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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 10

Once Madam Sǐwáng had returned to her desk, she reached into her bag and pulled out a clipboard with a pen attached before walking over to her chair and sitting down. “Now the class is ready, I will commence the role call before the lesson starts.” She said as she lifted up the board, taking hold of the pen and writing a name down.

“Kǎodǎ, are you present?”

The assistant who was sitting to the right of the helpless Cassidy stood up and said “Kǎodǎ here, Headmistress.” As the ‘prefect’ sat back down, the bound captive squirmed as she started to get worried about what was going to happen very soon.

“Kǒngbù, are you present?”

Kǒngbù stood up and said “Kǒngbù here, Headmistress.” After she had acknowledged her presence, the helpless woman pulled in a frantic manner at her bonds but she knew that there was nothing she could do to free herself from her chair.

The way that this is going, my name is going to be called next and I will be unable to respond to it.

“Cassandra Blake, are you present?”Although the tied up ‘schoolgirl’ tried to move and speak, all she did was wriggle about on the seat and make muffled noises through the two gags that impeded her voice. “Cassandra Blake, are you present?” This time there was a harsher tinge to the voice of the woman as she made her request for the second time, and this caused the captive to become even more fearful as she attempted to respond as she sat in her chair.

I’m going to be in trouble now, and I think that this is the reason for the role call in the first place, so that I can end up receiving further punishment. Oh no, here she comes!

“I take the trouble of waiting until you are brought here before starting the lesson, and now you do not even bother to acknowledge your presence!” Madam Sǐwáng said as she rose from her chair before starting her walk to the desk of the defenceless woman. “Just how bad a girl are you trying to be today? You have already missed assembly and been late for class, and you are being disobedient even now. Just what have you got to say for yourself young lady!” Once the woman had reached where the captive was sitting, she slammed the clipboard down on the desk in front of the bound woman so hard that she would have jumped if the ropes weren’t so effective at holding her in place.

Please, I’m sorry I can’t move or speak. Please don’t punish me! The helpless lady looked up at her captor with sorrowful eyes in the hope that she would be treated in a merciful manner, but she yelped a moment later when Madam Sǐwáng used her left hand to take hold of the prisoner’s hair and pulled it hard so that her head would be forced back. Your going to strain my neck, please don’t do this!

“Are you a very naughty girl by not answering your role call?” The Madam said, and the powerless lady decided that it would be best to answer by nodding her head. “I’m surprised that you have admitted it. Why have are you being so bad at the moment then?”

Look at me, I couldn’t move or speak even if my life depended on it. You can see how helpless I am. Cassidy tried her utmost to move in her bonds, even though her legs were strained to such a degree that she cried out because of the ache.

“So, you are pointing out that as you are helplessly bound and gagged, you cannot answer when your name is called out. Do you expect me to accept that pathetic excuse?”

As the captive looked up at the kidnapper’s look of fury, she trembled as she expected to suffer some horrible torment at this woman’s hands. I’m in for it now, she probably twist me into a knot as some kind of torture. What happened next was unexpected as Madam Sǐwáng’s features softened, and she released her hold before patting the immobilised prisoner on the right cheek.

“Even though ending up like this is your own fault, Cassandra, I will forgo any correction this time. Be warned that if you do anything wrong, then I will have to administer a severe punishment.” The clipboard was picked up by the Madam before she spoke again. “All you have to do is make as loud a noise as possible and I will note you as having attended. Cassandra Blake, are you present?”

Cassidy did her best to cry out, and the captor smiled as she made a note on the clipboard. “There we are. Now, Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù, you two are to continue your normal studies.” Madam Swiang said as she activated the word processor program on the monitor in front of the helpless lady. “Cassandra, you are to type in one hundred lines of the following. My name is Cassandra Blake and I have been a very naughty schoolgirl. Once this is completed, I will try and sort out some more work for you.”

I’m bound, gagged, stuck in a classroom and now I have to type with my mouth. This morning is becoming insane. The lady walked back to her chair, selecting a book to read before she sat down, and Cassidy used the extension that stuck out from her gag to start typing onto the keyboard.

When the captive started to type, she found herself to be very slow but the woman became more proficient as she gained experience in this method of typing. However, as she was carrying out her punishment, something hit her on the right side of her face, and when she looked at the ground to her right there was a rolled up sheet of paper. You threw that at me Kǎodǎ, and you are sitting at your desk pretending that you have done nothing. What was that? As the helpless lady turned her head to the left, she noticed that there was a smile from Kǒngbù as she looked at her screen, and the prisoner looked down to see another paper sphere. You two are bullying me again, and I am unable to stop it. If I keep stopping like this, I could get into trouble with the Headmistress for not doing my lines.

