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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 6

I suppose that this game is going to be over soon, and I’m sure that my birthday party is going to happen before too long. That must be why they have some of the warehouse partitioned off with white sheets, to make sure that I cannot see the party items. This last part must be about getting me back into my proper clothes so that I can be prepared.

Moving back to the two rooms took a little while as the bound Cassidy was stiff after being held in suspension by her captors, and she found it difficult to keep her balance as she took her little hops, but she was held on each side by the accomplices of Madam Sǐwáng. I must say that this has been quite an adventure, but I am glad that it will be over soon as I feel as I have been fed through a mangle with these bondage positions. Perhaps I can contact this trio again for another adventure, sometime.

“Slave Cassandra, things will be done a little different this time. After we untie you from your ropes, you are to take your break before you get changed.” The Madam said. “The gag will remain in place. Do you understand?”

A single nod from the captive showed that she comprehended the command and that she would follow the instructions. If I end up disobeying them now, I could end up having to pay an extra penalty and that is something that I do not want, as you will tie me up even tighter than before.There was a touch against Cassidy’s thighs which caused her to look down, and she noticed that the cord there was being removed by one of the assistants while the rope just below her knees was untied by the other. Once this was done, the two girls concentrated on removing the complicated bonds that held her arms in place and the prisoner felt relieved when her arms were no longer strained by the bamboo pole. When the arm ropes were removed, one of the ladies untied the ropes that bound her ankles together so that she no longer had to hop.

I’m probably going to take a week to recover from all of this, and I’ll need a nice long bath in the morning. Going to the shop might be a problem with all of these rope marks on my skin, although maybe I’ll just have to wear long sleeved tops and trousers until they disappear. Now to use the toilet, and I doubt that I will get another break until the morning. The door was pushed open with the captive entering the cubicle and doing what she had to, before exiting so that she could go to the next room and remove the costume that she had been forced to wear for so long. After the woman had shut the door to the changing room, she noticed that an empty black bag was waiting for her, along with a blue bag which seemed to have clothing in it.

This must be my outfit for the party. It didn’t take long for the prisoner to remove the French Maid uniform and put it in the black bag, but she was surprised when she opened the blue bag and discovered what her new set of clothing consisted of. OMG, I can’t wear put this on, everyone will be laughing at me. There is nothing else set out for me though, which means that I have no other choice. It doesn’t reveal anything at all, but I’m not sure that it would be the sort of outfit that anyone would ever wear to a party. Cassidy couldn’t help but blush as she changed into her new clothing which was all turquoise, but even though it didn’t expose any more of her than the French Maid outfit  she felt on an emotional level that this left her far more vulnerable. Now I have to go back outside and be seen by the others in this.

She opened the door and stood in front of the trio of captors as they took in the sight of her in the new clothing. The main item of clothing was a sleeveless, mid-thigh length opaque turquoise satin nightie with two thin straps that ran over her shoulders and her modesty ensured with a pair of ladies briefs which were the same colour and material. A pair of thigh high stockings completed the ensemble, with her nightie only just reaching to the top of the stockings so that she showed a flash of her bare thighs when she walked.

“I must admit that this looks very good on you, slave. Now, close your eyes so that you can be blindfolded, and we will guide you to the next location. Madam Sǐwáng said. “We want to keep the next part to be a surprise for you.”

I knew it! It’s all going to be over now, and there’s going to be a wonderful party set out once I open my eyes. After a moment, the captive closed her eyes and she felt the pressure of material against her back before the ends were tied together at the back of her head. You will have to lead me to where we are going now. Cassidy put her arms out in the hope that someone would take hold of her hands, so that she could be guided by the others as to where she needed to go for the party. A hand took each of hers and she took one small step at a time in her stocking feet, with the two ladies causing her to turn left or right as she moved towards her new destination. This should be well worth the wait but I wonder if I’m going to be tied up for the party, as I am still gagged with this piece of bamboo.

