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Monday, 10 October 2016

Farida: A Beauty Bound Between the Bookshelves Part 1 of 2

Part 1

It was just before five o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon and Farida was closing the main glass doors of the Hawkstone regional community Library in Stratford-upon-Avon while Gavin was in the office, checking the till roll for the day’s takings. Once the doors were locked she walked around the counter and peeked through the door to the office to see the man in the black trousers, shoes and dark blue polo shirt ensuring that the till had the correct money for the Friday afternoon opening. Once Farida closed down the public computers in the library by using the remote command from a PC at the counter, she glanced at her reflection in the sheet windows by the doors.

Farida was a beautiful slim Asian lady with striking eyes which were accentuated by her spectacles along with shoulder length black hair and instead of her usual style of clothing, she was wearing a checked shirt with a long satin style patterned scarf around her neck, blue jeans and black calf-length boots. She and Gavin had met a few months back, when they were being inducted into becoming voluntary librarians as the council libraries were going to changed over to becoming community run and they started discussing various subjects from the very first day. Quiet periods at the library were spent talking so that the time passed until a member of the public took out or returned books, or if someone on the public computers needed help with a problem.

“Gavin, have you posted any of your stories yet?” Farida knew a little about Gavin having written a few stories which to be delicate were not covered by the library’s Acceptable use Policy, although he hadn’t published them or even posted the tales online.

“No, but I do have an idea for a new tale and if that works out, it will be posted onto the internet.” Gavin said as Farida walked into the office and he locked the till money away in the safe before turning around on the chair towards her.

“That would be good. Where is it going to be set?”

“I have the idea of setting it in a library, where the female librarian gets held captive by an intruder, who uses items that are already in the library. However, I need to make sure that I know what I am writing about, so I need to try out a few things with another person.”

“Well, you have been so good as to help me with any problems that I have had with using the library’s computer system, so it is only fair that I return the favour by helping you with your story. I’ll help you out with whatever you need.”

“Are you sure that you are okay with this? After all you could end up being very helpless.”

“I trust you not to go too far while I am at your mercy, as if you had any evil intentions you would have carried them out by now. You can do what you need to do for the story, so long as you promise me that you won’t have your wicked way with me when I am helpless.”

“I promise that I will not have my wicked way with you, unless you beg me to. You won’t ever do that, so is that promise okay?”

“It is perfect, as I will never ask for that. Now, what are you planning to use?” Farida said as she looked around the office, noting the rolls of tape and balls of twine on the shelves to her left. “The tape might leave residue marks and the twine looks as though it could cut into my flesh.”

“Actually, I was thinking about using the rolls of 2 inch wide ribbon on the opposite wall as they are wide which means that the pressure would be spread out, strong so that they can’t be broken and capable of being compressed so that you can put good knots in the ribbon which cannot be untied. Shall I show you?”

“Go ahead, Gavin.” Farida said, putting her right arm out straight with her hand up as Gavin picked up a red roll from the selection of ribbons that were stored on the craft shelf to her right and she watched as he cut off what almost seemed to be a four foot length with a pair of scissors. “That is another useful thing, as although the ribbon is strong you can easily cut it with even the most basic implements, so that there is no problem with freeing someone in a hurry.”

“That’s very true.” He said as he put the roll down on a table along with the scissors and placed the centre of the ribbon on the top of the lady’s wrist. “Some people just tie off the ribbon at the other end, but I find that it doesn’t grip as well, making it easy for a person to struggle free.” As the woman looked at the ribbon on her wrist, she noticed as both ends of the ribbon were crossed at the bottom before they were bought around and tied off at the top with a tight reef knot with over one and a half feet of ribbons still free. “Pull on the ends, so that you can check how secure it is.”

Farida tugged at the ends of the ribbon in order to pull it loose from her hand, but it was impossible to slip the knotted part up to her palm and all this did was caused the loop to tighten against her wrist. “This is very clever Gavin, as the arrangement will just cause the ribbon to become more restrictive if I struggle to escape. Plus, the knot is so small and compressed that it cannot be untied, so cutting the ribbon is the only way that my wrist can be freed.”

“Now, if you would be so good as to lift your left hand up so that I can tie a length of ribbon to the other arm.” Gavin said as he used the scissors to cut another four foot length of ribbon from the roll and once she lifted her arm up, it was bound to her left wrist in the same way as her right had been.