Cassidy started to type her lines again, even though she had to suffer the embarrassment of having rolled up pieces of paper thrown at her, but she was distracted again when there was a sharp pull on her hair. This is unfair as I won’t be able to complete this if you keep tormenting me. I need to concentrate. she put her head down and continued with her typing, but it was annoying for her to have to put up with these distractions as she attempted to finish her lines.

“Miss, miss, Cassandra doesn’t even know how to do her lines properly.” Kǒngbù said as she looked at the screen in front of the captive.

OMG, I should have concentrated more as that must have happened when I got distracted. The Headmistress will punish me for sure now. As the prisoner looked at the screen she saw the lines “I am Cassidy Bryce and I have been a very naughty schoolgirl.”

Madam Sǐwáng closed the book she was reading before putting it on the table and the leader walked over to the screen so that she could look at what was typed there. “Oh Cassandra, you have earned yourself a punishment now. Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, get the monitor and camera set up while I untie our very bad schoolgirl from the chair.” The gag with the extension was unbuckled with it put down on the desk, before the chair was pulled back from the desk so that the captive’s legs and hips could be untied from the chair.

What are you going to do to me after you free me from the chair?

Cassidy watched as the ropes that bound her ankles to the rear of the chair were untied, along with the rope that held her hips in place before she was made to stand up with her legs together. One of the lengths of blue cord was selected by the madam who wrapped it ten times around the prisoner’s legs just above her knees, before applying five cinches which tightened the cord so that it bit into her thighs.

“Come with me you bad girl.” A yelp escaped from the prisoner’s gagged mouth when her hair was pulled by her captor’s right hand, and she hobbled along as she was forced to walk over to the Headmistress’s chair. Once she was standing in front of the chair, she noticed that a camera was facing the chair from the right while to the left and front of the chair was the monitor with another camera.

This is looking to be very bad.

“Prefects, please stand and watch while Cassandra receives her punishment.” The two assistants stood in front of their desks as Madam Sǐwáng picked a large hairbrush out of her bag and sat down on her chair, with her right hand still holding the prisoner’s hair.

Oh no, you can’t do this to me, not with a hair brush. Please! Madam Sǐwáng took hold of Cassidy’s chest ropes and forced her lie across her captor’s lap from right to left. You are going to spank me, but why? After all, I cannot feel any pain. Oh no, the camera behind me is showing us along with my rear and I can see it on the monitor along with my face. The world is going to watch as my bottom is spanked.

“The correction of this snivelling little girl is about to start. Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, please be witness.” As the captive looked at the image on the monitor, she saw her kidnapper raise her right hand which was holding the hairbrush into the air for a few seconds, before bringing it down against the top of her thighs.

You’ve hit my legs and I can do nothing to stop you.

“How do you feel, child? Do you like being a helpless little girl who is about to get her bottom hit next?” Although the captive knew that she wouldn’t be hurt by these acts, she hadn’t thought about the psychological effect of the ongoing process and she yelped as the hairbrush impacted against her bottom. “See, naughty girls get their bottoms spanked, and you are a very naughty girl.”

Please stop it, the whole world is watching us. Two next two spanks landed against her thighs and bottom in turn, and she started to squirm in her bonds as she made a feeble attempt to try and dislodge herself.

“Oh no you do not.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she pushed her prisoner down with her left arm. “Bad little girls stay bent over the lap of their Headmistress until the punishment is over.” There were two more sharp strikes with the hair brush and the helpless lady felt her humiliation increase as she watched her own punishment on the monitor. “See Cassandra, you are nothing but a spoilt girl who is being punished.” Strike after strike landed against the upper thighs and posterior of the captive, and it wasn’t long before she kicked up her feet in frustration, as she cried out in her annoyance. “You are even acting like a little girl now.”

This is very humiliating, but at least you can’t make it any worse for me. Why have you stopped all of a sudden? Oh no, don’t do that, please don’t.The captive stared at the monitor as her captor took hold of the hem of Cassidy’s dress, and the lady started to pull the bottom of the dress up at a slow rate. First the thick black band at the tops of her stockings was exposed, along with the bare flesh at the top of her legs, and it wasn’t long before there was the first glimpse of her grey panties. You’re showing me off to the world again just so you can embarrass me in front of everyone.The pulling up of her dress by her tormentor continued until all of her panty clad posterior was on show to the camera behind her, which could be seen by anyone who was watching the live feed. Please put my dress back down, my panties can be seen by everyone.

