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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 34

How long have I been out like this? When Cecyme raised her head as high as she could given her present level of restraint, she noticed that the temperature was lower and the sun was almost touching the horizon. You must have let me wake up naturally so that I could get some rest, as that was a most intense experience. However, it won’t be long before the sun sets and when darkness falls you will have to bring an end to displaying your talents, but my previous experiences have shown me that you will finish before twilight ends.

“It is good to see that you are finally awake, my prisoner.” As the helpless woman turned her heard to the right, she saw Collette standing there with a smile on her face which suggested that things were about to become very uncomfortable. “If you remained asleep for much longer, I would have had to call off the final part of the demonstration, but seeing as you are ready there is more than enough time to show you just how good I was at applying what I have learnt from my teacher. It is best to work from behind you so that you will have less chance of preparing yourself for my tormenting.”

Just like before, I will be unable to stop you from doing anything you want to me and all I know is that you are going to make me suffer with you just using your hands.

“You look so cute there, squirming in your bonds as if you had a slim hope of escape, even though I am too good at binding for that to ever happen. No matter how much you struggle, those ropes will hold you in place until I decide to release you.” Collette said as she went around to the back of the captive who was writhing in the cords, which was just a futile effort on her part and it was more of a response concerning what was going to happen to her. “Struggle all you want if it makes you feel any better, but it will make no difference to your cries of pain when I get started on you.”

Just how severe is this torture going to be?

“I don’t want to waste any more time on explanations, so I had better begin with the last round of your entertainment. It will not be long before you will be begging me to stop, but there will come a time when I will stop and you will plead with me to continue.”

Plead with you to continue, how can that even be possible? Ouch! It was while Cecyme was distracted by that comment, that there was a sudden pain in each of her lower arms and she couldn’t prevent herself from letting out a mild squeal as the nails of her captor dug into her flesh. A moment later, the bound woman cried out a little louder as her arms were pinched for a second time and even though it seemed that the pressure was the same, the pain was stronger than the first one.

“My instructor taught me that the location of where I apply the tips of my fingers is far more important than the pressure that I use and the second one was close to a special nerve area which can amplify the sensation at that point. Next, you will notice how quickly I can remove the pain that you are feeling in your arms.”

That explains how you can vary the pain, but I doubt that you can make if go away just as simply as you made me experience it. Oh, that feels good. Within moments, the pain seemed to disappear from her arms as a strong pressure was moved over the areas on each arm. I didn’t think that something like this was possible.

“The hard and quick massage at the right point can replace the pain with a soothing relief. Well, to be more precise, it can reverse the feeling, which means that the more intense the pain becomes, the stronger the pleasure will be, should I choose to apply the massage.” There was another cry from the captive when Collette’s nails dug into certain points on the upper arms of the prisoner and for a moment it felt to the slave as if these areas were on fire.

Please stop, please, please stop!

“That was just a little sample of what you are going to experience in just a few minutes, my sweet slave, so you had better prepare yourself as best you can as I will be building up to applying myself to far more sensitive areas before long.” The Dominatrix said as she rubbed the areas that had just been pinched by her and she moved her fingers down to the back of the helpless woman who yelped again and again as various locations felt the pressure of her captor’s fingernails. “It is nice to see you writhing under my touch while you cry out, as it shows that I am being very successful. I wouldn’t call it an appreciation of my work, as you won’t enjoy it until after I’ve finished, but it is good to know that my skills are so effective.” There was a sigh from the captive as various areas of her back were massaged so that the pain disappeared, but this was only a brief respite as Collette dug her nails into other areas of the helpless woman’s back.

You really aren’t allowing me any rest with this torment of yours, but if you wanted me to suffer, why don’t you just keep pinching me so that the pain gets much worse. Instead, the pain does increase each time with the new locations and the soothing effect gets stronger as well. No! Soon, the pinches had reached the small of Cecyme’s back, but instead of the to torment moving further down, the nails of her captor pressed deep into the soft flesh of her thigh which made the actions against her back and arms appear mild by comparison. I’m really being tortured now and I cannot move my legs away because you bound my ankles to my elbows. When the afflicted areas were caressed by the Dominatrix, the sigh from the prisoner showed how much relief was being provided and at first she didn’t notice the additional effect that the torment was having on her.

It was at the moment of the first squeezes of the most sensitive parts of her thighs between her legs that Cecyme first felt the embers of her eroticism heat up between her legs and as the cycle of pain and relief continued she became surprised by the reaction of her own body. This can’t be happening! You are somehow using this torture to make me aroused, even though I am suffering. I doubt that you can make it overshadow the pain that you are inflicting on me, though. While the helpless lady was distracted by the centre of her desire, she failed to notice that there were no more pinches of her thighs so the sudden digging of nails into the cheeks of her bottom came as a complete surprise. Her screams were even louder as the pain radiated all over her posterior, but apart from twisting in her ropes, there was nothing that the tormented lady could do in response to the latest torment.

“It is at this point when I really start to enjoy entertaining, or should I say torturing my helpless victim.” Collette said as she smoothed the areas of the bottom that had had been dug into and her prisoner moaned as the embers beneath her Mound of Venus grew into a small flame.

That hurt more than when you were torturing my thighs. Please put an end to this, please. Although the captive pleaded with a muffled voice to her Dominatrix to stop, she knew that her tormentor would not listen and she knew that all she was doing was deceiving herself. Where are you going to use your hands on me next? Surely you can’t be planning on torturing me at the top of my legs, that would be horrible! As the prisoner hung there, she cried out at every pinch of her defenceless derriere but when the massages were performed at the same locations, she was only begging for her torment to end only about half the time as the rest was filled with moans of erotic pleasure. Although Cecyme thought that the most sensitive areas of her backside had already been made to suffer, she discovered that this was not the case when her cheeks was parted so that Collette could gain access to the skin that would react the most to this form of torture. This is just too much, I just can’t take any more punishment.

“Your cries are like sweet music to me at the moment, my delicious slave and this is why I like my torture victims to be forced to wear ring gags. If their mouths are filled with a bit or ball gag, not only can this soften their cries, but the gag can be bit down upon to provide a psychological relief. On the other hand, a ring gag is solid so that there is no give and the cries of the suffering lady are not muffled at all.” As the Dominatrix pinched the captive in this sensitive location time after time before providing a soothing relief, the helpless woman realised to her shock that a part of her wanted the torment to continue so that she could experience the caress afterward.

You’re trying to work on my mind so that I will beg you to keep going in the end, but it isn’t going to work on me.

“I think that it is time to move my fingers around to the front of your body now, so that you can ‘appreciate’ my skills in a whole new area.”

No, don’t do it as I know that there are only two more areas that you can concentrate on now and this will make your previous tortures appear to be mild be comparison. There was a constant stream of begging and pleading sounds from the suffering slave as she felt the fingernails of the maid move around to the sides of her body before they travelled up until so that they were at the same height as the captive’s breasts. You are doing this just to prolong the torture, by playing with my mind. In this way, you can make me suffer even more without doing anything to me as my imagination is making me fully aware of how I am going to be made to suffer. The worst part of this is that my arousal is getting stronger with every action of yours and it might not be much longer before I end up in ecstasy. As the tips of the captor’s nails approached the mounds of the prisoner’s breasts, it almost seemed to her as if the images in her mind were already inflicting pain on her and when the nails ‘bit’ into her bosom, she was shrieking before she even felt the effects. NO!

