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Friday, 12 June 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 33

The grip on the knees of the helpless woman was released as Kǎodǎ leaned forward, but Cassidy found that her legs pressed against the sides of her captor in what was almost a parody of intimacy. I can see by the look on your face that you are enjoying every moment of this and I have no way of delaying you any further. I haven’t managed to cause enough time to be lost, so you will be able to violate me before Madam Sǐwáng manages to intervene. As Kǎodǎ leaned forward even more, the defenceless lady was unable to prevent herself from trembling when she felt the pressure of the other woman’s abdomen against her own.

“It is so delicious to feel you shake with fear, my delicious victim and I am sure that I will have enough time to plunge you into a living hell which will affect you for the rest of your time with us. There is no doubt that you will want no further contact with our Mistress once this is over, as you will be too traumatised to want to see her again.” While Kǎodǎ was talking, she leaned on her elbows which were on either side of the captive who had become almost frozen at the prospect of what was going to happen to her. “If I started at your most intimate place, then I would not be able to escalate your psychological harm, so it would be best for me to first begin further up your body.” There was nothing that Cassidy could do but watch as the woman moved her hands above the captive’s breasts, with the tips of her fingers hovering above the bodysuit and the vulnerable lady begged and pleaded for mercy which she knew that she was not going to receive. “Once you are exposed, I am going to waste no time in turning your existence into one of horror and our revenge will be achieved.”

Although Cassidy attempted to steel herself for the oncoming violation, she knew that there was no preparation that would provide any defence against the damage that was going to be inflicted on her as her captor’s hands gripped against the soft material. I wasn’t successful in slowing you two down for long enough and I will never be the same again after this. As the gripped tightened at the top of Cassidy’s bodysuit, her begging changed to quiet sobs as she knew that nothing could prevent herself from the assault and she was never going to be the same again.

“Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, where are you in the factory?” Cassidy cried out in relief as she heard Madam Sǐwáng’s voice booming out through a loudspeaker and even though she was unable to understand the Mandarin words that the two assistants said as they pulled back from her, it was obvious by the tone of their voices that they were a series of expletives. “Where are you two and what are you doing with Cassandra?” After a pause of a few seconds, the Madam spoke again.”I can see all three of you on one of the cameras now and I need you two to take our prisoner to the appropriate location right away. Once she is in position, you must put the special blindfold on her before I appear before her so that she can be surprised by me in my new outfit.”

I never thought that I would be so thankful for all of these cameras positioned all over the warehouse and I’m sure that someone must have been watching what was happening to me. It could be that one of them sent a text message over to the Madam and warned her about what her assistants were doing. There was an unmistakable expression of fury on Kǎodǎ’s face and for a moment the helpless captive thought that the assistant was going to lose control of herself with horrible consequences, before a malevolent smile appeared.

“This is only a temporary setback, you harlot, as I will think of some way to make you suffer. You are safe for the moment, but do not assume that this will last until the end of your captivity as we will get our revenge. However, seeing as our Mistress must be monitoring the feed, we will have to make sure that you are made to walk to the location without anything happening to you.”

If my guess is correct, maybe Madam Sǐwáng has already worked out what you are planning and she will be putting a stop to it. My concern is how am I going to get to where my Mistress will want me to be, are you two going to carry me there? I certainly can’t just walk there with my legs bound like this.

“Kǎodǎ, I have the feeling from the comments that our Madam would like the whore to be made to move as she is, while she is being watched. It also means that we have to be very careful in what we do, as we do not want to get into trouble for doing anything to her, even though this creature deserves to be treated badly for the way that she has betrayed us.”

“One lady before has managed to walk with her legs bound in the same way, so I am certain that Cassandra will able to do the same. The first thing that we need to do is to get this thing onto her feet so that she will be able to start moving. I will take hold of her lower torso while you grip onto her upper arms.”

I won’t be able to stand while I am bound like this, as keeping my balance with my arms and legs bound in this particular way is going to be impossible. No, you can’t! A protesting squeal was emitted by the restrained prisoner as the two accomplices took hold of her, with each making sure that they didn’t place their hands anywhere that was intimate to the woman they were handling.

“Although we could get into trouble if we mistreat you physically in any way, our mistress knows that walking in these restraints is possible.”Kaoada said “So, if you end up tripping or slipping while you try to move, it will be a result of your actions and nothing to do with us.”

“Therefore, you should concentrate on making sure that your balance is firm when you are placed upright so that you do not topple over.” Kǒngbù said as she maintained a form hold on Cassidy’s upper arms, while the assistant worked with her sister to make sure that the bound woman was able to squat on the balls of her feet. “See, you can stand up on your feet. Personally, I would prefer it if you keep falling over as this would give us the excuse to drag you by your neck to where Madam Sǐwáng wants you to be.”

This is impossible, I’m never going to stay standing up like this and I just know that I am going to fall over if I make even the slightest movement. Once the helpless lady had been held for a few seconds in what was as close to an upright position as she was going to achieve at the moment, the captors released their grip on her. For a moment, Cassidy felt so precarious in her stance on the balls of her feet that she cried out as she was sure that she was going to topple forward onto the hard floor, but the bound woman recovered just in time so that she could remain upright. I can just about maintain my balance at the moment, but only because I am staying still in what is essentially a squatting position and it won’t be long before I am forced to move. Ooow! As the fear of falling over subsided, the retrained woman noticed the increased pain in her knees that was caused by her being on her feet, with her body forcing her upper legs down a little further. This in turn caused not only greater stress at the parts of the leg that touched the small steel ball, but the leverage effect increased the pressure on her knees which added fuel to the fire at the joints which were already tormenting the captive.

Even shifting my stance just a little alters the pressure on my legs and knees which causes me more pain, so this is going to make me suffer a lot more when I shuffle along as my muscles will start complaining before long. While Cassidy tried her best to get used to her squatting position on the balls of her feet, she watched as Kǒngbù helped Kǎodǎ get onto her feet and it was clear that the assistant needed support in order to stand up.

“I am going to find a way to make you suffer a nightmare beyond what you can imagine for doing this to me.” Kǎodǎ said “We were only going to have a little fun with you, but now you deserve the worst torments that we can come up with.”

“However, for the time being, we need to take you to where Madam Sǐwáng needs you to be.” Kǒngbù said as she handed the bag to Kǎodǎ who held it in her right hand, while the other assistant took hold of the end of the leash in her left hand before using her right arm to steady her sister. “We will have to satisfy ourselves with watching you, while your bondage causes you to suffer as you make your way to the place in the warehouse.”

You can’t be expecting me to move anywhere like this, as I still haven’t got used to balancing while I am squatting like this. No! Cassidy found herself almost falling over when Kǒngbù tugged hard on the leather strap that was attached to the collar around her neck and it was only due to the fact that her instincts caused her right foot to move forward that stopped her from falling onto her face. However, this did not spare her from any suffering as the movement of her right leg, along with most of the weight of her body being transferred to this limb added to the strain on her bones and knee joint. This caused the helpless woman to emit a loud squeal, which was followed by another just a second later as an automatic reaction by the prisoner caused her to bring her left foot forward to make sure that she could keep her balance.

If this is what it is going to be like at the start, I am going to be in a terrible state when I finally reach the spot that Madam Sǐwáng has decided on. There is no possible means of going any faster than a few inches at a time, unless I want to risk falling forward right onto my face and injuring myself. Another short step forward by Cassidy with her right foot caused the tormented captive to yelp a little, even though she did try her best not to make any noise which would show how much she was suffering. It only took the restrained woman a few steps to realise that keeping her legs in front of her was impossible and soon she was shuffling along with her knees getting further apart with each little movement forward. It won’t be long before the gap between my legs gets so wide that I will look very vulnerable and almost obscene.

