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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 23

By the time that the door to the improvised shower room was opened again, the sky had gone dark and all of the warehouse lights were switched on so that the area was illuminated. Madam Sǐwáng was the first person to leave the room, and she had a radiant smile on her face as she held the door open so that the captive in bondage would be able to exit. In contrast to the expression that was displayed by her kidnapper, or to be more accurate her Mistress, Cassidy’s eyes were as wide as saucers with cheeks that were redder than ever, and her expression was a mixture of acute shock and embarrassment as she hopped out of the room with her hair just a little damp.

I am so glad that you did that to me in private, so that the world will never know what happened in there, and I am never ever going to tell anyone else about this experience. However, I cannot hide the fact that something happened as it is practically written all over my face.

 “Prisoner, when you are out of the room you will need to halt.” Once the bound woman had hopped all of the way out of the room, she stopped about three feet away from the door which the Mistress closed before stepping behind her captive. “I think that something needs to be adjusted, before we continue on this evening.”

The leader reached out with her hands going underneath the hair of the helpless lady and for a moment Cassidy thought that her Mistress was going to adjust her gag as she felt fingers touch the buckle that held the straps together.  Why do you want to alter that? It is not going to come out as I cannot dislodge it, but it is just causing me a little discomfort. Wait, you can’t be thinking of doing that, can you? Cassidy cringed as she felt the hands move just a little further down, and they touched the knot that tied the two ends of the strings that held her bikini top up so that her modesty was preserved. You can’t possibly be thinking of forcing me to go topless in front of all these people. I would just die if you did that to me! It took just a moment for the captor to untie the two strings, but she held onto the ends so that the tied up woman didn’t end up getting exposed to the world, and the madam wasted no time it pulling the thin cords tighter before tying another knot as the base of the captive’s neck.

“I am sorry about doing that, but I had suspicions about that knot which proved to be correct.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she put her hands on the waist of the defenceless lady. “Had I not retied it, the strings would have come loose before long and everyone would be seeing more of you than you would have liked.”

Well, that knot being loose is hardly my fault, especially after what went on in the showers. If it had been possible, Cassidy’s face would have turned an even deeper shade of red. Oh my-. Any attempt at coherent thought vanished for a moment as the captive was given a deep kiss on her right shoulder as the hands slipped around her waist to the front, with the kiss turning into playful sucking and biting just a few seconds later. It is so wonderful to just stand here while you pay such loving attention to me. I wish that you could take me to your room and just kiss me all night long.

“Kǎodǎ, could you bring me a chair so that our prisoner can sit down for a minute, and could you please bring over the blue bag, Kǒngbù.” One of the basic black plastic chairs was brought over by Kǎodǎ while her sister picked up a large blue bag which was placed to the left of the chair. “It’s time for you to have a rest for a few minutes, so sit down on the chair, Cassandra.” Although Cassidy was finding it easier to move with her arms stretched out in front of her as time went on, it was still a little awkward from her to hop around to the front of the chair before sitting in it. “Now, I don’t want you to be able to see what we are doing, so I’ll have to blindfold you.” Madam Sǐwáng reached into the bag so that she could retrieve a blue cloth strip, before placing the middle over the eyes of the helpless lady and taking the ends around to the back of the head where they were tied together.

I don’t know what you have got planned for me while I am sitting in this chair, but my chances of doing anything to stop it has diminished further, even if I had any in the first place. What are you doing to my legs? As the captive sat in the chair, she could feel the removal of the ropes around her ankles before the cord around her legs just below the knees was untied. Are you lifting my right leg up so that you can put something on my right foot? You are, and it feels like some kind of boot which is going all the way up to just under my knees. That’s my left leg now, and I must be wearing a pair of knee length boots. Once the helpless damsel was wearing the boots, each rope was bound back around her knees and ankles, and there was a squeaking sound ass she squirmed with her lower legs.

