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Monday, 17 November 2014

Jodi’s Punishment Part 1 of 6

As I watched Iris leave my room and close the door behind her, the pain in my stomach became stronger as a result of the heinous actions that I had committed against her, and I felt that she would be unable to lift me out of my whirlpool of guilt and depression. She was too kind to be able to deliver a harsh punishment, and it was so very difficult for her even to administer a simple spanking with a slipper, so my present situation would be beyond her help.

There have been minor incidents such as when I had lost my temper, stayed out too late or not let her know where I am in case of emergency, but the transgressions that I have committed against Iris over the past day or so makes them appear to be the trivial matters that they were. I know that it sounds stupid, but when I was punished before, each hard spank with the slipper took my mind off my guilt as I had to concentrate on the pain, and the blows wore away at the dam that imprisoned the normal me so that when it burst, there was a release of emotion and I cried a flood of tears from relief.

This was not like any of the previous times though, and the depth of my hurt gripped me to the point that no punishment would be sufficient to save me from my prison which would leave me like this forever. I was so absorbed in my state of self-loathing over what I had done to Iris that at first I didn’t notice the heavy footfalls as they approached my room, until they were nearly at the door and I looked up to see the handle forced down before the bedroom door was flung wide open.

“So you’re the fucking cunt who’s robbed me of a good night’s sleep!”

I stared in shock at the woman who was standing in the doorway dressed in a police uniform, not an ultra modern one but when skirts were still part of the standard issue for female officers, and it was complete with jacket and helmet. What affected me more than anything else was the language, as Iris had never swore at me in her life and she had never used such degrading words on another person either.

As she stamped across the floor towards me, I became worried as this was a new situation for which I was unprepared and I tugged at the bar with my cuffs as she stopped two feet away from me.

“Hello bitch, I’m inspector Long, the office who was supposed to have gone off duty about half an hour ago. However, I have been called out to deal with you and you have made me very angry.” She said as she pulled back her right hand with an open palm, as if to land a blow on me.

You are bluffing, I know you could never do this, Iris.

This was a mistake on my part, as I shrieked a moment later from the pain generated in my left cheek as she slapped me across the face, and I cried out again when the back of her hand struck the right side of my face. When I looked into her eyes, I saw no trace of Iris and it was as if the character that she had once played in a production was in control which meant that I had to be careful, as the officer was quite brutal in the story.

“That’s to let you know just how I feel about having to deal with you when I should be home in bed, you filthy whore.”

A second later, Inspector Long (as thinking of her as Iris was no longer appropriate) grabbed hold of the top of my pyjama top at the front and twisted it so that her knuckles dug into my throat, and I was petrified as I pulled with all of my might against the cuffs that held me in place. My fear grew to such an extent that it felt as if I was going to lose control over every aspect of my body, and this must have shown on my face as she released her grip on my clothing and let her arm rest.

“Oh dear, is the poor little bitch girl going to piss herself in her pants? Looks like you can’t stand a little discipline. If it wasn’t for the extra stink you would create I would let it happen, but I would rather not have you smelling like a urinal at this time of night as you are enough to make me vomit. I am going to take you to the toilet so that you can have a nice piss to ensure that there are no chances of any little accidents.”

The Inspector took a set of handcuffs and locked them around my wrists on the opposite side of the bed bars from the first pair, which were unlocked and placed into her right jacket pocket. Next, she took a long chain out of her pocket along with a padlock which was used to connect the end of the chain to the handcuffs that bound my wrists.

“If you wish to do so, please feel free to try and escape at any time.”

From what I remembered from the play, the suspect who attempted to escape from custody was beaten to within an inch of his life, so I wasn’t even going to consider making a break for it as I shook my head.

“It’s time for you to take your break. Follow me.” The other end of the chain was pulled by the officer, so I had no choice but to follow her as she made her way to the bathroom and the door was pushed open by her so that I could go into the room. “You have five minutes. If you take any longer, then I will pull you out whether you have finished or not.” She said as she shut the door with the chain at the bottom so that I was left alone in the bathroom.

It was a little bit of a struggle to pull my pyjama bottoms down, owing to the fact that my wrists were cuffed together in front of me, plus there was an attached chain that was getting in the way. Sitting down on the toilet and relieving myself was the easy part, but I had to get cleaned which meant holding the tissue paper in my hands and wiping myself before depositing the material into the waste container. The hardest part of the exercise was pulling my bottoms back up as I could only reach around to my sides at best as I did my best to work them up over my bottom. I must have looked like a dishevelled mess as I opened the door of the bathroom and stood before the officer who had a malevolent smile on her face.

