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Friday, 16 September 2016

Sandra Silvers’s Poolside Peril (F/F)

Sandra had just decided to spend the Saturday afternoon sunbathing in the back yard, when her cell phone started to buzz and when she answered the call, it turned out to be her friend Rachel.

“Hi Rachel, it’s good to hear from you again.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you Sandra, but I need a favour from you. I have to cover for someone at work who’s suddenly come ill and I have a parcel being delivered this afternoon. Could you please come round and stay at the house, while I’m gone? I should be back before six o’clock”

“Sure Rachel, you helped stay at my place when I had to go into the office for an emergency once, so I’ll be glad to help out. I was only planning on sunbathing anyway, so I hope that you don’t mind me doing that by your swimming pool.”

“Please feel free to use the pool as well. I know sometimes the neighbours can peek over your fence, but our garden has full privacy and a party could be going on next door and you couldn’t hear it.”

Okay, I already have everything I need, so I’ll be right over. See you soon, goodbye for now”

Well, I hadn’t expected to go out in my blue halter-neck summer dress and matching sandals, but it should be okay to walk down the road with.  A large blue bag holding a towel, sun lotion and a few other items was right next to the lady, so as soon as she ended the call, it took just a moment to pick up the bag before making her way out of her house. I have my blue bikini on underneath my dress, but given the privacy at Rachel’s place, it won’t be needed. After a few minutes, Sandra reached her friend’s house with Rachel standing outside the open front door and the woman was dressed in her usual secretary outfit of white blouse, black skirt and black shoes.

“Thanks Sandra, you’re a lifesaver, I wish that I could stay and chat, but I must leave immediately.” Rachel said as she started to enter her car, starting the vehicle up with the driver door still open. “Please feel free to use whatever you want in the house. Bye”

“See you later.” After the car door was closed, the car reversed out of the drive before disappearing down the road and Sandra entered the house, closing the front door behind her. “First, I need to get myself a drink before I go out to the swimming pool. If I remember, there is an alarm by the pool that can wake you up if someone is at the door.” She already knew where the kitchen was from a previous visit to the house and took a tall glass out of one of the cupboards, filling it up with cold water from the fridge.

“Now for the pool and a nice long nude sunbathe.” Even with the woman taking her time going through the building the swimming pool area in front of her. The pool itself was large for the type that was usual for this size of house and at the deep end there was a short diving board flush with the pool side along with a ladder to the side, while the shallow end had steps all along the edge going down so that you could step in and out of the pool. “There’s a white sun bed already at the side of the pool with a matching low table beside it, so Rachel must have got that ready after she called be. It’s very considerate of her.” After putting her drink down on the table, Sandra put her large bag by the bed, before she took out the towel and sun lotion which were also placed onto the table. Time to disrobe and enjoy the sun. It took just seconds for the woman to kick her sandals off under the table and while she did that, the lady untied the knot behind her neck so that her dress could slide to the floor. Sandra folded up the dress into a neat little bundle before placing it into her bag and slipping out of her bikini was quick with the items of clothing dropped on top of the dress.

“Just the lotion to put on now.” Applying the lotion took longer than undressing as the woman wanted to make sure that every possible area was covered, so that she would be safe from the sun’s rays. Once this was complete, Sandra put the lotion back onto the table and took a few sips from her glass, before lying face down on the sun bed with her head resting on a large pillow and her arms by the side of her body.

With the warmth of the sun on the back and the gentle breeze whispering its caress over Sandra’s body, it only took a few minutes before the lady slipped into dreamland...

Has the package arrived already? Sandra rose from the sun bed and walked through the house to the front door while the alarm continued to operate, not paying any attention the fact that she was still naked. When the woman opened the door, she gasped at the beautiful lady in front of her dressed in a postal uniform with incredible red hair and striking eyes, who was holding a parcel in her hands.

“You aren’t the one I’m supposed to deliver this to, but I will show you how this parcel is used.” When the box was opened, it vanished to reveal a coil of rope and the delivery lady whose uniform had gone took Sandra’s hands behind her back with her wrists crossed.

This is getting a little naughty. She could feel the pressure of the rope as it encircled her wrists in vertical and horizontal loops and three cinches between her wrists pulled the cord tight against her skin, with a knot tying the ends off.

“Where is the owner of the house and who are you?” Sandra was puzzled by this question and she was wondering how to respond when a hand took hold of her hair with a sharp pull back which made her yelp as her heck hurt, causing her to wake up from her dream...

