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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 12

“Right, I think that the last of your soap suds should be removed before I dry my water-babe off.” Kendra said, and the helpless Petra found herself being held by her chest ropes before she was moved back into a sitting position, so that her knees were back on the cushion on the floor of the bath.

That was quite an adventure, but I think that it will be better if I have some kind of snorkel arrangement in the future as I would be then able to remain immersed. I hope that I get some rest for a while, as it has been a very busy day so far. Water flowed over the shoulders of the captive lady, before damp hands went down her sides to force some of the remaining gel into the bathwater, and it felt like a gentle caress of her body. That’s very nice, using your cupped hands to lift up the water rather than using a shower spray on me, which is a much more gentle way of washing me clean. This does feel good. Another handful of water was poured onto the top of her chest which helped to wash away the last of the liquid that was on her breasts. Again and again, water was poured onto her, and the wiping by the hands of her captor ensured that none of the gel clung onto her body, so that she was clean.

“Don’t offer any resistance while I remove the rope from your legs, as I won’t be able to lift you out while you are frogtied like this.” Kendra said, and the prisoner heard the sound of something being pulled apart before the familiar gurgling sound started which let her know that the bath was emptying. Once the water level was low enough, the bound nude was moved so that she was lying back on her arms again, and she felt touches on her right leg before the rope was unwound from her thigh and ankle. A moment later, the knot was untied on the rope that locked her left ankle and thigh together and within a minute the rope was removed from her left leg, so that she was able to stretch out both of her legs in the bath.

“I will get you out in a few seconds, and I will dry your legs first.” Kendra said.

Why not my whole body? It does seem odd that you will only be concentrating on my legs at the moment, but I would guess that you have a reason for doing so. Hands again gripped the ropes that immobilised the captive’s arms, and she managed to get her feet under her body as she was lifted up so that she could stand in the bath.

“I want you to sir on the edge of the bath and put your feet on the floor outside of the bath, so that your legs can be dried.” Kendra said as the helpless lady was guided sideways until her left leg felt the side of the bath, and she sat down on the edge before lifting her legs up so that she could be turned to the left with her able to place her feet down on what felt like a towel. The towel was used to dry the captive’s right foot and then her left, with special attention paid to her soles and the gaps between her toes, before it was used to rub her legs dry in a gentle manner all of the way up to the top of her thighs.

So that’s why you wanted to dry my feet first. I shouldn’t have been surprised as it does make sense. After Petra’s feet  and legs were dried, her feet were placed together, and she heard the familiar ratchet sound as the feeling of cold steel surrounded her right ankle, before a the noise was duplicated with the same feeling around her left ankle. It does make sense that you would cuffs my ankles together, and my wrists will follow before long. The rope that bound her arms to her chest was untied, which left only her wrists attached to her elbows and these two remaining ropes were untied, before her hands were brought around to the front of her body. There was the cold feeling around her right wrist which was accompanied by a clicking sound, and this was repeated with her left hand so that the captive was handcuffed as well. You will be moving me to a bed before too long, and you might want me to take a break first.

“Stand up, now, I want to finish drying you off.” Kendra said, and the prisoner’s hands were held so that she could use the leverage to pull herself up into a standing position, before she felt the touch of a warm towel as it was used to dry her bottom which had been unreachable while she had been sitting on the side of the bath. Her hands with the gaps between her fingers were dried off, along with her lower arms and the handcuffs were wiped so that no water would remain on them to irritate the captive. Her upper arms were dried off next, and her towel was rubbed over her back so that this would be dry before the cloth was padded against the soft flesh of her breasts and abdomen. “I don’t want to be rough to you in this area, Diana did it to me once, and I felt very uncomfortable as it happened, so we decided to be gentle about it, especially with this area.” There was a squeal from the bound woman as the towel was pressed against the Mound of Venus before it was pushed onto the intimate lips between her legs.

I think that I would have screamed at you if you had rubbed the towel against me harshly in this area. There is only my hair to dry, but I am still wearing my blindfold, which won’t make it easy for you to use a towel on me.

“I will just wrap your hair up in a towel at the moment, as I will use a hair dryer in my bedroom.” Kendra said, and the powerless woman stood there as the cloth was wound around her head so that her hair was covered. “As it has been a while since you last went, so I am going to take you for a bathroom break first. After all, you don’t want to end up waking up with that most desperate need, as I did once. It isn’t fun at all when your only thoughts are, I need to go! I need to go!”

I have no desire to even experience this for one time only, and I’m glad that you aren’t planning on using it as some kind of torture. Fingers wrapped themselves around the links of the handcuffs before a gentle tug encouraged Petra to follow her captor by moving in a slow, shuffling manner. At least I am allowed to go on my own. If this was a real kidnapping, I would not be so lucky and I would have to endure the humiliation of being very securely bound with one of the kidnappers in the toilet as well. Within a minute, the floor changed from cold tiles to a warm carpet, which meant that they had left the bathroom, and after a short time the helpless lady was made to turn around before a gentle pressure on her chest made her step back, so that the back of her legs touched the toilet seat.

The door closed with the sound of a key turning in a lock, and the woman sat down on the seat so that she could go through the necessary process before standing up and flushing the toilet. She held her hands out in from of her before the door was opened, and her captor took hold of the handcuffs so that she could be led to the bedroom. About another five minutes of slow shuffling took the bound Petra to her destination, and the captive felt that there was a bed in front of her before she turned around so that her back was to it. “Sit down, my sweet slave.” The lady did so, making sure that she was comfortable as she reasoned that she might be in this position for a little while, and the towel was unwound from her head which left her wet hair exposed.

