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Monday, 12 January 2015

Chrissy Daniels - A Very Personal Assistant (F/F) Part 4 of 6

(This is a story for the model Chrissy Daniels, and it includes both her and the model Kendra James.)

Oh shit, are you going to take this all the way with me? As the captor planted soft kisses on the neck of the bound nude, the tips of her fingers traced soft patterns over the breasts of the captive who was starting to moan from pleasure. This is the worst thing about my interrogation, as it is far easier to resist pain than pleasure. It is so hard to fight against something that you want, and I have wanted you so badly for a long time now. As the sweet kisses moved down to Chrissy’s shoulders along with the flesh being sucked and bitten, her nipples were gripped, twisted and pulled in a gentle manner which added more fuel to the fire which burned at her centre of lust.

If you keep doing to this to me much longer, then something is going to happen which you will not be expecting. It wasn’t long before Kendra’s fingers moved down to the abdomen of the helpless woman, who started to writhe a little as soft kisses were being landed on her chest, just above her breasts. This all feels so good, and it’s as if you are making love to me. As the first tender impacts of Kendra’s lips occurred on the mounds of Chrissy’s breasts, the captive’s hips started to twitch as a pair of hands started to caress all over her thighs. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Kendra started to suck and bite at the soft flesh that hung from the chest of the bound woman and her fingers slipped between the captive’s bound thighs, with them almost going to the top of the legs.

You can go further, I wouldn’t stop you now, even if I could. A cry of delight escaped Chrissy’s gagged lips as the tip of her captor’s tongue traced a circular path over the top of the areola encompassing her right nipple, and she attempted to thrust her chest forward in order to obtain a greater feeling of pleasure. Her next cry was even louder, as along with the area around her left nipple being licked by her captor, a hand started to rub against her already sensitive Mound of Venus, which fanned the flames of her lust. Each of the bound woman’s nipples in turn was given sweet kisses as she thrust her chest forward, and a moment later she screamed as she threw her head back, when the fingers of the manager’s other hand started to run up and down the petals of the captive’s lustful flower.

“If you give me the combination to the safe, I will stop torturing you and bring an end to the sexual molestation of your body, as you must hate being treated in such a horrible way.”

Are you joking? This is absolutely wonderful and I want you to go on so that I am taken to that incredible moment when my body becomes ecstatic. You have made a big mistake if you thought that this would break me. Chrissy’s response was to shake her head as if she was being defiant, when in actual fact she hoped that it would goad her captor to work even harder at the supposed torture.

“In that case, you are going to suffer so much, because of your stubbornness.”

Every moment was one of bliss for the helpless lady, as each nipple in turn was sucked into the mouth of her manager, before teeth pressed against them in a gentle manner so that they could receive erotic twists and pulls which sent shockwaves of pleasure through the captive’s breasts. The caresses over her Mound increased in strength and intensity, while fingers were rubbing and probing deep into the intimate lips of the lady so that she was close to the moment of her erotic explosion. I’m going to come! Just one moment more and you are going to make me come. Second by second, the flame in Chrissy’s lust grew to the point where she knew that the orgasm that she so craved was just seconds away, and the only thing on her mind was the moment of pure bliss.

However, when the helpless lady was right on the brink of this incredible experience, Kendra stopped, rose from the chair and said “Congratulations, you have passed the hostage test. Well done Chrissy, you have exceeded all of my expectations.”

I was so close; oh fuck I was so close! Now I am in sexual torture, as I have an inferno between my legs with nothing to quench it with! Why didn’t you just let me come! Chrissy was crying out in her denial of bliss and she was kicking her legs out as she thrust her hips back and forth, in the vain hope of providing further stimulation which would allow her to orgasm. Oh fuck, I’m stuck like this now for the remainder of your tests, and all I am going to be able to think about from now on is this tormenting ache in my intimacy.

“I can see how much you have suffered under my torture, so I thought it best not to continue hurting you. I have another test for you now, as I like my personal assistants to wear shoes with very high heels, just like mine.” Kendra took hold of the back of the chair on which Chrissy was squirming in her denial, and it was rolled on its wheels to the far side of the room, next to one of the wooden doors. Once the tormented captive was in position, Kendra opened the closest wooden door and retrieved a pair of black patent stiletto shoes with the biggest heels that Chrissy had ever seen.

How can I walk on those things? I don’t think that I can even walk at the moment with this horrible distraction inside my loins, and I will end up falling down anyway.

“I know that wanting my assistant in shoes like these are a weakness of mine, but I do like to see them being worn on the feet of a lady.” Kendra said as she removed the shoes that Chrissy was already wearing, and these were put into the storage space by the manager before she put the new shoes onto the feet of the helpless nude, buckling the strap across her ankles so that they could not be removed. “You should get used to these for a moment before you stand up, as they will be a little trickier to move in than your old shoes.”

Haven’t you noticed in your desire to test your shoes on my feet that I’m still naked? Okay, I’m in thigh high black stockings, but that hardly matters with my breasts and lustful lips on view. You are still in your underwear, but the hostage test is over, so why aren’t we getting dressed?

“Oh, I see that you are looking at my underwear. Does that mean you are concerned about the fact that I am not getting dressed?” Kendra said, and there was a nod from the helpless lady before she continued. “To be honest, is there any point in getting dressed? After all, no one else is going to see us, and we have already seen each other like this. Plus, getting dressed would just waste time and seeing as there is no better way of testing how well you can move in these, than when you are very restricted, it would just require untying and tying you up again.”