“Are you going to tie me up in here?”

“Actually, I think that it would be best to use one of the red cloth and steel chairs that are around the oval table where the computers and printer/photocopier are located, as I want to work out an idea of tying you up to one of those chairs.” Gavin said as he took hold of the ribbon ends with his right hand close to her wrists so that her hands were forced together, while holding the roll and scissors in his left hand. “So prisoner, I will now take you to your fate.”

“You fiend, you will never get away with this.” Farida said, unable to suppress a giggle at the outrageous line that she had uttered and she was led out of the office door back into the counter area, where she turned left before turning left again so that they were in the area where the public computers were lined up on the desks. “Are you going to tie my hands together behind my back while I am sitting down?” She said as he pulled out one of the red and steel chairs away from under the table and she noticed the gap between the seat and back cushion which were connected by two near vertical steel struts at either side.

“No, your hands are going to be tied to the side struts, just like an old-fashioned damsel in distress.” He said, releasing his grip on the ribbon. “Now if you would be so good as to sit down, placing your arms by your side?”

It only took a moment for the beautiful woman to sit in the chair and as she put her arms on either side of the seat, she said “Are you leaving my legs like this, or are you going to tie them to the front legs of the chair?”

“I have something different in mind for your legs, but first I have to stop your hands from being free.” Farida looked to her right and saw the top of her wrist positioned against the strut, with both free ends of the ribbon looped multiple times around the strut in opposite directions. When there was only a short amount left, a little bow was tied on the opposite side from her hand which meant that it would be impossible for her to reach it with her fingers.

“That is very clever.” She said as he bound her left wrist to the other side of the chair in the same way. “You can untie the knot and use this ribbon again, but I am defenceless until you decide to free me. One thing puzzles me though, as the poor damsel will still be able to scream for help. Didn’t you bring anything to deal with that problem?”

“Well, you brought the solution in with you today.” He said while he unwrapped the scarf from around the bound lady’s neck. “However, gags don’t stop a person from making any noise, it’s just a form of control in muffling the person’s speech. Open wide.”

That is my scarf you have there and I didn’t say that you can use it. However, I did say that I would help you out with whatever you needed, so in a way I did give you permission. It is a bit late to argue about this now, so I might as well get this over with, but I wonder how long I am going to have to put up with my own scarf in my mouth. The centre of the very long scarf was placed at the back of her neck with it taken around both sides of her head, going between her teeth so that there were two strips of cloth in her mouth and then it was pulled so tight that the lady could feel the distending of her lips, before it was tied off at the back of her neck with two long trailing ends.

After the helpless volunteer librarian had been gagged, her spectacles were removed by Gavin and placed on the oval table, next to the ribbon and scissors. “It might be a good idea to put these somewhere safe at the moment.”

“It feels very weird to have my own scarf in my mouth.” Farida said, or rather she attempted to as the scarf that now functioned as her gag was performing its new duty and her words were transformed into unintelligible mumbles. This is worse than having my hands bound to the chair. At least then I could talk, but being gagged prevents me from doing that and in a way, my mind is bound as I am no longer able to communicate any of my thoughts.

“You seem to be looking a little worried Farida. Could it be that your vast intellectual capacity is now as stifled as your voice?” There was a nod from the helpless lady as she realised that any attempt at communicating had been reduced to the most basic of levels and the captive felt as if she no longer had any control over her situation. Two more lengths of ribbon were cut from the roll by the man who had become her captor and they were bound to her booted her ankles just like they had been to her wrists. A loud squeal escaped her gagged lips as her knees were forced wide apart so that they were outside the front chair legs, which made her feel very defenceless and her right foot was pulled back as far as it could go, before the ends of the ribbon were looped around the top of the rear right chair leg, where they were tied off in a beautiful bow. Her left ankle was bound to the left rear leg with the same type of knot and she came to the realisation that as the chair would be top-heavy, even struggling to escape could end up with her toppling the chair to the left or right.

“Yes, that is quite a helpless position, as fighting against your bonds would be pointless in the first place and shifting your body with any level of force could alter your centre of gravity to such a degree that you could end up falling over.” He said as he walked behind her and the helpless lady became more than a little worried as she tried to turn her head in order to see what he was going to do to her. “This is the point in the story where the evil intruder wants to get the safe combination from the captive, so he decides to interrogate the helpless woman. I know that we don’t have a combination safe here, but there will be one in the story, unless I alter it.”

