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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 25

“Before I tell my story, I think that something needs to be sorted out for our slave here, so that she can eat and drink.” Megumi said as she selected some items which were put on a plate, before putting it on the table in front of the captive and pouring out a glass of cold water. “I am going to remove your gag now, but you are not to speak unless you are given permission. Do you understand?” Cecyme nodded her head and the oriental lady walked behind the prisoner, so that the straps that held her gag in place could be unbuckled before the large rubber ball could be eased out of her mouth. The gag was put on the table by the lady who smoothed out her French Maid dress, and she picked up the plate before sitting astride the legs of the helpless Cecyme which left them face to face. “I will start to feed you now which is also a good opportunity to tell my story.”

As the captive opened her mouth to take a bit of the sandwich that had been lifted up to her mouth, she noticed that the others were putting items onto their plates in preparation for eating. You were waiting for Megumi to arrive before starting the meal, so you knew that she would be okay. I must have been the only person who thought that she would have been devastated by what was done to her.

“Okay, the best place to start is when I spent my holidays here, and having fun with the tying games that were so much fun. It wasn’t long before I discovered that I loved dressing up in costume when we played, and the thrilling feeling increased even more when I actually pretended in my mind that I was the person that I was portraying.”

“Unfortunately, the time for my more important education had arrived, so I had to leave the area to continue my studies. One of the areas that I studied in was drama, which was easy as it came naturally to me, and my other subjects went well. I was unable to pursue my tying up games, as I did not know anyone where I was learning, so I put my desires to the back of my mind until I finished my studies. I passed with good grades and I was wondering what to do next, when I noticed an advertisement in a drama magazine which stated that a leading lady was needed for a play called “Claire’s Captivity”.”

“By this time, I had moved back to a large nearby town and I thought that this role may help me to pass the time before I settled on my career choice. I contacted the director so that I could arrange for an audition and he said that he had arranged a session for the part tomorrow afternoon, and that I would be welcome. All I had to do was wait for my name to be called out and I could walk into the office to carry out my audition. When I asked about the plot of the play, he seemed to be reluctant to discuss it over the telephone, but he said that he would answer all of my questions when we met.”

“I was excited that evening, and it was hard for me to get to sleep, but I did drift off in the end. When I dressed for the audition, I decided that I would wear jeans, a sweater with sleeves which almost covered my hands and trainers, as I didn’t know what would be involved and this clothing would be more durable. When I turned up at the appointed time, my heart sank as I saw the number of ladies who were going to be seen ahead of me, as they were all much more beautiful than I was, and they had all dressed to make the most of their bodies. Even though I realised that my chance of getting the role was next to zero at this point, I decided to stay anyway as it would give me some auditioning experience at the very least.”

“It was only a few minutes later when the session was underway, and each actress was called by name in turn before they entered the office. I was told once that if I ever went to an audition, I should look at the expression on the face of the actress as she left, so that I could work out how well she had done. To my surprise, as each lady left the room after a short period of time, none of them seemed to be positive about the role, and their expression ranged from disgusted to very angry with a few swearing under their breath. It wasn’t long before I was the only person left, and I walked into the office to meet the director who was accompanied by the lead male.”

“I had barely sat down before the director started to tell me about the play. My part would be that of an eighteen year old student who would essentially be dressed up in a stereotypical uniform. Seeing as I liked costumes like that, I explained to him that wearing an outfit like this would be no problem. It was then that he mentioned that I would be tied up for almost all of the play and gagged for a far part of it.”

“Both of the men were taken by surprised when I said that I would be okay with this happening to me in the play, but the truth was that my heart was racing at the thought of being in bondage as a schoolgirl in front of an audience. This was something that I could never have dreamed of happening, and I might be the only one with a chance of getting the role, judging by the responses of the other actresses. I was able to remain calm on the outside, as the basic plot was explained to me and it was the usual man obsessed with girl, kidnaps girl, falls in love with girl and frees her in the end. Although this was basic and quite clichéd, I saw that it could be a good play if the performances were memorable enough.”

“The other ladies must have turned down appearing in the play as soon as they heard what the part involved, which explained their behaviour as they left, and given that we had plenty of time the director handed me a script so that we could have a read through. As I had suspected, the play itself was nothing special, although the same could be said for many tales, and I put myself completely into the character of Claire. There were two sets in the play, the living room and the bedroom, and I would spend the entire time in the bedroom. The scenes either consisted of the lead male either being with me in the bedroom, or him spending time with visitors with me still in the bedroom. During the second type of scene, I would be struggling to get free and crying out for help, with help being so close and yet so far away.”

“I think that they were very impressed by my performance, as Richard the director said that if I took the part, there would be no need for any further auditions. Seeing as I wanted the part, I agreed to this as long as I had the final say on the uniform and how I was to be tied up, so I wrote down a list on what I wanted him to bring to rehearsal for the bonds, and my idea on what the uniform should be like along with my measurements. Both Gary and Richard looked at the lists and nodded their head in agreement, and Richard said that he would make sure that the requested items would be obtained today so that they would be ready for tomorrow’s rehearsal.”

“I left the audition with my heart beating faster than ever and it seemed that I could not get to sleep on that night either, so I spent the time reading my copy of the script. I turned up at the rehearsal room of the theatre on time, and I entered to find Richard there along with Gary who was opening up one of two boxes. As I made my way to the bed, I noticed that the box contained the tying up items that I requested along several pairs of EMT scissors, and I sat down on the bed which I was going to become very familiar with until the play finished its run.”

“Seeing as I was going to spend most of my time in rehearsal as a helpless captive, I asked Gary to tie me up and gag me in the way that I would be held prisoner during the play. He used a pair of scissors to cut two lengths of the blue rope from the large coil in the box and he picked up a cloth strip which was probably going to be used as a gag. Once Gary was in front of me, he crossed my wrists and wrapped the rope as tight as possible before tying it off with a knot, and the second rope was bound in the same way around my ankles. Next, he stood to my side so that he could place the cloth strip over my mouth, with a loose knot tied at the back of my neck, and he stepped back saying that he was finished.”

“All of us could tie each other up far better than this since we were ten years old, and I knew that this pitiful attempt would not hold me for more than a second or so. Speaking through the gag was easy, so I told them that I would be free in moments with me pulling the gag down to around my neck, and it took a few seconds to pull my wrists and ankles out of the loops. They were amazed as they thought that I had performed an incredible escape, and seeing as I had their attention, I explained that Hollywood is not useful in showing how people should be tied up.”

“As having me bound and gagged effectively was vital to the story I started to teach Gary a crash course on bondage, and for the following several hours he learnt as much as he could, using me to practise on. The morning was nearly over when I felt that Gary was ready to put his new skills to use, although this was far sooner than I originally expected as he had been a quick learner, and I gave instructions about how I was to be tied up. However, before I was placed into bondage for real, I needed to get into costume and character so that I could be prepared for my role.”

“The second box had already been opened by Richard who had been sorting out my costume, while I had been tutoring Gary in how to make me completely helpless, and he handed it over to me while explaining where the changing room was. I wasted no time in getting there, stripping off my clothes which were put to one side and dressing up in my new costume which consisted of sensible black shoes, black tie, white knee length socks, white long sleeved blouse and a mid thigh length tartan patterned pleated skirt. The skirt was shorter than the play suggested, and it also mentioned a short sleeve blouse, but I felt that the longer sleeves would help to reduce any rope marks and the new skirt would generate more interest amongst the male part of the audience along with certain females.”

“When I returned to the rehearsal room, I got very approving looks from Gary and Richard which meant that my suggestions were correct, and I twirled on the spot to show off the outfit. The next few minutes were spent talking to Gary and Richard about how I would essentially be Claire when I was tied up, until I was told “Time out” at which point I would be myself again. As Gary reached for several coils of rope, I got into character, and I started to feel fearful as if I was going to be kidnapped.”

