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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 35

To mention that Cassidy Bryce was preoccupied with her new appearance would have been an understatement of her state of mind, as she was staring so hard at herself in the mirror that she didn’t even notice the approach of her mistress who took hold of the long reins in her right hand. One sharp tug on the reins pulled the helpless lady out of her moment of extreme self inspection and she turned her ‘bridled’ head in the direction of her ring-mistress.

“I did like the idea of having you as a lovely little bunny girl in bondage, but it never occurred to me that you could be turned into a ponygirl.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she stared into the eyes of her captive, whose cheeks were burning more by the second as she knew that she was going to be made to behave like an equine. “It is so sweet to see your face becoming a nice shade of crimson. I can do a lot more with you like this than I could while you were a bunny. I think it is best if I take you very slowly around the ring for a few times, so that you can get used to having these new boots on your feet and once I am happy that you are coping, you can be speeded up.”

At least the person who made these weird boots managed to ensure that the sole is rock solid and that my lower legs are supported along with my ankles, otherwise I could end up hurting my legs. However, moving around in them could prove to be very tricky, as I’m finding a little difficult just to stand up.

“Come on my lovely horsey, it is time to make your first trip around the ring.” Madam Sǐwáng said, moving forward a couple of yards at a slow pace while still keeping hold of the reins and although the there was some give, the captive knew that it would only be a few seconds before the reins would be pulled tight.

I should be thankful that you are going at this speed as it gives me a chance of being able to keep up even though I haven’t a clue about how to walk properly in these boots. Perhaps I should just try to place the hooves down flat against the floor at the moment. Cassidy lifted her right foot up a few inches before she leaned forward a little and placed the hoof back down, with it making the classic clop sound when the metal struck the floor. Well, I can move forward, but that felt unsteady, so it is going to take time to become used to walking like this. She repeated the step with her left foot, taking it a few inches further this time and although she was feeling unsteady again, the captive was sure that she would be able to cope with walking at this speed. My cheeks feel as like they are on fire at the moment, but that shouldn’t be a surprise with the world watching while I have to act like a horse. I should be thankful that you can’t make this situation any worse for me.

At first, the ponygirl kept herself to making very short steps with intervals that were as long as possible, so that she could learn how to perform the most careful of walks in her footwear that was half boot and half horses hoof. Once the woman had moved around a quarter of the ring, she managed to feel more secure in taking steps in this way, so she started to increase her speed while putting more distance between her footfalls. Although the changes were small, they were more than enough to allow her to keep up with her captor and she shortened the distance between the two ladies by a few feet. I wish I could hide the fact that I am doing better than at the start, but there is no way of hiding the fact that I am closer to you as the sound of my hooves will give me away. Also, the change in speed will also be audible to you, so once we have gone around the ring I have a feeling that you will quicken the pace.

As the two ladies continued with walking around the circle, Cassidy concentrated on making sure that she would have no problems in using the ponyboots, although she wondered if she was able to cope if her pace was quickened. I don’t have any trouble at this speed now that I am getting used to this, but if I have to move a lot faster I could still end up falling over.

“You have done well for a start, my pretty little pony.” The Mistress said as she came to a halt at the point where they started. “It was clear from the sound of your hooves that you had no trouble in maintaining enough speed so that you could keep up with me. Seeing as you have managed to cope so well, I see no point in going around the ring again at this pace, so I will go at close to a normal walking speed which should provide a decent challenge for you. However, I think that you should be able to maintain this speed.”

I don’t think that I am ready to follow you if you go too fast and I need more practise with stepping in these ponyboots. No, wait! Any attempt at procrastination was denied to the ponygirl, as Madam Sǐwáng set off at the speed which she had indicated and the captive know that within a second the reins would become tight. I have to go as fast as I can, or I could end up being pulled over flat on my face without any way of stopping my fall. Cassidy’s first step with her right foot was taken as a result of instinct, as she attempted to maintain her balance and move forward at the same time so as not to let herself be pulled over by the reins. Thinking about what steps she would need to take so that she could move forward was pointless, as this would just result in her not being fast enough to stay upright. After she took the first step at speed, the helpless lady realised that the momentum of her body was enough that she had to place her left foot in front so that she could maintain her balance.