OMG! Someone is holding my head back by my hair and my wrists are tied together behind my back! Being tied up was actually happening to me. As the realisation of her true situation sunk in, Sandra summon all of her will to fight a rising tide of panic inside her, which was urging her to scream to anyone for help. None of the neighbours will hear me, which makes trying to get any attention pointless and if I do scream, my captor might decide to just dispose of me.

“I’ll ask for a second time.” Said the woman who’s voiced matched the one in the dream. “Where is the owner of the house and who are you?”

“T-The owner of the house h-had to g-go to work today, because of an emergency. I’m h-house sitting because a parcel is due to arrive today. I’m a friend of Rachel and my name is S-Sandra.”

“So, when is the house owner due back?”

“S-She is returning at a-around 6 o’clock.”

“Damn! I have to be long gone from here by that time. It is such a pity, as she was the lady that I wanted to actually play with. I will have to content myself with you instead. Do you like games, Sandra?”

I have to say yes, as things will probably go badly for me if I say no. You will probably be angry anyway, as Rachel was your target and she’s not here. “Y-Yes, I do.”

“That’s great! I have some really fun games to play with you. The first game we will play is, open your mouth and close your eyes. Can you do that?”

What are you planning on doing to me? Sandra closed her eyes and opened her mouth, just as the intruder had instructed and after her hair was released, she felt pressure on her jaws as a large ball was forced between her teeth which  started to taste of rubber. This was followed by a noise which sounded like something adhesive being pulled off a roll, and the noise went around her lower head several times as she felt this material press against her hair, face and mouth until a tearing sound ended it. You’re sealing my lips up with tape! That’s after you’ve stuck a ball in my mouth as a gag!

“You can open your eyes now and look at me.” Said the voice to the right of the captor and as the helpless lady looked, the fear inside her rose as she realised that not only did the kneeling woman look the same as the one in her dream, but she was only wearing a black bikini. What was worse was that there was a video camera facing the pool that was set on record and capturing what was happening to the helpless lady at the side of the pool

 While I was dreaming, I must have somehow noticed you and added you to my dream. You’re not disguised, does that mean you have plans for me which involve me not giving your description to the police?

“Well Sandra, seeing as you were so kind to give me your name, I have to respond in turn. I’m called Ruth. Now, the next little game is tying up the captive without her offering any resistance. Are you going to play with me?”

If I don’t then you will tie me up anyway and make much things worse for me. There was a nod from the helpless lady as she lay on the sun bed and her lower legs were lifted up before a rope was looped several times around her ankles, with three cinches tightening the rope before a knot bound the ends together.

“I love tying up beautiful women as I really get a kick out of making them helpless.” Ruth said as she turned the restrained Sandra onto her back and three more ropes were used to bind the prisoner’s legs below and above the knee and at the mid-thigh, with the cords digging into her soft flesh. “Now to bind that sexy body of yours.” Sandra’s looked at her captor in fear as her body was raised into a sitting position and a long rope was wound ten times around her arms and chest, above and below her breasts. Once the ends of the rope was bound together behind her back, two short lengths went over and under the chest ropes between her arms and when these were secured, the binds across her chest drew tight. One end of another rope was bound to the chest ropes at the back of the captive and taken over her right shoulder down to the lower chest ropes between her breasts. It was threaded between the chest ropes and her body, looped around the upper chest ropes and back around the lower ropes before it was taken over her left shoulder, where it was pulled tight before it was tied off where it started.

Why are you tying me up with all of these ropes? Surely binding my wrists and ankles would be enough, but the ropes around my chest almost seem to be caressing my breasts. Now you’re putting a rope around my waist? Once the rope around Sandra’s waist and wrists was secured into place, Ruth double stranded a length of rope and threaded the looped end around the waist rope at the captive’s front before feeding the free ends of the rope through the looped end. What could you possibly be doing that for? After the loose ends were pulled so that the loop was tight against the helpless woman’s waist, the intruder put a series of knots in the rope before taking the ends between the upper thighs of the captive. It’s rubbing against me! It’s rubbing on me between my legs! Once the end of the rope was behind Sandra, it was wrapped multiple times around her crossed wrists, pulled tight and knotted off with the result that any movement of her body caused the knots to tease the petals of her flower of desire.

“Feel free to struggle against your ropes, as I want you to know that you are truly helpless before the next game.” Ruth said and as the helpless lady did so, she discovered that the ropes around her body were acting as a caress that was fanning the embers of lust in her most intimate area.

