I hope that you are going to keep your word. It took a few minutes for the manager to rouse from her state of bliss, but after that she dismounted from the table, put her panties back on and turned around so that her back as to the captive, before taking something out of the bag which she strapped to her pelvic area.

“Do not be frightened when I turn around, even though you may be surprised by what you may see.”

As Kendra turned around, the lady who was bound to the table cried out in surprise as she saw the item that was attached to the Mound of Venus of the manager, and she struggled in the bonds as she lay there. OMG, you are wearing a huge fake- a fake cock! You must be planning to use it- use it on me!

“Oh don’t get your panties in a twist, wait they already are in the bag, sorry. This isn’t the first time I have used this on a lady, so don’t be worried about it.” Kendra said as she approached the lady, who started to moan with pleasure as the device started to press at the gap between her swollen lips of lust.

You’re going to fuck me! My own boss is going to fuck my cunt! Chrissy screamed with delight as her manager plunged the shaft into her tunnel of lust, and she started to writhe in her bonds as the phallus started to slide in and out of her at a steady rate. This is like some kind of weird dream, but if it is, I hope that I don’t wake up before Kendra makes me come. After a few minutes the thrusts became faster and stronger, with the helpless lady thrusting her hips against those of her captor, as she attempted to gain as much pleasure as possible.

Soon, the manager increased the pace of her thrusts as she started to slam against the intimacy of the helpless woman, and Chrissy began to cry out at each caress of her most sexual area by the device that was strapped to the lady who had bound and gagged her. Please hurry up and bring me to my peak so that my bonfire of lust can be drenched in the depths of orgasm. When the captor’s actions became even faster and stronger, Chrissy felt the flames of her lust grew to such a degree that she knew the moment of her ecstasy was just moments away.

Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK! A long and loud scream escaped from the gagged mouth of the helpless lady as the long awaited orgasm took control of her senses and she convulsed in her universe of bliss…

Monday, 12 January 2015

Chrissy Daniels - A Very Personal Assistant (F/F) Part 4 of 6

(This is a story for the model Chrissy Daniels, and it includes both her and the model Kendra James.)

Oh shit, are you going to take this all the way with me? As the captor planted soft kisses on the neck of the bound nude, the tips of her fingers traced soft patterns over the breasts of the captive who was starting to moan from pleasure. This is the worst thing about my interrogation, as it is far easier to resist pain than pleasure. It is so hard to fight against something that you want, and I have wanted you so badly for a long time now. As the sweet kisses moved down to Chrissy’s shoulders along with the flesh being sucked and bitten, her nipples were gripped, twisted and pulled in a gentle manner which added more fuel to the fire which burned at her centre of lust.

If you keep doing to this to me much longer, then something is going to happen which you will not be expecting. It wasn’t long before Kendra’s fingers moved down to the abdomen of the helpless woman, who started to writhe a little as soft kisses were being landed on her chest, just above her breasts. This all feels so good, and it’s as if you are making love to me. As the first tender impacts of Kendra’s lips occurred on the mounds of Chrissy’s breasts, the captive’s hips started to twitch as a pair of hands started to caress all over her thighs. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Kendra started to suck and bite at the soft flesh that hung from the chest of the bound woman and her fingers slipped between the captive’s bound thighs, with them almost going to the top of the legs.

You can go further, I wouldn’t stop you now, even if I could. A cry of delight escaped Chrissy’s gagged lips as the tip of her captor’s tongue traced a circular path over the top of the areola encompassing her right nipple, and she attempted to thrust her chest forward in order to obtain a greater feeling of pleasure. Her next cry was even louder, as along with the area around her left nipple being licked by her captor, a hand started to rub against her already sensitive Mound of Venus, which fanned the flames of her lust. Each of the bound woman’s nipples in turn was given sweet kisses as she thrust her chest forward, and a moment later she screamed as she threw her head back, when the fingers of the manager’s other hand started to run up and down the petals of the captive’s lustful flower.

“If you give me the combination to the safe, I will stop torturing you and bring an end to the sexual molestation of your body, as you must hate being treated in such a horrible way.”

Are you joking? This is absolutely wonderful and I want you to go on so that I am taken to that incredible moment when my body becomes ecstatic. You have made a big mistake if you thought that this would break me. Chrissy’s response was to shake her head as if she was being defiant, when in actual fact she hoped that it would goad her captor to work even harder at the supposed torture.

“In that case, you are going to suffer so much, because of your stubbornness.”

Every moment was one of bliss for the helpless lady, as each nipple in turn was sucked into the mouth of her manager, before teeth pressed against them in a gentle manner so that they could receive erotic twists and pulls which sent shockwaves of pleasure through the captive’s breasts. The caresses over her Mound increased in strength and intensity, while fingers were rubbing and probing deep into the intimate lips of the lady so that she was close to the moment of her erotic explosion. I’m going to come! Just one moment more and you are going to make me come. Second by second, the flame in Chrissy’s lust grew to the point where she knew that the orgasm that she so craved was just seconds away, and the only thing on her mind was the moment of pure bliss.