“Now, we are going down to the kitchen, and that will serve as the interview room rather than taking you down to the station for the moment. To be honest, a piece of shit such as yourself doesn’t even deserve the benefit of an interview, but your bleeding-heart wimp of a victim seems to want some kind of due process to happen. I must do something first, just in case you decide you want to slow me down.”

Ms Long took the chain and wrapped it around my neck before taking it under my cuffs, so when she pulled the other end of the chain tight, the links between the cuffs were forced against my throat.

“If you don’t keep up with me, you’ll just choke yourself. I’ll find it fun, but you might not.” The officer said as she walked along the hallway to the stairs with me keeping up due to the ever present pressure around my neck, before we walked down the stairs and along to the kitchen.

There was a pad of paper and a pen at one end of the table along with a chair, and I was pulled to the chair and made to sit down before I was pushed closer to the table. Inspector Long took two padlocks out of her left jacket pocket, unlocked the chain from my wrists and used one of the locks to secure one end of the chain around my neck. The handcuffs were locked onto the chain about two and a half feet from my neck, and the rest of the chain was pulled through the metal ring at the side of the table so that my hands were pushed against the wood. The other end of the chain was wrapped around my ankles in two tight figure of eight patterns before the final padlock was used to secure the binding into place.

“Now that the prisoner is properly restrained, the questioning can begin.” The Inspector said as she walked around the table so that she could sit at the other end of the table. “Put the name of the offender at the top of the sheet.”

It was then that I understood that this so-called questioning was going to be an act of torture in its own right, because in order to pick up the pen and write on the pad, I would have to lift my feet up off the floor and lower my head in order to reduce the pressure on my neck. It was uncomfortable at the very least as I wrote my name “Jodi Felicia Marsh” on the top of the page, and I knew that it was going to get worse as time went on.

“Date of birth, age and place of residence.”

The links of the chain bit into the flesh of my ankles as I put down “Ninth of March, 1998. Sixteen. 4 Hearthill Road, Wolverhampton.”

“Write down the name of the victim and her family relationship to you.”

The effect of the restraints on my wrists, ankles and neck were becoming more unpleasant as I continued with my writing, but I wrote “Iris Ball. Guardian.” At this moment, Inspector Long rose from her chair so that she could walk behind me, and I screamed a second later as she took hold of my hair, pulling and twisting it in a most cruel manner so that my head was forced back as far as it could go.

“Guardian is not the proper answer, you little cunt, that is a legal position. I would have thought that a shit like you could at least get that right.”

I was unable to reach the pad as my neck was pulled back, so my hair was released in order that I may be able to lean forward and enter the correct response. The word “Guardian was crossed out and in its place I wrote “Stepmother.” which felt very unusual because I had never written it down before or even given a conscious thought about Iris as my stepmother.

“That’s better, bitch. Now put down that you are guilty, and list the crimes that you have committed. There’s no need to put every single offence down as I hate the paperwork, but I’m sure that you have enough serious offences to keep the courts happy.”

It was difficult to work out just how many criminal acts that I had committed, but I didn’t want to keep the inspector waiting as I wanted to keep my hair intact. So I wrote:

“I am guilty of the following offences.

Aggravated assault
Sexual assault
Sexual assault by penetration”

“That’s quite a list that you have there, and it might be enough to keep you inside for life.” Ms Long said as she picked up the pad. “I’ll check this out with the victim and see want charges she wants me to pursue against you.”

As soon as she left the room, I tried to relax as best I could, in my present predicament, and I tried to find out what the time was, as it must be past one o’clock in the morning at the very least, but when I looked around I discovered that every clock face had been covered up. There was nothing to do but wait until my captor returned, and I wouldn’t know how long I would be waiting for, but time seemed to drag on as I had nothing to keep me occupied except the trepidation of what was to happen next.

“Typical bleeding heart.” The Inspector said as she strode into the kitchen. “It seems that Mrs Ball doesn’t want you tried and thrown into prison, so she asked if there was a non-custodial means of correction. I explained to her that I know a special individual who takes great delight in punishing naughty young bitches like you, but this person isn’t available until the morning.” She said as she knelt beside me and removed the padlock that held the chain around my ankles.