To Cassidy, it appeared that any progress she was making was both slow and painful and in this case it was more than a metaphor as each little step was a jolt through her leg which caused her to cry out. As the helpless woman made her slow way forward, she wondered just how long it would be before she reached the right spot so that this particular punishment would be over. However, she also knew that when she got to the right point, there was no guarantee that this would be over as the leader may decide continue to keep her restrained like this. She might enjoy watching me in my torment, so I could be made to have my legs bound like this for a while longer.

It was impossible for Cassidy to know just how long she had been waddling forward in her squatting position, as her existence had narrowed down to one tormenting step after another and when Kǒngbù told her to keep still, it didn’t even register with her for a few seconds. When the prisoner realised what she had been told, she tried to bring her legs as close together as possible but it was as if her muscles just disobeyed her, so she just rested as best she could with her knees wide apart. I was so concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other that I didn’t even notice the white sheet in front of me until I was resting on the spot. I just hope that I won’t have to suffer like this for much longer.

“Kǎodǎ, get the blindfold out and put it on the whore while I keep hold of the leash, as I do not want to give our seductress even the slightest chance of escape.” As Cassidy looked to her right, she saw Kǎodǎ reach into the bag and bring out what at first seemed to be a wide brown leather buckled strap with an indentation half way along, before the bag was dropped on the floor. It was clear that Kǎodǎ was able to stand unaided at this time, but as the assistant walked around to the front of the defenceless captive it showed that the captor had a very pronounced limp which meant that the kick was still affecting her. “Yes, you did hurt me that much when tried to impale my thigh with your heel.” Kǎodǎ said as she lifted the wide strap up to Cassidy’s face and at this distance, the lady in bondage saw two clips above the indentation along with a pair of hinges that were spaced out from the centre. “This present situation is just a reprieve for you, but it gives me more time to consider how I am going to avenge myself.”

I really hope that your leader works out what is going on, otherwise I am going to find my captivity turning into a living hell and the worst thing is that I know how you two are going to torture me. However, I should avoid thinking about this as I doubt that it will happen now. That is an unusual looking blindfold and it almost looks as if it is supposed to open up. One thing is certain and that is I am not going to be given any warning when this is pressed against my eyes, so it would be best if I close them now. The decision by the squatting women about shutting her eyes proved to be wise as it was a split second after she closed them that she felt the pads of the blindfold press hard against her eyelids. If I hadn’t acted quickly enough, my eyes could have been badly affected by this as I wouldn’t be able to close the lids. Cassidy could feel the straps of the blindfold going around either side of her head, until they reached the back where they were buckled together with the pressure increasing against her face. I should be thankful that you can only buckle this blindfold up to a certain point, otherwise the edges would have really bitten into my skin and that would not have been good.

Although the bound lady realised that the two assistants weren’t going to take any direct action against her, as if they did she would have ended up with her face hitting the floor, she discovered that the blindfold caused her an additional problem. Standing up straight and keeping my balance while blindfolded was one thing, but squatting in a precarious position like this is another proposition entirely as staying upright was hard enough when I could see. Now I only have my sense of balance to rely upon and I could end up falling flat on my face in I lean too far forward. This problem became a major worry for Cassidy as adjusting her stance became a constant action in the hope that she wouldn’t fall over and this meant that she was unable to rest as her movements added fuel to the fire in her knees.

After a short period of time, there was the sound of a curtain being drawn in front of the helpless woman and she sighed with relief as she knew that Madam Sǐwáng must be there. “When I open up your blindfold so that you can see, you have to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.” The Mistress said. “This is so that I can get into position which will allow you to look at me and see what I am wearing.”

It is such a relief to hear your voice again, Mistress. At least I will be relatively safe while you’re around. There was an instinctual reaction by the captive when she looked up in the approximate direction where the voice was coming from and she felt what she thought was the clips above her nose being released, before there was a sensation at each temple as the pressure against her eyes disappeared. There must have been pads pressing against my lids and they are now swung out on the hinges on the blindfold, which means that I will be able to see when I am permitted to open my eyes. She listened to several hard steps against the floor, which suggested to her that Madam Sǐwáng had walked away from her before a slight scuffing sound meant that the woman had turned around.

“You can open your eyes now, my cute bunny.” The Mistress said.

The first thing that Cassidy noticed when she opened her eyes were the blinkers on either side of her face which prevented her from seeing to her left or right, but after a moment the captive looked straight ahead at her kidnapper and her heart raced in response...

(To Be Continued)

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 21

Part 21

As Petra stood there, she had no idea about what was going to happen to her, or to the fellow captive who was on her right and the inaction served to increase her feelings of apprehension. Relief came to the chained captive when she heard a sigh from Diana, which was followed by a soft moan that indicated something pleasurable was happening to the other lady. The sounds that you are making are helping in letting me know that you are enjoying yourself and if it is this good, I hope that I will derive as much pleasure from it as you are at the moment. After two minutes had passed, there was a cessation of the sounds from the imprisoned niece which made Petra think that she was going to find out what had happened in just a few seconds.

There was a momentary sensation of a mild coolness at the top of her head, before the hands of her captor worked the material into her hair in smoothing strokes that the helpless lady found to be very sensual, as well as adding to the feeling of warmth between her legs. This must be some kind of shower gel that you are using on us and I wish that I could tell you just how wonderful it feels. Oh, this is so good. Kendra continued to massage the gel into the hair of the woman in bondage who responded with soft sighs along with moans and these grew in strength until her hair was covered in the viscous substance at which point the captor halted, leaving the lady a little disappointed. Why have you stopped, that was so good?

A sigh from Diana let the aroused prisoner know that the woman on her right was being covered with more of the gel and Petra found her present situation to be quite frustrating as she wanted to see what was happening to the other lady. It would be great to watch as Kendra smoothed the gel over Diana’s body, but these pads over my eyes have reduced my world to essentially one of touch and sound. Maybe later, I may have a chance to ask if I could watch the part of the video which shows us in the shower. The gentle moans from Diana were going on for far longer than before, so Petra came to the conclusion that the whole back of the other captive must be getting covered in gel by the woman who controlled them. A sudden increase in the volume of the niece’s sighs along with several seconds of giggling was followed by silence, so the lady who was kidnapped on Thursday evening knew that it was going to be her turn.

This is nice, and a great way to start. A cool touch around Petra’s neck elicited a sigh from her as the gel was spread over the area so that it covered her shoulders and a second amount was used to cover her arms from her shoulders to her wrists in slow and smooth strokes. Once they were covered, the sides of her body and her back experienced a very sweet caress which came down to just short of her bottom and the captive moaned as she surrendered herself to the gentle touch of her mistress. That explains why Diana giggled at the end, as you are saving the best part until last. Louder moans escaped from the gagged mouth of the helpless lady as she felt the hands of her captor slide up and down her legs from the heels of her feet, to just under the point where the top of her legs met the soft flesh of her posterior. This is just teasing, as the area that you are avoiding is the one that I most want you to touch. At this point, the helpless woman was writhing in her bonds and she was even wiggling her defenceless derriere out towards the lady who was smoothing the gel over her legs, but this just earned her a pinch on her right cheek that caused her to squeal which was echoed with a giggle from the other prisoner to her right.

“Behave slave, I will complete this when I choose and you are to remain in place unless you want your cute cheeks to end up black and blue.” Kendra said as she returned to running her fingers up and down the legs of the bound woman, who was feeling the warmth between her legs increasing in strength from each caress.

