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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 15

Even thought the helpless woman didn’t hear anyone else in the room, she wondered whether or not one of her captors was nearby and remaining as quiet as possible so as to observe. After several minutes had gone by, Petra assumed that there was a reasonable chance of her being alone in the dining room, and that there would be no retaliation against her if she struggled against her bonds.

I have no doubt that you have bound me well, Diana, but I wouldn’t be a good damsel in distress if I didn’t attempt to get free from my captivity at least occasionally. Perhaps I should check if the cords around my wrists have any give in them. Her first action was to try and pull her right hand up as far as it would go, just to see how much she could move her extremity, but there was less than a centimetre of leeway in the action. She tried to push her hand down as far as possible, but she was unable to test this as her arm was almost stretched out to its utmost when she was bound to the chair. Trying to pull her wrist away from the top of the chair leg by the prisoner only ended up showing just how effective Diana had been in applying the cinches and although she managed to turn her hands, this did not make the loops around her wrists any looser.  Experimenting with the left hand showed the captive that the bonds connecting her left hand to the chair were just as secure, which showed that her chances of escape were almost impossible.

Maybe I should try to see if the other ropes are tied just as securely. If they aren’t then I might have greater success than with my hands. Her first attempt was with her elbows, but even though there was a little extra movement compared to that of her wrists, she failed to cause the bonds to slip in any way. The attempt to move her body around was a complete failure as the ropes that restrained her chest and waist permitted no movement at all, and she soon surrendered to the fact that this was just as unsuccessful as her other efforts. This just leaves my legs, but even though I don’t think that I will loosen these ropes, I might as well try as it will pass the time while waiting for dinner to be cooked. I do hope that I will get to eat something, but my captors may decide to tease me with the meal before I am allowed any.

Petra started with trying to find out if the cord that bound her knees to the tops of the front chair legs would provide any leeway in her movements, but although she was able to move her knees a little to the left or right, there was nothing useful to be gained from this action. After this, she turned her attention to her feet and this was more of just checking the bonds rather than it being a serious attempt at getting her limbs free, as the bent nature of her legs made even the most vigorous struggle pointless. The heels of her feet were almost pressing against the tops of her legs because the bindings that were wrapped around her ankles and thighs were so tight, and the most she could achieve was wriggling her feet around as she couldn’t apply any leverage on her ankles to move them up or down.

I should try to fight against all of my bonds at once, just to see it that provides any help for me, although I suspect that all I will be doing is wasting my energy in the process. The lady prepared herself by taking a few deep breaths and waiting for about five seconds, before starting her fiercest struggle yet against the ropes that held her in place on the chair. As a result of this, there was a little movement, but this was as a result of the chair’s structure moving a little, with the familiar creaking sound which is made by all such items of furniture as they as placed under such stress. This noise continued as the woman carried on with her fight against the bonds that restrained her, but after two minutes she came to the conclusion that she would end up exhausting herself without making any headway against her helplessness, although the struggle itself was thrilling.

Even though I have put my best effort into getting free, the only thing that has happened is that I am feeling a little drained from all of this effort. I have been awake for quite some time with the tickle torture from the hair dryers blowing on my feet, and that evil ‘Heart of Tantalus’ which was used to torment me with orgasm denial. Maybe my best option is to get some rest before dinner, as there will most likely be some more games after the meal which will require my participation. I should consider myself lucky that Diana didn’t tie my hair to the back of the chair, and this will allow me to rest my head at least. Trying to get into a comfortable position would be impossible for the helpless woman, given the fact that she was bound in such a restrictive way, but at least she was able to place her head in as comfortable a location as possible. Once the captive had found the best way to rest, she started to wonder about what would happen to her later and if she would ever get to see anything, or be stuck with this blindfold over her eyes for the remainder of her kidnapping.

It’s all very well being kept helpless and not being able to see, but it can be very disorienting as I have no idea of my bearings while I am bound and gagged. Plus, if you start to use your new equipment on me, I won’t be able to see what I have been put into. Anyway, I’ll find out soon enough when you start to play with me again. It wasn’t long before the bound woman started to doze off in her bondage, and she didn’t notice the sounds that were being made as the table was prepared for dinner...

