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Monday, 13 April 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 20

There was a moment’s gap between the opening of the door and Mistress Kendra walking out of the toilet with Petra following behind her, taking short hops when the leash tugged at her collar. Her face was as scarlet as it was possible to be and she was wild-eyed as she looked at Diana for a moment, before lowering her head so that she could hide her expression from the other captive. If anything ever wanted to use someone’s face to represent the perfect mixture of shock and shame, mine could be used as the ultimate example. I am never ever going to tell a soul about what happened to me in there!  It only took a few hops after leaving the toilet for the helpless woman to end up next to her fellow prisoner and her leash was wrapped around one of the coat hooks before the Mistress took hold of the other lead.

Diana was looking more than a little worried as her leash was pulled hard, which meant that she had no choice other than to hop behind her captor as she entered the toilet and the door was closed, leaving Petra alone with her thoughts. Oh great, the last thing I want to do is think about what happened in there, but now Diana is having to go through it as well which makes it almost impossible. All I can do here is stand here, waiting until they finish so that we can go to the bathroom and get this sweat washed off us. Although it was probably just a few minutes, the time appeared to drag on as the bound lady waited in the corridor and she wondered if she would end up staying like this all night when the door opened, with Diana looking just as embarrassed.

Kendra took her niece up to the hooks so that the helpless lady had to stand next to Petra before the aunt hitched the leash onto one of the hooks, making sure that it was secure. “Now, you two stay there and behave yourself for a few minutes, as I have something to move to the bathroom before the two of you can get clean. Mind you, it’s not as if the pair of you can go anywhere or do anything, given your current state of helplessness but you never know.”

As Kendra walked back to the bedroom where Petra had been held captive, the so-called kidnap victim glanced at the face of the other captive as she was unable to keep her own head up for more than a moment. Why are you going back to my cell, for want of a better term? I can’t think of anything special that you might need as all of the items should be in the bathroom already. Oh, so that’s why you returned to the bedroom.

When Kendra walked down the corridor from the bathroom, she was carrying the camera which was still mounted on the tripod and this was taken into the bathroom, before the aunt returned to the place in the corridor where the two bound women were standing. “This is too good an opportunity to miss, having two hot women in bondage taking a shower, so I am going to video the event so that everyone will be able to enjoy what is going to happen.” She said as the two prisoners’ leads were untied from the coat hooks and there was a tug on the helpless pairs’ collars in the direction of the bathroom, which showed them in which direction they had to go.

I should have known better than to think that we would be allowed to have a private shower and I may have to get used to the idea of the rest of my captivity being recorded for the pleasure of others. I just hope that this experience will be better than the previous one in the toilet. What am I thinking; nothing can be as bad as that. At least with the shower I will have something new to occupy my mind. Petra’s previous visit to the bathroom when she had a bath was while she was blindfolded and she had assumed it to be larger than the room that she hopped into with Diana on her left. It must have been the size of the bath that gave me the impression that this room was bigger, as it is larger than the one at my apartment. The washing basin is the same size as mine, but the shower is a little larger than a standard size. Did you have these put in, or were they already installed when this house was purchased? The shower head does appear to be a handle type, which is much better than the old fixed head versions. When the helpless captive looked to her left, she could see the video camera set up by the wall in such a position that it faced the open door of the shower and the red light showed that the device was already recording.

“It it time for you two to have your shower, so if you two can get inside and turn around so that you are facing me.” Kendra said, so the helpless prisoners hopped into the cubicle with Petra on the left, but as the women turned around the lady discovered that she had ended up on the right.

What’s wrong with you Diana, it almost appears as if you are very nervous about having a shower while bound and gagged? As the helpless woman turned her head to the left, she noticed that a look of extreme worry was showing on the face of the niece and this caused her to wonder what had happened to her fellow captive in previous showers while the young lady was in bondage. This expression became more intense as Kendra took hold of the shower head handle and Petra saw that the hose was much longer than the usual kind which meant that it could be aimed from outside the cubicle. That makes sense as you don’t want to be stuck in the shower, especially with the outfit that you have on. If any water got inside your catsuit, it could end up becoming a major irritation before it evaporated. First of all, the head of the handle was aimed at Diana who was staring to squirm in her bonds, but after a few seconds the mistress decided to point the device at the helpless Petra who was wondering whether or not this  shower experience was not going to be as good as it looked.

