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Monday, 11 January 2016

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 25

At this moment, Petra didn’t know what was worse: The fact that she was being tormented by her own body, or that her time with Goddess had been no more than a dream which left an ache in her heart from the loss. Please, I need to see you again, I have to get back to sleep! Although the captive had a most desperate desire to dream again, she knew that in her present state of arousal that this was going to be impossible and even if this wasn’t a problem, the movement of Diana above her would prevent her from going back to sleep.

After a few seconds had passed for the helpless lady, however, her primary concern was no longer to get back to sleep but rather how she was going to find a way of sating her intense desire. It was almost as if her body had a will of its own as it forced itself against that of the woman above her and there were moans from both of the ladies, as this act served to fan the flames of lust inside their bodies. You have probably had a dream in which you were held in bondage and it has left you in the same predicament as I find myself in. Given what has happened to us, the chances of us both being able to calm down would be impossible. Our only chance is to stimulate each other so that we can tip our bodies over the edge and achieve relief in that way. As the woman was still not in complete awareness of her surroundings owing to her just having woken up, she attempted to talk to Diana about her idea, only to create a series of garbled sounds as the large ball-gag which filled her mouth performed its purpose of preventing her from producing any recognisable words.

Damn! I should have remembered just how secure my gag was and that I have no way of telling you about what I have in mind. My only hope is that you understand what I am doing and that you will be able to respond. Petra extended her fingers so that she could touch the hands of the woman who was restrained above her and after a few seconds, she was able to slip her fingers between those of her fellow captive with them gripping each other’s hands hard. At least we can touch each other, even if it is just restricted to our hands. There was a sensation on the left cheek of the prisoner and after a moment or two she realised that she was being nuzzled by the nice, so the lady decided to respond in the same way.

Although it was difficult as she was pressed against the bed by the weight of the lady above her, Petra was above to move her body a little from side to side and her already erect nipples brushed against that of Diana’s with them both emitting soft cries of pleasure at this new sensation. It seemed to take Diana more than a moment to realise what was happening, but once she did the niece started to move her body from side to side so that their breasts caressed each other which added more fuel to the flames between their legs. Yes, I think you understand, this is the only way that we will be able to get free from the lust that is burning us up.

Both ladies continued this action for a few minutes with them pressing and moving their breasts, but they realised that although it increased the heat of their lust it only took it to a certain point and no further. We have ended up tormenting ourselves even more with this action and something else needs to be done if we are prevent this erotic torture of our bodies. In the hope that this action would provide the necessary stimulation so that they could be brought to the peak of pleasure, Petra started to thrust her Mound of Venus up against that of her fellow captive.  I hope that this works, otherwise we will be crying out for relief before long. Once the lady had thrust upward three times, Diana must have understood what was occurring and she began to press her mound down in rhythm to the damsel below her.

If we can’t get this to succeed, both of us are going to be in big trouble. With each new thrust, the feeling of desire in their flowers of lust increased. However, just as when they rubbed their upper bodies, the change only went so far and the two ladies discovered that this wasn’t going to do anything more than make their situation worse than before. We are both so close, but we need more! This is not going to do it, but I have run out of ideas! Petra squirmed on the bed as the need to obtain some kind of relief overwhelmed her and her body made senseless movements from the drive to add more sensation to her body. It was because of this that she failed to notice what Diana was doing as she was preoccupied with her own situation and it took a third sharp jolt to her lips of lust to draw her attention to what was happening.

You’re lifting yourself up as far as you can go, so that you can force our crotch-ropes to become as tight as possible! That’s it; this is going to be the way that we can end the torment of our bodies and get some rest before Kendra releases us from the bed! As soon as Petra worked out the pattern that Diana was using in her movements, Petra copied her with the woman pushing herself as much as she could into the mattress so that the crotch-rope could be made to be as taught as possible and with each new tug, the two women got ever closer to that point when they would be overwhelmed with bliss.

