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Friday, 20 November 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 23

There was no real measurement of the passage of time for the helpless lady as she carried on with her task of pleasuring her mistress and the only incident that provided any marker was when the woman in charge cried out in orgasm. Was that the fifth or six one this time? You are certainly enjoying the foot worshipping that we are being forced to provide for you, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this as I am starting to get tired. As Petra continued with sucking and licking Kendra’s right foot and toes, she heard a sound to the right which was muffled but it seemed to her as if Diana had yawned and hearing this caused the restrained woman to yawn in response. I have to keep going though, as I don’t want to give my Mistress an excuse to punish me in any way.

However, it wasn’t long before Petra was finding it harder to maintain the same level of toe care, but she persevered as best she could and her actions along with her fellow slave brought the lady in charge to the peak for yet another time. I hope that you aren’t going to make us keep performing for you all night long, as I don’t think that either of us has the strength to bring you to orgasm again.

“Okay my cute little captives; it is time that I brought this session to an end, as it is obvious that both of you are tired and the last thing I need in the morning is a duo of drained damsels who will not be up to par.” Petra felt the right foot of her mistress pull away from her mouth and the prisoner felt relieved that she didn’t have to continue pleasing the woman who was in charge of her. “I will now get you two ready for bed so that you can get a good night’s sleep and I hope that you do not cause any trouble while I do this. Slave Petra, I must warn you that any misbehaviour or disobedience will cost you dearly, as you will find that sleep will be denied to you for the rest of the night as a very severe punishment. Slave Diana, do you remember when you thought it would be fun to misbehave while being prepared and you ended up spending the rest of the night on your toes in a strappado?”

What surprised the helpless lady when she heard the response from Diana was not only that it affirmed what the aunt had said, but there was also a strong hint of a warning that this was something very bad that had to be avoided. “I hope that you understood the message that you have been given slave Petra, as your inexperience in these situations will not allow you to escape punishment this time.”

A shiver went down the spine of the defenceless woman as she imagined being bound in a strappado and then being left all night long with no chance of obtaining any rest. I don’t think that it would be a good idea to cause you any problems, as you sound serious about making me suffer in that way. It almost seems as if you are challenging me to me to be disobedient, just so that I can be made to experience such a severe punishment. There was a nod from the captive so that she could let her mistress know that she comprehended the message and there were going to be no acts of misbehaviour from her.

“That is good slave, as I would like to get some rest as well tonight. I will get you ready for bed first and then my other slave can be put into her position.”

Her position? Are you going to do something different to your niece? I hope that you aren’t going to punish her by making her stay awake all night long.

Petra’s muffled protest got the attention of the mistress who said “I’m not going to do anything nasty to her, it’s just that I have to get you into your night time bondage first and it will all become clear in just a little while. You will understand why when I am finished, but we are wasting time by just talking.”

That is such a relief, I doubt that I would be able to sleep if poor Diana was being tormented all night long. A sliding sound in front of the kneeling prisoner indicated that Kendra was getting off the bed and this was followed by soft footfalls that went to her left before going around to behind her. A slight pressure against the bonds at her elbows was followed by a clicking sound, which was the tuning of a key inside a padlock before the chains around her upper were removed. It feels better to have that chain unwrapped from my chests, as the links had been pressing against my nipples for some time. Next, the padlock that bound the second chain around her waist was unlocked so that the chain itself could be taken away from her body and the ring gag pressed just a little harder into her mouth as the straps that met at the back of her neck were unbuckled.

“When I remove the ring from your mouth, you are to remain quiet and keep your mouth wide open. Well, unless you would prefer to spend the night standing up. Do you understand?” Kendra said and after a nod from the captive, the ring was pulled out from between her teeth. After a few seconds, during which the woman held her face in position, a large rubber ball was inserted between her teeth before the straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together. Although the lady was unable to dislodge the ball from her mouth by using her tongue, the straps weren’t pressing as hard against her cheeks like before, which meant the straps weren’t buckled together as tight as they had been on previous occasions.

At least you are allowing a little give in my gag tonight, so that it won’t be as uncomfortable and this should allow me to rest better.