You are being so mean to me, as you know that I want you to rub your gel-covered hands over my bottom, but you are delaying this for as long as possible so that I will end up even more frustrated as a result. What? Petra  was taken by surprise when the slippery fingers of her captor penetrated deep into the folds between her cheeks and this caused her to squeal as the tips pressed against what could be the most intimate part of her anatomy. Don’t press any harder, please don’t press any harder! There was a sustained pleading sound from the gagged mouth of the worried woman, as she didn’t want the situation to one where she could end up suffering from extreme humiliation and she shook her head in the hope that her captor would understand her fear.

“Now you know better than try and demand something from me, slave. Have you learnt your lesson about being behaved, or do I have to punish you in a way that you will never forget?” As Kendra spoke, her fingers went up and down the gap between the prisoner’s cheeks but she maintained the level of pressure that threatened the defenceless woman with embarrassment.

Okay, I’ve learnt my lesson, I’ll be a good little bondage slave. As the captive pleaded through her gag, she nodded at a rate which could best be described as frantic in the hope that she would not be subjected to a very unpleasant punishment. Kendra, I have shown that I understand, just don’t take this any further, please! There was a massive sigh of relief from the chained Petra as the fingers moved out from the intimate gap and spread out over the soft cheeks of her derriere, covering her sensitive skin with the cool substance.

“Actually, that was part of the cleaning ritual and I never had any intention of penetrating you there, but I wanted to use it to teach you a lesson and to see how you would react to this. It was delicious to see you fall for it completely.”

You fooled me, you managed to make me think that you would slip one of your fingers into my body, just to make me panic. Well, I will know better than to antagonise you in the future. Petra sighed and twitched as her captor ran her hands over the helpless woman’s bottom for a few minutes, which added more fuel to the flame that was burning in her tunnel of lust and caused her to start writhing again.

“That’s it you two, now you can turn around so that you are facing me.” Kendra said as she finished her caress of the helpless lady’s bottom and Petra started to shuffle clockwise at a slow rate so that she could stay on the spot without bumping into Diana.

The last thing that I want to do is end up knocking you over, Diana, as it could end up with being very painful for you at the very least.

After about fifteen seconds there was a call of “Stop Diana.” and after another ten Kendra said “Stop Petra.” so the helpless woman knew that both of them were in position so that they could go through the next stage of being covered in gel.

You have the front part of our bodies to clean now, Kendra and this area contains the most sensitive places of all, which you will end up leaving until last. As the helpless woman pondered the situation, there was a gasp from the lady to the left of her and she knew that Kendra was starting to cover the rest of her niece’s body with the shower gel. If my guess is correct, your aunt will stop short of the three sweet spots that you will be desperate for her to cover and she will turn her attention to me. Although Petra was unable to tell just how long the captor was taking to cover the non-erotic parts of Diana’s body, it seemed to be just a few minutes until the sighing of the captive to Petra’s left ended and there was a pause of a few seconds before the initial captive experienced the touch of the cool substance on her chest just below her neck.

I doubt that I would enjoy this half as much if I wasn’t in a state of strict bondage and you running your hands over my body like this is a very erotic experience. Within a minute, the top of Petra’s chest was covered in the soft material that was being smoothed over her body by her captor who went around either side of the breasts before applying the gel to her abdomen. By this time, the captive was writhing in her bonds as the fingers glided over her skin and the touches against her body were acknowledged by moans that escaped through the ring that kept her jaws apart. Kendra’s hands went down the sides of the prisoner’s hips so that her hearth of lust was avoided, but even the caress in this general area added more fuel to the flame of Petra’s lust. Now I guess that it is time for you to clean the front of my legs, so I hope that you pay at least a little attention to my feet. There were several strokes up and down the legs of the defenceless woman, who find it difficult to remain still as the caresses increased the felling of excitement inside her.

Wow, that is just lovely, don’t stop. Petra was unable to suppress a squeal as the gel was smoothed over the top of her feet, before the sides of her feet were also caressed with the hands that rubbed the material against her skin. It almost seemed to the bound woman that her captor was taking her time over this, seeing as Kendra would know that the helpless lady would find this to be very pleasurable. At least you are being nice to us in this respect, ooooo. A loud sigh was emitted from the prisoner when the gel-covered fingers of her captor intertwined with her own toes, an action that made the restrained woman feel the flame of her lust grow to a new level and she had to use what self-control she had to stop herself from begging for more. The last thing I want is to give you a reason to scare me like you did in threatening to penetrate me with your fingers.

Although Kendra spent more than a minute on the toes of the nude woman in the shower, to Petra it felt as if it was over in just a few seconds as she was enjoying it so much and the surprised gasp from Diana made it clear that the other prisoner was being attended to. The noises from you make me wish that I could see what was happening, but by your moans it appears that Kendra is concentrating on the more sensitive parts of your anatomy. Diana’s moans grew louder with every passing second as her body was caressed by their mistress and it became obvious that the prisoner’s state of arousal continued to increase. I just hope that you don’t take too long with Diana, as I want to feel the touch of your fingers on my breasts. There was one more moan from the niece that had the tone of disappointment which Petra assumed was because the captor had finished with the younger woman and the helpless lady squealed as Kendra’s fingers pressed against the soft flesh of her bosom. This is great! As the hands of the captor kneaded the mounds of the helpless woman’s breasts as if they were buns that had to be rolled into shape before they went into the oven, the prisoner thought that her centre of intimacy was going to explode with pleasure. However, after a few seconds had passed by, it was clear that this latest form of massage was not going to be enough and the bound lady realised that this was just going to make her feel as if the erotic sensation was going to turn into a torture for her.

After a minute had gone by, Petra felt her captor’s fingers and thumbs holding her erect nipples in a hard grip before twisting and pulling the hard lump of skin so that the helpless woman was almost driven to distraction by the inferno that was growing in intensity between her legs. I don’t know whether to try and encourage you to continue or ask you to stop as you are just going to tease me to the point where I will scream for bliss. When the massage of the helpless woman’s bosom ended, however, she desired the touch of her captor so much  that she emitted a verbal signal of her need in a loud sigh. You have missed the most important part of our bodies and although I’m not sure how Diana feels, I know that the space between my legs is aching for your touch.

For a moment, Petra was unsure whether or not the scream was hers or Diana’s, but a second later the fire of lust at the top of her legs subsided enough for her to realise that the shrieking came from both of them. I can feel your hand between my legs moving back and forth and by Diana’s reaction, you must be using your other hand to do the same to her. After a few more seconds had passed, both of the captives’ cries had subsided to a constant moaning as they experienced the stroking of their lips of lust, which were already throbbing as a result of the massage that they had received from their captor and the prisoners started to thrust their hips forward in the hope that the stimulation would be enough to take them over the edge. Soon, Petra was writhing on the spot as her body was taken ever closer to the moment when her very being would be engulfed in joy and the sounds made by Diana showed that the niece was just as aroused.

I’m so close, so very close, just a little more. Petra was so caught up in the moment as she was caress by her captor that it didn’t even enter her mind that the woman in control of her erotic sensations could use it against her. Within a few minutes, the desire of the helpless lady to have her lust sated had grown to such a degree that she was begging as best she could for her captor to increase the speed of the strokes so that she could feel that special moment of ecstasy. It took a few seconds for Petra to realise that her captor was no longer caressing her flower of desire and the complaining noise from Diana showed that she was also left in a state of extreme erotic frustration. The adhesive pads were pulled away from her eyes in a matter of seconds and her first action was to turn her head to the left so that she could look at the other helpless lady who was staring back at her.

