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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 26

It wasn’t long before breakfast was finished in which both of the captives were given enough to eat and drink and Petra wondered what was going to happen to her and Diana. I would have thought that you have placed our ball-gags back in, but you have left the room, presumably with the utensils that you used to feed us with. I wonder if you have left us alone like this, so that we might say something and end up getting punished as a result. Given what has already happened to me while I have been at your mercy, I have no desire to tempt fate.

Although the helpless woman had no idea how long the mistress had been out of the room, she assumed that it might have been no more than ten minutes when she heard soft footsteps when the captor entered the room. “You will both be trying out some new pieces of equipment this morning and seeing as these restraints might be heavier than what you pair are used to, especially you Petra, it might be sensible to have some fun on the bed for a while longer. To this end, both of you are to open your mouths wide.”

Why didn’t you just put the ball-gags back on us? I can only think that we are going to have to wear a different type of gag. Knowing that disobedience would just get her punished, the slave acted as she was instructed and it felt to her as if some type of leather circle had been placed between her teeth, with a strap going from either side to the back of neck where the ends were buckled together. This must mean that you will want us to use our tongues this morning. A moan to the left of the restrained woman was followed by the soft sound of leather sliding on metal, which suggested that Diana’s mouth was also forced open with a ring gag.

“Now, it is time to get you two into position so that we can all enjoy ourselves.” Petra was unsure about which way she was facing at the moment and as she was turned around while made to lie on her right side, the lady ended up losing all sense of direction. What she did understand was that the movement behind her was Diana who was being placed in a similar position and it seemed to her as if something had brushed her toes. “I am going to get myself into position before I given you further instructions.” Kendra said as Petra heard the rubbing of vinyl against the surface of the bed and as this continued for a few seconds, something pushed into her nose, along with her cheek.

Were those your toes? Are you going to make my worship your feet again? I wouldn’t be surprised, as we were more than a little tired at the end of last night.

“Now, my sexy slaves, it is time for you two to lick and kiss some dainty digits.” A big toe was thrust through the ring of Petra’s gag and the lady proceeded to kiss, lick and suck it as best she could, given the restrictions placed on her mouth in her current situation. As she did so, the woman began to moan as the same thing happened to one of her toes and the attention that she was both giving and receiving was beginning to make her feel that special warmth between her legs again.

This is turning out to be a lovely morning after all and I hope that this goes on for a while. Diana must be at an unusual position on the bed if her head is at my feet, but this is only possible while both of us are hogtied as my feet are pulled up to my bottom. Petra surrendered to the pleasurable moment and lost all track of time as she worshipped Kendra’s feet while hers were paid attention to in return.

“It is time to stop for a while, as I think that Diana should have more of the fun for a while.”

I was enjoying this so much as well, but it is only fair that Diana’s feet get some attention. The restrained woman’s body was held by her legs, before she was pulled both forward and down on the bed for a few feet and then the lady was turned over to her left side. This must have been how Diana was positioned on her side of the bed and the sound of someone being moved must be my fellow captive going into the same type of place that I was. That must have been your big toe that just brushed against my mouth.

“Okay my slaves, you have to lick and suck again.” There was a moan from the niece as Petra set to work on her toes and there was more than a little squirming from the prisoner who was stuck in the middle, with the kidnapped lady writhing in her own bonds.

You seem to be enjoying this even more than I did. I hope that it doesn’t stop just yet as we will end up in the new restraints that Kendra was talking about. While this session continued, the bound captive again paid no attention to the time until Diana’s behaviour went through a sudden change...

Petra was sucking on one of Diana’s big toes when the feet of the niece began to jerk, with the young woman making urgent sounds through her gag as the pulling on her hogtie chain became quite audible. For a few seconds, Petra was puzzled by Diana’s behaviour, until she realised why the follow captive was acting like this and this knowledge caused her own body to react in a sympathetic manner as she realised that she was in the same situation. OMG! You need to take a bathroom break very soon, by the why you are struggling and it’s also alerted me to the fact that I need one as well. Kendra, you can’t leave us like this! Please! Within moments, there was a chorus of two captives on the bed, struggling against their bonds along with begging and pleading to their captor to be released from their predicament.