“It is always fun when I can cause the woman under my control to torture herself by using her mind against her, so that she can scream out before I make her suffer.” Collette released her excruciating grip on the breasts of the helpless woman and the following soothing caused the prisoner to writhe in her bonds as the small flame of her lust become a fierce fire which could only be quenched by a climax. “You do seem to be enjoying this very much, seeing as you are responding in an erotic manner so I will carry on with my torment of you.” A series of pinches went along the softest part of each of the breasts of the helpless woman and the torment that she was experiencing was only matched by the increase in the heat of her desire when the affected points were caressed. After each new torment by her captor against her helpless flesh, the woman was no longer sure if she wanted this suffering to stop as her lust was becoming so strong that it was influencing her thinking.

However, when the punishment stopped for a few seconds, Cecyme looked down and saw that the forefingers and thumbs of her torturer were being held above her erect nipples, and she cried out as she knew which part of her body was going to suffer next. No, no, nonono!

“Oh yes, oh yes indeed, my helpless slave, no amount of begging by you is going to prevent those poor nipples of yours from being in the grip on my nails.”
As the nails moved ever closer to the small but prominent buds of flesh, it was obvious to the captive that the Dominatrix was receiving great pleasure from prolonging the mental anguish for as long as possible.

Cecyme discovered later that her scream was heard from the mansion when the nails dug into her nipples and this pain was amplified by Collette twisting her hands around as if to turn a knob. After a few seconds of this suffering, the bound woman found herself crying out for a different reason when her breasts were soothed, as the lust of her flame was fanned into a raging inferno and her primary thought was that she needed her desire to be sated. Please make me come, I need to come so much! Her breasts were pinched again and again and she could no longer think of asking Collette to stop what she was doing, as the caresses took her so very close to the moment of bliss which she was craving.

“Well, that’s the end of the torture session as I think that I may have gone too far already. I hope that you have enjoyed this session and after a short break, I will take you back into the house as the sun has gone down.” As Collette lowered her arms before she stood up to walk around in front of the prisoner, there was a new scream from the captive which wasn’t one of pain or desire, but rather one of supreme frustration as she saw her chance of achieving bliss slipping away. Even though the ropes prevented her from making anything but the slightest movement, the woman attempted to force her body forward in the hope that this would stimulate her centre of desire enough so that she could be taken over the edge.

Please, you must continue! I can’t be left here on the edge like this, as it is a torture all on its own. Pinch me, make me suffer and caress me, please!

“Am I hearing this right? Is the slave who I have tortured so much this evening, now wants me to make her suffer even more? Do you want me to torment you in a spot that is even more sensitive?” Collette said as she knelt in front of her helpless captive.

Yes, torture me in your own special way so that this fire between my legs can be doused by the waters of ecstasy. Just torment me so that I can climax!

There was a laugh from the dominatrix before she continued to speak “When I mentioned before about how you would beg me to continue, your expression seemed to suggest that this was going to be impossible. Yet, now that I have stopped, you are pleading with me to go on even though it is going to hurt. I think that I could delay your erotic release for a lot longer, but seeing as it will be dark soon I might get into trouble with Mistress Isabella for keeping you outside. I would normally suggest that you prepare yourself as best you can, as this is going to be even more painful than tormenting your nipples. However, your expression shows that you do not care how much this is going to hurt, so such a warning would be pointless.”

At this moment, Collette’s words were just gibberish to the struggling Cecyme as the whole of her being was focused on the burning ache that was just above her lips of lust and her single thought was that this needed to be extinguished. She was so preoccupied with her situation that she paid no attention to her captor moving her fingers so that they were above the helpless lady’s Mound of Venus and the first thing that entered her consciousness was the searing pain that was created when Collette’s fingers dug deep into her flesh. The scream from this was followed by a different one within a few seconds, as the caresses over the area provided enough fuel to the fire of her lust to take her over the edge, so that her body convulsed and jerked from the orgasm that engulfed her being...

“I wish that I could allow you some time to rest, but it will be dark soon and I need to get you back to the house.” Cecyme had a vague impression of being lowered to the ground before the ropes that bound her arms together in the unusual position were untied and her arms were placed in a box formation behind her back. Each elbow was bound to the other arm’s wrist with several cinches added, so that the ropes could grip as tight as possible and more cord was wrapped around her upper body, with loops going above and below her breasts. Her legs were freed from the cords that restrained them and the helpless lady managed to stand on her feet, although she was still feeling more than a little unsteady from the after effects of the orgasm. One rope was tied around her waist with several feet loose which was held by Collette.

“Don’t worry about the other Items, Cecyme. The others will bring everything back once we have returned to the mansion.” There was a tug on the rope and Cecyme followed Collette back to the rear door of the building.

(To Be Continued)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 34

It seemed to Cassidy that she was drooling even more through her bit-gag as she looked at the wondrous sight of the woman whose latest costume was a metaphor for control and dominance. When the panels on the blindfold were opened, the captive was almost looking at the floor, so she first found herself staring at the boots that Madam Sǐwáng was wearing. They were calf length with the material being black patent leather, the heels were four inch stilettos that went down to a point and they were secured with laces running all the way up which were wrapped around metal studs. Next were the incredible black pantyhose that consisted of a fine fishnet stitching which covered the visible part of her legs to the top of her thighs, as the woman was wearing a black satin bodysuit.

However, only the lower part of the bodysuit could be seen as the upper half was covered by what appeared to be a combination of a white waistcoat with the top of a shirt and there was even a black bow tie at the collar. Over the waistcoat was a crimson long-sleeved jacket which had a single gold button below her bust, black lapels and old-fashioned jacket tails which went down to her knees. A shiny top hat sat upon her head along with a riding crop in her right hand, which looked as if there was a short flexible whip attachment and this completed the outfit that the Madam was wearing.

I never thought that seeing someone dressed as a circus ring-mistress could be arousing, or that you could look so powerful in this type of costume. After a moment’s thought, Cassidy realised where she had seen Kǎodǎ’s and Kǒngbù’s outfits before and the captive wondered why she hadn’t worked it out when she first saw them. They are wearing trapeze artist costumes, which fits into the theme of this being a circus. However if this is true, where do I fit in? OMG, I’m the circus animal, a helpless bunny in bondage who is going to be made to perform for the viewing audience. As the helpless woman looked around, she saw that there was a barrier arranged in a large circle with two gaps, one of which she must have been taken through when her eyes were covered. It is a pity that there is no one here to see this, as it would be a great show. Wait, I’ve forgotten about the cameras showing this on the net, so the whole world could be watching. Just imagine the headlines for tomorrow “Kidnapped Cassidy constrained in costume as circus captive.” I just hope that everyone enjoys the show. When Cassidy glanced up, she saw a single trapeze with the ropes hanging from a web of cables which ensured a secure point so that it would be safe to use. There should be no problem in swinging on that trapeze, given that the base is as solid as a rock and my guess is that Kǒngbù would have no problems in using it. Kǎodǎ still seems to have a slight limp from when I buried my heel into her thigh, so she might not be ready to swing on it yet.

“So, you like what I have set up for tonight’s entertainment, my cute captive.” Madam Sǐwáng’s words were accompanied by pressure against the underneath of the bound woman’s chin by the crop and the lady looked up at the face of the mistress who was in control of her. The smile on the Madam’s face was warm and genuine and the twinkle in her eyes showed that she appreciated Cassidy’s approval of her costume along with the current theme that was being played out.

As for Cassidy, having her head lifted up by the end of the crop being placed under her chin served to magnify the massive submissive feeling that was wound around her psyche like chains. To her, it was as if this one action with them in this situation added a lock to the chain that couldn’t be removed, even if Cassidy even wanted it to be and the helpless woman knew in her heart that she would always want to be a submissive in bondage to Madam Sǐwáng. I know that you have planned to release me on Thursday morning, but I don’t want that to happen. I want you to keep me as your captive in bondage from now on, as I can only ever be truly happy with you.

