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Friday, 20 November 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 35

Even though night had fallen by the time that they had reached the kitchen door of the mansion, Cecyme had no problems in walking back with there being no restrictions to the movements of her legs. Collette opened the door so that the captive could enter and the helpless woman stepped through before waiting for the maid to join her in the corridor and close the door behind her. I hope that you won’t make me do anything strenuous at the moment, as it has been quite an afternoon and I really do need some rest after what I have been put through. Although the damsel did her best to suppress what happened next, it was impossible to prevent given the restrictions of her body as she let out a loud yawn. Knowing my luck, I’m going to get punished for getting bored about the whole situation, although this has been an incredible day, full of amazing entertainments.

“Oh I am so sorry Cecyme, I should have realised just how exhausting a full day of bondage can be when you are a captive like this for the first time. It has been so long since my first time spent as a restrained lady for an entire day, that it never entered my mind that you would need a rest at this point. Mistress Isabella did say that if you needed a rest, then you should be taken to her room on the first floor and be left in comfortable bondage that would allow you to sleep.” Collette took a few steps down the corridor so that she was a little further down than the helpless lady, before she tugged on the rope that was bound around the waist of the prisoner and said “Follow me, my helpless slave.”

At least you aren’t going to make me suffer for what I just did, but I doubt that I would put on a good show for you at the moment, given that I do need to have a little nap before we have the special supper in the orchard. As the bound woman walked behind the red-head down the corridor so that they could reach the elevator at the far end, she was starting to feel tired from the afternoon’s exertions and she hoped that it wouldn’t be long before she was resting on Mistress Isabella’s bed.

“Here we are Cecyme, we will only have to wait a moment for the elevator and it will only be a few more steps before you will be resting on the bed and relaxing for a while.” Collette said as she halted in front of the elevator door and once the prisoner was beside her, the maid pressed the button by the door so that they would be able to go up to the next floor. Just before the door opened so that they could enter, there were two screams from the maids’ quarters which brought the captive back to a state of alertness.

“It would seem that Mistress Isabella has been busy entertaining Megumi and Selma while we were outside.” As the maid spoke, the screams subsided to soft moans as the door opened and the two women stepped inside the small area, with Collette pressing the button for the first floor before taking hold of Cecyme’s bound arms so that there was no chance of the lady losing her balance when they ascended. It took just a few seconds to reach the next floor, with the door opening just a moment later and the maid motioned the captive to step out first while the door was held open. After the maid left the elevator, the door closed behind both of the women and the leather-clad lady took the few steps to Isabella’s room so that she could open the door.

“Walk inside the room and sit on the bed.”

Hopefully, I’ll be able to have a nice rest for a little while. What will you be doing when I’m asleep, though? After Cecyme walked into the room, she turned around and sat down on the left side of Isabella’s ornate bed as the temporary dominatrix closed the door before approaching her prisoner. The rope around the helpless lady’s waist was untied and she looked on as the maid knelt on the floor in front of her, before wrapping one end of the rope five times around the ankles of the captive. Three cinches were added to the binding, which pulled the loops into a firm grip around the legs and the maid tied a simple but secure knot with four feet of the cord still trailing.

“There, that should be sufficient to tie your legs together without making it uncomfortable for you.” Collette said as she put her arms around the body of the bound lady, adjusting her position until she was lying on her back on the bed with her head on a pillow. “Now Cecyme.” The woman said as she stood up straight. “I want you to roll over onto your right side so that you are facing the centre of the bed and get yourself comfortable as you will be staying like this for a little while. Once you are in a position that you prefer, please nod your head so that I will know when to continue.”

At the moment, I might fall asleep in any position, but lying on my back with my arms folded underneath me like this would probably become a torment after a short period of time. For Cecyme, getting onto her right side was easy as it took just a few seconds of squirming, but it was about a minute later before she had moved her body to a point where she felt that there would not be any problem with lying there for some time. I had better let Collette that I am ready. I have an idea that this is going to involve the rope coming from my ankles, as you must have a reason for leaving the end free.

