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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 31

As Cecyme rested in her bonds with her head down, she was oblivious of how much time had passed since she had experienced the unusual orgasm that had been provided for her by her captor. You are very skilled with your feet, Collette, but I have a feeling that soon you are going to show me just how you can make me suffer as well.

“Oh good, I see that the captive Cecyme has roused from her orgasm, so it is time for the next part of your initiation at my hands. However, this will have to wait for a while as you will have to return the favour by pleasuring me.”

Pleasure you? How is this even possible seeing as my arms are tied together with my wrists bound to the bars on the gazebo and my legs are wrapped up in a very ornate frogtie. This bondage is so restrictive that I am unable to move from the spot so I don’t see how I can bring you to the peak of ecstasy while I am stuck in this position.

“You appear to be puzzled by my comment and I presume that it must be due to your present state of helplessness. However, you do not need your arms or legs to take me to the peak of pleasure, as all you need to do is make use of your mouth and tongue with you just kneeling there in your bondage.”

There is nothing I can do to you while I am immobilised like this and I certainly cannot reach you with my mouth or tongue which means that the very idea is-. Oh, I forgot about that particular quirk of yours. Cecyme realised just what Collette was referring to when the maid placed the ends of her feet into the small space between the captive’s raised arms and her neck. You want me to use my mouth to provide some sort of caress to your feet, which should take you to ecstasy as you can orgasm with just these being attended to.

“I can see by the expression on your face that you understand what you need to do in order to serve me correctly, but I do not want you to just rush and try your hardest immediately as it will not be anywhere near as good as if you take your time. Your first task is to lick and kiss the soles of my feet and you must be gentle as well as  slow about it. I realise that you are unable to kiss well owing to the fact that the gag forces your lips apart and your bondage prevents you from effectively touching any other area apart from my toes, but this will still pleasure me.” Collette lifted her right foot up from resting on the shoulder of the helpless captive before she placed it at an angle so that it was almost flat against Cecyme’s face, which meant that it was in easy reach of her mouth.

You must have washed your feet before coming out here, for which I am most thankful and there hasn’t been enough time for you to accumulate any grass stains so that there are only a few spots of dust on your feet. I must remember that I have to be slow with my actions, so that I can provide you with the most enjoyment. Although the helpless lady knew that there was nothing that she should be worried about, the woman was more than a little tentative as she pressed her parted lips against the sole of Collette’s right foot. However, as soon as the damsel’s lips made contact with Collette’s foot, there was an immediate effect when the maid giggled and the flexing of her toes was obvious to the prisoner. That shows just how sensitive your feet are to anything touching them.

Cecyme decided that it was time to apply the tip of her tongue to the maid’s sole and when she did this there was another titter from the woman who was in charge of her present state of captivity. If I manage to do this correctly, perhaps I will be able to tease you by taking you to the edge and keep you there for a while without allowing you to obtain any release. Seeing as the helpless lady realised that there was nothing to be worried about, she started to lick up and down the woman’s foot in an slow and gentle manner while pressing her lips against the skin in soft kisses. Interspersed with the little bouts of giggling that escaped the maid’s mouth were soft sighs, which was proof that the actions were proving to be arousing as well and the woman was finding impossible to keep herself still on the chair.

After this had continued for a while, the maid withdrew her foot which was placed back on the prisoner’s left shoulder, before she lifted up her left foot so that the sole could be presented to the mouth of the captive. When Cecyme started to stoke this foot with her tongue while kissing it, she added another action by creating a small seal with her mouth and sucking at that particular location. This was shown to be effective when the sighs of the maid were transformed into moans and at one point, Collette almost poked her big toe into Cecyme’s right eye.

“Sorry about that, my sexy slave, but you have managed to catch me by surprise with that new trick. However, it does show just how innovative you can be in situations like this, which is a good sign for when you will be our mistress again as you will be able use your imagination on us.”  Louder sighs and moans punctuated Collette’s talking as the captive continued with the kisses which were accented by the soft strokes from her tongue and these were only brought to a brief halt as the maid exchanged one foot for another. This situation went on for a while as the maid become more aroused by the actions of her captive, until both feet were placed on the shoulders of the helpless woman.

