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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 21

Part 21

As Petra stood there, she had no idea about what was going to happen to her, or to the fellow captive who was on her right and the inaction served to increase her feelings of apprehension. Relief came to the chained captive when she heard a sigh from Diana, which was followed by a soft moan that indicated something pleasurable was happening to the other lady. The sounds that you are making are helping in letting me know that you are enjoying yourself and if it is this good, I hope that I will derive as much pleasure from it as you are at the moment. After two minutes had passed, there was a cessation of the sounds from the imprisoned niece which made Petra think that she was going to find out what had happened in just a few seconds.

There was a momentary sensation of a mild coolness at the top of her head, before the hands of her captor worked the material into her hair in smoothing strokes that the helpless lady found to be very sensual, as well as adding to the feeling of warmth between her legs. This must be some kind of shower gel that you are using on us and I wish that I could tell you just how wonderful it feels. Oh, this is so good. Kendra continued to massage the gel into the hair of the woman in bondage who responded with soft sighs along with moans and these grew in strength until her hair was covered in the viscous substance at which point the captor halted, leaving the lady a little disappointed. Why have you stopped, that was so good?

A sigh from Diana let the aroused prisoner know that the woman on her right was being covered with more of the gel and Petra found her present situation to be quite frustrating as she wanted to see what was happening to the other lady. It would be great to watch as Kendra smoothed the gel over Diana’s body, but these pads over my eyes have reduced my world to essentially one of touch and sound. Maybe later, I may have a chance to ask if I could watch the part of the video which shows us in the shower. The gentle moans from Diana were going on for far longer than before, so Petra came to the conclusion that the whole back of the other captive must be getting covered in gel by the woman who controlled them. A sudden increase in the volume of the niece’s sighs along with several seconds of giggling was followed by silence, so the lady who was kidnapped on Thursday evening knew that it was going to be her turn.

This is nice, and a great way to start. A cool touch around Petra’s neck elicited a sigh from her as the gel was spread over the area so that it covered her shoulders and a second amount was used to cover her arms from her shoulders to her wrists in slow and smooth strokes. Once they were covered, the sides of her body and her back experienced a very sweet caress which came down to just short of her bottom and the captive moaned as she surrendered herself to the gentle touch of her mistress. That explains why Diana giggled at the end, as you are saving the best part until last. Louder moans escaped from the gagged mouth of the helpless lady as she felt the hands of her captor slide up and down her legs from the heels of her feet, to just under the point where the top of her legs met the soft flesh of her posterior. This is just teasing, as the area that you are avoiding is the one that I most want you to touch. At this point, the helpless woman was writhing in her bonds and she was even wiggling her defenceless derriere out towards the lady who was smoothing the gel over her legs, but this just earned her a pinch on her right cheek that caused her to squeal which was echoed with a giggle from the other prisoner to her right.

“Behave slave, I will complete this when I choose and you are to remain in place unless you want your cute cheeks to end up black and blue.” Kendra said as she returned to running her fingers up and down the legs of the bound woman, who was feeling the warmth between her legs increasing in strength from each caress.

You are being so mean to me, as you know that I want you to rub your gel-covered hands over my bottom, but you are delaying this for as long as possible so that I will end up even more frustrated as a result. What? Petra  was taken by surprise when the slippery fingers of her captor penetrated deep into the folds between her cheeks and this caused her to squeal as the tips pressed against what could be the most intimate part of her anatomy. Don’t press any harder, please don’t press any harder! There was a sustained pleading sound from the gagged mouth of the worried woman, as she didn’t want the situation to one where she could end up suffering from extreme humiliation and she shook her head in the hope that her captor would understand her fear.

“Now you know better than try and demand something from me, slave. Have you learnt your lesson about being behaved, or do I have to punish you in a way that you will never forget?” As Kendra spoke, her fingers went up and down the gap between the prisoner’s cheeks but she maintained the level of pressure that threatened the defenceless woman with embarrassment.

