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Monday, 17 November 2014

Iris - A New Day Part 1 of 12

When people wake up, they sometimes tell you that the first thing that they notice is the sounds of the birds outside their window, falling rain outside, or the wind blowing through the trees. For me on this new morning, it was a wet cloth between my teeth along with a dry mouth which came to my immediate attention, and this was followed by the strip of material over my eyes which prevented me from seeing. A few gentle tugs with my arms and legs let me know that I was still in a spread-eagle on the bed, so I just rested and waited for Jodi to get up and start our day.

There was no struggling from me when I roused from my sleep, as I had ended up in a situation like this more than enough times while Ian was alive, and I had missed the feeling of waking up as a bondage captive. As I lay there in my reverie, my mind went back to the adventure of the previous evening, where my world was turned upside down by my daughter practising sexual bondage because she had read one of my fantasy stories. The situation is never going to be the same after last night, so I will have to throw off the remainder of my inhibitions concerning my daughter as there would be forms of contact that I would have to become used to.

I tried to think of what was going to happen to me today, but Jodi would have made her own plans up, so this was just speculation on my part. Given her late physical development, she may want to experiment with her growing awareness along with playing out more of my fantasy ideas, perhaps even combining the two. Just before she went to bed, she showed that she was capable of passionate kissing, so this could play a part in today’s games.

My train of thought was interrupted by a creaking sound that came from the bedroom floor. The boards don’t do that on their own, are you in my room? There’s another creak, what are you up to? Nononono, stopstopstopstop! Any thoughts that I had about what Jodi had planned was pushed out of my head when fingernails raked down my right foot at a slow pace which caused me to arch my back and scream with laughter. It wasn’t long before I was screaming so much that I was unable to breathe, so my daughter halted for thirty seconds in order for me to get some air.

Just when I had got back to normal, I started to shriek again as my left foot was assailed by Jodi’s fingers, and the only time that I wasn’t laughing was when she changed which foot to torment. There was a longer period of relief from my tickle-torture, but I knew that things were going to get even more intense as my captor got onto the bed between my knees so that she would be in reach of my upper legs. My body arched again as Jodi clawed her fingers down my inner thighs, and even though the house was soundproofed, I developed a worry that our neighbours might hear us.

The torture was halted for a second time as my captor knelt astride my waist, and I could tell that her legs were bare, but she did seem to be wearing something that covered her modesty. After a few more seconds, what she was wearing became irrelevant when she started to tickle my sides with her fingers, and her weight on my body meant that I was unable to arch my back on response which seemed to make the sensation even stronger. There was another pause, and I knew that this was going to be the ultimate torture, and my daughter would carry it out until I was unable to scream from lack of breath.

Nononono! The attack on my armpits began, and soon I was unable to breathe because of the intensity of my torment, so I was left in a silent struggle without even the ability to beg for mercy.  Long before I was due to black out though, Jodi stopped so that I could get my breath back, and she removed my cloth gag so that I would be able to speak.

“Don’t worry BC, I won’t tickle you again for today, as I know that you can only stand so much.”

I was wondering what Jodi meant by BC, when I remembered some years ago when she was learning to read and write. She had spelt babysitter as babyceeter, and we used to joke about it with Ian saying “How’s BC today?” with Jodi calling me BC as a joke. That had stopped before Jodi was ten, but she must have remembered it as she had just used it as a term of endearment.

Well, BC is a lot better than BS, that would really stink. I couldn’t help but giggle at this moment, which Jodi couldn’t fail to notice.

“What’s so funny, BS?” She said.

“I’m sorry Mistress Jodi, I was just thinking that BC is a lot better than BS, as that would really stink.”

Jodi joined me in giggling, and a moment later her lips joined mine in an unusual but exquisite kiss as she embraced me on the bed for a few minutes. “Well, is there anything wrong with calling me Mistress Dee?” She said after she pulled back from the kiss.

I thought for a second, and the combination of names lined up in my head which caused me to giggle again. “There’s nothing wrong with that, Mistress, so long as someone doesn’t call us BC and Dee.” It was at this point that we both burst into laughter at our new pet names, but it seemed to be a defining new moment in the relationship between us.

