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Monday, 10 October 2016

Farida: A Beauty Bound Between the Bookshelves Part 2 of 2

Part 2

You don’t have to stop now, as I can take a lot more from you. The only thing I don’t want to do is for you to take me in the most intimate way, as this would be the ultimate surrender Farida ended up shaking her head at the comments of the man who had been caning her bottom and she was feeling more than a little frustrated that this was over.

“Don’t worry my sexy slave, I’m sure that I can find other ways to keep you entertained.” A sigh escaped the gagged lips of the helpless lady as soft kisses landed on the right side of her neck and she didn’t even complain her she felt a hand hold each of her pert breasts in a gentle manner. As the kissing of her neck continued, the fingers of her colleague smoothed over her soft flesh and she found herself trying to push her body forward in an attempt to maximise the pleasure. It wasn’t long before the kisses changed to the sucking and playful biting of her neck and he subjected her bosom to a gentle kneading, all of which served to make her even more aroused.

“It’s time to put you into a new position, my cute captive.”

Do you have to stop? This is incredible and I want you to keep going. Farida’s ankles were released from the poles and brought together and this time the ribbons were bound together with a reef knot, rather than with a bow like they had been before. The ends of her wrist ribbons were untied before her hands were brought together behind her back and these were connected with a standard knot before she was turned around to face the man who restrained her.

“I think that you make a wonderful slave girl, do you agree?”

There was a nod from the helpless lady, who was almost in a state of reverie.Yes, seeing as you think so, but could you get back to loving me again?

“Do you think that I’m not too bad as a slave master?”

Again, there was a nod from the captive. You are being a very good slave master to me at the moment.

“Well, seeing as I am your slave master, then I have a right to look at the merchandise.”

Look at the merchandise, what could you possibly mean by, oh no! As soon as Farida realised what her captor had said, his hands were already at the top of her shirt unfastening the top button and she started to twist and turn with her wrists in a genuine attempt the break free from her bonds. you cannot do this to me, you just cannot! Even though she continued in her struggles, this proved to be futile as each button in turn was unfastened until her checked shirt was open from her neck to her waist.

“Now for the unveiling.” Gavin said as her pushed her shirt back and down her arms which left only her bra covering her bosom and she cried out when she looked down to see her belt being unbuckled. “Well, I do want a full look at my slave.”

You cannot mean that you are going to strip me naked, please! The belt was pulled back, the single button was undone along with the zip and her jeans were pulled down to the tops of her boots which left her in just her bra and panties. I know what you are going to do next and I know that there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening. Struggling like a panicking child is pointless, so I might as well be defiant which may allow me to have some dignity. Farida ended her struggling and tried to look as resolute as possible, although she did flinch a little when Gavin’s hands went around to back so that her bra hooks could be unfastened. When this item was taken over her head so that it would slide down her arms, the lady didn’t move and she managed to remain still when her panties were taken down to below her knees. At least you can’t rob me of my pride even if you are robbing me of my clothing and you have promised not to take me without my consent.

Gavin took the ribbon, cutting four lengths from the roll with the scissors before turning the helpless lady around so that she was facing the shelving again and a ribbon was bound around the top of each forearm. Her elbows were pulled together so close that they nearly touched and the ends of the ribbons were tied together which ensured that her arms were locked together behind her back. The ribbons around her wrists were cut away so that the shirt could be removed, along with her bra and the two other ribbons replaced the severed ones, with her wrists being bound together again. I feel even more helpless with my elbows tied together, but maybe that is the reason you have done this to me.

“You need to sit down for this next part.” A four-legged green chair was pulled over to where Farida was standing and she was helped into sitting down on it, before her captor cut off four more strips from the roll of ribbon. She watched as two of the ribbons were tied around her legs just below her knees and she realised why her elbows had been bound as the leg ribbons were knotted together.

Binding my elbows together made it impossible for me to put up a fight or any kind of effective struggle and doing the same to my legs stops me from being able to kick you as you remove the last of my clothing. A snip of the scissors removed the ankle ribbons and Farida’s boots were removed along with her jeans and panties, but she was surprised when Gavin put her boots back on her feet before rebinding her ankles.

“To be honest, I like to see a girl wearing boots and at the moment, you do look very kinky wearing nothing but a pair of boots while in bondage.”

