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Monday, 17 November 2014

Iris – Bound to be a Stepmother Part 6 of 6

It was very pleasant to lie on the floor in the arms of my young lady, but I knew that it wasn’t going to last as she pulled on the bow knot at my ankles so that I would be able to stand up. Jodi put her arms around me and lifted me up so that I was able to get my feet under me, and turn around so that I faced the bed in order to hop towards it for the final part of the fantasy. Once I had reached the bed, I turned around to look at my captor, who picked up a short length of cord and said “Lie down in the middle of the bed on your right side, facing me.”

Getting into position on the bed was quite a struggle but I managed it after a few minutes had gone by, and my young lady stepped over to the edge of the bed with the cord in her hand.

“Bring your knees up to your chest.”

This surprised me as the next stage in the story involves the crotch rope being used to place me in a strict hogtie, but I obeyed the instruction as my Jodi probably had something else that she wanted to try out first. One end of the short cord was tied to my chest ropes while the other end was tied to the loops above my knees and as I tried to move, I understood that I was more restrained than if I had been placed in a normal hogtie.

Trying to keep a proper eye on my little lady was impossible as she walked around the bed, but I could tell that she had knelt down beside me, and by turning my neck to a very uncomfortable degree, I could get a glimpse of her head and upper body. I was attempting to work out why Jodi was doing this, when the crotch rope was loosened so that it no longer pressed against me.

I’m totally exposed! The most intimate part of my body is on view to you!

Even though I tried to adjust my mind to the circumstances, this caused me to feel a great shame and bucked against my ropes in a vigorous but futile effort to gain my freedom. However, my daughter seemed more curious at this point than anything else.

“The folds here are so red and swollen, far better than the pale shrunken things that I have. Perhaps I should find out what it feels like to the touch.”

This comment resulted in the shaking of my head, but my consideration was ignored as Jodi pressed the fingers of her right hand against my sensitive lips which caused me to scream in humiliation and joy as a shock of pleasure ran through my heart of lust.

There was a giggle from my daughter at my reaction, and she said “You seem to be a little ticklish in that area, perhaps I should do this for longer.”

Even though I protested with all of my might, it proved to be no avail as Jodi trespassed for a minute on my most intimate anatomy, gliding her fingers up and down while I shrieked from the raw sensation and embarrassment.

“Maybe I should go in deeper, as it will be fun to see what happens then.”

This was the moment when I knew that any protestations that I could make would be of no value, so I just prepared myself for the inevitable invasion that was coming. The cry was louder than before when I felt two fingers access deep into me and press against the ‘stem’ of my flower, providing me with shame along with my ecstatic feelings. A few minutes later, the fingers withdrew from me and there was the sound of a drawer being opened followed by a fumbling sound, and then the closing of a drawer.

“This will make it even more fun.”

I was wondering what was going to happen next when I heard the pressing of a button which was followed by a buzzing sound, and I knew just what Jodi was going to do to me

You’re going to use my vibrator on me!

Cry after cry escaped from my gagged mouth as my daughter pressed the tip time and time again onto the swollen lips of my lust, and her giggles showed that she was enjoying this chance to inflict sexual torture on my helpless body. The shame and humiliation of having this act done to me by my own daughter succeeded in adding to my arousal and I couldn’t work out if I wanted it to stop, even when the tip of the device pressed into my access.

“It’s time to get you ready for the finale, my bondage babysitter.”

The vibrator was switched off, but this was only because it would be easier for my captor to hold it for the next stage, and I gasped when the item was pushed deep into my tunnel of love. The crotch-rope was placed over it so there was no chance of it working its way out and my feet were brought up to my bottom in preparation for the next part. The crotch rope was already looped over my wrist ropes, so the end was taken around my ankle bondage before being pulled around my elbow ropes and tied off. The rope that held my knees to my chest was untied, my legs were pulled down, and my daughter rolled me over onto my front, untying and retying the hogtie rope at my elbows in order to take out any slack.