“Well, BC and Dee it is.” Dee said as she put her arms around my neck, kissed me again, and placed her tongue between my lips, so I parted my teeth in order to intertwine my tongue with hers. We stayed like this for a while, but Dee pulled back and said “You are going to need a bathroom break BC, so I will free you so that you will be able to freshen up. Once you leave, the bathroom, you will be bound and gagged for the next step. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Dee.” I said, wondering what was going to happen to me once I had finished my necessary break and presented myself. My blindfold was removed, and after a few moments my eyes adjusted to the light in the room as my daughter untied the ropes that bound me to the bed so I would be able to go to the bathroom. She was wearing her blue one piece swimsuit which I felt was a little underdressed for a mistress, but I thought that she’ll probably sort herself out something better for the future. When my limbs were free, I made my way to the bathroom and performed what I had to, before giving my face a quick wash and cleaning my teeth.

Dee, sorry Mistress Dee was waiting for me as I stepped outside, with a roll of white tape, four lengths of rope and a rubber ball in preparation for my binding.

“Turn your back to me and place your hands palm to palm.” Dee said as she picked up one of the ropes.

“Yes, Mistress Dee.” I said, turning around as she asked and placing my hands together behind my back in the position that she ordered, and I found that doing this sent a strong buzz through my body, although it still felt a little weird which was due to our familial relationship. This feeling grew even stronger when the rope encircled my wrists five times, before three wraps cinched the cord and a knot was placed out of reach of my fingers which ensured that my wrists were bound.

“Turn to face me and open your mouth wide, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress Dee.” The feeling increased still further as I turned around to face my captor and opened my mouth wide in preparation for being gagged, and I thought about the chain of people that lead me to this moment.

First, I was submissive to Barbara, next it was Ian, and now I am the bondage slave of my own daughter. It seems that I have been the captive of every member of this family. The ball was inserted between my teeth, so I pushed my lips together as Mistress Dee tore a strip off the roll of tape before pressing the material over my mouth. My feet were already together, so my Mistress took another length of rope and my ankles were soon restrained which left me only able to hop before a third length bound my legs together just below the knees.

“Turn and face the bathroom, slave.” After I had done this, there was the delightful feeling of my elbows being pulled together, even though this wasn’t my most comfortable position. The last strand of rope was looped just below my elbows and the cinching almost caused my joints to touch as the cord was knotted off.

I was unsure about what was going to happen next, as I had assumed that my captor would want me to go downstairs for breakfast, which made me wonder why my legs were bound. I did give a look to the top of the stairs in an attempt to find out if we were going downstairs, but I was surprised my daughter’s response.

“We aren’t going downstairs just yet BC, hop into the bathroom.” I did as my captor ordered, and it only took a few hops to get into the bathroom, at which point Mistress Dee opened the door to the shower cubicle and said “Get inside, slave.”

A shower in bondage, I haven’t done this for such a long time, and it’s another one of my fantasy stories. I was almost shivering with anticipation as I took careful hops into the shower because I had only done this a few times with Ian. That’s why you taped my mouth, as other gags might cause me to choke with the spray of water. Once I was inside, My Mistress stepped in, closing the door behind her and positioning herself as far as possible out of the spray while reaching for the shower switch. I hate the start of this, though.

The cold water splashed all over my flesh, which caused me to squeal through my nose at the shock, but I soon relaxed as the liquid warmed up so that its caress over my body became a sensual one. My Mistress detached the head from its stand and held the grip so that she could direct the spray over my body in a teasing manner, which increased the feeling or arousal that started when I was bound and gagged.

Once my body was wet enough, the shower was switched off, my captor picked up a bottle of shower gel before stepping behind me, and she poured a liberal amount onto her right hand which she rubbed in a gentle manner onto my shoulders, back and arms. It was a very unusual experience for me because not only was I in nude bondage, but my own daughter was providing me with what could only be described as an erotic massage. A second amount of gel was rubbed onto the back of my legs, and I forgot about how weird it was as I concentrated on the sensation that my captor was providing for me. It was the turn of my bottom to receive the soothing touch as the material was spread over my cheeks, but it was the slow and gentle kneading of my flesh that increased the fire between my legs which caused me to emit a small sigh of pleasure.

I was a little disappointed when the attention to my bottom stopped and the front of my legs were soaped by my Mistress from behind, and she lathered me from my ankles to just below the top of my thighs. The next application was from above my mound to just below my breasts, and as my upper chest was cleaned, I realised that my captor was saving my most intimate areas for last. A loud moan escaped from my throat as Mistress Dee made sure that a large amount of the soapy material was spread over my breasts, and the strokes of her fingertips over my sensitive flesh revealed that my nipples hard become stiff and erect from my erotic escapade.

