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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Melinda's Last Night Final Part 9 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

What’s that pressing against my lower legs? Am I kneeling on something soft? I must be dead though, as my last thoughts were of being immersed in the sea, yet I am bone dry. Where am I? As the woman opened her eyes, everything seemed to be blurry for a few seconds, until a very familiar room came into focus and it was amazing to think that it had been some years since she had been here last. It’s my room from university and it’s where I was first tied up as an adult by Vivienne. Right now, I seem to be perceiving the room, rather than seeing it.

“Hello.” The rich vibrant voice would have made Melinda weak at the knees if she wasn’t already on them, and she knelt straight up so that she could see where the voice came from.

Or rather she tried to straighten up, but she cried into her inflatable gag as the clamps pulled at the woman’s nipples which caused pain to shoot through her breasts and as she struggled, the nude lady realised just what her situation was. Oh my, I’m dead and I’m still as bound, gagged and naked as I was before I died. What has happened to me? It was a complete surprise for the captive that her bondage had not disappeared and her cheeks turned crimson as she turned her head up so that she could  get her first good look at Death, who was just as incredible as the first day that she saw him. Death pressed the release button on the necklace timer so that he could remove it from Melinda’s neck and used one of the keys to unlock the padlock which connected the captive’s nipple clamp chain to her knees.

“You may wish to bite down on your gag while I do the next part, as it is always rather painful.”

Wait a minute, I’m dead so how on earth can I feel pai- AAAHH! This first shriek when the nipple clamps were removed were followed by several more as her bruised nipples were massaged until the feeling in her breasts returned to normal. This is weird, as I never expected it to be like this in the afterlife and the vibrator is still teasing me.The woman in bondage knelt upright on her bed and she looked at her restraints with more than a little consternation as she wondered if this was how she was going to spend eternity.

“Melinda, why are you surprised at being restrained in tight bondage? After all, how long has it been since you started playing your games in which you are bound and gagged when you meet me? You are so used to being like this in front of me, that your own mind cannot think of this happening in any other way.”

Just how much do you know about me? There seems to be an awful lot of knowledge about me, which almost makes me think that you have a file on me. I have had fantasies about this situation for so long that I cannot be anything other than in bondage. I just wish that you had a better gag right now as this one is getting more than a little uncomfortable.

“You always want that gag removed after a certain amount of time has passed, so would you like me to unbuckle it? After all, you are what you think so that gag affects you as much as it did while you were alive.” Death said and there was a nod from the helpless lady who also wanted the gag removed so that she could ask a few questions, seeing as this was all new to her. It took a minute or so for the balloon to be deflated and the straps to be unbuckled, so that the gag could be removed from the nude captive who worked her jaw for a few seconds before speaking.

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but I fell in love with you since the first time I saw you come to collect someone.”

“I know about you loving me, and I am very happy that you do.”

“You know? How long have you known about me?”

“I have known all about you, since before I was Death after which I helped the first person pass over to what awaited them and that you adore the slave cuffs that restrain your wrists and ankles.”

You’ve known about me since the dawn of time? This is incredible and it must mean that we were meant to be together. There was one person that I know you didn’t help though.

“When my best friend Vivienne moved on, you weren’t there to meet her, even though I was waiting to see you. Had she done something wrong, because she looked astonished just before she disappeared?”

“There was a reason why I couldn’t meet Vivienne to move her along, as it was because she was asked to take on a very special role and it was one that she accepted without hesitation.”

“Is her role as important as yours?”

“Yes, and I’ll explain more when you are gagged again as you need to concentrate on what I will be telling you. By the way, another thing that you will find out is my true form.”

“I hope that it isn’t all eldritch and tentacley.”

“Oh no, it is nothing like that and I think that you will be very happy once you have seen what I look like. You need something to help you relax, so you will have one last question before I gag you and make love to you. Do you recognise this?” A large red ball-gag appeared in Death’s right which surprised the woman in chains, but after a few seconds she recognised the unmistakable markings on the item.

It’s Vivienne’s ball-gag! I was in this very room when she used it to fill my mouth and it made me feel even more helpless. I just wish that Vivienne was here to put it on me. “It’s the first ball-gag that ever went into my mouth, and it happened right here. I have one last question and seeing as I had always thought that Death was eternal, my question is this:”

“How did you become Death and what did you do before that?”

“I will answer your questions after you are gagged. Open wide, Melinda.” Death said as he raised the large rubber ball to the mouth of the helpless lady and she parted her lips to their fullest extent, so that the ball could be forced between her teeth. It was an incredible feeling for her as the ends of the straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together and she was helped to lie down on her left side with Death lying beside her.

Oh wow, I’m bound, gagged and lying on a bed with Death. This is even more amazing that I could have ever imagined. Oooooo- Melinda found it difficult to think straight when Death kissed and caressed her and it felt just as good as when Vivienne had loved her on that Saturday evening so long ago.