When their eyes met, the look on Cassidy’s face became one of pure adoration and she found herself unable to turn her gaze away from the woman who had bound her heart and soul. Madam Siang also seemed transfixed at this moment, with her keeping her eyes on her prisoner and it became clear to the restrained woman that this lady had strong feelings for her as well. It was only when Kǒngbù emitted a cough that was intended to gain the attention of the Madam, that the two ladies’ cheeks blushed as they broke eye contact and the woman turned to face her assistant who handed over the end of the leash so that it was gripped in the left hand.

“Thank you Kǒngbù. I think that it is time to see how our new circus animal acts as she is paraded around the ring, but I’m sure that she will behave herself. So, my bunny in bondage, you are to walk around the ring with me so that we can complete one anti-clockwise circuit.” As the Madam turned almost ninety degrees to her left, Cassidy took her time turning to her right so that she could maintain her balance on her frogtied legs and when the helpless lady was in position she noticed that she was about two foot away from the circus ring.

At least the positioning had been done right, so I don’t have to move any closer to the edge when I start to move around the ring. Each red block is at the right height to sit down and the two assistants are already making use of the ring to rest upon. I do hope that you realise what your accomplices are planning to do to me, so that you can stop it from happening.

“Come on bunny, let’s take you around the ring so that you can be shown off to the crowd.” A sharp tug on the leash by the mistress using her left hand reminded the bunnygirl in bondage that it was time to start walking again. Each step was just as painful as before as the metal balls continued to put a severe strain on her knees, but the experience was somehow different while her mistress was in control.

Right now, it’s almost as if I am being submissive in two ways, one as your bound slave and the other as pet who has to walk alongside you on a collar and leash. This makes it wonderful to be in this situation and the strain on my legs doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad right now. Although Madam Sǐwáng did take short and slow steps when she walked anti-clockwise around the ring, Cassidy was finding it hard to keep up with her and every so often, she would increase the stress on her legs to the point where she would emit an audible gasp. I hope that you are only going to make me complete just one circuit, as being made to squat like this with my legs frogtied is going to tire me out before much longer.

“We are half way around the ring and you are doing wonderfully, my bound bunny. You do look so cute with that drool running down your chin from the carrot that gags you. However, it must be more than a little uncomfortable for you, so would you like me to clean it off for you?”

Yes please, Mistress. It can become very irritating and I have no means to remove the saliva while I am restrained like this. There was a nod from the helpless submissive in response to the question and the Madam pulled a white handkerchief from the left sleeve of her jacket, which was used to wipe the drool off the chin of the captive before it was folded up so that it could be placed back into the sleeve.

“Come along little bunny, we still have the remainder of the circuit to do and I think that it would be better for you if you finish it sooner rather than later. Taking a break now would only make you weaker and you might not be able to get back to your starting point.” There was another quick tug on the leash which meant that Cassidy would have to walk forward in the unique way that her bondage imposed on her and it was after she had taken a few more steps that the helpless lady realised just how weak her legs had become. “See, it is becoming very tiring for you, but I am sure that you will be able to get back to you began from.” It took even longer for Cassidy to get back to the part of the ring where she had began the circuit and as she took the final steps, her legs were so weak that the woman felt as if they were going to give way from underneath her at any moment.

 “I am so proud of you to have made it all of the way around the ring, so perhaps you should take the strain off your legs by resting on the floor.” The Madam said as she removed the collar from around the neck of the captive, who wasted no time in dropping to her knees before taking care when she fell onto her right side. “Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, it is time to tell me how you wish to attach our prisoner to the trapeze before you start on your acrobatics.”

What? You’re going to hang me from the trapeze? That was never mentioned to me! When the helpless lady heard what was going to happen, she started to squirm in her bonds, even though the rational part of her mind was pointing out that there was no chance of escape. As she looked on, the two sisters rose from the side blocks and as they walked towards their leader it was clear that Kǎodǎ still had a slight limp with her left leg along with a visible bruise.

“With respect Madam, perhaps we should postpone the trapeze show for a little while as my sister needs a little longer to recover.” Kǒngbù said.

“What happened to Kǎodǎ?” Madam Sǐwáng said as she started to frown.

“We were far too aggressive in our comments towards our captive, suggesting that we would commit some very nasty acts on her which resulted in her becoming terrified of what we were going to do to our captive. At one point Cassandra became so scared that she ran away from us and this served to make us angry, so we escalated our comments.”

It was Kǎodǎ who spoke next. “We had trapped Cassandra against a wall so that she could run no further and in my haste, I rushed at her without thinking with the result that she managed to strike me in the thigh with her heel. I had been humiliated by this and we had both become very angry as a result which made the situation worse. We bound her legs so that she was frogtied and I was so angry that I managed to terrify our prisoner out of her wits. If it wasn’t for your intervention, I might have committed a most regrettable act against Cassandra. We are both sorry for our misbehaviour.”

“I noticed both of you on the monitor with our and I did not like what I saw, so I thought it was best that I interrupted you before it was too late.” As Madam Sǐwáng looked at her accomplices, her expression softened. “Seeing as the both of you volunteered the information about what you were doing and you have apologised, I can see no need to take this any further. However, that will mean a pause in our proceedings while your leg improves Kǎodǎ.”

“We do have an idea, if you permit it Madam and we have the equipment to set it up.” Kǒngbù said “Kǎodǎ mentioned it when the operation was being prepared and we obtained the necessary items, just in case anything extra was needed. With your permission we can set up the captive for your entertainment.” Kǎodǎ whispered into Madam Sǐwáng’s right ear and the leader started to smile.

“If that is what you two have planned, then go ahead. It will be interesting to see how she looks once you have changed her appearance.”

What have you two got planned for me? Kǒngbù walked over to the helpless Cassidy so that she could turn the captive onto her back, before bending over so that she could reach down and close the blinkers on the blindfold so that the prisoner was left unable to see. Not only does this make me more helpless, but the pair of you will be able to spring a surprise on me no matter how unpleasant it could be. Once the helpless lady had been robbed on her sight, she concentrated on listening to any movement but the soft shoes of her captors ensured that she wasn’t able to hear anything. As the seconds went by, Cassidy started to struggle in her bonds as she began to wonder if she had been left alone on the floor and that she would have to spend the night like this.

It was the touches against her thighs and ankles that alerted the bound lady that her captors were at work and she presumed that they must be untying the knots on the ropes that kept her legs frogtied. At least my legs won’t be tormented like this for a while, but I could end up being placed into something far worse. As the ropes were unwound from around her legs, Cassidy noticed the two assistants were acting in a synchronised manner which meant that both legs would be free at the same time. At least I don’t have to wait for my legs to be untied one at a time, so this part can be over with relatively quickly. The captive was puzzled when her legs were held in position as the last loops were undone with the ropes taken away and she was unprepared when both of her legs were straightened out at the same time which emphasised the fire in her knees, causing her to cry out. However, the helpless woman wasn’t allowed any rest as the two accomplices forced her to stand on her feet, which she managed to do although her legs were still trembling from the stress.

Once Cassidy seemed to be steady enough on her feet, there were sounds at the top of her head as if two items were removed from connecters that were acting as clips and this was followed by two identical noises which made her think that something new had been attached. Next, the lady ended up crying out from surprise as the bunny tail was removed from the clip at her bottom and another object was fastened there which tickled the back of her knees. After the prisoner was guided to a point in the ring, she was made to sit down onto a block and the black shoes were removed from her feet before it felt as if calf length boots were being put on each leg. The way that the boots are tightening around my calves must mean that they are lace-up. There must be something weird about these boots, though, as they are forcing my feet to be at a forty-five degree angle and you two must have some experience at lacing boots up like these, as you have nearly finished already.