“EEEEFF!” Petra was roused from her sleeping state in an instant as she felt pain radiate out from both of her nipples, and her immediate reaction only added to her discomfort as her body moved in response to the torment. However, as soon as the helpless woman cried out in her suffering, the pain in her nipples subsided to a dull ache as the soft circles of flesh were released by whatever gripped them, and the was followed by her nipples being licked

“There’s nothing like a good nipple nibble to awaken a helpless captive. Isn’t it true, auntie?”

“Well, we both know how it feels, and I think that our bondage slave has discovered just how effective these bites are when you want to wake your captive up immediately.”

You two must have bitten my poor nipples at the same time, just so that I will be fully alert for the evening meal. That’s so unfair, as you could have used less uncomfortable methods to wake me up.

“Anyway auntie, I think that it was a good idea to invite Petra for the meal, as she looks very tasty in her bondage.”

“I agree, our tied up prisoner does seem to be good enough to eat as she sits bound to her chair, and she will make an excellent addition to dinner.”

Petra started to squirm in her bonds as she heard the comments uttered by her captors, and she was starting to wonder if their reason for kidnapping her was sinister at heart. Please, you can’t be planning to eat me, I thought that you two just wanted to play bondage games until I was set free. As the defenceless lady tugged against the cords that kept her prisoner, she listened to the women who kept her captive and she started to become more worried than ever.

“Our trussed up bird is absolutely wonderful.” Diana said “She has great thighs and those breasts of hers are so plentiful. Even those wings of hers have got plenty of flesh on them and her feet look very crunchy, so we can add them to the taste test.”

No, this can’t be happening to me! Have you two gone insane all of a sudden, or have you planned this from the beginning? The rate and intensity of Petra’s struggles increased once the words sunk in, and she tried to come up with a plan on the moment which might help her escape. Any attempt to formulate an idea was interrupted, however, as both of her feet were bitten at the same time which suggested that her captors were working together. She was unable to suppress a loud yelp as she felt the teeth sink into the heels of her feet which was followed by licking and general biting, and even though the pain was very minor, it made her even more fearful of what her eventual fate would be.

You’re tasting me before you start on me for real! Oh please, I must be dreaming, someone wake me up! As the bites and licking worked their way up to the top of Petra’s arms from just above her wrists, she started to pull with all of her strength against her bonds, although they were just as secure as before. After this, her captors moved their mouths to the lower legs of the frightened captive, and it wasn’t long before every available fleshy area had had the caress of a tongue along with the imprint of teeth. This is horrible, I feel as if you are practising on me before you devour me for real!

“I just love a bit of thigh, Diana, so let’s start on that.” Petra was unable to suppress a shriek as both of her thighs were bitten into by her kidnappers and although the pain was mild, the sensation started to have a major effect on her imagination. Her thighs were licked up and down by the women, who seemed to take their time in sinking their teeth into any soft piece of flesh that was accessible. Once this was finished, the captor’s attention moved up the abdomen of the scared prisoner who started to whimper, as the playful bites ascended and she thought that it would only be a matter of time before the bites became serious so that they would drew blood.

Oh stop, please just stop!

There was the sensation of teeth gripping the soft flesh that made up the mounds of her breasts, along with bites being applied to her neck, and her mind conjured up images of what was going to happen next, which caused her to beg and plead through her gag in the forlorn hope that she wouldn’t end up as the evening meal.

“Auntie, you don’t suppose that Petra actually thinks that we are planning to-?”

“I think that she is, Diana. Her imagination might have actually gone into overdrive with her thinking that all of this is about us actually eating her, when we were just using these terms as metaphors.”

“Petra, were you thinking that my auntie and I were going to devour you in some kind of cannibalistic ritual?”

Petra could feel her whole body start to turn red as she gave a slow nod in response to the question and she started to feel sheepish about how she responded to the words and actions from the niece and aunt. I can’t believe that I ended up reacting like this, but I cannot see your expressions with this blindfold on, so maybe I can’t tell for sure whether are not you two are being serious.

“Diana, maybe we should be a bit more careful about what we say from now on, or Petra could end up misconstruing our words into something darker. After all, we have kept her as our bound, gagged and blindfolded captive for almost a day by now, and this could be having a way on how she reacts to situations.”

“Should we remove her blindfold for the time being, if it seems to be causing her problems?”

“We’ll keep it on for dinner, but once we get her locked into place afterwards, then our slave can then see what she has been put into, as she may not understand what is happening otherwise.”

