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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 27

The leader went behind the defenceless Cassidy, there was a fumbling sound and the bound woman breathed a sigh of relief a few seconds later when the pressure from the knotted rope against her body ended. It wasn’t long before Madam Sǐwáng pulled the improvised torture device back through the helpless lady’s legs, and coiled it up at the bottom of the opposing column before turning to her assistants.

“I am going to have a rest for a little while, so I would like you two ensure that Cassandra can get some decent rest as well before long. I will see you again before too long, in order to continue the entertainment of our captive.”

Before the bound victim even had a chance to protest at this decision, the lady who had arranged her kidnapping was already walking to the rooms which were used by Cassidy’s captors. The prisoner did her best to call for the madam to come back as she was more than a little worried about her situation, but she realised that either she was being ignored or the gag was sufficient to muffle her cries for help. You can’t leave me hear like this, Madam Sǐwáng, I am in greater danger from these two now that you have walked away. As Cassidy looked back towards the two accomplices who were now in charge of her, the worry grew into a state of anxiety when she saw the malevolent smiles on their faces. You two are going to take full advantage of her absence and I am going to suffer as a result.

“Kǎodǎ.” Kǒngbù said as she walked closer so that she was in front of the helpless lady “That rope from the bar must be causing poor Cassandra quite a bit of inconvenience. Perhaps you should untie the cord from her back so that she can be more comfortable when she moves.” Cassidy looked on as Kǎodǎ went around to behind her back and while there were touches at the back of her waist, she noticed that the smile of the captor in front of her had warmed, making her think that she had jumped to conclusions about how they would react. “We want you to be able to walk with less difficulty, so you can go to a place where you can rest on the floor. Kǎodǎ, have you finished untying the end of the rope so Cassandra can be taken to the suitable location?”

“Yes Kǒngbù, I had finished while you were talking to our captive.”

“In that case Cassandra, you can follow me so that we can carry out the instructions that were given to us by our Madam.” Kǒngbù said before turning around and taking very small steps away from the bound woman, so Cassidy decided to start walking after her captor in her own unusual way.

I really must not let my imagination run away with me, as this is much better now that I don’t have that cord from the bar pulling on my crotch rope. Things have changed since Madam Sǐwáng’s momentary breakdown, and I should have realised that the sisters would not be the same after- NO!

As Cassidy took step after step, she was getting comfortable with the way that she was moving forward and this was the reason that the surprise was complete when the bar became immobilised while she was half way through moving her right foot. Because Cassidy’s body continued to move forward when the pole came to a halt, she started to topple in the direction that she had been moving and the tied up lady was in a state of sheer horror. Not only was Cassidy unable to do anything to prevent herself from falling, but the way that her arms were locked behind her face ensured that she couldn’t turn her head, which meant that her face would smash against the hard concrete floor.

A scream of terror escaped the woman’s gagged mouth, which was the only reaction available to her as she started to tip over, and she knew that a horrific fate awaited her within a second of her crying out. However, within a moment of the helpless lady’s scream, arms went around her body as Kǒngbù reacted with a speed that was amazing, and the prisoner sobbed a little as her fall was halted.

“Kǎodǎ, that was a very mean trick to tie the other end of the rope to the ring at the bottom of the column.” Kǒngbù said, lifting the terrified Cassidy up so that she could stand on her own two wide apart feet. “The poor lady could have broken her nose if I hadn’t caught her. Untie the rope and put the end on Cassandra’s waist cord so that we can be on our way.”

You could have caused me a terrible injury, Kǎodǎ, and I am so very thankful that you sister managed to save me in time. Cassidy could here noise behind her for a few seconds which she presumed was the end of the rope being untied, and something was tucked into her waist rope at the back. At least you can’t use that rope on me again.

“Follow me again, Cassandra.” Kǒngbù said “At least you can’t be tripped over by the bar again.”

The kidnap victim waited for a few seconds so that she could take in a deep breath before taking a first step after the woman who saved her from falling, but it wasn’t long before the lady was managing to keep up a steady forward gait, even with the bar restricting her mobility. However, after a minute or so following Kǒngbù without any problems, the bound woman ended up shrieking as she stumbled mid-step with her nearly losing her balance in the process.

“What happened, Kǎodǎ?” Kǒngbù said, halting and turning around to look at the other two.

