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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 14

“There’s just one little adjustment that I need to make for the moment, before I start to play with our doomed heroine. “ Lady Death said as she reached into her bag, before kneeling in front of the bound woman and wrapping a length of the cord ten times around her thighs and ankles, which left the pretend heroine’s legs locked into position.

I can’t even move my legs now, even if my hands weren’t tied to my feet, and you can do anything that you want to me.

“Let’s see you get out of this one, Captain Canada, after all you have been boastful about all of the times that you have escaped. Oh wait, you’ve never had your fingers and thumbs tied up before, which leaves you unable to get out of your bonds, and the thin, biting cord won’t allow you to wriggle out this time. All you previous captors kept thinking that thicker rope was needed, but this thin rope will be far better at holding you. What’s wrong, are you too scared to struggle? After all your life depends on it.”

At this comment, the bound Cassidy started to fight against her bonds, but the mightiest struggle that she could make had no effect whatsoever on the loops and cinches that held her captive. “I’ve always wanted to do this to a pretentious superheroine, and now I have the chance.” Death said as she took her right hand up to her left shoulder with the palm flat, and the captive trembled as she guessed what this action may mean to her.

I have no way of avoiding you, if my guess of what is going to happen is correct, as I cannot even move my body to any degree. No! What the prisoner feared happened, as her right cheek received a strike from the back of her captor’s right hand, and it was just a moment later when her left cheek was slapped by the kidnapper’s palm.

“See, you can’t even protect yourself from a little bitch-slap, so some heroine you are.” Death said, and she repeated the action which caused the helpless lady to cry out at the degradation. “You are just a miserable helpless prisoner, unable to stop even the smallest thing from being done to you. Admit you are a pathetic useless little worm, nod your head to show that this is the truth, and I will put an end to your slapping.”

Tears welled up in the eyes of the captive as the slaps against her cheeks continued, but it was due to the abasement that was being inflicted on her because her condition stopped her from feeling the pain of the impacts. Please, this is horrible, by making me nod you will increase my shame even further, but if I don’t I will be crying my eyes out again. Okay, you win. As the captive was no longer able to contain her sobs at the treatment that was being delivered to her face, she nodded as the first tear ran down her cheek, which caused the kidnapper to halt in mid slap.

“See, a worm like you could not even stand a little slapping to your horrible face, and you have admitted just how pathetic and useless you are. Those cheeks of yours are red enough anyway, so I think that I will play another game with you.” Death said as she reached out with her right arm towards the captive, and placed her hand at the top of the helpless lady’s left arm, just below the joint. “The new game is called “Tipping the Bitch” and you may find this to be very interesting.”

The fear of the captive rose as a gentle pressure was applied against her left side, and she understood what was going to happen to her if this persisted OMG, this game will end up hurting me if you continue to push against me like this, please don’t do it! Begging and pleading sounds were emitted by the helpless woman as the force against her left arm increased in strength, but her captor responded with a smile that could best be described as malevolent.

“You caught on quickly, Captain, but your whining will not encourage me to stop. In fact, it makes me want to do this to you even more. By the way, the reason I choose your gag, in addition to the fact that it forces your mouth wide apart, is that there is no obstruction to you making your noises. When you scream, I want to hear it in full with nothing to get in its way.” As the pressure increased, the pretend heroine noticed that the feeling in her lower right leg increased as her body was made to be off-centre, and this caused her to make more vocal attempts to try and make her captor show mercy. “It is lovely to see the look of apprehension grow on your face as I push you over to your left side, my piece of garbage. This only needs to go so far before I no longer need to apply any pressure, so let us see just how far I need to go.”

Cassidy knew that in her present state of bondage, there was no chance of fighting against the gradual push that was forcing her to be a little more off balance with each passing second, and the fear of what was going to happen to her grew to such a degree that she just wished that her captor would just get it over with. My restraints won’t even allow me to struggle against you, and any movement may cause me to fall in an unpredictable manner which could make my situation worse.

