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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 28

While Mistress Isabella had been continuing with the story, Collette had managed to worm her restrained body further down so that her head was at the level of the helpless Cecyme. Moans escaped the lips of the teased lady as a sweet series of kisses were planted across the mounds of her soft, full breasts and when she turned her head to look at the Japanese maid, it appeared that the lady was trying to twist her arms to increase the pressure of the ropes across her chest.

It’s almost as if you are trying to use the ropes above and below your breasts to caress your body.

“The helpless woman’s feelings of panic were changed to one of complete terror as the door was pushed further open and she would have screamed if it wasn’t for the fact that she had taught Gary to ensure that the best that she could do was whimper through her gag. Her struggles had become frantic as he walked into the room and the first thing that she noticed was that he was holding one end of a length of rope which seemed to be connected to something behind the door.”

“Come in.” He said in a loud voice and Megumi was quaking in terror as a woman walked into the room, but the first thing that she noticed was that the other end of the rope was tied around the long-haired blond woman’s waist. The feelings of fear subsided when Megumi saw that the woman’s blue eyes were covered by a sleep mask which meant that the lady couldn’t see her and she recognised the woman as Julie, who is Gary’s present lover. This brought further relief to the nude captive as Julie had a problem with her hearing, which meant that Megumi’s quiet whimpers would not be heard by the woman in the halter neck black knee length dress, black fishnet stockings and black patent calf length boots. However, the most unusual thing was that her arms were bound together at the wrists and elbows, so that Julie was in bondage as well.”

“I can’t believe that you actually talked me into doing this.” She said as he untied the rope from between her waist. “At the start, I only agreed to let you tie me up for a few minutes, but you managed to persuade me to stay like this with those wonderful kisses on my lips and neck. This is sending thrills all through my body, and do you have any idea how hot you have made me right now?””

“Well, this can have an amazing effect on certain ladies and you must be one of them.” He said as he unhooked the clasp on the top of the neck of the lady’s dress and the garment feel to the floor which revealed her to be topless with a black thong.”

“Oh, that is so kinky, especially as I am powerless to stop you from doing anything you want to me.” Julie said as she parted her lips to show that she wanted to be kissed again, and the helpless Megumi started to feel a flame alight in that special place between her legs, which grow as she watched the lady being kissed by Gary. After a minute of kissing, Gary moved his lips down to the breasts of the helpless Julie who was moaning with delight at the pleasure that she was receiving, and she writhed as her nipples were sucked and bitten.”

“I will have to do something about those arms of yours, as they are moving around too much.” Gary said as he stopped the kisses and brought his bondage bag in from the corridor. One rope was used to bind Julie’s lower arms to her waist, and another was wound around her upper arms and chest, about and below her breasts.”

“Does it always become sexier and more thrilling when more ropes are added?” Julie said as the ropes were tightened around her body.”

“So long as the ropes are used to bind the helpless captive further.” He said as he caressed the lady’s nipples and she moaned while he planted more kisses on her neck. “Would you like me to put you on the bed now?”

“Oh yes, please yes.” Gary lifted up the lady, laid her in a supine position and pulled her thong down to her ankles before removing them from her feet. “Is this the point where you tie my legs to the corners of the bed?”

“Not in this case, as I have something special planned for you.” Gary took two more ropes and a large red ball-gag out of the bag before getting on the bed with the very aroused woman, and Megumi realised that her own flame had become a raging fire with no way to bring an end to her lust.”

Oh, this is so good, just keep doing that, Collette. The red-haired maid was alternating between running her tongue over the nipples of the defenceless Cecyme, and sucking at the pieces of flesh along with applying playful bites. As she looked at Megumi, she could see that the face of the captive had turned scarlet as the woman pushed her chest out as far as possible, almost as if she wanted someone to caress her body. I can only think that Collette making love to me is affecting you in some way.

“Julie, please be quiet for a few minutes, as I want you to just experience what I am about to do to you.” He said as he bent Julie’s right leg at the knee until the heel of her boot pressed into her bottom and her wrapped one of the ropes ten times around her thigh and ankle before applying four cinches to tighten the rope. This was repeated with the captive’s left leg which left her in a very vulnerable situation as she writhed on the bed in her bondage. “How do you feel now, Julie?””

