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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 33

Pleasepleaseplease! Cecyme twisted and turned in her bonds as she shrieked with laughter when the nails of her captor performed a very soft rake against the sensitive skin at the base of her arms. While this continued, the helpless woman was unable to think in any kind of organised stream as her body jerked in an uncontrollable manner and it was only when Collette withdrew her fingers that the captive was able to relax in any way. If this is only the start of my torture in this way, I dread to think what it is going to be like when you bring this to its peak. After this part is over, my guess will be that you are going to show me how you use pain which will make this seem mild by comparison.

“This is just a little sample of how I can torment you in such a basic manner. When I was making love to you earlier, it was so that I can find out how your body responds in various areas, so that I would be able put this knowledge to use when I practise my other skills on you. My tiny demonstration just now was so that you can truly understand how good my control is. I will leave the soles of your feet alone for the time being as that would be like bombing fish in a barrel.”

As the helpless woman did her best to turn her head so that she could see where her captor was moving her hands to, she managed to get a glimpse of fingers moving down the sides of her thighs, just above her skin. Why are you going down there? After all, the most sensitive areas on my body are higher than that.

“Why are you looking so confused slave Cecyme? Oh, it is because you cannot understand why I am taking my hands down your body, but you will discover soon enough that I have a very good reason for this. However, I will not provide you with an explanation right now, as it would spoil your fun. Well, at least my fun, as you might not appreciate in the same way.”

I doubt that there is any area that will be as bad as the places that you have missed, so I can’t think of why you would want to keep it sec- nonono, stopstopstop! The body of the helpless woman twitched and jerked in her bonds again as she was being tickled, but her attempt to kick her legs forward were prevented by the grip of her captor’s hands around her calves that were just above her knees. It was only when there was a momentary gap in the tickling that Cecyme realised that the little fingers of the tormentor were rubbing against the back of the prisoner’s knees and this was what was causing her to shriek though the ring that held her mouth open while her body convulsed.

“Given your reaction to what I am doing, it is clear that no explaining is necessary about why I selected the location. It is impossible for you to move your legs out of the way while I am doing this, as the rest of my fingers hold your limbs in place, which makes this even more efficient than tickling your feet.”

As the tickling of the captive’s knees continued, there were times that she thought that her struggles would cause her legs to be strained at the hips as she thrust her body forward in an involuntary response. Any attempt at escaping the grasp of her tickler proved to be useless, but there was no other way that she could respond to the stimulus.

“I think that you need another short break from my fiendish fingers.” Collette said as she withdrew her hands from between the folded legs of the captive who managed to relax, although the helpless lady knew that it would be just a short respite before her suffering continued. “To be honest my tickle-torture victim, I was unsure about this being effective on you, but given your other responses there was a high chance of this area being ticklish as well. Now that I know that this area is vulnerable, I will be able to take advantage of it in all of my future games with you.”

If you had tickled my feet, I would at least have a chance of getting out of the reach of your fingers, even if it would be for just a moment. This method makes sure that I am unable to get out of reach of your fingers when you apply your skills to my legs. However, if you want to effectively tickle my feet, all you have to do is bind my ankles together before tying my ankles to my elbows. I hope that you don’t think of doing this to me, and owing to the fact that you haven’t already done this means that it hasn’t crossed your mind, so it isn’t going to happen.

“Having your victim screaming like a banshee all of the time is no fun at all and it can be quite stressful to the ears to have to put up with a continual shrieking. Plus, it requires no skill to make someone laugh like that, which means that it is hardly showing off my skills. The true talent in this type of situation is playing the victim like a musical instrument, with the goal of taking her to a crescendo in more ways than one.”

I hope that you are correct in what you say, as that would mean that I wouldn’t have to suffer at the same level all of the time. Your comment about more than one type of crescendo is a little puzzling as it must refer to being tickled as hard as possible for a long time. Although you have already made me shriek at your touch, I doubt that I have experienced the most intense torment that you have at your disposal. Cecyme’s train of thought was disrupted for a moment when the fingernails of the dominatrix scraped away at certain points on her back as even the sharp pressure at these locations were sufficient to be ticklish. It was enough to make her giggle as the captive twisted a little in her bonds, but at least it wasn’t overwhelming like the two previous assaults against her body and the distraction proved to be momentary. Compared to what you did to me before, this is quite soft, even though I cannot keep silent or still.