“Just think, Captain Canada, each moment takes you closer to the second when your own body will complete your journey on its own. It will be fun to find out what happens then as you have no means of preventing this, or even cushioning your fall against the hard surface.”

That’s why you are doing this, with my wrists bound to my ankles I cannot put my arms out to halt my fall, and as my elbows are tied together the most protruding part of my arm is my shoulder joint which will impact against the ground. Having my ankles tied to my thighs stops me from twisting my body so that I could land with my hips first, and this shows that you have planned all of this well. Please, please, please stop this! The pleading by the helpless woman increased in frequency and volume, which mirrored her internal fear as she felt her body getting closer to the angle at which the centre of gravity would be too far to the right.

“That’s it, squeal away my pathetic piggy, it shouldn’t be long before you scream out loud. This is so delicious, looking at your face and listening to your whimpering as your frozen body is taken to the point when it will act on its own, and one more gentle push should do it.”

Please, no, no, no, noOOO! Lady Death performed the one more gentle push, and there was a piercing shriek from the captive as her body reached the angle of no return, but it felt to her as if she hung there for a moment before the slow but accelerating fall to the ground started. Her short descent still took long enough to finish her cry and take in another breath before the jarring impact of her shoulder against the concrete floor caused her to scream for a second time as the shock went through her arm joint. Cassidy’s cries of shock and suffering elicited no sympathy from her captors as she lay on the floor, and their response was to laugh at her plight as her shoulder started to throb. After around ten seconds, the two assistants lifted her back up into the kneeling position, but this act was not because of them feeling anything for the helpless victim.

“I think that you took just over a second for you to fall down onto your right side. Now, let us see just how much fun we can obtain from making you fall over to the left.” Lady Death said, lifting her left arm and putting her hand against the right should of the bound woman, who was trembling with fear as she knew just how her other shoulder would feel when she fell over on the other side. This torment took even longer than the first one, as the kidnapper wanted to prolong the fear for as long as possible, so that her prisoner would suffer even more. When the moment of the fall happened, the helpless lady found it even more terrifying than the first time, and there were two more screams which the trio just laughed at.

How long are you going to torture me like this? I have already landed on both shoulders and now you are lifting me up for a second time. Haven’t I suffered enough already.

“Your shrieks are like music to our ears, you useless heroine, and we still want to play this game with you for a while yet.” The leader said as she lifted her right arm up so that the torment of the captive could start all over for a third time…

Cassidy had to suffer from this torture time and time again, but she reached the moment when she could no longer control her emotions with her bursting into tears as she lay down on her left side on the floor. “What a little cry baby, Captain, you have often boasted about how tough you but in the end you are as soft as anyone else. However, we don’t want to make your short stay too uncomfortable, so we are going to change your position for a little while.” Death said while her accomplices put the sobbing victim back into a sitting position, before untying the cord that forced her ankles against her thighs and removing the rope that bound her ankles to her wrists.

Is my situation truly going to get better, or are you just telling me this so that I can be convinced to be in a more compliant frame of mind? In my current state of bondage, I doubt that I would be able to put up a fight. If you want to dispose of me, why don’t you just get it over with, as it least it would bring an end to my torment. That is the whole point though, you suffered at Cassandra’s hand and you are making me suffer in return, Her body was taken hold of by the two catsuited ladies who pulled her up to a standing position, and the leader stood in front of her before tying one end of a length of the cord around her waist.

“You can follow me, or I can just drag you along the ground. It is your choice as to how you want to travel, but I would advise you to choose quickly.”

It is no choice at all, and you know it. One small hop followed another, but this length proved to be the captive’s limit as the binding around her feet prevented any real flexibility in her movement. Her kidnapper didn’t seem to try and force her to move any faster, which suggested that the leader knew that this would be awkward to do. First you torment me and now you take it easy on me. It’s almost as if you are in two minds about how you want to deal with me. As the tied up prisoner took her small movements behind Lady Death, she noticed that the other two ladies had moved ahead to beyond another large sheet which partitioned off another area of the warehouse. Once they were up to the sheet, it was pulled away by Terror, and the helpless Cassidy stared in shock at the object in front of her for a second before her fear caused her to shriek.

