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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 32

 “Why are you looking so confused, Bunny?” Kǒngbù said “I would have thought that even you would know what bunnies are famous for and it will be interesting to see just what we can do with you.”

Cassidy’s level of fear increased when she began to comprehend what her two captors meant and she started to wonder how she could get out of this predicament, or even if it was at all possible. You can’t injure me physically after your promise, but the only thing this has done is forced you to become more imaginative as to what you two will do to me. Your reference is to mythic rabbit sexuality which suggests that you are going to treat me in a way which will not harm my body, but will harm my mind by humiliating me. Whatever you have planned, I’m not going to just stand here and let you hurt me without putting up some kind of a fight. No! Although the bit-gag prevented the captive from speaking in an intelligible manner, the bar did nothing to stop her from shrieking when Kǎodǎ put her arms around the bunny girl in bondage.

“You are such a sexy bunny.” Kǎodǎ said as she started to move her hands up and down the back of the prisoner in a slow manner and although the helpless woman did her best not to show just uncomfortable this was making her, there was a slight shiver in response to the touch of her captor. “The poor cute bunny appears to be a little cold, even though I’m doing my best to warm her up. I can only think that I am not trying hard enough and I will have to put more effort into stopping her from getting a chill.” There was a gasp from the bound bunny girl as she felt the arms of her captor tighten around her and she cringed inside as she felt Kǎodǎ’s breasts press against her own.

Stop it, please just stop it!

“This is a wonderful idea and we should have done this earlier.” Said Kǒngbù “After all, there is the saying about make love, not war.” As the other sister who was holding the leash spoke, she walked around to behind the captive and the lady was hugged so tight that she could feel the sister’s front force itself her back. “This feels so good sister, I just love cuddling our cute and constrained bunny girl as it gives me such a warm feeling inside.”

You two are doing this just because you know that I don’t want it to happen. The worst part about this is that in a way you two are Madam Sǐwáng’s daughters, even though none of you comprehend it consciously. However, you can see how much your leader likes me, so in some way you know what to do in order to inflict some kind of humiliation on me. Cassidy twisted and turned her upper body as best she could, her actions were futile against the grip of the two sisters who she was sandwiched between and the only thing that she succeeded in doing was rub her body against theirs. It would have been better for me if I had just remained still.

“I think that we have ended up frightening the poor helpless bunny even more, Kǒngbù." Kǎodǎ pulled away from the helpless captive. “Perhaps we should let our timid woodland creature have a few minutes rest before we continue.”

“We want the restrained rabbit to like us, so I agree.” Kǒngbù said as she walked around the defenceless lady so that she could stand to the left of her companion and the prisoner noticed that the sister’s grip on the end of the leash was very loose.

If I give a harsh pull with my neck, I should be able to dislodge the leash from Kǒngbù’s hand and make a run for it, even though I will be captured in the end. The only thing to worry about is whether or not you two will make things even worse for me once I am caught and subdued. However, if you take too long before you bring me in front of your leader, she may end up becoming suspicious and bring an end to your fun. One thing is for sure, things will become worse after this break, which is just an extra tool to torment me as I stand here waiting. Cassidy knew that whichever decision she made was fraught with peril, but just doing nothing would make her predicament worse anyway, as the situation would more unpleasant in a few minutes. There is nothing to do but try, as you two are going to make me suffer anyway.

“Look at the poor little animal Kǎodǎ, it’s still a little scared, even after all the love we have given her.”

“When we start again, we will have to be even closer and work harder at taming the timid beast. I’m sure that we can soothe her all over in some very special areas in an effort to reduce her tension.”

I really don’t have any choice as you are going to torture me in a way that won’t cause me any visible injury. My only hope is to use up time by causing you trouble and hope that I can delay you long enough that Madam Sǐwáng will notice that something is wrong. After Cassidy took a deep breath so that she could steady her nerves, the defenceless woman jerked her body to the left as she turned in that direction and she didn’t even check to see if the leash had been pulled out of Kǒngbù’s hand before she started running, but within a moment she realised that her action had been successful. If this had failed with Kǒngbù continuing to hold onto the leash, I would be on the floor right now and the most likely result of that would be that I would have hurt myself in some way.