Interrogate the helpless woman- what exactly are you planning to do to me? Farida didn’t have to wait long for the answer as she screamed through her gag with laughter as probing fingers ran up and down the sides of her body, which was arching away from the chair in a futile attempt to prevent the torment that was being inflicted in her. Nononononono, stopstopstopstop. Any attempt at rational thought was driven from her mind as she twisted herself in any direction that she could, with her reactions attempting to stop him from tickling her. There were moments when she threw her body around so hard that the chair started to tip over and her scream changed to one of fear because it would be impossible for her to do anything to avoid falling to the floor. However, Gavin took hold of the chair and ensured that it was steady on all four legs before allowing the tormented woman a minute of rest.

I don’t know which is worse, being tickled as a form of torture or the fear of falling to the floor with no way of protecting myself. This is a very effective means of making someone suffer without even causing them to feel any pain at all. Plus, I know that this moment of peace will be over very soon, so there is the threat of even more torment.

It was just a few seconds later when the restrained woman writhed and wriggled in her seat, as she cried out from the fresh tickling that Gavin was applying and she felt that this evening was going to stretch out forever, with her being made to suffer.

“That is the completion of the first test and you have helped a great deal. However, I think that it would be useful if I took some photographs for reference purposes.” Gavin said, stepping around to the front chair so that he was facing the defenceless and he took out his smartphone in order to take photographs of the captive, who was surprised by this turn of events...

Take pictures of me? While I am tied to the chair and gagged with my own scarf? What if someone else sees them? I could get into a lot of trouble. Although Farida shook her head as much as she could, it did nothing to dissuade her colleague from taking photographs of her from multiple angles and the lady had to stop herself from struggling as she thought that he would be too far away to catch her if she tipped the chair over.

“I am going to bind your wrists and ankles in a more conventional way, before taking a few more pictures.” He said as he put the phone back into his pocket and stepped around to the back of the chair so that he could untie the bows that held the woman’s wrists to the sides of the chair. Her hands were brought around to her front and placed together in front of her and the ribbons were wrapped around her wrists in figure of eight loops with a new bow tied on the opposite sides of the loops from her hands.

It is going to be hard to try and untie my wrists with you placing the knot in that position and I doubt that you will allow me to even make the attempt. As Farida made a few experimental twists and pulls with her bound wrists to see just how secure they were, her ankles were untied from the chair, put side by side and they were bound in the same way as her wrists. Hands under her armpits helped her to stand upright, so that Gavin could pick up the chair before putting it back under the table and she felt her cheeks warm up as he took some more photographs of her.

“Now, could you please put your hands straight up above your head and keep them there until I say to bring them back down.”

This is unusual, but I did say that I would help you. Perhaps you just want an example in case you want a story with the lady’s hands tied to something above her head. It took a moment for the prisoner to do as she was asked and her captor took more shots of her before putting his phone away and stepping up to the lady so that he was right in front of her.

“You are a very beautiful woman and a lovely damsel in distress, so I apologise for this.”

I am not beautiful, although it is very kind of you to say so and I probably look okay as a damsel- What are you doing? Farida was caught by surprise when Gavin lowered his head, leaned forward and her hands were pulled behind his neck with her shorter stature meaning that her arms were stuck in this position. Before she could even comprehend what was happening, his left hand went around the small of her back while his right held the back of her neck and she was shocked when his lips pressed against hers. You are kissing me! Stop it! There was a furious struggle by the defenceless Farida for several seconds as she was kissed against her will, but then to her own surprise she relaxed in his arms as she surrendered to his embrace and the lady began to respond by pressing back. That was very deceptive of you, getting me tied up like this so that you could kiss me and it almost seems as if it came from out of one of your stories. It makes me wonder if this whole exercise was just an excuse to get me in a situation like this, so that I would not be able to stop you from kissing me. When I am free, I will tell you off for fooling me like this, but then I may want you to do this to me again.

The lady lost track of time as she luxuriated in the arms of her colleague, with her just caring about the moment and she was a little disappointed when he pulled his lips away from hers. “It was clear that you enjoyed this as much as I did and if it wasn’t for the fact that I need other situations for the story, I would continue. Would you like me to kiss and cuddle you again later?”