At this moment, Farida’s cheeks were burning at the comment by her captor and what he said just confirmed what she had been thinking about the situation that she found herself in. There is no story whatsoever and this is all just about seducing me while I am in bondage. The woman was lifted out of the chair so that Gavin could sit down and she was made to sit, going from left to right across his lap before he gave her a gentle embrace along with a kiss to her lips. As she squirmed on the lap of her captor, the naked woman discovered that she was just as aroused as before she was stripped and the lady hoped that she wouldn’t be seduced into making her final surrender.

Kiss after kiss landed on the gagged lips of the helpless woman, as his right hand caressed her hair while his left arm cradled her body and the woman relaxed on his lap. Soon, Gavin’s kisses moved down to the neck of the helpless lady and at the same time his hand went down to her legs, where he began to go up and down her thighs with soft strokes. This was enough to add more fuel to the fire of her lust which grew in her most intimate area and the lady’s hips twitched in response to movement of his fingers which glided over her upper legs. This feels so good. Oh no, you are succeeding at seducing me. I must not give in.

Gavin continued like this for some time with the restrained woman relaxing on his lap, but she became aware that his kisses were moving down to her chest, before they started to land on the mounds of her breasts and she squealed as his fingers went between her thighs moving almost up to the top of her legs. She didn’t even feel as if she could complain about the way that she was treated, as her own body desired every fresh new touch at the hands of her captor, so she decided to concentrate on not surrendering that last piece of dignity.

Her flame of desire became a bonfire as he planted kisses on her nipples with his tongue tracing arousing circles along the areola that surrounded them and his fingers applied gentle caresses to her Mound of Venus. I must resist, I cannot give in to you! It became impossible for Farida to either remain still or quiet on his lap and her writhing grew along with her moaning as he continued with the erotic teasing of her body. She found it even harder maintain her last wall of defence when he bit and sucked at her breasts, paying special attention to the now erect nipples and she had to stop herself from screaming as the tips of his fingers traced a path along the petals of her flower of lust.

Even after all of this, Farida had just managed to keep control and she was just about able to stop herself from surrendering to the insistent demands of her own body which was almost crying out to be fulfilled. I don’t think that you can go any further with my body and I might be able to summon enough resistance to avoid that last surrender.

The sun had already set and twilight was beginning to turn the day towards night when Gavin stopped loving the body of the captive, getting up off the chair with her being made to stand up before she was carried over to the office door. I managed to make it, you have given up! As she watched though, he cut off a very long piece of ribbon which he bound around her neck with the ends hanging around her knees and she became worried as to what he was about to do to her. I hope that you are not going to do anything really cruel to me.

“I had thought that you might be able to resist my advances up to now, as you do have a very strong will, so I have waited until it is starting to get a little dark before playing my final card. I would say that we will be going for a little walk into the main part of the library where the standing shelves are, but the truth is that I will walk while you will hop.” Her captor said as he took hold of the ends of the makeshift leash.

Farida couldn’t have put on a stronger expression of horror even if she had made her best attempt, as she knew just what the risk would be if she went into the main library area. I cannot go out there, as I am bound, gagged and naked! There are the main glass doors with windows on either side at the front of the main area and there are windows at the rear of the building. Plus, there is a path all of the way around the building which quite a few people use. If I leave the office like this and someone looks in through the windows, then they will clearly see me, even at this level of light. They might call the police, but given what people are like in this day and age, they are more likely to photograph or video me, and my naked, helpless body is going to be seen by hundreds of people, if not the entire internet!

There was a tug on the leash by Gavin. “You don’t have any choice in this matter Farida, as you can either leave the office willingly, or I will carry you out of the office. If do have to carry you out, however, I will tie you to either the front or rear pillar for ten minutes which means that someone will almost certainly see you if they walk past.”

The front pillar is just a few feet away from the main doors and the rear one faces the rear windows. I cannot let you do that to me! It took all of Farida’s courage to hop out through the office doorway and as soon as she did so, that avenue of escape was denied to her when Gavin locked the door shut. Anyone who looks in through the library windows will see me like this and although I could have walked over to the shelves in a few seconds, making little hops while in bondage is going to take me hours! As the bound Farida turned to her left so that she could hop out of the counter area, she knew that the front of her body would be on full view to anyone passing the rear windows of the building.