“Stop here, slave Cassandra. We need to do something before we continue with the next part.” Her hands were released and the prisoner let her arms fall to her sides as she listened to the sound of cloth sheets being moved and folded up.

They must be removing the sheets that have partitioned part of this warehouse off, so I will see what has been set out for me. The only thing missing is someone shouting out “surprise!”. There was a touch at the back of her head and the knot that bound the blindfold over her eyes was untied with the strip of cloth pulled away from her face.”

“You can look now, slave.” Madam Sǐwáng said, so the birthday girl opened her eyes to take in the view:

No, for the love of- NO! Cassidy was stunned by what she saw in front of her as she trembled, and she felt as if she was going to faint with her almost disbelieving the situation. There’s no birthday setup at all! It’s a large brass bed with a mattress, and there is nothing else to be seen. You can’t be keeping me here overnight, you just can’t!

“You almost look as if you were expecting something else, Cassandra. The next thing for you to do is get on the bed and point your arms and legs at the corners so that we can restrain you for the night. You must have known that this was going to happen.”

This can’t be happening, oh please, this just can’t be happening. If it is, then it means that there is no birthday party and that I’ve actually been kidnapped. No, this isn’t real!

“Get on the bed, Cassandra, my patience is bountiful but you are starting to test it a little.”

I have to get out of here right now. I have to try and get to the door that they have used to enter and exit this part of the building. It is my only chance. it was at this moment that the reality of Cassidy’s situation removed all of her courage, and she turned and ran for the door, in the hope that she could reach it before the others could catch her.

“I see that Cassandra has decided to offer us some late night extra entertainment, so go after her.” Madam Sǐwáng said “I was going to just tie you to the bed in a gentle spread eagle, but this will earn you a much more interesting position.”

It only took a few seconds for the fleeing woman to reach the door, but she discovered to her horror that it was locked, which meant that there was nowhere else she could escape to. I should have known that they would have made sure that this was locked, and now I’m going to suffer an even worse fate as a result. although Cassidy did her best to avoid the two assistants, it wasn’t long before one of them managed to catch up with her and hold her down by her legs before the other one took hold of her by her hair. Please, just let me go.

“I wouldn’t struggle now, unless you want to lose more than a few locks of your hair, as my companions have very good grip.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she carried a bag over to the struggling captive. “Does anyone have any ideas about how to punish the bad lady?” There was a begging sound from the woman as the madam took a coil of white rope out of the bag and used it to bind the ankles of the prisoner together so that the assistant was free to seize Cassidy’s hands. “Perhaps a strict elbow tie would teach you a lesson about not being disobedient.” The assistant took the hands of the captive and placed them so that they were palm to palm while Madam Sǐwáng took a length of cord and wrapped it ten times around the prisoner’s wrists with four cinches before she knotted the ends together. A moment later, Cassidy’s elbows were pulled together by the accomplice while the leader looped a rope eight times around her arms above her elbows, with the three cinches pulling the rope so tight that her elbows were touching.

My shoulders, you’re straining my shoulders! Each end of a short length of rope was bound to the ankles of the captive, so that she would only be able to move her feet about eighteen inches apart. Please, you can’t take me to that bed, you can’t keep me as a kidnap victim!

“Lift her up to her feet, girls.” The leader said and she smiled as the terrified captive was picked up and placed in to a standing position in front of her. “You are going to bed, and there is nothing you can do about it. One of my ladies will hold you by your hair, and if you try to run, she will just pull on it as hard as possible. Now, walk over to the bed.”

I have no choice, if I don’t obey you, I will be made to suffer and I don’t want my hair pulled out. Cassidy took small hobbled steps over to the bed, and she was conscious at all times that someone held her hair in a grip that felt as if it was in an iron vice. Please don’t torture me. Madam Sǐwáng walked over to the bed and looked at her tablet while the second lady carried over the bag full of restraint equipment.

