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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 3

It took a few minutes for the French Maid in bondage to reach the first room, and she was thankful that all of the first floor doors were open so that she wouldn’t have to struggle with the handles in her present state of captivity. Even though we have a sign outside the main entrance which states that we use the continental system of noting the floor levels, some American visitors still get confused about where the first floor is and they think that it is the ground floor. The first room that she entered was the large dining room which was above the kitchen and there was even a dumb waiter that travelled between the two rooms.

Cecyme discovered that at first it was difficult to dust anything owing to the fact that her body was restricted by the tight ropes, but she soon learnt to cope with having to use the feather duster in this manner. In fact, the greatest problem with working wasn’t the fact that her movements were limited by her bonds, but as she worked the ropes rubbed against her body as if it was a form of erotic caress that was being delivered by a lover, with the worst culprit being the teasing cord that ran between her legs. Every so often, the feeling would become so strong that she stopped dusting, closed her eyes and just stood there writhing in her ropes while she enjoyed the experience.

OW! As the stinging feeling radiated into Cecyme’s bottom, she realised that someone must have caught her while she was luxuriating in her bondage.

“I see that you have been enjoying yourself instead of working, you naughty slave.” A voice with a Japanese accent whispered into her ear and the captive realised that she had been discovered by Megumi. “It is a good thing for you that it is your probationary weekend, slave, or I would have the authority to deliver a severe punishment, rather than the very mild one that you will receive.”

OW! OW! OWW! OWW! OWWW! There were five more cries that were emitted through the helpless lady’s gag as she received an impromptu spanking from the Japanese maid. Call that mild? My bottom is stinging like crazy after that.

“That is a very gentle ‘six of the best’ from me, but I can be capable of much more devious torments.” Megumi said as she stood behind Cecyme and held the captive in her arms. “I can also be very loving and pleasurable to anyone who is helpless, depending on my mood.”

Ooooo, that feels good, so good. A sigh of pleasure escaped the lips of the bound woman as delicate fingers teased the mounds of her breasts, and they seems to hit her most sensitive points. Please, carry on with using your hands. Soon, there were kisses and playful bites on the neck of the helpless lady as her captor’s right hand worked its way down to below her waist, and the bound captive wondered if she was going to be enjoying another moment of ecstasy before long.

Touch me there, please touch me there. The fingers slipped between Cecyme’s panties and the flesh of her Mound of Venus, and she writhed in the caresses that were delivered to her helpless body, with the one at the top of her legs being the strongest of all. If this goes up much longer, I am going to explode from pleasure.

“I think that I mentioned before that I can be devious with torments.” Megumi said and at this point the helpless woman became aware that something else was in her panties which had been placed under the crotch rope by the maid. There was a press against her body which was accompanied by an audible click, and this was followed by a buzzing in her panties which teased her to distraction.

You’ve put a small vibrator in my panties! How on earth am I going to be able to continue working with this thing tormenting me?

“If you want the device torture to end, then I would suggest that you had better complete your chores, slave.” Megumi said as she walked around to the front of the captive. “I will report your misconduct to my Mistress and the other maids, and they will be checking in from time to time to make sure that you are working.”

How am I even going to be able to concentrate, with this device tormenting my well of lust? After Megumi had left the room, it took all of Cecyme’s will to focus her attention on continuing with her work and cleaning the rest of the room with the feather duster. Once the helpless maid had finished cleaning this room, she hopped out and cleaned the corridor as best she could until the door to the next room was reached. This was the main living room which also doubled as a library, and a large television screen along with a media centre was hidden behind shelves that held real books so that the Victorian illusion could be maintained.

Again the bound captive started the task of cleaning the room, but she found the cleaning harder than before with the small device in her panties buzzing away with its siren’s song to her libido, and moan after moan escaped from her gagged lips as she hopped around. There were several times when she stopped for a moment as the experience took over, but the woman managed to resist the effects of her teasing and persevere in the housework.

The most unusual thing about my situation is that I have offered to help with the housework before as I have felt guilty about my position, but the maids and matron refused because “Cleaning and other work must never be done by the Mistress, only by servants and slaves”. There was always a smile on their faces though when I made the offers, so they knew that this was going to happen to me at some point. After a while, the lady in bondage dusted as much as she could in the library and moved out of the room so that she could start cleaning the smaller study rooms that were on this floor, including the one that she had been using this evening.

