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Monday, 17 November 2014

Iris - A New Day Part 12 of 12

It took only a few seconds for my Mistress to kneel behind my back, before pulling a little of the tape away from the roll and forcing my bound arms against the front of my body. The end of the tape was placed half way up my forearm and wound around my arms and waist about four times so that my arms were locked into position against my front, before the end was torn off from the roll. Five more loops of tape were taken around my upper arms and chest which I’m sure were unnecessary, but they were added to me for the sake of appearance rather than to make me more restrained. My knees were brought up to my chest so that I ended up sitting on my bottom with my feet on the floor, and the tape was wound around my body and legs about ten times so that I was forced onto a ball shape.

After Mistress Dee put the tape away, I realised that the only part of my limbs that were able to move were my hands and feet, and my hands were taped into fists so there was nothing I could do to move from the spot.

“I’d better do something to make sure that you don’t fall over accidentally.” She said as she moved around to my left and put her right hand on my left shoulder, which suggested that my fall was going to be deliberate instead.

You can’t mean to push me over, that would mean that I am going to fall to my right and I won’t be able to stop it.

I whimpered and shook my head as Mistress Dee pushed against my shoulder at a very slow rate, as she wanted to take her time in making me fall in order to eke out this torment for as long as possible. The feeling of dread increased as I was forced further and further away from the vertical, and soon I reached the point at which just a little more pressure would cause me to topple onto my side. The final small shove happened which took me past my centre of gravity, and the fall felt as if it was in slow motion at first but I screeched through my nose as I landed on my right side.

I was lifted back up into a sitting position, but this was only done so that my Mistress could put me through the same ordeal for several more times, and although I should have been used to this after my first fall, each routine was just as scary as I was made to topple to the floor. After the sixth time I was staring at the settee while I was on my side, wondering if she was going to tease me by using the same predicament until my time in captivity ran out, when my captor got up and sat on the couch in front of me.

“I think that it’s time that we both have a little rest before you are to be set free.” Mistress Dee said as she leaned back on the settee and placed her feet on my left side.

Now you have objectified me, and I am to serve as your footrest until I am free. There could be a lot of worse ways to end my evening, and this is relatively comfortable, maybe I should just rest for a minute…

I awoke to the feeling of someone running their fingers through my hair, so I opened my eyes and looked up to see Mistress Dee kneeling in front of me as she pulled the tape away from my face, before picking up a pair of kitchen towels.

“Push the ball out of your mouth and I’ll take hold of it.” Mistress Dee said as she held the towels up to my mouth, so I parted my lips and pushed the table tennis out with my tongue, with it dropping onto the towels so that it could be wrapped up.

It was impossible for me to find out what time it was from my position on the floor and my ball-tied state did not allow me to move around, so I said “What time is it?”

“It’s nearly twelve, Iris. You fell asleep as soon as I put my feet on you, and I thought that it would be best that I leave you to rest for a while. I have run a nice hot bath for you as it will help you to relax after the long bondage that you have been though, plus it will help you to get the tape off after I have cut you free.” She said before picking up a pair of trauma shears, putting me on my bottom and cutting through the tape that was wrapped around my legs and body. After I was no longer ball-tied, I was able to get into a kneeling position so that the gap between my thighs and calves would be more accessible, and the tape there was cut by Jodi which freed my legs.

“Could you please stand up, Iris, as it will be easier to cut your arms free. Don’t worry; I will hold you so that you won’t fall down.” My daughter said as she stepped behind me and put her arms around my body as best she could before pulling upward.

I managed to get my feet under me, and I pushed myself up so that I was standing on my own two feet, which seemed unusual as most of my evening had been spent kneeling in a frogtie, but it only took a few minutes to feel steady again. The scissors were first used to cut my bound arms from my body, before the tape over the gaps between my arms were severed and although the work on my hands needed more delicacy, it only took a few minutes to free them and pull the tape away.

“It would be best for you to soak in the bath for a while, Iris, before tying to remove any of the remaining tape. I will bring you a nice hot mug of drinking chocolate as soon as I get changed out of my ‘Mistress’ outfit because it feels inappropriate now.” Jodi said as she walked upstairs to her bedroom, and I followed her up but turned right at the top so that I could enter the bath.

