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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 14

Petra had no idea how much time had passed since her two captors had attached the Heart of Tantalus to her most intimate area, and she no longer counted how many cycles that the device had run though. All that mattered to her was trying to find some kind of relief from the excruciating pleasure that she was forced to endure, as the pad brought her almost to the brink of orgasm before stopping its vibrations. She tried willing herself over the edge, but this didn’t work and thrusting her hips into the air to increase the effectiveness of the Heart only served to bring it to a halt sooner.

There’s nothing I can do to stop myself from being tortured by this terrible contraption, and I don’t even know what you are doing at the moment as I can no longer hear any sounds of you two building anything. You could be anywhere in the house, or even outside in the garden for all I know, but I need you to do something about this thing buzzing at the top of my legs. As the helpless lady had no other course of option, and seeing as she was driven beyond distraction by her current predicament, the woman decided that screaming for help was the only avenue left to her SOMEBODY HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE!

Although the tormented Petra attempted to scream for as long as she could, this failed to provoke any response from the duo that kept her prisoner and she also found that her voice was becoming hoarse in the process. Please do something about my situation, as I don’t think that I can take much more of this.

After Petra spent more time on the bed bucking and thrusting as she suffered from the denial that was being inflicted on her, she ended up shrieking when she felt each ankle being held by a hand before the ropes that bound her legs to the bed were untied. Once the captive’s legs were freed, she started to kick her feet up and down on the bed, but this was due to her being half crazy from her torment rather than because of any thoughts of malice, and her legs were forced together at the centre of the bed where they were held down. It must be you two, as one person couldn’t have untied both of my ankles at the same time. Can’t you just stop playing games with me and let me go over the edge with my pleasure? She could feel her feet being held onto by one of her captors, and the prisoner understood what was going on when a length of rope was wrapped around her ankles ten times with four cinches looped between her legs. You’re tying my ankles together, but why? When this rope was tightened and tied off so that it provided a firm grip on her ankles, a second rope was wound around her legs just below the knees about the same number of times, and she could feel the cinches being applied which caused the binding to press harder against her skin.

As soon as Petra could no longer feel hands touching her legs, she attempted to bring her feet up off the bed, only to discover that her legs stayed in position as her muscles strained against something. My ankles must be tied to the bottom of the bed, as that can be the only explanation as to why my feet are immobilised. A few seconds later, there were two clicking sounds at the head of the bed and Petra’s hands were pulled together before another cuff was locked around her right wrist, with a sound that indicated that the end of another pair of handcuffs were being secured onto something. When the helpless woman tried to pull her hands away from the top of the bed, there was pressure on her right wrist which meant that her hand was bound to the top of the bed.

Just one minute, let me have my hands free for just one minute, so that I can provide myself with a little relief. Is that too much to ask? Petra screamed in frustration as she struggled against her bonds, in the futile hope that she could pull herself loose and stimulate herself so that she could bring an end to her torment. Her elbows were brought together, and she again felt the familiar touch of rope as it was wrapped around her forearms just below her elbows, with the tightening cinches applied. Another rope was used to secure the wrists of the helpless lady and she noticed that once her hands were bound, the handcuffs were removed from her body.

At last, now maybe I will be able to do something about this fire between my legs! Petra lifted her arms up, which surprised her as she expected her wrists to have been secured to the top of the bed and there was no attempt to stop her as she moved her arms down her body. Great, all it will take is a few strokes and I will be able to end this suffering that you have made me go through. It was when Petra laid her arms across her body that she realised her predicament was not going to be resolved, because her arms were bound at both her wrists and her elbows. She would have no problem reaching her lips of lust if it was just her wrists that were bound, but the rope around her elbows locked her arms together which prevented any flexibility in her limbs. Even though she tried to touch the spot on her body that was on fire, the location remained just out of reach of her fingers, which caused her to cry out through her gag in her denial. You knew that this would happen and that I would not be able to stop this heat in my body. I am so close, but my hands might as well be cuffed to the head of the bed.