“The guest should always shower first.”

Petra was surprised at just how loud she could scream at this point when the water shot out at full force, striking her Mound of Venus before it was sprayed over her breasts and she discovered the reason for her fellow captive’s reaction. It’s freezing, it’s bloody freezing! It is no wonder you weren’t happy about this part, Diana. I just hope that we can get warmed up before long.

“Surely you weren’t expecting a simple shower from me, Slave Petra? This is how a slave has a shower in this house.” There were more cries from the helpless woman as the cold water was splashed all over her body and although the captive squirmed on the spot, she could do nothing to avoid the freezing onslaught. Relief of a kind only happened to the soaking prisoner when Kendra changed her target, so that her own niece was the one who was being soaked and the shrieks from the young lady were every bit as loud as her own while the spraying continued.

“Now it is time for you two to turn around, so that I can ensure that your backs are suitably wet before the next phase of your shower.” Kendra said as she switched off the shower head, with just a few drops landing on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

At least this should be far less uncomfortable as the most sensitive parts of our body are on the front, so the worst part of this is over. While the secured slave shuffled around in an anti-clockwise direction, the niece was turning the other way so that they faced each other and Petra was puzzled by the continuing look of apprehension on the other captive’s face. We aren’t going to suffer anything as bad as what just happened to us, so why are you still worried? Once the two prisoners had finished turning around so that they were facing the rear of the shower, the woman heard a gasp from the young lady on her right as their captor switched on the shower again. During this part of the shower, any noises from the niece were subdued compared to when her front was soaked, but to Petra’s surprised it ended when the lady emitted a shriek of epic proportions.

What could have made you react like that? I doubt that Kendra could have done anything to your bottom as that device is just too big, so what could she have done to you? It was Petra’s turn to yelp a little as the freezing water was sprayed over her shoulders and arms, before her captor worked the jet down her back, avoiding her bottom and soaking the back of her legs. I don’t think that spraying my bottom is going to have any major effect on me, so Diana must have been caught by surprise. Here we go, a bit cold, but not torturous in any way. Although the helpless woman writhed a little as her cheeks was hit with a strong jet of water from the shower head, it wasn’t enough to make her gasp, let alone act in the way that Diana had done.

You must have overreacted for sure, Diana. This isn’t bad at all and if the water wasn’t so cold, it would be an incredi- AIEEE! Not only did Petra empty her lungs in one long scream at what happened next, but as soon as she took a deep breath the captive ended up repeating the action before she managed to get control of herself as she experienced this fresh torture. The jet! You’ve placed it at the top of my legs, where there is that little gap at the point where my thighs join to my bottom and the ice-cold water is hitting my right on my lips of lust! Please stop, please, please stop! After a few more seconds of the helpless woman suffering from this  intense treatment, she sighed with relief as the jet stopped and Kendra put the handle back in the holder, angling the head so that it would spray over both of the ladies in the shower.

“This part is over and after the two of you turn to face each other, I will switch on the shower so that it will spray warm water and the setting is as wide as possible.”

I hope that you are telling the truth about this, as I am already starting to shiver as a result of being drenched in the cold water and if our hair gets soaked in the same way it could be very bad for us. When Petra turned around to face her fellow prisoner, she noticed that the young lady’s nipples had become erect as a result of the cold water and as she looked down, she could see that her own nipples were standing to attention as well.

“That’s one reason why I use cold water at first, Slave Petra. The other is that if I use warm water first, it can make a captive feel sleepy at this time of the evening and I don’t want that to happen. Right now, both of you are wide awake and you will stay like that for some time.” Kendra said as she pressed a button outside of the cubicle and there were simultaneous sighs from the helpless women as the flow of water changed from freezing to warm. “Make sure that both of you get your hair thoroughly wet now, as you are about to do a little performing for the camera.”