“If you two wish for me to provide you with an end to your sexual torment, you are to kiss with your tongues and rub your bodies against each other. This may be enough to take you over the edge on your own, so there is no harm in you two trying unless you wish to waste time moaning at me for being unfair.” As Petra shuffled around anti-clockwise so that she could face her fellow prisoner, Diana moved around in order that she might do the same and in a very short time the front of the two captives’ bodies were almost touching each other.

Once the helpless ladies were in position, the first thing they did was to press their ring-gagged mouths together so that they could intertwine their tongues, while their bodies started to press against each other. First their breasts touched before they were flattened between the bodies of the two ladies and their abdomens brushed against each other with the front of their legs sliding due to the slippery gel. As the erect nipples of the two ladies flicked against each other while they continued with their special French kiss, the prisoners became more aroused by their actions. They pressed their bodies harder against each other and this was having some success, but Petra soon realised that this may not be enough to provide the relief that they were so desperate for. Although she tried her utmost to increase the flame inside her intimacy, the helpless woman found that her attempts fell short of what was needed to bring her body to that point when she would be overwhelmed by bliss.

It sounds as if you are suffering just as much as I am, Diana. Petra almost felt Diana’s frustrated moans as the niece breathed into her mouth and the two captives were stuck together in their need as they continued their actions of the slim hope of sating their lustful desire. However, it wasn’t long before they understood that not only would they still be denied, but they would be unable to maintain enough control to bring their pointless and self-tormenting act to an end.

Please Kendra, you can’t leave us suffering like this.

(To Be Continued)

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 32

As Cecyme half-hung by her wrists from the crossed bars of the gazebo with the only other support being provided by the knees of her frog-tied legs, the ring-gagged women understood just how defenceless her naked body was. My body is vulnerable in this position and I will not be able to stop you from doing whatever you want to me. I can already feel the strain on my wrists from being suspended in this way and having my elbows bound together behind my head serves to increase the level of discomfort in my arms. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad before when I was kneeling with my feet on the ground, but now that I am hanging like this there is a lot of pressure on my kneecaps and the only way I can reduce the feeling in my knees is by lifting them up which results in the worsening of the at my wrists and elbows. This alone is a very clever torment and I will be sure to put it to good use when I am in charge of the household again, especially when you are like this in my bedroom.

“Actually, I can see that this situation is already causing you a little suffering, so perhaps I shouldn’t use my talents to make this any worse for you at the moment.” Collette said as she walked around to the front of the helpless mistress while carrying a large bag in her right hand, which was dropped onto the ground once she was facing the defenceless lady. “You look so gorgeous like this, available for every touch that I could care to land upon your body and there is nothing that you can do to stop me.”

What happened next was a surprise to Cecyme as the maid took a firm hold of the hem of her skirt, before pulling it up so that it went past her chest so that her bosom was exposed and within a few seconds the woman removed the garment which was placed on the floor by the bag. It just took a moment for Collette to pull her frilly panties down to her ankles and it was just a matter of stepping out of them so that they could be placed on top of the uniform. “It is so good to be in the nude for a little while, but I do have another outfit that I will need to change into when I use my other talents on you.”

I am thankful for the delay, as I need to get used to the way that I am suspended from my arms before you decide to make me suffer at your hands. Seeing you undress in front of me was quite erotic and indicates that that the interlude is going to become rather sensual. After the disrobed maid stood in front of the immobilised Cecyme for about half a minute, she knelt down before her prisoner with her upper legs in a vertical position and put her arms around the captive in a tender embrace.

“Now Slave Cecyme, stick your tongue out through the ring so that we can kiss. That is, unless you want me to forget about this and get to the next part of your entertainment straight away.”

Cecyme didn’t need to think twice about the request if it meant that there would be more time before she was tormented, so she thrust her tongue out as far as she could through the ring that held her mouth open. I shouldn’t give you the chance to bring an end to this early, as it will take me to the part where you make me suffer straight away.

“I see that you are willing to cooperate and so we can have a nice tender moment together.” Collette said as her face moved closer to that of her prisoner until their lips pressed together, with Cecyme’s tongue inside her mouth and there was a sigh from the helpless lady as her tongue was caressed by her captor’s.

This does feel good, even though I am powerless to stop you anyway. That is even better. After a minute of kissing, The pleasurable sensations that the captive was receiving were added to when her hair was caressed by the maid’s left hand and Cecyme pressed her lips harder against those of the other woman. Although the helpless woman thought that this had gone on for some time, it had only been about four minutes since the kissing had started when the maid pulled her head back.

“Slave, you can put your tongue back in as you do look a little silly like that now.” As Collette spoke, she moved her head to just below Cecyme’s right ear and the maid started to land a series of sweet little kisses at the top of the restrained woman’s neck. After a few seconds the prisoner started to moan as the kisses moved across her neck from right to left and she moved her head so that Collette would be able to access her neck easier.

This is such a wonderful feeling and it is so warm and loving. Oh wow! There was an involuntary twitch of Cecyme’s hips as she felt the embers of desire glow in the most intimate part of her body and this elicited another moan of pleasure from her gagged mouth. This sensation increased in strength when Collette’s kisses moved down from the centre of the captive’s neck to a point just above the cleavage of the bound woman. Surely you can’t be planning to kiss my breas-, oooo. It came as a surprise to the defenceless lady as the mound of her right breast was the recipient of a series of gentle kisses that went from right to left before her left breast was treated in the same manner. Soon, there was a squeal from the mishandled mistress as the lips below her tunnel of lust were given a soft caress by the maid’s left hand while the right gripped into the cheeks of her bottom and the red-head licked the areola around her nipples.

“I can see that you are enjoying this interlude very much my helpless harlot, so I will take you to the summit of your lust.” Collette said as her right hand slid down to join the other so that they both stroked the captive’s flower of desire, with the fingers probing between the engorged petals. By this time, the nipples of the prisoner had become erect and loud moans escaped from the mouth of the aroused woman as the solid mounds of flesh were flicked by the tip of the maid’s tongue.

I thought that you were going to torment me, but you are making love to me again. Perhaps I was so good at making love to your feet that you are allowing me another moment of bliss as a kind of thank you. Cecyme tried to push her breasts against the mouth of the maid, but seeing as she was suspended by her wrists with only her knees touching the ground it was impossible for her to do anything other but the slightest wriggling. This position is so restrictive that I can’t even thrust my hips against your hands, so I have to completely rely on you for every part of my pleasure. It wasn’t long before the helpless mistress found it hard to concentrate on anything else apart from the pleasure that she was receiving from her captor and the lady hoped that it wouldn’t be long before she would be overwhelmed by bliss. When Collette sucked and bit at the breasts and nipples of the helpless lady while probing deep into the folds of Cecyme’s lips of lust, it felt to the bound woman as if her desire was going to explode in just a few moments.

No, oh please NO! However, just when Cecyme was on the very point of being engulfed in bliss, her pleasure was turned into an erotic torment when Collette pulled her body back from the captive, who was left in an extreme state of denial as she did what little twisting she could in the ropes. You planned this from the start and I fell for your seduction completely! This is going to be a pure torture on its own and when you add your standard torture, it will make my suffering much worse.

“I must admit that it is always lovely to take a helpless lady right to edge of ecstasy and watch as she squirms in her bonds, with her knowing that what she was enjoying just a moment before has now become a torment of her very being.” Collette said as she removed a leather blindfold from the back which was placed over Cecyme’s eyes, before the ends of the straps were taken to the back of her head where they were buckled together. Once the maid drew her arms back, the prisoner was unable to use her eyes, although she did move her head around in a futile effort to dislodge the item that robbed her of her sight.