However, when the helpless lady was right on the brink of this incredible experience, Kendra stopped, rose from the chair and said “Congratulations, you have passed the hostage test. Well done Chrissy, you have exceeded all of my expectations.”

I was so close; oh fuck I was so close! Now I am in sexual torture, as I have an inferno between my legs with nothing to quench it with! Why didn’t you just let me come! Chrissy was crying out in her denial of bliss and she was kicking her legs out as she thrust her hips back and forth, in the vain hope of providing further stimulation which would allow her to orgasm. Oh fuck, I’m stuck like this now for the remainder of your tests, and all I am going to be able to think about from now on is this tormenting ache in my intimacy.

“I can see how much you have suffered under my torture, so I thought it best not to continue hurting you. I have another test for you now, as I like my personal assistants to wear shoes with very high heels, just like mine.” Kendra took hold of the back of the chair on which Chrissy was squirming in her denial, and it was rolled on its wheels to the far side of the room, next to one of the wooden doors. Once the tormented captive was in position, Kendra opened the closest wooden door and retrieved a pair of black patent stiletto shoes with the biggest heels that Chrissy had ever seen.

How can I walk on those things? I don’t think that I can even walk at the moment with this horrible distraction inside my loins, and I will end up falling down anyway.

“I know that wanting my assistant in shoes like these are a weakness of mine, but I do like to see them being worn on the feet of a lady.” Kendra said as she removed the shoes that Chrissy was already wearing, and these were put into the storage space by the manager before she put the new shoes onto the feet of the helpless nude, buckling the strap across her ankles so that they could not be removed. “You should get used to these for a moment before you stand up, as they will be a little trickier to move in than your old shoes.”

Haven’t you noticed in your desire to test your shoes on my feet that I’m still naked? Okay, I’m in thigh high black stockings, but that hardly matters with my breasts and lustful lips on view. You are still in your underwear, but the hostage test is over, so why aren’t we getting dressed?

“Oh, I see that you are looking at my underwear. Does that mean you are concerned about the fact that I am not getting dressed?” Kendra said, and there was a nod from the helpless lady before she continued. “To be honest, is there any point in getting dressed? After all, no one else is going to see us, and we have already seen each other like this. Plus, getting dressed would just waste time and seeing as there is no better way of testing how well you can move in these, than when you are very restricted, it would just require untying and tying you up again.”

“I must admit that my testing methods are very unorthodox, but they have helped me to find very effective personal assistants. If it makes you feel any better, Claudia went through the same situation as you have, and she even took on a greater challenge when hopping in the shoes than any other assistant. Do you consider yourself to be inferior, weak and more timid than her?”

I am not inferior to my predecessor and I can show you that I am every bit as strong and as capable as she was, by taking on the same challenge! There was a violent shake of the captive’s head as she was angry at the idea of being thought of as someone who was weak, and she became even more determined to succeed at her manager’s very unusual tests. However, as she made her first attempt to stand up, the massive distraction between her legs along with her very restrictive bondage caused her to fall back down onto her chair, eliciting a cry of laughter from her manager.

“Oh Chrissy, I’m sorry but it does look so funny when someone tries this and falls back in the process. Be more careful of your balance when you do make the attempt, and I’m sure that you will stay upright.”

That was very embarrassing and I don’t want to do it again. This time the helpless woman did her best to ignore the fire in her lust, and as she pushed herself up, she took more care with the balance of her bound body so that she could remain upright.

“That was brilliant, Claudia took four tries to succeed and you did it in two! Now, just try to take very small hops in you new shoes, as I do not expect you to go far like this. Don’t worry about falling as I will be here to catch you.”

Chrissy did her best to concentrate as she bent her knees, and although she was fearful of the result she managed to push herself up and forward for a little hop, with her keeping herself just about balanced on landing. It was a little easier to do the next two hops, but the captive almost lost her balance at one point, when she thought about a time five years ago. We all knew Claudia as being very prim and proper, especially before she became your personal assistant five years ago. If I understand your comments correctly, then she would have had to go through everything that I have, plus there is more to come. Poor pompous prudish Claudia, I imagine that it must have been a massive shock for you to end up getting tied up, being sexually teased and then being made to hop around naked. However, if you could do this, then I can.

As the helpless woman continued in her hopping, she giggled at the thought of a lady that she had considered to be very prim and proper having to move around a room in bonds like these. I just wish that I had been there to see it, but now that I think about it, she was softer after her test for becoming a personal assistant, and she always blushed when someone commented on the heels of her shoes.

Before Chrissy had realised what she was doing, she had hopped about half-way across the room when she was asked to stop by her manager. “That is very good Chrissy, and this has shown how you can deal with a very challenging situation. The next stage is dealing with something that is very embarrassing and quite uncomfortable, as I want to see how good you are with your endurance in such a situation. This one is optional, but do you want to accept it?”

Yes, if stiff and prim Claudia was able to do this, then I can as well. There was a nod from the captive, so the lady went back to the first door, and she took something long and glittery out of the area before closing the door.

