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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Melinda's Last Night Part 2 of 9

This is a break from my usual writing situation as this is for someone that I personally know and I have also ignored one of my own writing rules. When I mentioned this particular rule, she said about could it be broken in a certain situation. After I thought about it for a while, I saw how the story could work and this is the result.

Please note that the first two parts are innocent as there is a young damsel involved.

“Stay still and keep quiet, otherwise I’ll have to shoot you.” Kurt said after the girl had spent a short amount of time looking at the trees and as she looked to the right she gasped as she saw the lad with a ski mask over his head, along with a gun in his left hand which could not be anything other than a toy.

“Please don’t kill me; I’ll do anything that you want! Just don’t hurt me!” As Melinda made her protestations to her kidnapper while not moving an inch, she was already experiencing the thrill that had taken place in her previous games. This is actually happening and I’m going to be a helpless girl who is going to end up with a dire fate! Well, pretend dire fate, but that’s more than okay.

“Put your hands together behind your back so that your palms are pressed against each other.” Kurt picked up the bag and walked around to the back of the girl who obeyed his instructions so that her arms were behind her back with her hands touching.

“Please, don’t tie me up; you don’t have to do this to me!” As Melinda stood there waiting for the touch of the white rope against her limbs, she gasped as eight loops were wound around her wrists, with four turns taken between her arms which pulled the other loops tight around her wrists, so that she was gripped firm. There was fumbling at the top of her wrists which she presumed must be the ends of the rope being tied together in a knot and when he had finished, she was unable to find the knot with her fingers. This is much more secure than when I played the other games, as there was a chance of me being able to slip my wrists free. This feels as if I have been handcuffed with ropes.

“I need to tether your legs so that you will not panic and run off; otherwise I may have to ‘deal’ with you right now.” Kurt said as he took the bag around to the front of the captive, before pulling out a length of about two foot long and he bound each end to the ankles of the helpless girl so that her legs would be hobbled.

“You don’t have to do this, as I won’t run away!” The girl said as he tied the ends to her ankles, but inside she loved what was happening to her and the fact that she would be tied up when she was made to walk to his base.

“Seeing as you are making too much noise, I will have to do something that will prevent you from speaking.” He said, reaching into the bag and removing what appeared to be a long white cloth strip that looked as if it had been cut away from a bed sheet, which Melinda found out later that this was in fact the case. She looked on as her kidnapper put two knots at the centre of the cloth, and he held the bunched part up to her face before saying “Open your mouth wide now.”

“But I’ll be a good girl! You don’t have to do this, you don’t haf-.” Her protests were halted in mid sentence as the knot was forced into her mouth between her teeth, before the ends were crossed behind the back of her neck, taken between her teeth and pulled tight at the back of her neck before they were bound together in a secure knot. I never expected my gag to be this good, as everyone else just tied a scarf over my mouth which seemed to be more for looks than anything else. As Melinda attempted to dislodge the cloth in her mouth, she discovered that it remained in place no matter how hard she tried to move it and when she spoke, the restrictions imposed by the material made it impossible to make anything other than unintelligible sounds.

While the bound and gagged girl continued to make her muffled protests to her captor, he uncoiled another length of cord which was wrapped half a dozen times around her wrists and waist, with her emitting a gasp as the rope was wound four times between her wrists and waist, pulled tight and the ends were knotted together. I can’t even move my hands away from my body. It’s as if you are trying to make sure that I won’t be able to struggle against these ropes, let alone get free from them. Oh my-, that’s huge, you can’t be planning to use that on me. Melinda’s eyes went wide as the long coil of rope was wrapped around her upper arms and chest just above the elbows, which held her upper arms to her sides and she thought that there must have been at least twelve windings of the rope when the ends were tied together behind her back.

Two more short ropes were taken out of the bag by Kurt and the captive watched as he used these to make vertical loops on each side around the upper body rope between the chest and arm on each side. When these cords were pulled tight with the ends tied, the main rope pressed so hard against Melinda’s body that each breath provided a reminder of just how bound she was. Two more items were pulled out of the bag, a long cloth strip along with a length of rope and one end of the rope was knotted off at the front of the captive’s waist restraint. Is that like some kind of lead to pull me along, and why do you have that strip?