“Cassandra managed to trip up while trying to walk, but she was able to remain upright. I think that we can continue on though. Get moving, prisoner.” There was a slap on the bottom of the helpless woman who squealed while expressing her feeling with an indignant look on her face, but she started to walk forward so that she could avoid another such blow.

It had only taken a moment after Cassidy stumbling to work out what had happened, as she felt a hand push against her back between her shoulder blades which nearly pushed her off-balance. You did this to me, Kǎodǎ, you nearly forced me to fall face first on the floor and I have no doubt that you are going to repeat this before long. The worst part is that I have no way of letting Kǒngbù know what happened, which leaves you free to try again. Every step by the bound woman was accompanied by severe apprehension, as she wondered if this would be the time when she would be pushed again, with her crashing to the floor. Her fears proved to be well founded, when she felt the hand of the captor behind her shove against her back, and she emitted a loud yelp as she almost failed to stay standing. You monster, you are torturing me with this!

“There’s no need to worry, Kǒngbù, our captive appears to be getting a little clumsy. Perhaps she needs to have a few minutes rest, so I will stay here with her while you prepare where she will be on the floor.”

No Kǒngbù! Please don’t leave me Kǎodǎ as she has gone insane! Cassidy tried to shake her head as best she could and attempted to beg through though her gag in the hope that Kǒngbù would notice, but this proved to be futile as the lady walked away. You must stay here, she’s going to push me over!

After Kǒngbù was out of site, her sister walked over to a grey bag and pulled out a roll of wide grey duct tape, before returning so that she could stand in front of the frightened captive. “Listen and listen well, you slut! I can see what you are trying to do to my Mothe-, my Madam, you are trying to seduce her so that you can turn her against us! There is no chance of you succeeding, especially with what I have planned for you. If I push you over now, my darling sister will know what I have done, and there is no doubt that I will get into trouble. If you cry out while falling when we are walking, she will catch and save you. Therefore, my best option is to ensure that you will be unable to scream when you do fall. After that, Kǒngbù will either have to support me or take equal blame.”

You can’t be planning to make sure that I remain quiet when you smash my face in, that’s horrible! Cassidy’s eyes widened in fear as her captor unrolled a strip of tape before tearing it off the roll, but there was nothing she could do to stop the piece from being placed over her gagged mouth with it running from ear to ear. Two more lengths were separated off the roll and they were placed above and below the first one, so that her face was covered in tape from just below her nose to her chin. This means I can’t eject any saliva so that I’ll have to swallow any that I produce.

“I also know that this is not enough to keep a prisoner quiet if she really wants to make a sound, so one more extra length needs to be applied to ensure your silence.” Kǎodǎ removed a strip which was placed over the apex of the nose, and it was pressed down hard so that the captive’s nostrils became very flat.

I have to fight to even breathe in and out which means that it will be impossible for me to scream out through my nose.

“Please remember that if you try to cause any trouble, then it will be a simple matter for me to do this.” A moment later, the captive’s world became one of sheer terror when Kǎodǎ pressed a little harder on the tape, which caused the helpless lady’s nostrils to seal shut.

You’re suffocating me, I’m going to die if you don’t stop this! There was nothing that Cassidy could do but struggle in her bonds as her chest heaved while her lungs burned, but she was able to suck in much needed air a few seconds later when the tape was loosened.

“You cannot help but show how you are feeling when you are scared, so I will have to do something to prevent my sister from seeing your eyes.” One last piece of tape was torn off the roll, and it was held up to the wide eyes of the helpless woman. “You can keep your eyes open if you want, but I have heard that it can do a lot of damage if this happens, so it might be advisable for you to keep your eyes shut.” After the bound lady heard this comment, she shut her eyes as tight as she could and she felt the material press against her eyelids.

I can’t see, I can hardly breathe and at any time, this insane lady is going to push me forward so that my face will impact with the hard floor. It was impossible for the bound prisoner to do anything other than stand in place and wait for the other sister to return. When Kǒngbù comes back, she’ll realise that something is going badly wrong, and I will be saved. Relief replaced fear as the lady heard footsteps approaching, which meant that Kǒngbù was returning and the tape would soon be removed from her body.

“Kǎodǎ, what have you done to Cassandra? We need to take her to the rest area.”