When Cassidy’s captors had finished putting her boots on, she lowered her feet to the floor so that she could rest her legs and she was surprised to hear a metallic sound hitting concrete. These boots must have a platform of at least a few inches as the tips of my toes aren’t at floor level. Something was clipped to the metal rings on either side of her face that connected the gag in her mouth to the harness and the pull on this forced the prisoner to stand up on her unusual boots before taking a few steps forward. The sound that these boots does seem to be familiar, but where have I heard it before? Are there two leashes on my gag?

“Thank you Kǎodǎ and Kngbu, you were right about how a few items have made an incredible transformation to our prisoner and I must admit that she looks wonderful like this. However, she is going to find her alteration to be quite a surprise when she gets to see what you have done to her.”

The panels on the blindfold were pulled open by the assistants and the helpless lady noticed a mirror to her right which she looked at for a moment before letting out a shriek. Instead of the two bunny ears that had been on the headband, there were two black horse ears and a black horse tail ran down from her bottom to her knees. However, it was her new black patent leather boots that had shocked her the most, as the platform part of the boot was in the shape of a horses’ hoof and there was a metal horseshoe at the bottom. The sound was me going clip-clop, just like a horse as it trots. The blindfold might as well be my blinkers as they serve the same purpose and the harness bit-gag might is my bridle They just emphasise this new humiliation that I have been placed into and the leashes are my reigns.

I’ve been turned into a ponygirl!

(To Be Continued)

Monday, 10 August 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 22

“Okay, it is clear that this idea didn’t work, so if you two ladies could separate from each other, I will be able to clean you down before drying you.” Although Petra heard the command of her mistress and she knew that there could well be a punishment for disobedience, obeying it was a different matter as her body was no longer responding to her conscious thought. Instead, the helpless woman’s kisses became even more intense as she pressed her body harder against that of the niece and she rubbed her breasts against the other woman as much as she could. This provided a little extra stimulation, but it was not going to allow her any kind of erotic release from her desire.

No! You can’t do that, not right now! It seemed to the bound slave that her cry echoed that of her companion, when hands went  between their bodies before they were forced away from each other to the point where their backs were pressed against the sides of the cubical. You have moved me like this, so I think that the same must have happened to Diana. Is this to be our punishment for failing to obey your orders and how long are you going to make us suffer for? Petra discovered that there was no diminishing of the inferno of lust between her legs as she squirmed with her soapy posterior making a squeaking noise as it rubbed against the glass panel. Please allow us to come, please!

“Although you did not follow my commands, I will not exact a punishment as it is clear that the situation has left you so aroused that nothing short of direct action was going to separate you.” There was a short pause from Kendra which coincided with a shriek from Diana and the vulnerable Petra emitted a similar response when hands grasped the chains around her body before she was turned ninety degrees to the right so that the front of her body would be facing out of the shower. “I can get started on the last part of your shower now, and once this is done, the pair of you can get the relief that you so desperately need.”

The only thing left to do is wash us down, but all you need to do is to caress us in the right area and our suffering will be over. A moment later, the captive shrieked as cold water splashed across her face, but after a few seconds the heat of the liquid changed so that it became lukewarm which meant that she was no longer shocked by the temperature.  That cry to the left of me must be Diana being hit by the water, so the soap is being washed off both of us at that same time. I hope that this doesn’t take too long as the feeling of desire between my legs is so strong that it is torturing me. If the defenceless woman wasn’t so aroused at the moment, she would have welcomed the flow of warm water over her neck and shoulders as soothing and sensual, but in her present state it just added a little extra to her torment of pleasure.  Although it seemed logical to Petra thought that her breasts would be next, the suds from the gel were washed away from her abdomen and after a few seconds pause in which Diana must have had her stomach washed, the spray was taken down the front of each leg all the way down to her toes.

That leaves only my breasts and my Moun-aiee! It was impossible for Petra to do anything other than shriek as the nipple of her right breast was struck with a strong jet of water from the shower head and she cried out for a second time when her left nipple was subjected to the same treatment. Once this stopped, there were two shouts from Diana which suggested that the other slave had received the same treatment and the rest of her own breasts were covered with a soft spray which still had some droplets fall onto her nipples.

Oh no, if that was bad enough it is going to be sheer torture when you use the shower handle in jet mode against my Mound of Venus. Although the restrained woman knew what was going to happen next, she realised that she had started shaking her head as this was going to make her suffer,  but the captive was aware that her captor was going to ignore it anyway. When the blast of concentrated water struck her on her aching Mound, she doubled up as the air in her lungs was expelled in a piercing scream, but the experience was so intense that she went quiet from being unable to breathe back in. When the flow stopped against her most sensitive and intimate area, Petra was able to stand up straight as she almost gulped the air down into her lungs, but she almost jumped on the spot when she heard the prolong shriek from the prisoner on her left. At least I won’t have to do that again. No! Another cry escaped her gagged mouth when a second jet of water tortured her lustful flesh and she found herself suffering just as much, even though she thought that the second time was worse.  As the helpless lady straightened up, a squeal to the left of her confirmed that Diana was also being subjected to the same style of water torture which left Petra wonder if there was going to be a third or fourth round. This hasn’t brought me any release and the area at the top of my legs is aching more than ever because of what you have done.

“Both slaves will now turn around before I tell you to stop.” It took just a moment for the captive to comprehend what her mistress had said and the shuffling beside her let her know that Diana was also following the orders, before they were told to stop.

I don’t know how you are going to be able to bring us to the peak of pleasure with our backs turned to you like this, but I hope that you have a plan. There was a sigh to the right of the bound woman as Diana was being affected in some manner, but it was only when the water washed over Petra with a hand massaging her scalp that she realised that the gel was being cleaned out of her hair. It does make sense that you would concentrate on our heads like this as it is easier to remove the gel out of our hair while we are in this position. Once this had been completed, the spray of water was splashed over the neck and shoulders of the prisoner and this was echoed by similar sounds to her right, before the shower was run down to just above her bottom. There was splashing to the right which made her think that Diana’s legs were being cleaned off first and then Petra’s own legs were washed down with the water spray before there was a gentle washing over her bottom.

Well, that is the last area that needed to be cleaned off, so we should hopefully receive our reward, but you would end up getting wet from our bodies if you attempted to pleasure us with your hands. OMG! Petra was taken by surprise as she heard the shower head expel water in a jet at its fastest rate yet and it was a second later when there was an intense scream of shock from the chained Diana. This cry altered within a few seconds to a familiar one as the niece was deep in the throes of orgasm and this continued until there was a slumping sound. What on earth did you do to Diana? Any accessible spot was from the other side-. Her thinking was interrupted when a hand took hold of the bonds at her elbows and she was wondering what Kendra had planned for her when the prisoner found herself screaming just as hard as the other captive had been. This was due to Kendra having manipulated the shower head so that the water jet shot upwards at just the right angle, so that when it was pressed against the special spot at the top of Petra’s legs, the blast of water shot straight through the gap and right onto her engorged lips on lust. Within a few seconds, the water jet acted just as well as any vibrator in bringing the defenceless lady to orgasm and she convulsed with only the hand of her captor ensuring that she didn’t fall to the floor. As Petra’s orgasm came to an end, she was lowered to the floor of the cubical and her quivering body pressed against that of the other slave who was also shaking a little.

