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Monday, 19 September 2016

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 37

“Now for the second insertion.” Mistress Isabella said as she stepped over to the box, removing a jar along with a metallic cylinder object which had a rounded end like a bullet and the woman opened the jar whose lid had a brush, before coating the item’s top and sides with what appeared to be some kind of oil.

That seems to be harmless enough as you are just lubricating a vibrator that you must be planning to put into me, so I can’t see what the comments were all about. It must have been an attempt to tease me.

“I have finished preparing this and now it is time to put it into my helpless slave.” Isabella placed the lid back down onto the jar with her right hand and walked over to the right of the restrained prisoner, sitting down of the bed with her body turned towards the left. “This should be easy to do.” Her right hand pulled the chain to one side of the captive’s valley of lust and the tip was inserted into this flesh before the rest of it was pushed in a moment later, with the chain falling back into place behind the other end of the object. “That should keep it in position. Now I have a few more things to sort out.”

That feels quite nice inside me and I suspect that there must be some kind of controlling device that you will use to switch it on, so that’s why you are returning to the case. Once the Mistress was back at the case, she reached in into one of the small recesses and to Cecyme’s surprise, another vibrator was taken out which surprised the helpless lady. I already have one vibrator inserted into me and there is no room for another, so why are you wasting time using the jar to lubricate that? As the prisoner stared at her mistress coating the second vibrator, however, it began to dawn on her where this device could go and a growing sense of fear was accompanied by her struggling in her bonds. No, no no, please not there!

“I see that my cute captive has finally realised where this little thing is going to go. I did say that you would experience something similar, so you really should have expected this. The first time is always the worst and all of us can speak from personal knowledge, so it is best that you get this over with right now. Once I have put this in, you won’t feel so bad about having it inside you.”

No, I don’t want that thing thrust into my-, just put that back, please! Cecyme attempted to shake her head from side to side, but the chain running from the top of her head to her elbow bonds prevented all but a little movement and the restraints holding her in a balltie ensured that her most frantic struggling did nothing to improve her situation. This is why you have bound me in this immobile position, as my bondage will make sure that I cannot prevent you from violating my bottom.

“It is nowhere near as bad as it looks, my sweet Cecyme, but I can see that there is no point in reasoning with you at the moment, so I think that I had better get this done for you.” It didn’t take long for the second vibrator to be lubricated and as Isabella put the lid back down, the muffled cries from the bound woman seemed to increase in intensity. Although Isabella walked back to Cecyme at a normal rate, the captive’s perception was such that each step was slowed down with it seeming that the woman was taking her time and even sitting down felt as if it took much longer than before. “My poor prisoner, if I made you wait any longer, all I would do is make you suffer more, so I’ll put this in with the minimum of delay.”

It was impossible for the captive Cecyme to get a direct view of what her Mistress was doing, but she had to work hard to stifle a scream as she looked in the mirror while the lady placed her hands behind the bottom of the prisoner. You are going to stick that thing right in me and there’s nothing I can do to stop you. There was a brushing against the cheeks of her bottom before the soft flesh was moved apart, along with the chain and a moment later, she screamed through her gag as there was pressure against the star between her cheeks.

“Okay, three, tw-.” The countdown never got any further than that as Cecyme was taken by surprise when the tip of the device penetrated her posterior and as the vibrator was thrust further into her, the experience could only be thought of as intense. “There, it is all done now. That was not so bad, was it?” Isabella said as she rose from the bed and although the area was no longer hurting, the helpless woman squirmed in her bonds as she attempted to deal with the new sensation that was like nothing she had ever felt before.

It feels as if the whole area has been filled and every little movement that I make just makes me fully aware of what has been done to me. As the woman tried to make herself as comfortable as possible given what had happened, it was impossible to find a way of not noticing the two items that had filled her orifices. I can’t stay still with these things touching my inside, but the feeling I get when I squirm is something that I have never felt before.