“Auntie, I think that our slut of a slave has discovered that having her arms in front of her won’t help her to bring an end to her teasing. Do you think that we should prepare her for transport, now that she has learnt that her actions were useless?”
“I think that our captive should be made ready for being moved and once she has changed location, we can decide what to do about her sexual torture.”

Prepare me for transport? What are you going to do to me? The chest of the helpless lady was lifted up so that her torso was upright and her wrists were taken to her ankles, where a rope was wound around both sets of bonds so that here hands were tied to her feet. A second rope was looped around her elbow and knee bondage before it was pulled tight, and the captive discovered that she was unable to move her arms and legs in any way as she was made to lie on her right side. This is far more restrictive than a hogtie, and I can only move my hands, feet and head. What are you doing now?

Petra thought that she heard the squeaking sound of small wheels rolling over a carpet which suggested that an object was being moved towards the bed, and something seemed to be attached to her wrists and ankles. What came next caused Petra a great deal of worry as her hands and feet were lifted up off the side of the bed, and once her limbs were at an angle of about forty five degrees, her body started to move across the bed an inch at a time.

I’m being pulled across the bed by my arms and legs, but what are they attached to? You can’t be planning to make me fall off the bed while I’m bound and gagged like this, surely, as I’ll be unable to protect myself? As the captive’s slow movement towards the edge of the bed continued, she became ever more fearful  that the two woman did want her to fall off the side of the bed, and she started to shake her head in a frantic manner. Please stop, I’m going to fall if you keep doing this! Soon, Petra started to beg with her captors as she moved ever closer to the moment when she would tip off the bed, but all of her efforts appeared to be useless as her pleas were ignored. Please don’t do this, I’m going to end up hurt!

After another minute the bound woman found that she was on the edge of the bed and a second later she ended up screaming at the top of her voice as she fell off, thinking that she was going to hit the floor. It took a few second for the lady to realise that she was still swinging, but her fear had even driven the feeling of immense sexual frustration out of her head for a moment. It wasn’t long before the to and fro movement of the captive diminished, and her frustration seemed to return with a vengeance as she hung from whatever it was that she was tied to. Once the swinging of the woman was almost at an end, she heard the squeaking of the wheels for a second time which coincided with her experiencing the sensation of movement.

It appears that I am hanging from some type of trolley, but I have no idea of how it looks with my blindfold on. I still can’t do anything against the device that is tormenting me and even if I could struggle, I daren’t just in case I loosen the rope that is holding me up. Even the little luxury of struggling was denied to the suffering Petra as the Heart continued with its buzzing, and the only way for her to give a visible sign of her distress was to wave her hands and feet around while shaking her head.

“Look auntie, it appears that our captive is back to normal with that nice little item keeping her occupied. Now, where shall we put her while we prepare tea?”

“She can go in the dining room, seeing as that’s where we will be eating soon, but we won’t be able to feed her while she is like this, Diana.”

“It would be just a little awkward trying to give Petra a meal while she is hanging from the Bellman Cart.”

“I was thinking more about the fact that our helpless whore has only one thing on her mind at the moment, and that is an end to her teasing. We both know what it’s like to be kept at this level of denial for some time, and as soon as her gag is removed she will just plead with us to let her climax.”

Please, finish me off! That’s all you need to do, then I’ll be no trouble in the dining room.

“Diana, perhaps you should take our prisoner to the dining room while I start on the tea, and you can sort out anything that needs to be done to her.”

“Sure auntie, I’ll push Petra to the room and deal with her.”

Does this mean that you will put an end to my torment? Although the helpless woman tried to listen for footsteps moving away from her, the only sound that she heard was the noise of the wheels as she was taken to the dining room. Either you are managing to take very quiet footsteps, or you are not wearing anything on your feet. There is the chance that both are true though, in order to hide the fact that you are moving around and disorientate me that way. Petra had no way of knowing how long it would take her to reach the dining room, and it seemed to her that Diana was taking forever in pushing her there.

“Here we are, slut, you are now in the dining room and I think that I will have to do something about that buzzing device. Do you want me to bring an end to this?”

