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Friday, 24 April 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 31

Cassidy’s reverie at admiring her new costume was brought to a sudden end when there were several knocks on the door and she heard Madam Sǐwáng’s voice coming from outside. “Cassandra, I have left a timer outside the door, which will beep when it is time for you to leave the room. By that time everything should be ready for the last part of the evening.”

“Okay Madam Sǐwáng, I will come out when I hear the noise.” Seeing as there was nothing else to do at the moment, the captive sat down on the chair which she had positioned so that she could look at herself in the mirror and she started to run her fingers over the fishnet hose. I have nothing else to do but wait until the timer finishes, but I suppose that I should be careful in what I do at the moment, as my last torment was very erotic, but not something that I want to go through again for a while. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon or evening I will be ready to go through it again, but I don’t want the risk of being left unsatisfied all night long. After a wait of some time that Cassidy was unable to determine as there was no timepiece in the small room, there was a faint but clear beeping sound which lasted for about ten seconds which was the signal for the lady to leave the room. I wonder what restraints are in store for me this time? At least I don’t have to worry about my physical safety at the hands of Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù, but some of the bondage I have been through in previous scenarios has been quite severe.

There was a moment of hesitation as the prisoner took hold of the door handle, but she knew that if she didn’t leave the room of her own accord, there may be some kind of forfeit to pay as a result so the lady steadied her nerves before turning the handle and opening the door. As she peeked out through the door way, there was no one in site and she noticed that part of the warehouse had been curtained off again which seemed to indicate that alterations had been made to the areas that had been used in previous scenarios. There is still a massive area at the end of the warehouse with I haven’t seen yet, so there must be something very special in that part of the building that is being kept hidden from me, but I doubt that I should be too worried as my release has been promised for Thursday morning, However, I don’t know if I will want to be free as my desire to remain a captive of Madam Sǐwáng keeps growing and at this rate, I could end up begging her to keep me prisoner.

After taking a few steps outside of her room, Cassidy still couldn’t see any of her which made her wonder if the timer had been set for the wrong time, when one of the curtains parted and the two assistants emerged into view, with each carrying a white bag. They had white shoes on their feet which were almost the same as ballet slippers and their legs were covered with white fishnet pantyhose that consisted of a very fine mesh. A white glittering long sleeved bodysuit covered their bodies up to their necks and each sleeve was kept in place by a little loop of cloth that went around the middle finger. Cassidy was sure that she had seen costumes like this somewhere before, but the woman’s more immediate concern was about what was going to happen to her, especially as the bags must hold the restraints that were going to be applied to her body.

“Oh look Kǒngbù, a wild bunny girl appears! Shall we add it to our collection?”

“We must obtain such a beautiful specimen, as our Madam will be very happy with us if we can capture such a prize.”

This is where I get placed in tight bondage again. I doubt that I will have any success in escaping your grasp as I am wearing these high heels while you are in slippers, but I am not just going to let you take me captive without putting up a fight. As the bunny girl looked around, she could see that there was a large area to her right which seemed to be clear and the lady decided that this was the best place that she could go to, so she turned to her right and ran to the area as best she could given the limitations of her heels.

“Kǎodǎ, I think that the wild bunny girl does not want to be added to our menagerie, so force is going to be necessary to control her.” Kǒngbù said as Cassidy heard the soft but rapid impacts behind her which meant that the two hunters would soon catch up with her.

“Kǒngbù, this creature must be tightly restrained after we capture her, because wild bunnies can be very vicious. There is a chance that she could even be as dangerous as the killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.”

I would have thought you would have needed no excuse to tie me up, but you are just playing with me. Although the pursued lady did her best to avoid being captured, her failure was a foregone conclusion as the ladies chasing her were faster on their feet and the helpless woman was soon forced into a corner. Within moments, the woman was forced to lie face down onto the floor and her hands were pulled up hard against her shoulder blades by Kǎodǎ who was sitting astride her back. Please, not so hard, you’ll end up pulling my arms out of my sockets! Cassidy did her best to struggle against the captor who kept her on the floor, but this just resulted in her hair being held and pulled hard, which forced her head back as far as possible. Please, no, my hair will come out by the roots!