“After taking a few steps back, I realised that the bed was right behind me which meant that I had nowhere was go, and I screamed in fear as Richard turned me around and pulled my arms behind my back. My hands were placed together palm to palm, and a rope was wrapped about ten times around my wrists before cinches were applied to tighten the rope with a knot securing the ends together. As I begged and pleaded with my captor for my freedom, my elbows were pulled together so that they touched and a second rope was looped and cinched to lock my arms in place.”

“Gary forced my chest down onto the bed, and I screamed in response which allowed him to shove a large handkerchief into my mouth, before he used a roll of white microfoam tape to hold it in place with the tape wrapped several times around my face and hair. At this point, I was reduced to muffled screams in response as a long rope was used to secure my upper arms to my chest with loops going above and below my breasts. Another long rope was taken around my waist and lower arms so that my arms were forced against my back, and I cried out through my nose as my whole body was forced onto the bed.”

“The whole feeling was incredibly intense for me as I lay face down with my captor on top of me, and even though the part of me that was Claire was scared of what was happening, I wanted this to continue because it was so exhilarating. However, at this point there was another strong feeling growing in my body which was unfamiliar to me, but I wasn’t paying any real attention to it because of everything else that was happening. My right leg was bent so that the ankle pressed against the thigh and Gary wound a rope around my thigh and ankle, before repeating the process with my left leg so that I was frogtied on the bed.”

“I was forced onto my knees and as I continued to scream, the cloth strip was taken over my nose and it was tied tight enough to restrict my breathing by pressing on my nose to the point where I could only whimper. My external character persona was showing a look of terror by now, while inside I was enjoying myself like never before, and I was looking forward to the final rope. Gary double-stranded this rope and threaded the loop end around my waist rope at the front, before taking the free ends through the loop and between my legs. It was pulled tight before the ends were looped around my wrist bondage and tied off, which left me dealing with a crotch rope along with everything else.”

“As Gary left the bed and walked over to the director, I put everything into my struggle in trying to escape my bonds and my complete failure to get free showed just how well Gary had learned to tie me up. It had been years since someone had bound and gagged me so that I was genuinely helpless, and I revelled in the feeling that was both scary and wonderful. Added to this was the fact that I was in complete bondage in front of two men who could do anything they wanted to me, and I could not even scream for help if they did. Every time I struggled against the ropes that kept me prisoner, they stared at me and they took particular notice of the rope that pressed hard between my legs. That is why I wanted that rope there, as it was a surrogate for a man taking advantage of me, although this entire bondage was the most sexualised that I have ever been placed in.”

“There was one thing which I hadn’t thought about, and this was concerning my late development. My puberty had started after I had experienced my last tying up game, so I had never experienced the erotic part of being bound and gagged. It felt as if my body was catching up with a vengeance, as I realised what the new feeling was that had grown in my body amongst the rush and fear that I had been experiencing.”

“I had become sexually aroused while I had been placed in bondage, and the erotic feeling was growing second by second as my struggles continued on the bed. As I looked at Gary, new fantasies with him involved started to form in my mind, even though I pleaded and begged to be released from my captivity. I started to imagine him and me in a room somewhere, with me bound and gagged like this, and no matter how much I protested against it, he took advantage of my helpless body. ”

“While I was almost lost in my feelings, I heard the words “Time out” which brought me back to reality, even though my body ached for my captor to pleasure me. Richard explained that they only had the use of this room for half a day at the moment, so Gary needed to free me before we go over the time limit.”

“As Gary untied me, I continued to think about how much I wanted him to be the person that would remove my innocence while I was in bondage, and I had to work out how to make that happen…”

(To Be Continued.)

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 24

It only took a minute for the helpless lady to follow her captor down the hallway, but the tugs on the chain along with the hugs made her squeal every few seconds due to the torment that was inflicted on her nipples. There was a short wait at the sliding doors as the elevator ascended, and once the doors were opened the two ladies entered the elevator with Cecyme becoming a little worried about the journey to the ground level. I cannot hold onto the side rail with my hands in the armbinder, so I have to rely on you to keep me upright as I will not be able to maintain my balance. The only hold you have on me is by the chain and this little trip is going to be uncomfortable at the very least.

After a few seconds of waiting, the doors closed and there was a scream from the bound woman as the elevator made its initial jolt when it started to descend to the ground level. She could feel herself starting to tip backwards and it would only be a moment before she would fall over, when another cried escaped from her gagged mouth as her Mistress pulled on the clamp chain to ensure that she would remain in position.

“I should have had your arms strapped to your body so it would have been easier to keep you upright. “ Mistress Isabella said as she embraced her helpless prisoner in order to make sure that the captive wouldn’t end up falling over, and they stayed like this until the elevator doors opened on the ground floor. “As soon as you are out of the elevator, bite hard on your gag as your clamps need to be removed. That was a very severe pull that I had to do to you.” The woman released her grip on the captive who hopped out of the elevator and as the bound lady bit down hard as instructed while the clamps were unscrewed.

Even though she did her best to muffle her cry, the prisoner cried out as the release of the devices of torment increased the pain that she felt in her nipples, and her Mistress massaged her breasts for a minute to ensure that her crushed flesh would receive the proper flow of blood. It would have been better for me if you had left the clamps in place, but I’m sure that you had a good reason to remove them.

“I know that it is agonising when they are removed, but to leave them clamped onto your nipples like that for much longer could cause you to be injured. Now, accompany me to the kitchen.” Cecyme hopped alongside the lady who walked at a slow pace and they were just about to enter the kitchen, when the captive heard a loud scream which seemed to have emanated from one of the men’s rooms.

Oh my, you must be torturing Megumi to make her cry out like that! There was a growl from the captive as she entered the kitchen, before she noticed that Selma and Collette were already working before standing to one side of the door, and Isabella turned around so that she could face the helpless lady.

“Cecyme, you need to trust me on what is happening, as not everything is as it seems. I can see that you are very concerned about what is happening to Megumi, and this shows that you are very empathic. However, if I called an end to what is happening to Megumi, she will never forgive me, and if you make your feelings too vocal, the lady will hear it and she will have to stop. Now, I have to help the others in preparing the meal.” Isabella took a plain white pinny from a hook on the wall, and made sure that the fastening was secure before she joined the two maids in preparing the meal.

That garment looks totally at odds with your current dominatrix clothing, but this is a situation where practicality rules over fashion. Again, I can do nothing to help at the moment, but that white four-wheeled cart in the corner of the room is new and the straps on the front look as though they are designed to be attached to something. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out that I will be the one pulling the cart to where we are going to eat the meal. Cecyme’s thoughts were interrupted by another scream that came from further down the corridor, and this was followed moments later by one more which became muffled half way through. The only way for your cry to silenced like that would be if something was pushed through the ring-gag. That would mean one of the men must be- that is just horrible! A look of shock appeared on the face of the helpless lady as she realised what the men must be doing to the captive, and she moaned in frustration as she once more struggled against her bonds.

Collette looked up from the salad that she was preparing, and there was a worried look on her face as she put down her knife before she walked over to the helpless woman who was trying to get out of her bonds. “Please calm down, Cecyme, you will hurt yourself if you continue in attempting to get free of the armbinder.”

How can you expect me to calm down when I can hear just how much Megumi is suffering? Even though the captive was very concerned about what was happening to the oriental lady, she halted her fight to free herself as she saw the expression on Collette’s face. You are worried about me getting hurt, just like Isabella was. I’ll try to stay still, but it is so hard when I hear the cries and screams.