Oh no, even though I have been taken captive and I am bound and gagged, my bonds are making me aroused.

“That is lovely to see, a captive who is discovering that she likes my ropes on her. Those knots between your legs should have a very special effect on you before long.” As the captor spoke, she took a strip of black cloth out of a black bag and placed it over Sandra’s eyes, tying the ends together at the back of her head which left the helpless lady unable to see. “I am going to lift you to your feet and I expect you to not put up a fight.” There was a gasp from Sandra as Ruth put her hands under the prisoner’s armpits, lifting her up in the process and causing the ropes binding her flesh to rub even harder against her body.

“I don’t think that I have ever found a captive as wonderful as you are.” Ruth said and Sandra was surprised to find her captor’s arms going around her neck in a gentle manner while at the same time she was feeling pressure against her gagged lips.

I can’t believe this, you are actually kissing me, you have taken me prisoner and you are kissing me? As the bound woman squirmed in the Ruth’s grasp, the ropes were having even more of an effect on her and each movement of her hands caused the rope between her legs to caress the folds of her valley of desire. A few minutes later, the movements of her body became even more pronounced as the kisses moved to her neck, with Ruth also sucking and biting into the soft flesh. This feels so good, wait you are trying to seduce me! You bound and gagged me and now you are attempting to make love to me. Oh no, not there.

Sandra was shocked when the lips of the intruder moved down to her bosom and she was pulling at her utmost against her bonds when a line of kisses landed against the mounds of her breasts. These actions served to heat up the embers between her legs to the point where they burst into flame and this caused her to twist and turn even more in her bondage. By this time, Sandra’s nipples had become erect and she could not suppress her gagged moans as Ruth applied her tongue and lips with great vigour to the hard flesh at the peak of the captive’s breasts with licking, sucking and gentle biting. Please stop that, I’m becoming so aroused. the helpless woman was almost at the point of surrendering herself to the experience that she found herself to be disappointed when the attention from the intruder stopped.

“Now it’s time for a new game. It’s called hopping around blindfolded, while following my directions. Are you ready?”

I can’t see, what if I should fall into the pool? I won’t be able to swim. If I don’t comply though, there might be an even worse fate waiting for me. There was a nod from the helpless lady and she tried not to panic as she knew just how close she was to the pool.

“Forward.” Sandra took a small hop forward and as soon as she landed, she struggled to keep herself upright and as her body moved, the ropes provided more fuel to her flame of lust, with the cord between her legs adding most of all. This teasing of her sensitive flesh happened every time that she hopped, with being made to turn left or right the only moments when the effect on her body was lessened.

The effects on my body are becoming so strong that it is becoming a kind of erotic torture as I want to climax, but I am unable to do so. What are you doing now? Are you putting a belt around my waist?As the lady waited for another instruction from Ruth, she felt something with more than a little wait put around her waist and a click at the front hinted that the item had been locked into place.


This time, Sandra noticed the extra weight that had been added to her body and there was also something different about the surface of the ground that she had landed on. That’s funny, before now the surface that I have landed on was tiled, but the floor beneath me has no such indentations. Just where am I at the moment?


This is still the new floor, where is this?


What was that? When I landed, it just felt as if the ground moved down a little. No, it must be my imagination.


The floor really did move then. What could I be on that could move like this. Oh NO! After that hop, Sandra managed to work out where she was and this time, there was no controlling her fear as the realisation of her predicament froze her to the spot. I’m on the diving board! You’ve got me so that I could end up hopping along and fall into the water once I go off the end.

“It is so delicious when my captive manages to work out what I am up to. This part of my game is Hopping the Plank and although no one has yet to jump off the end, you have come so very close.”

Close? Just how close am I to the edge? The worst thing about this is that there is no way for me to get back to the edge of the pool, especially with my eyes blindfolded. One wrong move will mean falling into the water and I will end up drowning!

“I think that I should let you see where you are, as I want to see the expression on your face.” There was a creak on the board behind Sandra, who felt a slight movement underneath her which increased her level of fear and the removal of her blindfold did nothing to help her.

I’m just a few inches from the end of the board and you’ve put a diving belt around my waist. If I fall off the end, I will sink straight to the bottom of the pool and drown!

“I have decided to be helpful towards you, seeing as you are uncomfortable in your current situation. Would you like me to help you get off the board?”

Yes, get me of the board! A whining sound escaped from Sandra’s nose as she nodded again and again in the hope that her captor would help her.