After a short time had passed by, the captive was helped back onto her feet and made to hop out of the shower before a large warm towel was wrapped around her body with a long belt buckled around her shoulders so that it was held in place. I wonder if Diana will be treated the same? Oh my, that was a dumb question as there is no reason why she shouldn’t be. It was a few more minutes before the pads were removed from Petra’s eyes and as she looked to the left she could see that Diana already had her pads removed as Kendra attached the leads to their collars.

“We are going back to the cell room now my slaves, where I will dry you so that you two can provide me with some pleasure before bedtime. Follow me.” There was a tug on the leads and the two slaves took small measured hops so that they would be able to keep behind their mistress without the collars being pulled on. It didn’t take long for the two captives to reach the room, even with them taking short jumps and Petra noticed that there was a hair dryer on the bedside table, along with a few brushes. “Okay, you two sit down on the bed and I’ll take care of your hair as I don’t want to see it get all tangled up with your gags.” Kendra said as she unhooked the leads and the two prisoners hopped over onto the left side of the bed before sitting down with Petra on the right.

At least you are taking care of us properly, but I doubt that you want any of us to end up with messed up hair. As Petra looked to her right, she saw Kendra get onto the bed, pick up the hairdryer along with a bush and moved around behind the helpless lady so that she could kneel behind Diana. As the dryer blew against the hair of the bound niece, she closed her eyes and sighed as the brush was taken through her hair and the aunt spent some time ensuring that the prisoner’s hair was dry and tidy.

“Now it is your turn, my sweet and sexy slave.” Kendra said once Diana’s hair was dried and brushed through and the mistress shuffled to the right on her knees so that she could be behind the other captive in order to dry her hair.

The air from the dryer does feel good against my hair, and the brushing feels so sensual. I just hope that you don’t make either of us do anything that would arouse us though, as I think that we have been through enough this evening. Petra closed her eyes as she tilted her head back and she luxuriated in the experience of having her hair dried, with the brush making gentle strokes so that the strands wouldn’t become tangled. In a very short period of time, the warm air on her scalp along with the rhythmic brushing started to make the helpless lady feel drowsy and she started to nod her head forward.

“You should stay awake sleepyhead, as you and your fellow slave are needed to perform one final task before it is time to go to bed.” Kendra said as she gave a harsh pull with the brush, so that the restrained Petra would have her head jerked back and this sudden motion made her wide awake again.

It’s clear that you want something from us, but I don’t know what. Once the captor had finished with the task of ensuring that the hair of her captives were dry, the dryer and brush were put back on the table before the belts were unstrapped from around the prisoners’ shoulders and the towels were removed before they were folded up so that they could be put on the table along with the belts. Next, Kendra stepped off the bed between the helpless ladies so that she could reach into one of the bags and took out two short chains along with a pair of padlocks which were put on the table.

“It’s time to get you two ready, so stand up Slave Diana and turn around before hopping back a few jumps.” She said as she stood in front of her niece who managed to stand up straight after one unsuccessful attempt and after a few seconds of shuffling, she had managed to turn so that she was facing the bed before jumping backward twice. “Good slave, now I will help you to kneel down on the floor.” Kendra took hold of the chains around the chest of her niece who bent her legs at the knees and lowered herself until her knees touched the floor which left her facing the bed in a kneeling position. “Okay Petra, it is your turn now. I will help you kneel on the floor, just as I did with my niece.”

I hope that you keep to that as I have no wish to fall over while I am in such strict bondage. Petra was able to get onto her feet on the second try, but she was a little unsure of her footing as she turned around so that the bed was in front of her and when she tried to jump back, she would have fallen if Kendra hadn’t grabbed the cuffs that held her elbows together. Although the restrained woman felt a little nervous at the prospect of having to lower herself, the solid grip at her elbows provided enough reassurance so that she could be lowered to the floor.

“That was good Petra, even though you were a little unsteady. This is your first proper day in bondage though, while Diana and I have had plenty of experience in having to move in restraints like these. I’ll just add one last chain which will keep the pair of you in place so that I can be entertained.” Once Kendra had finished speaking she walked over to the table so that she could pick up the pairs of chains plus the padlocks and the lady knelt behind the helpless Petra who had an idea of what was about to happen.

If I’m right, you are going to secure my wrists to my ankles so that I will be stuck in this position and once we are both in kneeling hogties, our purpose will be to service your feet. There was a sensation between the wrists of the helpless Petra, where the chain was taken through hasp of the large padlock, before the end was threaded through the padlock that connected her ankle cuffs together and the chain was pulled tight with a click indicating that the chain was locked in place by the small padlock. I’m stuck here now, but I doubt that I am going to spend the whole night like this as it would become too uncomfortable before long. A series of clinking sounds to the right of the damsel close to the floor was followed by a click which let Petra know that Diana was just as helpless with her wrists and ankles bound together. now we are ready to use our mouths to provide you with pleasure. What are you doing now? Petra could hear footsteps as Kendra moved around the room behind her and she wondered why her captor was doing this instead of sitting on the bed so that she could present her feet to her prisoners.

“Surprise!” A squeal was expelled by the helpless woman when something went over her eyes and before she was able to react, the lady felt the increase in pressure as the straps went around the side of her head where they were buckled together at the back.

I’m blindfolded again! Is this part of your game? Even though Petra was unable to see, the sounds to her right could only have been Diana having a leather blindfold being put over her eyes as well, which meant that they would both have to work by touch. A few seconds later, there was movement between the two ladies which was followed by the bed making a squeaking sound and the captive felt something press hard against her nose. Oh great, now you are squashing my nose with your big toe.

“Okay slaves, you should be ready by now to provide me with some pleasure after all of the work that I have done. As you both must have guessed, I am touching the tips of your noses with the big toes of each foot. In a second, the toes will be moving down your face before they are pushed into the ring-gags, at which point you can start to attend to my feet.” Petra managed to stay very still as the tip of her captor’s right big toe moved down to the point where it was touching her top lip and at this point it was slipped into her mouth.

Time to entertain my mistress. After just a moment’s pause, the captive set to work, licking and sucking at the toe of the woman who held her prisoner, and it was clear by the moans and sighs of the lady on the bed that she was already well on the way to having an orgasm...

(To Be Continued)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 33

Pleasepleaseplease! Cecyme twisted and turned in her bonds as she shrieked with laughter when the nails of her captor performed a very soft rake against the sensitive skin at the base of her arms. While this continued, the helpless woman was unable to think in any kind of organised stream as her body jerked in an uncontrollable manner and it was only when Collette withdrew her fingers that the captive was able to relax in any way. If this is only the start of my torture in this way, I dread to think what it is going to be like when you bring this to its peak. After this part is over, my guess will be that you are going to show me how you use pain which will make this seem mild by comparison.

“This is just a little sample of how I can torment you in such a basic manner. When I was making love to you earlier, it was so that I can find out how your body responds in various areas, so that I would be able put this knowledge to use when I practise my other skills on you. My tiny demonstration just now was so that you can truly understand how good my control is. I will leave the soles of your feet alone for the time being as that would be like bombing fish in a barrel.”

As the helpless woman did her best to turn her head so that she could see where her captor was moving her hands to, she managed to get a glimpse of fingers moving down the sides of her thighs, just above her skin. Why are you going down there? After all, the most sensitive areas on my body are higher than that.

“Why are you looking so confused slave Cecyme? Oh, it is because you cannot understand why I am taking my hands down your body, but you will discover soon enough that I have a very good reason for this. However, I will not provide you with an explanation right now, as it would spoil your fun. Well, at least my fun, as you might not appreciate in the same way.”