“Now, close your eyes as I do not want to spoil the surprise for you.”  Kendra said, so Chrissy followed the order, thinking that if her predecessor had managed to get through this challenge, then she would find it to be no problem at all.

Any thought of this being easy disappeared in an instant as her own shriek was rattling in her ears while pain radiated throughout her right breast, with the centre being at her nipple which felt as if it was being crushed. She barely had time to open her eyes again when a second scream escaped her lips, with something pressing down like a vice on her left nipple. After a few seconds had passed, the pain in her pressed flesh lowered in intensity until it was a very strong ache and the woman was shocked when she opened her eyes.

What on earth have you attached to my nipples? On each crushed nipple, there appeared to be some kind of spring device, and they were connected by a long chain that was hanging from the other end. This has to be some kind of torture device, but where did you get this from?

“Did I forget to mention that Claudia shrieked her head off when I put them on her?” Kendra said “Anyway, seeing as this is going to be much more difficult, you only have to hop to the table, and it is less than half the distance that you have gone so far.”

How can this be so difficult? Maybe it was agony when you attached these things to my nipples, but this area just aches now. I’ll try one little hop. AAAAH! When Chrissy landed after making her little hop, she found out just how bad it was when the chain shifted, which caused the clamps to pull against her nipples and change the ache back into the pain that she first experienced. If Claudia did this, then so can I. As the lady continued her slow progress towards the table with each hop being punctuated by a shriek escaping her lips, she noticed that something else was happening in her body. This is adding more fuel to the fire between my legs, which is creating a double torment for me as it is becoming intolerable again.

When the bound woman was halfway to the table she was also moaning, as the flame of her lust was making her so aroused that she wanted the manager to caress her, so that her burning desire could be sated. Every hop closer to the table not only tormented her breasts but it was also driving her mad with desire, and by the time she was at the corner of the table, she was begging for anything that would help her get her release.

“I can see that this is troubling you Chrissy, so I will get something that will help cool you down. Just stand there while I am gone for ten minutes and don’t do anything.” Kendra said, and she headed towards the office door before leaving the room which left Chrissy on her own with her intimacy screaming for attention.

It was at this moment that Chrissy noticed the rounded corner of the table, and she could see that it was about the height of her hips. Is it possible, could I use the table to rid myself of my sexual torment? It’s worth a try, and if I don’t succeed in ten minutes then I can hop back here. The captive was so close to the corner that she was able to shuffle up to it after a few seconds and she sighed with relief as the rounded corner pressed against her Mound of Venus. That feels so good, even though I’m going to look silly as I use a table to make me come. Chrissy started to rub her Mound up and down against the corner, while varying the pressure by thrusting her hips back and forth, and this seemed to be working as she felt that she was on the brink of orgasm.

It was unfortunate for the pleasure seeking prisoner, that her state of lust had preoccupied her to such a degree that she didn’t hear the opening of a door…

“Chrissy! Why the hell are you fucking my office table!”

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chrissy Daniels - A Very Personal Assistant (F/F) Part 3 of 6

(This is a story for the model Chrissy Daniels, and it includes both her and the model Kendra James.)

You look so gorgeous, yet you appear to be incredibly powerful and sexual at the same time. Chrissy’s heart was racing as she gazed upon her captor, and the flame between her legs became stronger as the effect of the clothing worked on her desire. It wasn’t that Kendra had added anything extra to the outfit that she was wearing, and in fact the manager had removed her skirt along with her blouse so that her fiery red underwear was on view. Her bra and panties were lacy in a fifties retro style, although the most impressive garment was the leather corset that covered her body from just above her panties to right below her nipples, and from it hung four red garter straps which were attached the tops of the fishnet stocking on each leg. A small black bag was being held in her left hand and the captive was amazed when she recognised the long thin rod with a flat end that Kendra was holding in her right.

Oh my God, you are amazing like this and the whip that you are carrying just adds to your strength. I feel even more helpless just looking at you, and I can no longer think of you as Kendra as ‘Mistress James’ is far more suitable given our relative positions. It felt to the helpless lady as if her cheeks were burning as she looked at the almost goddess-like figure in front of her and she hoped that her reaction wasn’t obvious so that it could be used against her.

“So, my captive Chrissy, do you like what you see?” Kendra said as she approached the prisoner who discovered that she was trembling as the lady got closer.

I was told for the second part of this test that I should be honest and not hide anything, but answering this will make it harder for me to resist you. Chrissy nodded her head in response to the question as she did like the way that the manager was dressed, but she was puzzled as to why her captor was carrying the riding crop.