“That, Captain Canada, is the Frame of Fear, and you would be right in reacting like that, as I have broken for than a few ladies with that device. They did deserve it for betraying other women, but that is irrelevant to today’s entertainment.” A seven foot square metal frame with numerous small holes was the main part of the object, with steel feet projecting several feet away from the ends at the bottom to provide stability. Torture was at the top of a stepladder feeding three black ropes of normal thickness through holes that were along the horizontal top as the bound woman was made to hop to almost under the frame before the waist rope was untied. “This is when the new fun begins.” Death said as she took one end of the rightmost rope which was wrapped three times around the wrist bonds of the captive and knotted in a secure manner, before she started to pull on the other end.

At first the helpless lady had to bend over a little as her hands were forced to move a little into the air, but this didn’t seem to be bad at all as she could remain like this with no problems. However, she wasn’t allowed to stay like this as her tormentor pulled on the rope again, which forced her to bend over more with her arms going up still further. Please, this is enough, you don’t need to take my hands up any more. Her hands were lifted up further and further, and her fear grew as her body bent over until it reached a angle where it was parallel to the ground with her arms in an almost vertical position. One more pull caused her to cry out as her joints were strained to a point where she was in constant torment, before the other end of the strappado rope was tied to her wrists which left her bound in that position.

With Cassidy’s centre of gravity no longer over her feet, the lady in bondage felt that her situation was very precarious as she seemed to be supported as much by her aching arms as by her legs. This is a double torture, because if I attempt to move then my arms will ache even more and I may end up off balance which could result in me pulling my shoulders out of their sockets. I’m forced to stay still, otherwise my present suffering will end up magnified to an unimaginable degree, and even like this I feel that I am going to fall.

“What is wrong, little girl?” Death said “Are you unable to move?” There was a nod from the bound lady as she started to beg through her gag, but in her heart she knew that this would have no effect on her torturer who smiled at her predicament. “Good, that is what should happen to a heroine like yourself, who proves to be utterly pathetic. I think that you have it too easy at the moment, so perhaps my girls will make it a little more interesting for you. Ladies, give our prisoner a new sense of balance.”

No, this is bad enough as it is, please don’t make it any worse. No! Terror threaded a length of rope through one of the holes on the bottom of the frame behind the captive before tying one end to the cord that bound her ankles together. Torture lifted up the screaming Cassidy, while Terror pulled her ankles back a little before the terrified lady was allowed to have her feet put back on the floor. The other end of the cord was tied to her ankles, and the captive was left in an even worse situation with her being unable to even bring her legs back to a vertical position. Her mind was full of fear as she trembled in her bondage and her precarious state left her with only one thought going through her mind.

I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall.

It wasn’t long before the frightened lady started to sob as the torment started to affect her mind again, but she tried to keep it in as this might rob her captors of a little of their entertainment. “Oh look girls, our pathetic protector is trying to pretend that she is okay. Perhaps you need to give her a little nudge so that she understands just how delicate things are for her.”

A little nudge? You can’t do that, you know what it will do to me! Terror and Torture walked over to either side of the helpless Cassidy, and the captive shrieked through her harness gag as Terror gave a gentle push against the right side of her body. Another scream followed a moment later as Torture pressed against her left side, and the helpless lady wondered how long it will be before one of these ladies pushes her into an angle from which she would be unable to recover. You are going to make me fall!

“Oh, the girly is crying again, how predictable.” Lady death said as the tormented lady started to sob for earnest as the tears started to run down her cheeks. “Just think of what your enemies would make of this right now, as I, Lady Death have broken you.”

At this moment, the captive paid no attention to the words that her kidnapper was speaking, as the only thing on her mind was when she was going to fall and suffer a far worse torture…

(To Be Continued.)

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