“I am going to unlock the chain which keeps you in a kneeling position and after that is done, I will help you to stand up.” A few seconds after another click, the pressure on her wrists and ankles eased as the hogtie chain was pulled through the links of the cuffs and a pair of hands took hold of her restrained arms before she was pulled up. Although it wasn’t enough to lift her all the way up, it allowed her to get her feet under her body so that she could push herself up into a standing position and after a moment the captive was able to steady herself.

What happened next was surprising, as a rope was taken around her waist, tied together behind her back and the loose end was threaded between her thighs before it was fed underneath her waist rope at the front. This is a surprise, as you have placed a crotch-rope on me, yet you haven’t tied it off and it isn’t even rubbing against my valley of lust. What have you got in store for me?

“Hop forward one small step at a time, until I tell you to stop and don’t worry about falling down, as I will be keeping hold of your arm until you have finished moving.” Petra took four of these little hops, with each being stabilised by the grip on her arms and the bound woman halted when she heard her captor speak. “Stop. Now, turn around so that you are facing me and then sit down on the bed. Once this is done, I will move you around so that you can be secured.”

As soon as the grip on the helpless woman’s arms disappeared, she turned around on a slow shuffle until she thought that her back was to the bed, but she was hesitant about sitting down as the back of her legs were not touching the bed.It’s easy enough to sit on a bed when you can feel it, even when you are bound, gagged and blindfolded. This is different, as I have to trust that I am in the right position, otherwise I could be in for a very nasty fall. I am quite nervous about this, but if I don’t do as I am told, this could be seen as disobedience and I have no desire to spend the night on my toes. She knew that if she delayed any longer, Kendra might use this as an opportunity to inflict the strappado punishment on her, so the prisoner sat down into nothing and she sighed with relief as her bottom pressed against the mattress of the bed.

“Surely you didn’t think that I would let you fall and hurt yourself, my cuddlesome kidnap victim.” Kendra said with a laugh “I would hate to think how I would explain all of this to the nurses at Accident and Emergency. Now, that is a lovely blush.”

 It was a trick just to tease me, I should have known that you weren’t going to take any risks with me but you used my imagination against myself. It felt to the helpless woman as if her cheeks were burning as she sat on the bed and she wondered just how red her face was at this moment. There were footfalls around the bed until they were behind her which was followed by her being pulled back a few feet and her captor took hold of her feet before turning her around so that her legs pointed to what was the bottom of the bed.

“Don’t try and lie down at the moment, as it could be very uncomfortable for your back. Just stay as you are and I will do the rest.” Petra heard the unlocking of the padlocks that restrained her ankles along with her legs just below her knees, but she was puzzled as to why the leg cuffs themselves were still in place as her feet were spread out towards the sides of the bed.

If I’m going to be spread eagled then there is no point keeping those cuffs on. Perhaps you are going to remove them later once I am secured to the bed. Anyway, you know what you are doing, so I shouldn’t worry about it. A sensation of something cold pressing against the inside of her right foot was accompanied by the sound of a small chain clinking as it was fed through the D-ring of the cuff and this was followed by the pulling straight of her leg, before there were more metallic sounds at the foot of the bed along with the shutting of a padlock. So, I’m being chained down to the bed. But if you are going to bind my like this, then there will be no room for Diana to lie down on here. Petra’s chain of thought was distracted when another chain was threaded through the ring on the cuff that was attached to her left ankle and her left leg was pulled to the other corner of her bed where the chain was secured with another padlock.

My hands should be next, which is why you wanted me to remain sitting upright as accessing my arms would be rather difficult if I was lying on my back. I thought so. A touch at the captive’s wrists was followed by the removal of the padlock that bound her wrists together and the one just below her elbows was unlocked which allowed her arms to fall to her sides. Gentle pressure on the helpless woman’s chest by the hand of her captor encouraged her to lie flat on her back and a chain was fed through the D-ring on the cuff that was secured around her right wrist. Her hand was pulled upwards and to the right so that it was pointing to the corner of the bed and the noise of metal upon metal was accompanied by a click which meant that her arm was locked into position. It took less than a minute for Petra’s left wrist to be bound in the same way and the spreadeagled captive writhed on the bed so that she could make herself more comfortable.

I’d better get into as good a position as I can, because this is how I’ll be stuck until morning. I wonder what you are going to do to Diana?

