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Friday, 3 April 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 7 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

The tide was still high at this point which meant that the boat had remained afloat, but Melinda knew that it wouldn’t be long before the tide would start to ebb, so she removed her jeans and t-shirt which left her in just her black bikini and she put her clothes in a secured cotton sack on the boat. She pushed the inflatable dinghy out from the sandy beach until the depth of the water was at least two feet, at which point she got onto the boat, sat down on the plank that went across the centre and used the telescopic aluminium oar to row out a little further into the bay. Once there was enough distance between the boat and the shore, Melinda lowered the outboard motor into the water, before starting it up and guiding the craft so that she could leave the cove.

After a few minutes had gone by, the woman was satisfied that there were going to be no more problems that would require any manual navigation, so she set  the motor’s GPS which would take her to a preset destination point before stopping. Once the coordinates were entered, she folded the tiller up so that it would be out of the way and she secured the oar in its proper place on the right side of the dinghy.

This is good, as no one lives anywhere near here and people on this coast have a habit of ignoring the occasional little boat that comes out at night for a nocturnal fishing expedition. As they think that I have already left the area, they will have no reason to suspect that it is me. However, I do need to put a few miles between me and the coast before I start on the next stage of my plan.

The ebb tide out to sea had increased the speed of the little craft and after Melinda had been travelling west for about three quarters of an hour, she decided to put stage two of her plan into operation. Stage three required no input from her, as she had preset everything for that part of her plan before she had left the cove and it would start once she had reached her destination point.

I had better prepare myself otherwise if I wait, I won’t be ready when stage three starts. I’m not sure about how long I have, but I’d hate to end up having to turn back just because I dawdled at this point. Melinda was feeling more than a little apprehensive as she removed her bikini, which was placed in the same bag as her other clothes, but this feeling was natural because she wasn’t playing a game this time. Now to get the equipment out of the other bag and prepare myself. The other secured bag was opened up so that the woman could place all of the items in the bow of the little boat and she double-checked that nothing had been left behind. One timer necklace with duplicate keys for every lock, two long chains, one inflatable pump harness gag, one set of clover nipple clamps with a connecting chain, one metal bullet vibrator, nine padlocks and the two heavy Clejuso handcuffs. Well, Vivienne, I am going to wear your slave cuffs for one last time and it’s a pity that you won’t see me bound and gagged in them again.

As Melinda sat facing the bow of the little craft, she took one pair of the handcuffs, which she used to secure her right ankle before her left and she selected one of the long chains, securing it with a padlock so that there was a short end of several feet trailing from her ankles. She picked up four more of the padlocks which she would need for this part of the bondage and the lady took the long end of the chain up to just below her knees, where she wrapped it around her legs before securing the tight loop in front of her legs with one of the padlocks. Next, the chain was positioned a little above her knees, before it was wound once around her lower thighs and the second padlock was used at the chain meeting point to lock it in position. For the last part of her leg bondage, it was looped a single time around her upper thighs with the third lock holding it in place and the end of the chain was taken around her waist where the last padlock secured it. Just like all of the times when we played these games and the last part around my waist prevents the other loops from slipping. It’s time I got into position for the next part of this adventure.

The items were moved to the starboard and port sides of the boat and Melinda took care in getting into position, as she knelt on the bottom of the craft with the centre plank only two inches behind her. I’m glad I managed to find this dinghy, as the other boats did not allow me to kneel in the front. She took hold of the other trailing length of chain from her ankles, which was taken up to the part of the chain that was around her waist at her back and she looped the free end over so that when it descended, it was pressed against her back. Next, the end was threaded between her legs before Melinda took the vibrator, which she worked into her tunnel of lust and she took the end of the chain up to her waist at the front.  When she pulled hard on the chain before locking it into place to her waist chain at the front, using the sixth padlock, her bottom was forced down onto her knees, the vibrator was pressed further into her and the links rubbed against the most intimate parts of her body. Now, I am stuck in a kneeling position and every little movement is stimulating my body, even without the vibrator being on. Now to arrange for my means of escape if stage three should fail to happen.