“Put her on the bed in a prone position so that she can be placed in a hogtie.”

Don’t think that I will make this easy for you. The moment that the helpless Cassidy was put on the bed by the two ladies with the ankle rope removed, she started to struggle and buck for all she was worth in order to make it difficult for anyone to tie her further.

“Ah, someone has just sent us a very good idea.” Madam Sǐwáng said, lifting her head up and looking at her two assistants. “We should tie her ankles at a ninety degree angle and hogtie her that way, as it will restrict her movement. Okay ladies, take hold of a leg each and put them at an angle with her ankles crossed.”

Even though the captive did her best to fight back, within a few seconds both of her legs were bent at the knees which were wide apart and her right ankle was placed above her left. A length of rope was selected by the lady in charge and it was wrapped ten times in a horizontal and vertical way around the prisoner’s ankles before four cinches pulled the rope tight so her ankles were locked into position.

I don’t think that I can move my legs now that they are like this.

“It seems that our viewers are full of ideas tonight. This person is saying that we shouldn’t tie her ankles to her wrists, but to her elbows instead. Plus, we should make it as strict as possible. Oh, our technical expert says that the device is ready, so could you bring it in, Kǎodǎ? Kǒngbù can stay and help me.” One of the assistants walked over to the door and exited the room while Madam Sǐwáng tied one end of a length of rope to the captive’s elbow bonds before looping it around her ankles and back around her elbows. This was repeated two more times before Kǒngbù began to pull on the other end of the rope, and the helpless lady felt the strain grow in the joints of her arms and legs.

I should have just got on the bed when Madam Sǐwáng ordered it. Oh no! There was a shriek from the captive as the hogtie became so tight that it was forcing her back to arch, and she was scared that they would make it even tighter. I won’t be able to do anything like this, why did I try to run? The rope was secured, but there was still about five feet trailing from the elbows

“I think that we can put this to good use.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she consulted her tablet. “It seems that we are getting some very good ideas from the audience. Let’s turn her over onto her back as this will make it worse for her.” All the captive could do was make pleading noises through her gag, as her captors took hold of her and rolled her over so that she was lying on her back.

I’m lying on my arms! Please, have some mercy on me! The trailing end of the rope that held the prisoner in an extreme hogtie was taken to the top of the brass bed and tied to one of the bars so that it would help to keep the helpless woman in place, before ends of two other ropes were tied to her knees with the other ends secured to the bottom corner posts of the beds. Even if I wasn’t hogtied, I wouldn’t be able to move an inch with these three ropes holding me.

“Oh look, Kǎodǎ is back with the equipment.” Cassidy looked to her left as the lady wheeled an enclosed metal cabinet close to the bed, with a camera and monitor on the top, and the prisoner was horrified when she saw her own face on the screen.

I am being recorded, and there are messages appearing at the bottom of the screen. What is that? “T313: You should use your biggest ball-gag on her as part of the punishment.” Oh no, there actually are people watching us and giving you ideas!

“That is a good idea, thank you, T313.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she reached into the bag, picking up a large blue ball-gag while Kǒngbù picked up a second camera with a tripod which was placed at the bottom of the bed, and the monitor started to show the views from both cameras. The assistant altered the zoom of the camera until Cassidy’s body took up most of the viewing area. “You can stay quiet and keep your mouth open, or you can suffer even more. It is your choice.”

I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t make things worse. As soon as the bit-gag was undone, the tormented captive opened her mouth as wide as possible so that the large blue ball could be forced between her lips before the straps were buckled together at the back of her neck. This is even worse than the bit-gag as it really forces my mouth open, and I can feel the saliva building up in me already.

There were more messages appearing on the screen, most of which thanked Madam Sǐwáng for forcing Cassidy to accept the gag, but one of the lines of text caused the prisoner to shriek through her new gag.

No! You can’t ask her to do that to me in front of all of you!

(To Be Continued.)

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