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Monday, 5 January 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 28

“Kǎodǎ, I do not think that Cassandra will make herself fall over, so perhaps we should think about doing something else to our captive just in case we cannot successfully encourage her.”

“Well, I do have another idea about what we can do with our slut if she wishes to disobey us, as she should be punished for her act of rebellion. However, we should first see if this whore who is trying to seduce our madam, is worthy of redemption by following our orders.”

You must be planning something even worse for me if I fail to obey your commands, but how can I fall forward when I know what the consequences will be when my face smashes against the floor? I just wish that I could speak to you right now and convince you that I have no intention of taking Madam Sǐwáng away from you, but this gag prevents me from saying anything. The sad part is that I understand that she has been your mother ever since you were orphaned by those monsters, and the irony is that I am still sympathetic towards you even though you are torturing me.

“Now whore, it is time for you to push yourself over so that you can entertain us by your suffering. Please do so now, otherwise we may inflict a special punishment on you.” Kǒngbù said and although Cassidy attempted to move herself forward, she discovered that her own self-preservation took over when her sense of balance went past a certain point, which meant that she was unable to go any further.

I can’t do it, I just can’t do it! Can’t you see that this is impossible for me as I am just too afraid of going falling over. Please have mercy on me, and bring an end to this torment.

“Kǒngbù, look how bad our prisoner is by being so rebellious. I think that it is time to make her suffer for this act, and this time we will be able to justify this with our Madam as we can truly say that this is a punishment for her bad behaviour.”

What are you planning to do to me?

Kǎodǎ continued “That is the best thing as she will not be able to complain about what we are about to do this time, as she did tell us that we may deliver any correction that we see fit when she refused to obey us.”

“So, Kǎodǎ, what suitable action do you have in mind for our stupid slut?”

“Nothing that would cause her any physical harm, but her humiliation would be far beyond anything that she has had to cope with so far. After all, just look at these four lovely locations.” Cassidy felt fingers touch her neck before they moved to half way down her back before the captive realised that hands were on either side of her hips, and after a few seconds the full horror of what was going to happen to her.

These are the places where the strings of my bikini are knotted together! OMG, you can’t be thinking of untying the bows as that will mean my clothing will fall to the floor! That’s what you are going to do to me; you are going to strip me naked in front of the entire world! There’s nothing I can do to stop you, and your leader may even accept your comments about me not following your orders.

“Kǎodǎ, if our captive does not do what we ask, then we can only assume that she wants her bikini to be removed from her body. If the slut continues to behave in this manner, which knot shall we untie first?”

“Kǒngbù, let’s keep that as a surprise for our helpless harlot, so that she will not be able to prepare herself for this fun. However, we should give our piece of trash one last chance to follow our instructions, so that we will be able to justify our punishment of this thing to our leader.”

“Actually, I want to remove the tape from our captive’s lower face as I want to hear this slut scream as she hurtles towards the floor. I’m sure that her cry of fear will provide us with a lot of pleasure.”

“Go ahead Kǒngbù,, and I am sure tht our useless bound woman will appreciate a reprieve from her punishment, however short it will be.” As Cassidy attempted to struggle in her bonds, the tape over her nose was pulled away which at least allowed her to whimper again and once the material was removed from over her mouth, the helpless lady started to beg and plead through her from her ball-gagged lips.

“Listen to the whore moan, Kǎodǎ. Oh, sorry, that was not intentional but it was good. We are going to give you one last chance to follow our instructions, or face the consequences of your failure to act.”

This time, Cassidy tried her best to lean forward in the hope that she could avoid the cruel fate that awaited her, but just like before it was her own survival instincts that prevented her from being able to what the two captors wanted. No matter how much I try, it’s something that I’m just unable to achieve, as it would be just like forcing me to jump off a cliff No, please don’t, I don’t want to be naked in front of millions of people! After a few seconds of hesitation, there were nails touching the back of the helpless woman and they seemed to move around which caused her to squirm in fear of her impending nudity. You’re going to remove my bikini top first, I’m sure of it! After all, if you remove my briefs then there is nothing more you can do to me, but by exposing my breasts you can add humiliation to humiliation. Cassidy’s worst fears were confirmed as she felt hands on either side of her neck with the fingers inching towards the spot where the top bra knot was, and she twisted her body as best she could in the hope that she could stop herself from being exposed to anyone who may be watching on their computers.

