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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 4

Megumi? She’s the one who tormented me with that little device. Once you deliver me over to her, I could suffer any kind of cruel punishment. A squeal was emitted from the gagged mouth of the helpless captive when she started to struggle against her bonds on the floor while she lay on the floor, as she was fearful of what was to come.

“You should calm down, slave Cecyme, as you don’t want to overexert yourself. Megumi can be a little mean with her games, but she means well and she can be very good at providing pleasure in a surprising way.”

I have no choice in the matter anyway, as I am a slave in bondage, and I can guess from the service that I provided to Mistress Isabella, that part of my duties will be to give pleasure to my captors. The helpless lady ceased the fight against the ropes after the comments of her mistress, and she hoped that her treatment at the hands of the maids wouldn’t be too harsh.

There was a knock on the door and the prisoner looked up as Isabella said “Come in.” The door opened and the Japanese maid walked into the room, looking down at the bound lady and smiling. You can take our helpless Cecyme down to your quarters now, as she has finished her duties on this floor. Our new slave has performed well, both in her normal duties and in making my rest most pleasurable. I hope that you will find her as entertaining as I did.”

“Thank you, Mistress Isabella.” Megumi said as she knelt behind the captive and untied the cord that kept her in a strict hogtie before lifting her up off the floor so that she could stand on her feet. “Come on, slave, it’s time for you to come with me to visit the maids’ quarters for the evening. Follow me.” The left index finger of the maid was hooked around the crotch rope of the bound lady who squealed a little when she received a little tug.

You are a mean maid, Megumi. Wait until our positions are reversed, if that ever happens. After another tug on the rope so that it rubbed against her most sensitive area, the imprisoned mistress hopped behind the maid that had control of her with the captive moving in her own slow way out of the room, and down the corridor until she ended up in the elevator.

“Even though it is just one floor down, I don’t want you to fall over and hurt yourself, as it would raise awkward problems with getting you medical treatment, not to mention bringing the fun to a halt.” Megumi said, releasing her grip on the crotch rope and taking hold of the elbow rope before pressing the button to the ground floor. The doors of the elevator closed and there was a sudden jolt as the machinery started to lover the two down one level, with the captive thankful that her present guard had taken a secure hold of her bonds. There was a lesser shudder as the elevator came to a rest, and the doors parted while a gentle pressure was applied to the bound maid’s elbows which indicated to her that she should move forwards.

I’ve only been to the maids’ area once before, and that was on the grand tour which was given to me by Matron Isabella when I inherited the mansion. I still think that each maid should have her own room, as it is unfair discrimination against them, but I can’t understand why they turned me down on the offer. Even though the lady was able to make little hops due to her elbows being held by the maid controlling her, it didn’t take her long to reach the door to the maids’ quarters.

“Your gag will be removed for a while after you enter the communal room, but you are not to speak. If you do, then you will immediately be gagged and a severe punishment will be applied to you for your act of disobedience. If anyone asks you a question, then you are to nod or shake your head. Do you understand?”

The helpless woman gave a single nod of the head to show that she comprehended the instruction that had been given to her by her captor. It was mentioned to me earlier that I would have to earn my supper, and I wouldn’t be able to eat anything with a gag in my mouth so that must be why I have been told how to behave.

Megumi lifted her right hand up and rapped her knuckles against the door several times to let anyone inside know that the duo were going to come in. “Is everybody decent?” She said

From behind the door there was a response that was a little muffled because of the wood, but it was still recognisable as Collette’s voice. “My dear Megumi, you should know that on the weekend, none of us are decent. Do you have our new visitor outside?”

“Yes, and she’s gagging to join us for the evening.” Megumi said, placing her right hand on the door.

Oh my, that was a terrible joke. Is this some new kind of bondage torture, suffering pun torment?

“Come on in then, I am sure that the new slave does not want to be kept waiting outside.”

The door to the room was opened, the captive hopped inside as she responded to the pressure on her elbows and she was surprised to see what was happening in the red couch that was large enough to seat four people. Collette is sitting on Selma’s lap and they are locked together in a passionate embrace with their lips pressed together! As the bound maid looked to the wall opposite the couch, she saw that on the large television there was a film running with two beautiful ladies bound in chains and gagged with duct tape. Just what kind of games do they play in here?

“Maybe we should do that to you, slave Cecyme, after all it does seem to have caught your attention.” Collette said as she rose from the sofa with Selma following her and both ladies held Megumi in a warm embrace before each planted a long kiss on her lips. “It’s time to welcome the new slave to our humble quarters where we spend our quality time together.”