“It was the muffled shriek that set you off just then, am I right in that?” Collette said, and the captive nodded her head in response. “I understand, but you must control yourself. If you end up getting hurt as a result of your struggles, both Isabella and Megumi will never forgive themselves. Please, try to remain calm and stay still as none of us want to see anything bad happen to you.” As Collette returned to her work, she said “Selma, please help to keep an eye on Cecyme so that make sure that she doesn’t get too agitated.”

“Okay, Collette. We do need to watch over our captive as this can be very trying when the performance of our friend is heard for the first time. It would best if we took turns in keeping Cecyme calm while Megumi is being entertained,”

This was how it went while the meal was being prepared, with each of the two French Maids alternating in helping Cecyme to remain calm so that she wouldn’t overexert herself in her bondage. As the helpless lady looked on, the drawers and lockers of the cart were filled with the meals and other items, but a few drawers remained untouched. They might contain other items that could be used for my captivity, which wouldn’t be a surprise given the way that this weekend is going. Aren’t those the cuffs that were used on me at breakfast time?

Mistress Isabella opened a drawer and retrieved the same set of ankle cuffs that were attached to the captive in the morning, before walking over to Cecyme and kneeing in front of her so that the prisoner’s three lower leg straps were removed. One of the cuffs was taken around the right ankle of the helpless lady before it was buckled into place, and her left ankle was restrained with the other cuff so that her walking pace would be restricted by the metal chain which connected her ankles together. “When the final leg straps are removed, I want you to walk over to the cart and turn around so that your back is to it.”

Well, this is to be expected so that there is no surprise in this. Isabella wasted no time in unbuckling the three straps that bound Cecyme’s upper legs together and as soon as these restrictions were removed, the lady in bondage walked over to cart as instructed with her turning her back towards the object. This is when I get connected to the cart and act as if I am a beast of burden. To think about it, I am a beast of burden, gagged and restrained so that I can pull this cart for you. Collette placed a wide belt around the waist of the helpless lady, and she buckled it to the last notch as Selma attached the two straps from the front of the cart to buckles that were on the belt at the sides of the prisoner.

“Okay.” Isabella said “It is time to-“ The Mistress halted in her speech as she was interrupted by a long and loud scream from the captive Megumi, but this one was familiar even to Cecyme. It wasn’t a cry of torment or suffering, or even one of humiliation, but it was the vocalisation of the orgasm that the oriental lady was experiencing.

Even after everything you went through, you have ended up in the throes of ecstasy. You must be a very incredible lady. There were smiles on the faces of the three ladies, as Cecyme expression showed to them that she was puzzled by the sound that she had heard.

“I told you that you need not interfere with what was happening to Megumi.” Mistress Isabella said, giving the helpless woman a sharp spank on the bottom which caused the captive to squeal before she removed her own pinny and putting it on the side. “I think that it is time for us to go out and get everything ready for the meal, so follow us out and along the path, please. That is if you don’t want those horrible clamps attached to you nipples again.”

As the Mistress walked forward, Cecyme started to take her short steps, but she found it difficult to move at first because she had to pull the cart behind her and the inertia of the object had to be overcome. I should have expected this to be awkward, as I have to walk in high heels which do not allow me much traction. Plus, there is the added problem of getting the cart through the door, and I don’t think that I can manoeuvre well enough to do this. The bound lady tried to move into the best position possible, but as she turned around in order to leave through the door, one of the wheels of the cart caught on the side of the door which prevented her from going any further. Backing up proved to be very difficult as the lady had to push her body against the cart, and each attempt that she made to get through the door ended in frustration with the cart getting stuck time and time again. Can’t one of you ladies help me with this? I’m unable to get through on my own!

“Collette, I think that we should our slave girl get through the door, as I think that she has realised this cart cannot get into position without one of us helping her.”

“I will do it.” Collette said as she moved the cart sideways so that it would just be able to fit through the doorway, and Cecyme breathed a sigh of relief as she managed to exit the kitchen after her repeated failures. It didn’t take more than a minute for the helpless lady to reach the open door that led to the rear garden, and she waited for the red-headed maid to adjust the cart so that it could be pulled through the door without any chance of jamming.

“It is done now, Cecyme, you should be able to take this to the gazebo without there being any more problems.” As the bound woman started to walk forward, she discovered that there was no resistance with the cart moving through the doorway, and she out outside the house just a moment later.

At least I can make my way to where we are eating without getting stuck now, even though it will take me a little while to get to the tent as I can only take short steps. Once Cecyme had managed to get onto the path through the garden with the cart trailing on the straps, she noticed that Mistress Isabella had been waiting for her just around the corner.

“I take it that you had help with getting out of the kitchen?” The Mistress asked, and there was a nod from the captive who looked a little worried as she thought that she might get punished for her tardiness. “There is no need to worry, Cecyme, as we all get stuck trying to move that cart through the doors. However, you have been quick in realising that you needed help in the kitchen, and you managed to get outside soon enough.” After the Mistress had spoken, she delivered a playful slap to the captive’s bottom with her right hand and the helpless woman squealed as she started to walk along the path with the cart rolling behind her.

I do hope that Megumi hasn’t suffered too much at the hands of the men, but she looked terrified as they carried her out of the room. How can any lady who has gone through so much still be okay? As the bound lady walked along the path, she wondered about the French Maid who was still in the mansion, and she hoped that the girl would be able to recover from her ordeal. There was a small group walking together on the path when the prisoner looked around again, with Selma and Collette accompanying Mistress Isabella and the burdened Cecyme.

Soon the large gazebo came into view as the path wound around some large bushes, and once they had arrived at the structure, the two maids unhitched Cecyme from the cart. The men must have set out that table underneath the gazebo while I was occupied with the games, with three seats on the sides and one seat at the top and bottom. The men and maids must sit on the sides, while the top and bottom must be for Isabella and myself.

“I see that the little truck has arrived before us.” John said, and the helpless woman looked around to see the trio who had changed into fresh clothing which consisted of black trousers and white shirts. “We’ll help set everything up while Isabella helps Cecyme to sit down.” As the men helped Selma and Collette set up the table for the meal, Isabella opened one of the drawers so that she could take out a large padlock before taking hold of the prisoner’s waist strap.

“Follow me, slave, so that you may sit down on the chair.” The Mistress said as she tugged on the strap, so the bound women followed her captor who led her to the foot of the table and she sat down on the chair which was pulled a little away from the table. Isabella unclipped the chain from the D-rings on the ankle cuffs, and she brought the ankles of the lady together so that the shackle could be looped around the rings before the padlock was secured into place. “There you are, all nice and secured.”

I can’t walk away, and I doubt that I could hop on my own without falling over, seeing I am still wearing my high heels and the ground is soft. Cecyme’s chair was pushed closer to the table, and she looked on as everyone else helped in preparing the table, even Mistress Isabella which meant that everything was in place within a few minutes. The Mistress sat on the other end of the table from the helpless Cecyme, while the two maids sat down on her right with the three men taking their positions on the left. Why is nothing happening? Are we waiting for Megumi? It did seem to be the case that everyone was just sitting there in silence, as if they were waiting for the lady to appear and Cecyme was wondering how she was going to eat, given her present level of bondage.

“I am sorry that I am late, but I did need to clean up after my adventure.” Megumi said, and the captive was startled by the sudden voice that came from her left.

“That is okay, Megumi. After all, it was an intense session, even by your standards.” Isabella said with the maid walking into view, and the lady gave each man a warm hug in turn as she kissed them on the cheek. When the maid straightened up and turned around, Cecyme was amazed at the expression that was on the face of the oriental woman who approached the helpless prisoner.

