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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 2

Help me! Somebody please help me! The cries of the kidnap victim were muffled by the ball-gag, along with the hood that covered her head and the noise of the engine would prevent anyone in the street from hearing her screams.

You have worked this all out! First, you act all friendly and suggest going down to the pub so that I am put off my guard. Once I am there, you make sure that I consume enough wine so that I won’t think properly, or reaction with suspicion to your actions. I am kept there until eight o’clock so that everyone will be home or at some form of entertainment which means that the streets will be deserted. I have fallen right into your trap!

Pulling against the handcuffs that bound her wrists to the van proved to be useless, but the captive kept trying as there was nothing else for her to do, as hitting the floor with her feet produced very little noise, and the tape around her ankles was secure enough not to provide much give. Her cries grew horse from her screaming, and she felt as if she was tiring herself out from her struggles which brought her mind back into focus.

My one chance is when the van stops at the destination and you take me out of the back so that I can be forced into a building somewhere. You must want me to continue to behave like this so that I will wear myself out and be easier to control. If I pretend to have given up, it might put you off your guard and increase the probability of me escaping. I need to conserve my strength for this one moment.

The captive tried to get as comfortable as she could, given that her back was against the steel hoop and she saved her energy for the one important struggle that lay ahead.

“Hey auntie, it looks as if our captive has already surrendered to the inevitable, so it should be easy to control her from now on.”

That’s what you are supposed to think. The tape around Petra’s ankles seemed to become a little loose from her struggles, so she concentrated on slow moves with her legs with the hope that the tape would be strained enough to slip off or snap when the time came.

“We made good time tonight.” Kendra said as the van slowed down, and the captive halted the actions with her feet as she didn’t want her actions to be discovered before she made her attempt. “Once we have stopped, we can take our slave out of the van and into the house. She’s already given up, so it’s not going to be a problem to take her inside.”

The van moved at a crawl before it came to a stop, the engine was switched off and the front doors opened and closed which let Petra know that the critical moment was approaching, so she steeled herself for her one chance as the rear doors were swung open. She heard footsteps in the back of the van as the floor of the vehicle moved from the extra weight, and there was a clicking sound as the handcuffs were unlocked from the hoop.

“Okay, Diana, you take Petra’s legs while I hold her by the chest.” Kendra said as she put her arms around the captive’s body, and the helpless lady was pulled along until she was made to stand outside the van with her back to it. “Oh damn, I left my bungalow keys in the front of the van. Diana, you stay here with Petra while I fetch them so that we can carry our prisoner into the house.”

There was only a slight touch on Petra’s left arm as Kendra walked around on the gravel path so that she could retrieve the keys from the driver’s side of the van. This is perfect, as the gravel driveway will let me know that I am running in the right direction, and I only have Diana beside me. I’m glad that I have saved my strength for this moment. She strained at the tape around her ankles will all of her might, and there was a snapping sound which let her know that her legs were free.

HELP ME! HELP ME! Petra screamed through her gag at the top of her voice as she ran at full speed down the driveway so that Diana was caught by surprise, and it sounded as if a car was approaching as it travelled along the road, so that rescue appeared to be assured. Great, I’m going to be saved! HELP ME, PLEASE!

In fact, her attempt would have succeeded if she had remembered to do just one more thing before her escape attempt, and that would have been to remove her flip flops, as running in them at any time would be unadvisable. Running in them down an uneven gravel path at full speed so that caution was thrown to the winds, with a hood over her head and her wrists bound behind her back would be inviting disaster.

So, disaster accepted the invitation with the result that Petra tripped over her own footwear, and she fell flat on her front which winded her so that she was unable to scream. The looseness of the gravel and the thickness of her jacket absorbed enough of the impact to prevent any injury, but she was wheezing as her legs were brought together and tape was wrapped around her ankles and knees.

“Diana, we have to get her inside before she regains her breath and starts screaming again.” Kendra said, and the helpless woman was unable to offer any resistance as she was lifted up by her chest and knees, so that she could be carried up to the front door of the building. “I’ve opened the door.” The captive was carried a little further, and she heard the slamming of the front door that let her know that her only chance of escape had ended. “Let’s take her to the bedroom now, and put her on the bed.”

The helpless lady managed to get her wind back, and she screamed and struggled in her panic as she was carried along, with dire fates being conjured up by her imagination which only served to feed her fear. After Petra was carried for another ten seconds, she was put face down on a bed and rolled over so that she was lying with her arms underneath her back, and it felt as someone was sitting on her legs before each ankle had something tied around it. The tape that bound her legs together was cut away, but before the lady could react to this her legs were pulled apart and she was unable to bring them back together.

You must have tied rope around my ankles and bound my legs to the corner of the bed! Even though she was still shrieking through her gag and struggling as best she could, the kidnap victim was forced to sit upright as an extra cuff was secured around her left wrist, while the cuff that bound her wrists together was unlocked from her left arm. Her strength was no match against her captors as she was pushed back down, and her right arm was pulled towards the corner of the bed where the free cuff was locked around a vertical pole. It only took a matter of seconds for the two women to take hold of her left arm, and Petra was soon restrained in a spread eagle position on the bed. After everything that I have tried, I’m still captive and helpless. What’s going to happen to me now?

“Auntie, isn’t time that we looked at the real Petra?”

“Okay, let’s cut away all the clothing so that we can see what she truly looks like.”

