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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 30

This is the end, I’m so sorry everyone, for letting all of you down. There was a scream from the captive Cassidy as one more spasm shot through her body and her fingers were no longer strong enough to maintain a grip on the rope which escaped her grasp. As her body lifted up, her cry was cut off as the rope around her neck tightened to such a degree that it sealed off her windpipe and the victim knew that it would only take a few moments for the pressure to cause enough damage so that removing the cord would be useless. Before these few moments were up, however, there was an agonising pull on the wrists of the helpless woman, which forced her body and down and this had the result of loosening the rope around her neck, allowing her to shriek out again. Cassidy was relieved to feel the flame of torment in her shoulders as the rope was bound once again around her wrist and even the sound that escaped her lips was less unpleasant than the silence preceding it.

Oh thank goodness, you were just toying with me and you two had no intention of killing me after all. As the defenceless prisoner turn her head left before opening her eyes, she was sure that the two assistants were the ones who had put her back into a position of relative safety, but as soon as the lady saw what was happening, she was surprised to discover just who had saved her life. Madam Sǐwáng! The frightened looks on the accomplices’ faces told the prisoner in a second that they had not expected this turn of events and as the captor bent down, Cassidy saw that the woman was looking worried but relieved.

“Thank goodness you are okay, Cassandra. For a second I thought that I would be too late and that your windpipe was going to be crushed. If that had happened then I don’t know what I would have-.”

This is surprising, you actually look as though you are going to burst into tears over the idea of me dying. You really must like me if that is your response to my situation. As the captive looked on, Madam Sǐwáng’s faced changed into one of anger as she straightened up and the two younger women were trembling as the leader turned around to face them.

“Just what the hell do you think you are doing! I enter the room to see you two laughing at Cassandra while she was a moment away from dying and I had to run past you two just to save her life! I would like to hear your explanation for what has been going on in here!” There was a silence from the two prisoners, which just increased the level of anger in the leader who had just prevented the helpless woman from being killed. “Come on, unless you provide me with some kind of explanation for your behaviour, then I will have to assume the worst. Well, do either of you have anything to say about this?”

Your worst is correct, although I have no means of telling you the truth at the moment with this gag in my mouth.

It was Kǒngbù who started to speak first, although her speech contained a little tremor as it was clear that she was very scared “We just wanted to play a mock execution game on our captive, just like the ones you played on her when she was dressed up as a superheroine.”

That is a lie, but I wonder if you will believe it.

“That was planned out from the start, and there was no chance of Cassandra being injured in the process. What was happening when I walked in was so dangerous that it was obvious that the end result would kill Cassandra. I had just managed to get just behind you when the rope slipped from her fingers and both of you were just standing there instead of trying to help her. If I had arrived on the scene just a few seconds later, our captive would be a corpse right about now!”

“We are sorry.” Kǎodǎ said “We were caught by surprise as we expected the prisoner to hold onto the rope for a lot longer. It was just that Kǒngbù and I were getting very imaginative with the ropework and both of us got carried away with putting our prisoner in something new.”

“In any case, what you two did was very dangerous, reckless and almost ended up in the death of our kidnap victim. Do either of you disagree with this?” Both of the assistants shook their heads at this comment as they knew that trying to convince Madam Sǐwáng otherwise would be impossible. “Good. Now, I want to ensure that you two will think about how you place Cassandra in bondage for the remainder of her captivity and that there is going to be no physical danger to her in the future.”

“Kǒngbù, Kǎodǎ, if you want to convince me that your intentions were not to kill our prisoner, then you must swear on my life that you will not take any action that will cause Cassandra any physical damage from now on. If you do so, then I will let this incident pass.”

There was silence from the two ladies for a second, but this was broken by Kǎodǎ saying “I swear on your life that I will not take any action that will cause any physical damage to Cassandra, nor will I by inaction permit physical harm to come to her should anyone here put her in such a position.” A few seconds later, this was repeated by Kǒngbù and it was clear to Cassidy that the Madam had accepted their promises as her stance relaxed.