Why are you untying my wrists now, aren’t you worried that I might try and get free? Although I should know that there’s no chance of this happening while I have the cloth over my eyes. You’re putting gloves on me now, but what type and how far do they go up my arm? After the material had been smoothed out past Cassidy’s wrists, she was unsurprised when her hands were bound in the same way as before, and the ropes at her elbows were removed for a moment so that the ends of the gloves could be taken up to the ends of her forearms. I must have much more material covering my arms and legs than over all the rest of my body, which are really little more than three triangles. It didn’t take more than a minute for the helpless captive’s arms to be tied together at the elbows again, and she was helped up to a standing position before the cloth that covered her eyes was removed. Cassidy blinked a few times so that her eyes could get used to the brightness of the warehouse lights again, and she gasped as she looked at the new items of clothing that she was wearing.

I’ve got vinyl Go-go boots on my legs, a pair of vinyl elbow length gloves on my arms and their colour matches that of my bikini. I must admit that this outfit is looking more than a little sexy, and I hope that you appreciate this, Mistress.

“You look great like this, Cassandra, a Go-go dancer in strict bondage. It’s a good thing that there are no men around here, otherwise you would be in more than a little trouble.”

I’m sure that you would never let anything happen to me, even if there were men around. They would never get a chance to do anything to me. Two more blue ropes were taken out of the blue bag by Madam Sǐwáng, before Kǒngbù picked up the bag and carried it over to one of the concrete pillars, where it was left while the two sisters removed several ropes. One of the cords carried by the madam was double stranded, and the looped end was taken around Cassidy’s wrist ropes with the free ends being fed through the loop before a secure knot was tied.

Madam Sǐwáng tugged on the end before speaking. “It is time you got used to your new footwear, so you will be following me around for a while on the end of this rope. Come on, captive.” There was a second pull on the rope and Cassidy realised that if she didn’t comply, she could be in trouble as a sharper pull could cause her to lose balance and fall over. Her first hop forward was very hesitant as she was wearing unfamiliar boots, but she became more confident in moving as she took more and more small jumps.

“I see that you are getting the hang of jumping around in your boots, so it is time for you to move a little faster.” Madam Sǐwáng increased her speed as she walked around the room, which meant that the captive had to work harder to keep up with the lady who held onto the rope. This continued for quite some time as the helpless woman was made to hope around the warehouse, but it puzzled her why her captor was carrying a second length of rope without using it, and she kept glancing at the length of cord while she tried to fathom out its purpose.

“Stop, Cassandra.” Madam Sǐwáng said, and the helpless woman stopped as the leader released her grip on the rope that was attached to the prisoner’s wrists. “I noticed that you were looking at the second rope, and as you are now proficient in hopping around in your new boots, I think that it is time that I put the cord to use.”

What are you going to do with it? Is it going to inflict some kind of torture? I know that we had a new start in private, but this is about your reputation. A worried look appeared on the face of the lady in bondage as her arms were lowered by her Mistress, and she noticed that the second rope was double stranded before the woman stepped behind her. Is that rope going around my waist?  A look down by the captive confirmed that the loop was being taken around her waist, and there was fumbling at the small of her back which suggested that the doubled ends were going through the loop. When she felt the rope tighten around her waist, she knew that this had happened and the activity behind her would be the tying off of the rope with the free ends trailing.

What possible purpose could you have in tying that rope around my waist like that, and I don’t think that you are going to place me in some kind of ankles to waist bondage. No! Oh my, please, for the love of, NO! What happened next  caught Cassidy by surprise as the ends of the rope was threaded between her legs above the thigh bonds, and underneath the waist loop at the front of her body before they were tied to the ropes just below her elbows. I can’t believe that you have done that to me with the world watching! This rope is pressing on my body right between my legs and there is nothing I can do to stop it! As the helpless woman shifted her arms a little to maintain her balance, her face turned red again when the rope pressed a little harder and rubbed against her body.

“What’s wrong, Cassandra? Surely after all of the ordeals you have gone through at my hands, you should have no trouble with a nice little crotch-rope.” Madam Sǐwáng spoke as she took hold to the rope that hung from the wrists of the bound lady, and she had a mischievous smile on her lips as she turned her head to face her captive. “I think that our nice walk around the warehouse should continue, so that you can get used to the extra rope on your body.” A sharp tug on the rope by the Mistress forced the arms of the submissive woman back up, which tightened the crotch-rope so that it pressed against her vulnerable body.