Okay, I’ve learnt my lesson, I’ll be a good little bondage slave. As the captive pleaded through her gag, she nodded at a rate which could best be described as frantic in the hope that she would not be subjected to a very unpleasant punishment. Kendra, I have shown that I understand, just don’t take this any further, please! There was a massive sigh of relief from the chained Petra as the fingers moved out from the intimate gap and spread out over the soft cheeks of her derriere, covering her sensitive skin with the cool substance.

“Actually, that was part of the cleaning ritual and I never had any intention of penetrating you there, but I wanted to use it to teach you a lesson and to see how you would react to this. It was delicious to see you fall for it completely.”

You fooled me, you managed to make me think that you would slip one of your fingers into my body, just to make me panic. Well, I will know better than to antagonise you in the future. Petra sighed and twitched as her captor ran her hands over the helpless woman’s bottom for a few minutes, which added more fuel to the flame that was burning in her tunnel of lust and caused her to start writhing again.

“That’s it you two, now you can turn around so that you are facing me.” Kendra said as she finished her caress of the helpless lady’s bottom and Petra started to shuffle clockwise at a slow rate so that she could stay on the spot without bumping into Diana.

The last thing that I want to do is end up knocking you over, Diana, as it could end up with being very painful for you at the very least.

After about fifteen seconds there was a call of “Stop Diana.” and after another ten Kendra said “Stop Petra.” so the helpless woman knew that both of them were in position so that they could go through the next stage of being covered in gel.

You have the front part of our bodies to clean now, Kendra and this area contains the most sensitive places of all, which you will end up leaving until last. As the helpless woman pondered the situation, there was a gasp from the lady to the left of her and she knew that Kendra was starting to cover the rest of her niece’s body with the shower gel. If my guess is correct, your aunt will stop short of the three sweet spots that you will be desperate for her to cover and she will turn her attention to me. Although Petra was unable to tell just how long the captor was taking to cover the non-erotic parts of Diana’s body, it seemed to be just a few minutes until the sighing of the captive to Petra’s left ended and there was a pause of a few seconds before the initial captive experienced the touch of the cool substance on her chest just below her neck.

I doubt that I would enjoy this half as much if I wasn’t in a state of strict bondage and you running your hands over my body like this is a very erotic experience. Within a minute, the top of Petra’s chest was covered in the soft material that was being smoothed over her body by her captor who went around either side of the breasts before applying the gel to her abdomen. By this time, the captive was writhing in her bonds as the fingers glided over her skin and the touches against her body were acknowledged by moans that escaped through the ring that kept her jaws apart. Kendra’s hands went down the sides of the prisoner’s hips so that her hearth of lust was avoided, but even the caress in this general area added more fuel to the flame of Petra’s lust. Now I guess that it is time for you to clean the front of my legs, so I hope that you pay at least a little attention to my feet. There were several strokes up and down the legs of the defenceless woman, who find it difficult to remain still as the caresses increased the felling of excitement inside her.

Wow, that is just lovely, don’t stop. Petra was unable to suppress a squeal as the gel was smoothed over the top of her feet, before the sides of her feet were also caressed with the hands that rubbed the material against her skin. It almost seemed to the bound woman that her captor was taking her time over this, seeing as Kendra would know that the helpless lady would find this to be very pleasurable. At least you are being nice to us in this respect, ooooo. A loud sigh was emitted from the prisoner when the gel-covered fingers of her captor intertwined with her own toes, an action that made the restrained woman feel the flame of her lust grow to a new level and she had to use what self-control she had to stop herself from begging for more. The last thing I want is to give you a reason to scare me like you did in threatening to penetrate me with your fingers.

Although Kendra spent more than a minute on the toes of the nude woman in the shower, to Petra it felt as if it was over in just a few seconds as she was enjoying it so much and the surprised gasp from Diana made it clear that the other prisoner was being attended to. The noises from you make me wish that I could see what was happening, but by your moans it appears that Kendra is concentrating on the more sensitive parts of your anatomy. Diana’s moans grew louder with every passing second as her body was caressed by their mistress and it became obvious that the prisoner’s state of arousal continued to increase. I just hope that you don’t take too long with Diana, as I want to feel the touch of your fingers on my breasts. There was one more moan from the niece that had the tone of disappointment which Petra assumed was because the captor had finished with the younger woman and the helpless lady squealed as Kendra’s fingers pressed against the soft flesh of her bosom. This is great! As the hands of the captor kneaded the mounds of the helpless woman’s breasts as if they were buns that had to be rolled into shape before they went into the oven, the prisoner thought that her centre of intimacy was going to explode with pleasure. However, after a few seconds had passed by, it was clear that this latest form of massage was not going to be enough and the bound lady realised that this was just going to make her feel as if the erotic sensation was going to turn into a torture for her.