I hope that I haven’t done anything wrong as I had been following your instructions and you did give every indication that you were enjoying what I was doing to you.

“We have reached the point where this moves onto part two.” Collette said as she angled her feet while they were on Cecyme’s shoulders and moved her left foot so that the ends of her toes pressed against the soft flesh of the captive’s cheeks. “Your next duty is to lick between the toes of my feet as this will provide even greater pleasure.”

Are you joking, do you really want me to stick my tongue between your toes? It’s one thing to lick your soles, but it is completely different to apply myself to the small spaces that exist between each of your toes as it conjures up all kinds of horrible possibilities.

“Do not look like that, Cecyme, as my feet are clean and you have nothing to worry about when you pleasure me like this. Should you refuse to continue with your duties as a slave, I will have no choice but to provide certain encouragements which will make you think that it is a good idea to obey my instructions.”

I don’t want to get punished for an act of disobedience and I am certain that you wouldn’t want me to do anything that would be very unpleasant at this stage of what might as well be considered as my initiation, so it would be sensible of me to at least try. Although the restrained woman did her best not to let herself show any expression, her face did indicate that she was about to perform something very distasteful as she slipped her tongue between Collette’s little toe and the next one up. She did discover that the taste was more than a little uncomfortable and there was a strong taste of salt which must have been due to sweat, but the bound woman realised that she was able to cope with this so long as it didn’t get much worse.

“I told you that you would be able to deal with this, my cute captive.” Collette said as she started to giggle when the tongue pressed between another pair of her toes. “I had no desire to punish you, but disobeying in such a way would have left me no other choice but to take disciplinary action. However, as you can imagine I have no problem in doing this to other ladies, no matter what the condition of their feet and this will give you the opportunity to test my limits when you have me at your mercy.”

That is something to consider when the weekend is over which will leave me as the one in charge again and it would make a very enjoyable act of revenge for forcing me to do this. After a few minutes had passed, helpless woman had grown used to the taste or at least was able to tolerate it better and she was able to press with more force as she cleaned the gaps between the toes of the French Maid. Collette’s response was to change from giggling to laughing and the woman had to hold onto her chair to keep herself in place.

“You are becoming most proficient at this, my sexy slave and I will have to let you know how it feels to have your own feet treated in this manner.” There were louder moans escaping from the woman’s mouth when she wasn’t laughing and the twitches of her hips was proof to Cecyme that her current captor was becoming very aroused at the treatment that she was receiving.

When Collette exchanged her feet so that the left was resting while the right was the target of the tied lady’s tongue, an idea formed in Cecyme’s mind about what she should do next. Soon, you will probably want me to kiss and suck at your toes, so instead of waiting for you to give me the order to do so, perhaps I should surprise you by taking your big toe into my mouth. There shouldn’t be any problems about doing this and I doubt that you will punish me for being just a little adventurous. Rather than move straight to the big toe of the maid, Cecyme worked her tongue between each toe in turn so that Collette would become further aroused, but there came a point when the prisoner had cleaned the final gap before the big toe.

There is a small risk in doing this, but you don’t seem to be the type of person who would make me suffer for nothing, so I should make the attempt. When the restrained woman finished licking the final gap on the foot, she didn’t halt but instead the lady enveloped the big toe in her gagged mouth while she continued to lick the space as best she could before running her tongue over the toe. A loud squeal escaped the mouth of the maid which let the helpless woman know that she had taken the loving to the next level and even though Collette gripped onto the chair as if her life depended on it, this wasn’t sufficient to stop her hips from writhing in the seat. So, this must be the part that you love the most and my guess is that it shouldn’t be too long before you are taken to the peak of your desire, at which point I will stop and see how you react. I never expected to be this kinky though, sucking on a woman’s toes to make her orgasm.

“Oh, that is so wonderful slave Cecyme, just keep doing that with my big toes.” As the lady spoke, the tremor in her voice was another indication of how much she was being affected and her left leg was shaking a little as she lifted her other foot up to the mouth of the captive.