Please let me come! Please, I’ll do anything that you want! Although Cecyme lifted her legs up so that she could rub them together in the slim hope that she could provide enough stimulation to send herself over the edge, the only thing that resulted was the additional ache that she created in her arms from the strain. I can’t stay still because of the raging fire between my legs, but lifting my legs up in an effort to reduce the flame adds to the torment of my arms, so I cannot win at all. The worst thing is that you can do anything you want and I won’t even get any advance warning of what is going to happen to me.

“That blindfold is not going to stay on for long, at least not this time. I just want to give you a little surprise before I continue with your entertainment and the best way to do this is make sure that you cannot see what I am doing at the moment.”

When you said give me a little surprise, I thought that you mean some kind of nasty device, but you did say that you don’t use anything other than your own body, so I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. That rustling sound in front of me must mean that you are taking something out of the bag that was dropped earlier and if it isn’t a device of some kind, what on earth can it be? As the helpless women tried to concentrate on her listening, she could hear more rustling sounds in front of her and although she was certain that she had heard a similar sound before, the captive was unable to work out what the noise was related to.

After another minute or so, the sound came to an end and Cecyme felt a pair of hands meet at the back of her neck where the straps of her blindfold were attached together. “Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them when I remove your blindfold, unless you really want me to hand out an extreme punishment straight away, along with keeping you in denial for a long time.”

Cecyme noticed that the words were almost whispered in her ear when Collette spoke and the bound prisoner knew that having her eyes open was going to invite torment, so she screwed her eyelids shut as the two straps were unbuckled. She could feel the loss of pressure against her eyes as the blindfold was pulled away from her face and even though it was tempting to take a look, the woman realised that she had to avoid giving in to temptation at this moment.

“You have permission to open your eyes now, slave.” Collette said with the helpless lady noticing the change in the tone of voice of the woman who was on front of her and it sounded as if the maid was more authoritative than before.

Just that one short line shows that there is a change in your attitude, which also makes you sound stronger and whatever you were doing must have had something to do with it. I just hope that you aren’t going to torture me too long with this fire inside me. There was a gasp from the bound Cecyme when she opened her eyes so that she could take in the sight in front of her and she understood why the maid was different than before. That outfit is incredible and it couldn’t be any more different from the maid’s uniform that you were wearing just a short while ago. Just one look at you makes it obvious that it is bringing out another side of you.

Collette was wearing a long-sleeved black patent leather catsuit that went all the way from the high collar at the neck to just above her ankles and there was a zip that ran from the collar top all the way down, with it looking as if it went behind to her bottom. There were two more horizontal zips on either side of the chest which suggested that this would provide access to the woman’s breasts and the effect was completed by the black domino mask which covered Collette’s upper face. Instead of the coy maid who had been playful, there stood a woman who exuded confidence, authority and dominance and Cecyme could see that this woman had a strength that was equal to Isabella’s.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that you can alter so much by just changing your clothes. I know that Megumi can get into character when she puts on an outfit, but that isn’t that same with you. It took Cecyme several seconds to realise just how hard she was staring at the lady in front of her and the captive felt her cheeks burn once she knew what she was doing.

“Actually slave, I am very flattered by the look on your face as it shows just effective I am in this outfit. There is an expression that clothes make a person, but I prefer to think that it can help you bring a part of yourself out and because of this, Isabella and I have contacted a lady who is going to arrive on Monday, whose purpose is to help you select a few outfits that will bring out your dominant side. To be honest, I have waited until the sun is almost setting before I put this on, as it would have been intolerable in the earlier heat.”

You are so incredible like this and I am surprised that you are working here in a position that requires you to behave in a submissive manner.

“I can almost read the question on your face, slave Cecyme, so if I am correct I can tell you the answer. I have a strong dominant side, but I can also be very submissive in the right situation and my employment here caters for both sides of my personality. When I started my employment here, both Alicia and Isabella were somewhat disbelieving when I told them that my dominant side could be quite strong, so I decided to prove it to them. If they wanted to find out just how good I was, they both had to submit themselves to me completely from dawn until dusk and I could do what I wanted with them.”

That sounds surprising that they would both allow such a thing to happen, although looking at you now, the power within you is clear.

“I do not want to go into details about what happened on that day, but both Alicia and Isabella were shocked, surprised and very satisfied when the sun set and from time to time they wanted to be joint captives for a day under my control. I don’t have much time to do everything to you that I have learnt, but I can give you a taste of my skills before it gets too dark.” Collette said as she knelt in front of the captive who squealed as the most intimate areas of her body were caressed. “However, I think that your flames of lust need to be stoked up to maximum before I start the first part of your torment.”

What you are doing to me is an erotic torment on its own and you know that I will be begging and pleading for fulfilment before long as you continue with your sexual teasing. After several minutes had passed, Cecyme was again writhing in her ropes while her hips were subjected to uncontrollable twitches as the ache increased in her tunnel of desire, with the captive knowing that there was no chance of having her flames doused in the short term. Please bring this to an end, please put a stop to my torture of lust! By this time, Cecyme’s need to have the fire between her legs put out reduced her to such a state, that between crying out in her need she begged and pleaded with her captor to provide her with the relief that she was so desperate for.

“Do not worry my sexually suffering slave, as I will provide you with end to this torment before too long, although it will be on my terms.” Collette said as she lifted her hands up so that she could place the tips of her fingers just above the armpits of the lady who was starting to worry about what was going to happen next. “I see that you are getting nervous about what I am about to do to you and you do have good cause for concern, given what my plans are.”

This must be when you start to practise your horrible tortures on me and I am powerless to resist you when the torment starts. What are you going to- nononono! There was a long scream from the captive when Dominatrix Collette landed the gentlest of touches with her fingers on the armpits on the prisoner’s armpits.

“This is the softest of tickles, my slave. Just imagine what I can do when I press hard.”

(To Be Continued)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 32

 “Why are you looking so confused, Bunny?” Kǒngbù said “I would have thought that even you would know what bunnies are famous for and it will be interesting to see just what we can do with you.”

Cassidy’s level of fear increased when she began to comprehend what her two captors meant and she started to wonder how she could get out of this predicament, or even if it was at all possible. You can’t injure me physically after your promise, but the only thing this has done is forced you to become more imaginative as to what you two will do to me. Your reference is to mythic rabbit sexuality which suggests that you are going to treat me in a way which will not harm my body, but will harm my mind by humiliating me. Whatever you have planned, I’m not going to just stand here and let you hurt me without putting up some kind of a fight. No! Although the bit-gag prevented the captive from speaking in an intelligible manner, the bar did nothing to stop her from shrieking when Kǎodǎ put her arms around the bunny girl in bondage.

“You are such a sexy bunny.” Kǎodǎ said as she started to move her hands up and down the back of the prisoner in a slow manner and although the helpless woman did her best not to show just uncomfortable this was making her, there was a slight shiver in response to the touch of her captor. “The poor cute bunny appears to be a little cold, even though I’m doing my best to warm her up. I can only think that I am not trying hard enough and I will have to put more effort into stopping her from getting a chill.” There was a gasp from the bound bunny girl as she felt the arms of her captor tighten around her and she cringed inside as she felt Kǎodǎ’s breasts press against her own.

Stop it, please just stop it!

“This is a wonderful idea and we should have done this earlier.” Said Kǒngbù “After all, there is the saying about make love, not war.” As the other sister who was holding the leash spoke, she walked around to behind the captive and the lady was hugged so tight that she could feel the sister’s front force itself her back. “This feels so good sister, I just love cuddling our cute and constrained bunny girl as it gives me such a warm feeling inside.”