Even getting to the end of the counter was a major ordeal for the restrained woman, with her only able to hop a few inches at a time, as any further would add the risk of her toppling over. This situation alone was enough to frighten her, as the ever-present chance of discovery was always on her mind and she had almost reached the end of the counter when she froze in terror. Two old ladies were walking their dogs along the rear of the building from left to right and Farida’s heart felt as if it was going to explode, as she hoped that they wouldn’t notice her and even when they had gone by, it was a minute before she continued to hop.

She was able to turn to the right after a few more minutes and she was most of the way to the four standing shelves when she spotted something out of the corner of her eyes. Don’t let them see me, please don’t let them see me! It was a group of teenagers who were going along the path in the opposite direction that the ladies took and whereas the ladies had been looking straight ahead, this new group were more animated as they chatted, along with using their phones. There was a sigh of relief from the lady in bondage as this moment passed by without incident and she put extra vigour into hopping until she reached the middle two shelves.

Is that the pole used to open the upper windows where the computers are? It is, and you have taped the ends to the tops of the shelves, half way along. There is also a long piece of ribbon hanging down from the middle of the pole and that must be there to serve as an addition to my restraints. Gavin led the helpless captive between the shelves with cooking and sewing books to her left, while on her right were geographical books, along with survey maps until she was under the pole.

“Bend over at the hips.”

It is far too late to do anything, but to do what you say. As Farida did as she was instructed, the ends of the ribbon that were attached to her neck were looped around the bonds at her knee and the captor pulled her head down until her body was almost parallel to the floor, at which point the neck ribbon was knotted into place. I can’t move from this position and my bottom is sticking with the centre of my desire fully exposed to you. I do not know how much longer I can stand like this though, as I feel as if I am going to fall over at any time.

“This will make sure that you will not fall over.” There was a squeal from the captive as her hands were lifted high above her back and the ribbon from the pole was tied to the ones at her wrists, so that the prisoner’s arms were locked behind her back with her now having to stand on the balls of her feet. Her head was forced back as he pulled the ends of the scarf-gag up to her hands and they were knotted at her wrists which meant that she was unable to lower her head.

This is the most restrictive position yet, as all I can do is wriggle my hands around. My heat is still racing from having to go through the ordeal of having to hop over here and I cannot move an inch. Worse still, my intimacy is completely available to you if you choose to take advantage of me and because of the fear and adrenaline rush, my lust has grown stronger than ever. Oh no, not more photographs!

“Oh Farida, you have been a very naughty lady, getting yourself captured, stripped and ending up bound between the bookshelves. I think that a naughty lady like you needs a suitable punishment.” Gavin said as he walked around the immobilised captive, taking pictures from all angles. “I think that seeing as your pretty posterior is sticking out, a traditional bare-bottom spanking is called for.”

As if I haven’t been through enough, you’re going to give me a spanking, as if I am a misbehaving child. Ouch! Although the next five smacks were as strong as the first, the pain was much lower compared to the pleasure that she received in her state of high arousal and when her cheeks were smoothed, her moans were audible as she did what writhing she could in her bonds. The successive half-dozen spanks were even harder but it was becoming difficult for Farida to distinguish pain from pleasure, so even her cries ended up as a mixture of the two. Loud sighs escaped her gagged lips as her derriere was stroked and she was unable to prevent herself from crying out as fingers traced a delicate path through the engorged petals of her flower of lust. If you do this for just a little longer, my body is going to explode with pleasure. Please, yes, more!

Every spanking, along with the caresses brought Farida closer to that special moment, when she would know nothing but ecstasy as it coursed through her bound body and there came a point when it would only take one more spanking to tip her over the edge into a state of bliss. Just a little more, I can feel myself ready for this, so I just have to wait a moment longer.

Farida waited a moment and then a moment longer, but she realised after several more seconds that she was not going to receive any more spanks on the bottom. No, I was so close. You can’t leave me like this, with my body on fire!

“Oh dear, you seem to be a little frustrated.”

A little frustrated? It’s all I can do to stop screaming at you for torturing me like this. I need to be satisfied and you are the only one who can help me.

“I just want to let you know that there is only one way out of this for you and you know what you have to do to bring your suffering to an end. I can tease you for another few hours if necessary, but you probably won’t even last five minutes.”