“I feel so helpless like this, and having my legs bound like this makes me so accessible to you. It almost shouts ‘take advantage of me’, seeing as my legs can be forced apart by you. You take me right now, I’m so hot inside.” Julie forced her frogtied legs apart while she thrust up her hips to show that she was ready to be made love to, but she was pushed back down onto the bed by Gary.”

“The basic rule is that you do not get to decide what happens to you, and if you persist in doing so, I may have to do something to make sure that your cooperation is guaranteed.” He said as he knelt between the legs of his captive, and Megumi whimpered as the fire of her lust turned into an inferno.”

“Oh, I doubt that you can do anything to make me behave.” Julie said, almost as if she wanted to see what Gary would do to her, but she discovered what he meant when he took her nipples between thumb and forefinger before pinching hard. “Ouch! I’ll be a good girl, and I’ll obey you from now on.” Julie said, but the tone of her voice appeared to suggest that she wasn’t entirely truthful about her comment as Gary moved his head down to her Mound of Venus. A cry is delight was issued by the woman as her mound was teased with gentle kisses from her captor, and Megumi whined through her gag as she attempted to gain Gary’s attention.”

“Although Julie did her best to remain as quiet as she could, this proved to be impossible when his tongue glided over the lips of her lust and she ended up screaming out. “I’m sorry, Gary, but I’m just so sensitive, and I don’t think that I can keep quiet while you make love to me.” She said.”

“Don’t worry Julie.” Gary said as he picked up the ball-gag. “Just open your mouth wide and I can take care of that problem.” Once Julie had parted her lips to their fullest extent, she squealed when the large red ball was forced between her teeth so that it filled her mouth, and the ends of the strap were taken around to the back of her neck, where they were buckled together so that the lady was gagged. Julie’s squeal changed into a muffled giggle as she writhed on the bed, and she emitted cries that were much more subdued as Gary continued to tease her centre of lust with his tongue.”

It was at this moment that Cecyme noticed that Collette’s kisses were moving down her abdomen and she knew that it wasn’t long before her lust would also be teased in the same way. Megumi was doing her best to plead and beg as she was writhing as best she could, given the restrictions placed on her by her bondage, and at this moment it dawned on Cecyme why the maid was behaving in this way. People can get aroused by watching other people make love, but it must have a greater effect on you. It must be amplified in a big way when you are in bondage, along with the woman who is being made love to, and you have no way to relieve yourself. Now I can see why it is such a punishment for you, as you are in a continual state of orgasm denial which is a torture on its own. I will have to remember this in the future if you end up doing anything wrong, as this torment could be made to last for hours.

“The caressing of Julie’s intimacy seemed to go on forever, but at one point Gary sped up the movement of his tongue as it glided over the hotspot of the woman and she screamed through her gag as she went into convulsions from the orgasm. However, Megumi was as desperate as ever as there was no relief for her need, and tears welled up in her eyes as she saw no end to the predicament that was causing her so much torment. As Julie came down from her post-orgiastic high, Gary kissed and cuddled her before removing the gag so that she could speak.”

“How did you learn all of this, Gary? Placing a woman in- what did you call it, bondage? Tying her up so that it doesn’t hurt and then giving her the most delicious orgasm ever, that is an incredible skill.” She said once her gag was removed.”

“I wish that I could take the credit for this, but I was taught all of this by a most incredible lady by the name of Megumi. She is actually the star of the show of the play that we are currently rehearsing for.” He said as he continued to kiss and cuddle the helpless lady.”

“Well, I don’t know where you are Megumi, but thank you for teaching this to Gary, as I am having the most incredible night of my life. I know that this sounds silly, but I am starting to feel aroused again, so is there any chance of you using that ball thing in my mouth and making love to me again?”

Oh Collette, that is wonderful, just keep kissing me there. As kiss after sweet kiss landed on Cecyme’s Mound of Venus, she found that it was a major distraction to the story that her Mistress was telling, but she was able to focus just enough to continue listening.

“Julie opened her mouth to receive the gag which was buckled around her neck, and Gary started to land soft kisses on her neck before moving his lips down to her breasts. He sucked and bit at the mounds of her breasts, which aroused her still further and his right hand slipped down to her Mound so that he could provide gentle caresses to her most lustful area. The moans that escaped her gagged lips grew in volume all of the time, and there came a point when he decided that he should take her so that she should reach the point of bliss.”