“See how gentle I can make this for you? If tickling is used right, it can be almost like a soft massage, albeit one that encourages you to move around, rather than relax and remain motionless. Then there is the other end of the spectrum, where I can perform such a ferocious tickle that you-, well perhaps it is better if you experience it for yourself so that you can understand just how much of a torture it can be.”

Whatever you do to me, it can hardly be worse than- AIEEE! As the captive let out a shriek that was so loud that she thought that she was going to deafen herself, it felt to her as if she was going to pull her arms out of her sockets with the massive convulsions that she was undergoing.

What was even worse to her, however, was that fact that her laughter halted after just a few seconds when the effort of trying to laugh was so intense that it prevented her from breathing in. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe! The terror that this invoked in the helpless woman managed to concentrate her thoughts into a consistent enough manner so that she was well aware of her current predicament. What also became clear to the captive was the fire in her chest, as the extraordinary tickling of her sides continued and as her struggles started to weaken, she was scared that she was going to fall unconscious before long from lack of oxygen. Trying to plead or beg for mercy from her captor proved to be impossible because of the situation that she found herself in and the only thing that the powerless lady could do was nod her head back and forth as far as she could with as much speed as possible. Please stop, I’m going to die!

“That is how far I can take this type of action and you can understand just how much torture I can inflict by using the tips of my fingers to tickle you.” Collette said as she pulled her fingers away from the sides of the tormented woman and this allowed the captive to breathe again, with her taking in as much air as she could so that she could recover from her ordeal before more torments would be inflicted on her. “It was also necessary to show you that I was monitoring your condition, so that you would not come to any harm. Unless I want to employ this particular technique in torturing you, any future applications of this intensity will be momentary at best as it can be very stressful.”

At least you know what you are doing, so there is no reason to think that I am in any danger while I am your prisoner. However, I do not want to repeat an experience like this anytime soon. After a few minutes, the semi-suspended lady’s breathing slowed down to its usual pace and the captive was able to relax a little better in her bonds, although she knew that her torment would continue because she was back to normal.

“Now I think that it is time to continue with tickling my sweet slave.” The Dominatrix said and Cecyme tensed her body as she knew that it would be no more than a few seconds before she would be once again squirming under the touch of her captor’s fingers.

Here we go again. Just as before, it was impossible for the restrained woman to remain still while certain areas of her back were target’s by Collette’s skilful touch, but it was just to the level of low giggles and a little squirming. I doubt that you will stay as this level for long, as I suspect you will want to see me put up a hard struggle. This suspicion proved to be true when the dominatrix moved her hands to the sides of the vulnerable captive who could do nothing but catch brief glimpses if what was happening as she attempted to turn her head. I don’t think that it will be anywhere near as bad as when I was being asphyxiated by tickling, but seeing as this is a form of torture I am going to be made to suffer. Nononono!

When the skilful finger’s of Cecyme’s assailant brushed against the soft skin on either side of her body, she was unable to stop herself from laughing out loud as the squirming in her bonds increased to a strenuous level. Notagain, notagain! As the woman pulled against the cords that bound her arms, she became aware that the muscles were starting to ache a little from her futile attempts to pull herself free. After a few minutes, Collette softened her strokes so that the tormented lady could relax a little and the prisoner tried to make as much use of this time as she could, although she know that her captor was going to make things even worse for her.

When Collette increased the pace of her tickling increased, the captive could notice how intense the tickling was by the alteration of her own involuntary responses, rather than by the actual pressure against her skin. This could change within seconds, which was reflected in Cecyme’s movements along with the tone and strength of her laughter and it did seem to her as though she was being played like a musical instrument. As the tormenting increased, there were moments when the helpless woman ended up kicking her legs up from the floor in response to the tickling, which was the only free movement that she had left.