“Why, hello there.” Collette said as she embraced the captive while kissing her on the cheek. “Is that a buzzing in your panties, or are you just pleased to be in bondage?”

What are you going to do to me?

“Oh, you poor thing, having your body tormented in this way. Megumi can be a very cruel maid sometimes.” There was a squeal from the defenceless lady as the front of her black dress was stretched and pulled down so that her plentiful bosom was revealed, and the maid planted little kisses on the mounds of her breasts. “I know just how much of a tease that item is and I wish I could remove it or make you feel better, but I have no desire to be tortured by that horrid thing all night long.”

With kisses landing on the areola of her breasts, Cecyme just sighed and surrendered to the actions of the maid who was stoking the fires of lust. “I still remember being tied up on a bed with that thing in my panties, with no chance of any relief until the morning, and just because I decided to help Mistress Alic-. Sorry, I am talking too much.”

You must have meant Alicia! This explains everything that is going on. I wondered why she almost seemed to disappear on the weekends, and I was instructed to follow the orders of Matron Nicole when Alicia was unavailable. There was the time on a Monday morning once, when she had forgotten to wear her gloves, and I could have sworn that there were marks around her wrists. We were all thinking that you were this prim and proper lady, and yet you must have had this happening for years. I now understand that when you wanted me to replace you, it was in every way. I hope that I don’t let you down.

The attention of the captive was brought back to reality as her nipples were flicked by Collette’s tongue and soon Cecyme’s breasts were bitten and sucked in a playful way before her nipples were sucked into the mouth of the red-haired lady who took great delight in what she was doing to the captive. This went on for a little while with the bound woman enjoying every moment, but it came to an end when the maid pulled away from the slave and lifted the front of her dress up so that her modesty was restored, such as it was with a revealing outfit like this.

“I hope that you understand that I am very good with my tongue, and I wish that you are gentle with me on the weekdays when the situation is rev-. I am again saying more than I should. Mistress Isabella will reveal everything when the time is right and I do not wish to get into trouble.”

As Cecyme watched while Maid Collette walked down to the other end of the corridor before she entered the elevator that connected all three floors, she thought about the last comment where the woman stopped before ending.

Did you mean when the situation is reversed, Collette? If that is the case, it must mean that I have more power over the maids and Isabella than I knew. I would guess that Mistress Isabella will be waiting for the weekend to be over before she tells me what the full rules are. Until this happens, I will have to endure whatever trials await for me during these next few days.

It only took a few minutes to dust the corridor up to the next door which led the way to the first small study room and this was relatively easy to clean as there was no furniture and only a few small cupboards. As the captive entered the second room, she thought about how old fashioned the building was in its arrangement.

It almost seems to be modelled on the upstairs-downstairs concept, but that should be unsurprising since it was built in that era. The quarters for the maids and the workmen are on the ground floor, along with the kitchen, with the Matron’s bedroom on the first floor by the elevator, and my bedroom is on the second floor, along with the guest rooms. The maids have to share the same large room, but even though I have offered to have the extra study rooms on this floor converted into bedrooms for them, they have refused, claiming that it wouldn’t be right for them to inhabit this floor. The men get their own single rooms, which I think is a bit unfair.

Once the smaller rooms were finished, Cecyme’s attention was focused on the bathroom on this level, but there was a sign that read ‘Already cleaned’ so that she understood that she didn’t have to do anything in here.

She finished cleaning the corridor using the feather duster, although her will power seemed to be weakening with the little buzzer teasing her to the point where she sometimes squealed when she hopped. After this was finished, she made her way to her own study room and set to work on making sure that her own room was dust free. This didn’t take long and the process was uneventful, but the captive was surprised when she left the room as Selma was waiting for her in the corridor.

“You seem to be working well for your first day as a slave, Cecyme, but then you were very agile, even when we played those games in our teenage years. Do you remember when we used to do those hopping races around the garden?”

Those were great times and I loved those races, but I doubt that we can ever do it again. Wait, what are you doing? As Selma pressed the fingers of her hand against the captive’s mound of Venus, she released a muffled yelp as the stimulation increased tenfold for a moment, and she squirmed in her bonds as the pleasure became almost too much to endure.

“Well, I really enjoyed our competitions together, and maybe there will be a chance of them happening again.” Selma said as she continued to tease the bound captive by pressing the vibrator against her most intimate area. “I have to go now but we will be seeing each other later, after you have finished your duties.”

