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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 12

“I hope that I can make this as pleasurable as possible for you, my sweet captive.” Selma said, just before the helpless Cecyme received a delicate kiss on the lips while the fingers of her captor ran through her hair in a gentle manner, and this was followed by several more long kisses while she was caressed.

This is a delightful start, and although it I guess that you have wanted to do this to me since before you started working here as a maid, you don’t want to rush this moment that you have waited for.

There was a brief pause in the kisses as the hands of the maid moved down to the shoulders of the helpless woman so that they could be caressed, before she planted lots of sweet little kisses on the cheeks of the lady who sighed through her gag as she felt the touches on her body. Cecyme writhed as best she could with her body against the trunk, as the hands provided a soft massage of her upper arms and shoulders, while the rain of kisses continued to land on her cheeks. It wasn’t long before the target area of the kisses moved down from her cheek to the uppermost of her neck, and the maid’s fingers went back and forth at the top of her chest. Oh, that feels good, that feels very good. The kisses travelled down the left side of her neck as Selma’s fingers pushed against the point at the bottom of her breasts where the soft flesh meet her chest, and the prisoner felt the embers of her lust warm up at the top of her legs. The probing finger tips provided the helpless lady with a soft caress of her body, as the kisses that landed on her neck became more passionate with each passing second.

Oh yes, I hope that the makeup that I will be using on Monday can cover what you are doing to me right now. Cecyme sighed again as the kisses on the sides of her neck changed into erotic bites that were playful but intense in nature, with the flesh being sucked into the mouth of her abductor with some force. At the rate I’m receiving these love bites, people might think that I’ve been attacked by a horde of vampires, but the pleasure of this far exceeds any awkwardness that may be caused. Perhaps if all of them do this to me, there will just be one area of the same colour. A squeal escaped the gagged mouth of the willing damsel as Selma took hold of the front of her dress, before pulling it down so that so that her ample bosom was accessible, and the tree-bound woman moaned as the embers of desire between her legs burst into flames. As the captor ran the tips of her fingers over the mounds of her prisoner’s breasts, she sucked even harder at the helpless woman’s neck which left more evidence of her passion.

More kisses and bites were applied to Cecyme’s neck as fingers traced circles around her areola, before the tips of her erect nipples were flicked up and down by the nails of the lady who was teasing her. It wasn’t long before Cecyme became worried about her situation, when her nipples were gripped between the tips of her captor’s index fingers and thumbs, and she yelped when her sensitive flesh was pulled and twisted with some force.  However, even these acts of torment by her captor resulted in adding more fuel to the sexual flame that resided in her loins, and she moaned after each cry as the gentle torture was applied to her several more times.

After the soft parts of her breasts were released, she noticed that the fingers of the lady who controlled her traced a path down her abdomen, while the kisses had moved down from her front to just above her breasts. Even though Cecyme tried to suppress any sounds that she may end up making, the captive couldn’t help but emit
 a loud gasp as Selma tucked the hem of the prisoner’s dress into her waist so that her panties were on view. Another cry was issued when the teasing lady placed the fingers of her right hand between the abducted lady’s panties and her bare flesh, and Cecyme felt shockwaves go through her hips as she felt figure of eights being made on her Mound of Venus. Oh please, just a little lower and make it all mind-blowing. Although the captive was tied to the tree by her waist, she still attempted to thrust her pelvic area against the hand of her captor in the hope that she could increase the level of pleasure that she was experiencing. Why did you have to tie that particular rope around my body? When we used to play as teens it was never a problem, but now I cannot press myself against you so your touch is even more teasing.

The captive’s concern about the caressing of her Mound of lust became secondary in her mind when a row of sweet kisses were landed on the mound of her right breast, with this loving attention copied on her left bosom. This is just wonderful, but I hope you don’t tease me at the end by stopping. There were more caresses of her Mound which increased her desire, and she trembled when the tip of her mock kidnapper’s tongue pressed against the bumpy surface of the areola of each breast. I hope I can return the favour to you in the near future, Selma, but I have the feeling that all of this will only go so far and that I will have to punish you so that you can obtain your ecstasy. OMG!