Once the captive nodded her head, she felt the hands of the maid grip her feet which were pulled back so that her legs were bent at the knees and soon she could feel the heels of her feet press against the cheeks of her bottom. There was a pull against the rope that was wrapped around her chest, in the centre of her back and a second later there was a slight increase in the pressure of the cord around her ankles.That must be you looping the rope from my ankles to my chest ropes and back again, so that I am held in a hogtie on the bed. There was a fumbling at her ankles for a few seconds which suggested that the end of the rope was being tied off and when the maid’s hands were withdrawn, a little squirming from the captive let her know that she was hogtied and she was going to remain on the bed until she was freed.

At least I am not going to have any problems going to sleep like this, but what are you going to do while I am stuck here? As the helpless lady lifted her head in the hopes of getting to see what her captor was doing, she noticed that the lady was walking down to the bottom of the bed before going around to the right side. Once Collette was on the opposite side from her prisoner, she lay down on her left side on the bed so that she was facing the hogtied slave before moving herself so that their bodies were almost touching. Please don’t torment me right now, as I feel so tired.

The concern of the bound woman must have shown on her face, because Collette appeared to look worried for a moment before a soft smile formed on her lips as her right hand caressed the hair of the captive. “Do not worry Cecyme, I’m not going to hurt you as you need to get some rest before the final activities of the evening. Instead, I am going to be gentle and loving so that it will be easier for you to fall asleep.” When the prisoner heard this, she started to relax in her bonds and the lady sighed a little as she felt the fingers of the right hand of her captor running in a soft manner though her hair. “There, you look much better now. Just let me love you to sleep.” As Collette continued to caress the prisoner with her light hand, she took her left arm around the captive’s so that the two ladies’ bodies were pressed against each other. “I do have another reason for staying with you, as once I leave your side my short period as a dominatrix will be at an end and I will go back to being a submissive maid.”

It sounds as if you really like being a dominatrix at times, so maybe during the next week, I might like to watch while you do this to one of the other ladies. It will be lovely entertainment to see you use your talents on Selma or Megumi. Any further attempt at some kind of coherent thought disappeared as the dominatrix pressed her lips against the gagged mouth of the prisoner, who closed her eyes as  she revelled in the moment. Soon, the kisses moved to the left cheek of the prisoner who moved her head so that the left side of her neck was more accessible and after a minute or two, the kisses migrated from her cheek to her neck. This was a sweet caress in itself, but it wasn’t long before the kisses turned into playful little bites and Collette also opened her mouth wide so that she could suck at the soft flesh of the lady’s neck.

Although the helpless Cecyme found all of this to be very pleasurable, in the end it did nothing to stop her from becoming more relaxed and soon she started to drift off...

“How are you, my sleepy-headed slave?”

Your voice has changed, Collette. Wait, I know that voice. It took a few seconds for the hogtied woman to become awake enough so that she was aware of her current situation and a moment of squirming was enough to confirm that she was still hogtied on the bed of her mistress. Once she had opened and closed her eyes for a few seconds, they remained open and she turned her head to the left so that she could look at the familiar person who had spoken.

“Did you have a lovely time with Collette the Dominatrix? She says that you did, but I would prefer that you let me know that it is true.” Mistress Isabella was sitting on the left side of the bed with her left hand on the bed in front of the prisoner’s chest which meant that she was leaning over with her face above that of her captive’s.

It truly was an incredible afternoon and I hope that I will experience it again in the near future, maybe even next weekend. There was an attempt by the helpless lady to perform a vigorous nod to show that she did enjoy what Collette had done to her, but it was somewhat hampered by the position of her body.

“I am happy that you found the experience to be a good one, Cecyme. To be honest, you have exceeded any expectations that I had of you, as I expected it to take at least two weekends for you to come this far.” As the Mistress spoke, she took hold of the restrained woman who was rolled around on the bed until the lady in the hogtie was lying on her left side so that she faced the left side of the bed which made it easier to look at the woman who controlled her. “That is better as we do not have to put any strain on our necks as we look at each other. In fact Cecyme, you have done so well that I have altered the schedule for tomorrow morning as I feel you are ready for something more than you have been involved in at the moment. I do not want to say much, as it might occupy your mind tonight and I don’t want anything to distract you from tonight’s fun, but what I have got planned will be both entertaining and informative.”