After a minute had gone by, Petra felt her captor’s fingers and thumbs holding her erect nipples in a hard grip before twisting and pulling the hard lump of skin so that the helpless woman was almost driven to distraction by the inferno that was growing in intensity between her legs. I don’t know whether to try and encourage you to continue or ask you to stop as you are just going to tease me to the point where I will scream for bliss. When the massage of the helpless woman’s bosom ended, however, she desired the touch of her captor so much  that she emitted a verbal signal of her need in a loud sigh. You have missed the most important part of our bodies and although I’m not sure how Diana feels, I know that the space between my legs is aching for your touch.

For a moment, Petra was unsure whether or not the scream was hers or Diana’s, but a second later the fire of lust at the top of her legs subsided enough for her to realise that the shrieking came from both of them. I can feel your hand between my legs moving back and forth and by Diana’s reaction, you must be using your other hand to do the same to her. After a few more seconds had passed, both of the captives’ cries had subsided to a constant moaning as they experienced the stroking of their lips of lust, which were already throbbing as a result of the massage that they had received from their captor and the prisoners started to thrust their hips forward in the hope that the stimulation would be enough to take them over the edge. Soon, Petra was writhing on the spot as her body was taken ever closer to the moment when her very being would be engulfed in joy and the sounds made by Diana showed that the niece was just as aroused.

I’m so close, so very close, just a little more. Petra was so caught up in the moment as she was caress by her captor that it didn’t even enter her mind that the woman in control of her erotic sensations could use it against her. Within a few minutes, the desire of the helpless lady to have her lust sated had grown to such a degree that she was begging as best she could for her captor to increase the speed of the strokes so that she could feel that special moment of ecstasy. It took a few seconds for Petra to realise that her captor was no longer caressing her flower of desire and the complaining noise from Diana showed that she was also left in a state of extreme erotic frustration. The adhesive pads were pulled away from her eyes in a matter of seconds and her first action was to turn her head to the left so that she could look at the other helpless lady who was staring back at her.

“If you two wish for me to provide you with an end to your sexual torment, you are to kiss with your tongues and rub your bodies against each other. This may be enough to take you over the edge on your own, so there is no harm in you two trying unless you wish to waste time moaning at me for being unfair.” As Petra shuffled around anti-clockwise so that she could face her fellow prisoner, Diana moved around in order that she might do the same and in a very short time the front of the two captives’ bodies were almost touching each other.

Once the helpless ladies were in position, the first thing they did was to press their ring-gagged mouths together so that they could intertwine their tongues, while their bodies started to press against each other. First their breasts touched before they were flattened between the bodies of the two ladies and their abdomens brushed against each other with the front of their legs sliding due to the slippery gel. As the erect nipples of the two ladies flicked against each other while they continued with their special French kiss, the prisoners became more aroused by their actions. They pressed their bodies harder against each other and this was having some success, but Petra soon realised that this may not be enough to provide the relief that they were so desperate for. Although she tried her utmost to increase the flame inside her intimacy, the helpless woman found that her attempts fell short of what was needed to bring her body to that point when she would be overwhelmed by bliss.

It sounds as if you are suffering just as much as I am, Diana. Petra almost felt Diana’s frustrated moans as the niece breathed into her mouth and the two captives were stuck together in their need as they continued their actions of the slim hope of sating their lustful desire. However, it wasn’t long before they understood that not only would they still be denied, but they would be unable to maintain enough control to bring their pointless and self-tormenting act to an end.

Please Kendra, you can’t leave us suffering like this.

(To Be Continued)

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