Cecyme couldn’t help but emit another cry as her lips of lust experienced a second caress from the fingers of the woman who was teasing her in such an exquisite manner, and this was accompanied by the playful biting of the mounds of her breasts which served to increase the state of arousal in her Mound. I’m going to have bite marks all over the place by the time that this weekend is over, but I suppose that it’s one of the prices that a bondage maid has to pay during her captivity. Her erotic experience became even stronger as the soft flesh of her breasts were sucked into the mouth of her friend and the caress of her most intimate folds continued with the fingertips pressing a little further into her body. Keep going, I’m not that far off getting my release. Soon, she cried out as her nipples were flicked by the tongue of her captor, and her hips started to twitch in an involuntary manner when her intimate flesh was stroked at a faster rate, while her moans became almost constant when her nipples were bitten and sucked.

This went on for some time with the fire in the loins of the captive increasing, until she was almost at the point at which she would achieve the peak of pleasure, but it was at this moment when the kisses and caresses stopped, and the helpless lady screamed in frustration as she realised that there was not going to be a release from her need. Selma, you can’t leave me like this, I’m right on the edge and I need to be released from this fire within me.

“It looks as if you have a little problem, Cecyme.” Selma said with the captive squirming in her bonds as she begged and pleaded for her captor to continue with the love-making

A little? My loins feel as if they are on fire and I need you to bring my desire to fruition. Please, you can’t do this to me, I need you to help me!

“Poor helpless captive, for once you really are a damsel in distress, but I guess that it was not the kind that you were expecting, especially with the burning that you are having to go through at the moment. Maybe I should wait for you to cool down before I touch you again, as you do seem to be a little hot at the moment.”

Stop it! Get over here and finish me! As the helpless lady struggled in her bonds, she screamed out at the orgasm denial that acted as a form of torture as she stood tied to the tree.

“Oh dear, slave, you are showing the wrong kind of attitude at the moment, seeing as you are the captive and I am your mistress. If you want me to provide you with the kisses and caresses that you need, then you should behave yourself and show me the respect that I deserve.”

I should have remembered that I have no rights at the moment, and you have complete control of me. You may end up leaving me alone like this all morning in complete desperation as I need you to finish making love to me. Why do you call yourself my mistress though, as isn’t Isabella supposed to be our Mistress at the moment? Cecyme thought about her situation for a moment, and she decided that trying to make demands was not only going to fail, but it would increase the length of time before her captor started to make love to her again. Please Mistress Selma, please make love to me. I am your slave and I will do whatever you want. The helpless lady tried her best to speak through her gag in a submissive manner in the hope that her captor would be merciful and continue with the lovemaking.

“I see that you are behaving in a way that is in keeping with your present station, slave. As you have shown that you are prepared to submit to me, I will kiss you better.”

Kiss me better, what do you mean? I need you to caress me with your hands and kiss my breasts. OMG! Selma took hold of the helpless woman’s panties and the garment was pulled down as far as possible so that the damsel’s most intimate areas were exposed. After a few second’s wait, there was another cry from the lady as she felt something touch her Mound of Venus, but the woman could tell from its shape that she was not being caressed by her captor’s hand. Oh my, that’s what you meant by kissing me better. You are going to use your tongue on my body to bring me to my peak. The prisoner could do nothing but squirm in her bonds as her heart-shaped area was teased and tantalised by the slow gliding movements of her captor’s tongue as it traced little hearts over her hot flesh.

As this continued, the flame of lust in the woman’s intimacy grew stronger and she squealed whenever she was caressed by her friend, who was almost torturing her by delaying the point of release. Please, Mistress Selma don’t tease me, just take me over the edge! The cries of the woman turned into screams as the tip of her captor’s tongue moved down, and she experienced the first gentle stroke against the petals of her forbidden flower. These touches were very gentle and slow at first, but soon the speed increased as the tongue made little probing movements into the small folds between the petals, which caused the prisoner to cry out even louder as the heat inside her became even stronger.

“I can see that you are enjoying this, but the whole garden must be hearing your cries of pleasure. They must be thinking how lucky you are to be having so much fun.”

Fun? The centre of my lust feels a though it is on fire, and my flesh is so sensitive that every time you caress me, it is almost a mixture of pleasure and pain. Even delaying my satisfaction just adds to my torment. Another shrieked escaped the prisoner’s gagged mouth as the tip of her captor’s tongue dug deeper into the moist folds of her most intimate area, and her hips jerked in an involuntary manner as her body moved closer to that special moment when her body would explode with joy.