You two are doing this just because you know that I don’t want it to happen. The worst part about this is that in a way you two are Madam Sǐwáng’s daughters, even though none of you comprehend it consciously. However, you can see how much your leader likes me, so in some way you know what to do in order to inflict some kind of humiliation on me. Cassidy twisted and turned her upper body as best she could, her actions were futile against the grip of the two sisters who she was sandwiched between and the only thing that she succeeded in doing was rub her body against theirs. It would have been better for me if I had just remained still.

“I think that we have ended up frightening the poor helpless bunny even more, Kǒngbù." Kǎodǎ pulled away from the helpless captive. “Perhaps we should let our timid woodland creature have a few minutes rest before we continue.”

“We want the restrained rabbit to like us, so I agree.” Kǒngbù said as she walked around the defenceless lady so that she could stand to the left of her companion and the prisoner noticed that the sister’s grip on the end of the leash was very loose.

If I give a harsh pull with my neck, I should be able to dislodge the leash from Kǒngbù’s hand and make a run for it, even though I will be captured in the end. The only thing to worry about is whether or not you two will make things even worse for me once I am caught and subdued. However, if you take too long before you bring me in front of your leader, she may end up becoming suspicious and bring an end to your fun. One thing is for sure, things will become worse after this break, which is just an extra tool to torment me as I stand here waiting. Cassidy knew that whichever decision she made was fraught with peril, but just doing nothing would make her predicament worse anyway, as the situation would more unpleasant in a few minutes. There is nothing to do but try, as you two are going to make me suffer anyway.

“Look at the poor little animal Kǎodǎ, it’s still a little scared, even after all the love we have given her.”

“When we start again, we will have to be even closer and work harder at taming the timid beast. I’m sure that we can soothe her all over in some very special areas in an effort to reduce her tension.”

I really don’t have any choice as you are going to torture me in a way that won’t cause me any visible injury. My only hope is to use up time by causing you trouble and hope that I can delay you long enough that Madam Sǐwáng will notice that something is wrong. After Cassidy took a deep breath so that she could steady her nerves, the defenceless woman jerked her body to the left as she turned in that direction and she didn’t even check to see if the leash had been pulled out of Kǒngbù’s hand before she started running, but within a moment she realised that her action had been successful. If this had failed with Kǒngbù continuing to hold onto the leash, I would be on the floor right now and the most likely result of that would be that I would have hurt myself in some way.

“Cassandra, you’ll pay for this! Kǎodǎ, you chase after her while I get the bag.”

“Okay Kǒngbù. You are going to suffer for your misbehaviour, you disobedient creature!”

As the defenceless woman continued to run, she could hear one soft set of footsteps following behind her and they were joined by a second pair just a few seconds later which meant that both of the ladies were following her. Given what you have planned for me, I am going to suffer anyway, so there isn’t any incentive for me to remain in place or stop running. With two against one, I know that I am doomed to failure in the end anyway, but every second that delays you could prevent something horrible from happening to me. When the bound captive glanced over her right shoulder, she could see that the two women were gaining on her with Kǎodǎ closer than Kǒngbù who was carrying the equipment bag. I notice that you two seem to be focusing on me to the point that you are ignoring anything else. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage, but I’ll only have one chance at this, which I will have to time it just right and you will not make the mistake a second time as you will be more cautious from then on.

It was just a few seconds later when the woman looked behind her again for a moment and Kǒngbù was right behind her sister, with the two captors catching up so that they were close behind her. However, while Cassidy was being chased, she had changed direction a little to her left so that the next wide column was going to almost brush against the upper part of her left arm and just after she had gone past it, she made as sharp a turn to the left as possible. This action did have the effect that Cassidy was hoping for, as the two pursuers ended up changing direction so that they went straight towards the column and it was too late for them to avoid the structure. Although Kǎodǎ managed to stop just short of the pillar, she was unable to go around it because her sister was unable to stop in time and pressed her against the structure which left her unable to move.

It worked even better than I expected as you two are going to need to take a few seconds to sort themselves out before they can even think of chasing after me again, but you are not going to be fooled by this again so I have to make the most of this one opportunity. The helpless woman managed to maintain her speed as she put some distance between the her captors, but when she checked on what was happening a few seconds later, they had got themselves into a position which would allow them to chase her again and they were side by side as they set after her for a second time. You are going to catch up with me again before long, so I should aim for somewhere where I at least have a chance of getting a minimal defence. While the two ladies were starting to close the gap between themselves and the woman they were chasing, the prisoner saw that she was running straight for the wall and she realised that this would be the best place to make her stand.

If I keep away from the wall you will be able to keep on opposite sides and it will be very easy for one of you to grab me, which means that I can be overpowered in seconds. If my back is to the wall, I can at least force you to come at me from the front and this might give me a few more seconds of relative freedom before I am restrained further, with you proceeding with your humiliation. As the captive approached the wall, another glance let her know that the two women were getting close and she slowed down before turning around so that her back was pressed against the wall. Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù also slowed down as they came closer to the woman that they were pursuing and they stopped about two yards away from the captive in bondage.

“Your attempt to escape was futile in the end, but because of your misbehaviour the situation is going to be much worse for you.” Kǎodǎ said as she moved so that she was on the right of the helpless woman while the other sister went in the other direction.

“Yes Cassandra.” Kǒngbù said, moving to Cassidy’s left. “We were going to only take your suffering up to a certain level, but actions like this call for a very severe punishment.”

As if you two weren’t going to do this to me anyway. You two are trying to make me cower so that it will make your work easier, but it isn’t going to happen this time. That’s why you are staying at a distance at the moment, because it might not be so easy to charge at me while I can face you, even though my arms are bound behind my back. Although the  other two ladies were apart from each other by about four feet, Cassidy did her best to monitor her captors’ actions as timing would be of the essence when one of them made their move and it was a surprise to her that she still wasn’t attacked a quarter of a minute had had passed. You are far more unsure than before as you are unable to get on both sides of me like previous captures. For the first time, you two are on the defensive.

It was Kǎodǎ who rushed forward first, but seeing as the captor gave no indication that she was going to move, the action took Kǒngbù by surprise which left them unable to act as a team. This proved to be an advantage for Cassidy at this moment as she only had to deal with one of her captors and as Kǎodǎ moved, the prisoner lifted her right leg up in an instinctual act of self defence which left her foot about mid thigh height. In previous situations, this would have been the most foolish thing that the captive had done as she would have just fallen over, but seeing as the lady had her back to the wall the circumstances were very different. As Cassidy’s leg was almost straight, Kǎodǎ ended up forcing herself against the shoe of the helpless woman because of her momentum and the stiletto heel dug deep into her muscle of her right thigh.

There was a loud scream as the captor stepped back and she collapsed on the floor just a moment later, as she held her thigh in both hands while shouting something in what seemed to be Mandarin. I can’t believe it, my arms are restrained and I’m gagged, but I actually managed to stop you in your tracks. For the next few seconds Cassidy stared in her surprise at the lady on the floor and this proved to be a mistake as it allowed Kǒngbù to move before the captive could react. It took just a second for the second captor to reach the prisoner and take hold of her around the waist, which meant what the helpless lady was unable to use this moment to run.

“Keep hold of the whore. Do not let her escape!” Kǎodǎ screamed out as she still rolled around on the floor while clutching onto her leg and Kǒngbù responded by forcing her body against the prisoner so that she was pressed against the wall.

