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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 29

Seeing as Cassidy had no means of telling just how much time had passed since she had been made to fall over, she wasn’t able to work out how long it would be before the lead kidnapper would return. The two assistants were revelling in the torment that they were inflicting on the helpless lady and the captive knew that it would only be brought to an end when Madam Sǐwáng entered the warehouse area. You only said that you would be gone for a little while, but it seems like you have been away for hours while I have suffered at the hands of you assistants who regard themselves as your daughters.

“Kǒngbù, I doubt that we have long before our Mistress returns and when that happens we will have lost control over how we can torture this whore.”

“In that case, we should make the most of our remaining time and put this slut into something really horrible. Just listen to this idea.” Cassidy tried to get her best view of what the two sisters were doing, but her restrictions allowed her to just get the merest glimpse of Kǒngbù whispering in Kǎodǎ’s right ear, with the words being inaudible.

How can you make things worse for me than they already are? I would have thought that you two have taken this as far as it can go, but by now I should know better than to make such an assumption about what is going to happen to me. A sigh escaped the gagged lips of the helpless woman as the tension of the crotch rope decreased when it was untied from the vertical rope, but this did little to lessen the flame that was burning between her legs. There was more relief for the defenceless lady as she felt hands going over hers and the torments in her shoulders, hips and knees were reduced to a dull ache as the rope from the pole was untied from around her wrists. Although the captive knew that this period of relative comfort was only going to be temporary, she straightened her legs out as best she could, seeing as her feet were still wide apart.

“Kǎodǎ, I think that the arms of our captive need to be placed in a different position for the remainder of her time like this, which will fit into my plan.”

I knew that this moment was too good to be true and it was only so that you can make my life miserable again. I don’t know how you can put my arms in an even worse position though, as this has been as bad as that reverse prayer that I had to endure this morning. As Cassidy lay there on the floor, a pair of hands held her own hands in a harsh grip, while the cord that forced her wrists together were untied and this was followed by the rope that bound her elbows in place. Any chance of the woman being able to fight for her freedom disappeared in an instant, as her arms were pulled around to behind her back with her palms being placed together, while one of the captors still held her hands. One of the ropes was looped around her wrists a number of times with cinches added, so that it would grip tight with the material biting into her skin and the knot was tied in a place that was out of the reach of the captive’s fingers. Her elbows were pulled close together before the second rope was wrapped multiple times around the top of her forearms and the loops between her arms forced her elbows to touch, with her lower arms becoming parallel to each other.

Why have you bound my arms like this if you are planning something worse for me? After all, this is just like the way that my arms were bound when Madam Sǐwáng had me become her captive superheroine and that was uncomfortable but it was hardly a torture.

“Kǒngbù, we need to get our helpless victim onto her feet to prepare her for the next part of her horrible torment.” Kǎodǎ said and the prone Cassidy was gripped around her arms and body, before she was lifted up so that she was able to stand on her feet with her back to the post that her crotch rope had been bound to. As the prisoner looked up and stared ahead, she could see Kǎodǎ threading a very long blue rope through the bottom ring of the pillar in front of her.

I wonder how that will be used on me, but you have already made me walk along with a rope between my legs pressing against me, so I can’t see how this could be made any worse- OMG, what’s that? A moan escaped from the helpless lady’s gagged lips as the crotch rope rubbed against the most intimate part of her body and she looked over her right shoulder so that she could see what was happening to her. What the captive saw came as a shock, as Kǒngbù had threaded the end of the long rope that was hanging from the top ring through the bottom ring and it was bound to the end of the crotch rope. As the captor pulled on the other end of the long rope, Cassidy felt the pressure grow between her legs and to her horror, she had to lean her body forward as her bottom was pulled away from the vertical so that she could maintain her balance. However, once the helpless woman had done this there was an increase in the pull on the crotch rope, which that she had to bend over even more and the lady knew that if she stood upright, the result would be that she would fall over onto her back.