“So, you are unhappy about your dress being lifted up, my bad little girl.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she watched her prisoner struggle and moan while she was forced to lie in this position. “If you were a big lady, the answer would be simple. All you have to do is pull the hem of your dress back down over your panties and you will be okay.” As the prisoner’s wrists were bound between her shoulder blades this was an impossible task, but the helpless woman ended up in a futile struggle as she tried to move her hands. “See what a useless little girl you are, you cannot even pull your own dress down. I will now administer the proper part of your correction now.” She said as she lifted the hairbrush again. “One hundred.”

You are going to spank me one hundred times on my bottom, like this? That is monstrous. Cassidy watched in horror as the hairbrush whacked her on the bottom and even though it wasn’t a strong blow, she was humiliated by the action as she watched it on the monitor.

“Ninety-nine.” it seemed to the helpless lady as if her captor was raising her arms as slow as she could, and the leader kept her hand up for several seconds before bringing the implement of torment back down onto the bottom of the helpless woman.

You are prolonging this as long as you can, so that you can have the maximum effect on me!

“Ninety-eight.” This punishment continued down to where the count reached sixty two, at which point the punished prisoner became so frustrated that she screamed out in anger as she struggled in her bonds, kicking her heels up to her bottom. “That was such a silly thing to do, Cassandra, but then you are a stupid little girl. After all, I have lost count so that I will have to start all over again. One hundred.”

You monster, if I do anything that will cause you troubled you will just take it back to the start. I’m going to suffer another thirty acts of degradation. Cassidy winced at each of the first twenty blows as she looked at the screen and there were many messages that were congratulating Headmistress Sǐwáng for punishing the ‘spoiled little brat’ who had misbehaved. After this point the shame of her situation grew on the suffering captive and she started to whimper for the next fifteen blows as she found herself weakening under the mental strain.

The effect on her mind was so such that when her tormentor had counted down to sixty five, tears started to well up in her eyes as she attempted to halt the sobs in her throat, but she was affected more by each blow. When her tormentor said “Thirty eight,” the prisoner could no longer hold back her distress at her disgrace and she started to cry, with tears running down her cheeks.

Please stop Headmistress, I have learned my lesson and I will be a good girl. Just end my punishment. There was no relenting by the prisoner’s kidnapper who counted down all the way to “One.”, before the punishment was over and the sobbing woman was made to stand upright.

“All spanked girls should be made to cry, as it is part of the punishment. Now, Cassandra, have you learned your lesson?” Madam Sǐwáng said and Cassidy nodded which dislodged a few tears that fell to the floor before lowering her head in shame. “Now, you will bend over my desk and remain in that position until I tell you to change.” Again there was a nod from the tearful lady and she took small steps as she turned to her left, before the woman stood at the table where she bent over so that her body was pressed against the surface.

Cassidy didn’t know how long she remained like this, but at some point Madam Sǐwáng said “It’s break time, so your two can go out now. Cassandra will remain bent over the desk.” There was the sound up two people getting up from their desks before walking away which was followed by the opening and closing of a door, and Cassidy knew that she was alone with her captor.

“Sit on my chair, now!”

 I don’t think that I can take any more punishment at the moment. Although the captive was frightened of what was going to happen to her, she rose from the desk so that she could sit down on the chair,  and her captor looped a blue rope around the prisoner’s hips and the rear legs of the chair so that she would be immobilised.

Are you going to slap my face now? She was surprised when her captor started to unbutton her dress from her knees to her hips and the bound woman got a glimpse of the Madam’s black stocking tops. What was even more surprising was the kidnapper sitting astride Cassidy’s legs before she was held in a warm embrace.

“Oh Cassandra, I am sorry for the punishment, but I was so angry when you brought up that Cassidy Bryce nonsense again.” Madam Sǐwáng said before planting several kisses on the neck of the helpless lady and running fingers through her hair. “It was as if you were trying to upset me.” At this point the voice of this kidnapper’s voice lowered to a whisper. “If I don’t lose my temper in the meantime and you are in one piece on Thursday morning, then I will free you. That is so long as your friends don’t do something stupid like trying to find or rescue you.  That is a promise, and I always keep my word.” There was a long kiss on the left cheek of the prisoner as her captor cuddled her.

Is this actually happening? Is this one of those cases where the kidnapper falls for the captive? OMG, no one could have heard this, so Cassandra won’t know what is happening. What if they ruin everything by trying to help? I could end up dead because they think that I need to be rescued!

(To Be Continued.)

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