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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 11

“It’s a nice sunny day with a warm breeze, so we should take no time in getting dry out here.” Selma said as she walked into the herb garden part of the grounds with the helpless Cecyme following behind her on the leash. “It was the most practical place to plant the herbs, as it is the closest area to the kitchen, and using our own fresh herbs can have a major effect on a meal.”

There was a grunt from Cecyme, along with a nod as she walked behind her captorIt was a large change to my life when I moved to here from the city, but the meals have been wonderful. The grounds have the orchard at the back and my aunt also bought the nearby farm at a more than fair price so that she could be assured of a ready supply of fresh produce. She was a shrewd businesswoman with a good heart, and most of the farms around here are flourishing due to her help. That obligation is on my shoulders now, and I hope that I can be as good as she was. I shouldn’t be thinking about my duties on this weekend, as my mind should be on the games. This might be another reason why Aunt Alicia set this up, as it is an escape from her normal work. After all, I have no doubt that unless an absolute emergency turns up, I am going to be a bondage slave for the rest of her weekend.

As the helpless maid walked along, she noticed that the flowers were in full bloom, and the scent was wonderful as she inhaled the fragrance through her nose. Alicia insisted on only using recycled water for the flowers and the large lawn, and if there were draught conditions, she decided that there were better plants to water anyway. Mixed among the flowers were various kinds of cacti, which meant that there would still be something green and growing in these areas, even in the driest summer.

“Yes, Mistress Alicia made sure that the minimum of water is wasted on the garden, but it took a little while for the other farms to take note. Their real opposition was that they didn’t have the capital to set up new water saving practices, so once she offered to provide financial help, the local situation changed.”

For Cecyme, walking through the grounds in this manner also brought back a lot of childhood memories, especially the ones when Selma played all kinds of games with her and she could even remember when Collette and Megumi had started to visit, just before it was the time for Cecyme to attend studies full time. They didn’t need any encouragement to play any of the special games, which meant they must have done it before they came here. The breeze was blowing into the grounds from the mansion, and along with the warm air came a smell that was very familiar to the bound maid, a smell that awoke further memories in her, a smell of-. Cookies! Not just cookies, but Isabella’s cookies. I forgot how good the smell was when she was cooking to her own recipe, and I hope that she saves some for me.

“Cecyme, you are drooling. “ Selma said as she wiped the saliva from the captive’s face using a handkerchief that had been hidden up her right arm short sleeve. “Yes, I can smell it as well. Do you remember the cookie torture that Matron Isabella put us through when we sneaked into her kitchen so that we could ‘borrow’ her freshly baked cookies?”

Oh yes, we had done it before, but this time she was waiting for us with Maid Chloe, and we were caught red-handed as the expression goes.

“You do remember, Cecyme. Anyway, she and Chloe caught us and they decided to make the punishment fit the crime, so we were both forced to lie face down on the marble table. Our hands were tied behind our back, our feet were tied together and we were hogtied so tight that our heels pressed into our bottoms, before cloths filled our mouths with a scarf tied over our faces. We were made to face each other with the large plate of cookies placed between us, and we had to spend the rest of the afternoon having to smell the aroma without being able to eat them. In the end, Isabella invited everyone into the kitchen and they ate the entire plateful while we were still bound and gagged.”

That was mean of Isabella, but we did deserve it for trying to steal the cookies. Those were the days, especially during the summer holidays when all we had to think about was which game to play next. Selma turned left on the path and they went to the part of the garden with the main lawn, where the three men were putting up a large gazebo which Cecyme guessed was going to remain up until Sunday evening.

“Yes, that is being put up for the weekend, as the sun can get a bit too much if you stay out too long. It will be a nice place to have a mid afternoon cold meal with cool drinks and desserts.”

Plus, I have no doubts about how the meal is going to be transported to the gazebo. It’s bound to be whoever the bondage maid is at the moment, which is going to be me and I will be transporting the items on the tray that will be strapped to my body. The giggles of the captive drew the attention of her captor, who stopped before she turned around to face the helpless maid.

