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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 32

As Cecyme half-hung by her wrists from the crossed bars of the gazebo with the only other support being provided by the knees of her frog-tied legs, the ring-gagged women understood just how defenceless her naked body was. My body is vulnerable in this position and I will not be able to stop you from doing whatever you want to me. I can already feel the strain on my wrists from being suspended in this way and having my elbows bound together behind my head serves to increase the level of discomfort in my arms. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad before when I was kneeling with my feet on the ground, but now that I am hanging like this there is a lot of pressure on my kneecaps and the only way I can reduce the feeling in my knees is by lifting them up which results in the worsening of the at my wrists and elbows. This alone is a very clever torment and I will be sure to put it to good use when I am in charge of the household again, especially when you are like this in my bedroom.

“Actually, I can see that this situation is already causing you a little suffering, so perhaps I shouldn’t use my talents to make this any worse for you at the moment.” Collette said as she walked around to the front of the helpless mistress while carrying a large bag in her right hand, which was dropped onto the ground once she was facing the defenceless lady. “You look so gorgeous like this, available for every touch that I could care to land upon your body and there is nothing that you can do to stop me.”

What happened next was a surprise to Cecyme as the maid took a firm hold of the hem of her skirt, before pulling it up so that it went past her chest so that her bosom was exposed and within a few seconds the woman removed the garment which was placed on the floor by the bag. It just took a moment for Collette to pull her frilly panties down to her ankles and it was just a matter of stepping out of them so that they could be placed on top of the uniform. “It is so good to be in the nude for a little while, but I do have another outfit that I will need to change into when I use my other talents on you.”

I am thankful for the delay, as I need to get used to the way that I am suspended from my arms before you decide to make me suffer at your hands. Seeing you undress in front of me was quite erotic and indicates that that the interlude is going to become rather sensual. After the disrobed maid stood in front of the immobilised Cecyme for about half a minute, she knelt down before her prisoner with her upper legs in a vertical position and put her arms around the captive in a tender embrace.

“Now Slave Cecyme, stick your tongue out through the ring so that we can kiss. That is, unless you want me to forget about this and get to the next part of your entertainment straight away.”

Cecyme didn’t need to think twice about the request if it meant that there would be more time before she was tormented, so she thrust her tongue out as far as she could through the ring that held her mouth open. I shouldn’t give you the chance to bring an end to this early, as it will take me to the part where you make me suffer straight away.

“I see that you are willing to cooperate and so we can have a nice tender moment together.” Collette said as her face moved closer to that of her prisoner until their lips pressed together, with Cecyme’s tongue inside her mouth and there was a sigh from the helpless lady as her tongue was caressed by her captor’s.

This does feel good, even though I am powerless to stop you anyway. That is even better. After a minute of kissing, The pleasurable sensations that the captive was receiving were added to when her hair was caressed by the maid’s left hand and Cecyme pressed her lips harder against those of the other woman. Although the helpless woman thought that this had gone on for some time, it had only been about four minutes since the kissing had started when the maid pulled her head back.

“Slave, you can put your tongue back in as you do look a little silly like that now.” As Collette spoke, she moved her head to just below Cecyme’s right ear and the maid started to land a series of sweet little kisses at the top of the restrained woman’s neck. After a few seconds the prisoner started to moan as the kisses moved across her neck from right to left and she moved her head so that Collette would be able to access her neck easier.

This is such a wonderful feeling and it is so warm and loving. Oh wow! There was an involuntary twitch of Cecyme’s hips as she felt the embers of desire glow in the most intimate part of her body and this elicited another moan of pleasure from her gagged mouth. This sensation increased in strength when Collette’s kisses moved down from the centre of the captive’s neck to a point just above the cleavage of the bound woman. Surely you can’t be planning to kiss my breas-, oooo. It came as a surprise to the defenceless lady as the mound of her right breast was the recipient of a series of gentle kisses that went from right to left before her left breast was treated in the same manner. Soon, there was a squeal from the mishandled mistress as the lips below her tunnel of lust were given a soft caress by the maid’s left hand while the right gripped into the cheeks of her bottom and the red-head licked the areola around her nipples.