To the helpless woman’s surprise, she ended up nodding at his question as her cheeks became even warmer. It was lovely and I look forward to you holding me in your arms again. When Gavin moved his head down, Farida thought at first that it was just so that he could disentangle himself from her arms, but as he went further down, she became puzzled about his behaviour. There was a loud squeal from the woman as his arms went around her legs and she was lifted into the air, with her going over his right shoulder and as the lady struggled, she cried out again as his right hand landed a hard smack onto her pert posterior. You spanked me, which was mean of you even though I guess that it was to stop me from moving about.

Carrying his helpless work mate to the office took around a quarter of a minute and the lady found herself standing up facing the stationery shelves on the left hand side of the room, which had poles supporting the shelves, rather than a solid wall. This side of the office is going to be used in my next bondage, unless you are trying to fool me in some way.

“Judging by the look on your face, I can see that you have worked out that you are going to be bound to the shelving system in some way. That is correct, but that will not be the end of it so I will first bind your wrists to the shelves and then your ankles.” He untied the bow that joined the ribbons that bound her wrists together before lifting her right hand so that it was stretched out in a diagonal towards the vertical pole to her right. The ribbon ends on her right wrist were taken around the pole in opposite directions before being knotted off with a tidy little bow and her other arm was bound to the pole on her left in the same way. Her ankles were untied from each other and she was made to stand with her feet as far apart from each other before each ankle was bound to one of the poles, leaving her arms and legs stretched out.

You have put me in a spread-eagle pose now, just like in the movies when some poor helpless slave-girl is about to get whipped. It would not surprise me, given what has happened before, that I am going to suffer something similar, although on a much softer level. I should have been far more cautious when I agreed to help you, as I didn’t know just how far you would take this, but I am a genuine captive now so it is too late to do anything. Farida tugged on her bonds as she tested whether or not they would hold her in place, but this was just a formality as she knew that he would not have made any mistakes and while she did this, her captor was taking more images of her. I have a feeling that you may want to keep some of those for your own collection, and that I have been turned into an involuntary bondage model.

“I need to sort a few things out.” Gavin said as he put his phone away again. “So I will be gone for a few minutes. Don’t go wandering off or anything.”

As if I could do anything while I am tied to the shelves like this. As soon as her captor had left the room, Farida started to think about what might happen to her when he returned. I don’t think that you will do anything to my back, but my bottom must be making a very good target at the moment. I felt defenceless enough when my knees were pulled apart on the chair, but that was nothing compared to how vulnerable that I am right now and it almost feels as if my whole body is open and available to you. I hope that you don’t go too far with me, but the only promise you made was to not have your wicked way with me.

When Gavin returned a few minutes later, holding a flexible, narrow green rod in his right hand and putting the ribbon and scissors on the table with his left, Farida stopped herself from struggling as she knew there were limits to what he would do to her. If I didn’t know you then I would probably be screaming and fighting to get out of my bonds, but in your stories you always start off gently and build it up with the character not suffering too much. This means that I cannot even pretend to get scared so that I can gain your sympathy, because you would know that I would be just trying to fool you. At this point being gagged might be a good idea, as at least I will have something to bite on.

Farida winced as the first blow landed across her buttocks and even though she was prepared, the hard stinging still made her body flinch. However, she knew that if he had wanted her to suffer, then he could have made her scream out. I know from your stories that there is a reason for doing this and even though I know this, I doubt that I will be able to resist it. After all, the bottom is essentially the largest erogenous zone on the body. Five more strikes landed on her pretty posterior, with each one eliciting a grunt from her gagged mouth, but a moment later she sighed as his right hand smoothed the area when she had been whipped. I can already feel how good that is and soon, it will be fanning the flames of desire inside me.

It was after another half-dozen blows were impacted onto her defenceless derriere, which was followed by more caresses, when the warmth started to grow in her most intimate of locations. I wonder just how far you will take me right now, as some ladies have been known to orgasm just by being spanked or whipped. As the beating continued, the blows became harder but the pleasure from the caresses increased along with her becoming ever more aroused as she was stimulated. Soon, she started to writhe in her bonds as the embers of lust turned onto a small flame and she emitted muffled moans when his fingers ran over the cheeks of her bottom. I know that this is painful, but it is wonderful as well.

“I can see that you are enjoying yourself Farida, but I don’t know how far I can take you with this at the moment. Perhaps if you ever want me to do this again, I could take it further.” He said as he placed the rod on the office table...

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