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Monday, 8 December 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 26

Megumi paused for a moment to take a drink of water as she had been speaking for some time, and Cecyme was eager to find out what the remainder of the story was about. This is incredible, and even the part you have told me so far does give a great insight as to what happened this afternoon.

“Now, I started to formulate my plan in the changing room as to how I would manoeuvre Gary into using me for his pleasure, but I would have to take things one step at a time, otherwise I could end up ruining everything. However, by the time I had finished getting back into my jeans, sweater and trainers, the first stage was already clear in my mind, although I needed to speak with Gary alone. When I returned to the rehearsal room, Richard told me that in the morning I would be introduced to the other four members of the cast who would be playing the visitors to the apartment where I was being held captive. After this was explained, I made the suggestion that Gary and I should turn up before the others so that I could be in bondage on the bed when they arrive. Although it would be quite a shock to see me like this, at least it would be over with quickly which would allow them to get used to this situation.”

“We all left the theatre, with Gary and Richard going in different directions, and I waited for a moment before following Gary and catching up with him. I suggested that we chat about the play over a cup of coffee, which he agreed to, and he knew a quiet little café where we could talk. Once we had settled down in a far corner with
Our drinks, I asked him if he was uncomfortable about tying me up and gagging me in such a secure manner. There was a wait of a few seconds, during which I thought that I had said the wrong thing, but I was relieved when he said that it wasn’t a problem. Moreover, he confessed that he enjoyed tying me up and seeing me helpless, and he hoped that he hadn’t upset me with this knowledge.”

“That was music to my ears, as it meant that my plan had a chance of working, so I put forward a proposal after saying that I was okay with him liking it. As we had limited rehearsal time for a while with only the mornings available, perhaps we could rehearse somewhere else in the afternoons, and we could even use his apartment if he was happy with this. There was another pause with me wondering if I had pushed too far, although I needn’t have worried as he said that it would be a very good idea and he said that he would ask Richard if he could borrow some materials so that we could practise at his place.”

“The first hurdle in my plan had been overcome, and we would regularly be in a situation where I was a captive in bondage with him being the only other person there. I said that I would visit a few places this afternoon so that I could buy a copy of my costume which would allow me to remain in character.”

“After this, we chatted about ideas on how to improve the performance, at which point I told him that he could do anything he wanted to me if he thought that it was helpful to the show. He could put his hands or mouth anywhere on me, and I wouldn’t mind in the slightest, as I was supposed to be the captive who was being abused by her kidnapper. He ended up bushing as he asked if I was okay with this, after all it could get very rough for me if he acted like the kidnapper was supposed to. I pointed out that I wouldn’t mind as I knew that he wasn’t going to hurt me, when in truth I wanted him to run his hands all over my body in bondage, along with him forcing himself onto me. We chatted for some time, but as I had to go as I needed to purchase the clothes for tomorrow’s private practise.”

Once I had left Gary, I visited the shops where I obtained the necessary items, and once my outfit was complete I hurried my way back to my own apartment so that I could relieve myself of the frustration that had built up in my body. When my distraction was removed, I was able to concentrate on learning my script and I felt that I had memorised it before I went to bed.”

“When I arrived early at the theatre on the next morning with my costume in a holdall, I noticed that Gary was talking to Richard outside the side door, with Richard turning to face me. He said that my idea of rehearsing in private with Gary was a very good one and we can borrow anything we need, as it will allow more time with the other actors so that they can acclimatise more to there being a bound and gagged woman on the set. So, without any further delay, I changed into my personal costume and went to the rehearsal room where I was placed in strict bondage by Gary before he knelt behind me on the bed. When the other performers entered the room, they were shocked to see Gary groping my breasts with me screaming for help on the outside while my inner self was enjoying every sexual moment.”