However, Petra screamed out in despair when she realised that no matter how hard they tried, the two captives had ended up just short of that magical moment, but they were unable to do anything more than scream for help as they were betrayed by their own bodies which continued to thrust up and down on the bed. We were both so close, but we have ended up making our situation as bad as it could possibly be with our denied pleasure acting as a torment for both of us. Diana, what is happening to you? Nonononono!

The screams of laughter that escaped the gagged mouth of the niece took the helpless woman by surprise and for a few seconds, she tried to work out what was occurring to the lady above her. A few seconds was all she had before she experienced intense tickling on her feet and it was her turn to scream with the full power of her lungs while she strained against her bonds. Stop, stop, stop stop! It may have been about ten seconds before the strength of the tickling subsided to a point where the damsel could breathe properly and she managed to collect her thoughts to a point that she could realise what was going on.

Kendra, it must be you! Unless someone else has broken into the house, but my guess is that the building must be quite sturdy, so the chances of it being anyone else is slim. As soon as the tickling stopped on Petra’s right foot, Diana joined her fellow prisoner in laughing with both ladies squirming against each other on the bed as the person that she presumed was Kendra continued to torment them. For the next few minutes the tickling alternating between each of the ladies’ left and right feet and the strength varied, although it didn’t reach the level of when the captives were tickled at the start. This is just adding to our torture, as at least when you started the tickling blocked out everything else, but now you’re just adding this to the suffering because of the fire in our intimacy. When the tickling stopped, the two ladies laughter changed to moans of desire which were punctuated with them begging and pleading her help while they writhed on the bed in their frustration.

“In normal situations I would have said wakey, wakey, but the both of you were wide awake in the first place, so I didn’t need to bother.” Kendra said from what seemed to be the foot of the bed. “I checked on you two late last night to make sure that you were okay and you looked so cute. I left the door ajar because I was sure that your desire would be your alarm clock, and I left my door open so that I would be able to hear you.”

When did you wake up and how long have you been watching us suffer like this?

“I was woken up by a cry which I presumed was from you, Petra and this was accompanied by some moaning which must have been from my niece. I put my dressing gown on and hurried to this room as quickly as I could as I wanted to see as much as possible. Seeing the two of you going through such a delightful torture was such an exquisite experience, especially when you started to work together so that you could try and work your way up to a climax. The moment when you brushed your erect nipples and the way they flipped was so funny that I just managed to stop myself from laughing.”

You must have been here for most of the time that I was awake and enjoying every second of it.

“When my nice worked out that she could put the crotch-ropes to use, I was wondering if I had tied you so close that you would be able to apply enough pressure so that you could bring yourselves to orgasm. However, it seems that I had tied the ropes with just the right level of tightness, so that you have been left in a state of extreme denial. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get dressed and prepare breakfast, so I’ll leave you two ladies to your fun.”

No, you can’t leave us like this! We need to have our torture brought to an end, I can’t take any more of this. Petra didn’t know what muffled words Diana was using, but given the sense of urgency and the pleading tone it was echoing her own begging for help. We need to be able to relax, at least for a while!

“Why, the both of you do seem to be in such a terrible predicament, as the only way I can sate the lust that is burning you up is to work on both of you at the same time, because doing this to just one of you would be unfair on the other. If only had one person to help, I could end this very quickly, but I am not sure that I will be able to provide as much intensity to you two ladies. However, I will have to do this before you get to eat breakfast, so perhaps there is no time like the present.”

Oh good, at least this will be over before too lon- OMGOMGOMGOMG! Petra arched her back as her right foot was subjected to an extreme tickling and her scream of laughter was echoed by Diana who would have been experiencing the same sensation with her left foot. Breathing almost seemed to be impossible for the captive due to her laughing so much, which was also causing her to become a little light-headed and it sounded as if the niece was going through the same problem.

It was when the damsel’s chest was heaving due to her torment that her laugh changed into a scream of pleasure as the wave of ecstasy overwhelmed her and she wasn’t sure if they cry was only hers or whether it was combined with Diana’s. She thought that she was going to pull her arms out of her sockets as her body strained against her bonds, but after a few seconds she slumped back down on the bed with Diana resting on top of her. During the afterglow period of her orgasm, the prisoner was just about aware of the crotch-ropes being untied from both her and the niece’s body and they nuzzled their heads against each other as they attempted to snuggle with their bodies.