When the lady turned her head to the right in the hope of catching a glimpse of what was occurring behind her, she saw Kǒngbù tying the long rope tight which meant that the suffering captive was stuck in this position. It was impossible for Cassidy to remain still in her new stance and each little movement altered the pressure of the rope between her legs, which sent shocks through the most sensitive part of her body. It seemed that every exhale of the woman’s breath came out as a moan as her body experienced a continual teasing from the situation that she found herself in and she hoped that this would be all that was going to happen to her. Any hopes that the prisoner had disappeared when she was approached by Kǎodǎ, who was carrying the two ends of the long rope and she started to make muffled begging sounds as one end was tied to the cord that bound her elbows together.

“You are right about doing this to the woman who would steal our Mistress’s love away from us, Kǒngbù and we shall teach her just how bad an idea this is.”

There was a scream from the defenceless Cassidy as her hands were lifted a little way up into the air and when she turned her head around, she could just get a glimpse of Kǎodǎ looping the other end of the rope around her wrist bondage. Oh please, not again! As the assistant pulled harder on the free end of the rope, Cassidy was forced to bend over until her body was parallel to the floor, but this didn’t end there with her hands pulled further up into the air. There came a point where the arms of the helpless woman were almost vertical, which put a horrendous strain on her shoulder joints and she cried out in her torment when the rope was pulled tighter which forced her to bend over even more. When the free end of the rope was tied off, Cassidy’s head was a little closer to the floor than her waist was and her arms were off vertical with her hands above her head.

“This should be a superb strappado torture for our slut, Kǎodǎ.” Kǒngbù said as she retied the crotch rope, so that the pressure on the captive’s most sensitive area continued to be intense. “Any movement upwards that she makes will increase the pain in her arms and it will also cause the rope between her legs to rub against her body, which will create a double torment for her.”

I should have known better than to think that you couldn’t make the situation worse for me. It’s going to be impossible for me to keep absolutely still like this and every time that I try to move my body, it will just amplify the pain that I am already having to endure. It wasn’t long before the helpless woman discovered that she was unable to avoid moving and her involuntary actions were enough to increase the stress in her shoulders so that she shrieked in agony.

“It is such a lovely sight to see the helpless harlot torture herself, Kǒngbù and we should watch this for a while. After that I have an idea to make the situation of this useless woman even worse. Let me whisper it in your ear, so that we can keep it a secret from our slut.”

How can you- aaaah! Cassidy’s train of thought vanished in an instant as her body made another uncontrolled jerk and she cried out as pain shot through the joints of her shoulders. This also made the rope press against the area between her legs and the increased feeling there had a part to play in preventing her from keeping still. These little shocks in my hips are making me move against my will and creating a situation where pleasure is being used to inflict pain on me.

Each time Cassidy ended up moving in her bonds, she caused the lustful flame between her legs to grow and this is turn made her move more often so that she was caught in a form of torturous vicious circle. Before long, her world consisted of the intense desire and need for an erotic release, along with the horrific suffering that she was forced to endure as the spasms in her pelvic area forced her to move every half minute. Cassidy was either crying out in pain as her body jerked up a little, or she was moaning because of the fire of lust as the centre of her intimacy that needed to be quenched.

“Would you like us to untie the end of the rope that is looped around your wrists?” Kǎodǎ asked and Cassidy was so consumed by her current suffering that she nodded in response without thinking about how dangerous it was to answer a question like this from her two tormentors. “I will just prepare you before I untie the rope.”

There can be nothing worse than the torture that I am going through at the moment, so go ahead. The helpless woman closed her eyes and paid no attention to what was happening, until the feeling of rope around her neck alerted her to just how much danger she was going to be in. When the lady opened her eyes, she saw that the other end of the loose rope that was bound to the middle of the bamboo pole was being wrapped twice around her neck and she was in a state of terror as the loops were tightened, before a knot was tied at the front of her neck.

Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK, you’re going to kill me! If you untie the rope that goes around my wrists, my body will move up and the rope around my neck will strangle me! When Cassidy realised that she was in grave peril, she shook her head and started to beg though her gag in the hope that the two captors wouldn’t untie the rope to her wrists.