Damn, I should have started running instead of standing here staring and now Kǒngbù has got a grip on me which I may not be able to escape. Cassidy struggled as much as she could given her present state of bondage and she did her best to kick at the woman who held onto her, but she was unable to land any effective blows with her feet. I might be able to force you to let go of me though and I don’t think that Kǎodǎ is going to do any running for a while. If I only have one person chasing me, I may be able to prolong this for some time and Madam Sǐwáng will be wondering what will be happening.

“Kǒngbù, you have to force this harlot to the floor and sit on top of her, otherwise she is going to escape!” Kǎodǎ said as she managed to sit still on the floor for the first time since her leg was hurt and Kǒngbù positioned her legs so that Cassidy was forced off her centre of balance.

It’s too late now, if I don’t let you force me to the ground with some degree of control, I am going to fall to the ground and I will probably be injured in the process. I can always continue my struggle on the floor as Kǎodǎ is still hampered with that thigh and I may be able to delay this a little longer. Knowing that she could end up getting hurt in a fall if she continued to struggle at the moment, Cassidy halted her fight and allowed herself to be made to lie face down on the floor by Kǒngbù. Once the bound woman was on the floor, however, she put up as massive a struggle as she could muster, even kicking her feet backwards and forwards as hard as she could, but the captive was unable to dislodge the woman who was sitting on her back and facing her feet.

“Thank you Kǒngbù, Now we can apply the first part of Cassandra’s punishment. Just hold onto her right foot and keep it in place. I doubt that I will be able to stand for a few minutes, but I can still use my hands.” Although the prisoner did her best to keep kicking with her legs, her right ankle was held in a vice-like grip as her foot was pulled towards her bottom. “Here’s a little something to punish you, whore.”

What are you going to do to my legs? As the helpless woman was face down and Kǒngbù was in the way, the captive was unable to see what was happening but she felt something being placed right behind her knee before a rope was wrapped ten times around her right thigh and ankle. That’s a relief, I thought that whatever they put behind my knee was going to be used to torment meEE! Four cinched were applied around the rope between the thigh and ankle and when this was tightened, the steel ball that had been placed behind the captive’s knee forced so much pressure on the joint that Cassidy cried out through her bit-gag. You’ve lit a fire in my knees with this frog-tie! Once the ends of the rope were tied off, her left foot was held by Kǒngbù who pulled it so that it pressed against her cheek, before another ball was placed behind her knee and another rope was used to bind her left leg in the same way as her right, which caused her to shriek out for a second time.

“I am so looking forward to this, you piece of scum and making you suffer is going to bring me great pleasure. Kǎodǎ, now that the whore’s legs are bound and she is unable to put up an effective fight, I want you to turn her around so that she is on her back, and then kneel with your legs on either side of her head while holding her shoulders down.”

There was nothing the restrained lady could do to prevent herself from being placed onto her back by the captor and once Kǒngbù was in position with her hands on Cassidy’s shoulders, the captive knew that she was in a position of complete helplessness. Her fear turned into terror as Kǎodǎ knelt down, placed a hand on each of her knees before forcing her legs wide apart and the look on the captor’s face left Cassidy in no doubt as to what was going to happen. “Now, your body is mine to play with.”

No, for the love of- please NO!

(Is there any hope left for the helpless Cassidy? To Be Continued.)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 31

As Cecyme rested in her bonds with her head down, she was oblivious of how much time had passed since she had experienced the unusual orgasm that had been provided for her by her captor. You are very skilled with your feet, Collette, but I have a feeling that soon you are going to show me just how you can make me suffer as well.

“Oh good, I see that the captive Cecyme has roused from her orgasm, so it is time for the next part of your initiation at my hands. However, this will have to wait for a while as you will have to return the favour by pleasuring me.”

Pleasure you? How is this even possible seeing as my arms are tied together with my wrists bound to the bars on the gazebo and my legs are wrapped up in a very ornate frogtie. This bondage is so restrictive that I am unable to move from the spot so I don’t see how I can bring you to the peak of ecstasy while I am stuck in this position.

“You appear to be puzzled by my comment and I presume that it must be due to your present state of helplessness. However, you do not need your arms or legs to take me to the peak of pleasure, as all you need to do is make use of your mouth and tongue with you just kneeling there in your bondage.”

There is nothing I can do to you while I am immobilised like this and I certainly cannot reach you with my mouth or tongue which means that the very idea is-. Oh, I forgot about that particular quirk of yours. Cecyme realised just what Collette was referring to when the maid placed the ends of her feet into the small space between the captive’s raised arms and her neck. You want me to use my mouth to provide some sort of caress to your feet, which should take you to ecstasy as you can orgasm with just these being attended to.

“I can see by the expression on your face that you understand what you need to do in order to serve me correctly, but I do not want you to just rush and try your hardest immediately as it will not be anywhere near as good as if you take your time. Your first task is to lick and kiss the soles of my feet and you must be gentle as well as  slow about it. I realise that you are unable to kiss well owing to the fact that the gag forces your lips apart and your bondage prevents you from effectively touching any other area apart from my toes, but this will still pleasure me.” Collette lifted her right foot up from resting on the shoulder of the helpless captive before she placed it at an angle so that it was almost flat against Cecyme’s face, which meant that it was in easy reach of her mouth.

You must have washed your feet before coming out here, for which I am most thankful and there hasn’t been enough time for you to accumulate any grass stains so that there are only a few spots of dust on your feet. I must remember that I have to be slow with my actions, so that I can provide you with the most enjoyment. Although the helpless lady knew that there was nothing that she should be worried about, the woman was more than a little tentative as she pressed her parted lips against the sole of Collette’s right foot. However, as soon as the damsel’s lips made contact with Collette’s foot, there was an immediate effect when the maid giggled and the flexing of her toes was obvious to the prisoner. That shows just how sensitive your feet are to anything touching them.

Cecyme decided that it was time to apply the tip of her tongue to the maid’s sole and when she did this there was another titter from the woman who was in charge of her present state of captivity. If I manage to do this correctly, perhaps I will be able to tease you by taking you to the edge and keep you there for a while without allowing you to obtain any release. Seeing as the helpless lady realised that there was nothing to be worried about, she started to lick up and down the woman’s foot in an slow and gentle manner while pressing her lips against the skin in soft kisses. Interspersed with the little bouts of giggling that escaped the maid’s mouth were soft sighs, which was proof that the actions were proving to be arousing as well and the woman was finding impossible to keep herself still on the chair.

After this had continued for a while, the maid withdrew her foot which was placed back on the prisoner’s left shoulder, before she lifted up her left foot so that the sole could be presented to the mouth of the captive. When Cecyme started to stoke this foot with her tongue while kissing it, she added another action by creating a small seal with her mouth and sucking at that particular location. This was shown to be effective when the sighs of the maid were transformed into moans and at one point, Collette almost poked her big toe into Cecyme’s right eye.

“Sorry about that, my sexy slave, but you have managed to catch me by surprise with that new trick. However, it does show just how innovative you can be in situations like this, which is a good sign for when you will be our mistress again as you will be able use your imagination on us.”  Louder sighs and moans punctuated Collette’s talking as the captive continued with the kisses which were accented by the soft strokes from her tongue and these were only brought to a brief halt as the maid exchanged one foot for another. This situation went on for a while as the maid become more aroused by the actions of her captive, until both feet were placed on the shoulders of the helpless woman.

I hope that I haven’t done anything wrong as I had been following your instructions and you did give every indication that you were enjoying what I was doing to you.

“We have reached the point where this moves onto part two.” Collette said as she angled her feet while they were on Cecyme’s shoulders and moved her left foot so that the ends of her toes pressed against the soft flesh of the captive’s cheeks. “Your next duty is to lick between the toes of my feet as this will provide even greater pleasure.”

