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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 24

Petra awoke with a start at her desk in the office and she looked around her at all of the staff dressed in their new clothes since the change of management last week, when a woman replaced the old boss. The dress code has changed for the better, and I like being in my new halter-neck blue sun dress. I don’t even have to wear my shoes, which is wonderful. It had been a month since the incredible weekend when she had been kidnapped by Diana and Kendra and although some of the details were hazy, she was thinking about the Friday night when she was spread eagled on the bed with Diana above her.

That was so lovely, but I must get back to work now. I wish that I was in when the new boss presented herself last week, as the other ladies said that she looked gorgeous. However, she keeps to herself in the office and she has two assistants who normally act as go betweens. Once Petra had taken a few sips from her cup of coffee, she started typing the latest figures onto this week’s spreadsheet and she had made quite a dent in the pile of paper on the right side of her desk when the door to the office opened and one of the assistants entered the room. The lady was wearing black patent high-heeled shoes, black seamed stockings, a black knee length skirt with a split on the left side and these contrasted with the white long sleeve blouse. The lady approached the desk and leaned over, placing her hands on the desk as her long straight raven hair fell over her blouse, with her blue eyes looking into Petra’s

“The boss has remembered that you are the only lady that she hasn’t introduced herself to, so she was hoping that you would accompany me to the office so that the both of you might get better acquainted.”

“Yes, sure. I’ll go with you if you’ll just give me a moment to save my work.” Petra closed the spreadsheet after saving the current file that she had been entering the data onto and it only took her a moment to lock the screen of her desktop before rising out of her chair. “Lead the way, please.”

“Certainly.” The assistant said and a second later the woman started to walk away with Petra following her and it took less than a dozen steps for the pair to leave the office.

Finally, I get the chance to meet my new superior. I hope she is as beautiful as everyone says. There were a few twists and turns to the corridor that Petra was unfamiliar with, as she had never been to this office, but it was less than thirty seconds before they reached the door to the office of the new boss, which had the hinge to the right.

As the assistant pushed the door open, she said “After you.” while pressing her body against it.

When Petra entered the room, she noticed first of all how ornate it was; especially the desk and chair in front of her, but it struck her as odd that there appeared to be no one else in the room. Where are you? I thought that you wanted to meet me?

“Get her!” This was a new voice which did not come from behind the lady, but it was a little way to the right as well. Before she had a chance to even react to the command, her arms were gripped just above the elbows and her arms were pulled around to behind her back, with the pressure against her forcing her to her knees.

“What the hell is going on! I came her-!” This about as far as Petra got in speaking before something was inserted into her mouth which halted her in mid sentence and the now familiar straps that were taken around to the back of her neck made her realise that she was being gagged. Something is wrong! Why are you doing this to me? Even though she shook her head from left to right, this failed to prevent the ends of the straps from being buckled together so that the straps dug into her cheeks and a moment’s exploration with the captive’s tongue showed that her mouth was being forced open by a ring-gag.

You’re placing me in bondage, but why? A clinking sound was accompanied by the touch of cold metal around her arms just below her elbows which were drawn so close that they almost touched. Oh no, you’re chaining me up! Several loops were taken between her arms which were pulled so tight that the links bit into her skin before a loud click suggested that a padlock had been used to secure the ends together. I have no chance of escaping from you now that my elbows are bound together, -my wrists! Petra’s hands were pulled together as an second metal chain was wrapped five times around her arms, so that it was just above her wrists and three cinching loops were applied before a second padlock was used to connect the chain ends.

As the helpless woman looked to her right, she saw the second assistant who looked to be so close in appearance to the first that she must been a very close relative and the prisoner was forced forward on her knees until she was lying prone on the soft carpet. What are you going to do to me now? She could feel hands grip her right foot and her right leg was bent at the knees until the heel was felt against the cheek of her bottom. Her dress was hiked up and she was unsurprised when a third chain was wrapped six times around her ankles and thighs before four cinches were applied with a padlock locking the ends in place. It was just a few seconds later when her left leg was treated in the same way and the frog-chained captive was placed on her knees with the prisoner whimpering in her helplessness.

