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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 19

Cassidy turned her head slightly to the right so that she could get a better view of the monitor, and she squealed as her kidnapper took her time in raising her right hand into the air. Struggling in her bonds proved to be useless as always, but she couldn’t avoid performing these actions as instinct took over in these moments when she knew that something was going to happen to her. There was nothing she could do to protect herself as the hand swung down with the target being her bottom, and she was as much surprised as shocked when the pain shot through her hips, which caused her to shriek.

You did it; you actually found a way to punish me by spanking my bottom! No one has ever managed to do this to me before. She looked again at the screen as the hand was lifted up for a second time, and there was a second cry from her as the palm of her captor’s hand impacted against the soft flesh of her backside. As the captor prepared to spank her victim for a third time, Cassidy begged for mercy, but this was to have no effect on her captor’s resolve as the victim’s bottom was struck four more times so that the punishment was round up to an even half-dozen.

“Cassandra, I must say that the look on your face when I spanked you for the first time was incredible when you realised that I could punish you in this way. The way this works is very simple though, as it requires just the right level of tension in the rope. If there is too much pull on your legs, you will be in pain anyway and if the rope is too lose, then spanking you will have no effect. Get it right and this is the effect.” Within a second of the woman speaking, another scream was emitted from the captive’s lips as her posterior suffered from another strike that was delivered by her kidnapper.

“It is not your muscles that are creating the pain, but the joints in your hips that are being affected. When I wound the handle on the winch, not only were your lower legs lifted up, but your upper legs were pulled back as well. Even though your body is tied to the frame with a cross pattern of ropes, there is still enough flexibility for your hips to move back a little, so I tightened the cord to a point where your legs and hips are moved back to where just a little more stress would be painful. So, when I apply a hard smack like this.” As the lady halted in her speech, she hit her prisoner on the bottom which resulted in the bound woman shouting out in pain. “It increases the pressure on your hips to the level at which it becomes painful. This means that I know how to give you a good spanking, even though it required a bit of rigging to make it possible. I wonder how much it will take to make you sob from your punishment, but it should not ake many more smacks.”

Haven’t I suffered enough already today with the hogtie torture and your fake executions? Now you want to make me suffer and humiliate me by spanking my bottom again, but this time it will hurt for real. When Madam Sǐwáng brought her hand down this time, Cassidy did her best to move her bound hands in the way of the strike and the helpless woman managed to deflect the blow.

“You seem to be getting a little feisty, my captive heroine. I will have to punish you for your misbehaviour, but let us play for a little while if that is what you wish.” The next strike was delivered by the kidnapper, and although the captive tried to stop herself from being hit, she ended up squealing as the palm landed with sufficient force to inflict a measure of pain. “It is not that easy to stop me from spanking you is it.” Another spank was attempted by the captor, but this was knocked to the side by her victim who was able to move her arms just at the right time so that her hands could be in the way.

Why am I doing this? After all, I am just creating more problems for myself by annoying you, and it is going to all too easy for you to bring my actions to a halt. You know how I was going to react to this treatment, as it was going to be impossible for me to behave any other way and I suspect that this is just part of your game. The struggle between the two ladies continued for a little while, with the prisoner being agile enough to at least get in the way most of the time and the rest of the strikes were only having partial success in punishing the prisoner.

“You have become very adept at doing this, so I will have to do something about it.” Madam Sǐwáng said, reaching down to pick up another length of black rope before pushing one end through a hole higher than the prisoner in the vertical strut that the captive was bound to. “This will make sure that you cannot interfere with your well deserved punishment, and perhaps even add a little extra torment in the process.”

One of the ends of the cord was looped several times around the wrist bonds of the helpless women, before a secure knot was applied to hold the cord in position, and the hands of the prisoner were pulled away from her bottom as the captor pulled on the other end of the rope. There was nothing that Cassidy could do to prevent her hands being lifted higher and higher as the madam continued her actions, and soon her arms were almost at a right angle to her body. Please, don’t pull my arms up any more, as you’ll tear them from away from my shoulders.