There’s not a lot that we can do like this as our arms are bound together behind our back and we don’t have the room to move around much anyway. It only took a few moments for Petra to stop shivering, as she ensured that the water flowed all over her body and the niece was also making sure that she was all warmed up. This feels much better now that the water is warm, as it provides a nice sensual massage over my body.

“Seeing as both of you have warmed up, it is time to start the shower show. Diana, I think that it’s time to give some loving attention to the breasts of your fellow slave.”

I thought that you would want us to be involved in an act which would be far more awkward than that, but there should be no problem in doing something like this. It took a few seconds for the niece in bondage bend her body at the legs and hips in the restrictive area, so that her head was at the height of Petra’s bosom and she poked her tongue out as possible before gliding it over the mound of Petra’s right breast. This feels so nice, with you pleasuring me in this way and I hope that Kendra lets me return the favour. As the captive closed her eyes, she released a quiet moan when her left breast was caressed by the tongue of her fellow captive and it was less than a minute before the prisoner started to feel the warm embers of lust spark at the top of her legs.

I appear to be less worn out than I first thought if I can get aroused by having my breasts licked, but the warm water from the shower that is caressing my body must be playing a part which is just as important. Hopefully, it won’t get much stronger; otherwise we may be at the erotic mercy of our captor who may enjoy watching our predicament. Oh, this very pleasant. Diana had managed to make a seal with her mouth against the soft flesh of Petra’s bosom and the helpless lady writhed a little at the series of sucking kisses that went across her flesh, which fanned the small glow of warmth at the top of her legs. This feeling became stronger just a few minutes later, when the areola around her right nipple was licked before this area was sealed and she gave out a cry as her nipple was flicked and licked by the other slave. After several minutes of this treatment, her left nipple was caressed in the same manner and the woman savoured every moment, as she knew that she soon would have to perform this on Diana’s body. It probably won’t be long before we will be made to swap places by our Mistress and I hope that I can be just as effective in providing pleasure to you.

“You’ve had enough fun for the moment, Slave Petra and now it is time for you to return the favour to my niece.”

Diana was already standing up straight when Petra opened her eyes and the helpless woman bent her legs at her knees and hips in the same way so that her face was low enough to reach the niece’s breasts. Some time was spent licking the left breast of the young lady before Petra moved onto the right and even though she was the one providing the pleasure to the niece, she felt her own lustful flame grow stronger in her most intimate area as she started to plant the gentle sucking kisses over Diana’s bosom. Part of this must be due to the fact that this is an unusual situation, as I am just as much in bondage as the woman who I am making love to. Also, my actions are being recorded which means that people who I will never know will see what I have been doing and become aroused as a result. As the woman started to use her tongue on the niece’s nipples, it was clear from the young lady’s writhing and moaning that the actions were increasing the feelings of lust inside her body as well.

That is unusual, the water has stopped running, which means that Kendra must have turned it off at the outside switch. However, a face full of breast would have prevented me from seeing anything at the moment.

“Okay my slaves, stop what you are doing and face me as this is the next part of the entertainment.”

As Kendra turned to her right, she could see that there was an expression on Diana’s face that was like a smile, given the limitations of the gag and this gave the impression that the next part of the shower was something to look forward to. You seem to be anticipating what is about to happen, so this should be good.

There were four small white pads in Kendra’s left hand and she took hold of one of them with her right before speaking, while Diana had already closed her eyes. “Diana knows what to do and you need to close your eyes so that I can apply these pads to your eyelids. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe.”

A few seconds after Petra shut her own eyes, she felt pressure against her eyelids and she tried to open her eyes again, but the pads worked well in ensuring that she would be unable to see. I think that I am expected to be essentially blindfolded for the next part of this adventure.

“Both of you turn around so that your backs are to me. I will let you know when you are in position by telling you to stop.” Petra shuffled around to her left until Kendra said “Stop, Petra.” This was followed a few seconds later by “Stop, Diana.” which meant that both of the ladies were facing into the shower.

Okay, so what is going to happen next?

(To Be Continued.)

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