“Gary unzipped his trousers and took out his rod before plunging it into the captive’s tunnel of lust, which caused her to scream as her intimacy was filled. His thrusts were slow at first, and there were little squeals as he slid in and out of her, but after a few minutes, his movements became faster and stronger and soon Julie was thrusting her hips up against Gary’s so that she could obtain the maximum effect from each wonderful moment. It was just a minute after Gary was thrusting at his fastest, when there was a shriek from the frogtied woman who went into convulsions, and he moaned and shuddered within a few seconds of her. He held and kissed her for a few minutes, but her shallow and regular breaths indicated that she had fallen asleep, which wasn’t surprising given her exertions and the time of night.”

“After the man used a tissue to clean himself up which was put in the bin, he walked over to the immobilised Megumi and to his surprise her face was streaked with tears while her hips attempted to thrust forward as if she was some kind of automated doll. He picked her up and carried her into the living room before putting her down on the sofa, but she was still performing the same motion which worried Gary as he had never seen this behaviour from her before. As Megumi continued in her bizarre movement, Gary started to caress the lips of her lust and it took just moments for this to be enough to send her over the edge, so that her body became rigid as the feeling of bliss exploded within her centre of lust. When she came back down, he kissed and cuddled her before covering her with a spare blanket and arranging some cushions so that her head could be supported. The last thing Megumi remembered of that night was Gary picking up Julie’s handbag so that he could carry it to the bedroom.”

“When Megumi awoke in the morning, it was to the sound of a door being closed and Gary walked into the living room so that he could remove the gag from the mouth of the helpless lady. He asked her what had happened last night and she explained that as she watched him making love to Julie, it had aroused her so much it had driven her half-crazy as she could do nothing to sate her own lust. Gary apologised for the situation and he said that he should have realised that something was wrong, but he didn’t keep an eye on his other captive. The helpless lady said that it wasn’t anyone’s fault as she hadn’t been in this situation before, so it was a complete surprise to her as well. When Gary said that he wouldn’t see Julia again if it hurt Megumi, he was amazed when the prisoner said that she would make a great girlfriend and they would make a good couple. All she requested was that he postponed any further erotic escapades with Julie until after the play, as it needed them to focus on that for the moment.”

“So now you understand how this can be such a torture for our Japanese maid, and how much she is suffering right now. Collette, it is time for you to take this up to maximum for our mishandled mistress.”

Oh my- Any train of thought that Cecyme had vanished like smoke on the wind when she screamed as the tip of Collette’s tongue glided over the petals of her flower, and she pushed her hips up toward the mouth of lady who was teasing her. Oh yes, please yes! Her own fire of lust raged inside her body, but she could do nothing to douse the flames as this was under the control of the woman whose tongue was caressing her petals. Soon, Cecyme was driven wild with her desire as the tongue probed the space between her petals and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would be taken over the edge into that realm of bliss.

However, the helpless woman discovered that it was far from over, as every time she was close to her peak, the oral caresses slowed down which left her moaning in her frustration. Nothing else mattered to the teased and tormented woman except the sating of her upmost need, and she begged through her gag for a release from this feeling inside her body.

“Collette, it’s time to bring Cecyme to the boil.” There was a scream from the lady on her back which continued with each breath that she took, as Collette concentrated on the stem of the captive’s flower and it wasn’t long before the explosion of ecstasy shot through her body from her loins...

Cecyme had no idea about how long her orgasm had last, nor did she know how long she had been resting in her reverie, but as she looked at Megumi, it was clear that the tormented woman had been crying for some time, with streaks running down her chin. Someone should take care of her, as I think that the punishment has gone on for long enough. Her face bore an expression of concern as she looked at Mistress Isabella, and the woman stood up before starting to speak.

“Selma, you comfort Megumi and release her from her punishment, before we start the next round of fun.”

“Certainly, Mistress.” Selma said as she knelt behind the crying maid and she lifted the captive’s dress up at the front, before taking her right hand down so that she could slip it down the front of the captive’s panties. The effect on Megumi was incredible as she stopped crying, with her writhing in her bonds, and the look on her face suggested that she would reach the peak of pleasure before very long. In less than a minute, there was a long low whine from the nose of the helpless woman and after her body twitched, she slumped in her bonds as if she had been drained to the last drop.

“Continue to take care of Megumi while I release Collette. After all, she hasn’t had her proper fun with Cecyme yet.”

Collette, what have you got planned for me?

(To Be Continued)

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