However, the captive was twisting and squirming so much in her terror that her sense of balance was ignored, with the result that the bound woman did not realise that she had lent too far forward until it was too late…

NO! NO! NOOOOOOO! There were two short shrieks from the doomed prisoner, once she realised that she was going to fall and there was nothing she could do to halt her inevitable impact with the hard floor. For a moment, it seemed to her as if she was hanging in the air as she started her long scream, and the beginning was almost in slow motion as the change was slow. However, before any time had passed, the angular change in the position of the terrified woman started to accelerate, and the image that filled her mind was that of her mangled and bloody face after her features were ruined by the fall…

In an instant, the scream of the woman stopped as her face was covered by the soft material that she had fallen onto and the first thing that she noticed was the shrieking laughter from the two ladies that had fooled her into thinking that she was going to end up with a disfigured face.

“Oh that was just so funny, Kǎodǎ. Our whore was screaming all of the way down in sheer horror, even though she wasn’t going to be hurt in the process. This is just so priceless.”

“Plus the fact that we did tell her that she was going to do this to herself, and this is exactly what happened to the stupid slut. Pretending that we were going to strip her naked in front of everyone was enough to make her forget about her situation, so that she would end up toppling over and landing face down on the very soft and thick mattress.”

You monsters, this is what you had planned for me all along! You had no intention of causing me any injury or stripping me naked, but you wanted to make sure that this is the result. The worst part of this is that I was completely fooled by you, and everyone will have seen it. Oh no! It was at this moment that the helpless woman realised that something was very wrong about her current situation when she tried to breathe in, as the material was so soft and thick that it had moulded around her face in a perfect fit/ I can’t breathe! I CAN’T BREATHE! She started to struggle as much as she could once she understood the nature of her predicament, but given her level of bondage the best she could manage was a little squirming on top of the mattress. Help me, can’t you see that I am suffocating?

Any hope of immediate rescue of Cassidy from her peril by her captors, were dashed when she heard another bout of laughter from the two women which meant that they were taking even more pleasure in her torture.

“Kǎodǎ, we forgot to take into account that the bindings of her arms prevent her from being able to turn her head. Plus, it forces her face forward so that it is buried into the mattress, which means that there is a perfect seal around that silly face of hers.”

“Kǒngbù, much as this is entertaining to us, I doubt that our Madam will appreciate us allowing our prisoner to asphyxiate, so perhaps we should let her breathe. Could you be so kind as to lift her up a little?”

By this time, Cassidy had become frantic as her chest was heaving while her lungs felt as if they were burning, and she screamed as the rope running from her wrists to her crotch was held before it was pulled up. At least her face was free from the mattress, even though her shoulder joints were on fire, but she only managed a few breaths before she was dropped back onto the mattress which meant that her face was covered again. “I am sorry Kǎodǎ, but I was not able to hold our captive up for long, so we may have a problem in keeping the slut safe.”

Please, do something! I don’t think that I can last much longer!

“Kǒngbù, just stay there and lift when I tell you to, as a dead Cassandra will be more trouble than she is worth.” There was a pause for a few seconds with the captive continuing her futile struggling while she hoped that something would happen to bring an end to her latest torture. “Lift!” A screech escaped the muffled lips of the helpless lady as the crotch rope was pulled again and her body was raised up, while it seemed as if something was moved from under her body. When the lady was lowered back onto the floor, she had never thought that she would be so grateful to feel the cold, hard concrete surface underneath her body.

There was a cry of surprise from the helpless lady as the last strip of tape was ripped away from over her eyes, and she blinked for a few times before her eyes adjusted to the light with her noticing that one of the columns was on her left side. There was touching at her wrists which was followed a few seconds later by the loosening of the tension of the rope that ran between the prisoner’s legs, but this brought her attention back to the ache that was at the centre of her erotic torment.

“What should we do with our helpless whore, Kǒngbù? After all, we want to do something different to her concerning her restraints.”

“Perhaps we should make our tart a bit more highly strung and make sure that she remains tense. I think that I have an idea for this if you will help with the pulling.”