“I must admit that my testing methods are very unorthodox, but they have helped me to find very effective personal assistants. If it makes you feel any better, Claudia went through the same situation as you have, and she even took on a greater challenge when hopping in the shoes than any other assistant. Do you consider yourself to be inferior, weak and more timid than her?”

I am not inferior to my predecessor and I can show you that I am every bit as strong and as capable as she was, by taking on the same challenge! There was a violent shake of the captive’s head as she was angry at the idea of being thought of as someone who was weak, and she became even more determined to succeed at her manager’s very unusual tests. However, as she made her first attempt to stand up, the massive distraction between her legs along with her very restrictive bondage caused her to fall back down onto her chair, eliciting a cry of laughter from her manager.

“Oh Chrissy, I’m sorry but it does look so funny when someone tries this and falls back in the process. Be more careful of your balance when you do make the attempt, and I’m sure that you will stay upright.”

That was very embarrassing and I don’t want to do it again. This time the helpless woman did her best to ignore the fire in her lust, and as she pushed herself up, she took more care with the balance of her bound body so that she could remain upright.

“That was brilliant, Claudia took four tries to succeed and you did it in two! Now, just try to take very small hops in you new shoes, as I do not expect you to go far like this. Don’t worry about falling as I will be here to catch you.”

Chrissy did her best to concentrate as she bent her knees, and although she was fearful of the result she managed to push herself up and forward for a little hop, with her keeping herself just about balanced on landing. It was a little easier to do the next two hops, but the captive almost lost her balance at one point, when she thought about a time five years ago. We all knew Claudia as being very prim and proper, especially before she became your personal assistant five years ago. If I understand your comments correctly, then she would have had to go through everything that I have, plus there is more to come. Poor pompous prudish Claudia, I imagine that it must have been a massive shock for you to end up getting tied up, being sexually teased and then being made to hop around naked. However, if you could do this, then I can.

As the helpless woman continued in her hopping, she giggled at the thought of a lady that she had considered to be very prim and proper having to move around a room in bonds like these. I just wish that I had been there to see it, but now that I think about it, she was softer after her test for becoming a personal assistant, and she always blushed when someone commented on the heels of her shoes.

Before Chrissy had realised what she was doing, she had hopped about half-way across the room when she was asked to stop by her manager. “That is very good Chrissy, and this has shown how you can deal with a very challenging situation. The next stage is dealing with something that is very embarrassing and quite uncomfortable, as I want to see how good you are with your endurance in such a situation. This one is optional, but do you want to accept it?”

Yes, if stiff and prim Claudia was able to do this, then I can as well. There was a nod from the captive, so the lady went back to the first door, and she took something long and glittery out of the area before closing the door.

“Now, close your eyes as I do not want to spoil the surprise for you.”  Kendra said, so Chrissy followed the order, thinking that if her predecessor had managed to get through this challenge, then she would find it to be no problem at all.

Any thought of this being easy disappeared in an instant as her own shriek was rattling in her ears while pain radiated throughout her right breast, with the centre being at her nipple which felt as if it was being crushed. She barely had time to open her eyes again when a second scream escaped her lips, with something pressing down like a vice on her left nipple. After a few seconds had passed, the pain in her pressed flesh lowered in intensity until it was a very strong ache and the woman was shocked when she opened her eyes.

What on earth have you attached to my nipples? On each crushed nipple, there appeared to be some kind of spring device, and they were connected by a long chain that was hanging from the other end. This has to be some kind of torture device, but where did you get this from?

“Did I forget to mention that Claudia shrieked her head off when I put them on her?” Kendra said “Anyway, seeing as this is going to be much more difficult, you only have to hop to the table, and it is less than half the distance that you have gone so far.”

How can this be so difficult? Maybe it was agony when you attached these things to my nipples, but this area just aches now. I’ll try one little hop. AAAAH! When Chrissy landed after making her little hop, she found out just how bad it was when the chain shifted, which caused the clamps to pull against her nipples and change the ache back into the pain that she first experienced. If Claudia did this, then so can I. As the lady continued her slow progress towards the table with each hop being punctuated by a shriek escaping her lips, she noticed that something else was happening in her body. This is adding more fuel to the fire between my legs, which is creating a double torment for me as it is becoming intolerable again.

When the bound woman was halfway to the table she was also moaning, as the flame of her lust was making her so aroused that she wanted the manager to caress her, so that her burning desire could be sated. Every hop closer to the table not only tormented her breasts but it was also driving her mad with desire, and by the time she was at the corner of the table, she was begging for anything that would help her get her release.

“I can see that this is troubling you Chrissy, so I will get something that will help cool you down. Just stand there while I am gone for ten minutes and don’t do anything.” Kendra said, and she headed towards the office door before leaving the room which left Chrissy on her own with her intimacy screaming for attention.

It was at this moment that Chrissy noticed the rounded corner of the table, and she could see that it was about the height of her hips. Is it possible, could I use the table to rid myself of my sexual torment? It’s worth a try, and if I don’t succeed in ten minutes then I can hop back here. The captive was so close to the corner that she was able to shuffle up to it after a few seconds and she sighed with relief as the rounded corner pressed against her Mound of Venus. That feels so good, even though I’m going to look silly as I use a table to make me come. Chrissy started to rub her Mound up and down against the corner, while varying the pressure by thrusting her hips back and forth, and this seemed to be working as she felt that she was on the brink of orgasm.

It was unfortunate for the pleasure seeking prisoner, that her state of lust had preoccupied her to such a degree that she didn’t hear the opening of a door…

“Chrissy! Why the hell are you fucking my office table!”

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