The second question was answered in a second as the strip was wound around her eyes and upper head so that she was unable to see, and the ends of this strip was tied together at the back of her head. I’m bound gagged and blindfolded, and I wouldn’t be able to run away even if my legs weren’t tethered together. This isn’t just a game of kidnap any more, as I am a captive with a kidnapper who can do anything he wants to me!

“Follow me, my kidnap victim; I am going to take you to my lair so that I can decide what miserable fate to inflict on you.” There was a sharp tug on the rope at the captive’s waist, with Melinda taking careful steps forward and she was feeling exhilaration as she walked behind her captor in a state of complete helplessness...

Melinda had no idea as to how long she had been walking and she didn’t know in which direct she was going, as at several places she had been turned around on the spot a few times. This added to the feeling of helplessness that she had already surrendered to, and it was only when she was walking down a short slope that she thought her journey would soon be over. This suspicion was added to as she heard some sounds while she was left alone and once her blindfold was removed, the girl saw that she was in a bowl-shaped glade with the top higher than her head. A large green blanket was laid out in front of her, and Kurt was removing the lead rope along with the cord that tethered her legs together.

“Sit down on the blanket.” Her captor said and seeing as Melinda had no idea where to run to as she was unfamiliar with this part of the wood, the girl walked over to the blanket so that she could follow the instructions of the boy who held her prisoner. It wasn’t an easy task, as her arms were secured to her body which meant that maintaining balance was difficult, but after a few minutes she was sitting on the blanket with her legs together. Kurt put the short ropes to one side before taking two coils of ropes out of the bag and the first was used to bind the girl’s ankles together with ten loops and four cinches. The second length of cord was wrapped around the captive’s lower legs, just below her knees and this consisted of eight winds with three cinches with the ends tied together at the front.

This is even more awkward than when I played the other games, as only my ankles were tied then. Tying my legs together at the knees locks my legs in position and adds even more restrictions to my movement. What are you doing now? There was a grunt from the helpless girl as she was rolled onto her front by her kidnapper and her legs were bent at the knees until the heels of her sandals pressed into her bottom. One of the two ropes was wrapped between the wrist and ankle bonds of the prisoner, bound with a knot that was out of reach of her fingers and when the boy stood up, she discovered that her hands were tied to her feet which left her in a strict hogtie.

I can’t go anywhere tied up like this and I don’t think that I can even roll around much. If I remember what one site said, it is called a hogtie when your hands are tied to your feet like this. It’s a pity that you ignored one of my requests, as I’ve read that kidnappers have often done this kind of thing to their prisoners, but it could be that you find the idea of doing it uncomfortable and that is why you aren’t doing it. However, it seems that you are going to follow one of them

“I must prepare you for torture now, as you deserve this for trying to find where my base is.” Kurt said as he unbuckled Melinda’s sandals before removing them from the feet of the helpless girl and she felt even more vulnerable with the soles of her feet exposed. “You are going to suffer horrendously for your arrogance.”

I doubt that it will be as bad as people clai-, nononono stopstopstopstop. Any coherent train of thought in the captive’s mind disappeared when fingernails raked across the soles of her feet and she was reduced to laughing through her gag while squirming in the ropes that held her in place. The tickling of Melinda’s feet stopped after a minute, but there was to be no relief for the bound captive as harsh pinches were inflicted against the soft flesh of her legs and she cried out through her gag at the torment. When this ended, the sides of her body were tickled by the captor for another minute and once this was finished, it was the turn the helpless girl’s arms to suffer from a merciless pinching.

Although it might appear that the hogtied Melinda was being treated badly, it was showing to her just how helpless she was which added to her fantasy of being held captive by an evil kidnapper. This has been even more thrilling than when I was tied up, and I really hope that you will do the last part of this for me.

“I am going to leave you for a while and perhaps some of the wild animals here will find you, which will save me the trouble of having to decide what to do with you.” The boy said as he started to walk up the path which led out of the glade and the girl protested against this treatment as she fought to get free of her rope restraints.