“Kǒngbù, the first thing we need to do with this wild animal is cover her eyes so that she will be more compliant.” Kǎodǎ said as she gave another sharp tug on the hair of the captive, which caused the victim to yelp in response as an intolerable strain was placed on the joints of her neck.

“I have just the item to help with this situation.” Kǒngbù said, pulling out two white circular objects out of her bag and it appeared to the restrained woman that they were just the right size to be placed over her eyelids. “They are adhesive so that they will stick in place over her eyes and the pads can only come off when I removed them.”

“Can’t you use a normal blindfold on me, or a scarf? These discs look very unpleasant.” As Cassidy spoke, she did her best to try to move her head to some degree, but Kǎodǎ’s grip on her hair ensured that she remained immobilised as the two pads adhered themselves to her eyelids.

“There is a reason for this, which you will discover in a few minutes.” Kǒngbù said as she pressed once more on the pads to make certain that they were glued in place.

“I think that this vicious wild bunny girl needs some muzzling as such creatures can have very nasty teeth. Have you got anything in your bag to prevent this nasty creature from biting us?”

“In my bag is the best device to stop this wild animal from sinking her teeth into us.” Kǒngbù said and the immobilised prisoner heard a rustling sound in front of her , which might be some kind of gag that was being retrieved from the bag.

“You don’t need to gag me, I’ll be a well behave- ULM!” At this moment, Cassidy realised why the pads had been placed other her eyes to prevent her from seeing as she would not be able to stop them from inserting the gag into her mouth. As the object was pushed further between her teeth, it felt to her as if it was a very wide bar which forced her jaw apart to its fullest extent and there seemed to be a texture to the material along with a sweet taste.

Honey, they’ve put honey on the gag. That’ll cause me to start drooling before very long. It must be some kind of bit-gag, but the ones that I have seen on the internet all have smooth surfaces. As the blindfolded woman waited, the two main straps of the gag were taken around to the back of her neck, where they were buckled to the extent that the straps started to bite into her skin. When another strap pressed down on her face on either side of her nose, along with over her head, she knew that this was not just a plain gag, but rather that it was some kind of harness gag. This was confirmed when two more straps were taken together under her chin where they were attached and there were final adjustments to the sets of straps to stop them from moving about. So, that’s why you didn’t use a standard blindfold on me, as you would have trouble removing it once my gag was in place. Are you going to keep my arms like this and tie me up so that I’m held in another reverse prayer?

“I’ll hold her arms for you, Kǎodǎ, so that you can sort out her binding.” An extra set of hands gripped the victim’s arms at the wrists before the first pair released her, but Kǎodǎ stayed on her back which meant that the captive had no chance of freeing herself. “It is important for you to form each of your hands into a fist shape, unless you do want your fingers to be hurt or something even worse happen to them. It is your choice if you want to take the risk.”

I doubt that Madam Sǐwáng would take any action against her assistants if I disobeyed them while I was being placed in bondage and ended up getting hurt, as she would expect me to know better. At hearing the instruction Cassidy balled up her hands into fists as she was commanded, so that whatever was going to happen to her was not going to cause any harm to her fingers. After a few seconds had passed, something was used to envelop her right hand before her left was also covered with what might be some kind of leather item. This was followed by the application of pressure around her right wrist and the same happened to the other wrist, so Cassidy surmised that any chance of removing the items would be impossible. Even my fingers are in bondage this time, although I wonder why you would go to all of this effort just to add a little extra restraint. When the captive attempted to wiggle her fingers, she discovered that apart from a very small amount of give provided by the suppleness of the leather, her digits were stuck in place.

Once the helpless woman finished testing the limits imposed by the items over her hands, her forearms were bought down her back until they were parallel to each other and each wrist was at the other arm’s elbow. There was a sensation of movement at each wrist, before a length of cord was wrapped six times around her left wrist and right elbow which had four cinches added to tighten the rope, with this being repeated at her right wrist and left elbow. Cassidy expected the next part of the restraining to be around her upper arms and chest, so she was surprised when the end of a third rope was tied to the bonds at her left wrist. This was taken around and between her forearms in a figure of eight pattern and once each pattern was completed, it was tightened so that it pressed into her flesh before another figure of eight was added. While this continued, the woman in bondage wondered just how long the rope was and the looping only stopped when it reached her right wrist, where it was tied off.