“There we are, I told you that it would not be so bad. Now you are all trussed up like a turkey for a meal and this time I have even added stuffing.” Cecyme’s captor said as she turned around once she reached the case and her right hand went into the case, retrieving a small rectangular box with a series of buttons on it. “However, I think that it is time to start the cooking and perhaps it would be better if I put you on a slow roast. That is the button I need to press.”

As soon as the Mistress’s thumb brushed one of the buttons on the box, a squeal escaped from Cecyme’s muffled mouth as the two vibrators started to buzz a little inside her orifices and she discovered that the weird feeling in her bottom was amplified by the vibrations. How on earth to you ever get used to this? I heard you say that you know this from personal experience, which can only mean that this has happened to you and by the way you treat it casually that these situations have not been that rare. Wait, did the buzzing just increase a little in intensity? A moment later, The helpless lady paid full attention to the vibrators inside her and there had been a slight increase in the strength of the tremors emanating from them. I have a feeling that this setting is designed to get me used in some way to my new predicament rather than them being on full power right at the start. Oh my, it is starting to make me a little warm, even with the weirdness that is going on.

There was a fanning of the captive’s embers of desire as the two items continued to buzz away inside her and the involuntary squirming caused by her penetrated posterior ensured that they would work at their maximum effect. After a few minutes more had gone by, the lady started to moan into her cock-gag as there was another minute increase in the reverberation of the devices and she responded by writhing even more in her bonds in order to get the most pleasure. Even the highly unusual sensations in my behind is now adding to the feeling of lust inside me, so I can understand why you play a game like this. I hope you realise that when I’m back in charge, I am going to put you into a similar bondage.

Over time, the movement and moans from the chained lady increased in speed and strength,as the two gadgets performed their task in making her more aroused with each passing minute and it wasn’t long before the embers of lust became raging fire in the woman’s cavern of passion. I hope that it isn’t too long before I’m brought to the peak of my need as this is already driving me to distraction. Mistress Isabella, can’t you make this thing go faster? In the hope of eliciting a favourable response from her Mistress, the balltied slave put on her most pleading look as she made begging sounds as best she could, even though the phallus-shaped object in her mouth, hampered her efforts.

“You do look so very cute like this, especially as just a little while ago you were begging me not to insert the second vibrator into you.” Isabella said as she leaned over and smiled before patting the head of the lady who was starting to be consumed by desire. “However, the setting on this device cannot be altered without going through a long shutdown period and that would only end up leaving you frustrated. That is even if I wanted to change it and right now you are a very entertaining captive who is putting on a delightful show.”

Now you are just teasing me. I doubt that there is a cut-off like that built into this setting and you just want to see me go through this. Oooooo. Soon, in addition to the lady squirming to her maximum ability permitted by her restraints, her hips began to move in little involuntary thrusts which added more fuel to the fire between her legs. At this rate, it can’t be much longer before my centre will explode with ecstasy. Cecyme’s cries grew ever louder as her body responded to the items that were taking her to the peak of pleasure and the feeling in her bottom added to her overall desire. Please, just a few more minutes and I will be overcome with joy.

However, just as Cecyme was about reach that exquisite moment, there was a drop in the strength of the vibrations that stopped her from reaching that point and the lady started to experience the torment of denial. Not again, please! This is unfair, you have used the things inside me to bring me almost to the edge and now you leave me frustrated with a raging fire that needs to be quenched. Although the lady tried her best to take herself over the edge by struggling as much as she could, the two items responded by softening their buzzing which left her in the same state of suffering. This is mean, if I try to make myself more aroused, your vibrators will just decrease in intensity, so it will make anything I do absolutely pointless. Please let me climax, please, please!

“Just to think, a while ago you would not have even wanted me to start, but now you are begging more me to satisfy your lust. However, I have no control over your situation but to switch the devices off and they will stay off for a long time. I was not lying about the cool-down time as there is a purpose to this setting.”

What is the purpose, is it to make me torture myself in the hope of getting a climax, or is it to make me inflict some kind of suffering on myself for a long period of time by asking you to switch it off?

“Oh my sweet Cecyme, these three devices help to serve a special purpose of getting you used to a certain situation.”

three devices? But there are only two stuck inside me. How can there be three?