You are being affected by this much more than I realised, so I should take more time with what I am doing as I don’t want to end this too quickly.  Cecyme withdrew her mouth from the left foot so that she could work on pleasuring the maid by attending to her right big toe and she sucked and licked the appendage, but at a slower rate than before so that it would take longer for the captor to reach her erotic peak. By this time, Collette appeared to be in her own little world as she threw her head back and her moans grew louder with passing second while her pelvis made involuntary thrusts up from the seat of the chair. I don’t think that you will be saying anything to me for the time being as you are too preoccupied with the pleasure that you are receiving and it is going to be quite a surprise for you when I stop just as you are on the brink.

As the helpless woman continued with sucking, kissing and licking the big toes of the maid who was in charge of her, she kept a watchful eye on the lady so that she would be able to spot when the maid would be about to explode in pleasure. The last thing that I want to do, is miss when you are at the edge of ecstasy so that you end up in bliss, as I want to use this so that I can have a little fun with you. A warm feeling started to grow between the legs of the defenceless damsel, but she tried to ignore this new state of arousal as she needed to concentrate on the matter at hand. I didn’t expected to be end up with erotic feelings as a result of this, but it is happening anyway. I just hope that I don’t get frustrated as a result.

Although Cecyme did her best to ignore the flame of desire which burned in her most intimate area, there came a time when her own hips started to writhe of their own accord. However, she still managed to monitor how close her captor was to reaching the point when she would explode in pleasure and it seemed that the maid was just moments away from reaching the heights of ecstasy. I need to time this just right so that when I stop pleasuring you, it will have the maximum effect. If I halt too soon, you will just react by bringing yourself to bliss and if I am too late you will already be over the edge. However, if I stop at the right moment, you may be so wound up that you could forget that you can finish what I am doing to you. It was just about a minute later, when the bound lady noticed that the maid was just at that point when any further actions would result in Collette erupting in ecstasy.

Cecyme stopped sucking and licking the toes of her captor and pulled her head back as far as she could, given that her movements were restricted because of the bondage that had been used to retrain her arms. There was a cry of frustration from the maid when she realised that she had been prevented from reaching the moment of bliss and the feeling of lust was so strong inside her that she forgot about caressing herself to ecstasy. “Please Cecyme, please don’t do this to me! I need to come so badly!”

I have a feeling that you are going to make me pay for this act of disobedience once your state of reverie ends, so I might as well tease you for a second time. Collette was squirming in her chair when her captive took the right big toe into her mouth, but the sucking and licking were slower than before which meant that it took a little longer for the maid to be taken up to the edge again. However, when the maid was about to go over the precipice of pleasure so that she could plummet into her bliss, the captive stopped using her mouth for a second time which cause the woman to be driven to distraction.

“Let me come, please let me come!”

It’s time to bring you to ecstasy, otherwise you may make me suffer to the nth degree in revenge when you have recovered and I have taken enough of a risk by denying you twice. When the captive started the routine, instead of being even slower she worked as fast as she could so that the maid’s desire could be brought to fruition as soon as possible. It was just a few seconds later that Collette responded with a loud scream as her hands went white from her death hold on the chair and the prisoner was thankful that the maid’s feet were pulled back under the chair while her body twitched and convulsed. I didn’t think that playing with your feet would have such an effect on you, but you must be very sensitive. When I am the mistress again, I think that it may be interesting to have you placed in strict bondage and have one of the other maids to play with your feet for a few hours without allowing you to orgasm. However, for the moment I will have to wait until you recover and I have no doubt that you will make me suffer for this.

As the woman in bondage rested in her restraints, she had no idea how much time had passed, but Collette appeared to have roused from her resting state before walking around to the back of the helpless prisoner. “You have been a very bad slave, tormenting me like that and bad slaves need to be taught how to behave.” While the maid spoke, she untied one end of the rope that held Cecyme’s hands up in the air and pulled on it until the slave was lifted up so that she was just about touching the ground with her knees, before the end of the rope was tied off again.

“Now you are in the perfect position to be punished, you naughty captive.”

(To Be Continued)

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