“Cassandra, you’ll pay for this! Kǎodǎ, you chase after her while I get the bag.”

“Okay Kǒngbù. You are going to suffer for your misbehaviour, you disobedient creature!”

As the defenceless woman continued to run, she could hear one soft set of footsteps following behind her and they were joined by a second pair just a few seconds later which meant that both of the ladies were following her. Given what you have planned for me, I am going to suffer anyway, so there isn’t any incentive for me to remain in place or stop running. With two against one, I know that I am doomed to failure in the end anyway, but every second that delays you could prevent something horrible from happening to me. When the bound captive glanced over her right shoulder, she could see that the two women were gaining on her with Kǎodǎ closer than Kǒngbù who was carrying the equipment bag. I notice that you two seem to be focusing on me to the point that you are ignoring anything else. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage, but I’ll only have one chance at this, which I will have to time it just right and you will not make the mistake a second time as you will be more cautious from then on.

It was just a few seconds later when the woman looked behind her again for a moment and Kǒngbù was right behind her sister, with the two captors catching up so that they were close behind her. However, while Cassidy was being chased, she had changed direction a little to her left so that the next wide column was going to almost brush against the upper part of her left arm and just after she had gone past it, she made as sharp a turn to the left as possible. This action did have the effect that Cassidy was hoping for, as the two pursuers ended up changing direction so that they went straight towards the column and it was too late for them to avoid the structure. Although Kǎodǎ managed to stop just short of the pillar, she was unable to go around it because her sister was unable to stop in time and pressed her against the structure which left her unable to move.

It worked even better than I expected as you two are going to need to take a few seconds to sort themselves out before they can even think of chasing after me again, but you are not going to be fooled by this again so I have to make the most of this one opportunity. The helpless woman managed to maintain her speed as she put some distance between the her captors, but when she checked on what was happening a few seconds later, they had got themselves into a position which would allow them to chase her again and they were side by side as they set after her for a second time. You are going to catch up with me again before long, so I should aim for somewhere where I at least have a chance of getting a minimal defence. While the two ladies were starting to close the gap between themselves and the woman they were chasing, the prisoner saw that she was running straight for the wall and she realised that this would be the best place to make her stand.

If I keep away from the wall you will be able to keep on opposite sides and it will be very easy for one of you to grab me, which means that I can be overpowered in seconds. If my back is to the wall, I can at least force you to come at me from the front and this might give me a few more seconds of relative freedom before I am restrained further, with you proceeding with your humiliation. As the captive approached the wall, another glance let her know that the two women were getting close and she slowed down before turning around so that her back was pressed against the wall. Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù also slowed down as they came closer to the woman that they were pursuing and they stopped about two yards away from the captive in bondage.

“Your attempt to escape was futile in the end, but because of your misbehaviour the situation is going to be much worse for you.” Kǎodǎ said as she moved so that she was on the right of the helpless woman while the other sister went in the other direction.

“Yes Cassandra.” Kǒngbù said, moving to Cassidy’s left. “We were going to only take your suffering up to a certain level, but actions like this call for a very severe punishment.”

As if you two weren’t going to do this to me anyway. You two are trying to make me cower so that it will make your work easier, but it isn’t going to happen this time. That’s why you are staying at a distance at the moment, because it might not be so easy to charge at me while I can face you, even though my arms are bound behind my back. Although the  other two ladies were apart from each other by about four feet, Cassidy did her best to monitor her captors’ actions as timing would be of the essence when one of them made their move and it was a surprise to her that she still wasn’t attacked a quarter of a minute had had passed. You are far more unsure than before as you are unable to get on both sides of me like previous captures. For the first time, you two are on the defensive.

It was Kǎodǎ who rushed forward first, but seeing as the captor gave no indication that she was going to move, the action took Kǒngbù by surprise which left them unable to act as a team. This proved to be an advantage for Cassidy at this moment as she only had to deal with one of her captors and as Kǎodǎ moved, the prisoner lifted her right leg up in an instinctual act of self defence which left her foot about mid thigh height. In previous situations, this would have been the most foolish thing that the captive had done as she would have just fallen over, but seeing as the lady had her back to the wall the circumstances were very different. As Cassidy’s leg was almost straight, Kǎodǎ ended up forcing herself against the shoe of the helpless woman because of her momentum and the stiletto heel dug deep into her muscle of her right thigh.