“Good, now that you two have given your word concerning this situation, the matter can be considered over. Now, seeing as time is moving on, I would like you to prepare meals for everyone and I will take Cassandra back to her room so that she can rest and eat, before her getting changed so that she can be placed in her final restraints of the night.”

As the girls walked away so that they could enter the office part of the building, Madam Sǐwáng set about untying the other end of the rope that was wound around Cassidy’s neck and it only took a few seconds for the cord to be freed from the middle of the bamboo pole. “That should top you form being strangled while I release your from the rest of this death trap.” Madam Sǐwáng said in a quiet voice. “I will talk with you about this, once you are in the changing room and have rested for a little while.”

Even though you have told your assistants that the matter is over, you still want to discuss the incident with me, which indicates that you are not happy with what has happened. Once Madam Sǐwáng removed the long rope that was bound to the captive’s wrists and elbows, the lady was able to move her body up without any risk of being strangled by the rope around her neck. However, Cassidy discovered that she could only lift her torso up only so far, before the rope between her legs pressed deep into her most sensitive flesh and this caused her to emit a long moan of pleasure as she felt just how intense the area was between her legs. This sensation lessened a little as the other end of the crotch rope was untied from the column, which also allowed the kidnap victim to stand upright.

“It is time to remove that horrible pole from between your legs as you must be fed up with being forced into such an obscene and open position.” Madam said as she started to untie the cord that restrained Cassidy’s right ankle to the pole and this allowed the captive to put her legs together while her left ankle was freed from the length of bamboo. As the leader went retrieved the blue bag with the rope in, Cassidy remained in place as she didn’t want to do anything that would cause her kidnapper to become angry with her in any way. When Madam Sǐwáng returned, she took two lengths of blue rope out from the bag before coiling up the other free ropes which were placed inside the bag.

I think that my legs are to be bound together for my journey back to the changing room. As the captive looked down, Madam Sǐwáng was already wrapping the first of the two ropes around the prisoner’s ankles and it was taken around her legs ten times before four cinches were applied, which tightened the rope so that it gripped against her boots. Once the ends of the first rope were knotted together, the second was looped around her knees about eight times and four cinches were used to ensure that the rope would hold fast.

“That should hold your legs together for your trip back to the changing room.” The leader said as she walked around to behind to back of the bound lady. “Now, if you would be so good as to bend your knees a little, I can add the final preparation for the journey back.”

Cassidy responded without thinking about the order as she had become accustomed to obeying Madam Sǐwáng, and even the feeding of rope between her lower arms didn’t give her any cause for concern. I doubt that this is going to alter what is happening to me in any way- AAAAAH! There was a loud cry from the gagged lips of the prisoner when she realised what was happening to her, as the crotch rope pressed hard against her flesh while the other end was knotted off at her ankles.

“That is good, as you are ready to follow me.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she walked around to the front of the defenceless damsel, before picking up the end of the rope that was bound to the captive’s neck and tugging on it like a leash. “Follow me.”

 Oh please no, not like this. Although the prisoner wondered about putting on an act of defiance, the feeling inside her suggested that her captor would make good use of the present situation, so she straightened up before making a single hop forward. Cassidy couldn’t help but scream as the rope pressed deep into her intimacy and as hop followed hop her cries increased in volume as the only thing she could think was the erotic torture that was being inflicted on her. By the time she entered the changing room, the raging inferno that burned between her legs consumed all of her attention, as she need the release that could only be provided by an explosion of ecstasy.

“I am going to leave you for a little while and I will return with your meal.” Madam said as she placed her right hand on the door handle.

Oh no, please, you must do something about the flame that is raging within me. I don’t think that I can take this torment any longer. As the helpless woman stood there in the her sensual torture, she decided that she had no choice but to beg and plead as much as she could in the hope that the Madam would give her what she needed.

“Cass, I am sorry, but I told you that I promised not to lay a hand on any personal part of your body, and I will not act in defiance of that.” This response created such a feeling of despair in the helpless woman because she was unable to do anything about relieving her condition, that she started to cry with the tears running down her face. “Please Cass, I promised that I wouldn’t touch you in those places and I have to keep to that. If there was any other way that I could help you then I would.”