“I notice that you are looking at this little thing in my hand.” The lady said as she stood in front of the defenceless lady Well, just in case you are wondering, it is called a riding crop and its main purpose is to be used in horse riding. However, as a whip it is extremely precise so on one hand it can be used to inflict pain.” A moment later, Chrissy was caught by surprise as the end of the whip lashed against the bare flesh of her left thigh, causing her to emit a loud yelp through her gag as the felt the pain in her leg. “On the other hand, this device can also be used to provide pleasure.” As the helpless woman prepared herself for another strike, the tip of the crop was thrust in a gentle manner between her thighs half-way from the thigh and upper knee ropes, before it moved up and down the soft flesh there. A muffled moan escaped the lips of the captive, who discovered that the caress was quite pleasurable and she was becoming confused as to her own reactions to what her captor was doing,

Even though the strike from the crop hurt me for a moment, it almost seemed to to be good as well, because you did it to me. As for the smooth strokes that are occurring between my legs, these feel so good that I do not want them to stop. I just wish that I knew what was going on with my own body and mind, as it appears that Mistress James knows more about how I would behave than I do. Maybe that questionnaire has revealed things about me to her that even I don’t know about, so when this is over I am going to have a lot off questions to ask.

“Now Chrissy, I understand that you have the number to the safe in this office, so I would like you to give it to me in order that we may stop your interrogation before it can begin. Are you willing to tell me what the number is?”

I have to hold onto the number as long as possible, otherwise I could end up failing the test. I know that you are going to use that crop on me, so things are going to become more than a little painful for me when I give you the answer. To say that Chrissy had good reason to be hesitant about replying would be an understatement, seeing as a strong woman was standing there with a whip in her hands, but she took a deep breath before shaking her head.

“Oh, that is such a pity as as you have made a decision that you are going to regret. I will have to do something that we are both going to find to be unpleasant, but you will be receiving the worst of it.” Kendra took a moment to put the bag down on the floor by the captive’s chair before the helpless lady was turned around on the chair so that her back was pressed against the back of the chair. “This is your last chance to give me the information that I want, otherwise you are going to suffer.” The manager said as she lifted the riding crop into the air.

I am not going to fail at this point, so the answer is still no. Chrissy knew that she had no chance of avoiding the inevitable situation, so she shook her head for a second time although she dreaded what was going to happen to her. She cried out through her gag just a moment later, as the end of the crop lashed across her thighs and she bit into the rubber ball that filled her mouth in an attempt to cope with the pain that she experienced every few seconds. It wasn’t long before the captive noticed that the strikes against her legs caused a strong stinging, but even this was enough to cause her to squirm in her chair before long. It’s not that these hurt too- ouch!, much but this is happening every ouch!, few seconds and it isn’t ouch! stopping.

Soon the lashes were impacting on areas of the prisoner’s legs which had already been struck before, with the result that the pain was stronger with caused her to cry out louder. How much longer are ouch! you going to continue whipping me with the ouch! riding crop? If this goes on for much lon-ouch!-ger, I may end up having to surrender the number.

“It appears that making you suffer was a stupid thing to do and it has been quite useless in trying to get you to tell me what I needed to know, so I will try being kind to you instead.” Kendra said as she walked over to the desk so that she could walk back to the captive and she caused the helpless lady’s heart to miss a beat as the manager sat down on the lap of her assistant. “I just hope that I can make up for the way that I treated you earlier.” She said as she ensured that her legs were either side of the chair, while she embraced the defenceless woman who was very surprised at the turn of events.

You are almost treating me like a lover, and seeing as I am bound and gagged I have no way to stop you from being as intimate as you want. Chrissy was pulled close to her captor until their bodies were pressing against each other and she closed her eyes as sweet little kisses were planted along her upper and lower lips.This is just wonderful as I never thought that you kissing me would ever happen, but now I’m in your arms with you pressing your lips against mine. It wasn’t long before the kisses migrated down to the neck of the helpless woman, who started to sigh as Kendra also sucked the flesh into her mouth along with biting the neck in a playful manner. Keep doing this, just keep doing this. Oh yes, that is good as well. Chrissy began to emit load moans as she writhed in her bonds when her breasts were caressed by her captor’s right hand, while Kendra’s left caressed between the thighs of the restrained woman who was becoming more aroused with each passing minute.

Although the captive wanted this moment to go on forever, she ended up feeling more than a little disappointed as the manager pulled back, before reaching over to her right to pick up the small bag that she had walked in. “I think that I will have to make a few adjustments to your clothing if I want to continue.”

Make a few adjustments to my clothing, what do you mean by that? Surely you can’t man to do something to my- oh shit, Oh Shit, OH SHIT! Chrissy’s eyes were wide open with shock as she looked at the trauma shears that her captor took out of the bag and she started to shake her head as she realised what was going to happen. These are used for cutting clothes off emergency patients, which means that you plan to- to-. OMG!

“Is my helpless prisoner a little unhappy about me cutting up her clothes?” Kendra said, and the bound woman nodded in the hope that she would be spared from this ordeal, but her worry increased as she saw a smile form on her captor’s lips. “In that case, all you have to do is give me the combination to the safe and I won’t have to use these nasty scissors on your nice clothes.”

So that’s why you are going to strip me with your scissors, it’s just part of your act to humiliate me so that I will surrender the information. Go ahead then, do your worst but it won’t get you the number. Even though the captive was still concerned about what would happen if she refused, she shook her head and tried to prepare herself for the embarrassment that her captor was going to inflict on her.