“This area needs a lot of cleaning.” My captor said as she continued to caress and knead my breasts, and I writhed in my helplessness which caused my arms and hands to rub against the body of my daughter. “That does feel good, BC, don’t stop moving as I clean you.” I blushed a little at this, as I knew that my hand had brushed against her mound, but it showed that she could receive some sensual pleasure from being touched, even though her delayed development denied her the proper experience that most girls of her age received.

The caress of my Mistress over the mounds and nipples of my beasts took me close to the peak of my desire, but I knew that it would not be enough to take me over the edge as I moaned and squirmed in my lather of lust. It seemed to me that I screamed through my nose when my daughter applied the gel to the most intimate area of my body, but it probably sounded to her like a whiney nasal sound.

There were no longer any concerns about who was caressing my Mound of Venus, as the only thing on my mind was achieving the peak of joy and the release that followed. Both of my captor’s hands were concentrating on the area between my legs, and I thrust my hips back and forth a little so that I could obtain the maximum effect from her caresses, as I built up to my peak.


The ecstasy flowed through my senses, and the fact that my daughter was holding my bucking, convulsing body in order not to let me fall, seemed to be distant and surreal in this blissful moment. She lowered me to the floor of the cubical, where I continued to squirm and twitch in my joy, and I couldn’t even remember what she whispered to me, although it sounded soft and gentle.

As I sat in my post-orgiastic reverie, my Mistress switched on the shower head, and waited until it was warm before spraying the lather away from my body, lifting me up so that every area could be washed off. This action added to the warmth that I felt inside, and this was helped when a large towel was wrapped around me so that I was covered from shoulder to ankle before I was helped to hop out of the shower and sit on the edge of the bath.

“You were incredible, BC. I’ve seen something like this on the videos, but to see and feel it for real is a different experience altogether.” My Mistress said as she dried herself off with another towel. “You can get all of that joy, and I can only receive a nice warm feeling inside, along with a deep thrill. To be honest, it makes me a little jealous.”

Give yourself a few more months, Dee, and you will truly know what it feels like. I was thinking about trying to help my daughter by speaking to her, when there was a reminder of a more immediate concern, as a loud rumble from my stomach showed that I was hungry.

“I think that we had better go down for some breakfast, BC. A slave on an empty stomach is not something that I want.” My captor said as she made sure that the towel had dried my skin before removing it and helping me to stand up. “Make your way to the bottom of the stairs, slave.”

This was something that I had done many times before, so I hopped out of the bathroom and made my way to the top of the stairs, hoping that the bouncing of my attributes fore and aft would not make my daughter even more jealous of me. The hardest part of this manoeuvre was to sit on the floor, so I pressed my back against the wall and squatted before moving my feet out from under me and lowing myself the rest of the way. Once this was done, it was an easy matter to put my feet on one of the lower steps and move my bottom down one step at a time.

Once my feet were on the floor at the ground level, it was just a matter of standing upright and waiting for the next command from my mistress, who walked down the stairs carrying my cloth blindfold. She put the strip over my eyes and tied the knot at the back of my head before guiding me to hop towards the kitchen, where we would eat breakfast.

The changing of the floor from warm carpet to cold tiles let me know that I had reached the kitchen, and I made a few more hops before I was ordered to stop, and I listened to the sound of wood rubbing against tile.

“Sit down, slave, and then lean forward.”

As I sat down, I noticed that this was one of the two armless kitchen chairs with a short back, and I leaned forward only to have my bound hands pulled up by my captor.

“Lean back on the chair.”

When I followed this instruction, my hands were taken over the back of the chair before one end of a length of rope was tied to my wrists, and I assumed that the other end would be knotted off at the horizontal strut connecting the two rear legs near the top. My body was pushed a little further against the chair back, and a rope went across my waist several times so that I would be unable to lift myself up.

That rope is probably looped around the top of the rear legs, as we have done this to each other enough times. My legs were untied at the knees and ankles, and they were repositioned so that my lower legs were touching the legs of the chair. My right ankle was bound to the right chair leg, with windings that went above and below the wooden strut that connected this leg to the rear chair leg, and secured with several cinches before my left ankle was restrained in the same manner.

Cord was taken around the chair and my left leg below the knee and above the front to front bar, so that my left leg was locked in place and this was followed by my right knee so that I was bound to the chair with very little give. I had been tied to a chair for a meal before, but not in the nude with my legs apart, which meant that it was going to be an interesting breakfast.

“Now that you are a little tied up, BC, we can begin.” My daughter said as she sat on the chair between my legs, and the pressure on my legs let me knew that she was facing me. “It’s time for a nice bondage breakfast.”

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