There is a way, but you must have forgotten about it. I can’t speak to you with this gag in my mouth, so the only way I can get this message across is to show you. Cassidy shuffled around on the spot as fast as she could, given the limits that her restraints placed on her and she did her best to slap her bottom with her hands to get the message across to her captor.

Madam Sǐwáng looked puzzled for a moment as she observed Cassidy’s behaviour, but after a few seconds the woman smiled as she realised what her prisoner was trying to communicate to her. “I remember, that is what was happening in the room with my assistants. Are you sure that you want me to do this to you?”

There was a furious nodding from the woman in bondage as her tears halted and she hopped over to the right side of the chair in hope that her captor would help her in her need. Yes, I need this so much. Please help me!

“Okay, I will do this for you.” The kidnapper said as she sat down on the chair and the helpless captive found herself lying across the lap of the Madam who was pressing her right hand down against the prisoner’s back. As the captor started to spank the helpless lady with her right hand, the restrained woman cried out in pleasure as each jolt to her body took her one step closer to the ecstatic release that she would receive...

Cassidy was still in a state of reverie which meant that she was just about aware of the crotch rope being removed from her body and she was sitting on the lap of her captor who was cuddling her and placing sweet kisses on her face and neck. This situation continued until Kǎodǎ came in with a large plate of sweet and sour chicken along with a bottle of water which was handed to the Madam who put it to one side before removing the large gag. Once the two women were alone again, Madam Sǐwáng picked up the plate, but before she started to feed her captive she asked a question.

“Did my assistants try to kill you?”

I’m going to have to tell them the truth about what happened, and I am sure that you may have further questions, so it would be better for me to volunteer further information first. “Yes, Kǒngbù told me herself that the idea was for me to end up being strangled by the cord around my neck once I lost my hold on the other rope. I think that they have noticed how you have been behaving towards me and they are terrified that this means that your feelings towards me will mean that you don’t love them anymore.”

“Cass, that is crazy. These are two grown women, although they have not long become adults, and that is no way for a woman to behave.”

“Madam Sǐwáng, physically they are adults, but underneath they are the same frightened and emotionally scarred children that you rescued. This is something that you have to remember, as they must have reverted to that point in their lives.”

“Maybe having them help me with this was a bad idea, but I never expected it to turn out the way that it has. At least they have given their word on my life not to hurt you and they would rather die than break this promise, so you are safe from them. Anyway, at least I understand why they have behaved the way that they did and maybe we should just enjoy the meal.”

As the two women shared the meal, any conversation consisted of small talk and there were sweet little kisses interspersed between bites of food along with the occasional drink of water. It felt to Cassidy that the meal was finished all too soon as she was fed the last little morsel from the plate and she enjoyed a luxurious kiss from her captor who placed her in a standing position before rising from the chair.

“I am going take the plate and bottle to the kitchen and I will be returning with your next costume and I do hope that you will enjoy it, as I have often fantasised about seeing you in it. When I bring it in, you will be freed so that you can take a break before changing your outfits and I will head towards the other rooms so that I can change into my new costume, which I hope you will like.” After the Madam spoke, she left with the plate and bottle and returned a few minutes later with a large white bag which was put by the chair, before giving the helpless lady a gentle cuddle which was accompanied by a long and very sensual kiss.

It took a few minutes for Madam Sǐwáng to remove all of the ropes that restrained the captive, but once this was done Cassidy was free to take a break in the toilet before returning to the changing room, while Madam Sǐwáng left to get changed. Once the woman had removed the bikini, boots and gloves, she put on the new outfit that Madam Sǐwáng had left for her. This is a very sexy outfit, and I am not surprised that she wants me to wear it. The patent black stiletto shoes were complemented by the black fishnet hose that covered her legs, and her body was covered by a black satin strapless body. This was added to by the imitation shirt cuffs around her wrists along with the collar/bow tie arrangement around her neck and the white fluffy tail on her bottom fitted in with the floppy rabbit ears which were attached to her head by a band. So, I’m to end up as a bunny girl in bondage...

(To Be Continued.)

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