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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 16

After Petra had finished her break, she was led along the corridor to her bedroom in her usual shuffling gait, and her hands held out in front of her with someone holding he chain that connected her wrists together. Are you going to apply some evil torture to my body? After all, you can do anything you want to me and I am unable to prevent it. As the bound captive moved forward, she felt the change in the carpet under her feet which indicated to her that she was back in the bedroom, but this time she discovered that she was being made to shuffle to a different area of the room. She was made to halt and turn in several places, and once the prisoner was made to rotate on one place so much that she couldn’t work out in which direction she was facing after having left the room.

There was a little more moving around after this until the grip on her wrist cuffs was released and she heard the sound of something being dragged across the floor behind her. You must be planning to attach some kind of evil device to my body so that I can be made to suffer for your entertainment. Doubtless I will be strapped into it before an infernal implement is applied to various parts of my anatomy. The dragging stopped, which suggested that the object was in position behind her, and the helpless woman twice heard the grating of metal on metal which she found to be rather disturbing. That noise can only be made when the metal is rough, which does not bode well for me if object of that quality are to be used on me.

“Now it is time for you to sit down on the device so that we can have our fun with your body. If you refuse to cooperate, we can always apply a little gentle persuasion by pinching those lovely nipples of yours.” Kendra said as hands gripped the upper arms of the defenceless captive, and as gentle pressure was applied to her body, she offered no resistance as she was guided to move down until her bottom pressed against what felt like a polished wood surface.

Well that’s a relief, I was expecting to be made to sit on a rough metallic surface, but even though this is hard, it is comfortable by comparison to what I had imagined. I appear to be allowing my thoughts to conjure up all kinds of dreadful things, so I must learn to get my mind under control. Petra became worried again after a few seconds when the cuffs that attached her feet together were unlocked so that they could be removed from her ankles, before her feet were held and lifted into the air. Her legs were pulled out straight with her feet taken wider apart until the back of her ankles touched what was more smooth wood. I really hope that you aren’t putting me into some kind of torture rack, with the intention of stretching me out. There was a sliding thud which was followed by two more grating noises and even though Petra’s feet were released, she couldn’t move her legs because her ankles were enclosed. You must have slid something into place so that it is over my legs and the hole that is left must be too small to get my feet through. How long will it be before you make me lie down and attach my hands to the other end of the device?

It was just moments later when Petra’s hands were gripped and the cuffs that had been locked around her wrists were removed, before she was made to lean forwards with her arms stretched out. Her wrists touched a wooden surface for a moment, before they were moved closer to each other and seemed to slip in a small indentation that was on the top of the wood. As the helpless lady continued to lean forward, she heard a second sliding sound which was followed by an impact and a moment later the metal on metal noise was made. When the grip on her hands disappeared Petra tried her best to sit upright again, although this was ineffective as her hands were just as trapped as her feet with her wrists held in two more holes.

“That’s our prisoner secured, auntie. Perhaps it is time to apply the devices of torment to her naked and helpless body for our entertainment.” Diana said, which caused the immobilised Petra to squirm in her new predicament.

“Yes Diana, let us have some special fun with our sexy captive slave as she can hardly move in her present bonds.” At this comment, Petra almost panicked and she started to twist and pull with all of her strength, hoping that she could somehow pull herself free of the new device that restrained her. “That is not going to help you, Petra, as you are not going to get free from this.”

I knew it! You had something evil planned for me after all, and I offered no resistance as you ensured that I would remain captive on whatever monstrous device you have chosen. Even though the captive heard what her kidnapper had said, she continued with her struggle against the device, although in her heart she knew that she had been outwitted and that this was all for nothing.

“Are you ready to start torturing our lady, Diana?”

“Yes aunty, I have the object ready to make her suffer terribly.”

Oh dear, please don’t do it! Whimpers escaped the gagged mouth of the helpless woman, as she imagined all kinds of horrors that would be inflicted on her body which would occur in just a few seconds time.

“Okay Diana, NOW!”

In a moment, Petra’s whimpering turned to loud screams as she was tormented by her captors, but these were not cries of pain that she previously thought that she would end up emitting. Instead, the helpless woman was shrieking with laughter as the soles of her feet had to endure a constant assault from the fingernails of her captors which raked up and down. OMGyou’reticklingme! Nonononono, stopstopstop! When the prisoner had been tickled on the bed, she had some room to squirm about, but these new restraints locked her in position which placed a severe limit on any movement  After half a minute had passed, the tickling was having such an effect on her that she found herself unable to breath, and the tormented captive started to feel dizzy from lack of air.