“I see that you two need a little help. Don’t worry Petra, it is one of our top rules that we never use this situation to torment someone who is helpless. I will remove the chains that bind your wrists to your ankles and help you to sit at the edge of the bed so that you can be taken to the toilet.”

Thank goodness for that, I was worried for a moment that you might use this to torture us, but it seems that there are areas that do remain taboo. By the sounds coming from the other side of the bed, Petra thought that Kendra was in a hurry and this seemed to be confirmed by a tinkling sound that came from the table. That must be the keys to the padlocks that keep us restrained in a hogtie, so we will be able to go and take our break in a few moments.A little increased pressure on the wrists and ankles of the lady was followed by the sound of metal inserting into metal and the unwrapping of the chain around her wrists and ankles.

“Just remain still for a moment, while I remove the chain that keeps Diana hogtied.” Petra remained in position while she heard similar sounds coming from in front of her which was followed by movement across the bed and the woman was taken across the bed so that she could be placed in a sitting position with her lower legs over the side of the bed. “There is just one last thing to do.” A click below the captive’s chin was repeated by one to the left of her and a gentle tug against her collar left her in no doubt as to what her mistress had attached to her.

You’ve attached those leashes to us again, so that we have no choice but to go wherever you want to. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this part of my captivity.

“Come on my slaves, time for you two to have our noses powdered.” After a much sharper tug on her collar, Petra stood at the side of the bed before shuffling forward with her cheeks turning red as she left the room...

Petra felt as if the sides of her face were burning as she was led back to her bedroom and she wondered just what was going to happen as she was guided back to sitting on the bed. “Your restraints will be changed first, my pretty Petra, then I will deal with my own niece.”

I just hope that it isn’t too uncomfortable. Pressure of the collar against the neck of the bound woman was followed by an unlocking noise and then the item of bondage was taken away from her body.

“I need to remove this, but everything else can stay on you until I am finished. Now, you are to remain still unless I guide your body. This is not just because I am your mistress, but also because I do not want there being any possibility of you getting hurt. That goes for you as well, my niece. Now, lean your body just a little forward with your chin lifted up.”

As soon as the captive Petra obeyed that instruction, something smooth enclosed her neck and the sound of wood on wood was followed by the insertion of metal into wood along with a metal on metal sound which the prisoner recognised. That sounds like a nut and bolt being screwed together. This means that my new restraints are made from wood, seeing as the object around my neck is heavy and they are going to be fastened into place with basic nuts and bolts. I’m probably going to look like a slave from medieval times at this rate. It only took a few seconds for the elbows and wrists of the woman to be unlocked and her hands were brought around to her front, where they were placed a certain distance apart. Something wooden went around both wrists, another metal bolt was put through the item on her left side and her restrained hands were brought closer to her neck when there were two more bolts tightened. Whatever the bonds around my wrists are, they have in some way been attached to the item at me neck. A few experimental tugs confirmed to the slave that her arms were again immobilised and the release of her legs from the cuff padlocks was followed by her ankles being placed about a foot apart with something wooden enclosing them and this was locked into place with another bolt.

“I’m going to remove your old restraints from your body. When I remove your gag, you are to open your mouth as wide as you can, while poking your tongue out as far as possible.” It took a few minutes for the old bonds to be removed except for the blindfold and when the ring-gag was unbuckled, Petra followed the order with her tongue extended as far as it could go.

I must look very silly at the moment, but why do you want me to do this? Ow! There was a sudden sharp pressure on the top and bottom of the tongue of the lady and this increased when two nuts on either side were screwed down. You’ve enclosed my tongue between two pieces of wood which are also between my teeth and I can’t even close my mouth without making the situation worse for myself.

“You look wonderful like this Petra, a perfect slave girl from days gone by. Now I will prepare my delightful Diana in the same manner, then you can both see how you are bound.”