The assistant who had asked her to come to the office picked up a phone and walked around the bound woman while pointing the side with the lens at the captive who started to struggle. Are you filming me while I am bound and gagged? For what purpose, your own gratification? Petra’s question was answered in a short while as the kidnapper pressed a few buttons on her phone and after a wait of approximately one minute, there was a beeping sound.

“The boss has asked us to make a few changes before she arrives so that the slave may be made more presentable.”

At the mentioning of the word slave, Petra’s struggles began in earnest as she realised the full state of the predicament that she found herself in, but she knew from experience that there was no chance of getting free. This is wrong! When I was kidnapped by Diana and Kendra, it was partially my fault for mentioning my fantasy, but there is no justification for this! Her struggles became frantic as the woman walked over to the desk and picked up a pair of scissors while the second unbuttoned the halter of her dress before pulling the zip at the back all of the way to the bottom. Once the dress was undone, it was pulled away from the body of the restrained woman which left her wearing just a thong and a few snips from the scissors left her naked.

The appearance of another chain along with two padlocks which were held by the second assistant caused Petra to beg for mercy, as she had already guessed where this was going. One end was wound around her waist and padlocked into place, with the other end taken between the legs so that it pressed against her lips of lust and the links was pulled tight between her cheeks before the chain was looped over the waist loop so it could be padlocked at her wrists. Once this was done, every little movement by the helpless lady caused the chain to rub against her most intimate area and it had begun to warm the embers of desire within her. No, please no! There was a cry as the prisoner’s body was held by the second assistant, while the first approached her with a pair of thumbscrew clamps which were connected by a chain. Any struggles by Petra proved to be futile as both of her nipples were clamped and she was a little thankful that the screws were only tightened to the point where her nipples stung a little.

“We just have to prepare one last item and we can then take the rest of the day off.” It took a few seconds for the first assistant to go to the desk in order to retrieve a sleep mask, which was slid over the eyes of the captive and the woman shook her head as her sight was stolen from her. “Goodbye slave, I hope that you provide good service towards your new owner.”

Petra heard the sound of the door opening and closing which meant that she was all alone, enslaved in bondage and at the complete mercy of the woman who was her boss. I’m supposed to work for you, not become your property to do with as you wish! Seeing as the helpless lady had nothing else to do, she started to struggle against her bonds, but this caused the chain to caress her flower of desire while the chain tugged at her clamps. It was less than five minutes before the slave was so aroused by the effect of the restraints on her body that she was struggling just for the sake of receiving further pleasure and the woman had become so preoccupied that she failed to hear the sound of the door opening and closing over her own moaning...

Ouch! A pain shot through both of the captive’s nipples as they were pulled up as far as possible and a moment of anger at being treated like this was changed to fear as she realised that someone was in the room with her who could do whatever they wanted. Please don’t hurt me, please! After a few seconds, the chain fell back against her chest, with the pain in her breasts diminishing to a minor ache and as she listened there was the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor to in front of her. What are you going to do to me now?

A touch of hands on either side of her head was followed by the removal of the sleep mask and after a few seconds of blinking, her eyes adjusted to the point when she could see the person in front of her. You are even more beautiful than they said. The woman who had become Petra’s captor was beautiful with wonderful curves on her body, she had long curly blonde hair and green eyes that you could lose yourself in if you stared too long. She was standing with her black gloved hands on her hips, with her legs apart and she looked so dominating in her black patent calf length boots, black leather knee length skirt and white collar high long sleeve white blouse.

If you had asked me to be your slave, I would have volunteered without any hesitation.When the new woman took a small step back, Petra noticed the plain wooden chair behind her and the lady sat down before pulling down the zips on the inside of her boots. Once the boots were pulled off the feet in a way that almost seemed to be seductive, they were placed to the left side of the chair and the lady moved forward a little before placing her right leg over her left knee so that her foot was in front of the face of the captive. Are you telling me to kiss and lick your foot? Surely you can’t want me to do that this soon. Ouch, no no no no no! As Petra looked up into the face of the wonderful lady for confirmation, she failed to notice the movement of the right foot as the big toe hooked itself around the nipple chain and the slave begged for mercy as her nipples were tormented with the chain being pulled tight.