“It’s your choice then, Chrissy.” It seemed to Chrissy that Kendra must have done this before, as she wasted no time in making effective cuts that sliced the captive’s blouse into shreds, before it was pulled away from the bound woman’s body and put in the bag. “This is going to be easy to do, though.” Kendra said as she took hold of the hem at the bottom of Chrissy’s dress and the manager cut upward until the skirt was severed at the waist, so that a single strong pull on the material left the helpless assistant in her underwear.

It was a little scary at first, but for some reason, the fire between my legs has grown stronger. Oh no, what are you doing now? Any hope by the bound woman of this particular ordeal coming to an end after her ruined mini skirt was put in the bag, was torn up just like her clothing when the tip of one of the scissor blades was pressed against her abdomen. It was moved up her body at a slow rate until it was behind the little strip of sloth that held the two cups of her strapless bra together. Oh please no! If you cut that then bra will come apart and my breasts will be exposed!

“Oh well, if you don’t give me the information that I want, at least you can make a clean breast of things.” The two blades pressed together, accompanied by a snipping sound and as Chrissy looked down in horror, the cups fell down which left her breasts exposed, along with her erect nipples which showed just how aroused she was. You will know just how I am feeling, and I am sure that you will use it against me.

“It appears that you are a very hot prisoner, Chrissy and in more ways than one.” The manager said as she pulled the bra away from the captive’s body before depositing it into the bag, and the helpless woman emitted a shriek as she felt a hand press against her Mound of Venus. “You are very hot indeed.”

Why did you have to touch me there? Part of me wants you to move your hand away, yet I want you to caress me as well! There must be something wrong with me!

“I would be neglectful in my duties if I allowed my prisoner to overheat, so I will help you to cool down.”

This sentence caused the defenceless woman to tremble as she realised what it meant, but she knew that there was nothing she could do to stop this without throwing her job prospects out of the window. You must be bluffing, as I doubt that you would do that to me, even as part of a test. A second later, Chrissy discovered that her manager wasn’t bluffing when she made two cuts severing the panties on either sides of the prisoner’s body, and a sharp tug was all it took to leave the helpless woman exposed on the chair while the mutilated garment was placed in the bag. Oh fuck, you’ve stripped me naked!

As the manager put the scissors in the bag which was itself placed on the floor, Chrissy shivered as she realised that although she had felt helpless before, it was nothing compared to the vulnerable state that she was experiencing in her nudity.

“Now, I shall continue the interrogation...”

Friday, 9 January 2015

Gianna's Abduction Part 4 of 4

(This is a short story for the bondage model Gianna Love. If you search the clips4sale site, you be able to find plenty of media with her in.)

Part 4

Was I really out of it that much? As Gianna roused from her post orgiastic reverie, she noticed that Adam was doing something to her body and the shock of the action brought her back a state where she was alert of what was happening to her. You’re pushing something big into my cunt, and it is filling me completely. Is it some kind of new torture device that you are going to use on me?

“You came so hard that I thought that you were going to collapse completely, but it showed just how much of a slut you are. In fact, just giving you some good vibrations might cause the same effect before too long.”

Oh fuck, it’s a vibrator and you are going to use it on me! There was a few seconds between Adam’s comment and Gianna feeling an increase in pressure of the device in her body at the same time that she heard a click, and the object started to buzz inside her. Oh shit, that feels so good inside me, so perhaps I am a whore after all. What are you doing with my hair? A sense of panic grew inside the lady as her hair was bunched together and she felt something being wound around her hair before her head was pulled back by her captor. After he stepped away before walking around to in front of Gianna, the captive attempted to lower her head but she found out that this was impossible as her hair felt as if it was going to be pulled out by the roots.

“Trying to do that would be useless, as I have just bound your hair to your elbows so that your head remains in place. You will find out soon enough why I have done this.”

Is it some special plan to torture me again, or do you have something else in mind? As the captive hung there in her bonds with her neck strained, she just relaxed as she was provided with a gentle teasing to her tunnel of lust, but it wasn’t long before the flame of her arousal was lit by the vibrating device. This feels so good after all of the terror and torture that I have been through and I hope that this device takes me all of the way to my personal ecstasy. After some time had passed, the fire of her desire had built up so much that her bottom was writhing while she moaned with pleasure through her gag. As she looked to her right side, she could see Adam sitting on the bed with a warm smile on his face which suggested that he was enjoying what was happening to his prisoner, and the captive blushed when the vibrator elicited another moan from her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t switch the device off when you get close to coming, so enjoy the experience. After all, you did provide me with an incredible fuck.”

I hope that is true because I am really enjoying the moment right now. It wasn’t long before the device increased her level of arousal to such a degree that she was attempting to thrust herself forwards to increase the erotic stimulus, even though she cried out in pain when the clamps pulled at her nipples. I want to come, please I need to come! Gianna had reached the point where she was almost on the edge of bliss, and she only needed just a little more for her to dive over the edge into her erotic ecstasy.

