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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 15

“Thank you, my girls.” Lady Death said as she walked around to the front of the helpless Cassidy. “I think that she has been prodded enough for the moment, and I have plans for my useless heroine, so you two can sit down for a little while. Bring up three chairs so that we can all watch.” As the two accomplices walked over to the pretend school room so that three chairs could be retrieved, the leader picked up her bag so that she could take a towel out of it, before turning back to her suffering prisoner.

“Oh Captain Canada, what big drool you have. It appears that you are so pathetic that you cannot even stop yourself from making a mess on the floor.” While the helpless lady’s body was locked into this position, she was unable to lift her head up and swallow, so all of the liquid hung from her gag in a thin strand which reached all the way to the floor.

I can’t do anything about this, and you are using it as another form of degradation.

“Well, I will have to clean you up, seeing as you are useless in having to deal with it yourself.” Death said as she put the towel underneath the slow stream before taking it up to just below the face of the helpless woman whose lips were wiped clean. “I wonder how your cheeks will look with your own drool smeared all over them.”

Don’t you think that I have suffered enough at your hands already, in one way or another? Covering my face in my own drool would be as bad as-, no! There was a whine from the helpless lady as she shook her head with some vigour in the hope that her captor would at least relent on this matter.

“That is it, you miserable creature, beg and plead for me not to do it. Your feeble sounds can be quite entertaining at times.” Death said as she held the cloth close to the prisoner’s right cheek before taking it over to her left, with the helpless woman turning her head to avoid any contact with the soaked material. “You can be so amusing, Captain Canada, after all it is just something that has come out of your mouth, but you are desperate not to have it touch your skin. I could play this game with you for some time, but I have other plans for you.” A plastic bag was selected by the lady who placed the towel inside, before both items were put back inside the bag, and the captive was surprised when the rope that bound her ankles to the base of the frame was removed.

“You have been suffering so much at the moment that I think that you could do with some support for a little while.” The kidnapper said as she selected a long black rope which was wrapped many times around the waist of the bound heroine before the ends were knotted together. “My prisoner needs something uplifting after having been down for so long, so I am going to provide you with a little pick me up.”

This can’t be something good for me, despite what you are saying, and the rope around my waist feels more like a wide belt. I just want to know what you have in store for me. What are you doing now? One end of the second rope which hung from the top of the frame was tied around the loops of rope that went around the waist of the helpless lady at the small of her back, before the other end was threaded under the wrapped cord. No! Lady Death pulled hard on the free end of the rope so that the captive was hoisted up a little, and Cassidy screamed when her feet were no longer in contact with the floor. This is what you meant by your comments, it wasn’t about helping me, but suspending me above the ground. The only positive thing about this is that is has reduced the pressure on my shoulders a little.

Another pull on the rope lifted the captive up another half foot, and her instincts caused her to kick out with her bound legs in a futile attempt to put her feet on the floor. “It seems that you do not like to hang around, but that is amusing to me.” The woman said as she tied off the other end of the rope so that the waist rope dug into the captive’s skin before she paid her attention to the strappado cord. “I cannot let you get away with this, so I will just alter the tension again.” One end of the strappado rope was untied, and the prisoner cried out as the cord was tightened so that her shoulder joints were strained to an intolerable level before the end of the rope was knotted off.

You aren’t even allowing me any means of relaxing in this bondage, and my shoulders are feeling worse than ever.

“You are quite naughty, kicking around with your legs, so perhaps I need to do something about them.” Lady Death said as she took one end of the third rope, which was wrapped it four times around the knees of the bound woman and tied off, before she pulled on the other end until the upper legs of the helpless victim were almost in line with her body. “Shouldn’t you be saying something like ‘Up, Up and Away’ right now, like any proper heroine.” The kidnapper said as she tied the other end of the rope to the knees of the helpless lady, so that she was hung in the air from the ropes. “What is wrong, Captain Canada? You always did want to fly, and now it is happening. Oh dear, it seems that you are drooling again, but that is no surprise as you are unable to control yourself.”