As the captive followed her mistress around the ring, doing her upmost to keep up at this new pace so that some slack would remain in the reins, a worrying thought entered her mind. When I did the first circuit, I was going at a speed so that each step was slow enough so that I could stop instantly. However, it will be impossible to do that as my movement will not allow me, so how an earth am I going to be able to stop? I might have just exchanged falling over at the beginning for falling over at the end, unless I can work out how to slow myself down sufficiently. If you stop now, I am going to end up walking right into you and we could both end up on the floor. Maybe you are going to slow down first, so that I might have a chance at coming to a stop. Any hopes that Cassidy had of Madam Sǐwáng slowing down were dashed once they completed a circuit of the ring, as the kidnapper increased her pace which forced the prisoner to push herself even harder so as not to lag behind. If you come to a halt now, it is going to be disastrous for me.

These thoughts were upmost in the captive’s mind as she walked behind her mistress and this preoccupation almost proved to be her undoing when the Madam came to a halt in front of her. I can’t stop! An involuntary cry escaped the gagged mouth of the ponygirl while she was continuing in her forward motion and her captor took took a few steps to the left while still holding the reins. Thank goodness! Knowing that it would be a disaster if she tried to make an immediate stop, the bound woman shortened her step a little at a time until she was confident enough that she wouldn’t overbalance on the last step That took me nearly a quarter of the ring, but at least I managed to come to a halt at last.

“I should have realised that it would be harder for you to stop, seeing as you are not experienced in walking with these boots. However, you managed just fine in the end, so I think that I should continue with the training of my mare.” Madam Sǐwáng released her grip on the long reins so that they hung from Cassidy’s harness bit-gag before she put the riding crop down on the ring-side and stepped behind the prisoner, taking hold of the reins so that they went back on either side of Cassidy’s face. “I have one of the reins in each hand and I will be walking behind you this time, so that you can get used to starting, stopping and changing direction.”

Oh no, now you are going to act as if you are my rider. Although the helpless woman felt  even more humiliated by the idea of having a rider, it also added to her feelings of submission and it created a strong thrilling in her body at the level of control that she was under. How will I know when to start?

“Giddy up and do not be slow.” The mistress said in a bad approximation of a western accent as the ponygirl experienced a strong impact to the cheeks of her derriere and the sour taste in her mouth let her know that it would have hurt anyone else.

You just whipped my bottom with the reins! That’s more of an embarrassment than anything else as it didn’t actually hurt me, but I don’t want the whipping of my body to continue in any way. I just hope that you allow me to slow down gradually. Cassidy set off in the usual anti-clockwise direction around the ring at what had become her normal walking speed and she was starting to feel more confident in walking on her fake hooves. Once she had completed two circuits of the ring, however, her head was pulled so that it turned a little to the left and after a moment she realised what was happening. It’s the rein that’s attached to the left side of my harness bit-gag, you must be tugging on it in order to make me turn to the left. As soon as the woman understood what her mistress wanted, she slowed down so that she could perform a safe turn and the tug on her side stopped when her new direction was taking her towards the centre of the ring. You are probably going to train me by making me go across the ring like this for a while, so at least I will be prepared for what you want. No matter what is going on, I will need to turn one way or another, unless you want me to walk into the side of the ring.

There was a tug on the right side of Cassidy’s harness which pulled her head in that direction and she responded in an instant as she turned to the right with the tug halting when the woman was parallel to the side of the ring. So I’m going in the other direction for once, which does feel a little unusual as I have been going in just one way until now. After spending a minute travelling clockwise within the ring there was another pull on the right rein, which encouraged her to turn so that she was heading across the middle of the ring and once she was nearly at the other side, a tug on the left side of her face made her go anti-clockwise so that the blocks that made up the ring were to her right.