It wasn’t long before there was the whirring sound which was followed by warm air being blown against the captive’s hair, and this was accompanied by a brush being applied. Ooh, that feels so good, and you are only keeping it at a warm level. I wonder if one of the factors that makes me enjoy bondage is the way that I am being spoilt, as someone else is even drying my hair. It’s a pity that this is only going to last for the weekend, and I would have loved for you two to have kidnapped me a lot sooner. The drying of the captive’s hair continued, with the warm air and brushing of her hair providing the helpless lady with a sensual pleasure that she was soon sighing to as she surrendered to the experience.

“Yes, it is very enjoyable after a bath in bondage, to have someone dry and brush your hair. Both Diana and I have done this to each other, and it is wonderful to have someone else treat you in this way. However, I think that your hair is dry enough by now and the worst thing I can do is continue.” Kendra said, switching off the hair dryer and putting her equipment on a table, before pulling the helpless lady further back onto the bed. “I need to ensure that you don’t go anywhere while I make some lunch for us, so you are going to become a little more secure while I’m gone.”

What are you planning this time? Oh, I shouldn’t have been surprised with this move. A clicking sound at Petra’s ankles let her know that one end of a pair of cuffs had been attached to the links that connected her feet together, and her hands were pulled down to her ankles before a second ratcheting noise at her wrists informed her that she had been hogtied with cuffs. Her body was turned to the left, and she squirmed a little in her new bondage position which she guessed had her facing the foot of the bed.

“There, these should make sure that you remain on the bed for the time being, and you shouldn’t fall off the bed from here. See you in a few minutes.” Petra listened out as the footsteps decreased in volume before there was quiet, which meant that Kendra had disappeared to make the meal.

How long will you be, and I wonder if I can get this blindfold off my face so that I can see something? If I can just bring my wrists and ankles closer to my body, I may be able to get my fingers high enough to dislodge the pads that cover my eyes. Her hands and feet were far away from her as she was bent over in her sitting position, but after a few minutes the bound woman managed to squirm herself into a more upright situation with her limbs closer to her torso. Now it’s time get this thing off from over my eyes, if I can reach it. As the helpless lady attempted to reach up for the first time she found out that the item remained just out of her reach, and it seemed to her as if this situation was created just to tease her. I’ll just have to become a little scrunched up ball to do this, even if it means straining against my bonds. This felt as if it was going to be successful for the ‘hogcuffed’ lady as the tips of her fingers managed to just about press against the top of her blindfold but they weren’t able to apply any meaningful pressure.

I have to try just a little bit harder. Straining with all of her might, the captive managed to bring her hands up to the blindfold and it was pushed up a little, even though this didn’t allow her to see. Emboldened by this she pushed herself a little more, but she paid so much attention to her actions that she didn’t notice that her body was becoming off-balance in the process.

Oh SHIT! Petra ended up screaming through her gag as she toppled over to her right side, and she realised that she was stuck like this until Kendra returned from the kitchen. I should have known better than to try, and now I am stuck like this with my blindfold pushed up a little.

“You naughty slave! I leave you alone for ten minutes and you misbehave while I’m gone. I see no other course of action than to administer some kind of punishment for your misdeed.”

Ouch! The helpless lady yelped for a second time as the slipper impacted onto her unprotected posterior, and she struggled in her bonds, even though this action was futile. It wasn’t that the spanking was hard, but that it was so embarrassing to be punished like a child and being unable to do anything about it.

There were twelve blows in all, and the captive was at least thankful that these just stung a little, as she knew that Kendra could have treated her a lot worse if the woman had chosen to. “Trying to remove your blindfold while I was away, that was very bad of you. This was just a warning, next time I will not go so easy on you. I will make sure that you will not be able to do this again.” The blindfold was pulled down into its proper position before the item was tightened by a notch which meant that it couldn’t be removed unless it was unbuckled. “Think yourself very fortunate that I have made lunch, otherwise you would have gone hungry. I was watching you from the doorway, which meant that you didn’t even listen out for me or pay attention to anything else.”

I had better not annoy Kendra at the moment, otherwise I may end up spending the afternoon spread-eagled face down on the bed with a lot of spanking in store for me. Petra was pulled further up the bed and placed into a sitting position before the cuffs that connected her wrists together and her wrists to her ankles to her ankles were unlocked. One end of a pair of cuffs were enclosed around each wrist, before Petra’s arms were pulled out to either side of her with the cuffs locked down to the head of the bed.

“You will eat without speaking this time. Do you understand?” Petra nodded, and the straps were unbuckled before the ball was pulled away from her mouth, with her leaving her mouth open so that she could be fed. There was the feeling of a sandwich between her teeth, so the captive took a bite before taking her time chewing and she swallowed before opening her mouth again. This was how it continued, until she kept her mouth open and the ball of the gag was forced between her teeth, with the ends of the straps being taken around to the back of her neck were they were buckled together.

I just hope that you allow me to rest this afternoon. The helpless woman was pulled down the bed by her ankles, until her arms were stretched to their fullest extent and the cuffs were removed from her legs. Her feet were pulled wide apart and rope was wound ten times around each ankle, before the tightening of the cord meant that her legs were secured to the corners of the bed.

“I’ll leave you like this for a while as I have other things to do, including sorting out the gate at the end of the garden. If you try anything while I am away, you will experience a real punishment.” The quiet sound after the speaking seemed to suggest to the spread-eagled woman that she was alone again, but she also knew that her captor could just be quiet in the doorway.

I won’t be causing any trouble at the moment, as I just want to rest. It has been quite an eventful day so far, with situations happening that I have never expected.

As Petra’s mind ran through what had happened to her, the train of thought dissipated as she fell asleep...

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