“You did ask two questions, but seeing as they are so relevant to each other, I can see no reason as to why I shouldn’t answer both. So, as to how I became Death. Well, it may come as a surprise to you, but I was once a human being when I died about half a decade ago before you did and like everyone else, I expected Death to come for me once my physical life came to an end. However, he did not appear which was unusual and I thought that everything that I had been told was wrong, when I heard a voice in my mind asking me if I wanted to be Death. There were very good reasons for me to accept this offer, so I agreed without having to think about it.”

Melinda was moaning through her gag at this point, as her flame of pleasure grew stronger with each passing second and it was as if Death knew every little trick about how to press her buttons. You must have some special ability, as I feel as if I am about to climax at any moment and the only reason that I haven’t is that you are keeping me at this level of desire.

“You are really enjoying this, but then you always did. As to the second part, I was born, grew up and went to school before I entered university where I met this amazing woman. I had a medical condition at the time which was terminal, but she became the best friend that I ever had and she took care of me right up to the time of my death.”

I’m glad that you had someone to take care of you, just as I took care of Vivienne. By this time, Melinda was begging and pleading through her gag for her erotic release and the helpless lady was squirming on the bed as she was driven to distraction by her desire.

“You wanted to know why I was never there for Vivienne and I said that there was a very good reason which is quite easy to explain. You see the one person in all of time and space that Death can never meet, is the one person who was destined to become Death.”

WHAT? Even in Melinda’s present state, she attempted to make sense of what she had just heard, but a part of her felt as if it didn’t want to think about what was just said to her, as it was just too impossible to believe.

“I had guessed that you might have trouble at this moment, so I will reveal my true self to you.”

Melinda looked on in amazement as Death turned into a mist and at first she started to think that this was his true form, before it started to coalesce back into the shape of a human being. She ended up staring at in complete surprise at what was happening in front of her, as the being started to come together in a form that could only be thought of as feminine. A woman? Death is a woman? This changes everything that people have ever guessed throughout all of history. There were more surprises in store for the helpless woman as the first things to become clear were a sleeveless knee-length jade green dress with a pair of matching sandals. This was followed by a pale skinned almond shaped face which was surrounded by a cascade of flaming red hair and even the part of her mind that was denying the truth surrendered when, the full red lips appeared along with the jade green eyes which meant that Death herself was none other than:

Vivienne! It’s you, you are Death!

“Sorry, I had to take a little while to show you, but if I revealed myself too early, you might not have accepted it.” Vivienne continued making love to the woman who was going to spend eternity with her and very soon, Melinda was engulfed by a orgasm that made anything that she had experienced while she was alive seem pale by comparison…

Even while the helpless woman was in her reverie, she started to cry with tears of joy as she came to terms with her wonderful situation and Vivienne was also weeping while she embraced her lover.

“I’m so sorry that I had to hide myself from you whenever you saw me, but I was told that I had to hide the truth from you. I did let your parents see me as I am, as I felt that they deserved it at the very least.”

That explains mum’s comments when she looked at you, and her surprise before she recognised you.

“At least you don’t have to choose between me and Death.” Vivienne said as she caressed the hair of the chained captive.

It’s a little unfair that I’m going to be your helpless captive throughout all time. After all, we did share our roles when we were alive, and it’s a pity that we can’t do that now.

“I think that I heard that in my mind, which must mean that you are changing on this side of existence. Now, you have dedicated yourself to helping others while you were alive and there is no reason why you can’t continue with this work. So, would you like to take over as Death for part of the time? I can be your helpless prisoner when this happens.”

Yes, oh yes, I would love to and we can be partners for all eternity. Melinda nodded her head.

“I get the feeling that there is someone that you want to reassure when she passes to this side, as she might be worried about you. This is in the future, but future and past means nothing to us, so she can be the first person that you help to cross over.”

The instructions given to the helpless woman went on for a long time, but only took an few seconds, which was understandable given that the nature of time was so flexible and the only decision left was to choose what she should wear…

Throughout her long life, Mrs. Johnston continued to work at the hospice and she always wondered what had happened to Melinda as no trace of her had ever been found. In the latter years of her life she became ill with a terminal condition and the lady ended up spending her final days in the very hospice that she was once in charge of. I feel so tired now, and I wish that I could hear Melinda’s voice once again, as she was always so reassuring to patients as she talked about Death being there at the end. As the day turned into night, the elderly woman fell asleep for the last time.

“Hello, Mrs. Johnston.” The woman opened her eyes and looked at the amazing woman who shimmered in the blue-green grown that appeared to consist of rolling waves and she was surprised when she looked upon the face of the woman.

“Melinda? Oh Melinda, it’s you but I never expected that you would become Death.”

“Believe me, it was a surprise to me as well. Before I tell you about what is going to happen, I will satisfy your curiosity about what happened to me…”

Vivienne was helpless on the luxurious four poster bed with the ropes teasing her body when she made even the slightest of movements and she moaned through her gag in anticipation of her lover’s return.

“I’m back, my helpless captive, but don’t expect me to be in a hurry to bring you to a climax.” Melinda said as she pleasured the woman who lay defenceless on the bed and with all of forever stretching out before them, she knew that in essence that this was just:

The Beginning

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