“Even though this person cannot be here until daylight, she has left precise instructions on how you are to be prepared for her arrival. We are going to your bedroom and you are to follow my instructions unless you want to end up in prison, where the other inmates will most likely carve your face up for what you have done. To be honest, prison is more survivable than the sadist who will deal with you in the morning. Now, follow me and no speaking.”

As the officer walked away I was forced to go after her and I almost felt as if I was a slave being led to her new owner as I was taken upstairs and along the hallway to my bedroom. Once we were there she unlocked the chain first and then my cuffs and she untied the cloth that had served as my gag until now.

“Okay bitch, strip off, fold your pyjamas up and put them on the chair.” Suddenly I felt ashamed of the idea of being naked, as in a way it was in front of a stranger, but I knew that if I didn’t remove my clothing, she would and it would be a far more unpleasant experience. It took everything I had to lift my top over my head and fold it up, and I hesitated for a few seconds below pulling my bottoms down to my ankles, folded them into a small neat package and put them along with the top on my chair.

“Call that the body of a young woman? It’s more like a child. Go over to your clothes drawer.” My hands went over the modest areas of my body at this point, in response to the comment and I made my way over to the drawer although I was afraid of what might happen.

“Pull open the top drawer and pick up the two items on top of the sheet of brown paper.” When I opened the drawer, I stared in shock at what was already prepared inside but I knew that if I disobeyed, the situation would become much worse so I took out the folded pair of blue panties and the large blue ball-gag. “Stuff the panties in your mouth first, and strap the gag on after.” My predicament was becoming worse by the second as I opened my mouth so that I could force my panties between my lips, and the strong taste of rubber was most unpleasant as I put the large ball into my mouth which pushed the panties back. It took more than a few seconds for me to place the free strap through the buckle, and I pulled the strap through as far as I could before fixing it in place, even though the straps dug into my face.

“Sit on the bed and cuff your ankles together.” The inspector placed the set of cuffs that had held my wrists together on the bed, so I walked over and sat down before locking the cuff around my ankles. “Lie face down on the bed.” After I had done this, the officer took a short chain out of her jacket pocket, threading it around a vertical bar at the foot of the bed and the cuffs around my ankle before using a padlock to secure the ends together.

“Put your hands behind your back and cuff yourself.” Inspector Long said as she put a pair of handcuffs at the small of my back, so I took my hands around to my back, took hold of the cuffs and locked them around my wrists so that I was in a state of complete helplessness.

“Bitch, you look cold on that bed, so you need to be warmed up a little.” My eyes widened as my captor walked up to the wardrobe, opened it and took out my punishment slipper before walking back to me. I screamed as the first blow landed on my bottom, which seemed to be a far harsher strike than any that I had received as Iris’s hand, and I writhed, squirmed and shrieked as blow after blow landed on my unprotected posterior.

After the beating was over, I was puzzled when I was turned onto my right side, but there was a clicking at my wrists as one end of the long chain was padlocked to the cuffs that bound my hands together, before the links were threaded between my thighs. Once this had been done, the officer ensured that the links were lined up with the most sensitive flesh between my legs and she looped the end of the chain around a vertical bar at the head of the bed, pulling it so tight that my arms were forced to be straight and I squealed from the pain between my legs. The end of the chain was padlocked, and I wondered how I was going to sleep as this position left me immobile and tormented.

“One more thing to add to your punishment.” The woman said as she picked up the saliva soaked scarf which was tied across my eyes so that I would be blindfolded. “You look a little warm there with your hot bottom, so you need to cool down.” I was shocked when I heard the window open as I never leave it like that when I’m trying to sleep and it was a cold night. When the cold breeze went over my skin, it caused me to squirm which inflicted further suffering when the links between the chains bit into my soft skin.

“Is there a problem with your cunt, you little cunt?”

I shook my head as I didn’t want any more punishment right at this moment.

“Good, just one more thing to do before I leave.” She said, and I yelped when the cuffs around my wrists and ankles were tightened so that they bit into my skin as well. The light was switched off, the door was closed, and there was the sound of a key turning in a lock which indicated that I was a true prisoner with a long night ahead of her.

The most unusual thing about my situation was that even though I was in a constant state of discomfort, or perhaps because of it, after a long time resting on my bed I felt drowsy and started to doze off...

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