Oh please no, this is the one little piece of control that I have left, otherwise I will end up surrendering everything of myself to you. I cannot give in, even though you are using denial against me. The lady tried to resist the overwhelming demands of her own body, but her resolve began to crumble like a sandcastle that was being hit with waves from an incoming tide and soon all she could think about was the one way that her lustful flame could be quenched. You have managed to rob all of my control from me and I have no choice but to ask you to ravish me. Please, please take me!

“Are you begging me to have my wicked way with you?”

I am begging you, please have your wicked way with me, I cannot take any more! It almost came as a relief to the captive when she heard the sound of a zip being pulled down and the woman screamed when he thrust into her with him filling her space of joy. The thrusts were slow and gentle at first, but that didn’t stop her from crying out as he slid in and out of her and she surrendered herself to the moment. Soon, the movements were faster with each impact becoming more intense and it wasn’t long before the captive found herself right on the edge of ecstasy. Gavin’s increased the force and momentum of his penetrations still further and this was enough to provide the tormented Farida with the release that she was seeking. Yes, Yes, YES!

A loud and loud scream escaped from her mouth that even the gag couldn’t stifle as her body was swamped in a wave of pleasure which was extended as he continued to thrust until she sensed that he had exploded inside her...

Farida had only a vague awareness of what was happening when she slumped in the after-glow of her bliss as she was freed from her bonds before she was carried in the arms of her captor back into the office. Gavin sat in a chair, holding her in a warm embrace on her lap while kissing her and she responded until she felt that her period of reverie was ending. I need time to sort myself out after all of this as I have so much to work through. Even though I was deceived and seduced I do not want to cause you any trouble, as this evening has been incredible.

“Gavin, I need to go now. I have a lot on my mind and it would be best for me to leave.” Farida said as she rose from his lap and switched on the office lights so that the night was driven outside.

“I understand Farida. You can get dressed and I will sort everything else out once you leave.”

As the lady was dressing, a thought went through her mind. “This evening was just an excuse to seduce me, wasn’t it?”

“I will admit that it was the original plan, but when I started I realised that I had an incredible idea for a story which will be ready and posted before you come in on Friday afternoon.” Gavin said as she finished dressing. “Do you want me to see you to the door?”

“Yes please, and then we can have one last kiss as I must be going.” They walked to the side exit and Gavin opened the door before he embraced her, landing a long, soft and gentle kiss on her lips before she left with her mind in a whirl...

When Farida turned up on the Friday afternoon, the day had been busy, so she had no chance to speak to Gavin about what had happened on the Wednesday evening and she wasn’t able to look at the story he had posted. When she ended up thinking about her experience, the loss of power and surrendering of control had come with freedom from control along with liberation from any kind of responsibility. The more she thought about what had happened, the more she desired it again and she knew that he had lit a flame inside her, a flame that couldn’t be extinguished.

However, when it was closer to the end of the afternoon, there was a quiet period when she managed to see the story that he had written and the word surprised was not even close to what she felt Instead of a story about an intruder taking a woman prisoner, you have written down what happened on that Wednesday night, with the names being the only things that are altered. Stratford-upon-Avon has become Sheffield, Hawkstone has become Heathmoor, you have become Graham and I am now Fatin. Some of the readers are talking about how realistic the story is, but I hope that they do not work out the truth.

From then until closing time, Farida did her best to concentrate on her work and she sorted out the till so that it could be ready for Saturday morning while Gavin locked up the building. She had just locked the till in the safe and turned around in the office chair when Gavin entered the office.

“The library is secure and the computers are all switched off. By the way, I wanted to thank you for being such an incredible muse. I don’t think that I could have ever created something that good without your help.”

“Anytime.” As soon as Farida said that one word, she brought her fingers up to her lips in surprise as the lady realised just how much she had said in that moment and his smile showed that he understood the full implications as well. Now that I have said it, there really is no going back, so I might as well be brave about it. With her cheeks burning, Farida rose from the chair before holding her hands up together, just below her face in an act of submission and Gavin took hold of her wrists in her own hands.

“May I just make two requests tonight, Gavin?” Farida said as she looked into Gavin’s eyes as if she had seen them for the first time and he responded, which created a new connection between the pair.

“Certainly. What is it that you want?”

“First, can we make sure that tonight is private, as that part where I had to hop around was a little scary. And two, could I not be gagged for a while as I feel that the both of us have a lot to discuss...”

The End


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