“Let me guess, you have worked out who will be performing the duties taking items to the table this afternoon.” Selma said, and the bound lady nodded in response to the comment. “Well, you are correct but you might not be alone this afternoon. Mistress Isabella may decide that you may need help, and in that case one of us will be in the same situation as you are.” There was a tug on the lead as Selma started to walk along the path, with the maid in bondage following and she noticed that the warm sun along with the breeze had dried her off.

What are we going to do next? You are most likely dry as well, so are you just going to take me all over the garden in a grand tour, or do you have something else planned?

“Would you like me to take you over to the orchard, Cecyme?” Selma said as they walked along the path which snaked around various trees and shrubs, and the prisoner was surprised by the fact that she was asked a question rather than being given an order.

You are offering to take me up to the orchard, where one of us often used to spend a lot of time tied to a tree? It’s been a long time since I have done this, and I would love to be bound and gagged with my back against a tree while you tie me up. It took just a moment for the maid to perform a vigorous nod of her head and Selma took a path to her right so that they could head for the orchard.

It wasn’t going to be a quick walk to the area where they were heading, as it was at the end of the grounds and Cecyme wasn’t in a position to take anything more than short steps because she was still restricted by the chain that connected her ankles together. I have a feeling that this tying up game won’t stop with me bound to a tree and gagged, but a mature twist will be added with the captive being teased in an erotic manner. I just hope that someone remembers to take this vibrator out of me as it is still rubbing against the inside of my tunnel. There wasn’t anything that the slave could do but enjoy her walk as she had done so many times before, and she wondered if her captor would place her in some unusual pose or just go for the classic hands behind the tree with feet apart position.

As they carried along the path, the helpless woman saw the wooden fencing which went all of the way around the orchard, with the only way in and out being a single large wooden door. It took a few more minutes for them to reach the door which Selma opened, and as soon as both ladies had entered into the large orchard, the door was closed which allowed them a measure of privacy.

“Now I have you to myself, slave. I will be able to do anything I want with you.” Selma said as she removed the collar from around the neck of the captive, and the helpless maid squealed as she put on a false appearance of fear.

Oh please evil Ms. Kidnapper, please don’t hurt me. The pretend victim continued with her mock pleading as Selma opened the large hut where she hung up the collar and lead, before taking a large black bag out of the hut and closing the door.

“I’ll need to get that thing out of you before we start.” Selma went behind the back of the bound maid and untied the end of the crotch-rope, before she pulled it between her legs to the front so that it could be un-looped from the waist rope. Once this was done, the captive’s panties were pulled down so that the blond headed woman could extract the device that had been used to torment the helpless lady in the dining room. Several sheets of kitchen towel were pulled out of the bag which were used by Selma to roll up the vibrator so that any fluid on the device would be absorbed when it went into the bag, and Cecyme’s panties were pulled back into position.

“I don’t want that thing in the way when I start to have my fun with you. Muahahaha!” Selma said which encouraged the helpless woman to start another round of begging and pleading as her arms were grasped by her captor, who forced her to walk over to the nearest tree. The ropes that bound her arms to her chest were untied and coiled up so that they could be used again in a few minutes, and the rope that bound her elbows together was removed with the bonds that restrained her wrists.

Cecyme’s freedom was short lived as her back was forced against the bark of the apple tree, and her hands were taken around the other side where her wrists were crossed. The rope was wrapped six times around her wrists in vertical and horizontal directions before four cinches were applied between her wrists, along with a knot that was tied out of reach of her enquiring fingers.

That was about the usual length of freedom in a game like this. Help, please somebody help me! The captive tried to kick her playful kidnapper in the shins but the chain prevented her from doing any damage, while Selma went behind her prisoner whose elbows were pulled together as close as they would go, before eight loops were wound around the top of her forearms with four added cinches to pull the rope tighter. My feet will be restrained next, if I remember Selma’s routine. Here we go. The cuffs were unbuckled from the legs of the captive, and the end of a long piece of rope was wrapped several times around the right ankle before it was tied off, with the other end taken around the trunk of the tree so that it could be bound to her left ankle with a gap of a foot forced between the two ankles.

