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Monday, 17 November 2014

Jodi’s Punishment Part 3 of 6

“Hop out of the bathroom and go to the top of the stairs, so that we can go to the lower hallway together.” Mistress Zana said as she walked out of the bathroom, and I did my best to keep up in my helpless state as I hopped after her until we reached the top step. I turned around so that my back would be pressed against the top of the banister, which would allow me to lower myself to the floor and move down each step on my bottom.

“You are not doing it that way, you little whore.” My captor said as she took hold of my left arm so that I had to stay upright, and I was wondering just how I was going to get down the stairs if I could not use my posterior. “Shuffle to the top of the stairs and face the steps. As I moved into position, I felt more than a little worried as it appeared to be a long way down, as I looked at it from this angle and I hoped that Mistress Zana was not going to do anything dangerous to me.

“Good slut. Now, this is what is going to happen. You are going to hop down the stairs on your feet.”

Hop down the stairs? That is going to kill me!

My worry turned into panic as I heard the comment of my captor about how I was going to descend, because Iris had warned me never to hop down at any time and especially when my hands were bound together behind my back. I shook my head and looked at my Mistress with fear in my eyes in the hope that she would reconsider her decision, but I yelped as she grabbed and pulled my black hair with her right hand.

“Look, you little cunt. Are you going to hop, or shall I push you down the stairs?” She said as she forced my head forward until it seemed that I was going to lose balance and fall forward with no way to stop it, and screeched through my gag in my fear.

“Are you going to jump down one step then, or are you going to take the express route? Please nod if you want me to push you.” She said, so I shook my head as at least I had a chance of remaining upright if I hopped down step by step, rather than falling and breaking something in the process.

Oh my, this is horrible, just horrible, and it’s just a torture in its own.

I took a deep breath, flexed my legs, and jumped. It seemed to be okay at first, as both feet made a solid landing on the step below, but after a moment there was a feeling of terror inside me that caused me to scream as I realised that I was off-balance with no chance of recovery.

I’m falling!

Within a second, there was another scream from me as I was pulled back into a standing position by my hair, but the pain in my scalp was preferable to the alternative of the chance of heading up with a broken neck.

“You stupid slut, did you really think that I would be so imbecilic as to let you smash your idiot head in by falling down the stairs?” Mistress Zana said, pulling my head back by my hair until I thought that she could end up snapping my neck in the process. “Now, take the next step.”

I did as I was commended, and moving to the next step started with fear as I made the hop which changed to horror when I overbalanced on the landing, which was followed when I cried out as it felt as if my hair was going to be pulled out by the roots. This was the way in which I made my way down the rest of the stairs until I reached the lower hallway, a process that mixed physical and psychological torture together.

“See, you made it, and you didn’t end up hurting yourself after all. Now we have to make our way to the kitchen for breakfast. Once you are in there, you are to sit on the chair that is pulled out and there is to be no speaking once your gag is removed. Come on, harlot, don’t keep me waiting.”

At least hopping on a level surface made me feel calm, even though I was experiencing a level of apprehension as I didn’t know what was going to happen at breakfast. There was a small gap in the doorway and I had to use my left shoulder to push the door open but it took less than a minute to make my way to the kitchen chair and sit down in it. This was one of the other low-backed chairs with arms, but there was no left to right struts, which was why Iris had purchased a pair of these so that they could be used in our games.

Once I had sat down, Mistress Zana took the long chain out of the bag along with one of the padlocks, and looped the chain around the handcuffs that bound my ankles together before taking the ends up to my wrist cuffs. My ankles were pulled back so that my feet were lifted away from the floor, and the chain was wound between the cuffs and pulled tighter before the ends were locked together. This left me in what amounted to a sitting hogtie on the chair, which meant that any major struggling on my part would result in the risk of falling over and hurting myself.

Mistress Zana unbuckled the straps at the back of my neck before the large ball was pulled out from between my lips, and the garment was extricated out of my mouth after a few more seconds.

“It looks as if the helpless girly wet her panties when she was in bed last night.” My Mistress said as she held the item of clothing in front of my face, and I ended up blushing even though such an occurrence had never happened to me. “Time for your breakfast.” She said, walking over to the side and picking up a tray that had been covered with a black cloth which she carried over to the table, and I was shocked when she pulled the cloth away to reveal what was underneath.

A glass of water and a plate on which there are four slices of bread. You’re giving me bread and water for breakfast? There isn’t even any butter on the bread.

The glass was picked up by my captor, who sat astride my lap as she placed it to my lips so I could take a few sips of water before it was put back down on the tray. A slice of bread was pulled apart into four quarters, one was held up so that I could take a bite, and I discovered that it was from the old loaf which should have been thrown away this morning. As I took another bite from the stale piece, I was thankful that it hadn’t become mouldy as I forced myself to chew and swallow, because refusing to eat may mean that I wouldn’t be allowed to drink either.

“Did you really expect me to give you something good to eat? You are a whore that tortured her stepmother after all, and you should be lucky that I am giving you anything at all.” She said as she picked up the glass again so that I could take another drink, and I realised that my reaction to the food must have shown on my face.

At least the bread stopped the rumbling in my stomach as the meal continued, and the liquid wasn’t tainted which meant that it was okay to drink, so I was able to finish what was left for me on the table. Once the glass had been emptied and the bread was finished, the panties were picked up by my Mistress, so I opened my mouth wide even though I didn’t want them back in my mouth because she would only find some way of making me open up. After the garment had been placed above my tongue, the ball of the gag was pushed between my lips and the straps were buckled so tight that they dug into the flesh of my cheeks.