While Isabella was speaking, the constrained captive was looking around the room as best she could in her present situation and she had noticed that Collette was no longer there. What’s happened to Collette? I hope that she isn’t being punished in any way?

“You do not have to worry about what has happened to your temporary Mistress, my sweet slave. I came back to my room about half an hour ago so that Collette would be able to get changed back into a maid’s uniform while I kept watch over you. However, when Collette changes back into being a submissive again, there is what you could call a kind of psychological side-effect which needs to be dealt with, so I expect that she will be back upstairs and knocking on my door before long.” Isabella planted a few sweet kisses on Cecyme’s right cheek before continuing to speak. “Although what is going to happen may be surprising to you, don’t be worried or make any protest, as it will just cause concern to Collette which will not be good for her right now. Just accept it, no matter how bizarre you may feel it to be and remember that it is for her benefit. However, I must admit that I do like to tease her more than a little when this situation happens, which is an indulgence of mine.” There was a soft knocking at the bedroom door. “Oh, that must be her. Who is it?”

“Mistress, it is I, Collette. May I enter, please?”

Isabella lowered her voice as she rose from the bed “Remember Cecyme, do not let Collette become worried about you in any way.” After composing herself, the Mistress said in a loud voice “You may enter, Collette.” There was a click from the handle as it turned, with the door pushed open a moment later and Collette stepped into the room in her full sexy French Maid attire, closing the door behind her.

“And what is so important that you decided to disturb me while I am spending time alone with my slave?” Isabella said with what seemed to be a hint of annoyance at being disturbed.

You almost sound angry, as if you resent her being here at the moment, yet you knew she would turn up here in the first place. What is going on?

“I’m so sorry, Mistress. I know that you are busy and I wouldn’t interrupt you in a normal situation, but if it is okay with you, I would like to make a request.” Collette said as she lowered her head and placed her hands together behind her back, in what appeared to be an obvious act of submission towards her Mistress.

“Well, go ahead and make your request then, maid.”

That sounds a little harsh, Mistress. I have never seen you speak like that before and it seems you are unhappy with Collette. However, just like previous situations I need to observe and not jump to any conclusions.

“Mistress, could you please place me in bondage?”

“And why should I do that?”

“I need to be made to be completely helpless.”

“Well, in that case you can get Megumi or Selma to bind and gag you, as I am sure that they can do a good enough job of restraining you. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get Cecyme ready for tonight’s festivities in the orchard.”

You have just refused to make Collette helpless. Why would you do such a thing?

“But Mistress Isabella, they won’t be able to provide the same effect on me that you can. Only you can be that good.”

“They are just as efficient as I am. Anyway, you are taking up my time, so if you would be so good as to remove yourself from my room.” As Isabella spoke, she motioned with her right hand at the door through which Collette had entered.

You are being so mean to the poor maid, what has she done to deserve this.

“Please don’t be so cruel to me, Mistress. Please restrain me.”

“You are starting to become a problem, Collette. Perhaps you would wish to work somewhere else instead.” There was a look of horror on Collette’s face as her Mistress spoke, but she responded by kneeling on the floor and placing her hands together in front of her as if she was begging.

“Please Mistress, don’t do this to me. You can do anything you want to me once you make me helpless.”

Collette wants to be tied up, just do it to her.

“So maid, why do you want me to do this to you? Why not have Megumi or Selma do it?”

With this question, everything fell into place for the lady who was lying hogtied on the bed and she realised that this was a game that was being played with great care by the two women. After being a dominatrix, Collette is trying to assert her submissive side in the strongest way possible and this is by being controlled by the woman who is in charge at the moment. This is why Collette needs Isabella to do this as the others won’t be able to make her feel submissive enough.

“You are the only person at the moment who can truly make me become submissive again. Please enslave me, Mistress Isabella.”

“In that case, I will place you in bondage. However you must be warned that I am going to be very strict with you because of your impudence and your punishment is going to be most severe. Now, stand up, be silent and place your hands behind your back.”

Collette rose from the floor, placed her hands behind her back and trembled as her Mistress stared at her...

(To Be Continued)

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