I closed the door before wrapping my hair up in a towel and stepping into the nice hot bath, lowering myself down into a sitting position so that I can stretch out with just my head above the water. The feeling of the water against my body seemed to be so relaxing after the ordeal that I had gone through at the hands of my daughter, plus it would dissolve the glue that caused the tape to adhere to my body so that it would be easier to remove. Every few minutes, I would give a tug on some of the tape around my arms, and it seemed to be a little looser each time that I pulled on the material which indicated that it would come off before long. The problem would be the strips behind my back, as they would be almost impossible to reach, but a solution arrived about ten minutes later in the form of a knock on the door.

“I’ve got a nice hot mug of drinking chocolate for you, Iris. Is it okay that I come in?”

To be honest, I could help but giggle at the comment of my daughter, as I had been her captive since last evening and she had done things to me that I couldn’t have imagined, but she was my normal daughter again.

“Come in.”

The door opened and I ended up laughing as Jodi walked into the bathroom wearing pink pyjamas with little white bunny rabbits over it, looking the complete opposite of the strict Mistress who had inflicted all kinds of torments on me.

“Sorry Jodi, it’s just that you look so different from your previous outfit and I didn’t expect to see you like this. Anyway, I need a favour from you. Is it possible that you could pull the tape away from my back?” I leaned forward with my arms covering my breasts so that they wouldn’t be exposed to my daughter, and I felt a little silly as she had already seen me naked with her tormenting the very areas that I was being modest about.

Jodi put the mug down on a raised area to the side of the bath and she leaned over me so that she could remove the strips of tape that were still stuck to my back. I winced as each piece was pulled away, but it wasn’t as painful as I expected owing to the soaking that they had already received due to my resting in the bath.

“Thanks Jodi. I think that it would have been hard for me to get rid of these without your help.”

“That’s okay, Iris. I’ll be downstairs watching a late movie, but there will be another mug of drinking chocolate ready for you in the kitchen.” My daughter left the bathroom, closing the door behind her and I wondered if we were both being a bit over modest after the events of the past day and evening.

I picked up the hot mug in my hands and sipped at the aromatic and delicious drink as I waited for the hot water to finish dissolving the glue that bound the tape to my body. Once my drink was finished, the material was loosened enough for me to tug it off with the minimum of pain and soon I was free of the remainder of my bindings which were put into a pile at the side of the bath. After I had ensured that very little of the residue was stuck to my skin, I got out of the bath and dried myself off with a towel that I wrapped around myself, before putting the discarded strips in a waste container.

Once the bath was drained with the sides rinsed down, I went to my bedroom and looked through the wardrobe for something to wear downstairs before I go to bed, so I picked out a satin crimson ankle length dressing gown. The bath towel was folded up and put to one side along with the towel that had covered my hair, and I put on the gown before tying it into place with the sash. I could hear the sound of the late night movie in the living room as I made my way down the stairs and entered the kitchen, and I switched on the kettle so that the water would boil before pouring it into the mug with drinking chocolate. After the drink had been stirred, it was time to join my daughter in the living room.

“What film are they showing tonight, Jodi?” I said as I walked into the living room and sat down on the settee to her left.

“It’s just some low budget science fiction movie. Anyway, how has today been for you today, Iris?”

As I sipped my drink, I complemented Jodi on just how effective a mistress she had been as she drove me to extreme submissiveness during the games that she played on me, and I explained in detail how it felt when she teased and tormented me while I was bound and gagged. As my daughter wasn’t in the garden when I had to make my way back to the house, I explained what happened and the details of my predicament in the garden brought a frown to the face of my daughter, but I managed to convince her that no harm had been done, so everything was okay.

“It sounds as if you enjoyed what I did to you, Iris. I’d be tearing myself up inside if you had suffered as a result of what I had done. Now, how was Friday night?”

