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Monday, 2 March 2015

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 19

As the cycle of tickling and ecstasy continued, the screaming Petra lost count of how many times that her body had been brought to bliss and she was even unable to think about how long ago that point had been reached. However, the one thing that she was aware of was how her body seemed to be drained of energy after each moment of ecstasy, as each orgasm took longer to occur and she no longer had the strength to stop herself slumping forward in the stocks. Both women were begging for mercy in between the times when they were consumed by pleasure and each time that they reached the peak of bliss added to the discomfort that they felt which made it an additional torment to her bodies. After one more orgasm, the exhausted Petra made frantic but weak pulls against the stocks that held her in place, as her mind was filled with the thought that she would soon collapse into a state of unconsciousness.

Oh no, please don’t force me to go through any more, as I don’t have anything left in me. This thought went through the mind of the helpless lady in a coherent manner after another orgasm, before she realised that she was able to put this together without her cries and struggles. You’ve stopped tickling us, which is such a relief as I thought that I was going to pass out before much longer, had you continued with our torment. I hope that you don’t plan to torture us in any other way at the moment, as our poor bodies won’t be able to take much more torment.

“Okay slaves, you will be allowed to have a rest so that you may recover some of your strength, before I prepare you so that both of you can provide me with some special entertainment.”

Oh no, that must mean that you are going to make us suffer all over again!

“Take that look off your faces, as I don’t plan on doing anything to you until it is just before bedtime. In fact, you two will be doing something gentle to provide me with pleasure, so there is nothing to worry about. Just relax for the time being.”

Thank goodness for that, the last thing Diana and I need is to be made any weaker by having to do any more of something like this and I’m not sure that I can even stand up at the moment. Seeing as there was nothing else to do for the time being, Petra attempted to get as comfortable as possible given the restrictions and restraints of her current predicament, and she did manage to get some rest as she sat in her awkward position. One thing that the captive noticed was that she could feel the sensation of sweat over her skin and she wondered just how bad she and Diana were affected in this way. We may end up needing to be washed, or cleaned off in some other way if we are too sweaty. Owing to the fact that the woman was drained from her incredible ordeal, it didn’t take long for her to feel drowsy before she went into a fitful doze while still in the stocks...

There was a squeal from the gagged mouth of the helpless lady as she felt a pain in her breasts which roused her from her state of rest and there was a second cry as her nipples were pinched again. “Wakey wakey, my lovely slaves. I think that you two should have had a nice little rest by now and if I wait much longer, I may not end up getting much fun out of this evening.”

I would have thought that you would have had plenty of fun when you were tormenting both of us with our flogging and the forced orgasms torture that followed.

“It is time for a change of bonds for my wonderful captives, so I trust that neither of you are going to put up a fight while I am doing this. You need to make sure that your eyes are closed first, because I am removing the blindfolds.”

Put up a fight? I doubt that either of us would be able to do this in our current condition and it would be hard enough for me to even stay on my feet. A few seconds later, Petra made sure that her eyes were shut as she felt fumbling at the back of her head and once the straps were unbuckled, the blindfold was removed from over her eyes which allowed her to see. The first thing that the captive noticed was how much sweat was covering her body and as she looked to her left, her fellow prisoner who was having her blindfold removed was much the same condition.

“You two do need to be cleaned up after your little adventure, but this will have to wait for a moment as both of you will need to go somewhere else first.” Both of the blindfolds were put on the top of the bedside table by the mistress, who left the room for a few minutes before she returned, carrying a new black bag in her right hand. “I think that my slave Diana should have her bonds changed first and then I can deal with you, Petra.”

Kendra carried the bag over to the stocks, were it was deposited in front of the defenceless Diana and a special hexagonal key was pulled out before a pair of leather cuffs were retrieved. The outer part of the cuff was black, which contrasted with the inside that appeared to be made of a soft white material and there was a large steel D-ring protruding out from the black leather. As one of the cuffs was wrapped around the right wrist of the helpless niece, Petra noticed that the strap was fed under what appeared to be a small circular disc with a hexagonal hole and once the cuff gripped against the captive’s skin, Kendra inserted the key into the hole before turning the disc around one hundred and eighty degrees.