Her begging at this moment did not go unnoticed by the woman who had treated her in this manner, but there was to be no sympathy for the helpless woman whose arms were in an unnatural position. Cassidy’s behaviour would prove to be counterproductive with the madam just smiling as she tugged a little more on the rope which caused the emitting of a yelp from the tormented lady. “Thank you for the information, my useless heroine. You have even managed to let me know how much strain I have put on your arms with that little display of yours. By pleading with me to stop, you have actually helped me with refining your torment.” Another scream happened when the rope was pulled again, and the helpless prisoner writhed in her bonds as she again felt the massive discomfort in her shoulders. “That is it, you have provided me with the knowledge that I needed to make sure that you are punished for trying to avoid having your bottom smacked like the bad girl you are.” As the helpless woman looked at the screen, she could see Madam Sǐwáng winding the other end of the cord around her wrist and adding a knot so that the poor lady would be stuck with her arms in this horrendous position.

“I can continue with your proper punishment, and make you suffer while you hang in your ropes.” The lady said, lifting up her right hand before bringing it down so that her palm impacted against the bottom of the helpless captive with maximum force, causing her to cry out in her suffering. Blow after harsh blow landed on the bottom of the defenceless victim, and her cries of pain acted as a kind of echo to the loud slaps that were heard as her posterior was pummelled by her merciless captor. After twelve strikes were applied by the captor, there were the first sobs from the suspended woman as the torment and humiliation were already having an effect on her. “It shouldn’t be too long before I can make you blubber like the little cry baby that you are.” Another dozen spanked landed against the defenceless woman’s derriere, with the captive’s squirming providing a form of self torment with each little movement increasing the strain on her joints. Her sobbing grew louder after this round of punishment, as her eyes began to fill up with tears due to the combination of her physical suffering along with the psychological humiliation that she had to endure.

“I can see that you are right on the edge, and it will not take much more to bring on the waterworks. The irony about all of this is that I expected you to be much tougher, but you must have gone a little soft since we last met. Not that this is a bad thing though, as it may have proved that there is hope for you yet.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she stood for a minute in front of the captive with her right hand holding the defenceless lady’s cheek. “This is proving to be so much fun, that I have a few extra ideas about what to do with you on this frame, so you may be hanging around on here for a little while longer.” Once the lady had spoken, she returned to the left side of the helpless woman who was no longer begging for any kind of mercy as she knew that it would be pointless.

There were a dozen more shrieks from the suspended lady as her bottom was given another thorough spanking by her kidnapper, and this treatment was enough to cause her to burst into tears again, with the water starting to run down her face. “Poor little girl, crying her eyes out again. I would have thought that you would have been far more resilient against my torments, although I have had time to find ways around your unique attribute. I will not be giving you any spanks from now on unless you decide to be disobedient, so just remember who is in charge.” Cassidy was surprised to see her captor walk over to the large black bag and retrieve several tissues from it before returning to stand in front of the tormented woman.

What are you going to do now? Surely you can’t be planning on doing something nice to me after everything that you have put me through. You are almost acting as if you are going to dry my eyes after making me cry again.

“I’m sorry that I had to make you cry during your punishments, but there were times during my recovery when I was hurting that bad as well.” The lady said as she dabbed at the face of the helpless woman, so that the tears could be soaked up by the tissues. “To be honest, I am conflicted about what I am doing to you while you are my prisoner. On the one hand, I am still angry when I remember what I have suffered as a result of what you did to me, and on the other I feel guilty about what I have done to you up to this moment, and I now wish that I had never put you through those horrific mock executions.” By this time, Cassidy had stopped crying, and the leader managed to wipe away any of the remaining tears. “I must be going insane, as even after what you did to me I am feeling remorse about obtaining my revenge.”

The fact that you are feeling remorse means that you are sane, and you don’t even want to make me cry anymore. I am confused about all of this as you came over to me as some kind of villainess, but I don’t know where I stand with you now.