However, after several more minutes had passed by, she came to the dreadful conclusion that this device had taken her so close, but the buzzing just wasn’t intense enough to provide her with the release that she had become so desperate for. Oh fuck, I’m being tortured again, but this time it is by my own cunt! Please Adam, please let me come! It wasn’t long before the captive tried to force her hips forward as well as twist them as much as possible in the hope of getting that little extra pleasure so that the hungry lust inside her could be sated, and she even forced the padlock to shift so that the pain could add to her pleasure. None of this worked which left her out of ideas, so she was left with only one option and that was to beg for help from the man who had put her in this situation in the first place. Please help me Adam, please, please help me!

“Does the little cocksucking whore need a release from the torture that has been inflicted on her by her own traitorous cunt?”

Gianna nodded as best she could, given that her hair was bound to her elbows. Yes, I want you to help me, please.

“In that case, cocksucking is exactly what you will have to do to receive your orgasm.”

No, I just can’t do that, please don’t ask me to do that! The helpless woman was so shocked by the demand that she shook her head in response.

“Well you little whore, you will just have to stand there without having an orgasm until you agree to provide me with pleasure.”

Even though the helpless woman was still defiant about his request, the device inside her continued to tease and torment her sexual needs and soon she started to whimper from her erotic torment. There’s no way out for me, I either have to suffer with this thing inside me, or I have to degrade myself by begging you to take advantage of my mouth. If only I could be like Penelope in the story, as she managed to do this in a similar situation and I even fantasised about it being done to me. That can’t be the answer, can it? I pretend to be just like Penelope in the story and that I have been the cheating wife wanting redemption? As Gianna pretended in her mind that she was the woman who had been unfaithful, the lady found that that she wanted to do this to prove her worth be used in this manner. I can do this if I bury myself in the fantasy, so I had better get started. Please husband, I’m so sorry for cheating on you. Let me prove it by allowing my mouth to provide you with pleasure.

Adam appeared to be amazed when Gianna started to nod her head, and he paused for a moment before he said “Do you want me to take advantage of your mouth?”

Yes my husband, please fuck my mouth with your cock. I have been a whore of a wife and I deserve it, this is the way that I should be treated.

Without any hesitation, the kidnapper walked around to the front of the woman and unbuckled the cock gag that had filled the victim’s mouth for some time before unzipping his trousers. When he brought out his erect staff, Gianna was a little shocked to realise that she wanted this to be rammed inside her mouth and she found herself nodding her head to ensure that he understood.

A moment later, Adam inserted the staff of flesh into her mouth through the ring-gag and he started to slide it in and out while his captive use her tongue to caress his body. That’s it, fuck my face! After all I am your unfaithful wife and this is how all such women should be treated. It wasn’t long before the thrusts became faster and stronger, and Gianna did her best to provide as much stimulation as possible in order to satisfy the man who held her in strict bondage.

It appeared that Adam had become very aroused by the behaviour of her captive, because it didn’t take long for him to give out a long and loud moan while he shuddered, and Gianna experienced the warm and salty evidence of his release in her mouth. Just a moment had passed when her arousal, the fantasy she had weaved about herself and her complete act of sexual submission all combined to take her over the edge with her screaming in the throes of orgasm...

I can’t believe that I did that for you, Adam, and it appears that I am a real cocksucker. The salty taste was still in the mouth of the helpless woman as her reverie ended, but she was unable to do anything about it as the cock gag had been strapped back into place. A gentle buzzing intruded into her sensation and the captive knew that it wouldn’t be too long before she would be begging for another orgasm. If I remember what you said, I know where you will take me this time, and it can’t be any worse than taking you in my mouth. In fact, if you had wanted to make it far worse for me, you could have fucked my mouth last. I don’t know how long I have been restrained like this, but I am feeling the weakness in my bones and I wish I could rest after this.

As the defenceless lady looked to the right again, she could see her captor sitting on the bed and she thought about how good it would be just to lie on there and rest. I must be drained after today, so I hope that you will permit me to go to sleep. It was only a few minutes later when the fire between her legs erupted again and she permitted herself to be overtaken by the sexual demands of her flesh, with her moaning and writhing in her need. It almost seems that I am ready for this part before you. It wasn’t long before Gianna was starting to feel the torment of erotic frustration when Adam stood up and walked behind her, and she heard the unzipping of his trousers.

“You must be tired by now, so I will make a deal with you. If you agree to let me fuck this fine ass of yours, I will permit you to rest on the bed for the remainder of the night so that you can get some sleep.”

Gianna nodded her head to show that she was ready and a moment later, she felt the cheeks of her bottom being pulled apart before there was a gentle pressure against her ‘star’. What happened to the kidnap victim next was an experience that would best be described as intense, as her bottom was filled by her captor’s cock. Again the thrusts were slow and gentle, but they provided the helpless lady with an incredible mix of pleasure and pain as she was overcome by the erotic sensations. This is just like ‘Penelope’s Punishment’ when the lady is fucked three different ways before the nobleman shares a bed with her. It wasn’t long before the thrusts increased in power and speed, with the bound woman crying out in desire as the moment of her bliss approached with each passing second. Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK! The moment arrived when Gianna experienced the explosion of pleasure inside her and a few seconds later, she could feel her captor’s orgasm as well...