“This locks the cuff into place and unless the captive has the right key, it is going to stay there.” The mistress said as she placed the second of the two cuffs around Diana’s left wrist and it only took a turn of the key to secure it into place, once the strap was tightened.  A second pair of cuffs was selected by Kendra, which were a little larger than the first set and these were strapped around the forearms of the prisoner, just below the elbows. “There are sets for the upper arms as well, but I don’t plan on using them tonight, so they are staying in the bag.” Another two pairs of cuffs were taken out of the bag by the captor and the first set were locked around the niece’s ankles, while the second pair were fastened around her legs just below her knees.

“It’s your turn now, my sweet slave Petra. As you can see, these bonds do not hurt Diana in any way, so there should be no problem with you wearing them.” Kendra picked up the bag and moved across so that she was in front of her other prisoner before putting the bag down so that she could take hold of a pair of cuffs. The first one was looped around Petra’s right wrist and even though it pressed hard against her skin, she felt no discomfort as Kendra used the key to lock it into place. This was followed by the securing of the second cuff around her left wrist and the captor chose another set which were locked just below the elbows of the helpless Petra.

They don’t hurt when you put them on me, but I have no doubt that this is only a part of the bondage that you have in store for us. Two more pairs of cuffs were picked up out of the bag by the captor and these were applied to the legs of the prisoner, at her ankles and just below her knees. you’ll probably finish binding your niece before completing my restraints, so that I will be able to see what is going to happen to me. Once the leather bonds were double-checked by the mistress, the woman picked up the bag which was carried around to behind the two captives, where it was placed on the floor between the couple of seated prisoners.

“Diana, there is to be no struggling from you, unless you want your bottom to feel the full force of my paddle.” Kendra said as she walked around to the front of the stocks where the defenceless niece had her limbs restrained and the top bolt was pulled back, before the upper section of wood was lifted up which freed the prisoner’s arms. “Place your arms together behind your back and keep them there, slave.” As Diana followed the instructions of her captor, Petra noticed that the D-rings of the cuffs were on the inner sides of the arms, just like the way that her own bonds had been fastened. It was only a second or so later when the mistress returned to behind her niece and she took out two large padlocks, two small padlocks and two long chains from the bag. Even though it wasn’t easy to see from her angle, Petra just about managed to see that the padlocks had the same hexagonal hole that was on the cuffs, which meant that the same key could be used on all of the restraints.

That is a very clever idea, as one key can lock and unlock everything and it is simple to use and the key should be unbreakable. although the padlocks and cuffs would not be cheap, even a basic hex key should fit so getting spares is not going to be a problem. Having one key fitting all of the restraints is also very important as the captor can free a person from bondage at a very fast rate.

As the helpless woman looked over her left shoulder, she watched as Kendra brought the hands of the niece together, so that she could loop the shank of one of the large padlocks around the two D-rings that stuck out from the wrist cuffs of the prisoner. It only took one press by the captor, to push the shackle down into the body of the lock so that it clicked into place, which meant that Diana’s wrists were secured together behind her back. The shackle of the second large padlock was threaded through the protruding rings of the cuffs just under Diana’s elbows and there was a sigh from the captive as her arms were locked together, as if she was enjoying the experience

Petra discovered that watching the niece being bound in a different way was making her feel excited, but it was more of a sensual feeling rather than becoming aroused by what was happening. Maybe it’s because of what Kendra has done to us with the brushing of our feet and we might be exhausted in that respect. This might not be a bad thing, as I would really like some rest before I have to go through anything like that again. Why do you need the chains? After all, her arms are secured enough with the cuffs.

One of the two chains was unravelled by Kendra who fed one end through the padlock at the wrists of the helpless lady before it was taken around her body, just above the hips and it was threaded through the shank for a second time as the chain was looped around Diana again. The chain was pulled tight so that the links pressed into the flesh of the helpless lady and one of the small padlocks connected the ends of the chain together, so that she was further restrained with her hands forced against her bottom. It took more time for the second chain to be threaded through the shank of the padlock that bound Diana’s elbows together because of its length and the first two loops went above the breasts of the captive with the next two going below. There were two more loops applied to the prisoner’s body and they went over her breasts, one winding going just above her nipples while the other one went just below and as the chain was pulled tight, Diana emitted a little squeal as the links were forced into the sensitive skin of her breasts, with Kendra securing the chain with the second small padlock.