Cecyme has held in a group hug by the three maids who landed kiss after kiss on the cheeks and forehead of the helpless woman who was unable to do anything else but stand there. “Well.” Collette said “I hope you understand why we didn’t take your offer of having separate rooms, slave Cecyme. It is much more fun for us to stick together in these two rooms. I hope you don’t mind joining us for a humble meal?”

As the bound woman looked down she noticed the food and drink that had been placed on the coffee table, with her stomach starting to rumble as she hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch, and that had just been a sandwich. “I think that our slave approves of our little feast.” Megumi said as she started to unbuckle the gag. “The wine that is on the table is just a Perry, as we do not want to get drunk as we play our games for obvious reasons. There are also soda drinks, water and fruit juice as well. I’m sure that you will want a drink to take away the taste of rubber from your mouth, as gags like these can take some time to get used to.”
It’s almost as if you have your own little family unit, and in a way I have been adopted into it for the time being. Once the ball was pulled away from the Cecyme’s mouth, she worked her jaws so that she could reduce the ache from having her mouth forced wide open for so long.

“Try this, Cecyme.” Collette said as she rose from the settee, picking up a wine glass full of a white sparking drink and holding up to the lips of the captive. “This is from your own orchards, and I think that you drank it when you were a visitor here.”

Wow, it is every bit as good as it used to taste, and it is helping to exorcise that taste from my mouth. After the captive took two more sips from the glass, she motioned with her head for a second and looked down at the centre of the couch, hoping that the maids would understand her.

“Okay girls.” Megumi said “Let’s put our new slave in the middle so that two of us can sit on either side. After all, we all know how difficult her job was this evening.” The oriental maid guided the bound lady to the centre point of the sofa before giving her a gentle push so that she fell backwards onto the furniture. “Will someone give Cecyme something to eat, as she cannot help herself to any of the food at the moment.”

By your comment, Megumi, you have let me know that all of us have done the same thing, so it is hardly as if you lot are picking on me. A morsel of food was lifted up to the lips of the captive, and she accepted it into her mouth as she enjoyed the first part of her meal. Matron Isabella was a maid here once, would that mean that even she had to clean the floors bound and gagged with a feather duster in her mouth? Once she had finished with the piece of food and swallowed, a glass was lifted up to her lips and she took two sips before shaking her head and looking at the food on the coffee table.

This is how it went with the meal for the next hour, as the maids took turns in providing their captive with food and drink until she felt that she had eaten and drank enough. Selma picked up a few of the plates and wrapped them in a clear film before standing up. “I’ll put the remainder of the meal in the fridge in the other room just in case someone wants a bedtime snack.” The other ladies helped, and within a few minutes all of the food was cleared from the living room, along with most of the bottles before the bound woman was made to rise from the sofa.

“Is it alright if I start first this evening?” Selma said “I would dearly like to have the chance to start this.”

Here it comes. I bet that I am going to be made to suffer all kinds of torments and indignities.

“Go ahead.” Megumi said “It is your turn after all.”

A squeal was emitted from the lips of the prisoner as she was pulled to the left of the sofa by Selma, who sat down and pulled the captive onto her knees so that the poor woman was facing the right.

I wonder what evil things you are going to do to me now. Cecyme closed her eyes as she expected some vile act to be committed against her, but she was surprised when she was held in a soft embrace with Selma’s lips pressing against hers. I’m going to have to not jump at everything I hear, as this is quite delightful. The fingers of Selma’s right hand ran through the hair of the captive as their lips were locked together, and soon Cecyme felt a caress on her lips as the tongue of her captor glided over them. This is going to prove to be very passionate. She parted her mouth and pressed her tongue against that of Selma’s before they intertwined while Selma’s hand moved down and caressed the thighs of the helpless lady in a gentle manner. When the woman stopped the kissing and pulled back for a moment, the bound woman opened her eyes to see Megumi and Collette kissing and cuddling at the other end of the sofa. Now I’m not surprised that you didn’t want separate rooms.

After some time of receiving some gentle loving from Selma, Cecyme was made to stand as Megumi sat under her, while Selma and Collette embraced and kissed each other. Again the captive relaxed as she sat on the lady’s lap with her enjoying the sensual pleasure of their closeness, with the Japanese maid caressing the woman in bondage in all of the right places while kissing her.

It was Collette’s turn to welcome the helpless lady with kisses and cuddles as Selma spent some loving time with Megumi, and this continued for some time with the lady being entertained in turn by one of the maids. However, even though the captive wished that this could go on all night, it was while she was on Collette’s lap that it came to an end.