As the ponygirl continued the circling inside the ring at her usual steady pace, her head was pulled back a little as a result of pressure being exerted onto the rings that were on both sides of the bit between her teeth. You must want me to slow down, as this is what riders do to horses when they want them to stop. I need to be careful though, as I don’t want to fall over with my hands bound behind my back. Seeing as this was only the second time that the woman had slowed down from this speed, she was careful how she altered her pace with the reins still pulling against her, but it only took a short period of time before she managed to stop. What are you going to do now? Has this come to an end?

What happened next came as a surprise to the damsel as there was a flicking on her ears, which was followed by another one only a few seconds later and it took a third for the helpless lady to understand the message. You must want me to start walking again, but I expected you to slap me on the bottom again. This is an easier signal to send to me though of you are further away from me. Cassidy started to walk forward again, but she wasn’t even halfway to her full walking speed when there was a sharp tug on both reins and she responded by keeping at that pace. I understand what you are doing now. The first part of the training was so that I would go in different directions when you pulled on one rein or the other and now you are teaching me to change how fast I move according to how you use both reins at the same time on me.

A fresh flick of the reins against the cheeks of the helpless woman let her know that she needed to speed up and she was just short of her maximum pace when there was another dual tug, at which point she maintained her rate of movement. After a few times making circles within the ring and changing speeds as her mistress decided, the captive found herself having to alter her direction of travel alongside coping with the commands to speed up or slow down.

We’ve been at this for a while now and you really seem to enjoy making me perform for you as a horse.

“Okay my prancing pony, go over to where I left the riding crop and stop there so that we can have a rest.” Within a second, Cassidy turned in the correct direction so that she was facing that area in the ring and she cut across the centre with her slowing down so that she stopped just short of the blocks.

Something has been added since I started going around the ring. There’s a small paper bag, what looks like a long black rod and two long leather straps. I don’t know what their purpose is, but I have a feeling that I am going to find out before long.

“You are doing well in your training, my lovely horse, but after this short break I will require you to learn a few new things.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she brought the reins around to the front of her ponygirl. “However, I just want you to remain in place for a few minutes while get a few items ready.”  As the leader spoke, she released her hold on the reins and lifted her hands of the face of her captive before closing the blinkers so that the helpless woman was robbed of her sight again.

I think that it is more than just stopping me from walking away as you could have held onto the reins, so there is something more planned for me. As Cassidy listened out for any telltale sounds, there was a soft swishing noise in front of her,  which was followed by a gentle tug on each side of her face where the reins were connected to her gag. You didn’t remove my reins so my guess is that you took the pair of straps and attached them to the end somehow. Next, there was a clink of metal upon metal in front of the lady, but apart from thinking that it had something to do with the black rod, she was at a loss to work out what it meant. A few seconds later, there was another soft tug on her reins which and as she wondered what was occurring she heard an object fall onto the floor behind her. Even if you pull my blinkers open to the side right now, I will not be able to see what you just did.

As the helpless woman attempted to work out what had happened, she heard a rustling sound in front of her which she recognised as items being taken out of the paper bag. I doubt that they are some kind of torture device as it wouldn’t fit into the scenario of me being a horse. After all, you do not appear to be the kind of person who would hurt animals.

“Everything has been made ready, so before we start again, you should have a little reward for your behaviour, my pretty-pretty pony.” The blinkers were pulled apart by Madam Sǐwáng’s right hand and after a second, Cassidy’s eyes adjusted so that she could see that her mistress’s left hand was closed around something. “Bend over for your sweet present.”

It was awkward for the captive to bend over much, as her boots didn’t allow her lower legs to go back, so she had to bend her legs at the knees to compensate and as her head approached the left hand, it opened up to reveal what the mistress was holding.

As if it was going to be anything else…

(To Be Continued.)

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