“I was once as puzzled as you were when I was placed into your predicament and my refusal to do as I was told ended up in me tormenting myself for a long time until I finally succumbed. You hold the key to your orgasm in the palm of your hand, or actually in your mouth.” Mistress said with an impish smile.

In my mouth? You can’t mean that the phallus that’s filling my mouth is somehow related to all of this and it is not just another kind of gag.

“I think that you are working it out by the look on your face. Yes, that gag is vitally important to you getting a climax and you will need to know what to do if you don’t want to end up suffering all night long. The vibrators will react to your body, so at the moment you will not be able to climax, but there is a way for you to activate an override on the devices so that they will function at maximum power.”

There is a way of ending this torment? I need to know what it is.

“You face always looks so lovely when you are pleading to me, but you may not like what I have to tell you.”

You have to tell me, please or I’ll be stuck like this.

“Seeing as you are begging so much, I will tell you. The key for the activation is in the gag that fills your mouth and it has to be manipulated in a certain way for a minimum amount of time. I could give you a complicated description about licking with your tongue, using your lips and manipulating with your mouth, but really all you have to do is be a cocksucker.”

You want me do to perform oral sex on my gag and embarrass myself in the process? I can’t do that! Cecyme was so shocked at the suggestion of what she should do, that she emitted a loud squeal while doing her best to shake her restrained head, even though the chain put a severe restrictions on her movement.

“I thought that might be your response. After all, all of us have had a similar reaction when we had to go through the same situation. It is just a matter of how long you wish to suffer for, as this is what will happen until you decide to work on that gag of yours. You are not going anywhere, I am not in any hurry and your continued suffering is a result of your own decision.” Isabella said as she pulled over a basic wooden chair and sat down on it, while watching the predicament of the helpless lady whose look of shock had not diminished in any way.

This is so unfair! Unless I manipulate the fake phallus in my mouth, I will be made to suffer in this way and you are just going to watch me in my torment. At the realisation that there was to be no help for her to escape her current predicament, the prisoner engaged in a frantic struggle to break free from her bonds, but this just resulted in a lot of exhaustive writhing, with her failing to get anywhere. There was the option of trying to just remain still on the bed, but this proved to be just as futile when the vibrators increased in intensity so that she was crying out because of her lustful need. I cannot break free, I am unable to rest and I really don’t want to end up having sex with my gag. I’m sure that you will not want me to continue suffering, so maybe I should just remain like this for a while.

However, it was soon clear that Isabella was not going to intervene is this situation, no matter how much it tormented the restrained woman and she was left squirming and moaning with no hope of quelling the fire within her loins. I don’t think that I can take much more of this torture and you seem to be very patient, so I have no choice but to give in. Even though Cecyme felt more than a little humiliated by what she had to do, the woman started to lick the shaft inside her mouth as best she could, while her lips and cheeks also participated in pressing against the gag.

“So you have given in, just like all the rest of us, but it will not activate immediately once you start. Whenever the start button is activated, a random number is generated which sets that amount of time that you have to take in order to activate maximum power. Also if you stop at any time, even when it is running the vibrators at maximum, the timer will reset and you will have to start from the beginning.”

That’s even worse as I won’t even know how long I have to do this for and I cannot stop without having to do this all over again. The only time I can stop is when I have reached my climax. As Cecyme continued to perform what could best be described as an act of oral sex on the cock-gag, she could feel her cheeks feeling as if they were too close to a fire.

“Oh, that is so lovely, watching your cheeks become a wonderful shade of crimson. However, be careful as you don’t want to lose concentration right at the end.”

It was just a minute later when Cecyme’s embarrassing actions paid off and the vibrators inside her started to buzz with an intensity that she hadn’t felt before, but she managed to keep her head and continued with the licking and sucking of the gag. Yes, Yes, Yessssss!

“Did I mention about the special surprise when you climax?”

Just as the two devices sent Cecyme over the edge into an ocean of ecstasy, the last thing she noticed was a salty, viscous liquid being ejected from the gag in her mouth...

(To Be Continued...)

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