Cecyme was left all alone as Selma entered the elevator, so the bound woman shuffled to the bedroom of the woman who had become her Mistress, at least for the weekend. The room was nearly as ornate as her own bedroom with the large brass bed with white sheets being the centre piece. I think that this bed was here when Matron Nicole was in charge, and she once tied me to it when I misbehaved. It won’t take me long to dust this room, and no one has told me what I am supposed to do next. Should I use the elevator to go downstairs, or wait in the corridor until I am needed?

The captive found out that she needn’t have worried about what to do, because as soon as she left the room she saw that Mistress Isabella was waiting for her in the corridor with a black cloth bag in her right hand

“It appears that you have performed your cleaning well, this evening. Well done, slave. Before you spend the rest of the evening downstairs though, or gain relief from the teasing in your panties, you have a special duty to perform for me. Hop back into my bedroom and stand in front of the wicker chair.”

I’ll do it, but what have you got planned for me? It only took a few seconds for the slave to hop into the room and over to the chair that her Mistress had mentioned with Isabella following right behind her. The feather duster was detached from the harness gag of the helpless lady, and she was forced to kneel in front of the chair before the woman took a length of cord which was looped around the wrists and ankles of the captive so that she was forced into a strict kneeling hogtie.

“It is time for the slave to provide me with a little entertainment.” Isabella said as she sat down on the edge of the chair, with her legs on either side of the bound maid who looked up with a puzzled expression on her face.

How can I entertain you? I cannot do anything like this.

The chair was moved a little further forward by the Mistress so that Cecyme’s face was nearly forced into the most intimate area of her captor, who started to undo a few studs at the bottom of her bodysuit so that a flap could be pulled back, exposing the woman’s lips of lust.

I will not be able to do anything while I am helpless. What are you getting out of the bag? Oh no!

The mistress removed a long black object from the bag and pushed the captive’s head back before attaching one end of the device to the ball-gag, with it clicking into place. Isabella positioned the tip of the item so that it pressed between the folds of her flesh, and Cecyme’s head was moved forward so that the item slipped in.

You have attached a phallus to my face, and I am going to have to pleasure you with it!

“Come on slave, you must know what you have to do. If you want to be pleasured, then you must pleasure me first.”

Cecyme moved her head forward and backward with slow and gentle motions at first, with her Mistress moaning a little as the dildo slid in and out of her tunnel of love. Soon the captive increased the intensity and speed of the thrusts with the lady writhing in her chair as she squealed from the erotic pleasure that she was receiving from her bound slave. As time went on, the movements by the bound maid became faster and harder, and she wondered how long it would be before she was able to satisfy her captor.

After a few more minutes there was a loud scream from Isabella, which was followed by a second with the woman squirming in the chair as Cecyme continued with the thrusts because she didn’t want to get into trouble by stopping at this stage. When the helpless woman was convinced that the Mistress had come to the end of her release, she just knelt in place with the shaft still embedded in the lips of the other woman and waited…

“I have been looking forward to experiencing this for some time and you have pleased me greatly, slave.” The woman said as she pulled the phallus out of her and detached it from the captive’s face before closing the studs on her bodysuit. “I will stop you from having to suffer for the time being.” Isabella rose from her chair before kneeling behind her captive and the helpless lady sighed as kisses landed on her neck while one hand pulled the front of her dress down before caressing her breasts. The other hand snaked down to the top of her legs and she screamed as it went between her panties and the soft skin of her body.

The first scream was followed by more as the woman was already at a high level of arousal because of the device that had tormented her so much while she had been cleaning. Please, bring me to a climax!” The caressing of Cecyme’s most intimate area, along with the pressing of the vibrator soon achieved the desired result and the helpless woman screamed out through her gag as the ecstasy of her orgasm engulfed her very being…

“You must have needed that, slave. I was worried about you for a few minutes as you weren’t responding at all.”

Oh wow, that was just incredible. As the bound slave roused from her reverie while lying on the floor, she realised that the device was removed from her panties so that she wouldn’t have to suffer this torment for a while. Not being teased by the vibrator for a while is a relief, but what is going to happen to me now? She looked up as her Mistress walked over to her Victorian style telephone, picked up the handset and waited a few seconds before she pressed a button.

“Hello Megumi. I have finished with the slave now. She belongs to you and your friends for the rest of the evening.”

(To Be Continued.)

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