“Let’s stop for a minute, Diana, so that our slut of a slave can get her breath back.” There was a end to the tickling just a moment later, and the struggling captive was relieved that something far worse had not happened to her instead of the tickle torment. “You should have seen your face again, as we teased you about the threat of you being tortured. It is so easy to fool you into believing that something very bad is going to happen to you, and then see your reaction to this. You do appear to be falling for this trick every time.”

At least you two aren’t going to hurt me in any way, which is something to- nonononono! More shrieks of laughter were emitted by the defenceless woman as pointed fingernails worked their way up and down the soles of her feet, but this torment was less vigorous which meant that she would be able to keep breathing. Howlonghowlonghowlong? It just took a moment for Petra to realise that this assault was going to be a prolonged one, and she was soon lost track of time in a world that consisted of her having to endure constant tickling.

Once the torment of Petra’s feet came to an end, her hips started to twitch as she noticed a familiar feeling of warmth between her legs, which meant that a flame of lust had been set light by the tickling. I just know that you two are going to use this against me once you find out that I’m turned on again. The best thing for me to do is to prevent any external display of my desire so that I cannot be taken advantage of. What are you doing now? Ouch, ouch, OUCH! This brief period of relaxation was over for the prisoner when both of her big toes experienced hard bites, and these could only have been inflicted on the damsel by her captors. It was more shock than any feeling of pain that caused her to cry out, and her feet were treated to a sustained licking and biting by the two women who were teasing the helpless lady, with her luxuriating in the pleasurable sensations.

“Shouldn’t we move onto doing something else, auntie? After all there is something that I need to show our helpless captive, so that I can convince her that we don’t do anything unlawful in our games.”

“Go ahead, Diana. After all, it might be good for our pretty Petra to be able to see what she is locked into at the moment, and we can check see if her eyes are okay, as they have had the blindfold covering them for nearly a day.”

“I’ve dimmed the light a little, so there shouldn’t be too much of a shock for our captive when she can see again.” Petra could just about discern soft footsteps going around to behind her and she could feel a sensation at the back of her head which meant that the blindfold was being unbuckled. A few seconds later, the feeling of pressure against her eyelids disappeared, which mean that her upper face was no longer covered and she would be able to see for the first time since she had been kidnapped by her two friends. .

“Open your eyes carefully, Petra. We don’t want you to become uncomfortable.” Kendra said.

As the damsel opened her eyes, she blinked several times in order to get used to the dim light that was still bright by her standards, and as soon as her eyes became comfortable, she started to look around the room. On the other side of the room was her bed which appeared to be a basic metal frame with two horizontal bars for the head and foot boards, and a basic white mattress completed the item of furniture. So that’s what I have been sleeping on. It’s very simple, but the double bars intersecting the corner poles show why it was so easy to tie me down. This room has been decorated with the colour blue in mind. The door is a very light blue, the walls are cyan, and the carpet is navy blue, along with the curtains. I wish that I could tell what the other items in the room are, but they are all covered in blue cloths so that the purpose of them are hidden from me.

After a minute, Kendra turned the dimmer on the wall so that the brightness in the room was close to normal, which meant that Petra was able to notice what else was in the room and she started to struggle when she saw the video camera in the corner. How long have you been filming me for? What are you going to do with the recording you are making?

“You have noticed the camera that we have been using to video you with.” Said Kendra while Petra looked at the white blouse the woman was wearing along with the black trousers, and as Diana returned to the front the captive saw that the niece was dressed in the same way with both of them having bare feet. “When we asked the warehouse how much money they wanted, they said that instead of cash they wanted to see the equipment in action and that the videos can be used to promote the devices in advertising. As our slave, you have no choice in what we are doing so you had better get used to it.”

Oh no, please tell me that this as just another one of your teases. You can’t be planning on me being put on the internet while I am being held in this-. What am I being restrained in? I have been looking at everything else and not what is keeping me in bondage. OMG, I’m being held in stocks! Not only that, but this is a double set and I’m being held captive in the right part. As the helpless woman looked at the stocks, she understood that the metal sliding would have been caused by door bolts being used to lock the wooden parts into position. She saw that the seat under her bottom was adjustable and this was why it had been slid into position. Three pieces of wood made up the part of the stocks that kept her in bondage, with the lowest part having two semicircles which made up the lower part where her ankles rested on. The middle part went above her feet so that they remained secured, and the top of this had two smaller semicircles closer together, while the upper piece had the other parts of the circle which ensured that her hands were restrained above and between her feet.