“My performance must have been very good, because one of the two actresses, a green eyed blond haired lady called Jane ran up to Gary before she slapped him across the face and accused him of raping me. The tension needed to be broken at this point, so I ended up bursting into giggles while at the same time feeling sorry for Gary. Richard explained to Jane what was happening with this being part of the rehearsal and the lady’s face turned red as she said apology after apology to Gary for behaving the way that she did. Richard pointed out to the others that I was perfect for the role of Claire if I could elicit a reaction like this from one of the fellow cast members.”

“This is why Isabella and the others needed to make sure you understood that I wasn’t being made to suffer for real, otherwise I would have had to break character which would have ruined everything for me. I hope that you can forgive me for this.”

“Anyway, now that the ice was broken, Richard decided to rehearse the scenes where the other cast members would visit the apartment while I struggled in the bedroom. The idea was that they needed to learn to ignore my antics while they were onstage, because if they reacted to me, then it would have a negative impact on the performance.”

“I enjoyed every moment of the rehearsal as the other actors played their roles, but it felt as if the morning was over all too quickly when Richard brought it to an end. I was untied by Gary before I made my way to the changing room, and when I returned, Jane was again apologising to Gary as he packed binding materials into a large bag. After we all left the theatre, Gary and I went back to his apartment where I put on the outfit again, and I was in heaven as Gary tied me up on his bed so that we could practise the private scenes.”

“During the next week, it all became increasingly intense with me becoming more aroused after each passing day as we continued with our private sessions. Whenever Gary pressed his body against my back with us both kneeling on the bed, it was clear that he was aroused as well, and I knew that it would soon be time to encourage him to take advantage of me.”

“Before this happened, there was another incident which involved Jane of all people. On one day, the air conditioning had broken down in the theatre, and the room was very warm in the morning. I was covered with sweat on that day along  with being very thirsty, and there was no way of communicating my need for a drink. Jane looked at me, and she must have noticed the beads of sweat on my forehead, so she picked up a bottle of water and asked me if I needed a drink. I nodded my head and Jane walked over to the bed before kneeling in front of me, and she used the EMT scissors to cut away my gag. I was very grateful for her getting me something to drink, but I noticed that she kept staring at the ropes that held me in bondage.”

“It was obvious that there was something that she wanted to say, so I said that she should tell me what was on her mind. She asked if the ropes were hurting me, and I replied that they didn’t because they were tied properly. Her look became more unusual when she asked if it was easy to teach someone how to tie another person up in this way. I told her that it was easy, and as I looked at her, everything began to fall into place, because it became clear that Jane wanted to be tied up.”

“I asked her if there was someone special in her life who should tie her up, and she admitted that she had a girlfriend, but the physical side of their relationship was rocky because Jane was unsure about being made love to. However, after she kept seeing me in bondage, fantasies started appearing in her mind with her being bound and gagged at the mercy of her girlfriend Erin. Gary being the gentlemen he was, walked over and suggested that I should help Erin and Jane out with their situation as she had been so kind as to help me. Jane said that Erin was free this afternoon, but she was wondering how she was going to get her girlfriend to tie her up. It was then that I suggested that we go to where Jane lived, she could arrange for Erin to come over, and I would bind and gag Jane so that her girlfriend would find her helpless and available.”

“After the rehearsal was over, I went with Jane to go shopping for a few items, including a few special books, rope, scissors and a ball-gag. Once we went to Jane’s apartment, she went into the bedroom and undressed before making a call to Erin while I wrote messages on paper which Erin would be able to read before going into Jane’s bedroom. I bound and gagged her in the same way I had been with the difference that Jane had a ball-gag in her mouth. I then made a video using Jane’s cellphone, explaining what had happened and how to untie the helpless captive. Once this had been done, I left the apartment and kept a watch out for Erin’s arrival, as Jane had provided me with a description of her girlfriend. She arrived on time, so I knew that Jane was going to be safe and I made my way to Gary’s apartment, making a call on the way to left him know that I would be arriving soon.”