This is incredible as you actually look radiant after your ordeal, and that is a lovely smile on your face. You must have enjoyed what happened to you at the hands of Isabella and the men, and if I hadn’t seen you like this then I wouldn’t have believed it.

“It was intense, Mistress Isabella, but I needed it to be so strong after having to wait all this time.” Megumi said, walking around to the back of Cecyme before putting her arms around the helpless woman in a warm embrace and landing several sweet kisses on the cheeks of the captive. “I am sorry about what I did to you earlier when I bumped you and knocked you off balance. I did not intend for that to happen to you, and I hope that you have forgiven me for my transgression.”

I have been worried about how you’ve been treated, yet you have been concerned about me? You really are an unusual lady. Cecyme nodded her head even though she felt it was unnecessary as there was nothing to forgive, but she knew that Megumi would need the reassurance of this simple signal.

“Thank you, Cecyme. Mistress Isabella, Do I have your permission to speak to our prisoner about what happened, as she did look very concerned about my predicament?”

“Go ahead, Megumi. After all I think that she will believe it if it comes out of your lips.”

(To Be Continued.)

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 23

Cecyme half hung from the hook as she rested in her post-orgasmic reverie, and she did her best to remain still as any movement was going to direct her full attention to the clamps on her nipples. However, her peace was interrupted in a rude way as Megumi thrust into her as hard as possible, which forced her forward and caused her to shriek as her bruised nipples were tugged by the items that were attached to her breasts.

“Sarah, that was mean of you. Do not do it again.” Mistress Isabella said as she rose from the chair, but her words were ignored as the standing captive forced herself into the bent over prisoner for a second time which caused the tormented lady to cry out again.

You really seem to be angry with me, or is this because you are immersed in your part and I am the only person who you can do this to. As the tormented lady lifted her head up and looked in the mirror, she could see the fury in the eyes of the lady behind her who thrust again, before Isabella walked over and pulled her back from the captive mistress. Have you lost yourself in the role? I doubt that you have ended up doing that, but it seems to be worrying.

“You bad scout! You have had your revenge on what my slave did to you, but you still persist in wanting to torment her further.” Isabella wasted no time in unbuckling the strap-on from the pretend scout, and it took less than a minute before the item was removed and placed on the dressing table. “I am going to have to punish you for this.” She said as she returned to the left side of Megumi and took hold of the captive’s pigtails with her right hand, and the woman pulled down hard which caused the prisoner to squeal as she bent over, while the right hand pulled Megumi’s panties down to the upper thigh strap. It was at this moment that the defiant lady changed her attitude as she whimpered in her vulnerable position, and she tried to stand up even though she cried out as her hair was pulled even more.

“Oh no you don’t, Sarah.” Isabella pulled down on the hair of her captive again, as she raised her right hand above the exposed bottom of the struggling lady who cried out in pain as she received a hard spank on her cheeks. “You. Have. Been. A. Very. Bad. Girl.” The Mistress said as she continued to hold Megumi down by her hair, and she punctuated each word of the sentence with a sharp spank to the bottom of the defenceless lady. “You. Will. Pay. For. Your. Wrongful. Behaviour.” Megumi squirmed in her bonds as the spanking caused her posterior to redden again, but her cries failed to cause Isabella to relent. “I. Hope, That. You. Have. Learnt. Your. Lesson. Sarah.” Isabella ended the smacking of the prisoner’s bottom before she released the hair of the sobbing Megumi who straightened up, and the captive nodded her head to indicate that she understood.

“Good. Now, Sarah, you will stand to the right of my slave and behave yourself while I sit back in the chair.” It took a few seconds for Megumi to hop around so that she was just to the right of Cecyme, and Isabella waited until the captive was in position before turning around and walking back to her chair. However, as the Mistress turned around, Megumi thrust her bottom to the left so that it pushed against Cecyme’s body and the woman screamed as she realised that her legs would no longer be able to hold her up.

I’m going to fall and tear my arms out of my sockets! Help me! Cecyme felt the strain in her arms build to an unbearable degree as her body twisted due to the fact that her legs no longer supported her, and she cried out because of the pain in her joints and nipples. It felt to her as if this moment was lasting forever, but it was over in just a second as Isabella turned around and took a few step to reach the prisoner who was helped to stand back on her feet. Thank you for that, I thought that I was going to end up actually suffering from a serious injury.

“It seems that I am going to have to deal with my slaves and apply extra punishment because of their inability to behave.” There was a squeal from the helpless Megumi as her pigtails were grabbed by the Mistress, and the captive was forced to hop over to where the remote control was placed. A button was pressed on the device after it was picked up by the Mistress and the hook was lowered, which was a mixed blessing for Cecyme as it allowed her to straighten up, but she bit hard into her gag as the clamps tugged against her nipples.

What are you going to do with us now?

A drawer was opened by Isabella who retrieved a set of chained nipple clamps, which were the same types as the ones that were attached to Cecyme’s breasts, and Megumi started to whimper as her eyes grew wide at seeing the implements of torment. “You decided to be a bad little scout, so you have to pay the penalty for your misbehaviour.” The control was put to one side by the Mistress who unbuttoned Megumi’s blouse, and the captive shook her head as she whined when the sides of the garment were moved apart from each other to reveal the black bra with the front clasp. It only took about a second for the woman to unhook the bra, and soon the two cups were pulled away from the skin of the helpless Megumi who pleaded as her firm breasts were exposed. “You should have thought about this when you decided to inflict distress on my slave, and all of your begging will not help you as I administer your punishment.”

There were more whimpering sounds from the helpless Megumi as one of the thumbscrew type clamps was lifted up to her right breast, and the captive screamed out as the parallel bars crushed the soft flesh of her nipple. This cry was echoed by another as the left nipple was treated in the same cruel manner, and a sharp tug on the connecting chain caused Megumi to shriek even louder as both breasts were tormented at the same time.

“You are going to hop over to the hook, my strapped and suffering scout.” Mistress Isabella said, but her instruction to her captive was rebuffed by her the lady remaining still and shaking her head in defiance. “In that case, I think that I will have to apply a little gentle persuasion.” There was a hard pull for a second on the chain in the direction of Cecyme, and the stationary captive screamed as her breasts were distorted by the clamps, with her taking a little hop forward when the chain was released. “That’s better; now complete your journey to the hook unless you want a repetition of the chain pulling.”

Even though Megumi seems to be behaving in a very unusual manner, it seems to be a bit unfair to put clamps on her nipples. Each hop that Megumi made to the hook caused the captive to cry out, as the movement of her body caused the chain to sway which tugged on the clamps that gripped her nipples, but it wasn’t long before she was standing behind Cecyme.

“See, you got here quickly, and it only took a little encouragement. I just have to sort out my slave and I can go about setting up the punishment for you two.” Mistress Isabella pressed hard on the latch of the hoist hook so that the object could be removed from the D-ring at the end of Cecyme’s armbinder, and the naked prisoner was made to turn around so that she was face to face with Megumi. “Now that you two are in position, I can make use of the remote control.” The woman said as she walked over to the drawers and picked up the device before pressing one of the buttons so that the hook was raised to about the chest height of the two captives.

Our situation is about to get far worse if my guess is right, and I was lucky to have been bent over compared to what is about to happen to us.

“This is just at the perfect height for you two to be attached to the hook.” Isabella said as she released the padlock from the clamp chain which was connected to the nipples of the helpless Cecyme, but any relief was momentary as the chain was lifted up and pushed through the latch on the hoist hook. Although Megumi continued to plead with her captor as she shook her head in the hope of avoiding her fate, her chain was also attached to the hook which meant that both of the captives would suffer. A button was pressed on the remote control, and the eyes of both prisoners grew wide as the hook was raised at a slow pace, but it didn’t take long before the chains became taught which caused the clamps to pull at their nipples. Both ladies cried out as the pain shot through their breasts and they discovered that the only way that they could maintain any slack in the chain was to stand on the tips of their toes.