“Now that you have experienced how I have tickled you on other parts of your body, maybe it is time to concentrate on those sexy soles of yours.” As the Dominatrix spoke she stopped tickling the sides of the bound lady, which allowed the suffering prisoner to put her knees back on the ground, but she knew that this would just allow easier access to her feet. “Ah you are in the right position for a little foot torture.” There was a pause of a few seconds before Collette raked her fingernails over the sensitive soles of the lady in front of her, whose reaction was to take her legs up so that her feet were out of reach of the captor. “Well, I cannot blame you for doing that, even though it makes tormenting you harder. However, there is a price to be paid for doing this Cecyme. There is no need to worry about me doing anything to you as you will do it to yourself.”

A muffled cry escaped the gagged mouth of the woman as she realised what her captor was talking about, as the ache in her arms increased to an intolerable level in moments when they took on the task of providing the only support for her body. I have to let you either tickle my feet, or I suffer from the increasing fire in my shoulders. I’m going to have to find a way to minimise my torment at your hands and also work out how to avoid your fingers as much as possible without feeling as if I am going to dislocate myself. After a few more seconds, Cecyme put her legs back down so that she could take some of the strain off her arms, but this put the soles of her feet back within reach of the woman who was making her suffer.

“Why thank you, my slave.” Collette wasted no time in continuing the torment as she tickled her captive’s feet as hard as possible so that she could inflict the maximum torment in the shortest amount of time. Even though Cecyme did her best to withstand the tickling, her resolve gave in after about half a minute and she lifted her frogtied legs into the air until the ache in her arms grew to such a degree that she had no other choice but to use her legs for support.

If this goes on for much longer, I could end up hurting my arms in a big way. I just hope that you realise this before it’s too late, Collette.

“That trembling in your arms is becoming very pronounced, Cecyme. It shows that you are pushing yourself to the limit by trying to avoid my tickling, and Mistress Isabella will be most upset if you end up getting hurt. This means that I will have to stop tickling you in this way, otherwise I am guaranteed to get into trouble.”

This means that I have won! I can’t believe that you would give up so easily, but perhaps you should have put me in a spread eagle which would have made it easier for you. What are you doing now? The helpless woman was caught by surprise as the dominatrix moved around to her front in one smooth movement before keeling so that her legs were on either side of the captive’s. Next, the helpless lady’s spirits sank as Collette’s arms reached behind her and there was the familiar sensation of rope being wrapped around the captive’s ankles before it was cinched, tightened and knotted off. Another rope was tied to Cecyme’s ankles before the captor went around to behind her back and the additional strain on the restrained woman’s elbows showed that the other end of the rope was tied off there. I won’t be able to move my legs forward now.

Cecyme tried her best to kick up her legs, but the now rope was so tight that she couldn’t even move her knees up from the ground and she let out a despairing howl as she realised that she had been outwitted. “Oh Cecyme, did you think that this was not part of my plan all along? The Mistress who taught me this, explained that I should let the prisoner think that they had a chance and were winning in some way. This makes it all the more sweet when you show that they were deluded and no chance existed. With your legs restrained like this, your feet are just as accessible as the rest of your body and no amount of struggling can help you now.”

You let me think that I was going to get out of this, when it has just been a big trick all along. Nooooo! Although the prisoner tried to squirm out of the way of her captor’s fingers, the new restraints made it impossible, even when her feet were subjected to a sustained assault. Collette varied the speed of her tickles, along with the intensity and location, but the torment was continuous which meant that Cecyme was distracted from was also happening to her body.

“My dear Cecyme, you must have no idea what is about to happen to you, even though it is clear to me how your body is reacting. This is going to make what is going to occur so much more amusing.” As the dominatrix slowed her tickling down to a level that the prisoner could put together a coherent stream of thought, she started to laugh which puzzled the helpless lady.

what can you possibly be talking about? I can feel nothing but the effects of your tick- oh my God, Oh My God OHMYGODDDDDD!

There was a different scream this time from the captive Cecyme, not one of laughter, but the drawn out cry of an intense orgasm...

(To Be Continued)

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