Can’t you just let me rest for a little while? After all, I would have thought you two would have had your fill of tormenting me at the moment. She noticed that someone’s fingers were at the back of her waist for a second before they went up to her hands and a cord was taken between her arms above her wrist ropes. Why are you putting the crotch rope back on me? You did remove it in the first- no! As the cord was pulled harder, Cassidy discovered that it wasn’t the crotch rope as her feet were lifted off the floor and soon her knees were bent at an angle which caused a strong discomfort to the defenceless woman. The rope that’s tied to the middle of the bamboo pole, that’s what you have pulled around my wrists! If you pull any harder, it’s going to cause me some major problems.

It wasn’t long before the rope was pulled tighter and the bound woman cried out as the limbs at her hips and shoulders were forced back, which started the aching in her joints. Soon the tension in the rope increased and the aching become more severe until it felt as if a flame had been lit in her hips and shoulders, with the woman moaning from the torment. One more quick pull on the cord elicited a scream from the captive and there was more touching at her hands which she thought might have been the rope being tied off. This is horrible! My arms and legs are stretched again, and this time my knees are in torment because my lower legs are at an angle, as well as being pulled back.

“Kǎodǎ, I think that we have got our kidnap victim well and truly tensed with that rope, but what shall we do with the crotch rope?”

“I have got a good idea for that, seeing as we have a rope running through the upper ring on this pillar. This can be put to good use for adding an extra torment to this harlot of ours.”

Aren’t you two ever satisfied? It’s already bad enough with my limbs bent in this way, and now you two want to add more to this.

“I will just tie one end of this rope to the crotch rope of this helpless lady and then pull on the other end.” Cassidy yelped as the cord between her legs became tight again and the pressure increased as Kǎodǎ pulled on the rope so that it became a torment to the prisoner. “That knot should hold it in place. Now let’s see if we can have some fun using this rope.” A moment later, the bound lady heard a twanging sound which caused the flame of her desire to be fuelled, when the crotch rope vibrated against the most sensitive area of her body.

Oh shit! This feeling between my legs was just starting to die down when you did this to me, and my suffering is going to start all over again. Twang after twang was heard as the captors flicked their fingers against the taught rope and soon Cassidy started to moan as the feeling of lust between her legs grew stronger. As the new teasing continued, a fresh suffering started as the woman started to writhe as a result of the heat between her legs and she started to cry out in pain as well with the extra strain added to her joints as a result.

At least you can’t make this torture any worse for me than it already is.

“I do not think that we can do any more to our slut of a slave at the moment, Kǒngbù. Cassandra is already stretched as much as possible and this crotch rope cannot be made any tighter.”

“Actually, that is why I have bound the pole to her wrists in this way, as I had an idea how to add more torture to her already strained bondage. I will whisper in your ear how to make this thing at our feet suffer even more.”

Just when I thought that my current predicament couldn’t get any worse, you have an idea to make it more of a torture for me. There was a begging sound from the woman on the floor as she responded to the comments that were made by Kǒngbù, but her pleas were met with derisory laughter from the duo who delighted in making her captivity a misery.

“Thank you for the information, Kǒngbù. I notice that our whiney whore is back to her pathetic self in hoping for us to be kinder to her. Well, you useless prisoner, it is not going to work on us, and we are going to take great pleasure in teaching you how it is wrong for you to steal the affections of our Madam.”

No, have mercy on me, I don’t want to steal your Madam from you, and that is never going to happen. I just wish that you could understand me, but even if I could speak, you two would refuse to listen, and speaking to Madam Sǐwáng may very well end up making the situation worse. AAAAHH! Another scream was emitted by the woman as the fire in her hips and shoulders was converted into pure agony, and it took a moment for the pain to weaken before she could realise that her new torture had something to do with the rope between her wrists and the pole.

“You were right, Kǒngbù. All we have to do is press down on the tight rope with our boots and we can make the slut scream out as if she was a stuck piggy. How about it little piggy, do you want to cry out for us again?”

As the prisoner shrieked and shrieked again, her world became one of pure torment and it was only when her captors halted for a few seconds before continuing that she wondered when it was going to end…

(To Be Continued)

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