It’s bad enough for me, but you are not as tall, plus I have high heels on my shoes which mean that I don’t have to suffer so much. However, you only have sensible shoes which will cause you more suffering.

“This position is a torment in itself, as you will have to rest your legs at some point which will be quite unpleasant for you.” The Mistress said as she put the control down on the dressing table. “However, I think that I will make things more interesting by ensuring that you two will be suitably stimulated while you are on your toes.” She reached over so that she could pick up the riding crop from the table and walked back to the two helpless ladies, who were standing on their toes so that they could alleviate the worst of the suffering. “You two look so delightful in your torment, and your situation is so delicious that I must play a greater part in it.”

Ouch! There was a another cry from the defenceless Cecyme as her cheeks were lashed for a second time by the crop, and this caused her legs to buckle a little with the strain on the chain increasing as a result. Two more blows landed on the helpless lady, but these were directed at the top of her thighs and although they weren’t as painful, they still caused her nipples to be tormented. As the captive looked on, the Mistress walked around to behind Megumi who suffered even more as her bottom cheeks and thighs were each struck twice, and the fake scout shrieked in her suffering as she was unable to stay on her toes when she was punished.

This went on for some time, with Isabella whipping each of the captives in turn, but her actions of inflicting torment were interrupted when the handset in the bedroom rang. “Hello, Isabella here. I see, it’s time for the late afternoon tea and your three wish to come up to my room. Please feel free to come up, as I have a very special surprise to show you gentlemen. I will see you three in a few minutes.” The handset was placed back in its base and the lady walked over to the dressing table before exchanging the riding crop for the remote control. “I will no longer punish you two ladies for your actions this afternoon, so I am going to detach you from the hook.” She pressed one of the buttons on the device which caused the hook to be lowered down until it was at the level of the captives’ nipples and the woman walked back up to the hook so that she could remove the two chains that were the source of the prisoners’ torment.

Before the lady could put the control device back on the table, there were three knocks on the bedroom door. “Just give me a moment.” She said as she put the remote control back on the dressing table, and she gave a malevolent smile to Megumi before walking over to the door and opening it. “Please come in gentlemen, as you can see, we have a stranger visiting us whose name is Sarah.”

“Hello Sarah, it’s very nice to meet you.” Paul said as he walked over to Megumi who was looking very worried at the entrance of the three men, and he stepped behind her before kissing her neck and cupping her breasts in his hands which caused her to cry out. “Oh, you are a nice little filly, and I will love riding you.” At this point, the captive started to struggle with all of her strength as she shrieked in horror, but her bonds prevented her from doing much more than wriggling in place. “I presume that this is what you meant by the surprise, Mistress. John, Ben, you two should examine our sexy scout, I think that she is going to provide us with some lovely entertainment.”

“Go ahead, you can check out how she feels, and if you want, you can take her away with you for some personal fun. Please notice that I have put a large ring gag on her which means that two of you can use her for your satisfaction at the same time, and I think that she will be very useful with three access points.” Isabella said as the sobbing Megumi was kissed and groped by Ben who caused her to cry out when he ran his fingers over her tormented nipples, and John elicited a shriek from her when he ran his hands between the tops of her thighs. “Are you three satisfied with your new toy?”

“I think that I can speak for all three of us when I say that this lovely lass will be most enjoyable.” John said as he took hold of the chain that was attached to the nipples of the terrified woman. “You can come with us now, and we will show you a most interesting time on one of our rooms.”

Surely you three can’t be planning on mistreating Megumi. It looks as if she really doesn’t want to go with you.

There was a shake of the head from the oriental lady as she refused to hop towards the man who held the chain, and she paid for this just a moment later when she screamed after the chain was pulled which stretched her bruised nipples. Even though the chain was tugged several more times, the captive remained in place, although she cried out at each additional act of torment that she had to endure.

You are determined not to let them force you to go with them, not matter how much you end up suffering, but I think that all of this will be futile in the end as one of them can carry you.

“I am enjoying your feisty spirit, Sarah, but I will enjoy it even more when my friends and I have broken you.” Paul said as John released his grip on the chain before stepping back, and Paul bent over so that he could put his right arm around the legs of the helpless Megumi. As the man stood straight up, the powerless woman ended up being carried over his right shoulder and the look on her face was one of sheer horror as she started to scream at the top of her voice. Cecyme’s last sight of the woman being taken away to her fate was the lady kicking her legs and struggling in the grip of Paul’s arms as he carried her out of the room.

Stop it! Megumi isn’t joking, as no woman can put on a fake display of being that terrified. She is genuinely scared of what is going to happen to her. This time it has gone too far. For the first time since the captive ended up in the room, she tried to break free of her bonds using all of her strength, even though such actions were futile as the armbinder and straps didn’t give at all. As Cecyme continued to try to get out of her bondage, she didn’t even notice what Isabella was saying, and the lady only stopped when she screamed out due to the intense pain that she felt in her nipples.

“Time out, Cecilia.” This phrase along with the constant pulling of the chain which was the source of the pain, concentrated the attention of the helpless woman and she looked at her captor as her anger subsided enough for her to listen. “It may be hard for you to believe, but she wants this to happen to her. Megumi’s going to be busy for a while with the men, but when she’s back I will make sure that she will explain everything to you. Will you at least trust me until then?”

I’ll try, but everything in me says that her reaction was real, and that she was scared stiff of what was going to happen at their hands. There was a nod from the helpless lady which was followed by a diminishing of the pain in her nipples as the grip on the chain was relaxed.

“Thank you, Cecilia. By the way, I was worried about you hurting yourself when you were angry and struggling. I’m glad that you are okay. Now, we are going down to the kitchen as we have to prepare tea for everyone. Follow me.”

Cecyme hopped out of the room behind the woman who was holding onto her clamp chain, but she was still a little worried about the lady who had been carried away.

I hope that you are telling the truth about Megumi, Isabella.

(To Be Continued)

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 22

As the captive mistress looked at the full face of the ‘girl scout’, she could see how well the makeup was applied around the eyes so that it would fool anyone who couldn’t see all of the features. However, the head of the lady was no longer obscured by the hood, so although it had taken a few seconds for Cecyme to recognise the helpless woman, she was no longer in doubt as to who it was.

Megumi! You have been pretending to be the girl scout, and I have been completely fooled by your performance. There I was, worried sick about being involved in hurting some poor innocent girl who had made a bad mistake, and it was all for nothing as you must have enjoyed every moment of it. Both you and Mistress Isabella have deceived me in this little game, but you have made me feel so guilty. Why you-. All of the fear and worry had disappeared from the mind of the helpless woman at this point when she realised that it had all been a trick, but it wasn’t relief that replaced the feeling. Instead, Cecyme was experiencing the sexual frustration that had been building up in her body as a result of the thrusting and whipping, and this was combined with the anger and annoyance of having been fooled in this manner. In any normal situation, she would have given vent to her feelings by shouting out or pacing the floor and gesticulating, but all of this was denied to her as she was bound and gagged.

So, seeing as there was no other option left open to the bound woman, she pulled back as far as the strap attached to Megumi would let her, before thrusting herself against the oriental lady so that the phallus was buried deep into the intimacy of the other prisoner. There was an immediate response from the defenceless Megumi with her shrieking from the invasion of her body and she struggled in her bonds as she begged and pleaded through her gag.