“This is wonderful, having fun with you, slave Cecyme.” The red-haired lady said “But we only have you until the wee-.”

“Collette.” Selma said as she untangled herself from Megumi “You know the rules, only Mistress Isabella can say what is happening. You have done this before as well, and you were warned about what would happen if you did it again.”

Megumi took hold of Cecyme and pulled her into an upright position as Selma forced the struggling Collette face down onto the couch with her arms behind her back. “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, please I’llffff-.” Her pleading was cut off when Megumi picked up the gag that had muffled Cecyme for so long, and forced the ball between the lips of the maid before buckling it into place so that the new captive’s sounds became very limited. After Megumi took hold of Collette’s hands and held them above the girl’s head, Selma took two lengths of cord with her using one to bind the captive’s ankles together while the other tied her wrists.

So that’s how it looks. Poor Collette, it looks as if she is in more trouble than I am. As the oriental maid continued to hold the struggling captive down, Selma walked over to the telephone and lifted up the handset before pressing the button for the Matron’s bedroom.

“Mistress Isabella, we seem to have a problem with Collette again. She has been saying things in front of the new slave which she shouldn’t have done. Okay, I’ll check. Slave Cecyme, has she done this upstairs when you were cleaning, starting to speak about something then stopping in mid-sentence?”

As I recall, Collette did this twice and I had better let them know the truth, because this could be a test of my honesty and I could be punished if I give a false answer. There was a single nod from the bound woman as she confirmed that Collette had spoken to her upstairs.

“Yes Mistress our slave has confirmed that Collette has transgressed when she went upstairs. I understand, we are to correct Collette as we see fit, but she is not to be a free woman until you decide. Goodbye Mistress.”

At hearing the telephone conversation, Collette started another round of pleading and struggling as the two maids lifted her to her feet and forced her to hop to the next room. “Follow us into the next room, but remain silent,” Megumi said as she held onto the wrists of the new helpless maid. As Cecyme followed her into the next room, she again admired the ornate furnishings and the four large brass beds, but she wondered why one of them was longer.

The other beds should be long enough to sleep in, so why should this one need to have a greater length. She looked on as the struggling Collette was dragged through another door which led to a private bathroom for the maids and she remained still and silent for a few minutes before the helpless red-head was brought back with a look of shock on her face.

“Collette has been given a bathroom break before we set her up for her punishment.” Selma said “She always finds it embarrassing, but we all do to one degree or another.”

Cecyme looked on as the bound wrists of the captive were pulled above her head by Selma while Megumi took hold of the dress and pulled it up her arms to her hands, before taking some rope and binding the maid’s elbows together behind her head so that she would be unable to bring her arms forward. The cheeks of the maid turned red as her braless breasts were exposed and she was forced to lie supine on the long bed, where her wrists were untied before the dress was pulled over her hands which were placed back together. The rope was used to bind her hands with ten loops and four cinches before another rope tied her wrists to the top of the brass bed so that she would be unable to move from her position. Her ankles were untied before her panties were pulled down to her and away from her body and her feet were pulled apart with her ankles tied to the separate corners of the bed so that her legs were spread wide apart.

Wow, I wonder how she is going to be punished?

“Cecyme, you will be helping us to punish Collette, so open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as possible.” Megumi said.

The bound woman felt a little silly once she had done this, but the Japanese lady took two shortened chopsticks and pressed them against the top and bottom of the captives tongue before winding two pieces of string around the ends so that the short pieces of wood could not be dislodged. I’m gagged with my tongue forced out of my mouth. I must look quite a sight like this. How will this help me to punish Collette? While Megumi had been placing the new gag on Cecyme, Selma had been removing the shoes from the maid who was bound to the bed so that she was left wearing just her stockings.

“Megumi, we have to get the slave onto the bed so that she will be in position when it is her turn to carry out part of the punishment.” The two ladies lifted the slave up onto the bed, placed her in a prone position so that her knees nearly touched the bottom of the bed and bent her knees so that her heels pressed against her bottom. A length of cord was wrapped between her wrists and ankles with the ends tied together and the helpless lady realised that she was in a strict hogtie before she was moved up the bed until her face was almost pressed against the most intimate area of the helpless Collette.

I think that I know what I have to do as part of my duties, but I will wait before I’m ordered to do it. I also understand why this bed is longer than the others.

“We will provide you with instructions when it is your turn to punish Collette, but we will start part one of her torture.” Selma said as she and Megumi went to either sides of the bed, near the feet of the struggling captive.

There were screams from the helpless red-head as two sets of fingernails moved ever closer to the soles of her defenceless feet…

(To Be Continued)

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