I doubt that there is any area that will be as bad as the places that you have missed, so I can’t think of why you would want to keep it sec- nonono, stopstopstop! The body of the helpless woman twitched and jerked in her bonds again as she was being tickled, but her attempt to kick her legs forward were prevented by the grip of her captor’s hands around her calves that were just above her knees. It was only when there was a momentary gap in the tickling that Cecyme realised that the little fingers of the tormentor were rubbing against the back of the prisoner’s knees and this was what was causing her to shriek though the ring that held her mouth open while her body convulsed.

“Given your reaction to what I am doing, it is clear that no explaining is necessary about why I selected the location. It is impossible for you to move your legs out of the way while I am doing this, as the rest of my fingers hold your limbs in place, which makes this even more efficient than tickling your feet.”

As the tickling of the captive’s knees continued, there were times that she thought that her struggles would cause her legs to be strained at the hips as she thrust her body forward in an involuntary response. Any attempt at escaping the grasp of her tickler proved to be useless, but there was no other way that she could respond to the stimulus.

“I think that you need another short break from my fiendish fingers.” Collette said as she withdrew her hands from between the folded legs of the captive who managed to relax, although the helpless lady knew that it would be just a short respite before her suffering continued. “To be honest my tickle-torture victim, I was unsure about this being effective on you, but given your other responses there was a high chance of this area being ticklish as well. Now that I know that this area is vulnerable, I will be able to take advantage of it in all of my future games with you.”

If you had tickled my feet, I would at least have a chance of getting out of the reach of your fingers, even if it would be for just a moment. This method makes sure that I am unable to get out of reach of your fingers when you apply your skills to my legs. However, if you want to effectively tickle my feet, all you have to do is bind my ankles together before tying my ankles to my elbows. I hope that you don’t think of doing this to me, and owing to the fact that you haven’t already done this means that it hasn’t crossed your mind, so it isn’t going to happen.

“Having your victim screaming like a banshee all of the time is no fun at all and it can be quite stressful to the ears to have to put up with a continual shrieking. Plus, it requires no skill to make someone laugh like that, which means that it is hardly showing off my skills. The true talent in this type of situation is playing the victim like a musical instrument, with the goal of taking her to a crescendo in more ways than one.”

I hope that you are correct in what you say, as that would mean that I wouldn’t have to suffer at the same level all of the time. Your comment about more than one type of crescendo is a little puzzling as it must refer to being tickled as hard as possible for a long time. Although you have already made me shriek at your touch, I doubt that I have experienced the most intense torment that you have at your disposal. Cecyme’s train of thought was disrupted for a moment when the fingernails of the dominatrix scraped away at certain points on her back as even the sharp pressure at these locations were sufficient to be ticklish. It was enough to make her giggle as the captive twisted a little in her bonds, but at least it wasn’t overwhelming like the two previous assaults against her body and the distraction proved to be momentary. Compared to what you did to me before, this is quite soft, even though I cannot keep silent or still.

“See how gentle I can make this for you? If tickling is used right, it can be almost like a soft massage, albeit one that encourages you to move around, rather than relax and remain motionless. Then there is the other end of the spectrum, where I can perform such a ferocious tickle that you-, well perhaps it is better if you experience it for yourself so that you can understand just how much of a torture it can be.”

Whatever you do to me, it can hardly be worse than- AIEEE! As the captive let out a shriek that was so loud that she thought that she was going to deafen herself, it felt to her as if she was going to pull her arms out of her sockets with the massive convulsions that she was undergoing.

What was even worse to her, however, was that fact that her laughter halted after just a few seconds when the effort of trying to laugh was so intense that it prevented her from breathing in. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe! The terror that this invoked in the helpless woman managed to concentrate her thoughts into a consistent enough manner so that she was well aware of her current predicament. What also became clear to the captive was the fire in her chest, as the extraordinary tickling of her sides continued and as her struggles started to weaken, she was scared that she was going to fall unconscious before long from lack of oxygen. Trying to plead or beg for mercy from her captor proved to be impossible because of the situation that she found herself in and the only thing that the powerless lady could do was nod her head back and forth as far as she could with as much speed as possible. Please stop, I’m going to die!

“That is how far I can take this type of action and you can understand just how much torture I can inflict by using the tips of my fingers to tickle you.” Collette said as she pulled her fingers away from the sides of the tormented woman and this allowed the captive to breathe again, with her taking in as much air as she could so that she could recover from her ordeal before more torments would be inflicted on her. “It was also necessary to show you that I was monitoring your condition, so that you would not come to any harm. Unless I want to employ this particular technique in torturing you, any future applications of this intensity will be momentary at best as it can be very stressful.”

At least you know what you are doing, so there is no reason to think that I am in any danger while I am your prisoner. However, I do not want to repeat an experience like this anytime soon. After a few minutes, the semi-suspended lady’s breathing slowed down to its usual pace and the captive was able to relax a little better in her bonds, although she knew that her torment would continue because she was back to normal.

“Now I think that it is time to continue with tickling my sweet slave.” The Dominatrix said and Cecyme tensed her body as she knew that it would be no more than a few seconds before she would be once again squirming under the touch of her captor’s fingers.

Here we go again. Just as before, it was impossible for the restrained woman to remain still while certain areas of her back were target’s by Collette’s skilful touch, but it was just to the level of low giggles and a little squirming. I doubt that you will stay as this level for long, as I suspect you will want to see me put up a hard struggle. This suspicion proved to be true when the dominatrix moved her hands to the sides of the vulnerable captive who could do nothing but catch brief glimpses if what was happening as she attempted to turn her head. I don’t think that it will be anywhere near as bad as when I was being asphyxiated by tickling, but seeing as this is a form of torture I am going to be made to suffer. Nononono!

When the skilful finger’s of Cecyme’s assailant brushed against the soft skin on either side of her body, she was unable to stop herself from laughing out loud as the squirming in her bonds increased to a strenuous level. Notagain, notagain! As the woman pulled against the cords that bound her arms, she became aware that the muscles were starting to ache a little from her futile attempts to pull herself free. After a few minutes, Collette softened her strokes so that the tormented lady could relax a little and the prisoner tried to make as much use of this time as she could, although she know that her captor was going to make things even worse for her.

When Collette increased the pace of her tickling increased, the captive could notice how intense the tickling was by the alteration of her own involuntary responses, rather than by the actual pressure against her skin. This could change within seconds, which was reflected in Cecyme’s movements along with the tone and strength of her laughter and it did seem to her as though she was being played like a musical instrument. As the tormenting increased, there were moments when the helpless woman ended up kicking her legs up from the floor in response to the tickling, which was the only free movement that she had left.

“Now that you have experienced how I have tickled you on other parts of your body, maybe it is time to concentrate on those sexy soles of yours.” As the Dominatrix spoke she stopped tickling the sides of the bound lady, which allowed the suffering prisoner to put her knees back on the ground, but she knew that this would just allow easier access to her feet. “Ah you are in the right position for a little foot torture.” There was a pause of a few seconds before Collette raked her fingernails over the sensitive soles of the lady in front of her, whose reaction was to take her legs up so that her feet were out of reach of the captor. “Well, I cannot blame you for doing that, even though it makes tormenting you harder. However, there is a price to be paid for doing this Cecyme. There is no need to worry about me doing anything to you as you will do it to yourself.”

A muffled cry escaped the gagged mouth of the woman as she realised what her captor was talking about, as the ache in her arms increased to an intolerable level in moments when they took on the task of providing the only support for her body. I have to let you either tickle my feet, or I suffer from the increasing fire in my shoulders. I’m going to have to find a way to minimise my torment at your hands and also work out how to avoid your fingers as much as possible without feeling as if I am going to dislocate myself. After a few more seconds, Cecyme put her legs back down so that she could take some of the strain off her arms, but this put the soles of her feet back within reach of the woman who was making her suffer.