“May I be allowed to feed our lovely sex slave, auntie? After all, I was picking up all of the new equipment while our captive was having lots of orgasmic fun with you.”

“Go ahead, after all it is your turn to have some fun with our helpless lady. Before you start to feed our prisoner, it might be a good idea to make sure that she understands the basic rules that she will have to follow.”

“Okay auntie. Petra, your gag will be removed for the meal, and you are not to speak at any time. If you do, your meal will end and your gag will be applied early. I will feed you dinner and provide you with water, so you won’t need to feed yourself. If you behave yourself, then after dinner you will be allowed to wear a ring-gag for a while instead of the large ball-gag. Do you understand?”

There was another nod from the chair-bound captive, and a few seconds later she felt hands go around to the back of her neck with the ends of the gag straps being unbuckled. It took longer for the ball to be removed from between the lips of the helpless lady, but it was extricated after Petra managed to open her mouth as wide as she could. There was a dull thud to the right of the bound woman which suggested that the ball gag had been dropped onto the dining room table, and she felt pressure on her legs which she thought might be Diana sitting astride the lap of the prisoner.

A moment after her captor had sat down on the chair, Petra felt something press against her lips so she opened her mouth in order to accept the hot forkful of food that had been given to her. After the helpless lady had consumed several mouthfuls of food, a cold glass touched her face and she parted her lips and took in several sips of the cool water. The captive was surprised a moment later as she expected to be provided with more food, but instead she could feel lips pressing against hers with the tip of a tongue gliding over her teeth. Once the prisoner parted her mouth, the tongue probed the space until she intertwined her own tongue with Diana’s and they continued to kiss for another minute before the captor pulled away.

This was how the rest of the meal continued for the powerless Petra, with forkfuls of the meal being followed by a drink of water before there was a long luxurious kiss from Diana, and this went on for some time. After another pleasurable kiss, however, there was no more food and instead Diana gave Petra another instruction.

“Open your mouth as wide as possible for the new gag.” Petra followed the instruction and allowed the leather covered ring to be placed between her teeth with the straps being taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled to the tightest notch. “That’s better, my saucy slave. We will remain in the dining room for another hour, so that our meals can settle and then you will be placed in handcuffs before being given a break. Once this is completed, it will be time for your captivity to be applied in a different way.

The nude prisoner felt arms go around her body before kisses landed on her neck and cheeks from Diana, and there were even kisses when Diana threaded her tongue through the ring that kept the prisoner’s mouth open, with the lady responding by again intertwining her own tongue with that of her captor’s. There was nothing that Petra could do to stop this closeness, but she had no desire to bring it to an end, so she took in every moment as she knew that there would be a time when this would come to halt.

When Diana pulled back and rose up, Petra thought that this would be the end of her time on the chair, but she discovered that there was more planned for her. As the bound nude wondered what was going to happen next, a moan escaped her gagged mouth and she started to writhe in her bonds, as both of the soles of her feet were licked by her captors. This was just the start of a long period where the lady had her feet teased by the women, which also included her toes being kissed and nibbled, along with her feet being bitten all over...

“Well Petra, I think that your meal will have settled by now, so it’s time for you to be prepared for you journey to your bedroom, but there will be a detour as you take a necessary break in the toilet.” Kendra said, just before the captive felt the loosening of the ropes that bound her ankles to her thighs, and after a minute she was able to put her feet back down on the floor. Her captors made short work of the binds that restrained her knees to the tops of the front chair legs, and her feet were brought together with the captive experiencing the familiar sensation of cold metal circling her ankles, which was accompanied by a ratcheting sound as the cuffs were locked into place.

Petra’s elbows were untied from the chair and this was followed by the cords that bound her wrists to the rear chair legs, but any attempt at fighting free was going to be impossible, so she let her hands be brought together in front of her. Again the nude captive felt the bracelets tighten around her wrists until they gripped and she knew that she would soon be moved to another location in the house. It seemed to her that one of her captors untied the cord that forced her waist against the back of her chair while the other was removing the rope that held her waist in place. A hand gripped the short chain that ran between her wrists, and she was pulled onto her feet with a gentle hugging indicating the direction in which she should hop.

“Come on, our slutty slave, you need to take your break before we lock you up in something that should be most entertaining.” Diana said “Entertaining for us that is.”

What are you planning to do to me?

(To Be Continued.)

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