“Seeing as you want me to help you get off, I will do so.” This time, Sandra screamed as she was pushed forward to the point where her toes gripped the edge of the board. “This is the quickest way off the board.” A second push by Ruth caused the captive to lose her balance so that she toppled over the end and her scream was cut off as she plunged into the water.

I’m going to die! As Sandra sank to the bottom of the pool, she struggled as hard as she could in her state of terror, but just like before she had no chance of getting out of her bonds and she knew that getting to the shallow end was going to be impossible in the few minutes of life remaining to her. Please, please don’t let me die! It wasn’t long before her chest was burning as she tried not to breathe out and as her struggles weakened, she knew that her final act would be to breathe the pool into her lungs. This did nothing to stop her from continuing her frantic battle at the bottom of the pool and she was so overwhelmed by fear that she did not notice Ruth diving into the water.

It wasn’t until Sandra was lifted up to the surface that she understood what was happening and she breathed in and out as fast as she could while her head was still above water. You are holding onto my chest ropes, but you could let go of me at any moment, so that I would sink again.

“Oh that was so exhilarating, pushing you into the pool and watching you struggle for dear life. There is nothing like having someone’s life in the palm of your hand, to do with as you please. However, I am so turned on by your performance that if you help me out, I won’t push you into the pool again. Will you help me?”

yes, yes, I’ll do anything that you want, just please don’t drown me in the pool. Once Sandra nodded, Ruth started to move towards the shallow end of the pool pulling the helpless woman along until the captive was able to stand on the bottom of the pool. You probably expect me to get out of the pool on my own, so I’m going to have to be very careful as I could easily slip and go under. The helpless woman took very careful hops towards the steps at the shallow end and her progress was very slow to start with, but as the depth decreased, she was able to move faster until she was at the steps.

“I am going to help you out of the pool now, as I don’t want you to slip on the steps and knock yourself out.” Ruth swam over to behind the captive who cried out through her nose as her head was pulled back by her hair. “See, I’m holding you up, so hop up these steps.”

You are tormenting me again, by using this as an excuse to almost pull my hair out of my head. As the woman jumped out of the pool, she noticed that the fire between her legs was as strong as ever, with it just being ignored when she was fighting for her life. Sandra even discovered that as she rose out of the pool, her body betrayed her for a few seconds as she squirmed just so the rope between her legs could rub against her. I have to try and stop doing this, otherwise, I will surrender to my desire.

“I have to say that none of my captives have ever responded in that way that you have, Sandra. You have been the most entertaining yet. Now that we are out of the pool, you will have to hop around so that you are facing the little table.”

Just how many people have you done this to? As the prisoner turned her head right so that she could see where the low table was, she noticed that all of the items had been cleared off it, leaving it bare. Why do you want me to go to the table? There was a tug on the hair of the captive which suggested that she should hop over to the table and as she started to do so, the lady wondered how long it would be before the ropes binding her would force her for to beg for sexual release. By the time that she was standing between the table and the pool, it felt as if her flower of lust was on fire, with her petals being so sensitive that each rub of the crotch-rope caused her to cry out.

“I am going to lower you down to your knees and turn you to the left so that you are facing the table.” Ruth said as she placed her hands under Sandra’s armpits and the restrained woman was turned to the left before she was placed in a kneeling position with the table in front of her.

What are you going to do to me now? As Sandra turned her head to the left, she saw that Ruth was kneeling behind her and a fumbling at her bound wrists seemed to suggest that a rope was being untied. Is the rope between my legs getting looser? If so, you must have untied that particular rope. OMG! There was some more fumbling at the ankles of the helpless woman and a moment later she screamed through her nose as the rope between her legs became tighter than ever, with the knots almost burying themselves into the soft folds of her flesh. As Sandra struggled in her bonds, she realised that she was unable to move from her present kneeling position and even her attempts to move just caused her further sexual torment in her most intimate area.

“I’ll just explain what I have done to you, Sandra.” Ruth said as she went over to where her black bag was. “The crotch-rope that ran from your waist is looped over your crossed wrists and tied to your ankles, so that you are held in a kneeling hog-tie.” She picked up the bag and sat down on the edge of the table so that she faced Sandra, placing the bag to her right on the ground before removing her bikini which was put in the bag. “In a minute, I am going to add something to your gagged mouth which you will use to pleasure me. I’m sure that you will be very eager to do so and that you will remain still as you do not want to upset me.”