“Do not think that I will be going easy on you, as we still have some way to go before I am truly free of my vengeful feelings. It should not be as bad as before though, so I think that you will be able to cope.” The woman walked around to the left side of the helpless lady who ended up yelping as the rope that lifted up her ankles was pulled to the side at one location so that the tension was increased. This rope was allowed to straighten after an instant, but a moment later the rope that held her arms up in the air was treated in the same way for a second and she ended up crying out as the torment increased in her shoulders.

“I can play you like a musical instrument while you are bound like this, as the ropes are like the strings of a violin. Perhaps you should be Cassandra, the human harp.” After a few seconds of relative comfort, the leg rope was plucked for a second by the thumb of the captor, which caused the suspended woman to squeal again. “I never thought of doing this before, but you can torment someone for quite a long time like this.” She said before using the index finger of her right hand to tug at the arm rope, which was followed by another cry from the prisoner who was powerless to resist.

You could have made each action much worse and inflict much more torment, but you are choosing not to. It’s almost as if you are reluctant in pushing me to the edge at the moment. This torment went on for  quite some time with the helpless woman yelping or squealing due to the increase in pressure on her joints, but the pain didn’t go above a certain level whine meant that she was able to endure it.

“I just think that I would like to try a few extra positions while you are stuck to the side like this, and even though they will be strict I am sure that you will be able to cope with them.” As the kidnapper spoke, she started to untie the rope that held the captive’s hands in the air, and the helpless lady sighed with relief as she was able to lower her arms so that they were down behind her back. “Don’t get too relaxed as you will not be comfortable for long.” After she had coiled up the rope, the captor walked over to the winch and turned the handle at a gentle rate so that that captive could adjust to her feet being lowered to the floor.

That feels better as my shoulders and hips are no longer being tortured by your rope bondage. I have the feeling that you are going to replace it with another torment, but with any luck it won’t be as bad. Another rope was picked up by the madam, with one end tied to the wrist bondage of the captive so that the rest could be wound around the strut and the hips of the helpless woman, before it was pulled tied and the end tied back at the wrists. My arms are going to be given a rest seeing as I cannot move them, so that means no pain in my shoulders, but how are you going to torment me this time?

It wasn’t long before the prisoner discovered how she was going to be made to suffer when her one end of the second rope was tied to the loops of cord that bound the soles of her feet together. Her lower legs were forced up so that her heels were pressed against her immobilised hands, before the other end of the rope was taken up to the top of her head, where it was threaded through the D-ring that was attached to the gag. When the end of the rope was pulled by the madam, Cassidy’s head was forced back until it had moved as far as possible with her neck aching and strained in an alarming manner. Once the immobilised captive’s neck was stretched, the end of the rope was tied off and the madam stepped back to look at the lady who was already whimpering as she suffered in her new position. Unlike what happened last time with the exposure torment, I won’t have any chance of resting my neck and my situation will become more intense before long as the muscles in my legs weaken.

“I must admit that your position is very strict, but you shouldn’t suffer too much as a result of it. However, you do look very nice in your current situation, dressed up as a superheroine and helpless in tight bondage. Maybe the comic books should put their characters in a predicament like this.” The lady said as she walked over to one of the chairs before sitting down. “Anyway, I just want to watch you hanging there for a while, and then I will sort out something different for you.”

As Cassidy hung from her bonds with her feet bound to her head, she knew that her current bondage position was strict enough to prevent her from doing anything but a tiny wriggle. You have thought this out well, as I can’t move to any degree with my body bound in this way. I have no doubt that I am going to have to suffer as it becomes harder to keep my feet up. Oh no, I didn’t think about that!

Saliva started to build up in the mouth of the helpless lady, and it occurred to her that on previous occasions it dripped out of her mouth when it built up over time, but this time it started to flow towards the back of her throat which caused her to open her eyes in fear as she realised the potential new danger which threatened her.

I can’t swallow properly while my head is bent back. What if I can’t get rid of it and too much builds up? I could choke like this!

(To Be Continued)

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