In explaining to Jodi what had happened on the Saturday, what happened on Friday had been put to one side in my mind, and the problem was that I was unable to lie to her. It was okay to describe the first part, as that had happened before I was gagged, but after that I described what I had to go through in suffering the breaking of a major social taboo. As the events of the evening were described to Jodi, the look on her face turned from shock to horror, and she put her arms across her stomach which was the first sign of the guilt that was building up inside her. Once I had finished describing the evening, she bent over and said:

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I have to be punished for what I have done.” I tried to stroke her hair, but she flinched away from me. “I don’t deserve to be touched by you, Iris. I have betrayed you completely.”

It was at this moment that I knew that my daughter was in serious trouble so I had to explain that it wasn’t her fault.

“Jodi dear, it wasn’t your fault that you acted out those fantasies for me.” I said in an attempt to reassure her “The mistake was clearly mine, for not locking the computer when I left on that Saturday, and I should have been more responsible.”

“Iris, whether or not you locked the laptop is irrelevant as I do not have the right to be nosy concerning someone else’s data. When I looked at your stories I was wrong, and what I did was unforgivable.”

The behaviour of my Jodi worried me, as her reaction was far greater than any previous one, and it may take just as much work to get her back, which might require me to perform actions that I would consider to be heartrending.

“Hey, there was a talk that I was planning to have with you after your sixteenth birthday, but I decided to delay it until April. If I had given you this talk, then Friday night’s events would not have happened, so everything that transpired was not your fault.” I said, hoping that this could bring an end to her pain.

“That might be true if I was thirteen, but I’m a sixteen year old young woman who is expected to make sensible decisions. I went beyond what any reasonable adult would have done in my behaviour towards you, and what I did to you was terrible.”

“Jodi, I’m okay now, remember, it was my decision to remain as your captive, as I could have fooled you into freeing me at any time, plus I am okay so no harm has been done.”

Jodi looked up at me and I could see that my words were not having any effect at all, as she was on the verge of crying. “Iris, you can no more fool me than you can fly to the moon. The only way that you can lie to me is when you played one of the roles you used to perform in amateur dramatics before dad died, and immerse yourself in the persona. You even find it hard to be cruel to me when I’ve needed to be punished before. I kidnapped you after tricking you into a promise. I’ve assaulted you, imprisoned you, gone so far as to torture you and forced you to break one of your sacred taboos. Harm has been done to you, even though you feel that you are all right now. The worse thing is that even you can’t be cruel enough in nature to provide the punishment that is necessary.”

The attitude of my daughter was more shocking than ever before, but something she had said provided a glimmer of hope, as Iris cannot proved a strict enough punishment, and if that was the case, I would have to forget being Iris until Jodi was able to recover from her guilt. My amateur performances were said to be superb because I was able to bury myself in the role, so I will become other people if it meant helping my daughter.

“Jodi, very soon I am going to start your punishment and it will continue until you are freed from guilt. To help you, I am going to have to do some very unpleasant things and I think that I would be able to cope better if you forgive me right now.”

“Iris, I forgive you for whatever you are about to do, but you are too kind and good and honest to do what needs to be done this time.”

I took her hands in mine and said “Stand up and follow me, do not speak.” my daughter was led out of the living room and up to her bedroom, where she was made to stand in front of the bottom of her bed. I found the two pairs of punishment handcuffs and the accompanying scarf in the top drawer of her clothes cabinet, and I walked up behind her before saying “Open your mouth wide.” Jodi did so and I took the scarf between her teeth and tied the ends together at the back of her head before walking around to her front. I unlocked the cuffs before pulling her hands between the bars of the brass bed, so that I would be able to handcuff her after I asked one more question.

“Are you prepared to be punished? Please note that during your punishment, Iris will no longer exist. She will not be there to provide you with any support, or give you any love until after this is over. If you accept, nod your head.”

Jodi nodded her head, and it hurt me inside as I placed the cuffs around her wrists locking them into place so that she was a prisoner that was going to suffer severe punishment for her offences.

“Goodbye Jodi. I will see you once your punishment is over.”

I felt as if my heart was going to break as I started to walk out of the room, as I would have to be people who I wouldn’t even want to meet in real life. Nothing was too much for me to get my daughter back, and although she had already forgiven me, this may not be the most important issue.

Will I ever be able to forgive myself because of this?

The End of ‘A New Day’

The story will continue in Jodi’s Punishment.

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