NO! Oh God, NO! Although the captive had become still once she was bound to the bed, she started to screech and fight against the bonds as if this would delay her fate, but the sound of scissors against the cloth of her jacket caused her actions to become even more frantic. Within a minute, the jacket was pulled away from her body, and the struggling woman knew that this was the hardest of the items to remove, which meant that the other parts of her outfit would be even easier to detach. There was the snipping sound as her shirt as cut away from her body, which left with only her bra to cover her breasts, and soon her trousers suffered the same fate as her other garments which left her in just her underwear.

“I guess it’s time for the grand unveiling, auntie. May I have the honours?”

“Go ahead Diana, after all this was your idea.”

Petra froze in fear as she felt the cold metal touch her skin before the scissors severed the left support strap of her bra, and her right strap was cut a few seconds later, before the material between the cups was snipped apart. The hem of her panties on her right hip was separated before the other hem was split by the scissors, and both tattered items of underwear were pulled away from her body at the same time so the captive was left stark naked on the bed.

Not only have I been bound, gagged and kidnapped, but you have removed any dignity that I may have left by cutting my clothes off and stripping me naked, so that I have to lie spread eagled on the bed in a state of complete humiliation!

“Look at her, Diana. We can touch and do what we want to every single part of her body, and she is unable to stop it from happening. I think that is going to be a great weekend for us.”

“I would say that the hood spoils things a little as we cannot see any of her facial expressions under the cloth, and seeing the face of a captive as you do things to them is half the fun. Wouldn’t it be more fun if we put the leather blindfold over her eyes and removed the hood? We could always switch off the light as we do this, so that she will still be robbed of her sight.”

“Okay Diana, the blindfold is in the top drawer, along with a torch which we can use for illumination while the light is off.”

There was the sound of a drawer being opened and closed which was followed by the click of a wall switch and the captive realised that her hood would be removed in less than a minute. The drawstrings around her neck were loosened and the cloth was lifted up over her head, but she couldn’t make out a thing in the darkness as she attempted to look around the room.

“It would be a good idea to shut your eyes if you have them open, as the blindfold will not allow you to close them, which would be very bad for you.”

You monsters, I have to shut my eyes because you threaten me with inflicting pain on them. How much worse can you get?

Seeing as having her eyes forced open would cause immense pain, Petra knew that she had no choice but to keep her eyes shut from this point on. Two hands held her on either side of her face so that her head was kept still as the blindfold was pressed against her eyes, with the straps taken around to the back of her head where they were buckled together. As soon as her head was released from the grip, the nude captive tossed her head left and right in an attempt to dislodge the item which robbed her of her sight, and when this failed to work she turned her head to the right so that she could rub the blindfold against the mattress.

“Our nude slave looks so adorable in the torchlight, auntie, and you can see the expression of fear in her mouth in the way that she grips the gag. I love the pathetic attempts she is making to get that blindfold off her face, and the squirming of her naked body really turns me on. It gives me shivers, just thinking about what we can do to that body.” Said Diana, and her words were followed by the flicking of the light switch.

This comment caused the helpless woman to scream and thrash about in her bonds as the horror of her present situation overwhelmed her, and she spent several minutes wasting her energy in actions that were futile. Even listening you talk about the fact that you have plans for me is torture enough.

“Diana, if this is what our bondage slave struggles and screams like when she is just bound and gagged on the bed, just think about what she’ll be like tomorrow, or Saturday when we turn up the heat on her. After all, we don’t want to get to the end straight away.”

Why don’t you just tell me what you have got planned for me? This is because if I know what is happening to me, I have a chance to steel myself against it and it is impossible to prepare for the unknown.

“Perhaps we should start with something minor tonight, auntie, just so that we can see how she reacts to it. We can leave anything major until tomorrow, and have a little fun with our victim at the moment.”

“You are right, Diana. I just enjoy looking at that bare flesh and thinking what I could do to it, but in a way we should start with something slightly perverse which will make our nude kidnap victim sing an entirely different song.”

Perverse? I don’t know what you’ve got planned, but by the sound of it, it’s going to be horrible! Again the nude Petra surrendered to her fear and she fought against the bonds that restrained her as she screamed through her gag.

“You really are right, Diana, it is a lot more fun to see her face when she is scared, and the movements of her lips are gorgeous. Anyway are you ready with starting the torment?”

“Just give the word, auntie.”

“Okay, then go!”

Petra was expecting to be shouting in agony at this moment, but her screams of fear turned to shrieks of laughter as fingernails raked up and down the defenceless soles of her feet, while she put up a struggle in a useless attempt to get away from the tickling. Stopitstopitstopitstopit. The torment of her feet continued for several minutes, until the lack of breath in her lungs prevented her from laughing, and the fingers were withdrawn from her feet so that she could catch her breath.

“See that, auntie, she must be enjoying it as she is laughing so much.”

“That’s good then, as I do want to continue doing this to her.”

This truly is perverse, as you won’t even let me scream anymore, even though I’m terrified of you, and you are forcing me to laugh at what you are doing to me. If this is what you can do to me at the start, what is going to happen over the next few days?

“Okay, let’s start the second round.” Kendra said, and the captive was again forced to laugh as the torment of her feet continued and this only stopped when she was unable to breathe

“It is so much better to hear Petra laugh, rather than scream and it is so much fun to listen as she is forced to be jolly.” Diana said “Maybe we should keep this going on for another hour, except for breaks which allow her to breathe, and this will tire her out so that she will fall asleep and be refreshed for the tortures we have planned for the morning.”

“Okay, let’s start again and keep going with her torment for the next sixty minutes.”

Oh God, you really are monsters! No please stopstopstopstopstop!

For the next hour, Petra’s universe was filled with the tickle torture that was inflicted on her by her captors, but the thing that she hated most of all was that she wasn’t allowed to scream in fear as she could only laugh...

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