You are going to do it, oh yes! Melinda struggled against her bonds with all of her strength, although it was just like when she was being pinched and tickled when it was done to demonstrate just how defenceless she was. Within a minute, Kurt had disappeared from view and for the first time, the girl was bound, gagged and left alone with no idea of where she was, which increased the thrilling feeling to an even higher level. If you wanted to, you could just keep walking away and leave me here, helpless and at the mercy of whoever might enter the clearing. After a minute or so, the helpless girl gave up struggling and as the captive rested there, she imagined all kinds of dire fates happening to her with Death coming for her after the fatal event. In fact, Melinda was so caught up in these fantasies that she didn’t notice how much time had passed, which meant that she was taken by surprise when she heard the voice of her captor…

“I see that you are still alive, so perhaps I will need to do something more personal then.” Kurt said and as Melinda looked up, she noticed that he wasn’t wearing the ski mask which meant that he was going to indulge her concerning her final request.

In kidnap scenarios, when the captive sees the face her kidnapper, this means that she can identify him, so there is only one thing that he can do. She struggled as much as she could in order to play the part of the doomed heroine, which wasn’t much given the restrictions imposed by her bonds, as he walked up to her while pulling the toy gun out of his left pocket.

“You seeing my face has proved to be very convenient for me in a way, as I no longer have to make a decision about what to do with you.” Kurt said, pointing the gun at the defenceless prisoner who was pretending to beg and plead in vain for her life as she made one last attempt to get free, an attempt that she wouldn’t expect to succeed anyway. “This is your last moment alive.”

Yes, oh yes! There was a single click from the toy which was the cue for Melinda to freeze for a second before collapsing on the floor, as if she had just been shot dead and she dreamed about Death claiming her again…

After the captive’s daydream had ended, she grunted through her gag so that Kurt could come over, and he removed the strip of cloth that had muffled her voice for so long. “Did you enjoy your kidnapping then?” He said as he started to work on removing the hogtie.

“Yes, it was wonderful. However, I was wondering why you did not carry out the first idea on the list, as some kidnappers end up doing this to their victims in real life.”

There was a blush on the cheeks of the boy as the hogtie ropes were pulled away from the captive’s wrists and ankles. “Even though you asked for it, I wasn’t going to remove your dress, as it would not be fair as you could end up being upset anyway. Plus, if you ever mentioned it to someone, I could get into a lot of trouble, as it’s not the kind of thing that I should be doing to a girl anyway. I did follow the other instructions though.”

“Thank you, I won’t ask for that in the future. By the way, this is a very nice hidden spot, and I haven’t a clue where I am at the moment.”

“You will when you leave, as you can see the path which we will take to get back to where we started.”

“Not if you bind, gag and blindfold me just like how you took me here. In that way, I will never know where I am being taken, which makes this even more fun.”

“Okay, I’ll take you back in the same situation that you arrived.” It only took a few minutes for Kurt to ready the powerless girl before he gathered up the other items which he put into his bag, and she stood there waiting for him to pull on the lead rope. The journey back was just as much fun for the captive as she didn’t know where she was going, and she was only freed from her bonds once they were at the edge of the wood.

“Do you like to tie girls up?” She said as the rope was untied from around the wrist.

“Yes but it can be hard to find girls who want to play kidnap. However, did you enjoy being tied up? That is the important question after all.”

“I did, and if you keep those special extras in you can tie me up as many times as you want. I would love to stay, but I have to go home now. Let’s arrange another game very soon.” Melinda said as she prepared to go home…

For the next two years, the kidnap game with the extras became a regular part of their lives, with her ending up at his house when the weather was too bad for them to be in the wood. This went on for two years, but it came to a sad end when Kurt’s father had to go and work in another country, which meant that the teenager would have to go with him. When it was time for him to leave, Melinda was left quite tearful at the loss of a friend, plus she had no one to play her special games with any more as she didn’t trust the other lads. However, this was the point when schoolwork would become a priority in her life, as her GCSE exams would have to be taken in a few years time and then there would be the A-levels after that. Melinda plunged into her studies, as they would be needed so that she would be able to go to university and there was always the remote chance that the lady could end up meeting someone who might like to help play her games…

That was when my life really became interesting…

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