“I can see that you are enjoying this interlude very much my helpless harlot, so I will take you to the summit of your lust.” Collette said as her right hand slid down to join the other so that they both stroked the captive’s flower of desire, with the fingers probing between the engorged petals. By this time, the nipples of the prisoner had become erect and loud moans escaped from the mouth of the aroused woman as the solid mounds of flesh were flicked by the tip of the maid’s tongue.

I thought that you were going to torment me, but you are making love to me again. Perhaps I was so good at making love to your feet that you are allowing me another moment of bliss as a kind of thank you. Cecyme tried to push her breasts against the mouth of the maid, but seeing as she was suspended by her wrists with only her knees touching the ground it was impossible for her to do anything other but the slightest wriggling. This position is so restrictive that I can’t even thrust my hips against your hands, so I have to completely rely on you for every part of my pleasure. It wasn’t long before the helpless mistress found it hard to concentrate on anything else apart from the pleasure that she was receiving from her captor and the lady hoped that it wouldn’t be long before she would be overwhelmed by bliss. When Collette sucked and bit at the breasts and nipples of the helpless lady while probing deep into the folds of Cecyme’s lips of lust, it felt to the bound woman as if her desire was going to explode in just a few moments.

No, oh please NO! However, just when Cecyme was on the very point of being engulfed in bliss, her pleasure was turned into an erotic torment when Collette pulled her body back from the captive, who was left in an extreme state of denial as she did what little twisting she could in the ropes. You planned this from the start and I fell for your seduction completely! This is going to be a pure torture on its own and when you add your standard torture, it will make my suffering much worse.

“I must admit that it is always lovely to take a helpless lady right to edge of ecstasy and watch as she squirms in her bonds, with her knowing that what she was enjoying just a moment before has now become a torment of her very being.” Collette said as she removed a leather blindfold from the back which was placed over Cecyme’s eyes, before the ends of the straps were taken to the back of her head where they were buckled together. Once the maid drew her arms back, the prisoner was unable to use her eyes, although she did move her head around in a futile effort to dislodge the item that robbed her of her sight.

Please let me come! Please, I’ll do anything that you want! Although Cecyme lifted her legs up so that she could rub them together in the slim hope that she could provide enough stimulation to send herself over the edge, the only thing that resulted was the additional ache that she created in her arms from the strain. I can’t stay still because of the raging fire between my legs, but lifting my legs up in an effort to reduce the flame adds to the torment of my arms, so I cannot win at all. The worst thing is that you can do anything you want and I won’t even get any advance warning of what is going to happen to me.

“That blindfold is not going to stay on for long, at least not this time. I just want to give you a little surprise before I continue with your entertainment and the best way to do this is make sure that you cannot see what I am doing at the moment.”

When you said give me a little surprise, I thought that you mean some kind of nasty device, but you did say that you don’t use anything other than your own body, so I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. That rustling sound in front of me must mean that you are taking something out of the bag that was dropped earlier and if it isn’t a device of some kind, what on earth can it be? As the helpless women tried to concentrate on her listening, she could hear more rustling sounds in front of her and although she was certain that she had heard a similar sound before, the captive was unable to work out what the noise was related to.

After another minute or so, the sound came to an end and Cecyme felt a pair of hands meet at the back of her neck where the straps of her blindfold were attached together. “Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them when I remove your blindfold, unless you really want me to hand out an extreme punishment straight away, along with keeping you in denial for a long time.”

Cecyme noticed that the words were almost whispered in her ear when Collette spoke and the bound prisoner knew that having her eyes open was going to invite torment, so she screwed her eyelids shut as the two straps were unbuckled. She could feel the loss of pressure against her eyes as the blindfold was pulled away from her face and even though it was tempting to take a look, the woman realised that she had to avoid giving in to temptation at this moment.

“You have permission to open your eyes now, slave.” Collette said with the helpless lady noticing the change in the tone of voice of the woman who was on front of her and it sounded as if the maid was more authoritative than before.