It felt so good when I thrust into you, and if you think that I am going to stop now you are badly mistaken. I know that this is part of your act, so I am just going to ignore your behaviour. There was a second thrust by the helpless woman which was slow and soft instead of hard and fast, but it was followed by the same behaviour from the lady who was on the receiving end of this act. Cecyme continued with the same actions over a period of time, and she noticed that although the pretend scout still struggled, the sobs were interspersed with moans which showed that the lady was becoming aroused. So you are enjoying this, but you can really make a person have doubts about what they are doing to you. I’m surprised that you would still be here, as I’m sure that you would be a very good actress.

After a few minutes had passed, Cecyme increased the speed and intensity of the trusts into Megumi, and the helpless lady struggled even more as the phallus slid in and out of her tunnel of lust. The twitches of Megumi’s hips showed that her begging behaviour was a façade, and her moans grew louder as the thrusts continued to add more fuel to the flame of her desire. As Cecyme looked around, she noticed that Mistress Isabella was sitting in a chair, and the captor smiled as she watched what was happening in the middle of the room.

I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time you have seen this happen, and you must approve of what I am doing, otherwise you would have interfered by now. The thrusts became harder and faster still, and there was more contradictory behaviour from the tormented woman as she started the push back against Cecyme’s penetration movement, so that she could gain even more pleasure while bursting into tears at the same time. That’s incredible, even though you are highly aroused by what is going on, you can actually produce real tears at the same time so it looks as though you are suffering a great ordeal. I think that I should take you right up to the edge, but not allow you to go over and see how you react. It wasn’t long before Cecyme pushed against the helpless lady in front of her with greater speed and intensity, and the moaning and writhing of the captive indicated that she would soon be screaming from pure pleasure. As the woman continued, she monitored the behaviour of the lady who she was penetrating, and after another few minutes she realised that Megumi was right on the edge so she decided to slow down.

Although the captive tried her best not to give any indication that she had been denied the feeling of ecstasy, her sobbing increased in volume and she pushed herself against Cecyme even harder which indicated that she was desperate for her release. I have you now, as I know that you want me to be faster, so I will tease you by trying to keep you in this state for as long as possible. Whenever it seemed to Cecyme that Megumi was started to cool down a little, the thrusts increased until the oriental captive was taken up to almost the peak of her pleasure, before she was again denied the pure thrill which awaited her. As Cecyme was unable to get a clear view of the clock, she didn’t know just how long she had been teasing the poor woman who appeared to beg a little more when the thrusts slowed down. You must have incredible control to be able to at least partially pretend that you don’t want me to provide you with a climax. I can continue like this for some time to come, but this must be pure torture for you as you suffer from orgasm denial.

“Cecyme, I think that you have had enough fun with Sarah, so perhaps it is time you put her out of her misery in the most pleasant way possible.”

Seeing as this is a direct order from you, then I had better bring this to an end. Cecyme increased the speed thrusts until she could go no faster, and it wasn’t long before it had the desired effect on the powerless Megumi who emitted a long, loud scream before she jerked and twitched as she was deep in the throes of orgasm…

“She really is an amazing lady.” Mistress Isabella said in a low voice as she unbuckled all of the straps that were attached to the strap-on before placing it on a table and helping Cecyme to hop back to the bed. “Alicia wouldn’t believe me when I said how good Megumi was with her acting, so I used the same trick that you have just experienced. She was fooled just as much as you were, and she also decided to get her revenge in the same manner. I thought that it would be best if I replay this just so I could show you how effective Megumi can be.”

I’m not surprised that Alicia was fooled so easily as Megumi deserves an Oscar for her performance.

As Mistress Isabella continued to speak, she unbuckled the three straps that locked Cecyme’s arms to her sides, and the helpless lady wondered what was going to happen next. “What you must remember is that while Megumi is in her outfit, she is whoever she is pretending to be, and she will only react in that way. At the moment, she is still Sarah the girl scout and she will remain so until she is free and can get changed.” Once the buckles were removed from the captive mistress, Isabella walked over to the bent over Megumi and used the remote control to lower the hook that was attached to the armbinder, so that the captive would be able to stand upright. Once the hook was disconnected from the end of the armbinder, the Mistress bound the oriental lady’s arms to her body with the straps, with one each taken around her chest, above and below the breasts and the third was buckled around her waist and lower arms.

I have the feeling that our positions are about to be reversed, so I hope that Megumi won’t be too mad at me for tormenting me earlier. However, she is still ‘Sarah’ so maybe she will be gentle when it is her turn.

“Hop over here, slave Cecyme, and stand in front of the hook while facing the mirror.”

This isn’t much of a surprise, and I am feeling so aroused from this game that I need to have my lust sated for the moment. It took less than a minute for the helpless Cecyme to hop over to where the hook was hanging from the ceiling, and when she was in position, the captive made sure that she was facing the mirror. Even if the bound woman had not been ordered to look in this direction, she would have done so anyway because she wanted to see how both captives looked in the reflection. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen myself in this kind of situation, so it will be a first.

As the helpless woman stood on the spot, she watched as the hook that was hanging from the cable was attached to the ring on the end of her armbinder before her mistress used the remote control to winch up the hook. First, her hands were pulled away from her body before she had to start bending over, but soon she was forced to have her body parallel to the floor, while her hands were high above her back which left her held in a strict strappado position. I feel so strained like this, and it’s hard to keep my balance with my body almost hanging from the hook while I’m almost on tip toe. It’ll probably get worse when Megumi starts to thrust into me, though.

After Mistress Isabella had hoisted up the hook, she put the remote control next to the strap-on which was picked up before returning to the helpless Megumi who shrieked as her ponytails were pulled hard. “Sarah, this needs to be cleaned and seeing that you are supposed to be so helpful, you have just been volunteered for the job. If you don’t do a good job with your tongue, then I will have to place this shaft in some other part of your anatomy which you will hate even more.”

OMG, you wouldn’t go that far with Megumi, as she is acting after all. Although Cecyme did her best to look on from her new perspective, she had to strain her neck to watch as Isabella held onto Megumi’s ponytails with her left hand while positioning the tip of the phallus at the ring of the captive’s gag with the right hand. Despite the tearful protestations of the helpless lady, the end of the end was pushed into the gap that held her jaws apart, and she had no choice but to accommodate the item as it filled her mouth. The defenceless Megumi was sobbing as more and more of the shaft was forced into her mouth, and Cecyme was surprised at the fact that the other captive hadn’t choked on the item so far. I think that I would have suffocated if that much of the thing had ended up in my throat, but you seem to be coping quite well with it.

“Now, let’s see you have managed to clean this off well, because you are going to suffer if you haven’t.” Mistress Isabella took her time in pulling the shaft out of the mouth of the helpless captive, but she smiled as she examined the item which appeared to be clean. “See, I knew that you could do well in cleaning this, so I will attach to you so that you can have some fun with my bent over captive.” The hem of Megumi’s skirt was tucked into her waistband by her captor, which made it easier for the device to be strapped onto the front of her body, but instead of hopping behind the bent over Cecyme the pretend scout went over to the side and attempted to poke the clamp chain that hung from the lady’s nipples.

What are you up to now? Are you trying to do something nasty to me?

“Sarah, are you angry at what the naughty Cecyme did to you earlier?” Isabella said and there was a nod from the woman who pushed the phallus again the chain for a second time. “Do you think that I should tighten the clamps up on her nipples as punishment for her behaviour?” There was a second nod from the captive whose expression had turned to anger, and it was Cecyme’s turn to shake her head and beg as Isabella reached under the bent over woman with her hands.

No please, this is going to hurt! NO! As the screws of the clamps were tightened, Cecyme let out two screams as pain radiated out from her nipples and she cried out again as the chain was nudged by the shaft that stuck out from the front of the other woman.