“Why thank you, my slave.” Collette wasted no time in continuing the torment as she tickled her captive’s feet as hard as possible so that she could inflict the maximum torment in the shortest amount of time. Even though Cecyme did her best to withstand the tickling, her resolve gave in after about half a minute and she lifted her frogtied legs into the air until the ache in her arms grew to such a degree that she had no other choice but to use her legs for support.

If this goes on for much longer, I could end up hurting my arms in a big way. I just hope that you realise this before it’s too late, Collette.

“That trembling in your arms is becoming very pronounced, Cecyme. It shows that you are pushing yourself to the limit by trying to avoid my tickling, and Mistress Isabella will be most upset if you end up getting hurt. This means that I will have to stop tickling you in this way, otherwise I am guaranteed to get into trouble.”

This means that I have won! I can’t believe that you would give up so easily, but perhaps you should have put me in a spread eagle which would have made it easier for you. What are you doing now? The helpless woman was caught by surprise as the dominatrix moved around to her front in one smooth movement before keeling so that her legs were on either side of the captive’s. Next, the helpless lady’s spirits sank as Collette’s arms reached behind her and there was the familiar sensation of rope being wrapped around the captive’s ankles before it was cinched, tightened and knotted off. Another rope was tied to Cecyme’s ankles before the captor went around to behind her back and the additional strain on the restrained woman’s elbows showed that the other end of the rope was tied off there. I won’t be able to move my legs forward now.

Cecyme tried her best to kick up her legs, but the now rope was so tight that she couldn’t even move her knees up from the ground and she let out a despairing howl as she realised that she had been outwitted. “Oh Cecyme, did you think that this was not part of my plan all along? The Mistress who taught me this, explained that I should let the prisoner think that they had a chance and were winning in some way. This makes it all the more sweet when you show that they were deluded and no chance existed. With your legs restrained like this, your feet are just as accessible as the rest of your body and no amount of struggling can help you now.”

You let me think that I was going to get out of this, when it has just been a big trick all along. Nooooo! Although the prisoner tried to squirm out of the way of her captor’s fingers, the new restraints made it impossible, even when her feet were subjected to a sustained assault. Collette varied the speed of her tickles, along with the intensity and location, but the torment was continuous which meant that Cecyme was distracted from was also happening to her body.

“My dear Cecyme, you must have no idea what is about to happen to you, even though it is clear to me how your body is reacting. This is going to make what is going to occur so much more amusing.” As the dominatrix slowed her tickling down to a level that the prisoner could put together a coherent stream of thought, she started to laugh which puzzled the helpless lady.

what can you possibly be talking about? I can feel nothing but the effects of your tick- oh my God, Oh My God OHMYGODDDDDD!

There was a different scream this time from the captive Cecyme, not one of laughter, but the drawn out cry of an intense orgasm...

(To Be Continued)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 33

The grip on the knees of the helpless woman was released as Kǎodǎ leaned forward, but Cassidy found that her legs pressed against the sides of her captor in what was almost a parody of intimacy. I can see by the look on your face that you are enjoying every moment of this and I have no way of delaying you any further. I haven’t managed to cause enough time to be lost, so you will be able to violate me before Madam Sǐwáng manages to intervene. As Kǎodǎ leaned forward even more, the defenceless lady was unable to prevent herself from trembling when she felt the pressure of the other woman’s abdomen against her own.

“It is so delicious to feel you shake with fear, my delicious victim and I am sure that I will have enough time to plunge you into a living hell which will affect you for the rest of your time with us. There is no doubt that you will want no further contact with our Mistress once this is over, as you will be too traumatised to want to see her again.” While Kǎodǎ was talking, she leaned on her elbows which were on either side of the captive who had become almost frozen at the prospect of what was going to happen to her. “If I started at your most intimate place, then I would not be able to escalate your psychological harm, so it would be best for me to first begin further up your body.” There was nothing that Cassidy could do but watch as the woman moved her hands above the captive’s breasts, with the tips of her fingers hovering above the bodysuit and the vulnerable lady begged and pleaded for mercy which she knew that she was not going to receive. “Once you are exposed, I am going to waste no time in turning your existence into one of horror and our revenge will be achieved.”

Although Cassidy attempted to steel herself for the oncoming violation, she knew that there was no preparation that would provide any defence against the damage that was going to be inflicted on her as her captor’s hands gripped against the soft material. I wasn’t successful in slowing you two down for long enough and I will never be the same again after this. As the gripped tightened at the top of Cassidy’s bodysuit, her begging changed to quiet sobs as she knew that nothing could prevent herself from the assault and she was never going to be the same again.

“Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, where are you in the factory?” Cassidy cried out in relief as she heard Madam Sǐwáng’s voice booming out through a loudspeaker and even though she was unable to understand the Mandarin words that the two assistants said as they pulled back from her, it was obvious by the tone of their voices that they were a series of expletives. “Where are you two and what are you doing with Cassandra?” After a pause of a few seconds, the Madam spoke again.”I can see all three of you on one of the cameras now and I need you two to take our prisoner to the appropriate location right away. Once she is in position, you must put the special blindfold on her before I appear before her so that she can be surprised by me in my new outfit.”

I never thought that I would be so thankful for all of these cameras positioned all over the warehouse and I’m sure that someone must have been watching what was happening to me. It could be that one of them sent a text message over to the Madam and warned her about what her assistants were doing. There was an unmistakable expression of fury on Kǎodǎ’s face and for a moment the helpless captive thought that the assistant was going to lose control of herself with horrible consequences, before a malevolent smile appeared.

“This is only a temporary setback, you harlot, as I will think of some way to make you suffer. You are safe for the moment, but do not assume that this will last until the end of your captivity as we will get our revenge. However, seeing as our Mistress must be monitoring the feed, we will have to make sure that you are made to walk to the location without anything happening to you.”

If my guess is correct, maybe Madam Sǐwáng has already worked out what you are planning and she will be putting a stop to it. My concern is how am I going to get to where my Mistress will want me to be, are you two going to carry me there? I certainly can’t just walk there with my legs bound like this.

“Kǎodǎ, I have the feeling from the comments that our Madam would like the whore to be made to move as she is, while she is being watched. It also means that we have to be very careful in what we do, as we do not want to get into trouble for doing anything to her, even though this creature deserves to be treated badly for the way that she has betrayed us.”

“One lady before has managed to walk with her legs bound in the same way, so I am certain that Cassandra will able to do the same. The first thing that we need to do is to get this thing onto her feet so that she will be able to start moving. I will take hold of her lower torso while you grip onto her upper arms.”

I won’t be able to stand while I am bound like this, as keeping my balance with my arms and legs bound in this particular way is going to be impossible. No, you can’t! A protesting squeal was emitted by the restrained prisoner as the two accomplices took hold of her, with each making sure that they didn’t place their hands anywhere that was intimate to the woman they were handling.

“Although we could get into trouble if we mistreat you physically in any way, our mistress knows that walking in these restraints is possible.”Kaoada said “So, if you end up tripping or slipping while you try to move, it will be a result of your actions and nothing to do with us.”

“Therefore, you should concentrate on making sure that your balance is firm when you are placed upright so that you do not topple over.” Kǒngbù said as she maintained a form hold on Cassidy’s upper arms, while the assistant worked with her sister to make sure that the bound woman was able to squat on the balls of her feet. “See, you can stand up on your feet. Personally, I would prefer it if you keep falling over as this would give us the excuse to drag you by your neck to where Madam Sǐwáng wants you to be.”