She checked that the timer on the special necklace was set to the beginning of nautical twilight in the morning, so that the release mechanism would operate if she still needed it and she locked the item around her neck, positioning the LED timer so that she could tell what the time was. I remember when Vivienne insisted that we always used this whenever we placed ourselves in bondage, just in case anything ever happened which would delay the other person or in case they had an accident. There were a few times when it was needed and we were both very thankful for that. When it reaches the right time, it will unlock so that it will fall to the floor. Next I have to ensure that I will remain quiet, as I wouldn’t want to end up attracting attention with me screaming, as sounds travel a long way over water at night.

Once the lady picked up the gag she placed the panel part against her face, so that the inflatable latex balloon was in her mouth and the two main straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together. Next, she took the inverse Y-strap over the top of her head so that the end could be connected where the other two straps were attached together, before the two small straps that hung from the sides of the panel were buckled together under her chin. After the gag was secured into place, the lady squeezed on the bulb that was attached to the panel until the balloon was so large that it filled her mouth and started to press against the soft palate at the back of her mouth. When the gag was inflated to this size, Melinda knew that she could breathe so long as it was at a normal rate, but if she tried to expel a large volume of air in one go, it would force the remainder of the palate closed which prevented any air from escaping. That should stop me from screaming out loud, but it will be tested soon enough. That reminds me, I had better sort out that special piece of equipment, the cuffs and the last chain.

She took one of the three remaining padlocks, along with the nipple clamps and she locked the centre of the clamp chain to the front part of the chain that went around her legs just above her knees. Another lock was picked up which was used to secure the centre link of the second set of massive handcuffs to point of the vertical chain behind her back, just before it reached her waist. They are ready for me, so I just have to sort out this last chain. Melinda wrapped the chain around her upper body and chest ten times, with five loops going above her breasts and the other five just below with a single loose cinch between each arm and chest. When the lady pulled the ends together in front of her body, the cinches tightened which did the same to the windings around her chest and this caused the links to dig into her flesh as she attached the ends together with the last padlock.

Just a few more things to do and everything will be ready. I hope that I don’t lose my nerve at the last second. When the woman finished binding her upper arms to the sides of her chest, she noticed that her breathing was fast and shallow while her heart was racing with a mixture of fear and anticipation at what she was about to do. Just a few seconds later, the lady reached between her legs with her right hand and pressed the button at the base of the vibrator so that it was at maximum power. The effect of the device was immediate as the woman in chains was unable to stay still and this added to the erotic effect of the vibrations that teased her most intimate area.

This next part is going to hurt, but if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to finish what I am doing and this would leave me no choice but to go back. After taking hold of a nipple clamp in each hand, the lady leaned as far as she could forward so that her already erect nipples were in range of the devices and after a moment’s hesitation she managed to attach each clamp to one of her nipples. She screamed into her gag which only permitted a low whine as the pain radiated through her breasts and her involuntary response in trying to kneel upright ended up adding to the torment that the clamps were inflicting on her body.

NOW! There was a side effect of the pain that the woman was enduring as she suffered  and it was that any other feeling was pushed out of her mind, including that of fear, so in this brief moment Melinda took her hands around to the back of her waist, before locking her wrists in the heavy handcuffs that were secured there. OMG,I  have actually done it to myself, I am in real bondage with no chance of escaping my fate! What was I thinking of? As the pain subsided to a dull ache, the helpless woman began to think straight with the reality of what she had done to herself and as she felt the fear and panic grow inside her, the bound lady started her involuntary struggle against the restraints. However, the lady in bondage was already at a high state of arousal, because of the stimulating effect of the active vibrator along with the crotch chain and her fight against the bonds that held her prisoner added to this which led to an inevitable result.

Oh yes, Oh Yes, OH YESS! Melinda’s shrieks of ecstasy were muffled down to a whimper by the gag that filled her mouth and her body convulsed in orgasm as she remained in her kneeling position in the bow of her small boat that travelled into the night..

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