“Do you think that I should attach something to the chain to make it hang tight, Sarah?” Megumi nodded, so the mistress walked over to a drawer from which she took a large padlock before returning to Cecyme and locking the shackle around the chain. There was another cry from the helpless woman as the padlock was released which tormented her nipples, and the captive realised that any little movement would inflict further suffering on her now that the chain was pulled tight by the added weight.

This is going to really make me suffer when Megumi takes advantage of me. As the bent over captive whimpered due to the ache in her breasts, she noticed that Isabella was sitting down in the chair while Megumi was hopping around so that she was behind the defenceless Cecyme. A few seconds later, she could feel the tip of the artificial shaft push its way between the folds of flesh that marked the gateway to her most sensitive area, and she shrieked just a moment later when Megumi thrust hard into her which caused the clamps to pull on her nipples.

“I think that you are going to found out that this is not going to be entirely pleasant, but I doubt that Sarah will take it easy especially after what you did to her.” As the mistress smiled, the woman in the strappado position cried out again as she had to endure another thrust from the lady who had become her tormentor.

The thrusts were gentle after this for a while, but although they were slow, there was still a constant motion which added fuel to the flame of the captive’s lust, even though it caused her to whimper due to the effect on her breasts. I can do nothing to stop you from causing me to experience pleasure and pain at the same time, and causing me to move forward in my precarious position even make me feel as if I am going to fall. Soon, the defenceless woman found herself moaning as the speed of the penetrations increased, but her cries increased in volume with the increase in the tugging at her nipples. After a few more minutes had passed, the woman felt an increase in the intensity of the thrusts and this meant that each feeling of pain in her breasts increased in strength as her body moved further forward. This is only going to get worse for me as time goes on.

It wasn’t long before the whimpers became distinct cries of pain as Megumi increased the hardness and speed of her actions, and Cecyme started to writhe in her bonds because her desire grew stronger with each passing situation. In other situations, this would provide her with pleasure but this time it also served to add to her torment, as the involuntary movements increased the distress on her bosom. She felt as though both the pain and the pleasure were increasing in step, as the lady who was penetrating her went faster and harder after every minute or so, and she wondered when she was going to start shrieking through her gag. At least I can get a little comfort by biting on the gag, but it isn’t much of a relief. My only hope is for Megumi to get this over and done with.

Somehow, Cecyme managed to avoid screaming through her gag, even though it seemed that her tormentor was banging into her every split second as she penetrated the captive in the strict bondage position with all of the strength and speed she could muster. At least the suffering lady knew that she was being taken closer and closer to her moment of bliss, so she thrust back against Megumi, even though it added to her pain.

However, just when Cecyme felt that she was going to reach the moment when nothing would matter to her, the thrusts stopped.

No, you must go on, I was so close! Cries of frustration were added to the shouts of pain as Cecyme struggled in her bonds from the denial that she was experiencing and her movements added to the torment that was inflicted by her clamps. I can’t even keep still because of the desire that has built up in me, and I’m inflicting more torment on my body as a result. It seemed to the helpless woman as if her torment of denial would go on forever, but Megumi started to thrust into Cecyme with full force and the captive emitted a series of screams as the pain in her breasts combined with the orgasm that engulfed her entire being…

(To Be Continued.)

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 21

Isabella took hold of the waist rope of the helpless scout with her right hand, and tugged on it so that the captive had no choice but to move forward until she was in front of the full length mirror, with it on her left side. Once the scout was in position, the Mistress released her, walked over to the bag so that she could take out half a dozen straps before returning to the trembling young lady. The first strap was buckled around the ankles of the captive, the second one went around her lower legs at the mid shins, and the third one bound her legs together just below her knees and above the green socks. There was a scream from the helpless girl as the hem of her green skirt was tucked into her waistband at her front, before a strap was wrapped around her legs just above her knees along with one at her mid thighs, and the last one was strapped around her at the top of the thighs.

After the skirt of the helpless lady was put back into place, the Mistress stood in front of her prisoner before she reached around to the back of the captive’s neck. “I am going to remove your gag now, but if you start to scream or cause me any trouble, I will put this back in and hand you over to the police.” The ends of the straps were unbuckled by the Mistress who pulled the large ball out from between the lips of the bound scout, and the gag was placed on the bed before she returned back to the helpless young lady.

“Now Sarah, explain what you were doing, sneaking around the mansion when there is a sign outside the gates which warns that anyone trespassing will suffer dire penalties.”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t come in through the gate.” Sarah said with a clear Midwestern accent. “One of the other scouts showed me a shortcut in the fence and said that you buy a lot of cookies from the scouts. She also said that it was okay to make my way into the house if no one responded to the door bell.”

“That is a most unlikely story, Sarah, as I make my own cookies and they are far superior to anything that you may provide me with. Plus, anyone from around here would know better than to come into the grounds without permission.”

“My family only moved here about a month ago, and I don’t know anything about the area. This is my first time as a scout, and I wanted to make a good impression. I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Mistress Isabella, and you can use that or just Mistress.” The woman said as she walked over to retrieve a jewellery box from the dressing table. “I’m sure that if you are as innocent as you claim, then you will wish to prove it by being a good girl scout.” She lifted the lid of the box and took out an expensive diamond necklace by the silver chain links, before going around to the rear of the helpless Sarah and placing the large diamond against the palm of the captive’s right hand. “Take hold of the item that is touching your right hand and don’t let go, even when I take the pads away from your eyes. Remember not to speak unless you are spoken to.”

Sarah covered the item in her right hand with her fingers and gripped it while the lady walked around to the front and removed the detachable pads that covered the eyes of the prisoner. The helpless lady blinked for a moment, and Cecyme could see the reflection of the captive in the mirror, who appeared to be shocked as she looked at what she was holding in her hands.

That’s an expensive necklace that Mistress Isabella has tricked you into holding! Sneaking onto the property and entering the building was bad enough, but to have your hands on something like this will seal your fate.

“Oh yes, that is a very valuable item of jewellery that now has your fingerprints all over it.” Mistress Isabella said as she retrieved the necklace which was put back into the box and placed on the dressing table, before she walked back to the front of the frightened Sarah. “I have trouble believing your story, as would any jury, so I have decided to ensure that there is enough evidence to convict you.”

“But I haven’t stolen anything! I didn’t come in to take anything!” Sarah said in a pitiful wail. “Please, I don’t want to get into trouble.”

“Seeing as the necklace is so expensive, I am sure that your sentence will be a custodial one, and it will be for a year at least. I am sure that a nice innocent lady such as you will provide a lot of pleasure for the women who have been resident in prison for quite some time.”

“Please, Mistress Isabella, I don’t want to end up in prison, I don’t want a criminal record!”

“In that case, you will submit yourself to personal punishment by me which will be over by nightfall, and I will even pay you a substantial amount so that you do not get into trouble for not selling any cookies.” While the Mistress was making this comment, she walked over to the table, picked up the gag and returned to her position in front of the scout who looked as if she was about to burst into tears. “Either you can spend a year in a living hell and have a criminal record by asking me to call the police, or open your mouth wide to accept this gag and a punishment here.”

That’s so unfair, you have blackmailed the poor girl scout into being tortured by you, as she has no choice at all. A shocked Cecyme looked on as the scout lowered her head in defeat, and the helpless Sarah opened her mouth as wide as possible so that the ball could be forced between her teeth. Once the straps of the gag were buckled at the back of the bound scout, the Mistress walked over to the drawers and took out another armbinder along with a thick leather strap. Sarah’s eyes went as wide as possible and the girl twisted in her bonds as she saw the item of restraint that was to be used on her, but her struggles proved to be useless. Her elbows were pulled together so that they almost touched and she cried out as the strap was taken around her arms, just above her elbows before it was pulled as tight as possible.