“It should not be long before I am finished with you, slave, and it seems that you are almost ready to pop by the screams that you are issuing.”

OMG, can you get any more intense down there? The captive screamed with each breath as the caresses of her flower increased further in speed and pressure, but these strokes only took the helpless woman to the edge of her need. Again Cecyme found herself denied the release that she cried out for, with Selma’s skilful strokes keeping her in a state that was like a searing pleasure.

“I am very good at teasing a lady like this, my dear Cecyme. Sometimes, I have kept my colleagues on the edge for hours, with them begging and pleading for me to bring them to the peak. If it wasn’t for the fact that you are tied to a tree, I think that you wouldn’t be able to stand at the moment.”

Hours? I will collapse in a heap by then. Please Mistress, please don’t do this to me. Cecyme shook her head from side to side, hoping that her captor would not leave her in her current state.

“Well, it does seem that I do have you on the tip of my tongue, my helpless maid in bondage, and I have complete control over your lust. However, as this is your first tongue torment, I think that you are at the end of your endurance, so it is time to give you what you lust after.” Selma said, just before she accelerated her caresses and forced her tongue as deep into the folds of her captive’s intimacy as it could go.

Oh yes, Oh YESSSSS! There was one long scream as the helpless lady felt the eruption of ecstasy start inside the most lustful part of her being, and the woman cried out as she convulsed in her bliss…

“That was incredible to watch, Cecyme.” Selma said as she cuddled the helpless maid who was just starting to rouse from her post orgiastic state of reverie. “You strained against the ropes so hard when you climaxed, that for a moment I thought that you were actually going to break free from your bonds.”

I doubt that I could have managed that, but all I felt was the orgasm that removed everything else from my mind.

“Anyway, even though it probably doesn’t matter in this place, I will sort out your modesty for a little while.” Selma said, and the bound maid gasped as her panties were pulled back up to her waist, before the hem at the front of her dress was pulled away from the rope that bound her waist to the tree, so that it could fall back into its proper position. Just a moment later, the abductor took hold of the front of the woman’s dress so that the garment could be lifted, in order that her plentiful bosom would be covered once more.

That was a most incredible experience, and even though there were times that it became a form of torture when I was placed in denial, I would love to have this happen to me again and again. It won’t be a surprise to me if I end up in this situation again during this weekend. Cecyme was distracted from her own thoughts when she was cuddled into by her captor, before a pair of lips pressed against her own with her responding as best she could. It wasn’t long before the helpless maid was so caught up in the moment, that she didn’t even hear the door to the orchard open and close…

It was the awful singing from Collette and Megumi that brought the prisoner back to reality as they chimed “Selma’s got Cecy tied to a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Although the helpless maid had been through a lot of different situations since Friday evening, this particular rhyme managed to make her cheeks go bright red as she kissed with her pretend kidnapper.

I haven’t heard them perform this tune since Selma had me tied to a tree in the orchard, and she was just about to-, she was just about to kiss me when these two turned up and they sang this song. She continued to kiss the lady who had tied her up, while the other two walked around the tree as they carried on repeating the same line.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Selma?” Collette said, and the prisoner felt the kissing stop before the cuddles ended before the other maid decided to reply.

“I enjoyed it, but I think that our new slave loved it a lot more. You should have heard her as I took her to the edge and beyond.”

“Actually, we did.” Megumi said. “Her cries were so loud that we heard her all the way from the back of the mansion. Even Mistress Isabella smiled and laughed as she heard the sound, before she went back into the kitchen.”

I couldn’t have been that loud. What if somebody else was passing by?

“You should see your face right now, Cecyme.” Selma said “Your cheeks appear to be burning, and the look on your face makes it seem that your worst secret has been discovered. Anyway ladies, that’s an unusual outfit you have on. Why aren’t you two in your maid uniforms?”

“Mistress Isabella decided that if you can play out your teen fantasy, then we can as well.” Collette said. “So if you can get changed into your costume, we will prepare our slave for a game that we have been dying to play with her since she went away for her studies.”

Game, what game are you talking about? What is going to happen to me now? Cecyme became worried as she felt the loosening of the ropes that bound her waist to the tree…

(To Be Continued)

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