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Monday, 17 November 2014

Jodi’s Punishment Part 2 of 6

When I’ve been asleep there is a period of reverie once I’m awake, but this time there was no such grace as the end of two chain links bit into the lips between my legs, which caused me to squeal as I was roused to a state of full wakefulness. There was aching in my limbs due the way that I was restrained, and a sharper pain around my wrists and ankles as the steel cuffs pressed into my joints in those locations. The cloth that kept me blindfolded was dry but the panties behind my ball-gag were sodden, while the taste of rubber in my mouth was stronger than when I was placed in this bondage which was due to the fact that I wasn’t used to the gag yet.

I was unable to tell if it was daylight, as the cloth was thick enough to prevent any light from getting through, but the chirping of birds in the trees let me know that even at the earliest it would be dawn soon. This was good news, as I had managed to get some rest during the night, even if I was in a constant state of discomfort from my bondage. At this moment a troubling thought entered my mind as I lay helpless on the bed, because seeing as birdsong has never woken me up, what was it that roused me from my sleep?

As I listened there was a clicking sound from the back garden, and it seemed as if someone was walking on the stone path and moving away from the house before the noise faded away, which left me wondering if I had imagined it. The next sound let me know that this was all too real when I heard the sound of two pieces of metal clunking together and I was filled with fear after a few more seconds as I recognised what was making the noise as it approached. It’s the ladder from the shed! I removed it and put it between the shed and the fence, so that I could make room for my games with Iris, and I never put them back in their proper place after finishing with the shed. Someone has picked them up and is moving to the rear of the house with them. My window has been open throughout the night, oh shit!

It became crystal clear as to what was happening as the sound grew louder and louder until it remained level in volume when there was the noise of the ladder being placed against the wall. Someone is breaking into the house, and I’m stuck like this on the bed! What if he wants more than to just burgle the place? Oh please, I can’t even think about that. There was the familiar sound of metal sliding against metal, and the thud of metal against plastic told me that the ladder had been extended up to my bedroom window. My mind became frantic as I tried to think of some way, any way to escape my present situation, but there was no chance of fighting, screaming, or running for help as my restraints had been applied in a most effective manner.

I’ve heard of the proverbial lamb to the slaughter, but I’m trussed up on the alter and waiting for the knife to be plunged into me! There was a new sound which I recognised as the intruder placing a foot on one of the ladder’s rungs and I froze on my bed, not even daring to breathe as each step was louder than before as the criminal made his way up to my bedroom. The next sound was right at the window sill that would have been the hands of the man who was breaking in, and after a few more steps he spoke in a low volume and gravelly voice which I presumed was so that he couldn’t be singled out in the future.

“It seems that I have hit the jackpot tonight, as although the room is occupied the girly inside is not going to do anything to stop me. I’ll just check the rest of the house to see what else is here.” My only response to his comment was to tremble as the intruder walked across the floor to the door of my bedroom and turned the handle in an attempt to gain access to the hallway.

“It seems to be locked, which is a pity as I wanted to see whatever goodies are in your house. I wonder why you are locked in, though? Maybe it’s to stop a boyfriend from getting in, and being your lover.” He said as he moved to the side of the bed that I was facing, and I squealed as he placed his hand on my left ankle which caused me to struggle against my bonds. “Maybe that’s why your window was open, you left it for your boyfriend and as he is so kinky, he gagged and cuffed you before giving you a good fuck.” As she said this, his hand slid up from my ankle to my bottom and I was repulsed by this complete stranger who decided that my body was his to touch. “Then he put this nice little torture chain on you before leaving you for mummy and daddy to find.”

 The hand moved further up my body and I felt degraded by this monster who was violating the privacy of my body for his own pleasure, and I tried to make a noise through my gag so that I could make some kind of protest.

“That’s good, I like it when girls hate my touch as it makes the end far more enjoyable for me. Perhaps you pissed off your older sister, and she has done this to you as a kind of SM punishment.” His fingers moved across my body to my navel before he took hold of the chain and pulled it hard so that I screamed into my gag from the pain that he inflicted between my legs. “Or you’ve been playing with yourself; mummy and daddy have found out about it and have done this to you as a punishment for your wicked ways.”