“This is so that you will be unable to free yourself, while I untie the rope and put this nice device on you. There is no point in struggling, as I am far too experienced in binding young ladies such as you.” It only took a minute for the Mistress to untie the rope that bound Sarah’s wrists together behind her back and to her body, and the cord was put on a table by the woman before she held the prisoner’s hands together. “That strap holds your arms in place which makes my work so much easier.” Sarah’s hands were pushed into the bottom of the restraint, and the defenceless girl yelped as the strap at the bottom was taken around her wrists before it was tightened to its fullest extent. The strap that was above the elbow was unbuckled, and the next part of the binding was the longest, as Mistress Isabella tightened the laces that went up the armbinder from the wrists to the top, which drew the captive’s arms back together. After the laces were tied off at the end, the elbow strap was tightened which elicited another cry of distress from the helpless lady, and the two chest straps were buckled into place which ensured that the scout girl would remain bound.

“There we are, all safe and secured.” The captor said as she turned the whimpering young lady around so that her body was facing the mirror, before picking up what appeared to be a remote control from the dressing table. A button was pressed which caused a tile in the ceiling to slide back, before a latched hoist hook was lowered down until it was at the waist of the scared prisoner. It took just a moment for the hook to be attached to the D-ring at the bottom of the armbinder, and the poor lady was forced to bend over as her hands were hoisted into the air, until her body was parallel to the ground with the bottom of the restraint high above her back. There was another yelp from the helpless young woman as her body was lifted up for a moment so that her feet could be pushed back, and she had to struggle so that she could maintain her balance with her arms being strained even more by her position.

“Now it is time to give you a proper punishment.” Mistress Isabella said as she opened a drawer and pulled out a riding crop, before returning to the captive and standing so that she was to the left of the young woman. “Oh yes, I think that it’s time for a little stimulation, which is your reward for you invading our property.” A moment later the crop was raised into the air by the Mistress, and brought down with some force against the bottom of the captive who shrieked in response to her punishment. Another eleven blows were inflicted, with each being a few seconds apart, and the helpless girl continued to struggle against her bonds in a futile manner as she cried out at each stroke of the crop.

“I think I shall make it a little more intense for you now.” The Mistress took a few steps closer to Sarah and lifted the hem at the back of the skirt, before tucking it into the begging girl scout’s waistband so that her green panty covered bottom was exposed. “This should be even more fun than before.”After the woman returned to her previous position, the pleading sound from the girl scout in bondage turned into cries of pain as she received another dozen spaced strikes on her cheeks from the crop that was wielded by her captor, and she started to sob before half of the blows were delivered. “If you think that was bad, then you will hate this.” Once the lady stepped forward again, she pulled the green panties of the captive down to her upper thighs so that her already pink derriere was exposed, and the woman moved back so that she could administer the next beating. The screams from Sarah were louder than ever as each impact from the riding crop left a red mark on her unprotected posterior, and it only took a few blows for her to start crying as the rest of the dozen strikes landed on her bottom.

“No more spankings for a while.” Isabella said, carrying the riding crop over to the dressing table where it was put down, before picking up the two pads that were a part of Cecyme’s blindfold and putting them over the eyes of the hogtied prisoner.

What have you got in store for me, and why have you decided to stop me from seeing what is being done? Have you got something even worse in store for our innocent prisoner? As the captive lay on the bed, she felt the removal of the strap that bound her armbinder to her ankles, and she was moved off the bed until she was standing on the floor. Are you putting something on my body? What happened next puzzled the captive as it felt that something was being attached to the front of her body, and it seemed to her as if a leather bikini bottom was being fitted to her with one strap going around her waist, and another one going between her legs to be connected to the waist strap at the back.

The situation in the bedroom became even stranger, as there were new pleading and begging sounds from the girl scout when the briefs were put on the standing prisoner. As the helpless Cecyme was made to shuffle forwards by her captor, she could hear the pitiful wailing of her scout increase in volume, until there was a loud scream which was followed by sobbing sounds from the young lady. There was a strong tug at the front of the briefs that Cecyme was wearing, and she was surprised to discover that the front of her legs were pressing against something. OMG, is that the poor girl?

Surprise turned to shock when the pads were removed from the blindfold of the helpless Cecyme, and she saw that the front of her briefs had a strap attached which went around the waist of the defenceless scout. This was nothing compared to the fact that the item that she thought was a bikini bottom, was in fact a strap on and half to the shaft was already penetrating into the young lady’s tunnel of lust. In the shorted struggle that ensured, Cecyme tried to pull herself away, but all she succeeded in doing was move the phallus in and out of the helpless girl while rubbing the sides of her intimacy, which caused the tormented damsel to sob with greater intensity. The strap around your waist doesn’t allow me to move away from you, and I am force to continue to violate your most private area. This is going too far, I didn’t expect to end up doing this to some innocent girl.

“I think that our poor girl scout is well and truly screwed now, Cecyme, and it appears that you are the one that is doing the screwing.” Mistress Isabella walked over to the dressing table, put the eye pads down on the dressing table and picked up the riding crop before returning to the left of the two captives who were bound together. “I think that you can guess what you are supposed to do now, Cecyme, and if you refuse, then I can give you a little encouragement.”

No, you can’t make me do this to the young lady, I won’t do this to her. Even though Cecyme shook her head in defiance as what was to happen, she knew that in the end she was going to fail, but at least she wouldn’t be a willing partner to this act. There was a scream from the woman after a few seconds had passed when the tip of the crop struck her bottom, and she ended up moving forward which caused her to thrust into the young lady who shrieked at her latest violation.

At first there were several seconds between the whipping strikes against Cecyme’s bottom, so the torment for both ladies was slow, but after a while, the gap between the blows started to decrease. This meant that Cecyme was suffering more from the taste of Isabella’s crop, and the young woman was forced to endure more strong thrusts into her body. Although Sarah’s sobbing had grown in strength, she was also starting to moan and writhe which suggested that she had become highly aroused from the punishment.

Soon the whipping of Cecyme’s bottom was faster still, and it seemed to her that she had just pulled back from the young lady when the crop struck again, which forced her push the shaft into the scout’s body. Although the young woman was starting to cry at this point, she seemed to be thrusting back as if she was trying to obtain the maximum amount of impact from Cecyme’s movement. It was about two minutes later when there was a long, loud scream from the violated Sarah as she jerked and convulsed in her bonds, and Isabella put the crop back on the table before turning around so that she could enjoy watching the young woman cry out in her orgasm

We will be lucky if we don’t end up in prison after what we have done to this poor helpless girl. They’ll probably lock all of us up, even though I’m bound and gagged and I tried my best to avoid tormenting her. Perhaps the worst part about this situation is that I’ve thrust into the lady, and even though I didn’t want to do it I’ve ended up very aroused as a result.

The woman looked at her captor in anger as the Mistress picked up the two eye pads, and she had a sinister smile on her face as she attached the pads back on the blindfold so that Cecyme was robbed of the sight. “You have really done it to that poor defenceless young lady, and I wonder what she thinks about you thrusting into her again and again. I can see that part of you has enjoyed it, though.”

Why have you bothered to cover my eyes? After all, there is nothing that you need to hide from me now. There were muffled sounds for a minute or so in front of the helpless woman, and she became worried that something very unpleasant was happening to the scout who had been taken prisoner. After everything went quiet, the pads over the woman’s eyes were removed and she found out that she could be surprised one more time, when she opened her eyes.

When Cecyme looked at the scout in front of her, the most obvious change was that the hood had been removed and the ball-gag had been exchanged for a harness ring gag. However, the bound woman gasped when she recognised the face of the scout who had been made to go through so much suffering at the hands of both Cecyme and her mistress.

OMG, it was you all along! I didn’t expect that I would end up doing this to you.