Once Gianna’s convulsions had ended, she was still just half aware of what was happening as her hands were lowered until they reached her back, and she was helped back up into a standing position before the vibrator was switched off and removed from her body. Her hair had been freed from the rope that connected it to her elbows, and her captor wasted no time in untying her ankles from the bar that had separated her legs for so long. As Adam walked around to her front, she realised what was going to happen next, and she hoped that it wasn’t going to be as painful as people had said.

As the agony radiated out from both of her nipples, the screaming woman discovered that having nipple clamps removed was every bit as painful as she had heard, but the massaging of her breasts by her captor helped to assuage the pain. She was guided to the bed and made to kneel on it before her captor used two lengths of rope to put her legs into a tight frogtie, and she was helped to lie on the bed before he lay alongside her. Gianna was surprised when his arms embraced her, but she snuggled up to him so that he might be kind to her in the future.

“You have been such a good captive that I don’t think that I can mean enough to keep you prisoner, so I will release you on Monday morning to that you can get back to your proper life.”

My proper life, it was boring anyway. Perhaps I can persuade you to become a part of my life, and you can even be my master. You did terrify me at first, but that is in the past and I am having the most incredible time in bondage. Gianna shook her head at the comment, hoping that Adam would get the message that she didn’t want to just be set free.

“Do you want this to carry on in some way after the weekend is over then?”

This time Gianna nodded. Yes, you have shown just how you can press my buttons, and it’s almost as if you know me like no other person does. Looking back, you seems to have brought all of my fantasies to life.

“I take it though, that you are going to be careful about what you wish for.”

Yes, I think that I have learnt that lesson very well, fantasising about being abducted is one thing, but going through the actual experience is horrifying. John was right about lecturing me about this. Wait, WHAT THE FUCK? Although the captive had been half asleep when she lay in the arms of her kidnapper, she was wide awake in an instant. Fuck, fuck, fuck! There is only one man who would know about what I wished for, and only one man who I have told my fantasies to, along with the books that I read. The way I have been treated in this room was straight out of ‘Penelope’s Punishment’ and the van abduction was from the Hannah story. This can only mean that you must be-.

As Gianna stared at her kidnapper, he removed the buzzer from his throat before lifting up the hood and the helpless lady knew for sure it was:

John! You must have arranged all of this, and I must be at your house right now. Oh shit, I thought that I had been kidnapped for real, so at least I know that I am safe. When this gag comes off, I am going to have quite a few choice words to say to you, right before I kiss you...

“Well, rather than let this happen to you by some complete stranger, I thought that I would teach you a lesson and fulfil your fantasies at the same time. Perhaps it would be best for that gag to remain in your mouth at the moment, because I know how fiery that tongue of yours can be. Anyway, we have all weekend to chat about our new situation, and there will be a lot of entertainment for you.”

At least I will no longer have boring weekends, and there will be a lot less time reading books...

The End

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Gianna's Abduction Part 3 of 4

(This is a short story for the bondage model Gianna Love. If you search the clips4sale site, you be able to find plenty of media with her in.)

As Gianna stood there in the position that strained her arms and legs, with any little movement causing her to cry out because of the clamps torturing her nipples, she tried to think of something that could help her get through this ordeal. It was at this moment that she remembered another one of her books titled “Hannah’s Hostage Horror” which involved a captive immersing herself in fantasies so that she was able to cope with what was happening to her.

Right now, I really do have nothing to lose as I am going to suffer a dreadful fate at the hands of my kidnapper, and I doubt that he was truthful about making sure that I would beg for him to take me. Seeing as the idea might help her cope with the situation, or at least take her mind off what was going to happen to her in reality, Gianna decided that she would at least try to distract herself. There was one idea that sprang to mind from a story called ‘Penelope’s Punishments’ and it concerned the wife of a duke who ended up being unfaithful, but she ended the affair before confessing to her husband that she had been unfaithful. He said to her that he was considering divorcing her after what she had done, but she said that she would accept any punishment if he would take her back, and it was at this point that she mentioned about the old dungeon in the mansion.  She should be taken down there on a regular basis and pay the penalty for her misdeeds with him making love to her at the end of her punishment.

Okay, that’s the one I should use, and maybe I’ll try to keep to it when he returns. It would be a real trick against my kidnapper if I can use my own fantasies to ruin his fun, even if it is just a little. It could be some time before her captor returned to use her for his pleasure, so she started to bring the fantasy to life. In her own mind, Gianna had become the unfaithful wife of a nobleman, and she had confessed her crime to him with her suggesting that her lock her away until she had paid enough penance. She imagined him pulling on her nipples clamps in order to torture her, before taking a whip to her bottom so that she screamed in pain and at the end he would take advantage of her helpless body for his own pleasure. When the fantasy was ended, she would start all over again.