Another scream escaped my lips as he touched my Mound of Venus while he continued to speak. “It could be that they like their daughter fresh and ready for some special entertainment, so they chain you up and leave you like this so that they can fuck you in the morning.”

“It’s a pity that the chain is in my way, otherwise I would have so much fun with your arse and cunt. I think that I’ll leave everything here for the moment, as I have a few more houses to check out and I will leave this place ‘til last. I might be lucky and find a set of bolt cutters, in which case, I can take you with me after coming back here, as a body like yours will fetch a huge price with certain people. Don’t go anywhere ‘til I come back.”

There were footsteps leading away from me which was followed by a clanging sound as he descended from my window onto the lawn, and I was left in no doubt as to what my fate would be if he found a pair of bolt-cutters on his travels. My fate may not be much better if he didn’t find what he would be looking for, as I had been humiliated by him as I suffered the molestation of my body as I lay helpless on the bed. My attempts to scream for help proved to be useless as my gag was so efficient as to reduce the shriek to a low whine, and I tried to pull myself free from my bonds even though it made my captivity far more painful. The worst part of my struggling was caused by the chain between my legs, as I screeched time after time as the links tortured my most intimate of areas, although it wasn’t strong enough to dissuade me from continuing in my efforts to get free.

I had no way of knowing how much time had passed in my futile actions, but my terror refused to allow me to stop as the results of my failure to escape were crystal clear to me. My actions preoccupied me to such a degree that I did not notice him climb the ladder, and I froze in shock as I heard his gravelly voice from inside the room.

“Hello, my little fuck-toy, I managed to find some bolt-cutters so that I can have some fun with you before taking you with me for your new life.” He said as he stroked my cheek, and it was all I could do to stop myself from screaming at this moment, although I knew that in a little while, that I would be screaming and screaming and screaming.

“Before we continue, would you like me to tell you a little story? After all it does mean that it will delay the inevitable, and perhaps a member of your family will wake up and check on you, saving the day in the process.”

I nodded in the hope that he could end up being discovered and my rescue, even though the chances were slim to none.

“Okay then. There once was a young blond-haired blue-eyed lady who loved scarves, and in fact she loved scarves so much that they were all over her room. Then one night while the young lady was sleeping, an evil man entered her room through an open window and saw all of the scarves scattered around the room. He said “I can make use of these scarves as I play a game on the girl in the bed.” and took hold of seven long scarves for his evil game. The stupid blond had her world turned upside down as she woke up to find herself forced face down on the bed with her arms pinned beside her, and as she tried to scream for help a rolled up scarf was forced into her mouth.”

You bastard! Are you saying that you’ve already ra-, done this to other girls?

“A second scarf was taken around her face to keep her gagged and a third blindfolded her before her arms were taken around to her back and bound together tight at the wrists and elbows by the intruder. Her ankles were bound to her thighs by the final two scarves, and her clothing was cut away from her body with a knife so that she was left naked and sobbing on her bed. Do you know what happened next?”

I nodded as I knew that my fate was near. YES! I know what happened to her, and it is about to happen to me!

“Well, you are wrong. Nothing happened because she is purely fictional.” A woman’s voice said, the familiarity of which place me in a state of complete confusion. “So, Little Miss Kidnapper and Violator, how does it feel to be helpless and out of control with the person going to do things to you that you don’t want to happen, but are unable to stop.”

My blindfold was pulled away and the bedside lamp was on, so I could see that the person that I had assumed to be my ra- violator was Iris who used a fake voice to deceive me! She was dressed in a vinyl catsuit with matching calf length boots and a domino mask over her eyes, so it wouldn’t be correct to call her Iris as she was playing another part. It took me a few seconds to remember the controversial play that this character had been in and I realised that the fake intruder scenario was used at one point in the play to punish a girl who had misbehaved.