This is impossible, I’m never going to stay standing up like this and I just know that I am going to fall over if I make even the slightest movement. Once the helpless lady had been held for a few seconds in what was as close to an upright position as she was going to achieve at the moment, the captors released their grip on her. For a moment, Cassidy felt so precarious in her stance on the balls of her feet that she cried out as she was sure that she was going to topple forward onto the hard floor, but the bound woman recovered just in time so that she could remain upright. I can just about maintain my balance at the moment, but only because I am staying still in what is essentially a squatting position and it won’t be long before I am forced to move. Ooow! As the fear of falling over subsided, the retrained woman noticed the increased pain in her knees that was caused by her being on her feet, with her body forcing her upper legs down a little further. This in turn caused not only greater stress at the parts of the leg that touched the small steel ball, but the leverage effect increased the pressure on her knees which added fuel to the fire at the joints which were already tormenting the captive.

Even shifting my stance just a little alters the pressure on my legs and knees which causes me more pain, so this is going to make me suffer a lot more when I shuffle along as my muscles will start complaining before long. While Cassidy tried her best to get used to her squatting position on the balls of her feet, she watched as Kǒngbù helped Kǎodǎ get onto her feet and it was clear that the assistant needed support in order to stand up.

“I am going to find a way to make you suffer a nightmare beyond what you can imagine for doing this to me.” Kǎodǎ said “We were only going to have a little fun with you, but now you deserve the worst torments that we can come up with.”

“However, for the time being, we need to take you to where Madam Sǐwáng needs you to be.” Kǒngbù said as she handed the bag to Kǎodǎ who held it in her right hand, while the other assistant took hold of the end of the leash in her left hand before using her right arm to steady her sister. “We will have to satisfy ourselves with watching you, while your bondage causes you to suffer as you make your way to the place in the warehouse.”

You can’t be expecting me to move anywhere like this, as I still haven’t got used to balancing while I am squatting like this. No! Cassidy found herself almost falling over when Kǒngbù tugged hard on the leather strap that was attached to the collar around her neck and it was only due to the fact that her instincts caused her right foot to move forward that stopped her from falling onto her face. However, this did not spare her from any suffering as the movement of her right leg, along with most of the weight of her body being transferred to this limb added to the strain on her bones and knee joint. This caused the helpless woman to emit a loud squeal, which was followed by another just a second later as an automatic reaction by the prisoner caused her to bring her left foot forward to make sure that she could keep her balance.

If this is what it is going to be like at the start, I am going to be in a terrible state when I finally reach the spot that Madam Sǐwáng has decided on. There is no possible means of going any faster than a few inches at a time, unless I want to risk falling forward right onto my face and injuring myself. Another short step forward by Cassidy with her right foot caused the tormented captive to yelp a little, even though she did try her best not to make any noise which would show how much she was suffering. It only took the restrained woman a few steps to realise that keeping her legs in front of her was impossible and soon she was shuffling along with her knees getting further apart with each little movement forward. It won’t be long before the gap between my legs gets so wide that I will look very vulnerable and almost obscene.

To Cassidy, it appeared that any progress she was making was both slow and painful and in this case it was more than a metaphor as each little step was a jolt through her leg which caused her to cry out. As the helpless woman made her slow way forward, she wondered just how long it would be before she reached the right spot so that this particular punishment would be over. However, she also knew that when she got to the right point, there was no guarantee that this would be over as the leader may decide continue to keep her restrained like this. She might enjoy watching me in my torment, so I could be made to have my legs bound like this for a while longer.

It was impossible for Cassidy to know just how long she had been waddling forward in her squatting position, as her existence had narrowed down to one tormenting step after another and when Kǒngbù told her to keep still, it didn’t even register with her for a few seconds. When the prisoner realised what she had been told, she tried to bring her legs as close together as possible but it was as if her muscles just disobeyed her, so she just rested as best she could with her knees wide apart. I was so concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other that I didn’t even notice the white sheet in front of me until I was resting on the spot. I just hope that I won’t have to suffer like this for much longer.

“Kǎodǎ, get the blindfold out and put it on the whore while I keep hold of the leash, as I do not want to give our seductress even the slightest chance of escape.” As Cassidy looked to her right, she saw Kǎodǎ reach into the bag and bring out what at first seemed to be a wide brown leather buckled strap with an indentation half way along, before the bag was dropped on the floor. It was clear that Kǎodǎ was able to stand unaided at this time, but as the assistant walked around to the front of the defenceless captive it showed that the captor had a very pronounced limp which meant that the kick was still affecting her. “Yes, you did hurt me that much when tried to impale my thigh with your heel.” Kǎodǎ said as she lifted the wide strap up to Cassidy’s face and at this distance, the lady in bondage saw two clips above the indentation along with a pair of hinges that were spaced out from the centre. “This present situation is just a reprieve for you, but it gives me more time to consider how I am going to avenge myself.”

I really hope that your leader works out what is going on, otherwise I am going to find my captivity turning into a living hell and the worst thing is that I know how you two are going to torture me. However, I should avoid thinking about this as I doubt that it will happen now. That is an unusual looking blindfold and it almost looks as if it is supposed to open up. One thing is certain and that is I am not going to be given any warning when this is pressed against my eyes, so it would be best if I close them now. The decision by the squatting women about shutting her eyes proved to be wise as it was a split second after she closed them that she felt the pads of the blindfold press hard against her eyelids. If I hadn’t acted quickly enough, my eyes could have been badly affected by this as I wouldn’t be able to close the lids. Cassidy could feel the straps of the blindfold going around either side of her head, until they reached the back where they were buckled together with the pressure increasing against her face. I should be thankful that you can only buckle this blindfold up to a certain point, otherwise the edges would have really bitten into my skin and that would not have been good.

Although the bound lady realised that the two assistants weren’t going to take any direct action against her, as if they did she would have ended up with her face hitting the floor, she discovered that the blindfold caused her an additional problem. Standing up straight and keeping my balance while blindfolded was one thing, but squatting in a precarious position like this is another proposition entirely as staying upright was hard enough when I could see. Now I only have my sense of balance to rely upon and I could end up falling flat on my face in I lean too far forward. This problem became a major worry for Cassidy as adjusting her stance became a constant action in the hope that she wouldn’t fall over and this meant that she was unable to rest as her movements added fuel to the fire in her knees.

After a short period of time, there was the sound of a curtain being drawn in front of the helpless woman and she sighed with relief as she knew that Madam Sǐwáng must be there. “When I open up your blindfold so that you can see, you have to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.” The Mistress said. “This is so that I can get into position which will allow you to look at me and see what I am wearing.”

It is such a relief to hear your voice again, Mistress. At least I will be relatively safe while you’re around. There was an instinctual reaction by the captive when she looked up in the approximate direction where the voice was coming from and she felt what she thought was the clips above her nose being released, before there was a sensation at each temple as the pressure against her eyes disappeared. There must have been pads pressing against my lids and they are now swung out on the hinges on the blindfold, which means that I will be able to see when I am permitted to open my eyes. She listened to several hard steps against the floor, which suggested to her that Madam Sǐwáng had walked away from her before a slight scuffing sound meant that the woman had turned around.

“You can open your eyes now, my cute bunny.” The Mistress said.

The first thing that Cassidy noticed when she opened her eyes were the blinkers on either side of her face which prevented her from seeing to her left or right, but after a moment the captive looked straight ahead at her kidnapper and her heart raced in response...

(To Be Continued)