This did work very well in preventing the captive from thinking about what was going to happen to her, and she was no longer as terrified of the situation, but there was a major side effect to her fantasising. As she continued in her immersion, the cumulative effect of the story in her mind, along with the physical stimulation of her bondage ended up combining to feed fuel to the spark of desire that had existed in her centre of lust. It wasn’t long before her arousal was so strong that it caused her to emit muffled moans through her gag while she writhed in her bonds and she even imagined that her fantasy nobleman forced her to take his shaft into her mouth as she did her best to run her tongue around the cock-gag.

The damsel was brought back to reality as she heard the door handle turn, but even the opening of the door with her captor entering the room failed to bring an end to the fire between her legs.

“I remember saying that you will be begging for me to take you, and I am going to keep my word.” Adam said as he walked over to the chest of drawers, and the man opened the fourth drawer so that he could take out a black coloured item with a long handle and a large amount of flexible strands.

Oh fuck, it’s a flogger! I’ve read about that in one of my stories, and it can be used to inflict anything from gentle stings to intense pain. My bottom hasn’t recovered from the thrashing that you inflicted on me with the rod, so I’m going to be in for a very rough time. Gianna hung in her bonds as Adam walked around her as she considered that begging for mercy may well have the opposite effect, so the lady decided that acting like she was apathetic could just elicit a basic level punishment. The seconds passed by and the captive wondered why her whipping hadn’t started, and she was starting to wonder if Adam was having second thoughts about taking advantage of her.

Perhaps this is my chance to work on you, if you are thinking that you are going to far. I could try to convince you that I am no threat to you if you let me go, as I won’t be able to identi- AAAAH!

Even though she had the cock gag filling her mouth, Gianna emitted a loud scream as the ends of the flogger whipped across the cheeks of her bottom, and she realised that her tormentor only waited long enough for her to let her guard down. Gianna was struck twice more across her bottom by her captor and each stinging blow that danced across her cheeks was accompanied by a loud cry from the helpless woman. At least I am managing to keep my body still so that my breasts don’t get tortured as well. A different area was hit on the next blow as the impact was across the top of her thighs, but the helpless woman cried out just as much as before, and the fifth impact landed in the same area.

It was the sixth flog that made the others seem mild by comparison, with Gianna shrieking being far louder than any before, and she jerked forward so hard that she screamed again when the weighted clamps pulled against her nipples. Her mind only cleared when the agony started to subside, and it was at this moment that she discovered why her legs had been bound with her feet separated by a yard. You fucking bastard, you whipped my cunt! You brought that flogger up between my legs and tortured me in my most sensitive area with the ends striking my Mound of Venus!

Gianna sobbed as she waited for the next impact that would bring her pure agony, but she was surprised by what happened next, as she felt fingers smooth over her tormented cheeks. This felt so pleasant compared to the treatment compared to a minute ago and the sweet caresses moved down to her thighs, before concentrating on her lips of lust along with her Mound, which almost caused the captive to sigh with delight.

This is making me even more aroused than I was before. I don’t know if it is just the caressing alone, or a mixture of the pain and pleasure, but you seem to know what you are doing to me. After several minutes of pleasure had gone by, the smoothing ended and the helpless lady attempted to prepare herself for the next round of torture by her kidnapper. However, this proved to be futile with the first five blows seeming to be even more painful than the previous ones, and the final flog was so bad that her world became one of agony as she writhed in her bonds. When Adam ended the whipping so that he could caress the affected areas of the prisoner’s bottom and thighs, the sensations were a paradox as she experienced both pleasure and pain as the same time. This was particularly true of the sexual flower between her legs as she cried out when his fingers glided over them, but she was confused as to whether the reaction was due to pain, pleasure or a mixture of the two.

Her next flogging confused her even more as this also seemed to be inflicting pain while providing pleasure, and the smoothing was just as intense to her as she started to moan. Gianna surrendered herself to the experience for the next series of blows and she started to thrust and writhe with her bottom before she realised what she was doing. Oh shit, I don’t know whether I want you to fuck me because I want the pain to end, or so that the fire of my lust can be quenched in the sea of ecstasy. All I know is that I want you to fuck me!

“Is this true? Are you begging me to take advantage of you? Do you want my cock in your cunt and fuck you until you scream?”

Yes! Fuck me, fuck me so that I come! Please, please, please! Gianna begged through her gag as much as she could and she accompanied this by a series of vigorous nods in the hope that her captor will give her what she desired above anything else. To her surprise, the bound woman was overjoyed when she heard the sound of a zip being pulled and she moaned in pleasure as her most intimate area was filled by the man who had put her through terror and misery.

The thrusts into her swollen lips were slow and gentle at first, but owing to the flogging the lady felt an exquisite mix of both pleasure and pain as she gave herself to the moment. Soon, the sliding in and out of her tunnel of lust increased in speed and intensity, with the woman crying out as he slammed into her and she felt that special moment approaching when she would reach the peak of bliss. Just a few minutes later, her captor’s thrusts were so quick and hard that her lust was tipped over the edge and she gave a long loud scream as the orgasm made her oblivious to anything else but the convulsions of her own body…