When Ruth took a new item out of the bag which she placed against the captive’s mouth, Sandra’s eyes went wide and she had to force herself not to scream as two straps from the object were taken around her cheeks with them buckled tight together at the back of her neck. It’s a cock! You’ve fastened a fake cock to my face. Oh no, you can’t expect me to do that to you!

Ruth leaned back on the table, spread her legs wide apart, pushed her most intimate area almost into Sandra’s face and said “I’m sure that you know what to do, my captive and remember that you did agree to help me out earlier. After all, I did make a promise and I’m sure that you want me to keep it.”

You said that you wouldn’t push me in the pool again if I helped you. I’m hogtied and helpless and if you do that to me again, I’m sure that you won’t help me to get back to the surface. I have no other choice but to do what you want.

With more than a little trepidation, Sandra leaned her body forward before tilting her head so that the fake phallus slid into Ruth’s valley of desire which caused the captor to sigh. “That’s it my prisoner, fuck me with your face.”

Now, I have to humiliate myself for your pleasure by sticking my head right between your legs. Oh no, I am going to end up tormenting myself as well. As the captive moved the shaft in and out of Ruth’s flower of lust, she noticed that the knots pressing into her petals were rubbing even harder into her and she started to moan as she pleasured the woman who restrained her.  At this rate, I might end up climaxing before you.

“I want more. Faster, harder.” Sandra increased the speed of her thrusts while doing her best to add more force to her movements and the captor’s hips twitched in response as she started to moan. There was a response from the captive’s own body to this action as she was stimulated by the ropes and she became worried that she could end up forgetting to please the intruder by surrendering to her own lust. Soon, Ruth’s moans grew in volume as the helpless lady did her best to speed up her motions and the captor began to thrust her hips into Sandra’s face so that she could get the maximum effect from each thrust by the prisoner.

While this was going on, the fire in Sandra’s centre of lust was on the edge of becoming an inferno and her own hips were writhing in order to rub herself with greater intensity against the crotch-rope. Please, I don’t want to lose control. She worked harder and harder at pleasing the woman who had turned her into a slave and soon the prisoner wondered if she was doing this because she had to or if she wanted to.

A long, loud cry from Ruth was followed by very mild convulsions and the intruder relaxed on the table as she was lost in the depths of her ecstasy. However, the feelings inside Sandra had become so great that she ended up surrendering to her own lust and she was doing her upmost to writhe and struggle so that she could reach the peak of her pleasure. It wasn’t possible for the lady to reach that point, however, so she cried out and struggled in her need and frustration, knowing that her movements were tormenting her but she was unable to stop what she was doing.

Please, I need to climax, someone help me!

“Oh dear, it appears that my helpless captive has an itch that she is unable to scratch. I just can’t leave you like this, so I am going to have to do something about it.” As Sandra looked on in her lustful torment, Ruth took another black strip of cloth which was used to blindfold the helpless lady and the captive felt the phallus being unstrapped before it was removed. “Do you want me to sate that lust of yours?”

Yes, bring my erotic torment to an end. After a pause of a few minutes, there was a fumbling at the ankle of the woman and as the crotch-rope loosened, she was pushed forward until the front of her body pressed against the top of the table. The rope rubbing against Sandra was pushed to one side and she screamed as a shaft pushed itself deep into her valley of joy. OMG, you’re ra-ravishing me! Hands grasped hold of Sandra’s breasts as she was thrust into again and again by Ruth and soon she started to push her hips back to the same rhythm as her captor.

Sandra hoped for a quick release but this was not going to happen as whenever she was about to explode into ecstasy, Ruth would slow down, leaving the helpless lady tormented with frustration and denial and it was only after some time that the intruder thrust as hard as possible so that Sandra was taken over the edge...

“That was quite a climax you had and I thought for a moment that you were never going to stop. You were out of it for a long time, long enough for me to prepare a new surprise for you. Oh, the doorbell went, so maybe that was the delivery person that you were waiting for.””

I’m lying on something soft and it seems to move a little under my body. It doesn’t feel like the side of the pool. Oh no, have you got me hogtied again? The heels of my feet are pressing against my bottom and that crotch-rope is beginning to tease me again.

“I just have to add something to you and then I can show you my wonderful game.”

The crotch-rope was moved to once side for a moment and something was inserted into Sandra’s valley before the rope was allowed to slip back into place. Have you put a vibrator into me? Why, when you can just take me again if you want.