“Now it is time to untie that horrible rope that is keeping you all bent over, so that you can get some relief in your arms.” Kǎodǎ said as she stood upright and put her hands on the knot that held the rope fast around the wrists of the helpless woman who was becoming more frantic with every passing second.

Oh please no, don’t untie that knot, if you do this then I am going to die!.

“What is wrong, you useless slut, first you want this rope to be untied and now you want it to remain in place? You do not get to change your mind, so I am going to unravel this little piece of rope.” Despite the fact that the captor must have known what was going to happen when the rope was released, she started to untie the end while the horrified woman watched out of the corner of her eye. There was a scream from the captive when the last part of the knot was undone, as she expected her body to lift up, but she was very surprised when nothing happened. You are still holding onto the end of the rope so that my arms are still held in place, but this must be so that you can torture me a little more before you carry out my execution.

“Seeing as you appear to be unable to make your mind up about what you want, I think that it would be best if the matter was left in your own hands.” Kǎodǎ said and the fear stricken Cassidy felt rope being pressed against her clenched fists. “It would be a good idea for you to take hold of the rope before I let go of it, unless you would prefer something rather unfortunate to happen to you. The choice is yours, but I would advise you to make your decision very soon if you wish to keep breathing.”

As Cassidy took hold of the rope, she gripped it as though her very life depended on it and the woman had the terrible suspicion that this was the very situation that she was facing. You monsters! Instead of killing me yourselves, you have turned me into my own executioner as I doubt that I will be able to stay like this for much longer. Her worst fears about her predicament were confirmed when Kǒngbù whispered into her ear.

“Well slut, enjoy the rest of your life, which is going to be very short. If we decided to finish you off, then everyone would see it and we would be blamed by our moth- our Mistress. This way, it can be seen as a game that went too far and your death can be written off as an accident. Mistress will be all torn up about it, but we will be there to comfort her and make sure that all of her love goes to us in the future. I suspect that your arms already becoming weak and each spasm of your body will cause your grip to loosen or even release the rope.”

Just at this moment, Cassidy’s body jerked again due to the caress of the cord between her legs and a little length of rope slid between her fingers as she screamed in both agony and horror. Somehow, she managed not to let go of the rope altogether, but the loops around her throat became even tighter and it felt as if the cold hands of death were gripping around her neck. Oh God, all I have to do is have this happen just a few more times and I won’t even be able to breathe anymore. It’ll probably only take five minutes at the most for my life to end!

“We’ll enjoy watching your last struggles as you fight against the inevitability of your own demise and when it happens, we will pretend to go into a panic and run to our Mot- Mistress for help. Once she gets here, however, it will all be over for you as it will be too late to provide any kind of help.”

As Cassidy turned her head to the left, she watched on in despair as the two captors walked away from her, until they had travelled about fifteen feet where they turned around and they stood there laughing at the plight of the condemned prisoner. I thought that it would have been Madam Sǐwáng who was going to kill me, but it is you two that are behind it and in a way I am being made to bring an end to my own life. The feeling of horror and darkness were becoming so strong in her mind that she was wondering if it was easier just to let go of the rope so that she could put an end to this terrible insanity.

There was another involuntary movement of her body, with the improvised noose around her neck becoming tighter still as more rope escaped from her grasp and her piercing scream was accompanied by laughter from the two women who were enjoying her suffering. “That’s it slut, keep fighting against it.” Kǎodǎ said “You’ve got a lot of strength in those arms of yours.”

You are even pretending to the world that everything is okay, when you both know that I can’t hold onto this rope for much longer. I have no doubt that you two will take great joy in watching the life being choked out of me. After a few more minutes had passed, Cassidy body had moved up three more times as her arms continued to weaken and the cord was biting deep into her neck. This it is, I might as well close my eyes and wait for my life to end. Even if I don’t let go of the rope, I’m sure that the pressure of the rope will be enough to stop me from breathing, so there is no point in trying to hang on as it will be useless.

There was a long, despairing cry from the doomed woman as she felt her arms weaken further and she knew that it would be just a few seconds before her grip would loosen again, which would lead to her death...

(To Be Continued?)

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