“For some reason, the warehouse decided that we should also have duplicates of everything, just in case more than one person ends up using these items.” Diana said as she walked over to the bed so that she could pick up a tablet, and she returned to the helpless lady while holding the screen so that the captive could read it. “I want to make sure to you that everything my aunty and I do to each other is legal and that we are not breaking any laws.”

As Petra read the article which was a link to the Guardian newspaper, she was surprised to discover that Diana had been honest about just how far the two ladies could go in their actions without transgressing any legal code. On the article, there was a link to the ‘Sexual Offences Act 2003’ and this was selected by Diana who then chose the relevant part of the law concerning adult relatives so that the prisoner could read it. This is amazing and you were right in what you said, Diana. The only way that you two could be prosecuted is if you perform an act of vaginal or anal penetration. So long as you avoid this, the law cannot touch you.

Kendra walked over and took the tablet out of Diana’s hands once Petra had finished reading the data, and the aunt walked over to the bed where she put the tablet into a large black bag. “Diana and I just wanted to make sure that you realise that we are not committing any offense. Seeing as just tickling our feet can cause us to orgasm, we have no need to use any device to penetrate each other. We have had to be careful about letting anyone in on our situation, because people can be so cruel, especially when they convince themselves that they feel superior in the process.” When Kendra returned to where her niece was standing, Petra was surprised to see them join in a warm embrace before they engaged in a most passionate kiss, and she was shocked when she discovered that their clinch was making her even more aroused.

As the loving embrace continued, Petra noticed that Kendra had reached into the right pocket of her trousers and something glinted in the hand of the woman as she pulled it back out. What have you got there and what are you planning to do with it? It appeared that Diana was lost in the moment as she continued the erotic kiss with her aunt, and she didn’t even pay attention as Kendra took hold of her wrists before taking some time in manoeuvring them around to the back of the niece’s back. A few seconds later, the captive in the stocks heard a sound that she had no trouble in recognising, which was the rapid clicking of handcuffs being looked into place and she realised what the aunt had done to her own niece.

Just a moment later, Diana’s eyes were like saucers as she discovered what her own aunt had done to her, and she struggled to free herself of the cuffs that secured her wrists together behind her back. “But auntie, were both supposed to play with Slave Petra together? How can I do this with my hands in restraints?”

“Diana, you can still play and there was no discussion on relaxing house rules while our guest is here.”

“Please, Auntie- OUCH!” Diana’s protestations halted in mid sentence as she was held close to Kendra’s body by the woman’s left arm, while the auntie’s right hand administered a severe smack to the bottom of the new captive.

“Do not address me in this way, Slave Diana. You know better than to behave in this manner.”

“Y-Yes M-Mistress Kendra. Sorry for my transgression, I was just caught off guard by the moment.” Even though the younger woman was still pulling against her bonds, Petra could see the look in her eyes and it appeared that the niece’s expression was one of adoration.

You’ve been turned into a slave as well, Diana?

“That’s better, slave. Now, I am going to prepare you before I change into my clothing of office, and you will explain our basic house rules to the stock-slave.”

As the niece turned around to face Petra, Kendra went over to the bag and picked it up before returning to stand behind her niece. “When one of us manages to restrain the other’s hands behind their back, that person has to be the sex slave of her captor for a period of no more than twenty four hours. The slave has to obey all commands given to her so long as they do not violate more extensive rules, which are too long to mention here. Disobedience is punished by a severe spank or blow to the bottom, or a similar punishment. Once the period of captivity is over, the captor does not have an opportunity to take the other person prisoner again until she has ended up as a captive. This prevents one person from taking advantage of the other too much. Voluntary submissions to the other person and asking to be bound do not count in this, such as me tying my auntie to the bed last night.”

“There is one more important rule, and that is that a slave does not have the luxury of wearing clothing.” Diana ended her explanation as her aunt reached around the body of the captive with her hands touching the top button of the blouse, and Petra realised what was going to happen next.

You’re going to strip your own niece naked!

(To Be Continued)

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