This gag is already a little uncomfortable and there’s a little trickle of saliva that is coming from the right side of my mouth. I hope you don’t take too long in getting Diana prepared, so I can at least see the new kind of bondage that I have been placed in. After a while, there was a cry from Diana which suggested that the niece was also gagged and the kidnapped woman was helped up off the bed before she was made to turn to the left.

“I am removing your blindfolds now, so that the pair of you can see what you look like. Do not open your eyes until I tell you to.” As Petra waited, she heard the sound of two straps being unbuckled in front of her and this was followed by the same noise behind her, along with the end of the pressure against her eyelids. “You can both open your eyes now.”

There was a gasp from each of the captives as they saw the new restraints that held them captive and Petra thought that they would not be able to free themselves, even though there wasn’t a lock in site. It was the pressure on her tongue that forced her to look at Diana’s face, with the two thin strips of wood pressing on the niece’s tongue and a metal bolt with a wing nut holding the younger lady’s tongue in place.

The bonds on the ankles were almost like a pair of stocks, two pieces of wood with two semicircles cut into them and two eyeholes on the front of the rear piece were matched with two poking out eyelets on the front part which slotted into the eyehole part on the rear. That’s very clever, one of the eyelets with a bolt can act like a hinge so that the other end can be opened and closed, with the second bolt used to lock it in place.The restraints that were on the captive’s neck and wrists looked very interesting, with the two parts of the neck bonds making a square with a hole cut out of it. Just like the ankle bonds, there were two sets of eyeholes/eyelets so that it could be used to go around the neck of the prisoner with the addition of two extra eyeholes at the front. The wrist bonds were rectangular with the same length as the square collar and they worked in the same way as the ankle restraints, but with the addition of two extra eyelets which were bolted to the neck part.

This makes it look as if the neck and wrist bonds could be used independently of each other and I notice that there are holes at the front and back halfway between the left and right sides of these bonds, so they might be places for rope to be tied to.

“You two need to move around the room for a while so that you can get used to your lovely new bondage, as the pair of you are going to be restrained in this way for some time.” Petra’s first steps were more than a little halting, as her feet were unable to move in a straight line, with the ankle yoke forcing her feet to move in a small arc before taking another step.

It was easier when my ankles were directly bound together, as all I needed to do was either hop or shuffle along the floor. This way is much more awkward and it is going to take some getting used to, but I should be okay after a while. The neck yoke is heavy, although I should be able to cope with it. I actually think that you wanting us to move around has more to do with the camera in the corner, rather than us becoming used to these unusual bonds. It wouldn’t surprise me if we are streaming right now with lecherous individuals watching our every move. While we have learning how to walk in our bondage, have you placed pillows on the floor by the bed?

“Okay slaves, I want you two to walk over to the pillows with Petra standing in front of the one on the left.”

I think that we are going to end up kneeling in front of you, but the awkwardness of the ankle spreader along with the weight of the neck yoke, will make it almost impossible for us to kneel down by ourselves. Both of the women made their slow, cautious way from their positions in the room, across the floor to the side of the bed, until their toes were almost touching the pillows.

“I seriously doubt that you would be able to kneel down on your own and a fall in your current bondage would be quite dangerous, so I am going to help you both to kneel on the pillows.” Kendra went behind her niece, taking hold of her body just below the armpits, saying “You can relax your legs now Diana, as I have a hold of you.” When the niece’s legs went limp, the mistress took her time in lowering the prisoner to the floor, making sure that the captive’s knees pressed into the pillows before releasing her.

Once Kendra was sure that Diana was not going to fall over, she went behind Petra and held her body in the same manner. “Petra, you can also let your legs go, as that will make it easier for me to lower you.” It took a few seconds for Kendra to ensure that Petra was steady on her knees on the pillow after being lowered, before going around to the bed and sitting on the edge with her feet dangling down.

I’m rubbing shoulders with Diana at the moment so you want us to be close together for what you have planned for us.

Kendra lifted her feet up until they were in the faces of her captives and said “My sexy slaves, start licking my feet again.”

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