There was a loud scream as the captor stepped back and she collapsed on the floor just a moment later, as she held her thigh in both hands while shouting something in what seemed to be Mandarin. I can’t believe it, my arms are restrained and I’m gagged, but I actually managed to stop you in your tracks. For the next few seconds Cassidy stared in her surprise at the lady on the floor and this proved to be a mistake as it allowed Kǒngbù to move before the captive could react. It took just a second for the second captor to reach the prisoner and take hold of her around the waist, which meant what the helpless lady was unable to use this moment to run.

“Keep hold of the whore. Do not let her escape!” Kǎodǎ screamed out as she still rolled around on the floor while clutching onto her leg and Kǒngbù responded by forcing her body against the prisoner so that she was pressed against the wall.

Damn, I should have started running instead of standing here staring and now Kǒngbù has got a grip on me which I may not be able to escape. Cassidy struggled as much as she could given her present state of bondage and she did her best to kick at the woman who held onto her, but she was unable to land any effective blows with her feet. I might be able to force you to let go of me though and I don’t think that Kǎodǎ is going to do any running for a while. If I only have one person chasing me, I may be able to prolong this for some time and Madam Sǐwáng will be wondering what will be happening.

“Kǒngbù, you have to force this harlot to the floor and sit on top of her, otherwise she is going to escape!” Kǎodǎ said as she managed to sit still on the floor for the first time since her leg was hurt and Kǒngbù positioned her legs so that Cassidy was forced off her centre of balance.

It’s too late now, if I don’t let you force me to the ground with some degree of control, I am going to fall to the ground and I will probably be injured in the process. I can always continue my struggle on the floor as Kǎodǎ is still hampered with that thigh and I may be able to delay this a little longer. Knowing that she could end up getting hurt in a fall if she continued to struggle at the moment, Cassidy halted her fight and allowed herself to be made to lie face down on the floor by Kǒngbù. Once the bound woman was on the floor, however, she put up as massive a struggle as she could muster, even kicking her feet backwards and forwards as hard as she could, but the captive was unable to dislodge the woman who was sitting on her back and facing her feet.

“Thank you Kǒngbù, Now we can apply the first part of Cassandra’s punishment. Just hold onto her right foot and keep it in place. I doubt that I will be able to stand for a few minutes, but I can still use my hands.” Although the prisoner did her best to keep kicking with her legs, her right ankle was held in a vice-like grip as her foot was pulled towards her bottom. “Here’s a little something to punish you, whore.”

What are you going to do to my legs? As the helpless woman was face down and Kǒngbù was in the way, the captive was unable to see what was happening but she felt something being placed right behind her knee before a rope was wrapped ten times around her right thigh and ankle. That’s a relief, I thought that whatever they put behind my knee was going to be used to torment meEE! Four cinched were applied around the rope between the thigh and ankle and when this was tightened, the steel ball that had been placed behind the captive’s knee forced so much pressure on the joint that Cassidy cried out through her bit-gag. You’ve lit a fire in my knees with this frog-tie! Once the ends of the rope were tied off, her left foot was held by Kǒngbù who pulled it so that it pressed against her cheek, before another ball was placed behind her knee and another rope was used to bind her left leg in the same way as her right, which caused her to shriek out for a second time.

“I am so looking forward to this, you piece of scum and making you suffer is going to bring me great pleasure. Kǎodǎ, now that the whore’s legs are bound and she is unable to put up an effective fight, I want you to turn her around so that she is on her back, and then kneel with your legs on either side of her head while holding her shoulders down.”

There was nothing the restrained lady could do to prevent herself from being placed onto her back by the captor and once Kǒngbù was in position with her hands on Cassidy’s shoulders, the captive knew that she was in a position of complete helplessness. Her fear turned into terror as Kǎodǎ knelt down, placed a hand on each of her knees before forcing her legs wide apart and the look on the captor’s face left Cassidy in no doubt as to what was going to happen. “Now, your body is mine to play with.”

No, for the love of- please NO!

(Is there any hope left for the helpless Cassidy? To Be Continued.)

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