“Remain quiet and keep your mouth wide open while I remove your gag.” The sounds to the right of the captive were similar to when her own gag was removed and the muffled sighing suggested to her that Diana’s mouth was also filled by a ball gag. As the prisoner listened, she heard the clanking of the two sets of chains which could only be the removal of the bonds from around the body of the other captive and there was another little metallic sound that would be the chain keeping the niece in a kneeling hogtie.

Perhaps Kendra is going to place you in a hogtie at the bottom of the bed between my legs, as that is the only area on this bed that you can go to. Being left at the top of the bed would be impossible as my head isn’t far from the headboard which is little more than a set of bars.

“It is time for you to stand up.” A muffled grunt was heard to the right by the bound lady and there were the sounds of a few hops that must have been made by the other prisoner as she steadied herself after being lifted up. One thing that was unusual was a short gap before the enslaved niece ended up emitting a muffled squeal through her gag. “Move forward until you reach the bed and I will help you to get on.” Five hopping sounds were made by Diana before there was a short pause, after which there was very heavy pressure against Petra’s right leg lasted for just a moment. After this were four clicks that seemed to indicate the removal of the padlocks that bound the niece’s arms and legs together, as if to prepare the captive for some new bondage.

I’m glad that this part was over quickly, as I could have ended up in agony if your weight had been on me for more than a few seconds. It’s not going to be a very good night for you if you are going to end up hogtied though, Diana.

What happened next came as a complete surprise to the helpless Petra, and it was only until it was over that she managed to gather her thoughts enough to realise what had happened to her. There was a sudden pressure against her body, along with lesser pressures against her arms and legs and she heard four locking sounds along with sensations at her wrists and ankles. A second surprise came as she felt two hands against her waist and she squealed as the rope between her legs was pulled tight so that the cord pressed against her lustful lips. Another four clicks occurred at Petra’s elbows and knees, which were followed by two more, one at the main D-ring at the front of her collar and the other just above her.

OMG! You’ve gone and put Diana right on top of me in a spread-eagled position, Kendra. That’s why you didn’t remove the cuffs from my knees or elbows, as they have been used along with the ones at my wrists and ankles to bind us together. As Petra moved a little, she felt her breasts rub against those of her fellow prisoner and as she heard a moan, she felt the rope between her legs rub against her intimacy. you’ve not only put crotch ropes on both of us, but they are tied together so that our movements will pull on the ropes! You must have chained our necks together as well, as I can feel Diana’s face pressing against mine.

“The two of you make a wonderful sight like that, two slaves in bondage spread-eagled on the same bed for the night. I can see that you are aware of that fact that your crotch ropes are bound together, so I would advise both of you not to move too much unless you want it to tease you for the rest of the night. Your collars are secured together with a very short chain with a clip at each end so that your faces are forced to be in contact. Anyway, I won’t say sleep tight, as you two are incapable of sleeping any other way at the moment, but I will wish the pair of you very sweet dreams. Goodnight.” A series of ever quietening footfalls occurred which came to an end when the door to the bedroom was closed and the helpless Petra knew that unless something very unusual happened, she was going to remain like this with Diana for the rest of the night.

Again, I’m bound to a bed, but this time I’m alone with you, Diana. Oh, that’s a really silly oxymoron, after all how can I be alone when I’m with someone. However, I don’t want to move too much as we could end up stimulating each other by our ropes and I can feel my nipples brushing against yours, every time that either of us breathes in and out. As Petra opened up her hands, she noticed that Diana had done the same thing and after a few seconds they intertwined their fingers together so that they could grip each other’s hands. Apart from this or moving our heads around in a limited way, the both of us are extremely restricted in what we can do, unless we want to end up arousing each other in the process.

There was a quiet murmur next to the helpless woman’s left ear and she ended up making the same noise in response as she nuzzled Diana’s left cheek, with them spending several minutes like this until Diana’s breathing became shallow and regular while her grip on Petra’s hands lessened. You must be more used to this, so it is no surprise that you fell asleep before me. I wonder how long it will be before I join you.

It was almost as if the niece’s rhythm had a hypnotic effect on the helpless lady as within a few minutes, the kidnapped lady fell into a deep sleep...

(To Be Continued)  

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