Cassidy squirmed in her torturous suspension as her captor made her way to the three chairs where she sat in the middle of the two assistants, and the captive’s movements brought her no respite but ended up causing her even more torment as her joints were strained. I can’t stay still in this position, which means that this suspension forces me to commit a form of self torture. You don’t even have to do a thing to me as you can just sit and watch as I inflict torment on my body by my own squirming. Every little movement caused the agonised woman to shriek through her gag in her bondage, and it wasn’t long before drops of water fell from her eyes onto the floor, while a snake of saliva wound its slow way to the floor.

As each second passed by, the only thing that Cassidy was aware of apart from her own suffering was the smiles of the trio who were amused by the plight of their prisoner.  In her present situation, the bound woman was unable to tell how long she had remained in this state, but over time it seemed that the leader was no longer entertained by the sight before her. “Now, my beautiful agents, I think that our heroine has been kept in the air for long enough, so we must be charitable in letting her feet rest back on the ground. Please bring the platform over and place it under her so that I can set up the rest of her relaxation.”

The two catsuited women rose from their chairs and uncovered a 6 foot square metal platform that was raised a foot off the ground by four cylindrical legs at the corners that were about two inches in diameter. This was lifted up by the duo who carried it over, and positioned so that the centre of the platform was right underneath the hips of the suspended prisoner. “Thank you, ladies.” Death said as she rose from the chair and removed a cloth sheet from over a small chest. “I believe that I can handle the rest from here. Just get ready for the next instruction.”

As the two ladies went behind one of the vertical sheets, Lady Death opened the chest and took out two unusual items before picking up a set of kitchen steps which were put down on the left side of the captive. What are those? Both of them seems to have leather buckled straps with thin metal spikes sticking out, but one has a long plastic cable attached while the second is connected to a mesh bag which is made of metal. The leader went up the steps with the strap and cable item, and the strap was wrapped around her forearm at a point which was not covered by rope, before it was buckled so tight that the spikes penetrated the gloves and bodysuit with the ends pressing into the skin of the captive. After the kidnapper had descended the steps, she used a length of rope to tie the other end to the vertical strut in front of the suspended captive. There’s a metal end sticking out of the cable, but I don’t understand what you are planning to do to me. Next, the mesh bag was picked up which was put over the boots of the captive, with the strap going around her calves and this was also buckled so that the spikes dug into her flesh.

After the steps were removed from the platform, the lady took a large rubber mat out from the chest and laid it out so that it was on the left side of the helpless heroine so that there was a covered area all the way to the edge of the platform. “You can come back in, and don’t forget the lines.” As the two associates returned, and each one appeared to be pulling a cable with an insulated large alligator clip on the end which just had the teeth exposed. One of the clips was picked up by the lady who attached it to the rear left leg of the platform, and she picked up the other one before she stepped onto the rubber mat. “Watch this and know your fate, my pathetic little heroine.” She said and she rubbed the end of the second clip along the surface of the platform, which caused sparks to appear with the prisoner screaming in fear.

“Oh yes, there is twenty thousand volts going through this line and I am going to attach it to the cable that is connected to your arms.” The lady stepped down from the rubber covered part of the platform and connected the large clip to the end of the cable that was in front of the terrified victim. “There we are, you are now part of a circuit. It might be a good idea for you to keep your feet up in the air.” Lady Death stepped back onto the mat so that she could untie the end of the rope that held Cassidy’s knees up and she stepped down, pulling away the mat so that there was no chance of it being used for insulation.

As soon as the captive’s legs had been untied, she had pulled her feet up to her bottom so that they wouldn’t touch the floor and she cried out as the realisation hit her. You are essentially torturing me to death! I won’t be able to stay like this for long, and as soon as my feet touch the platform, I’m going to die.

“Sooner or later, those muscles in your legs are going to give way and you are going to end up with a most shocking experience which will be heartfelt. You may also want to shake your head as your drool might end up conducting the power.” The lady sat down on her chair with her companions on either side, as the captive begged and pleaded for mercy as she fought to keep her feet up in the air.

I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to keep my legs in the air, and I only have to fail once. You must have lied to me about letting me go, and I bet that it was so that I would remain compliant.

“That’s it, Captain Canada, put on a good show for the viewers. After all, everyone likes a good death struggle from the heroine. You can just put your feet down now and end it all, as your actions are futile and just prolonging the inevitable, but your fight for survival is wonderful entertainment. I cannot wait to see that last despairing and horrified look on your face when you realise that you will be unable to prevent the connection from being made, and you are moments away from the end of your miserable life.”