“It’s been five years since you experienced anything like this, so let’s not waste a minute more.”

The right hand of my daughter went between my legs, the button was pressed, and I bucked up and down on the bed in my hogtie, with even the shame of my situation having no effect of the growth of lust inside me. I no longer cared about the fact that I was in naked bondage and about to have an orgasm in front of my daughter, and the only thing that mattered was the experience that I have waited five long years for.

I was oblivious to everything else except the oncoming tsunami of bliss, and so I screamed with fury as my daughter again reached between my legs so that she could switch the device off.

“Are you going to tell me where the valuables are? If you do, I will switch it back on.”

The only thing I could do is surrender and nod, as I needed this release like nothing on earth, so Jodi switch the vibrator on, but I noticed that she had taken her smart phone out. “I think that you need to see what you look like when you hit your peak.”

My orgasm going to be recorded!

The buzzing in my tunnel of love distracted me from this and everything else as I concentrated on the pleasure that was building up inside me.


It had been five years since a bondage orgasm had coursed through me, and it felt as if my body was making up for lost time as I convulsed and shook on the bed in one of the most intense releases that I have ever received...

After I came down from my ecstatic experience I turned my head to the right where Jodi was standing, and she turned the alarm clock around to show me that the time was only twenty past ten.

So, I have lost the challenge but given what I have gone through, it is to be expected. This means that I am yours for twenty four hours, and I think that I am going to spend it in bondage which will be of the most intimate kind. I doubt that I will even know the meaning of the word dressed until tomorrow night.

As my daughter left the room, I laid my head down in order to get a little rest before she returned...

“Wakey, wakey. You can’t sleep in that position all night.”

I looked up and my captor was at the side of the bed holding a bottle of water with a straw in it, which caused me to feel thirsty as I hadn’t drunk anything for some time.

“You are to be my slave for twenty four hours, and you will speak when spoken to. When you are placed in a bondage position, you must stand it as long as possible, making three screams if you are pushed past the point of endurance. When you are released for bathroom breaks or possible meal breaks, you must submit yourself to bondage once it is over. Do you accept these conditions?”

The bottle was put down on the table as I nodded my head, and the end of the hogtie rope that was bound to my elbows was untied and I was moved over to the side of the bed so that I could be placed into a sitting position. Once this was done, my daughter put her hands around the back of my neck and unbuckled the straps that had held the large ball that had filled my mouth for the evening. As I opened my jaws wider in order for the rubber ball to be extracted, I found that the muscles of my mouth were sore because I hadn’t been gagged in this way for five years.

When my panties were pulled out of my mouth, they were sodden with saliva which ended up running down my chin and onto my breasts which were still a little sore from the clamps, but it felt wonderful to have my mouth free from obstruction.

“Would you like to have a drink, slave?” Jodi said as she picked up the bottle.

“Yes please, Mistress Jodi.” I said, knowing that as a slave I would have to use the proper title for the person who controlled me. There was a look of surprise on the face of my daughter, but this changed to a smile as she understood that I had accepted my position for the next twenty four hours. The bottle and straw were placed before my mouth, so I took the end of the straw between my lips and took in enough liquid to ensure that I would no longer feel thirsty, but not so much as to become a torment because I knew that I would be in bondage for the rest of the night. The last thing that I wanted to happen was to be kept awake with a desperate need to go to the toilet, and be unable to move an inch or scream for help.

After I had taken my fill, I released the straw from my lips and my Mistress put the bottle back down on the table before untying the crotch rope and removing the vibrator that had provided me with the most incredible experience of the evening. This was followed by the untying of the ropes that bound my legs together and I was surprised when my Jodi stole a sweet little kiss from me while I was still bound.

“After you are untied, you are to enjoy a bathroom break so that you may compose yourself. When you return here, I will tie you up for the night. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” I said, and a thrill went down my spine as I again uttered the word which stated that Jodi was my superior, even though it seemed to be very unusual. The ropes that bound my upper arms were removed, and I was able to stretch my limbs out into a more natural position in preparation for going to the bathroom.