“All nice and bound, and it should be no problem to secure your legs together with two more padlocks.” Kendra said as she retrieved another set of large padlocks from the bag and once she had moved around to the front of the stocks, she drew back the bolt on the second section on wood before lifting it off the device. Once Diana’s legs were free from the stocks, she placed her ankles together on top of the lower part of the equipment and it took just a couple of seconds for her legs to be bound at the ankles by one of the padlocks before the second set of cuffs were locked together as well.

“You look so delicious like this, my sexy slave, but it is Petra’s turn to be placed in her new bondage. Petra put your arms around your back once your hands are free.” While the mistress spoke, she unbolted the top section of the stocks before lifting this part out and Petra took her arms around to behind her back, placing her hands so that they were next to each other. As her mistress went around her, Petra remained facing forward because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to see what was going to happen next and she had already seen how she was going to be bound. “There should be no surprises for you as I put you in your new restraints, so I expect there to be no struggling from you.”

There was nothing the helpless lady could do but remain still, as her arms were locked into place at her wrists along with just below her elbows and she felt a sensual tingle run down her spine as her arms were bound to her body with the two lengths of chain. She made no attempt to escape as the second part of the stocks was lifted up so that her feet were no longer restrained by the device and she put her legs together so that her ankles and lower legs could be secured together with another pair of padlocks.

“Oh my, you two look so wonderful and there is something special about seeing a woman restrained in leather and steel like this. In ropes, you two were just bondage captives, but now I have what appear to be a pair of genuine sex slaves in appropriate restraints.” While Kendra was talking, Petra glanced to her left and she noticed that Diana was starting to blush in response to her aunt’s comments.

“However, seeing as time is moving on, I have to take care of something before further entertainment, or even getting you cleaned up as you two have to be standing on your feet first.” Petra’s feet were lifted up by Kendra so that the captive was turned around to her right, before she ended up facing in the opposite direction and her feet were put on the floor. Diana was rotated in place anticlockwise in the same manner, so that she was facing in the same direction and Kendra pulled out two chain leashes out of the bag, with one being attached to the collars of each of the slaves. “This is just marvellous as we had only used basic restraints before and never anything of this level of sophistication. I am really going to enjoy having you two as my slaves. Now it is time for my slaves to stand up.”

As the two slaves did so, Petra noticed that there was something different as there had never been any extra sound when she had moved around in rope bondage, but this time she heard clinking sounds which were due to the metal parts of the restraints knocking each other. We really are cuffed and chained slaves now and the way that Kendra was speaking suggests that this is a novel experience for Diana as well as myself. Plus Diana won’t have had a companion in bondage before either.

“Follow me slaves, as there is something important to carry out before you two can have that sweat washed off you.” Kendra tugged on the leashes which was the signal for the two captives to hop after her, making the little clanking noises which were generated by their bonds. When the ladies left the bedroom, Petra noticed that the same blue decor style was in the hallway as well.

Where are we going? After all surely you must be taking us to the bathroom, but it was on our right as we just passed it. Oh no, it can’t be-. There was a door just ahead of the women and to the left of the captives there was a series of hooks in the wall which must have been used to hang coats on. Diana’s face was turning bright red as the end of her leash was looped around one of the hooks and Petra was starting to have a dreadful suspicion about what was going to happen next. This feeling was confirmed when Kendra opened the door and even though Petra had not seen this room before, she knew that she had been in here several times already.

It’s the toilet! OMG, you can’t be planning on forcing me to go in there like this, as my arms are bound! There was a squeal of protest from the helpless woman at the idea of entering the toilet, but this was answered by a harsh tug on her leash which almost pulled her off-balance.

“You are a chained slave, Petra and you will follow my instructions. That is unless you want me to use my paddle to turn your bottom into a bright shade of red and stop when you decide to be compliant.”

But I can’t do anything, look my hands are cuffed together behind my back! Petra turned around so that she could show her struggling bound arms to her mistress in order to show that she was helpless, but this just earned her another tug on the leash.

“Yes, you are bound and as a slave in bondage you are to remain that way until your bonds are changed. As your Mistress, I am responsible for everything concerning you from now on. So get into the toilet.”

Realising that there was nothing else that she could do, the captive Petra hopped into the toilet...

(To Be Continued.)

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