“It’s time for you to kneel on the floor as part of your punishment.” My Mistress said as she removed the padlock and pulled the chain away from my cuffs so that I was able to stretch out, but any comfort only lasted for a moment when she grasped my elbow chain and forced me out of the chair so I had no other choice but to kneel in my bondage on the cold, hard tiles.

There was a faint sound from the hallway which indicated that the Sunday paper had arrived. “I’ll have look if there is anything special in the news, and then I’ll continue with your punishment.” My Mistress left the room and I heard her pick up the material the items that had been pushed through the letter box, but I became preoccupied with the discomfort of having my knees pressing against the floor.

It wasn’t long before I started to squirm in my position as the ache started in my knees and although I attempted to find a better way to place my legs as time went on, this proved to be useless as nothing seemed to work.

Oh Shit, OH SHIT!

One of my movements proved to be unfortunate as I lost balance and toppled over onto my right side, and this was going to be the least of my problems if Mistress Zana discovered that I have disobeyed her commands. Trying to get back on my knees was going to be difficult at best as my arms were bound together at my wrists and elbows, but I need to try if I didn’t want to incur the wrath of my captor. Every attempt failed with most of my tries ending in falling other on my other side, and I was still concentrating with getting back on my knees when Mistress Zana walked back in with me on my side, and the look on her face made me tremble.

“You little cunt! I can’t leave you alone for a minute to carry out your punishment!
If you had thought that I would ignore this, then you are greatly mistaken, and I am going to make sure that you are locked into position on your knees for this act of rebellion.” She took one of the padlocks and connected one end of the long chain to my ankles, before forcing me to kneel with my back to the table and taking the chain through the ring that was attached to the table. The last padlock connected the chain to the one around my elbows, so that I would not be able to move from this position or even fall on my side and trying to move my arms lifted my feet off the floor which increased the pressure on my knees.

“It looks like I’ll have to bring my laptop in to do my online shopping.” Mistress Zana left the room and returned with what seemed to be an advertising sheet along with her laptop which she placed on the table by a kitchen chair that she sat down on. As time went on, she showed a malevolent smile as she continued with her shopping, but I was more concerned about the ache in my knees and muscles as I squirmed in my bonds without any relief.

There was also concern about what my captor was ordering but as I was unable to see what sites she was visiting, I tried to ignore what was happening. After some minutes had gone by, she looked at me and picked up the sheet so that I could read what was on it.

“The Special Sunday Sale! For today, all of the home improvement stores on the Whitforth Trading Estate are having a special Mother’s Day Sale! The stores have got special permission to open at eight in the morning, so long as they close at two in the afternoon. Buy a Mother’s day present for that special lady, and maybe get something for yourself as well. Fathers can also visit the DIY shops for as an antidote for today.”

My shivering as I read this must have been visible because my captor flashed her evil smile, and I knew why she was shopping online, as she pick be ordering items to pick up from the shop. From what I could remember from the play, Mistress Zana liked using standard items in her bondage and tortures of her captives as opposed to items that were constructed for the purpose of bondage, which is why she was purchasing items as they were going to be used for the purpose of punishing me.

“As soon as I have finished ordering my items, I will leave to collect them so that I can have a lot more fun with you.” She returned back to her laptop and continued with her shopping for another half an hour before lowering the lid of the computer so that the system would shut down. She left the room, and for the next few minutes my imagination was working overtime as to what she might buy, when she walked back into the kitchen with a long coat which reached down to the middle of her calves, and her mask had been removed.

“I am off to collect my shopping now. Be a good little slut and stay where you are.” She said as she took out a black cloth strip and a pair of ear plugs.

The plugs were inserted into my ears, and the cloth went over my eyes so that my world was reduced to the sense of touch and smell, but my taste was concentrated on the rubber in my mouth that I was yet to become accustomed to. For touch there was the unpleasant fact that I was unable to relive the pressure on my knees and my arms behind my back were forced up a little because of the long chain that was attached to my elbows. For all that I knew, Mistress Zana could be standing right in front of me as she laughed at my predicament, and I would never know about it, but the most probable situation would be that she would be collecting her improvised torture chamber from the shops on the estate.

I doubt that my captor would show me everything when she returned from her visit, but I had no doubt that I would end up finding about them sooner or later as she would take great delight in using them on me. My fears took over at this moment as I thought of how she might use these items on me, and that I wouldn’t be able to stop her from whatever she wanted to do to me.

There was a touch at my ears and the plugs were removed before the blindfold was lifted from my face, and I saw Mistress Zana without her coat but with her mask back on, with a few bags in the kitchen which made me sigh with relief until I heard what my Mistress said next.

“Those are only a few of the items that I have purchased this morning, and I have a lot more under the stairs. First however, I have something very special for you before we continue with the morning’s festivities.” The woman walked over to one of the bags and brought out a black leather collar with a circular metal tag which was attached to a ring at the front, before walking over to me. The tag was placed in front of my face and I gasped in shock as I read what was on it, as I didn’t think that she would have done such a thing, let alone get someone else to engrave it for her.

I shook my head as the collar was put around my neck, but this proved to be futile as it was buckled into place, and the engraved letters on the tag were visible which read:


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