Are you joking, do you really want me to stick my tongue between your toes? It’s one thing to lick your soles, but it is completely different to apply myself to the small spaces that exist between each of your toes as it conjures up all kinds of horrible possibilities.

“Do not look like that, Cecyme, as my feet are clean and you have nothing to worry about when you pleasure me like this. Should you refuse to continue with your duties as a slave, I will have no choice but to provide certain encouragements which will make you think that it is a good idea to obey my instructions.”

I don’t want to get punished for an act of disobedience and I am certain that you wouldn’t want me to do anything that would be very unpleasant at this stage of what might as well be considered as my initiation, so it would be sensible of me to at least try. Although the restrained woman did her best not to let herself show any expression, her face did indicate that she was about to perform something very distasteful as she slipped her tongue between Collette’s little toe and the next one up. She did discover that the taste was more than a little uncomfortable and there was a strong taste of salt which must have been due to sweat, but the bound woman realised that she was able to cope with this so long as it didn’t get much worse.

“I told you that you would be able to deal with this, my cute captive.” Collette said as she started to giggle when the tongue pressed between another pair of her toes. “I had no desire to punish you, but disobeying in such a way would have left me no other choice but to take disciplinary action. However, as you can imagine I have no problem in doing this to other ladies, no matter what the condition of their feet and this will give you the opportunity to test my limits when you have me at your mercy.”

That is something to consider when the weekend is over which will leave me as the one in charge again and it would make a very enjoyable act of revenge for forcing me to do this. After a few minutes had passed, helpless woman had grown used to the taste or at least was able to tolerate it better and she was able to press with more force as she cleaned the gaps between the toes of the French Maid. Collette’s response was to change from giggling to laughing and the woman had to hold onto her chair to keep herself in place.

“You are becoming most proficient at this, my sexy slave and I will have to let you know how it feels to have your own feet treated in this manner.” There were louder moans escaping from the woman’s mouth when she wasn’t laughing and the twitches of her hips was proof to Cecyme that her current captor was becoming very aroused at the treatment that she was receiving.

When Collette exchanged her feet so that the left was resting while the right was the target of the tied lady’s tongue, an idea formed in Cecyme’s mind about what she should do next. Soon, you will probably want me to kiss and suck at your toes, so instead of waiting for you to give me the order to do so, perhaps I should surprise you by taking your big toe into my mouth. There shouldn’t be any problems about doing this and I doubt that you will punish me for being just a little adventurous. Rather than move straight to the big toe of the maid, Cecyme worked her tongue between each toe in turn so that Collette would become further aroused, but there came a point when the prisoner had cleaned the final gap before the big toe.

There is a small risk in doing this, but you don’t seem to be the type of person who would make me suffer for nothing, so I should make the attempt. When the restrained woman finished licking the final gap on the foot, she didn’t halt but instead the lady enveloped the big toe in her gagged mouth while she continued to lick the space as best she could before running her tongue over the toe. A loud squeal escaped the mouth of the maid which let the helpless woman know that she had taken the loving to the next level and even though Collette gripped onto the chair as if her life depended on it, this wasn’t sufficient to stop her hips from writhing in the seat. So, this must be the part that you love the most and my guess is that it shouldn’t be too long before you are taken to the peak of your desire, at which point I will stop and see how you react. I never expected to be this kinky though, sucking on a woman’s toes to make her orgasm.

“Oh, that is so wonderful slave Cecyme, just keep doing that with my big toes.” As the lady spoke, the tremor in her voice was another indication of how much she was being affected and her left leg was shaking a little as she lifted her other foot up to the mouth of the captive.

You are being affected by this much more than I realised, so I should take more time with what I am doing as I don’t want to end this too quickly.  Cecyme withdrew her mouth from the left foot so that she could work on pleasuring the maid by attending to her right big toe and she sucked and licked the appendage, but at a slower rate than before so that it would take longer for the captor to reach her erotic peak. By this time, Collette appeared to be in her own little world as she threw her head back and her moans grew louder with passing second while her pelvis made involuntary thrusts up from the seat of the chair. I don’t think that you will be saying anything to me for the time being as you are too preoccupied with the pleasure that you are receiving and it is going to be quite a surprise for you when I stop just as you are on the brink.

As the helpless woman continued with sucking, kissing and licking the big toes of the maid who was in charge of her, she kept a watchful eye on the lady so that she would be able to spot when the maid would be about to explode in pleasure. The last thing that I want to do, is miss when you are at the edge of ecstasy so that you end up in bliss, as I want to use this so that I can have a little fun with you. A warm feeling started to grow between the legs of the defenceless damsel, but she tried to ignore this new state of arousal as she needed to concentrate on the matter at hand. I didn’t expected to be end up with erotic feelings as a result of this, but it is happening anyway. I just hope that I don’t get frustrated as a result.

Although Cecyme did her best to ignore the flame of desire which burned in her most intimate area, there came a time when her own hips started to writhe of their own accord. However, she still managed to monitor how close her captor was to reaching the point when she would explode in pleasure and it seemed that the maid was just moments away from reaching the heights of ecstasy. I need to time this just right so that when I stop pleasuring you, it will have the maximum effect. If I halt too soon, you will just react by bringing yourself to bliss and if I am too late you will already be over the edge. However, if I stop at the right moment, you may be so wound up that you could forget that you can finish what I am doing to you. It was just about a minute later, when the bound lady noticed that the maid was just at that point when any further actions would result in Collette erupting in ecstasy.

Cecyme stopped sucking and licking the toes of her captor and pulled her head back as far as she could, given that her movements were restricted because of the bondage that had been used to retrain her arms. There was a cry of frustration from the maid when she realised that she had been prevented from reaching the moment of bliss and the feeling of lust was so strong inside her that she forgot about caressing herself to ecstasy. “Please Cecyme, please don’t do this to me! I need to come so badly!”

I have a feeling that you are going to make me pay for this act of disobedience once your state of reverie ends, so I might as well tease you for a second time. Collette was squirming in her chair when her captive took the right big toe into her mouth, but the sucking and licking were slower than before which meant that it took a little longer for the maid to be taken up to the edge again. However, when the maid was about to go over the precipice of pleasure so that she could plummet into her bliss, the captive stopped using her mouth for a second time which cause the woman to be driven to distraction.

“Let me come, please let me come!”

It’s time to bring you to ecstasy, otherwise you may make me suffer to the nth degree in revenge when you have recovered and I have taken enough of a risk by denying you twice. When the captive started the routine, instead of being even slower she worked as fast as she could so that the maid’s desire could be brought to fruition as soon as possible. It was just a few seconds later that Collette responded with a loud scream as her hands went white from her death hold on the chair and the prisoner was thankful that the maid’s feet were pulled back under the chair while her body twitched and convulsed. I didn’t think that playing with your feet would have such an effect on you, but you must be very sensitive. When I am the mistress again, I think that it may be interesting to have you placed in strict bondage and have one of the other maids to play with your feet for a few hours without allowing you to orgasm. However, for the moment I will have to wait until you recover and I have no doubt that you will make me suffer for this.

As the woman in bondage rested in her restraints, she had no idea how much time had passed, but Collette appeared to have roused from her resting state before walking around to the back of the helpless prisoner. “You have been a very bad slave, tormenting me like that and bad slaves need to be taught how to behave.” While the maid spoke, she untied one end of the rope that held Cecyme’s hands up in the air and pulled on it until the slave was lifted up so that she was just about touching the ground with her knees, before the end of the rope was tied off again.

“Now you are in the perfect position to be punished, you naughty captive.”

(To Be Continued)