.”Our slut of a prisoner was being a whiney little bitch, so that I decided that she should be punished. Her mouth was sealed, but she continued to moan through her nose so I had to deal with that as well. After that, she gave me such evil looks that I had to cover her eyes to teach her that such behaviour comes with consequences.”

“Well, it does seem a little extreme, but seeing as Cassandra has misbehaved then our bad lady needs to be taught a lesson in humility. Just keep an eye on her as we head to the place where she is going to rest.”

Can’t you see what Kǎodǎ is planning? You must know that something is wrong with tape covering most of my face and the fact that I am struggling to breathe. Aren’t you going to do anything about this? You must really be that foolish.

“You should have no trouble walking behind me by listening to my voice or footprints, as I have seen others do it, so follow me now or get into trouble.” Cassidy listened to the humming noise that Kǒngbù started to make, so she knew which direction to go in and she started to make steps that were more careful than usual because of her inability to see. The lady had been fearful before, but now she was in a state of continual sheer terror as she knew that the woman behind her could push her at anytime and there was no way of alerting Kǒngbù as to her fall.

The first push came after she had taken just a few steps and even though she did her best to scream, she wasn’t able to make so much as emit a whine owing to the tape over her nose. It wasn’t enough to push her over onto her face, but judging by the lack of reaction, Kǒngbù didn’t even realise that this had happened.

This was how it went while the helpless victim continued to walk, with a shove happening to her every few steps and a few almost forcing her off her feet, but she was just about able to recover. Before long though, there was a push that was strong enough to force Cassidy forward so that she would be unable to prevent herself from falling, and she knew that there was no hope for her. However, a hand gripped the crotch rope that ran from between her legs to her hands and she was pulled back enough so that she could remain in an upright position.

You’re doing this to torture me! I cannot control what is happening to me and you are pushing me forward before pulling me back just to prolong the agony! If this continues for much longer, I’m going to end up losing my mind from the fear. Is this what you want? Do you actually want to drive me insane in the hopes that Madam Sǐwáng will not show any interest in me anymore?

Every continuing moment added to the psychological anguish of the captive, and she wondered if she would be taken past her breaking point whenever she was forced off-balance by Kǎodǎ, who held onto the crotch rope so that she was prevented from falling.

“Kǎodǎ, what on earth are you doing to our prisoner? It looks as though you were trying to push her over. Is that you were trying to do?”

Oh yes, I’m saved! You can put a stop to this now, Kǒngbù, please help me.

“Yes, that has been my plan from the beginning as I want to see the little whore suffer for trying to seduce our Madam. I have been making her think that she is going to fall, just so that she can be tortured by the feelings of horror.”

“Kǎodǎ, that is absolutely monstrous behaviour, we had no orders to do something like this to the poor captive. Cassandra, would you like me to put an end to this and rescue you from the terrible treatment?”

Oh yes, rescue me from your deranged sister and put an end to my torment. Cassidy’s fear changed in a moment to relief as she heard the comment that was made by the lady, and she realised that her situation was going to improve as she did her best to nod her head. At least you are being sensible, Kǒngbù.

“Well, this is the time when you find out that I knew what Kǎodǎ was doing all along, you slut! Guess what your chances of being rescued are now.”

To say that the helpless Cassidy was stunned would be an understatement, as her relief vanished in an instant when she heard the truth of her situation. You are a part of this! Her legs were trembling as she realised that her predicament was very real and that the two ladies had been playing games with her from the start. Soon, I’m going to be pushed over, and this time there’ll be no one to break my fall!

“Kǎodǎ noticed how you were affecting our moth- Madam, and she suggested that we should teach you a lesson about how trying to seduce her with your wiles will only end in a bad way for you. There are a lot of things that we would love to do to you, but our leader would get very angry with us if we did it.” A hand stroked the right cheek of the victim and she could only scream in her mind at the way that she was being treated by the two captors. “If we were to actually push you over, Madam’s wrath would be dreadful, and we would suffer for a long time. However, if you were to fall over by your own action, then she would see it as being an accident.”

It was Kǎodǎ who spoke next. “You see Cassandra, I have got a wonderful idea for making you fall to the floor by your own actions, and soon you are going to do this to yourself.”

OMG! Madam Sǐwáng, please come back!

(To Be Continued.)

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