“Surprise!” Ruth said as she pulled the blindfold away from Sandra’s eyes with the captive screaming as she saw just how bad her predicament was and in her panic, she struggled against her bonds even though it was futile.

I’m lying on a black air bed at the side of the pool at the shallow end! You’re going to drag me onto the water and leave me floating there! If I struggle, I will tip off the bed and drown!

“Let me explain something to you before the final game starts.” Ruth said, sitting on the side to the left of the screaming captive and stroking the lady’s hair with her right hand. “You may not know me by the name of Ruth, but you could be familiar with the name that the press has given me. I am known as The Siren.”

Oh please no, not the killer! I’ve read about what you have done in the news, how you leave women bound and gagged at the bottom of swimming pools and you leave a video recording of what you have done for the authorities to find.

“Please stop struggling like that, as you’ll end up falling into the swimming pool when I pull your air bed onto the water. It would be a good idea to remain still if you wish to stay alive. I promised that I would not push you into the water and that promise still holds. However, if you struggle and slip off the air bed, that is your own fault.”

You can’t be telling me that you have no plans to get rid of me. Although it took every effort of her will, after a minute Sandra was able to gain enough control over herself to stop struggling.

“That’s better. Now, I will pull the air bed into the water explain the rest of the game.” Sandra tried to avoid crying out as Ruth dragged the air bed onto the pool, but when the final pull happened she still screamed as she knew that only the air bed was between her and the bottom of the pool.

“See what a good captive you can be? In most of my games, the other woman can be most uncooperative, in which case I normally don’t spend much time with them, so over the side and into the pool they go. Their final struggles are so erotic” Ruth said as the terrified captive was dragged to the centre of the pool. “The rest try to cooperate as best they can, but they don’t really get into the game, so for one last piece of fun, I take them out into the middle of the pool on an air bed before I leave. By the way, the video camera not only records to card, but it transmits over the wireless system to a hard drive located on a secret server that I have set up, so even when I leave, I can still see and hear what is happening to my victims.”

As the Siren spoke, she put her right hand on top of the valve on the air bed and this act caused Sandra to tremble in fear. “I do give these ladies a bit of a chance, however. Each of my airbeds have a special valve that releases air at a very slow rate, so the beds can take some time to deflate and I think that the longest has been about two hours. If someone finds the woman before then, she will be saved, but unfortunately for them, no one has ever found them in time.”

“Seeing as you have been so much fun, I cannot bring myself to do this to you, so I am giving you a very fair chance. Rachel should be back in an hour or so, unless she is late and if you can stay still on the air bed until then, you will be rescued.”

I can’t believe it, you’re just going to leave me tied up on the air bed? Sandra still had her suspicions as Siren swam to the ladder at the deep end of the pool, climbed out and got dressed before putting various items back into her large bag. What are you doing in your bag now?

“I did say that you had a very fair chance, but you will have to earn that chance.” Siren lifted her right hand out of the bag to reveal that she was holding a small box with a button and as that button was pressed, the object that was inserted inside Sandra began to buzz.

Oh no! You’ve switched on the vibrator. If I orgasm, I will lose control over myself and sink into the pool!

“You see, I will not be responsible for your death, as your own desires will do that to you. All you have to do is not give in to your body, as surrendering to your lust will mean surrendering your life. I wish you good luck in your fight.”

As Siren left, Sandra was horrified to discover that her hips were already starting to twitch a little in response to the device that was starting the fire inside her lust along with the rope caressing her damp flesh and it took all of her will to remain still. I mustn’t give in to my own body!

After a period of time though, the heat of her desire grew and there were times when she found herself writhing with her moving her feet so that the crotch-rope could rub with greater intensity against the petals of her erotic centre. As she did so, the air bed started to rock and it was only when her fear rose above her sexual impulses that she was able to regain control at the body. At other times, the teasing of the vibrator became so strong that she thrust her Mound of Venus against the air bed in order to gain greater pleasure from the device, which caused the bed to become so unstable that there was a risk of tipping her in. Again, it was when Sandra realised the danger that she was able to stop herself from slipping off the air bed.

However, each time that she lost control became a little longer and a little stronger and the interval between these situations became a little shorter, with the imperilled damsel realising that she was fighting a losing battle against her own lust. In one perverse moment, she wondered just how long it would it would be before her body betrayed her and whether she would orgasm on the air bed or at the bottom of the pool...

Rachel, please get back here, I’m not going to last much longer!

The End?

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