Now I know how my stepm-, how Iris felt on Friday night, when I committed my acts against her when she had no way of stopping me. It must have felt like this when I violated her over the incest taboo. I just wish I had worked out some rules for the evening beforehand.

“I can see in your eyes that you have understood why I punished you in this manner, because you did make your poor stepmother suffer as she was helpless in her bondage, while you violated her physically and mentally. You do have a long way to go before you can be salvaged, slave, but I think that it can be achieved before Monday morning. By the way, my name is Mistress Zana, and that is the title which you address me with. Is that clear?” She said as she shut and locked the bedroom window.

I nodded my head as the padlocks that bound the chains to my body and the bed were unlocked, and the cuffs were loosened around my wrists and ankles so that they were no longer so uncomfortable.

“Stand by the side of the bed.” Mistress Zana said as she unlocked and opened the door to my bedroom, using one of the keys that were on a large ring along with the ones for the padlocks and my handcuffs. It was a struggle to get off the bed due to the ache in my muscles, because I had been restrained in the same position for the night, but I managed to get to my feet in a fast enough time so as to prevent any encouragement from Mistress Zana. My arms were pulled together behind my back and I squealed as the short chain was wrapped around my forearms, just below the elbows before it was pulled tight with the ends padlocked together. This was a new situation for me to have my elbows forced together so that they touched behind my back, and my obvious discomfort only served to elicit a smile from my Mistress.

“It pleases me that you are suffering, as it informs me that I am carrying out your punishment in an efficient manner. Anyway, you need to have a break and then a shower before breakfast, so hop to the toilet unless you want me to take these keys and put them somewhere very painful.” She said as she put the long chain and remaining padlocks in a bag which she picked up.

I didn’t know whether my captor meant that she would press them on a nerve point or perform a literal insertion into my body, but I started to hop towards the door because I had no desire to find out which one it would be. It only took a few seconds to reach the door and I knew that reaching the bathroom would not be a problem, but I suspected that the situation would not be as simple as it sounded. My Mistress followed and entered the bathroom close behind me, which puzzled me as I was supposed to have a break first before the shower, so I wondered if she had made a mistake.

“Sit down on the toilet and have your break.” Mistress Zana said with a smile on her face.

With you here in front of me and watching while I do it? I’ve never been on the toilet with someone watching and I won’t be able to go. To say that I was shocked by my Mistress’s order was an understatement, and I stayed in place as I didn’t want to even sit on the seat after that.

“You can either go now, or you can have your shower and I will put a towel on you as a makeshift nappy until you do need to go.”

That suggestion was even worse as I would not only have to suffer from the humiliation of having to wear a nappy, but having to go in it as well so I hopped over to the toilet and sat down on it. I don’t think that my cheeks have ever been so red in my life as I forced myself to perform the necessary actions, which would allow me to evade an even greater degradation. Once I had finished, my bonds prevented me from being able to clean myself so this was performed by my Mistress, and I was unable to work out whether or not this was more embarrassing than being made to clean myself in front of her.

“Get in the shower now, so that I can clean you off before breakfast.”

I hopped into the cubicle and waited for her to switch on the shower, but she stood by the door before taking the head off its stand so that she could hold it in her hand with it pointing at me. A loud screech was emitted from my gagged mouth as the very cold water hit my body with some force, and it wasn’t getting any warmer after a few seconds, so I was going to have a very cold shower. Tying to protect one part of my body as it got cold, by hopping around so that it could no longer be hit by the cold water, proved to be unsound as I ended up providing a new target for my Mistress to aim at. After some time had passed, I was starting to shiver as a response to the loss of heat that I was experiencing, and the feeling was starting to disappear in my fingers and toes which made me very worried as it wasn’t a good sign.

“Okay, I will stop now, hop out of the shower and I will dry you off.” She said as she shut off the shower and picked up a large towel and held it up so that it could be wrapped around me when I exited the cubicle. Once I was in front of my Mistress I was surprised to find that the towel had been heated so that I would warm up and be dried off with no Ill effects from the freezing water.

“Now my slave, it’s time to go downstairs for breakfast.” 

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