The ropes in the room were being gathered by my Mistress as I made my way to the bathroom, and I made sure that a full break was taken, cleaning myself up before returning to the bedroom. When I walked back in, I noticed that all of the ropes had been put away except for four lengths that had been tied to the corners of my bed with two scarves hanging from the bedposts at the top of the bed.

At least I’ll be in a comfortable spread-eagle for the night.

Without even waiting for a command from my Mistress, I walked straight over to the bed, lay down on my back and stretched my hands and feet towards the corners so that it would be easier to bind them.

“It seems that my slave is very eager to enter her bondage for the night.”

I giggled at this comment, and I knew that if anyone had told me today that my daughter would do the things that she had done and then placed me in nude bondage for the night, I would have called them insane. Here I am though, with Jodi binding my right wrist to the bedpost, and it was only a few minutes before all four limbs were bound and my daughter knelt aside my midriff on the bed. One of the scarves was taken by my captor who placed it over my eyes and tied together at the back of my head so that I would be blindfolded, and I knew the second would soon be used to muffle my voice so I parted my lips in preparation.

The brushing of my daughter’s lips against mine was a most exquisite feeling that I had not expected, and I sighed parting my lips a little more and leaving the tip of my tongue between them as she pulled away from me. The next kiss was longer, our lips pressed together in pleasure and the ends of our tongues caressed each other for a minute before Jodi parted from me. Our tongues touched at the ends again, but our mouths soon opened wide and our tongues became intertwine in a passionate oral embrace that neither of us wanted to end.

It had to end though, but I do not know how long we lay there with my daughter kissing and cuddling me before she stopped for the final time that night. “I don’t think that you would be happy if I ended up falling asleep on top of you, my slave. Please open your mouth wide so that I can gag you.”

I followed the order of my Mistress and the second scarf was used by her to cleave-gag me before she stood by the side of the bed. “Get some rest now, we have a long day tomorrow and you need to be ready for it. “

There were footsteps and the sound of the door closing which let me know that I was on my own for the night, in helpless nude bondage on my own bed.

After Jodi had left the room and I started to drift off to sleep, I remembered a conversation that I had with Ian before he died.

“Why are we at the solicitors’?” I said as we waited in reception sitting in one of the plush settees.

“I want to add one extra piece of paperwork, just for contingency purposes. When Jodi turns eighteen, she will be under her own care, with a monthly income from the estate so that she will be an independent lady.” Ian said.

“That has already been worked out.”

“There could be a situation where you may want Jodi to be an equal person to you, rather than under your care, before she reaches eighteen. After all, you do treat her as a friend, rather than a mother in many respects, and there is a possibility that this cause a ‘legal complication’ between you. To this end, I am going to have our solicitor ready the necessary documents so that she will either be in her own care, or under the legal care of the solicitors’ until she reaches the age of eighteen with an independent financial arrangement.”

“Well, if Jodi truly wanted to be an independent lady when she reaches sixteen, then I would want this to happen as well, Ian. I can’t imagine a scenario where this would be necessary though.”

There was a smile from Ian as he stood up. “You never know what might happen in the future, so it is best to plan for any eventuality. Let’s go in and ready the paperwork.”

All we need to do is go to the solicitors’ on Monday, sign the documents, and Jodi will be living as her own woman with the right to live where she wants to. That was how Ian sorted things out, and that’s what made him so rich, he was always one step ahead of everyone else and he thought of everything that could happen.

He thought of everything that could happen...

OMG he knew! No, he wouldn’t have known it would happen, but he knew that the possibility existed and he took steps to plan for it. Ian made sure that if things did get to this stage then we could avoid any legal entanglements caused by the situation that we are in.

Well Jodi, I will always be your mother, but on Monday you will have the status of being your own woman and that allows you to be my friend in every way...

The End. For Now...

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