My forearms must be in a state of complete bondage, as the restraints essentially go from hand to hand and as usual I have absolutely no chance of escaping. Another rope was also wound around her in a figure of eight pattern, but this was looped around her chest and at the bottom of her upper arms ten times before the ends were tied together which left her arms bound to her body. Another rope was applied in the same way over the middle of her chest, but to Cassidy’s surprise this was not tied off, which meant that the ends were still loose. I can’t believe that you have forgotten to finish this, so there must be something else planned for me concerning this particular restraint.

“Kǒngbù, we can’t have this wild animal running around without using some means of control, so do you have anything that can be used to stop her from getting away?”

“Yes, but it might be preferable if we get the feral rabbit on her feet first.”

I can’t see a thing, so how can I even consider running away at the moment. Hands gripped the defenceless lady on her arms and body so that she could be lifted up onto her feet and the captors continued to hold the woman until she managed to steady herself. Once the captive was in a balanced position, she felt something go around her neck above the bowtie and after a few seconds, this pressed tight against her skin. Although the prisoner could not see what was attached to her by her captors, the fact that it was a band around her neck left her in no doubt at all about what had just happened. It’s a collar, you’ve stuck a collar around my neck as if I am an animal to be kept on a leash. Even though I can’t feel anything else, there must be a leash attached to it and I am about to be taken somewhere. This whole process appears to be one of dehumanisation and I can’t believe that it will end like this.

“Come this way, you animal.” As Kǎodǎ spoke, there was a sharp tug on the collar around the neck of the victim and even though the prisoner was unsure about the precise direction in which she was supposed to go, she started to take short steps towards what she approximated was the correct place. There was no correction by the captor who was holding onto the leash, so the bound woman assumed that her guess was correct and she knew that she would continue like this until it was time for her to halt.

“Stand still.”

What are you going to do to me now? There was pressure against the pads that covered the eyes of the defenceless captive before they were peeled away and the woman blinked her eyelids for a few times before her eyes became accustomed to the light so that she could look at the full-length mirror in front of her. Even though the first thing that she noticed was the black leather collar around her neck, along with the leash that was being held by Kǎodǎ, it was the gag that first surprised her. Although it was similar in most respects to a standard harness bit-gag, with the top strap holding her bunny ear band in place, the actual wide bit between the two metal rings was different from any gag that she had ever seen. The colour of the bit was orange as opposed to the standard smooth black and there were small vertical indentations going around the bit which gave it an unusual texture. One end of the bit was rounded while the other was flat with small green streamers hanging from it and this was what made Cassidy realise just what it represented.

It’s a carrot! I’m a bunny girl in tight bondage, and I have been gagged with a carrot! Once the damsel had gotten over the shock of what her gag looked like, she turned her body around so that she could see what was covering each hand and it appeared to be some kind of small leather bag with a leather strap around her wrist. This removes my hands from view, which adds to my dehumanisation. It was almost impossible to see any clear area of her lower arms as the ropework covered her skin and this only left her upper arms on view. I wonder why you haven’t tied off the second set of chest ropes, or are you waiting until I’ve had a chance to look at this first.

As Cassidy turned back around so that the front of her body was shown in the mirror, Kǒngbù took hold of the end of the leash while Kǎodǎ went around to the back of the prisoner and a moment later, the bound lady discovered why the ropes had been left untied. When Cassidy exhaled, Kǎodǎ pulled the end of the ropes so the cords were as tight as possible over the ribcage of the defenceless damsel and the ends were tied off before the captive realised what was happening. The next time she tried to inhale, the restrained lady discovered that she could only take a little breath into her body and she had to take quick, short breaths to compensate for the new restriction.

You’ve forced me to pant like a frightened animal!

“Such a helpless, frightened bunny.” Kǎodǎ said as she walked around to the front of the captive and Cassidy started to become scared when her cheek was stroked in a slow manner by the assistant. “I’m sure that we can have some fun with you. After all, there is one thing that rabbits are renowned for.”

What are you going to do to me?

(To Be Continued.)

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