Cassidy attempted to keep in her present position for as long as possible with her upper legs hanging down from her hips and knees bent, but after a while, the strain started to show and soon the captive was unable to keep her feet up near her bottom. When the lady reached this point, she took her knees up to her chest with her lower legs dangling beneath her, but this position ached before long and she knew that if she didn’t move, cramps would set in and doom her. I haven’t got long left with the way that my legs are feeling. I’m so sorry, everyone, I thought that I was going to get out of this, and now my death is near.

She burst into tears again as she moved her legs back to the way they were when she was untied, but this was held for an even shorter time owing to the tiredness in her limbs, and she no longer had the strength to keep her feet up. After every few seconds or so, her feet were lowered an inch at a time no matter how hard she tried, and the captive knew that she would soon end up as a piece of high voltage circuitry. Once a couple of minutes had gone by, the helpless lady despaired of her existence with the feeling that failure was just moments away, as the next slip would result in her feet touching the platform...

NOOO! The moment had come as the muscles of the captive surrendered to weakness, and her feet pressed against the platform so that she completed the fatal circuit. Except that it wasn’t fatal, even though she screamed as the voltage shocked her, which caused her muscles to spasm and the joints in her shoulders were tortured even more from this involuntary action. Perhaps I didn’t make contact with the platform for long enough, but my feet are in the air again, if only for a moment.

“Excuse me, ladies.” Lady death said “When you altered the power transformer settings to twenty thousand volts, did one of you remember to step up the amperage from zero in the process?” Both of the assistants somehow managed to look embarrassed as they shook their heads. “So, you two have ended up turning my execution by electrocution setup into a torture by electric shock device instead. I can’t even kill Captain Canada with this now, as my own rules prevent me from using the same methods twice on a heroine. However, there is nothing to stop us from watching this unexpected new show in front of us for a little while.”

Not again! A second shriek escaped the captive’s gagged mouth as her feet connected with the platform again, and this was followed by another as the shock caused the muscles in her shoulders to react. This torture is worse than anything that you three have applied to me before, and you are sitting there enjoying every little second of it. At least I’m still alive though, so maybe you will show mercy, especially as this is the only device that I have seen.

Although the tormented woman did her best to keep her feet up, the intervals between the shock tortures shortened in length until they were only a few seconds apart, and there came a point when contact became permanent with her shrieking at every breath. When this happened, Lady Death shot out of her chair and disconnected the large clip which made the circuit to the arms of the helpless woman, while Torture did the same to the second cable that was attached to the platform leg. “There comes a time when even I have had enough of tormenting anyone in a particular manner.” The lady said as she unbuckled the spiked strap that encircled the forearms of the helpless woman. “I will allow you a short rest before I devise something else for you.” Next to be removed was the strap and mesh bag that had helped to torture the helpless lady, and she sighed through her gag as she realised that this particular torment was over.

You could have just as easily got one of them to increase the amps and killed me that way, but why didn’t you? Do you have some twisted sense of honour that prevents you from doing it, or were you just happy to see me tortured for the moment? I just hope that I am just as lucky with anything else that might happen while I am a fake superheroine.

“You just stay here and relax while I sort out these ropes that hold you in place.” Lady Death said “Torture, Terror, put those cables back and sit down in your chairs.” There was a loud sigh of relief from the kidnap victim as the ropes that bound her to the frame were removed, along with the cord around her waist, and she managed to stand upright on the platform.

It couldn’t have been more than about fifteen minutes after this, when the leader spoke again. “Ladies, please show Captain Canada what we have got next in line for her. After all, we don’t want her to think that she is getting away with this.”

Cassidy was turned to face another of the vertical cloth sheets, which was the one that the two accomplices were approaching, and as it was removed she saw the device which caused her to scream at the top of her voice, the device which was supposed to have had a prototype built by Dr. Antoine Louise and Tobias Schmidt.

It’s a guillotine!

(Will Cassidy somehow survive the second death-trap like she did the first? Or has her luck run out this time? To Be Continued.)

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