Yes! Petra nodded her head in response to the comment that was made by her captor, in the hope that this pleasurable torture would soon be brought to an end so that she could get some rest. Caress my body while that device is on and I’m sure to reach my peak of pleasure. Hurry up and touch me!

“I will bring it to an end then.” It was at this moment that the suspended prisoner discovered that her assumptions were wrong, as there were two presses against the device in quick succession which caused it to shut down. “There we are, it won’t be tormenting you now.”

No, that’s not what I wanted! You were supposed to bring me to orgasm, not leave be here with the flame burning bright between my legs! I should have known that you wouldn’t allow it to end so quickly. There was nothing that the captive could do in her predicament as she hung there, except wave her hands and feet around while she screamed out in her need as she shook her head. However, the only thing that she could feel was the detaching of the device from her body, before the tips of fingers started to run up and down the swollen and sensitive lips of her lust.

“Oh dear, it does seem that you are a little warm right there, but I’m sure that you’ll cool down in a minute.”

Cool down in a minute? I’m likely to stay like this until you do something to bring it to an end. There were more pleas from the captive as the flame of desire burned within her, and she wondered whether or not she was going to be left like this until teatime.

“Okay, I think that your lust will need to be sated, otherwise it will be impossible to prepare you for tea.”

Petra’s cries of need changed in a moment to screams of laughter as fingernails scraped across the soles of her feet, and this relentless tickling continued until the moment when there was an explosion of ecstasy inside her, with the prisoner screaming out in her orgasmic bliss as her body convulsed and twitched...

“Now that you’ve had a little rest, I will lower you down to the bottom of the cart and get you ready for tea. Don’t worry about falling because you are suspended on a nice little pulley system.” There was the sensation of a slow descent for the captive and after a few minutes had gone by, she felt the touch of a hard surface against her back which she assumed was the base of the cart. There was touching at her wrists and ankles which Petra thought was unusual, but once this had stopped, her hands and feet were brought down until her heel touched what must be the carpet.

At least I have been lowered down to the floor, and you are most likely going to make sure that I am ready to be able to eat. Are you going to have me in a standing tie? As the lady sat there in her restrictive bondage, she noticed that the two ropes that bound her arms to her legs were being untied, and she was pulled up into a standing position by her hands.

“If you attempt to escape or offer any resistance whatsoever, I will put you back on that trolley and leave you there hanging there until morning, with that device tormenting you all night long. Do you understand?”

Petra nodded her head to show that she understood the punishment that she would have to endure if she decided to be disobedient in any way, and the lady was made to hop forwards until being made to turn around and sit on an armless wooden chair with a high back. A rope was wound around her waist several times, and the angle at the sides of her body suggested that the restraint was wrapped around the rear chair legs as well. Next, the arms of the captive were pulled straight out so that the ropes around her wrists and elbows could be removed and her arms were placed along the sides of the back of the chair. Her right wrist was brought down to just below her seat so that it was against the top of the rear chair leg, and six winds of a cord along with three cinches secured her hands to the chair. Soon, the left wrist was secured to the chair in the same manner, and each elbow was bound to the chair back with ten winds and four cinches.

There is no chance of me escaping from the chair now, and I doubt that you have finished with me yet. A long piece of rope was bound around the helpless lady’s upper body and the wide vertical strut at the back of the chair, with ten loops going above her breasts and ten below which kept her back against the chair. Her legs were untied before they were spread wide apart, and each knee was tied to the top of a front chair leg, before her right ankle was brought up to her right thigh. Ten lops of rope were tied around her thigh and ankle, with three cinches tightening the rope, and the same procedure was applied to her left leg which left the captive frogtied and very vulnerable on the chair.

“I’ll check with my aunt what needs to be sorted out for tea, and you just sit here and make yourself comfortable. You know, you look good enough to eat like that.” As Petra listened, she could just make out the sound of footsteps moving away from her, and she guessed that she would be left alone until the meal was ready.

I really hope that your comment was just a figure of speech, Diana.

(To Be Continued)

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