“It didn’t take long for me to arrive, and I went into the bathroom to change into the costume. When I went into the bedroom in preparation to be put into bondage, Gary told me that he had a confession to make, and that I would end up being very angry at him. He explained that when I was bound and gagged, he wanted to take full advantage of me while I was helpless, and he was worried that he was going to end up satisfying his desires at my cost. Before Gary could say any more, I interrupted him by saying that I was very aroused when he controlled me in bondage, and that I wanted him to use my body for his pleasure since the time when he first tied me up. I apologised to him for being such a pervert, and I said that I would understand if he would never want to talk to me again.”

“Everything was hinging on what Gary was going to say next, when he took hold of me and forced me to lie face down on the bed, before gagging me and tying me up and cutting off my panties. Gary told me in great detail what he was going to do to me while I was his captive and how I deserved it for being a evil manipulative girl, which thrilled me to the core. I played the part of the woman being used against her will to the hilt, which made the situation even more exciting and I lost sense of everything else when I experienced my first bondage orgasm. This was only the first one of the evening, because as soon as Gary was ready he started to make love to me again, and I surrendered myself to the part of being his sexual toy. I spent the night bound and gagged in his arms, and he freed me in the morning so that we could both be ready for rehearsal, where we were met by Jane who thanked me for the best time of her life. It seemed that Erin quickly warmed up to the idea of Jane lying on the bed in bondage, especially when she realised that being like this made the helpless lady very aroused. Gary said that he was happy for both of them, and that he hope that this would be an end to their intimate problems.”

“Gary made love to me every night after that, and I enjoyed every moment of it. There were times when he tied me up without me playing the role of Claire, and it felt very good, but playing a part while in bondage was always preferable to me.”

“All too soon it was time for the play, and I had one last suggestion for the director. During the interval, instead of me being freed, I would remain in bondage with me begging and pleading for help from the audience, especially those walking in and out. Richard agreed to this, so long as someone was there to keep an eye on me.”

“When the play opened, we ended up with mixed reviews, but not in the way that people normally expect. The play itself was considered to be of standard fare, with dialogue that was hardly noteworthy, but the critics said that the performances of the two main roles were what lifted it up to become something special. They said that it felt as if they were watching an actual situation that involved a kidnapper and his victim, so I think that our special rehearsals paid off in a big way.”

“During one evening, I got the shock of my life during the interval when I was still playing the part of the captive, when I looked up straight into the face of Matron! It seemed that she remembered me and she said that she would like to speak to me after the evening’s performance was ended. Once the show was over, I got changed before going to the café in the theatre where Matron was waiting for me, and she told me that it was obvious that I was into bondage in a big way. She then told me about Alicia and Isabella, and that I would be accepted if I ever wanted to work at the mansion with me being able to join in with their games.”

“Close to the end of the run of the play, Gary told me that an agent approached him about acting on Broadway for a major theatrical production, but that he didn’t want to abandon me. I told him not to be such an idiot and that he should seize the part wholeheartedly, as it would be his big chance at having a major acting career. We still keep in touch, he’s still acting and he also found himself a girlfriend who loves being put in bondage for sex.”

“When the play was over and Gary left to further his career, I was pondering my next move when I remembered about Matron’s offer and I thought that it would be a good way of taking a break so that I wouldn’t have to make any hasty decisions. I contacted Matron and let her know that I would be happy to work at the mansion, so long as I could have my particular role-playing vice indulged.”

“After a few weeks, I informed Isabella of my special quirk and she suggested that we play a surprise on Alicia, so I dressed up in the costume that you saw me in earlier. I was led in with the same hood on while Alicia was in strict bondage and she actually thought that I was a genuine girl scout. You should have seen how she reacted at being forced to make love to me, and that was such a thrilling experience.”

“Because of this, I asked Isabella if I could repeat this scenario with you and pretend that I was someone who had been taken prisoner. It was just as good as before, especially with your behaviour making it all so wonderful for me.”

“So you see, Cecyme, none of this is Isabella’s fault. I wanted this to happen and I hope that I haven’t upset you in the process. When you decide that you want revenge, I will play any part that you wish, and be that person. You want me to be the seduced student, the kidnapped nurse, a saleswoman seized at the door or anything else and I will be it.”

(To Be Continued)

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