Just that one short line shows that there is a change in your attitude, which also makes you sound stronger and whatever you were doing must have had something to do with it. I just hope that you aren’t going to torture me too long with this fire inside me. There was a gasp from the bound Cecyme when she opened her eyes so that she could take in the sight in front of her and she understood why the maid was different than before. That outfit is incredible and it couldn’t be any more different from the maid’s uniform that you were wearing just a short while ago. Just one look at you makes it obvious that it is bringing out another side of you.

Collette was wearing a long-sleeved black patent leather catsuit that went all the way from the high collar at the neck to just above her ankles and there was a zip that ran from the collar top all the way down, with it looking as if it went behind to her bottom. There were two more horizontal zips on either side of the chest which suggested that this would provide access to the woman’s breasts and the effect was completed by the black domino mask which covered Collette’s upper face. Instead of the coy maid who had been playful, there stood a woman who exuded confidence, authority and dominance and Cecyme could see that this woman had a strength that was equal to Isabella’s.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that you can alter so much by just changing your clothes. I know that Megumi can get into character when she puts on an outfit, but that isn’t that same with you. It took Cecyme several seconds to realise just how hard she was staring at the lady in front of her and the captive felt her cheeks burn once she knew what she was doing.

“Actually slave, I am very flattered by the look on your face as it shows just effective I am in this outfit. There is an expression that clothes make a person, but I prefer to think that it can help you bring a part of yourself out and because of this, Isabella and I have contacted a lady who is going to arrive on Monday, whose purpose is to help you select a few outfits that will bring out your dominant side. To be honest, I have waited until the sun is almost setting before I put this on, as it would have been intolerable in the earlier heat.”

You are so incredible like this and I am surprised that you are working here in a position that requires you to behave in a submissive manner.

“I can almost read the question on your face, slave Cecyme, so if I am correct I can tell you the answer. I have a strong dominant side, but I can also be very submissive in the right situation and my employment here caters for both sides of my personality. When I started my employment here, both Alicia and Isabella were somewhat disbelieving when I told them that my dominant side could be quite strong, so I decided to prove it to them. If they wanted to find out just how good I was, they both had to submit themselves to me completely from dawn until dusk and I could do what I wanted with them.”

That sounds surprising that they would both allow such a thing to happen, although looking at you now, the power within you is clear.

“I do not want to go into details about what happened on that day, but both Alicia and Isabella were shocked, surprised and very satisfied when the sun set and from time to time they wanted to be joint captives for a day under my control. I don’t have much time to do everything to you that I have learnt, but I can give you a taste of my skills before it gets too dark.” Collette said as she knelt in front of the captive who squealed as the most intimate areas of her body were caressed. “However, I think that your flames of lust need to be stoked up to maximum before I start the first part of your torment.”

What you are doing to me is an erotic torment on its own and you know that I will be begging and pleading for fulfilment before long as you continue with your sexual teasing. After several minutes had passed, Cecyme was again writhing in her ropes while her hips were subjected to uncontrollable twitches as the ache increased in her tunnel of desire, with the captive knowing that there was no chance of having her flames doused in the short term. Please bring this to an end, please put a stop to my torture of lust! By this time, Cecyme’s need to have the fire between her legs put out reduced her to such a state, that between crying out in her need she begged and pleaded with her captor to provide her with the relief that she was so desperate for.

“Do not worry my sexually suffering slave, as I will provide you with end to this torment before too long, although it will be on my terms.” Collette said as she lifted her hands up so that she could place the tips of her fingers just above the armpits of the lady who was starting to worry about what was going to happen next. “I see that you are getting nervous about what I am about to do to you and you do have good cause for concern, given what my plans are.”

This must be when you start to practise your horrible tortures on me and I am powerless to resist you when the torment starts. What are you going to- nononono! There was a long scream from the captive when Dominatrix Collette landed the gentlest of touches with her fingers on the armpits on the prisoner’s armpits.

“This is the softest of tickles, my slave. Just imagine what I can do when I press hard.”

(To Be Continued)

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