I have always felt vulnerable when the ankle rope was applied, as I cannot close my legs from now on. Another rope end was tied to her left leg just below her knee, and this was also taken around the tree so that the other end was tied to the top of the calf of the other leg. Now my lower legs are forced into a vertical position against the trunk which leaves my knees a little further apart. The rope that had gone around her waist and arms, was again looped around her waist, and it also pressed her wrists against the trunk so that she was unable to move her hands. Her chest rope was looped several times around her upper chest and the tree so that her body was immobilised as she was made to stand upright against the trunk.

Now I am at your mercy, a helpless Damsel in Distress who’s tied to a tree. As the helpless woman twisted in her ropes, she wondered what dire torment would be applied to her helpless body, but she was surprised by the next move of her captor.

“I’m going to remove the gag, but you have to remain quiet, Okay Cecyme?” Selma said as she disconnected the straps that met under the chin of the captive, with the Y-strap following next before the main straps were unbuckled at the back of her neck so that the ball could be pulled out from between her lips. The gag was dropped into the bag and even before the helpless lady could work out what was going to happen, she was surprised when her friend’s lips pressed against hers with them both kissing a second later.

You brought me all the way up to the orchard to give me a kiss in secret? You could have done this anywhere, so why go to all of this trouble. Cecyme surrendered to the experience, which was added to a moment later when the fingers of her captor ran through her hair, and this lasted for a few minutes before the lady ended the kiss and pulled back

“Oh Cecyme, I have waited so long to do this.  Since the last time we played together here, it was my strongest fantasy to tie you to a tree and just kiss you.” Selma said before she kissed the helpless lady again, and the captive enjoyed the moment as her arms were caressed by gentle hands whose fingers intertwined with hers.

Why didn’t you just call me, Selma? If I had known that you wanted to do this, I would have left to come here as soon as possible, and you could have taken me up here to fulfil your dream. Although Cecyme wanted to speak to her captor about her thoughts, she knew that her current situation meant that as the slave she may only speak when allowed to. Maybe I should encourage the next kiss to show that I am okay with it. A moment later, the helpless lady shut her eyes and tilted her head a little to the left before parting her lips.

“Oh thank you, Cecyme!” There was a gentle pressure as Selma’s lips pressed against hers and they had kissed like this for a minute, when the helpless woman felt the tip of a tongue slip between her lips before it brushed against her teeth. She opened her mouth so that the tongue could explore the new area that was available to it, and she caressed it with her own tongue before they became intertwined.

Everything had dissolved into the moment for the bound maid, as everything else was driven out of her mind except for this simple act of kissing, which felt as if it would go on forever. There did come a time when it had to stop though, and the blond haired disengaged her lips from the lady before pulling back from her, while caressing her hair. “That was an incredible experience, Cecyme, and well worth waiting for. I hope that you enjoyed it as well.”

It was wonderful to be kissed by you while I am tied up like this. Cecyme nodded several times so that her captor could understand that she did enjoy the kisses, and the woman hugged the tied up lady as best she could, given that the prisoner as tied to the tree.

“This is the best day that I have had for some time, Cecyme. I think that you can understand that things have been a little rough recently, but I am happy that you are here with us now.”

Everyone has gone through a lot with Alicia’s illness and passing, and I would guess that these games were put on hold because you needed time to get back to some semblance of normality, while I got to grips with running my aunt’s estate. Now we are getting back into the rhythm, or rather you are, as this is my first time.

“Cecyme, I do have another fantasy that I would like to play out.” Selma said as she took three white cotton scarves out of her beg before rolling one up into a ball. “However, even though I could force you, I want you to give your permission for this as I will not act without your consent. First though, I need to gag you and then place a blindfold over your eyes. Open wide, please.”

You are in total control over me, yet you are seeking my consent? What are you planning? Following the instruction of her captor, Cecyme opened her mouth wide and the rolled up cloth was forced into her mouth before another scarf was taken between her teeth with the ends taken around the back of her neck where they were knotted together, leaving her cleave-gagged. The last scarf was folded into a narrow strip, and the captive closed her eyes so that the cloth could be placed against her eyelids, with the ends tied together at the back of her head. Now you can ask your question.

“Dear Cecyme, I have so wanted you to be in this situation, and I have just one question. Will you allow me to make love to you while you are bound to the tree?”

Yes, of course I will. It would make me very happy for you to make love to me right now. There was a squeal of excitement from Selma as Cecyme nodded her head...

(To Be Continued.)

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