Please stop, please stop! After about five seconds of begging and pleading from the suffering lady, the chain was released  and the foot was place back in front of the slave who took the big toe into her mouth, kissing it as best she could with her gagged mouth. When she looked up again while continuing to kiss the other toes, she could see the look of pleasure on the face of the lady who controlled her, but there was no noise which seemed to be unusual. Don’t you speak? Can’t you speak? Even if you don’t, I should do more than just kiss your feet if I don’t want you to torment me again. Petra extended her tongue out from between her gag and after a moment’s hesitation, she glided the tip over the small toe before plunging it into the gap that was between this toe and the next.  Once she had spent a minute doing this, she moved to the next toe and spent a similar amount of time on that before moving along until she was kissing and licking the big toe again.

There was a broad smile on the face of the lady as she withdrew her right foot and crossed her legs in the other direction so that the left foot ended up within reach of the mouth of the bound captive. Again, Petra started to kiss the toes, starting with the big one and working her way down to the smallest, moving back up over time as she licked and kissed all of the toes. There was another exchange of feet by the lady and the restrained woman continued with serving her captor, with the feet being swapped over from time to time.

Please, I hope that you aren’t angry with me, I did what I thought you wanted. When the woman put both feet on the floor before standing up, Petra was worried that she had done something to displease her captor and this feeling was amplified when her body was held and she was made to lie on her front on the floor. At least the clamps are only making my situation a little uncomfortable, but I feel so exposed with my bottom available for whatever you have planned for me.Knowing that attempting to put up any kind of resistance would only make the situation worse for her, Petra remained motionless as the woman straddled her before kneeling so that she was facing the feet of the prisoner.

This is it; you are going to spank me! Oh, I didn’t expect that to happen, it is so lovely. Instead of the expected spanking, Petra was surprised when her right foot was kissed time after time by the lady, who after a minute diverted her attention to the left foot. I must admit, this is such a surprise as I thought that you were going to punish me. Is this some kind of reward for me pleasuring you? Ooooo. Petra couldn’t help but moan with pleasure though her gag as her right big toe was licked for a minute, before her mistress took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. After several minutes, each toe on her right foot was treated in this way and once all five toes had been worshipped, it was the turn of her left foot to receive this very erotic attention.

By this time, the embers of lust between her legs had burst into flame and this was made stronger as she felt gloved fingers caress her intimacy while the loving of her feet continued. I have missed this so much since that weekend with Diana and Kendra and I don’t want to be set free. You have captured my mind as well as my body today and I am yours to do with as you please.

What came next was a complete surprise as the lady said “It is clear that you are enjoying this. Do you want to remain as my slave?”

There was a nod from the captive as she luxuriated in her bondage on the floor and it took a few seconds for her to recognise the voice, the soft voice that she had heard before. This is lovely, Goddess and I am your slave for as long as you want. GODDESS? A cry of surprise replaced the moaning of the woman as realised who he captive was and she started to struggle on the floor, even though Goddess was kneeling on top of her.

“Yes Petra, It’s me. When I found out where you worked after that Friday afternoon when I visited you, I was determined to work at your business. I also spent time learning about how to be a dominant, so that I can be your Goddess from now on. Do you like that?”

Goddess, you not only have my body and mind but my heart as well. Wait, is that Diana’s voice? Oh no!

I an instant, Petra felt nuzzling against her neck which coincided with rubbing against her breasts and it was as if someone was rubbing their body against hers. Tug after tug occurred at her crotch, as if something was pulling at her crotch chain and there was a load moaning sound in her left ear that she recognised and being that of Diana’s. Once the captive realised what was happening, the dream slipped away which caused her heart to ache and she was writhing in a state of high arousal with Diana doing the same above her.


(To Be Continued)

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