“Seeing as you lovebirds are resting, I will get dressed and prepare breakfast before giving you a bathroom break and getting you ready for the morning.” Kendra’s footfalls were so soft that Petra wasn’t even sure that the woman had left the room, but she realised that there was no point in worrying about this.

I doubt that you would remain here to torment us as you will have all day to play with myself and Diana. You can keep her prisoner for up to twenty fours if I remember correctly, although I can’t imagine you forcing your niece to remain in bondage for that long. However, I should make the most of this short rest as it will be time to get up before long.

“Okay, I think that it’s time for my sweet slaves to be bound in a position that will allow them to enjoy their breakfast.”

Petra was roused from her resting state and the movement above her suggested that Diana was preparing to be released from her present state of bondage before she was restrained for breakfast. You will need to unlock Diana from me before bind her in a new way and I will be second as you can hardly do anything to me with your niece lying on top at the moment.

“Diana, you are to be prepared first, but be warned. If either of you misbehave, then both of you will be subjected to an extreme punishment. Do you understand?”

Yes Kendra, I do. A nod from Petra’s head was accompanied by an affirming grunt and there was a similar sound from the captive above her as the nice moved her head up and down.

“Diana, when your arms are freed, you are to put them together behind your back and after that, you have to put your legs together.”

There was a fumbling at the right elbow of the captive before a similar feeling at her right wrist and a few seconds later this was repeated on her left arm with the pressure from Diana’s limbs disappearing. You must have put your arms behind your back as our captor has ordered. Two clicks occurred with a gap of about five seconds which suggested that the niece’s arms had been padlocked behind her back at the wrists and elbows. More touches at each ankle and knee of the helpless woman preceded Diana moving her legs between those of Petra and two more metallic noises were the securing of the niece’s legs.

“I’ll just get you into a kneeling position before I apply the final lock.” A grunt escaped the niece’s gagged mouth as Petra felt the weight lifted from above her and within half a minute, there was a faint clinking sound which was followed by a final click.

If I’m right, you have threaded a chain through Diana’s wrist and ankle bonds before using a padlock to hold her in place. If that is the case, I will end up in the same position before long.

“Slave Petra, when I release your wrists from the bed, you are to sit up and place your hands together behind your back.” After Petra nodded her head to show that she understood the message, there was a clinking noise along with the sensation that her right wrist was no longer bound to the corner of the bed and it was less than a minute later that her left hand was also free. As per the instructions given to her by her captor, the woman used her arms to raise herself into a sitting position before placing her hands together behind her back. A familiar fumbling sound was heard along with the increased tension on her wrist cuffs was accompanied in a second by the click of the padlock securing her hands together. This was followed by her elbows being pulled together so that they almost touched, another padlock made sure that her arms were bound in place and the captive pulled against her bonds to make sure that she was helpless.

“Put your legs together after your ankles are unlocked from the bed corners.” It took less than a minute for the prisoner’s ankles to be freed from the bed and once she placed her legs side by side, two locks were used to bind the pairs of cuffs at her ankles and knees. “Now it’s your turn to be placed into a kneeling position and then I start feeding my sexy slaves.” Petra offered no resistance as she was moved around on the bed and placed so that her lower legs were beneath her and a chain was used to bind her wrists and ankles together with a padlock that secured her into a kneeling hogtie.

By the soft moans to my left, I must have been placed beside Diana, which means that it should be easier for you to feed both of us.

“Your gags are about to come off. You are not to speak unless spoken to and disobeying this instruction will end your breakfast. That would not be a good idea.” A loud moan was emitted by Diana, which was due to her being free of the gag after such a long time and Petra felt the unbuckling of her gag before the ball was eased out from between her teeth.

“Okay, it’s time to ensure that my captives are fed.”

(To Be Continued)

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