Get used to this? How can I get used to this, seeing as it’s causing me to feel so- so- warm inside? You must know what it is doing to me, but I mustn’t let how I feel be seen by the world.

“It is time for you to start hopping with your new restriction, Cassandra.” There was another hard pull of the leading rope by the captor, and the helpless woman felt the pressure of the rope against her body which caused her make a small hop forward. As she landed, her arms moved around for balance, with the inevitable result that the tension of the crotch-rope increased for a moment, before she lowered her elbows which allowed the cord to loosen.

That was just one little jump, and it’s already having a teasing effect on me. Just how long am I going to have to do this for? At this rate, my face is going to be red for the entire evening. Another tug forced the lady in bondage to hop for a second time, and she was thankful for the large gag in her mouth, as it gave her something to bite into upon landing instead of crying out. This is another way of tormenting me without using pain, as the new rope is a source of constant embarrassment with it teasing me. You might as well have placed an arrow on me saying ‘look here’ as it certainly draws attention to this area of my body. Cassidy made yet another hop as she was taken a little off balance by Madam Sǐwáng, and she winced on landing as the special rope set a shockwave through her body. How can I effectively fight what you are doing to me? Pain is something that a person can resist but this feeling is of pleasure, and it is going to be so hard to fight against me surrendering to my growing desire.

Time and again the lady had to endure the delightful torment of her hopping, and the feeling of warmth inside her grew stronger as she was made to take her little jumps around the room. In an effort to find something that would distract her, she looked at what Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù were doing, and she noticed that they were double stranding lengths of blue rope which were fed through the upper rings on some of the pillars with both the loops and free ends trailing on the floor. That must be for some new torment that they have planned for me, as if my current predicament wasn’t effective enough.

It took every ounce of strength for Cassidy not to moan out loud or give some indication of how the crotch-rope was affecting her, but after a while she was made to hop over to the two sisters. “Okay Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù, I think that it is time for you two to have some fun with our bondage prone Go-go dancer.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she held out the control rope to the two sisters, and the ends of the cord were taken hold of by Kǒngbù.

You can’t be handing me over to these sisters, especially after what happened when I was dressed as a schoolgirl. These two can be very mean.

“Follow me, slave.” Kǒngbù said, pulling very hard on the rope which forced the helpless Cassidy to hop after her, and within a minute she found herself facing one of the concrete pillars with the rope hanging from the upper ring. “Now, shuffle forward until you are as close as possible to the column with your forearms lifted up.”

I will only be able to get my arms close to the pillar in my present state of bondage, but perhaps that is all you want. Cassidy raised her forearms up as much as she could as she shuffled forward in her restrictive bondage, with her vinyl boots making squeaky noises as they rubbed together. She had to bite harder into her gag as she placed her forearms parallel to the column, as the pressure of the crotch-rope increased had increased due to her standing like this, and this added more fire to her teasing torture.

“Thank you, slave.” Kǎodǎ said as she untied the leading rope from Cassidy’s wrists, but this relative freedom was short lived as the woman took the hanging rope from the ring and took it around the captive’s wrist bonds. “I think that you will need to stand on your toes in a second.” The tormentor pulled hard on the ends of the blue cord, which forced the bondage prisoner to stand on tiptoe in her boots and her hands were pulled a little further into the air before the ends of the rope were knotted off.

The effect of this far stronger than before and if I even lower myself just a little, this feeling will become unbearable. Cassidy attempted to keep herself as high as possible, but there came a point when the strength in her legs weakened and she found herself unable to suppress a moaned that escaped from between her gagged lips as the tension increased in the rope.

“Look at our slave, Kǎodǎ, I think that she is actually enjoying what is happening to her at the moment, especially with that rope between her legs.”

“That is not surprise, Kǒngbù. Tie up a Go-go dancer and she becomes just another bondage whore in ropes. However, bondage whores like her must be punished. Do you have any ideas?”

“The slave’s position suggests an appropriate punishment, seeing as her posterior is sticking out like that. Plus, the naughty dancer has chosen an outfit that didn’t even cover her bottom cheeks, so I think that a good spanking is in order.”

Oh no, please don’t spank me! Do you realise what that could do to me, especially with the way that I am feeling at the moment? You could shame me again before the entire world!

(To Be Continued)

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